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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 26, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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everybody in the pews with pointing finger dance. making news in america this morning, the hunt for one of the most elusive serial killers in u.s. history appears to be over. the suspected golden state killer in custody. >> we found the needle in the haystack. >> a former cop accused of 12 murders and dozens of rapes. this morning, the new details including where police found the dna that cracked the case and how the killer used dishes to terrorize his victims. the shocking complaint the suspect made as he was being arrested. president trump's nominee to run the v.a. faces new allegations accused of crashing a car while drunk and dishing out opioids. how he's fighting back. plus, what epa boss scott pruitt is preparing to tell congress today amid a flurry of ethics scandals. health alert. some common drugs including some antidepressants now blamed for
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increasing the risk for dementia. the message from doctors. plus, the moment a football player paralyzed during a game walked his wife down the aisle. the surprising discovery about giant sloths that once roamed the earth with humans. a good thursday morning, everyone. we begin with the suspected serial killer in custody this morning after a manhunt spanning more than 40 years. >> investigators looking for the so-called golden state killer say dna evidence led them to this man, joseph deangelo, a sacramento area grandfather accused of a statewide crime spree that included at least 12 murders and dozens of rapes. >> investigators believe deangelo in this photo second from the left with the mustache may have committed some of his crimes while working as a police officer in the '70s. the fbi spent the night gathering evidence from joseph
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deangelo's home taking large bags of evidence and searching the backyard. investigators say the former police officer is responsible for at least 12 murders, 45 rapes and more than 100 burglaries that spread fear across california through the '70s and the '80s. >> we found the needle in the haystack and it was right here in sacramento. >> reporter: they surveyed him for several days and collected dna evidence in the trash that shorts say links the 72-year-old to the crime spree. >> we've always believed at least for many years that this case would begin and end with dna. this defendant has been able to live free in a nice suburb in sacramento. our team is going to work hard to make sure that he never gets out. >> reporter: according to authorities, a masked deangelo armed with a gun or knife would break into his victims' homes at night sometimes tying up the man of the house and piling dishes on his back. he would then allegedly rape the woman of the house threatening to kill them both if he heard
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the dishes tumble. investigators say the suspect even called some of his victims after the attacks. >> gonna kill you. >> reporter: among deangelo's possible victims, 18-year-old janelle cruz who was found murdered in her family's home and lymon and charlene smith found beaten to death with a log from their fireplace. the smiths' daughter says if convicted she wants his life to be spared. >> save us a bunch of money and agony and drama and i would like him to be in general population where he has to live every moment of his life in terror. >> reporter: two other victims new newly weds keith and patrice harrington were murdered in their home in the middle of the night. keith's brother spoke to reporters after the arrest. >> the many generations of victims out there, it's a bellwether day. a day -- especially the women who were raped and survived. you have to believe that they can sleep tonight as i said
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because i got to believe they haven't been able to sleep much at all without wondering is he going to come here again. >> reporter: it's believed jane carson-sandler is one of deangelo's first victims attacked in her home in 1976. >> i have been sobbing and just -- i mean, i'm just -- i can't believe it. i am so ecstatic, so full of joy and so full of gratitude for everyone that's been working on this case. i'm just so emotional. >> dooepg was fired from the auburn, california, police department in 1979 on accusations of shoplifting but he was never under suspicion for the serial killings even though investigators suspected someone with a law enforcement background. when they arrived at his house to arrest him, they say he complained he had a roast in the oven. >> now to washington where this could be a decisive day for the president's nominee to run the veterans affair department. dr. ronny jackson held late night meetings at the white house amid reports the administration is considering pulling the nomination. this follows new allegations
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against dr. jackson that he crashed a government car while he was drunk. abc's tara palmeri has the latest on how jackson is now fighting back this morning. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning, kendis and diane. that's right. dr. jackson is fighting to be confirmed, however, there are serious questions about whether he's capable of running the government's second largest agency. president trump's top pick to lead the v.a., dr. ronny jackson facing new claims that while serving as white house doctor he was, quote, flat out unethical. that's according to nearly two dozen of his current and former colleagues who told the senate committee overseeing his hearing that he was, quote, abusive, volatile and the worst officer i ever served with. among the startling accounts of professional misconduct provided to abc news, he was accused of getting drunk and wrecking a government vehicle, a claim he flatly denies. >> should be very easy to prove that. >> reporter: on another occasion when the president needed him he was unreachable and accused of being, quote, passed out drunk this his hotel room.
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he's been accused of recklessly handing out the powerful sleeping aid ambien on air force one and loosely prescribing percocet without documenting it these habits earned him this nickname. >> the candy man. because he doled out prescription drugs like candy on these trips where they flew through multiple time zones. >> reporter: jackson also denies these claims. >> i have no idea where that's coming from. >> reporter: the white house fending off questions that they failed to vet their nominee. >> dr. jackson has had at least four independent background investigations conducted during his time at the white house and the investigations revealed no areas of concern. >> reporter: according to new reports, dr. jackson is considered withdrawing his name. the white house is preparing for it but for now is standing by him. diane, kendis. >> all right. we'll see how the day plays out there. tara, thank you. president trump's longtime attorney michael cohen says he will invoke his fifth amendment against self-incrimination in a lawsuit filed by porn star
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stormy daniels. he is arguing if he is deposed in the civil trial he could be forced to say things that may hurt him in an ongoing criminal investigation. information on his payment to daniels to keep quiet about her alleged affair with the president was among the records seized by the fbi. rudy giuliani, the newest member of the president's legal team, has now met with the special counsel robert mueller. now, during the meeting guiliani re-opened negotiations for a presidential interview in the russia investigation. guiliani says that he trusts mueller but he told our new hampshire station there isn't a person in the world who thinks the president is guilty of collusion with russia. >> i can guarantee you this, when mueller is finished, no matter whatever he does, not going to have a stitch of evidence that he colluded with the russians. now, that's a disgrace. the case should be over. >> guiliani also had some harsh words for former fbi director james comey calling him an embarrassment to the bureau. a nationwide manhunt continued for an accused cop killer who police say has vowed not to be taken alive. investigators say john williams
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shot deputy sheriff eugene kohl on a highway about an hour outside bangor, maine. he then stole the deputy's patrol car and robbed a store. williams was due in court yesterday on a weapons charge. time now for a look at your weather for this thursday morning. well, plenty of rain continues to push through the northeast with heavy showers in parts of new england by this evening. a combination of rain and snow melt has triggered a flood watch for parts of maine and new hampshire. in the meantime, temperatures will finally be seasonal across most of the country. it'll be warmer across the south with more possible record highs in the pacific northwest. 80 in seattle today and in the southwest, the hot spot today will be phoenix where it feels like summer, 99 degrees. coming up, prince william caught on camera doing something in church. >> okay.
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ooh. that's a tease. but first why housing secretary ben carson wants to triple the rent for people on housing assistance. and the new discovery about alexa and her ability to spy on
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of former white house press secretary sean spicer in the oval office again, albeit a fake one. he unveiled the first lady melania trump's wax figure at madame tussauds in new york brought along flyers about his up coming book on his white house tenure. scott pruitt is expected to face a grilling when he testifies on capitol hill today. pruitt has faced a string of ethics allegations and is expected to tell lawmakers he only flies coach and had no
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knowledge about pay raises for his closest aides. housing secretary ben carson wants to raise the rent for low income americans who receive housing subsidies. his proposal sent to congress would triple the rent for some people who get assistance and would make it easier for housing authorities to impose work requirements. carson says the goal is to encourage people to become self sufficient. amazon's popular alexa voice assistant apparently had a serious flaw. it could record a user indefinitely without their knowledge. researchers at a cybersecurity firm say they uncovered the flaw that would allow the device to keep listening long after your command was executed. >> an unsuspecting user believes the session with alexa has ended however the skilled developer developed it in such a way the microphone will keep recording. >> ooh. so as long as the user didn't directly tell alexa to stop, those recordings would continue. amazon, however, says it has now
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repaired that coding flaw. >> alexa, stop. alexa, stop. >> yeah, there are a lot of alexas listening to you at home right now. ford is making a move that has some asking is this the end of the car. the company's eliminating 80% of its car lineup including the fusion, the focus and taurus sedans. also it can devote more resources to building suvs and trucks which are more popular. ford wants to cut $25 billion in expenses. don't worry, though. the mustang has been spared. that one is still in production. >> that would just be un-american if that went away. all right, coming up, the classic kids' show coming back to tv. but first a man trapped in his car for days after a crash with no food or water. see how he survived and was finally rescued. and a walk down the aisle at this wedding that stunned everyone. this wedding that stunned everyone. the thing that's really important to dentists is to make sure that that enamel stays strong and resilient for a lifetime the more that we can strengthen and re-harden that tooth surface, the whiter their patients' teeth are going to be.
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much since the birth of his third child on monday. he appeared to actually fall asleep here for a few seconds. kidless harry and megan looking bright-eyed and bushy tailed. >> yeah, they're like, why are you sleeping,by bro? they understand that. back in this country a remarkable survival story from a maryland man. he crashed off a highway and was trapped with no food or water for days until he got lucky, very lucky. for two days no one knew where 41-year-old greg eubanks was located. he was so close to passing cars but the noise drowned out his cries for help. >> i thought i heard a guy on a bicycle riding by and i just started to yell, you know, help, help, help. and, you know, there was nothing. >> he was driving home from getting food at a bar when a vehicle cut him off. that's the last thing he remembers before coming to. >> my back and all of that being thrown out, i couldn't move. i could barely move.
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>> victoria sanchez of our washington, d.c. station shows us where eubanks ended up. >> down this embankment concealed by brush and tall trees, eubanks laid here for two days but passing cars couldn't see him. it wasn't until a maryland state highway crew came to fix the guardrail that they spotted his car and he was rescued. >> and he's like, you know, how long you been down here? and i'm like, a couple of hours and i'm like, no, i been down here a couple of days since like friday. he's like, what? >> reporter: eubanks had no food and no phone. he did have drinks in his car but they were just out of reach. he says he drank rainwater to survive and believes there's a reason why he's alive today. >> i'm not sure, but i know for sure that there is a purpose. >> okay, i would have lost the purpose at this point. eubanks also said there were three snakes on a tree next to his car. they thankfully kept to themselves. yeah. the jury returns for a second day of deliberations this morning in the bill cosby sexual assault trial.
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jurors deliberated for ten hours yesterday. they asked the judge to explain the legal definition of consent and they asked to hear a defense witness' testimony again. costby could be sentenced to 30 years in prison if convicted. some health news this morning now, and there's a growing concern that some common medications could increase your risk for dementia. the long-term use of drugs that treat depression, parkinson's and bladder problems could increase your dementia risk by 30%. the medications block a certain chemical used in nerve cells. despite the concern, though, doctors say benefits of the drugs often outweigh the risks. a major sports headline this morning. female track and field athletes are the focus of new rules being announced today. under the rules women with elevated levels of testosterone will have a choice. they can either lower their testosterone levels with medication or compete against men in certain events. the sport has struggled with the
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issue for years. in the nba playoffs lebron james provided an epic ending last night. his buzzer beater was the differencemaker in cleveland's 98-95 win over the pacers. the cavs are now just one game away from advancing to the next round. the rockets, raptors and thunder also won last night. an incredible story of determination and love this morning from a man who was told he would never walk again. chris norton was playing football for luther college in iowa eight years ago when he was paralyzed. >> he was given only a 3% chance of moving anything below his neck. during his recovery he fell in love with emily summers. they got engaged and decided for their wedding they would walk down the aisle as husband and wife. >> look at how it played out. watch this moment. the video posted by "people" magazine, that moment of triumph. the couple raising five foster children. norton says anything is possible if we don't give up.
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>> incredible. >> everybody in that audience brought to tears. >> oh, yeah, understandably so. all right, up next in "the pulse," proof your washing machine really does eat your socks. >> uh-huh. and also ahead, a man sues after getting thrown out of a business for wearing a maga hat. what the judge decided. a hat. what the judge decided. and your current treatment hasn't worked well enough, it may be time for a change. ask your doctor about entyvio, the only biologic developed and approved just for uc and crohn's. entyvio works at the site of inflammation in the gi tract and is clinically proven to help many patients achieve both symptom relief and remission. infusion and serious allergic reactions can happen during or after treatment. entyvio may increase risk of infection, which can be serious. pml, a rare, serious, potentially fatal brain infection caused by a virus may be possible.
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the shark ion robot. this shark cleans, docks, and poallergies?reather.y. stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right. ♪ time to check "the pulse" on this thursday. we begin with a man who claims he was thrown out of a bar in new york city because he supports president trump. >> yeah, he was wearing a make america great again hat and refused to take it off. the bar kicked him out. he sued the bar but the judge ruled that the bar does have a right to refuse service to him because only religious not political beliefs are protected under discrimination laws. >> the judge said supporting the president is not a religion.
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next some shocking photos that show your washing machine can apparently eat your socks. >> we knew it. now we have the proof. the photos were first shared online by a woman who manages a trailer park in california and she says her husband was trying to fix this machine when he found that, a whole lot of socks, some underwear, a credit card, even 7 bucks in change stuffed inside. >> they apparently slipped through a hole in the filtration system. we talked to some experts who say newer washers don't have this problem. >> uh-huh. that's what they would say. now to a new discovery about prehistoric times. apparently giant sloths roamed the earth with humans 12,000 years ago. >> so, this is an artist's drawing of humans taking on one of the sloths. researchers say the sloth stood up to eight feet tall. >> scientists say a human footprint would easily fit inside a sloth track. >> all right. it took them 12,000 years to evolve.
4:24 am
another classic '90s show is returning to tv. >> he does it better than i do. all right. it's time to answer that question or take the physical challenge. >> because nickelodeon is bringing back "double dare." it first aired from 1986 through 1993. >> the show features two teams answering questions and completing some messy stunts. we especially enjoyed the slime stunts. >> we? >> i really enjoy the slime stunt. >> i'm not a fan of it. >> i can't imagine why. >> i didn't take the dare. >> i didn't take the dare.
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good morning. it's thursday, april 26, 4:27 in the morning. >> is it bad i'm already excited for the weekend? >> makes perfect sense. >> we're getting there. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. >> we've got cloud cover out there, but no precipitation on live doppler 7. here is what you should dress for as far as the temperatures go. temperatures running in the upper 40s to mid 50s. 55 in san jose and mountain view. right now 51 in fremont, san mateo, san francisco, half moon bay. danville, vallejo and novato at 50. upper 40s throughout the north bay. let's get over to traffic and see what's going on. alex alexis? >> this hour we always have road work we can count on.
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eastbound 580, a bit of a backup, various lanes scheduled to be closed from grove way to palo verde. pretty heavy for about a mile. plan on extra time if you're heading through that area. typically that is wide open this time of day. a quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza. we have a stackup in the cash lanes on either side of the toll plaza. if you're using fast track of car pool, you're looking just fine. next update in a couple minutes. happening today, the large apartment complex that went up in flames in concord is set to be demolished this morning. >> hundreds who live nearby are still evacuated and several major streets are closed. abc 7's amy hollyfield live in concord again this morning. amy. >> reporter: good morning, reggie. look behind me. we still see smoke coming out of this building. firefighters haven't been able to go in to fully put out this fire. demolition would enable them to at least get in there to the smoldering spots and put it out for good. investigators also haven't been able to get inside to start
4:29 am
looking for the cause of this fire. everyone is too worried about the building collapsing to let people in. that's also why they still have an evacuation order in place for the apartment building next door and adjacent streets still shut down. they're worried that walls could come down. one restaurant owner is hoping these restrictions will be lifted soon. >> i have no idea we'll be closed for. i think it's going to be affecting us for the two, three days, hopefully we'll be open by the weekend and they can come in and have a good margarita and forget about the fire. >> reporter: sounds pretty good. this building that burned, it was under construction. it was going to be an apartment complex. that's what they were building. it caught fire tuesday morning. the call came in just before 1:00 a.m. the building is a total loss. they don't know whether it was set by someone or if it was an accident. federal agents from the atf are here to help local investigators find that cause.
4:30 am
the first priority they say is getting those evacuees home. that demolition work is set to start at 8:00 this morning. then officials feel like they'll have a better sense of when they can let those next door neighbors return home. live in concord, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you, amy. b.a.r.t. says service at the hayward station will be back to normal after a man shot at a police officer. police say they were investigating a different shooting last night when a man shot at a hayward officer near the station. neither hayward nor b.a.r.t. police shot back. riders experienced major delays as police investigated the incident. nobody was hurt and one suspect was arrested. it's 4:30. a quick update on weather and traffic starting with meteorologist mike nicco. >> let's take a look at what's going on in walnut creek, south on 680, notice how the lights dim to grayness. that's the marine layer. it's made it to our inland neighborhoods. expect more cooling


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