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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 26, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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temperatures about where they were yesterday, mid 40s to low 50s. low 60s everywhere else at noon. mid to upper 60s at 4:00. quiet here but out on the roads maybe different. >> not really, mike. looking good so far this morning. we haven't had major incidence and moving along just fine through walnut creek. southbound 680, not seeing any delays, any brake lights as you approach highway 24. we will take it. fingers crossed we can last for the majority of the morning. drive times looking good, too, southbound 101 santa rosa to petaluma. westbound 580 castro valley to the maze, 14. 280/680 to 85, no delays and 15 minutes. we have b.a.r.t. delays we'll talk about coming up. after decades of evading law enforcement, this is the man suspected of be the golden gate killer. he's finally in custody and we have learned that 72-year-old joseph james deangelo will be
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arraigned tomorrow on murder charges. police announced a major break in the case yesterday. the golden state killer is one of california's most feared serial killers and rapists in the 1970s and '80s, responsible for at least 12 myrrh drs and upwards of 50 rapes plus more than 100 burglaries. he was also called the east area rapist, the original night stalker during his reign of terror across california. later police connected the dots. realized it might all be the same person. the sacramento d.a. was on "good morning america" this morning and she spoke out about the case. >> it's always about passion, persistence and i believe dna was the silent witness to the truth. we're now here and we have the answer. >> deangelo only became a suspect as the golden state killer a few days ago. a discarded dna sample provided the confirmation that detectives needed.
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deangelo was a former police officer who worked near vie sail yeah and auburn. at this point, only two charges in two counts of murder in the death of a sacramento couple back in 1978. police have promised more charges to come. >> jessica, thank you. for most of her life a santa cruz woman has wondered who killed her father and stepmother. >> she figured police would never find the golden state killer. now 38 years later she geltelt answer. >> matt keller joins us from our south bay bureau with what she wants the suspected killer to do now. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, natasha. this arrest was a shock for jennifer carroll. she waited 38 years for this. >> i never in my lifetime expected to see that. >> reporter: carroll was home in santa cruz when she learned the accused golden state killer had been arrested. she grew up in ventura with her
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mom and two young brothers, not far from her dad and stepmom. she learned they were bruj ended to death with a log from a stack of fire wood outside their home. 20 years later, investigators told carroll they linked the murders to the golden state killer. she still has many more questions. >> i want to know what made him so angry. i want to know -- i want to how he did this, how he thought about it and why he moved to southern california and why the violence was so important. >> reporter: carroll wants joseph deangelo to confess but says if there is a trial, she is ready to testify. reporting live in the south bay newsroom, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> thank you, matt. this morning savemart supermarkets is confirming joseph james deangelo worked for the company for 27 years, he was at a distribution center in roseville outside sacramento. in a text message a company spokesperson said, quote, none
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of his action shuns in the workplace would have led us to suspect any connection to crimes being attributed to him. we are working with the sacramento county district attorney's office on their investigation. some people are crediting a true crime journalist for helping to solve this case. michelle mcfar ma rah wrote a book called "i'll be gone in the dark." mcnamara was in the midst of wriefting when she died unexpectedly in 2016. her leagues ended up finishing it. it was just pup lished two mont months ago. her husband posted this video to instagram yesterday. >> you did it, michelle. even though the cops are never going to say it. your book helped get this thing closed. >> we put together a page on all about the golden state killer including a timeline of hills crimes, the entire police conference from sacramento yesterday and much more information. new this morning, president trump's choice to lead the department of veterans affairs
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is withdrawing his name from consideration. in a statement released about an hour ago, dr. ronny jackson said allegations against him are false and fabricated. jackson is accused of giving out percocet without a prescription and wrecking a government call while intoxicated. we're hearing from a contractor accused of mishandling a billion dollar cleanup at the hunter's point shipyard in san francisco. tetra tech was hired to clean up radioactive waste from ships involved in nuclear testing. the chief engineer promised to answer to those who believe his company never did the job. as we've been reporting the epa found tetra tech falsified nearly all of its soil tests from land slated for housing. >> we want to assure the residents and neighbors of hunt are er's point that what we did was proper and followed all navy and regulatory guidelines, protocols and work plans. >> tetra tech announced it will pay for an independent soil test on the navy's terms.
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it expects the new testing to take about two months. plans to revitalize pier 29 in san francisco put on hold. why a major developer has backed out. could your smart speaker be spying on you? the major flaw discovered in amazon's alexa. >> i knew it. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. never have i given 10% chance of rain so much attention because of what it's going to do to our temperatures and the fact that it could be measurable. i'll show you how much, when and where coming up. live look outside right now, six minutes after
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we need to help more tocalifornians get ahead.d, that's why antonio villaraigosa brought both parties together to balance the state budget with record investments in public schools... and new career training programs. as mayor of la, he brought police and residents together to get illegal guns off the streets and keep kids out of gangs, and on the right path. that's antonio villaraigosa. a governor for all of california.
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good morning. we'll start with temperatures low 50s all along the peninsula and the coast all the way up until you get to 48 in daly city. low to mid 50s along the east bayshore. south bay upper 40s to near 50 in the north bay. santa cruz, another cloudy day at the coast with limited sunshine. mid to upper 50s. if you're going to be out and about, comfortable. pleasant if there is such a thing while you're exercising. san francisco, low to mid 50s
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with a mixture of sunshine. warming to 64 at noon. upper 60s this afternoon. back to 58 by 8:00. cloud cover is going to be stubborn along the coast. san francisco along the east bayshore, noon and mostly sunny through 4:00. the clouds start coming back. i'll tell you when they bring the drizzle and the sprinkles. first let's turn it over to alexis. >> not had many issues this morning. this is the richmond side of the skrij. eastbound 580 starting to fill in. we have a two-car crash reported on the canal on-ramp to eastbound 580. they've pushed it to the shoulder. b.a.r.t.ish withdrew is starting to resolvish self. from two earlier issues, a switching problem and some track maintenance. both of those have wrapped up. we'll take a look at drive times at 6:20. plans to revitalize san francisco's pier 29 have been
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canceled. according to "the examiner" the developer pulled out of the project. they blame high renovation costs and a lease term that was too short. the port advisory is not giving up. they'll issue a public call for other developers to submit proposals next month. conservative students fighting uc berkeley's new restrictions on speakers win a victory in court. the growing number of people forced to drive 90 minutes or mo to get to work. as with roomba from irobot, your family can expect clean flrs everyday. two unique multi-surface brushes and power-lifting suction pick up dirt, large debris and even pet hair. so your oors are always clean. you and roomba from irobot. better together. and at kay, he designs for the star in your life. the inspiration for this ring goes back almost 100 years. at kay... the number-one jewelry store for... yes. ♪ every kiss begins with kay.
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a federal judge has ruled against restrictions on speakers. scheduled appearance of conservative commentator milo yiannopoulos. speeches got moved for security reasons. conservatives claiming this is discrimination. the senate judiciary committee expected to vote on a bill to protect special counsel robert mueller's job. republicans are split over the legislation. a few gop lawmakers support it. most oppose it. they argue it's unnecessary because president trump won't fire mueller.
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the president has repeatedly attacked the on going russia investigation. . a new concern about smart speakers might have some users saying alexa, don't eavesdrop. experts found a flaw in the device that can be manipulated to spy on you. researchers at cyber security firm checkmarx, it keeps recording after giving the answer. >> result is 42. >> an unsuspecting user believes the session with alexa has ended. we or still being recorded but everything is uploaded to amazon. >> essentially to have an intruder in your home, the privacy of your home listening to what you are talking about. >> one easy way to detect if alexa is recording you, her blue light on the top will typically be on. we now know who will be prince harry's best man when he gets married next month. it's exactly who you thought it
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would be. this morning kensington palace tweeted out he's asked his brother to be his best man at his wedding. prince william is very much looking forward to supporting his brother at st. george's chapel, windsor on may 19th. prince harry was his best man at his wedding to kate middlet middleton. >> that's so nice. nice to see brothers get along that wail. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. hey, mike. >> we've got cloud cover out there once again as you can see behind us from our exploratorium camera. it wanted to take a chance and show you what's going on from mt. tamalpais, anticipating an awesome sunrise as the colors are starting to unfold. of course, running a time lapse on that. i'll post it on twitter and facebook. steady cloud cover, just like we had yesterday. cool weather will climb deep are
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into our inland neighborhoods. sprinkles tomorrow to drizzle saturday and sunday morning and a warming trend again next week. let's start with our temperatures in the south bay. 69 in milpitas, 72 in los gatos, san jose. cool spot as you head down to santa cruz, about 68 degrees. we start at 68 on the peninsula but end up about 63 in millbrae. check out the coast. mid to upper 50s there to near 60 in downtown, south san francisco and sausalito at 63. mid 60s to near 70 through most of the north bay valleys. a lot more sunshine for you, the coast, mid 50s there. oakland at 64. no more 90s, no more 80s. barely 70s inland. upper 60s to low 70s in most neighborhoods. tonight, mid 40s to around 50 degrees with cloud cover once again. tomorrow morning we wake up a little drizzle along the coast possibly around mill valley,
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novato. light rain, cloverdale, ukiah northward. more drizzle. a damp morning to start the weekend. as we look at my accuweather forecast, sunshine saturday afternoon, a little more sunday. temperatures back to average by monday. a new problem in the south bay. we're looking at 101 and 880 traffic camera. you can see heavy volume on the northbound side of 101. we have reports of a motorcycle down just ahead near brokaw road. i believe we have lanes one and four blocked. so the two outside lanes. working on getting more information and word on injuries and how many response vehicles we'll have on the scene here. i'll have a lot more coming up shortly. also looking at heavy traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights on for just under an hour. that happened around 5:20 this morning. drive times, no surprise, slow out of the central valley tracy to bub lynn. southbound 680 dublin to mission boulevard in the yellow at 21.
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northbound 85101 to cupertino looking good at 16 minutes. it may look peaceful, apparently a lot going on at the bottom of the ocean. >> now we or getting a sample of what that animal activity sounds like. [ whale sounds ]. >> that's the singing of a humpback whale. this underwater microphone is learning more about monterey bay. researchers found surprises by learning beaked whales through rarely seen are common in the outer bay. also we here at abc 7 are just learning that there's something called a beaked whale. >> we've been kooging this, a terrifying version of a dolphin. please make that your next google search. >> don't yuck someone else's yum. >> ford has been making cars for almost 100 years. the company is about to make a major change to its lineup. the massive fire that destroyed a concord apartment
6:20 am
complex is still smoldering today. what's being done to get the fire out for good. a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. 6:20 in the morning. a little gray out there. cooler temperatures than earlier this week. we'll be right back. ♪ when i first came to ocean bay, what i saw was despair.
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i knew something had to be done. hurricane sandy really woke people up, to showing that we need to invest in this community. i knew having the right partner we could turn this place around. it was only one bank that could finance a project this difficult and this large, and that was citi. preserving affordable housing preserves communities. so we are doing their kitchens and their flooring and their lobbies and the grounds. and the beautification of their homes, giving them pride in where they live, will make this a thriving community once again. ♪
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you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. if you can take your eyes from the left side of the screen and veer over to the right, you can see today's temperatures for the
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most part are going to be a little bit below average except for inland and down into the south bay where we're finally getting back to average. more cooling, a little wet weather on the way in my accuweather forecast. >> some of you go bonkers when we talk about dunkin' donuts. get ready. we're getting a better idea when two new stores will open. locations in san jose and khan cord will open this summer. we're still waiting with bated breath for specific dates. ford says it will stop producing and selling all but two passenger cars in north america. that means say good-bye to the fiesta, the taurus, the fusion and the regular focus. ford says it's going to instead make cars that buyers seem to really like right now which are not cars at all. they're suvs and trucks. the only remaining ford passenger car will be the mustang and a new vehicle which they're calling the ford focus active. by 2020 almost 90% of vehicles
6:24 am
sold by ford will be trucks, suvs and commercial vehicles. >> a new study suggests that commutes longer than 90 minutes are becoming more and more common in our region. those rides are called super commutes. the stockton region is number one in the entire nation with 10% of its commuters being super commuters. modesto is next, nearly 7%. san francisco stands at 5%. other cities in the top 25 include sacramento, santa rosa and san jose. many super commuters use more than one mode. >> i travel to warm spring and take b.a.r.t. about an hour. total commute time is about an hour and a half. >> researchers say the leading cause, of course, is a shortage in affordable housing. another is a lack of convenient trance it options. 6:24 now. from seven on your side, the federal trade commission is suing san francisco-based london club accusing the online lender of deceiving clients with hidden
6:25 am
fees, withdrawing double payments from client accounts and continuing to charge borrowers even after they eve paid off the loan. federal regulators say the company would tell loan applicants they had a loan even when they didn't. lending club is denying the allegations. the mayor of san francisco is waging war on the filthy streets. mayor mark pharaoh unveiled a plan calling for spending $13 million to clean up city streets over the next two years. more than $3.5 million earmarked for street cleaning equipment. the department of public works department says they're getting hundreds of calls for service every day. >> we're double and triple-shifting our steam cleaners and a lot of equipment. with this funding we'll be able to buy some more equipment. the plan includes hiring 44 additional cleaning workers who will target districts in need of the most help. this morning we're also getting a glimpse of a newly recognized bird species in new guinea.
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>> it has black and blue feathers, called -- this is nuts -- the superb bird of paradise. >> i'm in awe of this. >> are they fighting? >> no, it's a mating dance. he's doing that little sidestep and spreading his feathers there. this is the mating dance. he also has distinctive singing that goes along with it. if i were the lady, i would not even understand. the inside of his mouth is yellow. there's so much happening here. >> i apologize for sounding like a 5-year-old. mommy, are they fighting? no, honey, it's a et maing ritual. next at 6:30, the mother outraged after she says her daughter's school banned the phrase best friend. nfl star reuben foster's accuser is changing her story. new information on the golden state killer and chilling details about his reign of
6:27 am
terror. a backup in san jose northbound 101 around 880. that's a, paing lot there. that's
6:28 am
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now at 6:30, he is one of the most notorious serial killers in california history. police say they have captured
6:30 am
the golden state killer. this morning details on the investigation and why officials say it is far from over. first we want to get you out the door this morning. grab a jacket. cooler temperatures heading our way. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. hey, mike. >> it's beginning to look a lot like summerout side. let's take a look at the cloud cover and the reason why on live doppler 7 it's not yielding moisture now. look at all those winds and arrows pointing from the ocean, the cool ocean to the land to the east. that's why today temperatures tumble once again, especially inland. we're waking up pretty much the same conditions as yesterday, mid 40s to mid 50s. we'll stay in the mid 50s at the coast, maybe a few upper 50s around 2:00. low 60s around lunch. 66 to 68 at 4:00. back to needing a jacket by 7:00, low 60s. we'll talk more about that cool either and the trance of rain.
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taking you to our traffic alert in the south bay. we have a crash involving a motorcycle and at least one other vehicle. heavy traffic on northbound 101. this is just north of the 880 interchange near brokaw road. sounds like at least two lanes blocked, maybe three. motorcycle is down in lane one and i think we have lanes three or four possibly blocked as well. down to the 280/680 split, i would take northbound 280 to 87. that will save you about are 15 minutes. you can use 680 for an alternate as well. next update at about 6:40. a man suspected of being the golden state killer is finally in police custody after decades. and this is the suspect and we have now learned that 72-year-old joseph james deangelo will be arraigned on charges tomorrow. deangelo was a former police officer who worked vie sail yeah
6:32 am
and in auburn. he was arrested at his sacramento home yesterday after dna linked him to a pair of murders. supposedly responsible for at least a dozen murders, upwards of 50 rapes and more than 100 burglaries in the 1970s and 1980s. the crime spree started in sacramento, moved to the bay area and to southern california. a family member of his last known victim spoke out on "good morning america" just moments ago. listen to her relief at the news. >> it's surreal. it's unbelievable. i am so thankful this journey is finally over and i can rest. i can go to bed at night and rest easier knowing he's in jail and he'll never walk free again. >> deangelo only became a suspect a few days ago. for decades police had little to go on, mainly because his crimes occurred before dvgsna evidence was used to solve crime.
6:33 am
very few people got a look at his face. he was also known as the east area rapist, vie sayer yeah ransacker and the original night stalker. police linked all the crimes to the same person. prosecutors promise more charges for deangelo in the coming days. >> police say the golden state killer made phone calls to victims, some before and some after his attacks. a phone wiretap caught a chilling call to one of those victims. some of the sounds are muffled but you can clearly hear the word "kill" from this call in 1978. i do have to warn you, it may be disturbing to some. >> i'm gonna kill you. i'm gonna kill you. i'm gonna kill you. >> police in the sacramento area also received a call from a man claiming he was the killer. the caller taunted the officer who answered and bragged he would never be caught.
6:34 am
>> deangelo's neighbors say he was quirky and had a temper, but they never suspected he could be a possible killer. he lived in the sacramento suburb of citrus heights for 30 years. neighbors say he shared a home with his daughter and granddaughter. >> i remember my mother and grandmother being terrified, and my dad. it was literally just terrify g terrifying. >> i can't believe he's been that close for that long. this is always a calm and quiet family friendly area. >> the sacramento county sheriff says when deputies arrested him at his home, he told them he had a roast in the oechb. if you'd like to learn more about the golden state killer, we've compiled a timeline. go to we also have it on the abc 7 news app. happening today. the large apartment complex that went up in flames in concord is set to be demolished this morning. >> hundreds who live near are still evacuated. several major streets are
6:35 am
closed. abc 7's amy hollyfield is live in concord. >> reporter: let me show you why. look at this flare-up we're watching. this thing is still burning. this is on the side facing the apartment building where the evacuation order has been issued. this is why. this is what they're worried about. firefighters have not been able to go in there and fully put this fire out. so demolition today will enable them to get to the smoldering spots and put it out for god. investigators also haven't been able to get inside and look for the cause of the fire. they're too worried about the building collapsing. that's why they're not letting people in. that's also why they still have that's evacuation order in place for the apartment building next door and adjacent streets are shut down. one restaurant owner is hoping the restrictions will be lifted soon. >> i have no idea how long we'll be closed for. i think it's going to be affecting us for the next two or three days. hopefully we'll be o the weekend.
6:36 am
they can come in and have a good margarita and forget about the fire. >> reporter: this was an apartment complex that was under construction. it caught fire tuesday morning. the call came in just before 1:00 a.m. the building is a total loss. they don't know whether it was set by someone or if it was an accident. federal agents from the atf are here. they'll help local investigators find the cause. they say the first priority is getting the evacuees home. demolition work is set to start at 8:00 this morning. then officials say they hope to be able to make a decision on when those residents can move back home. reporting live in concord, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you, amy. b.a.r.t. says service at the har ward station will be back to normal after a man shot at a police officer. police say they were investigating a different shooting when a man shot at a hayward officer near the station. riders experienced major delays as police investigated the incident. nobody got hurt and police did arrest one person. the woman who accused 49ers
6:37 am
linebacker reuben foster of beating her now says she lied about it. prosecutors filed domestic violence charges against foster two weeks ago. his former girlfriend, alyssa ennis, now claim her injuries were caused by a fight with another woman. foster tried to end the relationship after he learned about the fight. it goes on to say, quote, she was extremely upset and told him if he broke up with her, she would trash his career. epa chief scott pruitt will be in the hot seat. two congressional committees are set to question him about the spending and ethics scanneding surrounding him. pruitt is facing criticism about his costly first class travel, high priced salary hikes and the install lakes of a soundproof phone booth in his office. president trump continues to stand by him. both republican and democratic lawmakers have called for new investigations into the epa choef's actions. you're never more than seven
6:38 am
minutes away from my accuweather forecast. in the south bay we go from 50 in los altos hills to 55 in saratoga, san jose. cooler weather around los gatos and morgan hill. mid to upper 40s there. that's kind of the deposition. most of us in the low to mid 50s this morning. 47 in napa and bodega bay. shear a look at the golden gate bridge. the cloud deck is higher, the marine layer has expanded to 2,000 feet. don't look for much fog. notice the flag blowing towards the land once again. that's why it's going to be cooler today. roads, sunshine today, nothing gusty on the water. cool this morning but mild if you're waiting at mass transit stops. let's take a look at our kids, get them ready for school. low 50s at 7:00. 53 to 60 at 11:00. pour the peninsula today, 54 at 8:00 with cloud cover. sunshine at noon, reaching 59 degrees and reaching low 60s
6:39 am
during the afternoon hours. for the north bay, 49 and cloudy conditions. sun breaks through at 53 at 10:00. total sunshine in the afternoon. low to mid 60s. we have a chance of drizzle tomorrow morning and sprinkles. you and i will be keeping an eye on the roads. probably not too wet. definitely not as dry as this morning. notice you've been looking at the south bay. >> a couple issues happening in the south bay right now. let's head back to our traffic alert. this is motorcycle crash on northbound 101 just past 280 near brokaw road. looks like the actual crash scene is just beyond the view of this camera. they're working on clearing it right now. i got an update the motorcycle rider involved in this was transported with minor injuries thankfully. sounds like the person will be okay. we have a solid backup. i'll flip over to traffic maps and show you what that looks like. that's beyond the 280/680 merge. there's the crash location
6:40 am
there. northbound 280 to northbound 87 will save you about 15, 20 minutes. we also have a new problem from the lexington hills area. coming up northbound 17 near santa cruz avenue, a crash blocking both lanes. looks like they're close to getting that moved off to the side. sveral miles of heavy traffic. next traffic update in about ten minutes. take a look at this. our south beach camera captured a dance party going on last night. on tuesday night it projected images of people walking on the sidewalk below. the company taking full advantage of the brand new l.e.d. board on top of that tower. new details emerging about san jose's tiny homes. the mercury news reports the residents will be single adults who are working or have a strong work history. in addition, every resident must have a plan for moving out and into permanent supportive housing. people with housing subsidies will have priority. home first, the organization the city chose to run the pilot program will offer residents resume building and conflict
6:41 am
resolution skills. officials say a final decision on a location for the program will come later this summer. new this morning, a just-released poll shows lieutenant governor gavin newsom is solidifying support in his race for governor. his chdemocratic challenger is falling behind. kn now in second and third place, republicans. businessman john cox with 18% support. assemblyman travis allen with 16%. former l.a. marianne tonio vi e villaraigosa with 9%. one woman is fighting back after her daughter's school banned the phrase best friend. did they go too far? here at the live desk tracking the stock market this morning. facebook announcing a major increase in revenue after the closing bell yesterday. investors are reacting guys. i'll have an update shortly.
6:42 am
♪ >> not your typical church service. hundreds o
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6:44 am
. a couple of things caught my eye when i was making this forecast. 30-degree spread from los angeles to palm springs, 69 to
6:45 am
99. 86 in fresno. yeah, the chance of thunderstorms, slight chance of hail and lightning across the see area today, all the way up towards mt. shasta. there you can see it showing up in that shaded area of green. here is a look at tahoe where we have the thunderstorm today. lesser chance tomorrow. then we'll throw in some snow. let's make it fun saturday and sunday. back to our coverage of the golden state killer. for decades a santa cruz woman wondered who killed her father and stepmother. >> she figured police would never figure out who he was. 38 years later xi has the answer she never thought she'd hear. abc news reporter matt keller joins us from our south bay bureau with what she wants that suspected killer to do now. >> reporter: good morning. the murders of her father and stepmother took place in 1980. now she wants a confession. >> save us all a bunch of money and agony and drama, and then i would like him to be in general population where he has to live every moment of his life in
6:46 am
terror. >> reporter: jennifer carroll was loam in santa cruz when she learned the accused golden state killer had been arrested. she grew up not far from where her dad and stepmother were murdered in 1980. eventually carroll learned they were pluj onned to death with a log from a stack of fire wood otside their home. 20 years later in the year 2000 investigators told her they linked the murder to the golden state killer. carroll says if there's a trial, she's ready to testify. live in the south bay newsroom, matt keller, abc 7 news. happening today, jurors rors in bill cosby's sexual assault retrial will review the testimony of a star defense witness who cast doubt on the accuser's credibility, saying she once spoke of framing a prominent person to score a big payday. the jury deliberated for ten hours yesterday.
6:47 am
>> court dongments reveal a union city woman confessed to shooting her husband 18 times because he treated her badly and she couldn't stand it anymore. prosecutors formally charged with 56-year-old sarah share gentlemen with murder yesterday. they say they found her husband soren laying face down on the bed on sunday night. she said her husband pushed and kicked her and threw her against the wall. she was in the home when police got there. she's expected back in court next week. your morning money report. subway closing 500 stores across america. >> the company plans to win customers back by revamping remaining restaurants. they'll be adding more comfortable seating, kiosks for ordering wi-fi and usb charging points. it also announced a rewards program last month. nissan teaming up with pg&e to get more people in electric
6:48 am
cars. pg&e customers who buy the 2018 nissan leaf can get a $3,000 discount, that's in addition to the $10,000 in state and federal tax credits. the nissan leaf starts at under $30,000, which means you could potentially get one for about $17,000. i do want to jump in here in our morning money report. facebook releasing their latest quarterly earnings report late yesterday. despite the cambridge analytical scandal, user numbers were up. look at this. the stock up more than 8% this morning at 172 points. facebook on the nasdaq, i can tell you the dow is up this morning as well. other big companies to watch today are american airlines, general motors as well as amazon. they're expected to release their earnings sometime today. >> we'll be watching. thanks, jessica. a surprising controversy out of massachusetts. a mother is outraged after
6:49 am
teachers told her child she could not use the term best friend. she claims that rule is nowhere in the preschool handbook. the school sent a letter justifying the actions. they said the term best friend can lead to other children feeling excluded which can lead to the formation of clicks and outsiders. >> it's focusing on a word, not the behavior. it's in the behavior where our kids really have the potential to change. the most important thing is to teach inclusive behaviors, to teach healthy friendship behaviors. >> the family says they're now looking for a new school for their daughter. hundreds of people packed grace cathedral in san francisco. it was not your typical service. they were worshipping to the music of beyonce. ♪ i'm a survivor >> and lots of happiness. it looked and sounded more like
6:50 am
a concert than a church during a first-of-its-kind beyonce mass. people lined up outside an hour before it started. the public invite on facebook went viral. 750 people showed up. >> it was amazing. it was one of the best spiritual experiences i've ever had. >> it was fun. it was up lifting. it was also really rejuvenating. >> i use beyonce as a central figure to have these conversations about the realities that black women face. >> one of the reverends there says nothing is officially scheduled yet, but this will not be their last beyonce mass. >> so popular. >> it's been somewhat controversial, too. some people not sure if this is the right thing to do. when is the last time you saw this much coverage and that many people waiting in line to go to church. >> a smart tactics. >> they're not worshipping beyonce, just using her as a guide. >> only to get into the message. >> right. thank you. here is a message for you. who do you think has had more tornadoes this year?
6:51 am
us or oklahoma? >> i would think oklahoma. >> it's a trick question. we've had five in california. they've had known in oklahoma. today is the latest date they evidence ever gone without a tornado in oklahoma. another forecasted for today. that cool spring that they've been dealing with in tornado alley continues. it's a good thing. they're down about a third of the amount of tornadoes they usually get. back here at home we've got cloud cover, 280 and 17 in san jose. dry out there. sea breeze, winds out again. clouds come back. patchy drizzle possible near the coast and sprinkles after that before a warping trend. here is our low pressure. it's moving north for now. but then will start moving east soon. as it does, it deep pens that marine layer. today, temperatures close to average in the south bay from 69 in milling pete tas. mid 70s in morgan hill and
6:52 am
gilroy. mid to upper 60s for most of the peninsula. millbrae 63 degrees. notice the mid to upper 50s and the clouds being stubborn along the coast to near 60 in downtown san francisco. 63 in sausalito. mid to upper 70 s when you head into the deeper parts of the north bay. as you head inland, san ramon valley in the upper 60s. low to mid 70s along highway 4. green near the coast, that's some of the drizzle possible. light rain possible across the north bay tomorrow evening and more drizzle for saturday morning. but sunday will be completely dry and warmer starting monday. >> traffic alert northbound 101 near 880. a crash involving a motorcycle. just one lane blocked. traffic is moving a bit better. you're backed up to the 280/680 meshlg. a lot of folks using 87 for an
6:53 am
alternate. northbound 17 near santa cruz avenue, we have a crash blocking two lanes. it sounded like the right shoulder was getting by. that is at least a 30-minute delay. b.a.r.t., ten minute delay on the pittsburg bay point line in the sfo direction due to police activity. that e. coli outbreak involving romaine lettuce continues to get worse. the centers for disease control says at least another 31 cases are believed to be tied to tainted romaine grown in yuma, arizona. the people range in age from 1 to 88. more than half are female. 84 people have been made sick in 19 different states. 13 of them in california. the search for the exact source of the e. coli is still on going. happening today, san francisco's planning commission is scheduled to hear public comment and vote on proposal for one of whole food's more slipped down stores. whole foods applied to transform the lombardi sports store into the bay area's first 365 by
6:54 am
whole foods. the commission has received 139 letters of support from residents in the neighborhood and 30 letters of opposition. happening today, the inaugural exhibition of the brand new free global museum at san francisco state is opening. >> it's called going global, from san francisco to the world. it showcases material culture from five continents. >> they range in age from ancient to contemporary. we have pieces in ancient egypt that are 4,000 years old, pieces from brazil in the 1970s that speak to contemporary rain forest activism. we use these pieces to highlight connections between our common humanity. >> the free exhibition runs through may. coming up next, the 7 things you need to know before you go. >> follow us at abc 7 news bay area, and you can see a lot more great photos like these.
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6:57. if you're just joining us and heading out the door, here are the 7 things you need to know before you go. number one, the ex-cop accused of being the golden state killer
6:58 am
scheduled to make his first court appearance tomorrow. joseph james deangelo was arrested yesterday. a santa cruz woman who is the daughter of one of the murder victims wants the suspected killer to confess. jennifer carroll was only 18 when her father and stepmother were killed. she says if there a trial, she's ready to testify. number three, a live look from concord where the fire at an apartment building under construction is still smoldering. you can see the smoke more than 48 hours after it started on galindo street. number four, president trump's choice to lead the department of veterans affairs is withdrawing his name from consideration. in a statement released this morning, dr. ronny jackson says allegations he gave out percocet without a prescription and wrecked a government car are false. number five, starting with cloud cover but expect sunshine and a quiet afternoon. cooler, 50s at the coast. mainly 60s for the rest of us. number six, we've been tracking this for about 45
6:59 am
minutes. northbound 101, a crash involving a motorcycle near brokaw. down to just one lane blocked now, but we've got backups south of the 280/680 merge and residual delays, down to nine miles an hour. number seven, it's national pretzel day. that means free perez aunty ann's is giving away free pretzels. >> even the ones with sugar and cinnamon on top? >> especially those. >> cheese or mustard? anybody. >> both. >> i'll tell you this. when i'm very tired and hungry after work, which is 80% of the time, i'll take myself down to the aunty ann's at the mall and get pretzel bites, get them without sauce and have them make them fresh for me. >> that's the secret. >> it's time for me to get quiet and eat pretzels. >> back here in 25 minutes with
7:00 am
an abc 7 update. >> too much information? >> gm good morning, america. the huge break in one of the most notorious serial killer cases ever. police saying they caught the golden state killer, a former cop accused of terrorizing california for decades. at least 12 murders and dozens of sexual assaults. >> we found the needle in the haystack. and it was right here in sacramento. >> how investigators say they finally cracked the case. the d.a. and the family of one of the victims right here on "gma." breaking news president's nominee to lead the v.a. ronny jackson withdrawing from the nomination after explosive allegations about his conduct in workplace. the exclusive first look. the menendez brothers reuniting behind bars for the first time


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