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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  April 23, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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a memorial service over the weekend for the woman killed when the engine exploded aboard her southwest light last week. family and friends paid respects in her hometown of albuquerque, new mexico. >> jennifer was considered a friend, colleague, and a pillar of the community and will be forever missed. >> she's survive bid her husband and two children. bta has a warning for neighbors as it begins testing on the trains. people who live near the line may hear noise and feel vibration while the trains are running and test willing continue for up to 20 hours a day. it's expected to be up and running by the end of the year. >> it's 4:30 in the a.m. good morning. a quick update on weather and traffic. >> good morning. boy, it is awfully warm in our inland valleys.
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we're expecting today to be the warmest. coastal fog tomorrow. cooler on thursday. and a slight chance of a shower on friday. one of the warmer locations in the south bay today. low 80s by 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon, and in fact, we're starting out pretty mild with plenty of 50s out there. you'll need the light jacket, the sun glasses and the weather turning back to average as we go through the next several days. an update on the rest of the week in a bit. >> all right. we'll look at the ride from tracy up and over the ultimate pass. typical for computers. a problem in mel pedis before 237. traffic is getting by fine. there was for a moment all lanes blocked with several cars involved. they made it to the left lane and a tow truck is about to arrive on the scene. we'll check back in a couple of minutes. now a live desk update.
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baby news from the royal family. the duchess of cambridge has been admitted to the hospital in the early stages of labor. a tweet early this morning. prince williams's wife will soon give birth to the couple's third child. she is at the private wing of st. mary's hospital. they have two other kids. prince george and princess charlotte. they were both born in the same hospital. we don't know the gender of this baby. there are already people outside the hospital awaiting the news this morning. i'll keep my eye on things throughout our newscast. back to you. >> jessica, we appreciate it. 4:32. san francisco authorities are searching for a pit bull that mauled two boys. one of the boys may be released from the hospital today. kate larson has details on the story you'll only see on abc7 news.
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>> he almost took my pinky off my hand. he wouldn't let go of me. >> reporter: hooked up to an i've had the hospital, he describes getting attacked by a dog saturday night while walking near oak dale avenue in bay view. >> it came rushing at me and bit me. this was the worst pain i ever had. >> reporter: after getting bit all over his hands, arms and legs, he was able to escape from his friend's house and was rushed to the hospital. louise had never seen the dog before but says his friends have. >> the big face. it was a big pit bull. people call it chop. they say it's a person's dog up the street. >> where can we find the dog? >> reporter: like any mother, this mom doesn't want to see her son in pain. she'll have to go through a series of injections. the police or animal control don't find the dog who bit him quickly. >> we want to observe the dogs
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for ten days. they want to make sure the dog doesn't have any rabierabies. my son has to go through pain again if we don't know. >> clinical rabies is almost always fatal. >> the important thing about rabies is treating patients before they have any kind of symptoms. >> the dog also bit the boy's friends. san francisco police are investigating the attack. 4:34. a man hunt underway in tennessee pand wounded four others at a le waffle house. 29-year-old travis reinking is described as an erratic person. he has a history of troubling behavior involving gun. he entered a waffle house wearing only a jacket and armed with an ar-15. when he paused to reload, that's when a customer wrestled the
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weapon away burning his hand on the barrel of the gun. >> if i let him load that weapon, it wasn't going to be another window. there wasn't going to be another chance. it was pretty much like shooting fish in a barrel. >> the man ran away naked. his jacket was found to con tillerson two more magazines. last year he was arrested in a restricted area of the white house. police confiscated four weapons from him. sometime this year his father gave the weapons back to the man. it's 4:35. toxic soil in san francisco may have been shipped to landfills all around the state. that's the new headline from the chronicle. the navy admitted a contractor hired to clean up a navy shipyards falsified soil tests. the navy says soil was removed from the area safely. plans to redevelop the former shipyard is on hold. happening today a bill requiring patients to be notified when their doctors are
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placed on probation for sexual abuse faces the first hurdle. the patient's right to know act is sponsored by jerry hill. hill says while doctors have to notify their insurer, their hospital or clinic about the status, patients receive no notice. the bill is reviewed by business progresses and economic development today. teachers from san evergreen district will protest the latest contract bargaining proposal. this is video from last month. the district says it's losing money from declining enrollment. the teachers will picket at campuses across the district starting at 7:45 this morning.% the union expects a big turnout at holly oak elementary school. are rallying today. they claim to have enough signatures to place a housing measure on the ballot. it would ask them to repeal the
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hawkins act. renters blame the act for the high price of housing in california. landlords against the measure say it should squeeze the short supply of housing in the state. good morning to you. we're looking at the doppler. we don't have much in the way of fog. it's a clear and somewhat mild start. here's santa cruz. would be a beach day if you have it off. on the roads, ferries and mass transit all good. lots of sun. and the temperatures this morning pretty mild. so we're looking at a mild start with low 50s. san francisco 50 in gilroy. 45 in half-moon bay. one of the cooler locations. if you're spending time on the peninsula, in the 60s by 10:00. lots of low to mid 70s. i think redwood city and mountain view should see upper 70s. a warm one. the warmest one of the day. if you like it cooler, cooler air on the week. 72 san francisco.
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breezy later in the day in san francisco. low 60s. half-moon bay down to 64. not only is it sunny, it's getting cooler all around the coast. and overnight lows tonight. patchy fog invading san francisco. it should be once again a night with the windows open and maybe you don't need that extra blanket. hopefully it's monday light out there. is it looking okay? >> pretty good. we have some folks out and about for their early morning commutes. an accident in melpitas. right now we're going to look at emeryville. you can see the gaps between the headlights. traffic is flowing nicely to the mcarthur maze toward the bay bridge toll plaza. the slowest traffic out of the central valley. typical for early morning commuters. we'll check on the accident blocking the left lane southbound 880 before 237. not seeing any slow traffic out
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there right now. the tow truck is on scene. they'll try to get it out of there. some road work to mention. this is northbound 880 from davis up toward the coliseum. a couple of lanes blocked. folks are getting by without delay. president trump meets with the president of france today. the strong message macron has about iran. >> it's taking away our choice as parents,s a kids. >> parents are gearing up for a battle against a proposed ban on tackle football for children in california. the effort to keep kids in the game. >> imagine a get away trip to ba bali. only you're 12 and
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good monday morning. if you had a day to pick to go to the beach this week, i'd say it's today. sunshine. low to mid 60s. the forecast hasn't changed. it's been cool, breezy in the afternoon. the cool water temperature. it's going to get cooler throughout the day. the beach day if you had to pick one would be today, even though it's a monday. 86 in sacramento. 63 in monterey. look at the 90s in the central valley. 78 in los angeles. things slowly getting back to normal. >> thank you, lisa. we could learn the names today of the two people killed in
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union city in a traffic crash. a tow truck collided with a car yesterday afternoon. a passenger in the sedan died at the scene and the driver died at the hospital. the tow truck driver was not seriously hurt, and he was cooperating with investigators. happening today, the french president arrives in washington for a three-day visit. he's coming with a plea for president trump to keep the nuclear deal with iran. this marks be t first official state visit of the trump presidency. president trump has given a deadline of may 12th to, quote, fix the deal. on friday angela merkel with l make a visit. the week the u.s. supreme court will take up whether a travel ban passes constitutional muster. the policy under review applies to travelers from five countries with overwhelming muslim
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customs. opponents and lower courts have labeled this a muslim ban. mr. trump's first two efforts were ruled to be discriminatory. justices hear the case on wednesday. more trouble for a state law clerk already facing claims of sexual misconduct. kristina garcia made anti-asian remarks during a meeting. politico says john perez confirmed he disciplined her after the incident. garcia is currently on an unpaid leave of absence following acquisitions of sexual harassment from former staffers. she's denying the allegations. happening today, an important ruling expected in the bill cosby sexual assault retrial. the comedian's attorneys are asking the judge to allow jurors to hear deposition testimony of constand. constand testified he was once hooked on mushrooms and had her
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sights set on becoming a millionaire. that testimony according to bill cosby's attorneys could provide incite into what led constand to accuse him of sex assault. parents and kids have launched an effort to fight a bill that will ban tackle football until high school. parents and supporters signed a petition expressing their opposition to the assembly bill. the measure supporters cite growing concern over head injuries. it affects children ages 5 to 16 who play pop warner football. >> i think it's a terrible mistake. i think the authors behind the bill are uninformed. >> it's about leadership. it's about discipline. there's so much more that comes with tackle football. >> if the measure passes, california would become the first state to set a minimum age requirement for tackle football. a quarter to five. a 12-year-old managed to steal his mom's credit card and go on
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a solo vacation. listen to this. the boy purchased a four-day get away to bali after getting into a fight with his parents. the child convinced his grandmother to give him his passpo passport. he left his house and used a self-service kiosk at the airport to buy his ticket. once he landed, he headed to his prebooked room at a four-star hotel. his family investigated after he didn't show up at school. his mom had to fly to bal tlive to retrieve him. no word on how long he's grounded. >> i don't suggest anyone should do that, and he should be punished, but if i were on the amazing race, i would want him as a partner. >>. >> my kids have never done anything like that. that's a good thing. >> good morning. we're looking at another warm day out there. maybe too warm for some of you. unfortunately, no changes today. if you liked it yesterday,
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you'll love today. it is clear, and temperatures, boy, are they mild? you probably don't even need the jacket. it's so early and we're already in the upper 50s from concord to fremont. 53 in oakland. 45 half-moon bay. 49 in morgan hill. from the golden gate bridge, quiet. the coasts are cool. cooling trend begins tomorrow and in fact, by the end of the week, some forecast models want to bring in a few sprinkles to the north bay. 81 in sunniville. here's the fog. it will be sunny. daly city, 63. 81 in sonoma. 73 in berkeley. 78 in union city. inland, mid 80s for concord. 83 in pleasant. another mild night tonight with clear sky and temperatures in the 40s. we'll talk more in detail about that chance of a shower and how cool temperatures will get in a
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few minutes. good morning to you, sue. >> good morning. we're checking out walnut creek southbound 680. there's emergency vehicle at the top of the screen. i don't have any reports of stalls or accidents. maybe that's just a traffic stop for the chp. otherwise, traffic is moving nicely toward highway 274 then the tunnel. we have a car fire. a bit of slow traffic near bailey on westbound 4. fully engulfed on the shoulder. we'll check back on the exact location in a few minutes. >> thank you. happening today, environmental act vi activists across the global honored. >> the most prestigious award for environmental advocates. one is a mother from flint, michigan who exposed the water crisis forcing the government to take action. the other winners hail from
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france, south africa, colombia, vietnam and the philippines. there is word at&t and verizon are under federal investigation. >> a new study says 11 % of americans don't use the internet. here's tech bites. >> wireless companies under investigtion. >> "the new york times" reports the department of justice is investigating vs. and at&t. verizon calls the investigation much adieu about nothing. the better business bureau is giving tesla an f. the california branch says they don't do a good job of responding to customer complaints. >> tesla says it has the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the auto industry and most of the complaints were resolved long ago. new research shows age is a major factor in terms of who uses the internet. the study found 11 % of adults in the u.s. are not on the web. >> that number jumps to 34% among senior citizens. >> the senior citizens are on
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facebook. >> they're probably not paying attention to tech bites right now. >> no. >> i cannot get over the story. a long shot candidate for the cal student senate is now in the platform that helped a costume sophomore get elected. the lengths the dog went to the prove the loyalty and save the life of a three-year-old girl. >> the dog's return tomorrow tonight to hopefully take the series against the spurs. share your warriors pride by using the
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by weaving your own shoes... out of flax. or... just set the washing machine to cold. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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hi, everyone. good morning to you. today is going to be the warmest day of the week. a lot like yesterday. what about tomorrow? look at the subtle changes. we have 80s inland. it's cooler around the bay. on wednesday back into the 70s. by thursday, much, much cooler. if you like the warmth, today is the day. >> thank you so much, lisa. authorities in tennessee are investigating why a school employee dragged a 7-year-old boy after a bus by his feet with enough force to give the child a concussion. this is cell phone video of the incident. the employee grabbed the little boy by his arm and picked him up by the ankle and dragged him down the aisle as he was kicking and screaming for his mother. >> i feel bad. i didn't believe my child. >> it didn't justify him being dragged off the bus. >> shortly before the video was recorded the employee was allegedly breaking up a fight.
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the school district issued a statement saying in part the employee was removed from the school while the matter is investigated. the boy in question is now afraid to go back to school. your wallet may take a hit. gas prices have gone up $0.09 in the last two weeks. analysts say rising crude oil costs is to blame. it's $0.37 higher than this time last year. of course, here in the bay area prices are higher than the national average. according to aaa a gallon of regular gas is 3.70 in san francisco. an jose, $3.62. oakland, $3.59. glnch a toddler was found safe and found. she went 15 hours lost on a huge property. but it turns out she wasn't alone. the family's cattle dog stayed by her side throughout the entire ordeal. the three-year-old had no food or water but heard people
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calling her name and saw the search lights and helicopters. mx led the grandmother to her. i was yelling out to her. i could hear this yeah. i said i need you to say my name. and she yelled it out. i said we've got her. we've got her. >> of course, max, the hero of the hour. he pulled aurora toward the search lights and has become an honorary police dog. we have to tell you, max is partially blind and deaf and has 17 years -- is 17 years old. >> is max real? >> i know. can max be all of our spirit guides? >> that's amazing. >> good morning to you. some of the warmer temperatures today north, south end of the bay, inland east bay. to the north bay, we could see temperatures even warmer than the upper 70s. for most of you in the 70s. noon in the 70s and topping out to near 80 degrees. if you're headed out today on the bay or at the beach or just out and about, it's going to be
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ideal with some light to moderate winds. lots of sunshine. cool at the coast, but pretty warm inland. temperatures go down significantly tomorrow throughout the rest of the week. and notice, by the weekend we could see maybe a few sprinkles in the north bay. >> all right. a look at the bay bridge toll plaza for your monday morning commute. sloeg for the cash pay -- slowing for the cash paying lanes. look at the drive time. if you're going from hercules to the bay bridge and into san francisco, 25 minutes. no metering lights. there's a car fire westbound 4 near bailey road. the right lane is blocked with fire crews. you can see slow traffic beginning to build out of pittsburgh in the westbound direction. car was fully engulfed last we checked. thank you, sue. this may sound nuts. but you
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boy elected. the sacramento bee reports the squirrel lives on campus and began running for the senate on platforms like easier acorn access. a sophomore revealed he's the squirrel. he sometimes wears the costume and says he's focussed on the environment, disabilities and a better campus community. some students are calling for the removal. boyle says he's not going away. >> the boi. >> i read into this story. he's advocates for a new mascot on campus to be named something like nutty mcnutty nut. >> that filipino activist detained says he was not treated fairly by customs and border patrol. next, we'll tell you what he claims they did to him. >> this video is for a rattle snake warning after the chp rushes a man to the emergency
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room. we are on royal baby watch this morning. any minute now there could be a new member to the royal family. a new report highlights the extreme danger the bay area faces if a powerful earthquake
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good morning, north bay. let's get up and get >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> great to see everyone. >> we have the pleasure of sue and lisa this morning being here. beautiful weather. >> i think so. we rushed into summer. it's only for about another day or tw


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