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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  April 24, 2018 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> a massive fire at a huge apartment complex under construction in concord this morning, two people injured, and hundreds living next door evacuated. the investigation into the cause is underway. thanks for joining us. i'm kristen little remains of the complex under construction. matt keller is live at the scene where a health advisory from the smoke has been lifted. matt? >> reporter: kristen, a lot of work has to be done to stabilize this structure. because of that, investigators and the atf is waiting a day or two before going in to begin to search for the cause of the
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fire. just two injuries from smoke inhalation and smoke advisory has been lifted. the flames at the under construction apartment complex in concord were huge. firefighters got the call before 1:00 this morning, aiming water from above on to the 260,000 square foot structure. the three-alarm fire threatened renaissance square on concord boulevard and 250 residents immediately evacuated, and some ended up in vinny's bar and grill. >> get out of the cold and away from this flying debris, and go over here for shelter. >> setting up cots for a place to sleep tonight. >> reporter: the red cross opened up a shelter at the first presbyterian church in downtown concord offering up food and cots. took firefighters hours to get the flames under control, but they kept them from spreading to nearby buildings, and the damage is estimated at 55 million.
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the fire marshall just returned from the international code counsel meeting in ohio where fires like this one was a big topic. >> a lot of people think it's a problem here in the bay area because we have fires in oakland, san francisco, and here, but, really, it is a national problem. >> reporter: the east bay has seen similar fires over the past two years. marshall says changing building requirements is on the table including when fire walls are put in in construction. >> looking at all things figuring out where the balance is between providing highest level of safety, but also not too much that makes it so that the cost of construction goes way, way up. >> reporter: no timeline for getting residents back into the renaissance square apartments next door, but the issue is, firefighters will work on getting the building stabilized so residents can return home. live in concord, matt keller abc
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7 news. >> thank you. we alerted you to the evacuation order moments after it was issued last night. download our news app to get push alerts to receive breaking news as it happens. part of a busy highway is closed because of a deadly chain reaction crash. they are shut down between browns lane. police say one person was killed and three people hurt. witnesses told the press democrat the truck veered across lanes hitting three vehicles setting off other collisions. it's not known yet when the road will reopen. french president macron is in washington right now. president trump and the first lady welcomed the president and his wife this morning on the south lawn. a formal ceremony included nearly 500 u.s. service members. one of the things that trump and macron are discussing in the visit are the iran nuclear deal.
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they lifted sanctions in exchange for restrictions on iran's nuclear program. president trump called it insane and ridiculous before, says they need a broader strategy that is a fair deal. >> this is the only way to build sovereignty in the regime and peace for iran. >> the dinner is a three-course meal and wine from the napa valley. president trump's pick to lead the veterans affairs department was to have the confirmation hearing tomorrow, but it's been postpone the indefinitely. leaders are looking into serious allegations against ronny jackson. they sent a letter to the president today requesting additional information. he was a white house doctor since 2006. mr. trump nominated him to be va secretary after he fired another over an ethics controversy. developing this morning, president george hw bush is awake, alert, and talking, but
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remains in intensive care. they updated his health today and the 93-year-old is eager to return to the summer home in maine. bush was admitted to the hospital in houston for a blood infection on sunday. one day after he greeted mourners at the funeral for his wife, barbara bush. new developments in toronto, the suspect in the deadly van attack made a court appearance this morning, accused of plowing through a sidewalk packed with pedestrians, killing ten people and injuring 15 others. abc news reporter is in new york with the latest. >> reporter: the 25-year-old is in court this morning as the police search for a motive. >> on behalf of all canadians, i offer my deepest, heart felt condolences to the loved ones of all those killed, and we wish a full recovery. >> reporter: this video showing
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the deadly van massacre in broad daylight. the advance swerved across multiple lanes of traffic before jumping on the sidewalk, hitting pedestrians across 16 blocks. >> all these people on the streets getting hit one by one. >> i just have that vivid image of the lady on his hood and thrown to the ground and he ran over her as he plowed into the crowd. >> reporter: eyewitnesss in shock, the suspect's neighbors in disbelief. >> this is our first great tragedy of this kind in the toronto area, and toronto will never be the same again. ♪ oh canada >> reporter: toronto now a city in mourning. overnight, a moment of silence at the toronto mapleleaf's game and this makeshift memorial at the site of the attack is
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growing by the hour. he's charged with ten counts of murder and 13 counts of attempted murder. the motive is under investigation. they believe the attack was intentional, but not terror-related. abc news, new york. new details this morning about the man arrested in connection with an alleged planned bombing and shooting attack at san francisco's pier 39. court documents show that everett will plead guilty in june. details of the agreement have not been made public and was arrested last december after telling undercover fbi agents of plans to use pipe bombs and guns to kill tourists. a federal magistrate said he appears to have a mental health condition. details about a pit bull that nearly bit off the finger of a 15-year-old san francisco boy. he's been put put put
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he suffered wounds to his hands, arms, and legs. he's getting better, and due to the to be released from the hospital. >> reporter: new evidence of a growing drug problem in bart stations. they posted this photo to social media showing a man passed out on a train holding what looks to be a needle, and passengers felt threatened by the man when he came too. similar to last month when katie snapped this photo. bart is responding. the transit agency has a program to patrol trains for addicts and offer them help getting treatment. police officers are now allowed to carry an anti-opioid medication that reverses effects of drug overdoses from heroin and other opioids. they are working with the fire department for other firsthand training. how a move affects patients,
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and stand up and lift up, an annual event that brings together thousands of women. the big names set to inspire them today. a big change for spotify users streaming music for free. they hope to reel in more paying customers. early start on summer, i put the time lapse together to show you what happened this morning from the tower cam on mt. tam, and this is why our warm starts the weekend. wait until you see the 60s and chance of drizzle i
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right now, thousands of women are gathered in san francisco for the regions premier conference to help women develop job skills, networking opportunities, and personal inspiration. abc 7 news is a proud sponsor of the professional businesswomen of california conference underway right now. amy hollyfield is there live. good morning, amy. >> reporter: good morning, kristen. i have to correct you. there's men here too. it is mostly women, but look, i found one right behind me, reggie on the stage with natasha giving a presentation as part of the sponsorship, abc 7, proud sponsors of this very impressive and popular event. 6,000 people, mostly women, are attending these sold out professional businesswomen's conference. women who are busy, powerful,
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and have high expectations. >> how many times do you get to go to a conference with so many women and just talking about different issues that i think relate to us and diversity, inclusion, and what to do differently in the workplace and what we can ask our allies to do differently. >> reporter: they were not disappointed. with abc 7 serving as mc, and introducing impressive speakers, like bernard tyson, and ashley judd, the morning keynote session was packed, and attendees riveted. >> it's more inspare rational than expected and thought it would be boring. he now leads a major american company. >> nobody should own your dreams, no matter how high you want to go, no matter how far you want to go. >> reporter: ashley judd served on a panel talking about the me, too movement, and how sexual
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harassment has been mentioned in the past, but never had the traction that it does now. >> but now everyone is listening, and that's -- that's the magic of this movement that the voices can be amplified, we can escalate, and voices amplified, and the world is listening. >> reporter: she was one of several show stoppers this morning, but still some big names to come. actresses like jane fonda set to speak and former california first lady maria shriver, so a fun-filled ed informational day ahead. >> amy, thank you. a clinic is forced to move, but not going forward. they looked for a new location after learning its current home in california and san antonio would be redeveloped. they bought this building nearby for $7 million. the clinic will continue serving 10,000 patients a year.
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planned parenthood expects to open next year at the new location without disruption in services. amazon's key app may prevent package thefts. it allows workers to drop off packages in your car, even when you are not there. here's how it works. place an order on amazon and select the in-car shipping option. they arrive, scan the package, sending a signal through the cloud to unlock your car. the service is compatible with 2015 or newer connected chevrol chevrolet, buick, cadillac, or vol volvo. >> you get a notification that says, your vehicle is in the correct delivery area, and we're going to be arriving soon. after it's been delivered, you get a final notification. >> once it's in the trunk, the driver locks your car before leaving. amazon says the service has been through a rigorous security review, and san francisco is one
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of 37 cities where the service is now available. spotify hopes to gain paying subscribers by giving away more free music. they released a new version so they play more songs on demand for free for 15 customizable play lists. previously, they could listen to preset play lists on shuffle. spotify allows users to listen to a limited selection of music for free with ads. happening tonight, version america's final flight. a plane leaves los angeles for san francisco at 9:35. on board will be employees of virgin america who helped start the airline ten years ago. they were sold to alaska in 2016, and tomorrow, they adopt alaska airlines reservation system and name. breath mints cover up bad breath after you drink, but it does not stop what's happening with the bacteria in your mouth. a live look outside, the east bay hills, you can see haze
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there, but for the most part, sunshine, and cooler today, and our meteorologist
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fthere's flonase sensimist.tchy and watery near pollen. it relieves all your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel. flonase sensimist. now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> clouds are breaking up over inland where some areas they did not reach like the east bay. over the bay now, and clinging to the coast making you coolest, but the cloud deck has started a cooling trend. temperatures retreating all the way through the weekend when they reach seasonal normals whereas it's been warmer than average thanks to high pressure now sliding east, being nudged by a swirl in the atmosphere, an
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area of low pressure, that brought us the deeper marine layer this morning, and a few high clouds mixing with sunshine where the low clouds disappear, but this thing is heading north, and it's not bringing much in the way of any chance of anything, but that cloudiness and cooler weather. 75-80 down in the south bay, and 79 in san jose, and 72 in sap that cruz. everybody else low to mid-70s in the peninsula. look at the coast, you're in the mid-60s with the clouds, and bay is warmer in downtown and south san francisco, upper 60s. north bay valleys, 75-80 degrees, and 10-15 degrees cooler at the coast. low to mid-70s in the east bay shore. inland, one of the last days to have 80 degree weather, low to mid-80s. santa cruz, yeah, if you're at the beaches, it's great today. on the bay, though, we have afternoon sunshine, and exercising, no worries, humidity's low, sun coming out,
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watch out for that, sunscreen. here's a look from the explo exploratory camera, we're in the mid-50s along the coast until the evening hours until we drop into the 40s. 66-69 in the bay, and the warmth tapers compared to yesterday, and warmer than average with low to upper 70s at 4:00, and just for low 60s today, mid-50s at noon. the game this evening, 7:15 first pitch, 59 dropping to 55. dress accordingly. it's also bobble head night. it's -- oh, my gosh -- the hulk because of he's going to be there. mid-40s to low 50s, you see the clouds cover more extensively. it's marvel night at at&t park is what i tried to say. the 7-day forecast, there's one, two thrcities in the 80s, but mostly all in the 60s and 70s. look at thursday, a cold front draws near. there's a chance of sprinkles in the north bay friday, but look
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how cool, low to upper 60s, a chance of drizzle with the marine layer saturday, sunday, and monday morning, giving way to afternoon sun, but temperatures, you can see, slowly warm back to average after being so warm. >> looking a super hero type. thank you so much. let's take you now to the big board on wall street. the dow is down. you can see right now from the big board that the dow is down 500 points, and that is significant. looking at it now, it's standing just under the 24,000 mark. wall street is reacting to results from several companies today. cat pill lay said profit margins were not getting higher this year, and coke relies on lower prices to drive sales, and tech investors are disappointed by increased expenses at google's parent company, alphabet. a lot of sectors impacted there. drinking alcohol gives you more than bad breath. it changes the bacteria in your
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mouth, and not for the better. researchers say people who routinely drink one or two or more alcoholic beverages a day have bad bacteria in their mouth leading to gum disease, heart problems, and some cancers. a farm in maine is not kidding around when it comes to cuddling baby goats. a look at the highly anticipated avengers movie coming out on
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we need to help more tocalifornians get ahead.d, that's why antonio villaraigosa brought both parties together to balance the state budget with record investments in public schools... and new career training programs. as mayor of la, he brought police and residents together to get illegal guns off the streets
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and keep kids out of gangs, and on the right path. that's antonio villaraigosa. a governor for all of california. yes, you're a good girl, such a good girl. >> they agree. baby goats by the dozen. it's the kidding season on this farm in maine, and sunflour farm creamery expects more than 50 newborn goats. this weekend through mother's day, they open up to the public for anyone who might enjoy cuddling a kid. that kind of kid. highly anticipated avengers is in theaters friday. the stars attened a hollywood premier last night. this is the tenth year anniversary with a film bringing all the characters together finally. >> never could have anticipated the scope of all of this ten years ago. it's been an incredible journey.
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>> it was such a great experience, you know, to share the load, i guess, and to share the sort of responsibility of thor and being my home film. >> i'm a newborn babe a part of it and felt special and surreal. >> i remember hearing, when are you teaming up with the ajven s avengers, and i didn't think we would, but here we are, and this movie is powerful. >> looks fantastic. marvel is owned by disney, our parent company. black panther in there as well. >> that many in one screen. >> here's my money, take it. >> exactly. >> from all of us here at abc
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>> hey, everybody. i'm hoping to make some people very rich today. will it be million dollar rich? we're about to find out. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, welcome to the show. you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] we are in the middle of a good game. from granbury, texas, please welcome back lincoln hamilton. [cheers and applause] and we are actually right in the middle, because you're at $10,000. 7 questions in, 7 questions left to the million. only downside, three lifelines, they're gone, but you're halfway to that million. so let's get back to your game, because right away today, you got a shot at doubling your money and getting to $20,000. >> all right. >> it's not so bad. >> no. >> you ready? >> i am. >> let's play "who wants to be a millionaire."


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