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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  April 21, 2018 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning bay area, let's get up and get going. this is abc mornings. it is saturday, april i am chris nguyen. thank you for joining us. here israeli our meteorologist argen tracking the morning for us. >> overall we are starting out clear and temperatures look like this in the south bay. upper 40s to low 50s. it is a little hazy in spots. we are looking at numbers a few degrees warmer. 53 in lafayette and you saw 54 in fairfield getting warmer. from our explocamera, nothing bn today. average readings by noontime, upper 60s to lower 70s. the coast is staying
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san francisco is a bit warmer and near 80 for your afternoon highs for your in land today. i will tell you how long this warmth will stick around. lisa, new to breaking news out of san francisco, police are investigating a shooting left one person dead and five others injured in the bay view district around 11:00 on third street and quesada avenue. police are not released any details, we are waiting details. this morning, barbara bush will be celebrated at the funeral in houston. family and friends are awaiting in houston. >> natalie brunell is live in houston. >> reporter: the rain has held
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off. it was raining quite a bit when the first guest arrived more than two hours early. among them we already seen former vice president dick cheney and her husband and actor chuck norris, they'll be joined by four former president as they honor first lady barbara bush. >> reporter: mrs. bush requested a simple funeral. >> no fuss, just fenriends and family including her husband of 73 years who held her hand until the end. he greeted the public yesterday as they paid their respects to mrs. bush >> it was an emotional time. >> high profile names on the guest list, the obamas and the clintons and melania trump. president trump will not attend. as for the simple service, mrs. bush's children and grandchildren is expected to offer readings from the bible and honor the memory of the
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beloved enforcer. her grandson is sharing the family's comfort knowing mrs. bush lived a full and happy life and found peace through her faith. >> it was a life well lived. i will say because of her peace is more peace than we probably would be otherwise. >> reporter: mrs. bush will be laid to rest on the grounds of the presidential library at college station, she will be buried neied next to the couple daughter who died when she was three from leukemia. natalie brunell, abc 7 news. natalie, thank you for the live report. the white house released a statement saying to avoid disruptions due to added security and out of respect for the bush family and friends attending the service, president trump will not attend. abc news will provide live coverage of the funeral starting at 9:00 this morning. >> back here in the bay area.
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20,000 people made the golden gate park this year. a dozen of people were taken to the hospital for fentanyl related overdoses. >> reporter: you never know when it will turn foggy at golden gate park accept 4/20. >> some 20,000 people packed hippies hill for the annual celebration. >> i am from canada, i flew down here just for this and man, san francisco knows how to smoke. >> reporter: a fence wrapped the metal for the sponsored event that's not sanctioned by the city of san francisco. >> no arrests to speak of. we did issue a number of citations beyond the park. >> reporter: around 3:30 a series of sobering medical
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calls. >> we found two or three were not breathing. pa paramedics used narcan on several people. a dozen were trns fansferred the hospital and four people denied care. >> reporter: in years past, there is been up to toons of garbage removed following the celebration, this year's event, sponsors are helping fund the clean up. 5:30, organizers cleared the area. the plume of marijuana smoke was not limited to hippies hill. 420 participants choked up, police kept an eye on the event from a distance. nbc 7 news was in san rafael last night where officers were stopping drivers for dwi check points. they want to emphasize that dwi
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does not always mean booze. the officers are there to train to spot anyone who was high. >> we had officers trained to look for signs of impairments specifically of marijuana and drugs. >> last night police at this check point took at least two people into custody. we have a cannabis watch section on abc 7 news on our app, you can learn more of the 420 celebrations and get the latest news on cannabis. time now is 8:06. san ramon police may have stopped a school shooting in the making. they arrested a freshman who had plans to kill his classmates, katie marzullo. >> the 14-year-old was making plans to hurt fellow students. those plans came to light after another student learned of the plot and went toadministrator.
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>> the first reaction was i am so happy the student said something and when i stopped and thought about it, i thought how scary. >> reporter: the school's principal says the student had planned to harm his classmates in his senior year. police found evidence that led to the claim. the principal went onto say the district considers this offense to be serious and will take appropriate disciplinary consequences as per california education code. >> it is a sad situation for everyone involved. >> reporter: this mother did not want to be identified but she like many is grateful to the student who came forward. >> we had a conversation at the dinner table at night and i re-iterated to my children when you see something, you have to say it. >> reporter: the district attorney's office will decide what to file. >> news of that arrest came as hundreds of bay area students
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joined the national walk out on the anniversary of themassacre. in san jose, took their concerns all the way to city hall. student in oakland gathered in the football field to rally against gun violence and outside mill valley students vowed to make shetheir voices heard at t valley box in the future. a cafe suddenly closed its door yesterday. cafe was covered with brown paper and a sign on the door thanking the commute for their support. the restaurant faced criticism after an incident in 2015, bell told the chronicle of the recent incident in starbucks reminded
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him of the incident at elm wood cafe. yesterday the group tried to set up a co-op at the university house but they never got past the gate. protesters accused chancellor carol chris of not doing enough to tackle homelessness. affordable student housing is a top priority for the chancellor. the campus provides food pantry to students in need and launched a new program to provide emergency housing. state regulators have shut down a private nonprofit college in san jose after its lost its accreditation and its founders accused of using millions of dollars. >> it is under investigation for being a visa mill where students get u.s. visas but a poor education. its founders are now under investigation by the irs and the state for misappropriating up to
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$35 million. the university opened back in 1997. our lisa argen is here tracking our accu weather forecast for us. you are looking at above average temperatures for the weekend. >> yeah, it took us all week to get here. slowly we see the warm up and dramatic from our mt.tam. summer time spreads with our cool 60s at the coast and 80s in land. last right, chris, i will have the details next. >> lisa, we'll see you soon. we may have seen the last of this. north korea's stunning announcement of its nuclear program and why not everyone is buying it. >> we all started realizeding hey, wait a minute, we all had a gross experience like that. >> tired of dealing with harassments from customers, a bay area restaurant has come up
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to a surprise announcement out of north korea, kim jong-un says he's suspending his country's nuclear program. abc reporter has reaction to the announcement. north korea's dictator kim jong-un says he is suspending
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his country's nuclear program. ahead of highly anticipated talks with south korea in the u.s. >> north korea state run tv reported that they'll no longer needed nuclear tests. kim is shutting down the nuclear test site because it has finished its mission. t our nation will focus on social economic development. president trump reacted on twitter writing it is good news for north korea and the world. big progress and look forward to our summit. >> a campaign of maximum pressure will continue until north korea deem its nu nuclearizes. >> trump says he's willing to walk away from his walk with kim. >> the meif the meeting is not full, i will respectively live.
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>> we need to be careful because every treaty and promise north korea has before made have been broken. we need to not trust but verify and distrust, verify and verif >> nbc news, new york. happening today, queen elizabeth's 97th birthday. she's the oldest and longest reigni reigning monarch. this is a break in tradition for the queen who spends her birthday privately with public celebration. elizabeth became queen at the age of 25 and she has reigned for 66 years. the me too movement is calling out sexual abuse in some high profile industries. diane sawyer, abc special last night focused on the harassment
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still is happening to many women. kristen sze has a success story with a bay area restaurant with an innovative plan to keep the staff safe. this is a family restaurant, mac and cheese home room. >> honestly, i was beyond shocked. >> reporter: the owner was talking about the moment she learned her female staff was getting unwanted attention from customers. wade have tried to create a diverse and inclusive business. >> he was a father of four kids at the table with him and he reached up the shirt of one of our hosts and touched her stomach and told her that she was sexy. >> reporter: the host told her female co-worker what happened. >> they all started realizing wait a minute, we all had a gross experience like that. >> many worried their manager would not take it seriously. cayla swanson now a manager was a server when the woman went to
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the owner with concerns. >> there was a shared experiences between male management staff and most of the female service staff. the entire staff worked together to create a solution now posted on the chart. the restaurant categorized the behavior with a color coded system. yellow is weird vibe and orange is inappropriate comment could have sexual under tones and red is when a customer makes obscene comments or touches the employees. the staff uses the color code to get help immediately. >> i had an orange at table two and the manager has an automatic action he must take and red gets the direct response. >> we address the situation, this is not appropriate, if you would like to stay, this has to stop. >> code red alert are aware.
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several employees told us they like the system but did not want to talk on camera. the restaurant gave us the cell phone video of a server who used the color alert in a code red situation. >> all i had to do is exchanged a few word and it made me feel a lot better. >> it is simple and effective. >> reporter: it is good for business. >> the fact that we create a warm and safe place for our staff, it affects our bottom line and it is apart of our recipe for success. >> kristen sze, abc 7 news. now, your accu weather forecast with lisa argen. >> hi everyone. nice and clear here. there is fog and a little of haze out there. towards the central coast. from san rafael looking nice and plu he blue with temperatures in the low and mid-50s. mountain view with low 50s and gilroy at the coast with 50 degrees. it was 58 yesterday.
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half-moon bay and we'll warm up with just a tad at the coast, san francisco will be sfo on the peninsula well into the 70s and some neighborhood 10 degrees above average later on today. 54 booy the delta. 49 at santa rosa. we are socked in here at santa cruz with a couple of degrees warming. mid-70s today and it will clear obviously we have plent of sunshine to reach those numbers. warming trends continue today, temperatures are not only above average for april today but tomorrow. at the coast, you are not going to be too hot. we'll have the ocean temperature, 54 and the air temperature usually reflects that and that's why we are cool in the mid-60s with the afternoon sea breeze. in the south bay look for 82 at morgan hill. that's about 10 degrees above average. look for upper 70s around milpitas and mountain view and
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palo alto 76 today in the city. that's about 2 or 3 degrees warm up. santa rosa at 79. low 80s in oakland. in land, we are in the 80s today. if you loo i cuh-u you like thi will be a change of sea breeze. for monday, this looks to be the warmest day with upper 80s in land and upper 60s and tuesday very little change again. if you are headed festiv sebatodal today. and you will notice japan town, numbers are cooler as the sea breeze kicks up, mid-60s. a lot is going on with earth day tomorrow. if you are headed out tonight for the athletics who are hosting the red sox, we'll see mid-60s. that's mild for 6:05 dropping
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into the 50s with mostly clear skies and our accu weather seven-day forecast, 80s across the board and 70s around bay and staying cool and comfortable at the shoreline, monday, download our app where you will see the fog comes back into play more so around the bay midweek. you wi the numbers near afternoon thursday and friday. what is average nowadays, right? we have been swinging back and forth but a little warm today in land. >> a perfect night for some baseball. thank you for bringing italy , . >> just ahead, a teenager's prom
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if you are looking for something fun to do this weekend, we got you covered, jessica castro has some idea from our partner, hoodline. >> help clean our local bay, we want to keep these amazing animals clean and healthy and thriving. the aquarium is hosting two events on saturday. >> the good thing of keeping san francisco clean is once upon a time, we are going to lose it. long, long time ago, right
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before the 50s. there was a plan they want to go ahead and change the san francisco bay into water ways and channels. at one point, citizens just like me and you decided no, it is not going to work and they decided to fight for it. these water are super important, not only to us but animals who are here. we have to learn to share it and make sure we take care of it. >> you can register on the aquarium website or show up on the two locations i mentioned. on saturday, el presidio dig site. the free event is from 9:00 until noon. after you help save the planet. reward yourself with a nice cold beer. the west fest in oakland is featuring 22 beers from around the country. there are two tastings, 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. tickets start at 21 bucks. for information on these events go to our website,
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and we'll link you up with hoodline. i am jessica castro, have a great weekend. i am sending a message to a special young lady. >> look at her reaction, minnesota high school senior had quite the surprise when the rock responded to her tweet inviting her to the prom. dwayne johnson was not able to go, he's republicaninting out t theater so they could see his late latest movie "rampage." >> still to come, how the drive across the richmond bridge just got a lot easier.
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54 in oakland and 50 at the coast. the golden gate bridge, nice and
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clear here. . 50 in livermore as well as napa. we are warmer today but this afternoon, we could see as much as 5 or 10 degrees warmer than average. 10:00, mid-60s in land. 2:00, we are well into the 70s. 67 at oakland with mid-60s cht the fog is still along the central coast. it is rather cool there and we'll feel the influence of that sea breeze today. keeping temperatures in check. i will have the details on highs over the weekend, coming up. sounds good, lisa, thanks. a private funeral for former first lady barbara bush will be held this morning. this is a live look at houston, texas. the service will start about 30 minutes. first lady melania trump and clinton and obama will be in attendance. >> a public viewing was held in houston last night as more than 25 people came out to pay tribute.
8:31 am
america's 41st president spent about 15 minutes in front of his wife's casket. many women came with a set of pearls to honor her signature looks. barbara bush died on tuesday, she was 92. a abc news will provide a live report of barbara bush's funeral at 9:00 this morning. now, what jeff sessions said reportedly said considering would make him stepping down. abc news white house correspondent has the latest. >> reporter: abc confirming jeff sessions threaten to possibly resign if the president fired his deputy, rod rosenstein. this comes after senior officials approved the raid of michael cohen's home. >> a mood that set off our
8:32 am
commander in chief. >> reporter: files detailing the $130,000 payment cohen made to stormy daniels. the washington post reporting sessions phone call last saturday to don mcgahn when he says he'll consider and president trump s.w.a.-- the been saying i am going to get rid of them for the last three months or five months and they are still here. rosenstein oversees muller probe of possible collusion of the tru trump kim jong-n trump campaign and russia. the president blasting the democratic national committee for filing a multi million dollars lawsuit. >> president trump tweeting they'll counter, too.too.too. all to sway the election against
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hillary clinton of damaging e-mails. the 66 filing does not name president trump but it his aids like his son-in-law and jared kushner. back here at home, a third lane was added at the richmond bridge. that lane is for peak commute time only. abc kornell bernard has more. >> it cannot be mission impossible when it comes to getting on the bridge after work. >> the best thing to do is get out of the lane before 3:00 then you are okay. >> reporter: if you don't? >> be stuck in traffic. >> it is horrible. >> reporter: those stubborn connecter to bridge commuters have endured for years could be easing. >> turn the system on. >> a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new third eastbound lane for
8:34 am
the richmond san rafael bridge from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. >> we are trying to get traffic faster and get people home. >> reporter: the project paid for converging the right shoulder and telling drivers when it is okay to use the right lane. 80,000 drivers used the richmond bridge daily. the new lane may take some getting used to. once it is opened if people realize they can drive there, it is all aligned there. >> i am concerned that we are taking the congestion of marin and moving to richmond. >> some of them are getting on the richmond parkway and if you have been on the richmond parkway rush hour, it is pretty blocked. >> reporter: it could be converted into a third lane for cars during the morning commute. by the way, if you are caught using the lanes outside of commute hours, you could get a
8:35 am
fine of 237 bucks. in marin county, kornell bern d bernard, nbc 7 news. happening today, the fire department in san francisco will hold a disaster response day. firefighters along with neighborhood neremergency team l put their team on the drill. the nert drill is a campaign to better prepare for the next big disaster. it starts at 9 clo:00 this morn. a week's long series of events center through the big question of life and death runs through tomorrow. 7,000 people are attending this event. melanie woodrow discovers the event is as much about living as it is about dying. >> reporter: this phone booth at reimagine end of life seems to offer the impossible, calling a
8:36 am
lost lovered ond one. >> why do we wait until one dies to celebrate the one we love. >> this begins in 2016 that grown to 175 events attended by 7,000 people. wolff is the event's founder. >> some people wonder if i am morbid. >> reporter: wolff say he's >> it is about life. >> douglas from austin, texas, he's processing his roommate suicide. >> i am here and might as well be fully here. >> reporter: her father drowned when she was 10 earlie-year-old. here i am working and inspired by him. payne is creating an outdoor wall drawing dedicated to her father. the event includes practical matters as well. >> reporter: ways for people to
8:37 am
prepare. wolff says he's using mortality as a muirrormirror. fear is a big part but also laughter and love. melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. still ahead on nbc 7 this mornings. cleaning our ocean and saving the tiny organisms that live there. local researchers have a new weapon to try to save them. as we head to break, the time right now is 8:37. we are taking a live look outside from emoryville. lisa argen by living off the grid. completely. or... just set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. with energy upgrade california.
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a live look outside from our camera at walnut creek this morning. temperatures could hit the 80s this weekend. lisa breaks down our forecast, coming up. happening today, the baseball field at oakland technical high school celebrates its tenth anniversary. the field was dedicated in april 2008, it was renamed rickey henderson field a year later to honor the oakland native. there will be a celebration of its ten years to recognize the people and organizations who helped build the field. the event starts at 11:30 this morning. happening today, a 9-year-old boy whose letter went to the a's went viral. lawrence lost his prized collection of baseball cards were destroyed in the north bay
8:41 am
fires. a's president promised he could throw out the first pitch. the a's plays the red sox tonight at the oakland coliseum. time now is 8:41. you have been tracking the conditions out there and sunshine to begin the day. >> everyone is mostly sunny and temperatures are warming up. winds are flat, you can see from san jose right now, it is pretty still out there. 53 degrees yesterday. you were in the 70s near 80s today. how long will the warming trend lasts? it is not warm at the coast but it is going to stick around for a while. i will have the details of our seven-day forecast , next. mac williamson gets the call and sparked the giants offen
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welcome back, the time is 8:44. a live look this morning at the funeral for barbara bush. the service began in just a few minut minutes. abc news will have a special report at 9:00 with gorge stephanopoulos. this is a live look i live looki sta sai church. the clintons and michelle obamal
8:45 am
were also among the guests this morning. president trump will not be attending while speaking at a news conference this week, the president extended his condolences and called barbara bush a wonderful, wonderful person. again, we'll have live coverage of the funeral of barbara bush coming up on a special report at 9:00 a. 9:00 a.m. right here on abc 7. the a's will try to cool off the red hot red sox. at the oakland coliseum, the first the giants battling the angels.n larry beil has this morning's report. >> good morning everybody. if you like your big mac with extra cheese, you will like what the giants got last night
8:46 am
against the angels. the shark would go five innings. and stuck out four. might trout right there. at the top of the fifth, it is mac williamson. here it comes, there it goes. exit fephilosophy, 113 miles pe hour. 3-0 giants. smiling, we have not seen a lot of that. big mac, it is contagious, andrew mckutchen. he goes with a three run homer and his third of the year. the giants win it by a score of 8-1. a's and red sox, the skipper network working for sox, apparently they're going through his mail. where is my pg&e bill? >> a's put up three in the first. lowry scored four or five with two doubles.
8:47 am
jackie bradley jr., tied at three. he loads the bases and here com comes pogan, mitch grand slam. not even a month into the season and the red sox wins 7-3. the warriors, stephen curry's sprain knee has progressed. i am told by sources in san antonio that stephen curry pain has decreased but he's not confident in the strength of the sprained knee at this point. he'll be reevaluated in one week, april 27 oeth. if the warriors and the pelicans sweep their series, round two could be moved up to the 28th,
8:48 am
will stephen curry be ready by then? >> cavs and pacers game three. lebron 13 points and four assists and the cavs led by 17 at the half. sweet move there. lebron finished 28. pacers came back from the big deficit. a four point play. pacers lead by four. five seconds left, cavs is down two. j.r. smith passed the ball. the heat not close. pacers win 92-90 and take a 2-1 series lead. that's a wrap on morning sports, have a great weekend everybody, i am >> now, your accurate forecast with lisa argen. temperatures are coming up today almost a summer feel out there. it is nice and calm looking. you are not going to be too much
8:49 am
above the average. in fact, you are going to see numbers today in the low 70s in oakland and little change for you tomorrow. look at what happens on monday, the warmest day of the week in the upper 70s. then we'll begin to see more fog and a breeze and temperatures coming down to where they should be about 67 for this time of the year. you can see behind me how pretty it is from our camera where temperatures are in the 50s here. downtown, the sea breeze kicks up today. winds of 20 miles per hour. live doppler 7 showing the clear pictures, we do have fog along the central coast. a bit of haze for you, a nice and sunny afternoon. it is 51 in the city and 53 in san jose and 54 in gilroy and half-moon bay. emoryville, 54 in livermore and santa cruz socked in right now. temperatures will climb through the low to mid-70s. clear this morning of our warming trends continuing today
8:50 am
and temperatures well above average. and with that sea breeze intact, you are not going to get too hot enthere. the south bay of 79, 10 degrees above average. 78 for you in claisanta clara. average high at 67. you are warmer at south 70 and north bay numbers up in the 70s. vallejo and napa, you are cooler here by the bay. fremont at 76. the 80s arriving in our in land valley. if you are not a fan of the warmth, you are going to have the 80s for you tomorrow. temperatures will be just a bit warmer in spot. earth day will be warm and into monday, upper 80s with 70s around the bay and upper 60s at the coast.
8:51 am
we'll have the patchy fog and the sea breeze. earth day tomorrow in san francisco looking actually today at the civic center vacation in the mid to upper 60s at 1:00 throughout the afternoon hours. clear tonight 40s and 50s no issues there. no fog to speak of and opening day, check it out. low to mid-60s where it should be this time of the year. the accu weather forecast, featuring all the 80s and right into the middle of the week. mid-60s should do it today of the warmest location. breeze kicks up tomorrow so the parade in japan town is cooler and ydownload our accu weather app so you can cap track of our temperatures and fog. you know this is san francisco so we love that, right? >> what a nice weekend, lisa, thank you. >> scientists have long wanted to is it true
8:52 am
a new microscope is going to solve that. >> reporter: the latest invention could become a major tool to track environmental change is a digital microscope that'll be tracking scientists have of plankton have died over the year which they -- -- for changes that may come from an oil spill or fertilizer run off or water temperature change or other threats. >> it is unprecedented and the microscope allows us to do just that. >> standard microscope cannot keep planktons in focused and
8:53 am
this one has no lens and the component is quite cheap >> the lowest cost one is $5 and image wilhelmsen source is $8. you can see you have a digital stereo microscope. to house the autonomous microscope and we'll need a surface where a solar panel can be attached. plankton is the source of two-thirds of the earth oxygen. the effect is definitely -- >> san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. >> next a
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happening today, the 51st annual cherry blossoms continue. groups from hawaii and japan will be delivering foeperforman today. tomorrow is the grand parade and it will make its way into japan town. the grand marshal is christie yamaguchi. >> always a fun time. >> a nice week. little cooler for tomorrow for the parade. today, nothing but sun out there. there is fog along the central coast and later on it will be
8:57 am
sunny and mid and upper 60s for you, at the beach and town town san francisco. 72 in oakland but in land, wow, we'll be in the 80s. south bay and santa rosa, earth day tomorrow, little change and breezier along the shoreline. cooler at san francisco. not by much, you will notice that the trends stay above average looking like summer and we are far away from summer, we'll take it >> looks like summer and feels like summer. we'll enjoy it. >> lisa, thanks. thank you for joining us, i am chris nguyen and alongside with lisa argen. as we take you live to the private funeral held for barbara bush and melania trump is there in service and president trump will not be in attendance but tweeted out his condolences this morning. he also said there is a special
8:58 am
display that was set up this morning at the white house in honor of the first lady. barbara bush will be laid to rest at the george bush presidential library museum in college station in texas, she will be burieieied next to her daughter who died from leukemia. the news continues online, twitter and facebook and instagram. abc 7 news returns at 5:0
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♪ >> announcer: this is an abc news special report. i said, who is this good looking girl, this beautiful girl over there? >> our success as a society depends on not what happens in the white house but on what happens inside your house. >> i would stand there and look out at the blackness of the sky and i would think about friends i lost, a country i loved, and about a girl named barbara. >> george bush and i have been the two luckiest people in the world. and when all the dust is settled and all the crowds are gone, the things that matter are faith, family, and friends. we have been inordinately
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blessed. >> announcer: celebrating barbara bush. now reporting, george stephanopoulos. good morning, welcome to our celebration of barbara pierce bush. wi- wife of one president, mother of another. her husband, our 41st president, was by her side when she passed away. they shared the longest marriage in presidential history, 73 years. there you see the family coming in so st. martins church in houston, texas. they were by her side as she passed. there the former president, suffering from parkinson's now, in a wheelchair. that did not stop him from greeting hundreds of well-wishers yesterday. 1,500 gathered there today. our amy robach is


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