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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  April 27, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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mentioned where he faces charges. but today it was sacramento county's turn. two counts of murder with special circumstances which could make him eligible for the death penalty. we don't know that yet because he has not been charged that way. he also did not enter a plea. but i can tell you the courtroom was packed with a lot of attention that sacramento is not used to getting. >> joseph james deangelo. >> the 72-year-old expolice officer was in a wheelchair when deputies rolled limb in. he looked frail and elderly and spoke in a soft raspy voice we strained to hear. >> joseph james deangelo your true and correct legal name? >> yes. >> i'm sorry? >> yeah. >> yeah. >> deangelo is officially charged with two counts much murdering a sacramento county couple in 1978. he is also suspected of ten more murders as the golden state killer and 50 rapes as the east area rapist. the crime spanned a decade from the mid-70s to the mid-80s and went unsolved for 40 years.
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diane hill of rancho dovd o and daughter kelly came to the courthouse today in hopes of getting a look at the suspect. >> he is a horrific horrific man and he needed to be caught. and we didn't ever imagine that we would see this happen. >> not that we believed we were in danger at at all times. but it felt like people could finally put that to rest. >> deangelo is represented by attorney diane howard with the county public defender office. she is asking people not to rush to judgment. >> we have the law that suggests that he is innocent until theyproof him guilty. that's what i was going to ask everybody to remember. because i feel like he has been tried in the press here already. >> reporter: miss howard is already complaining about the access she had to her client in an improfrpt u news conference. she said on several visits to the jail she was denied access, had to get a court order and even then she had trouble getting in to see her client to interrupt the questioning he was
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undergoing by the sheriffs department. she says there is thousands of pages of evidence she must go through. and she is not sure when a plea will be entered. and it could be many months before a trial would begin. live in sacramento, eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> thank you. the mother of brian majuri says she stunned that a suspect in her son's murder more than four decades ago is now in custody. >> after all these years i was thinking, my god wsh i got to find out before i go. and i can tell them when i get there who it was. >> lorta of fresno did not want to appear and camera. she says she spent the last 44 years wondering about the life her son would have had. she learned of the arrest of joseph deangelo on wednesday and calls it a relief. saying she had given up hope years ago. kenneth smith feels let same with i. his sister was married to brian and the two were shot and killed
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together. >> i believed it would never come. it's been 40 years since kate and brian. i felt the person was probably dead. there is no way he could be here. >> we also earn learned that investigators tried to hunt down the golden state killer used information from again etic websites a year ago and misidentified an elderly organ man. vrgs in clackamas county ordered it that 73-year-old to provide a dna sample. he share as rare again etic marker with the suspected killer. but now they believe they have arrested the right man. >> the contra costa county cold case investigator spending the last -- tells abc 7 news that he is 100 pergs certain that they got the right guy. paul holz was on the cover of a magazine two months ago in the feature on the relentless adjourny to track down the elusive serial killer.
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>> reporter: abc 7 news caught up with the investigator who retired after 27 years in the crime lab and d.a. office. he told us the day before he turned in the fireman he drove to the home in citrus height. the narrowed down list to a few names. >> i considered knocking on on his door. just talk to him get a quick interview ask if he would give a consent dna sample and say thank you very much. >> but he chose to drive away. he says he is glad he did. because a month later authorities arrested deangelo based on dna they say matched the killer. holz says it's gratifies. >> i always had the vision if i solved it i bastically what i say gift wrap this guy and pass him on to the agency that is could prosecute. and to see him sit in the interview room utterly competed, that was a very good feeling. >> he says he still has a million questions. how did the select his victims.
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>> what was the weirdest thing he took from the victim homes? and if it was deangelo how was he able to be a police officer while committing the crimes? but it's now up to someone else to get the answers. now if you would like to learn more about the godlien state killer we post-ed several stories on the abc 7 news reporters on the stories during the scarey time when he was terrorizing quiet communities. head to and the news app to watch the full stories. well, they've waited four long days but residents of a cong cord apartment complex with finally being allowed back inside following the huge construction fire next door. aff investigators are working to try to determine the cause of the fire. abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez live in cong concord. >> they are back in, larry. residents of the building next to the fire which occurred tuesday morning, the renaissance square received an email this afternoon saying that they were going to be allowed back inside
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beginning added 3:00 this afternoon. meanwhile, we -- it will be days perhaps weeks before the atf determines what caused that fire. >> i've been evacuated since 1:00 for probably about five days. >> tuesday morning. >> tuesday morning, yeah it's been a blur. >> kyle mcclay was desperate to get back into his unit. one of 180 vacanted because of the massive fire. the construction fire next to them threatened their apartment complex located on galened o street. for days crews had to deal with smoldering fires and the threat of an unstable structure. >> we have made progress in in suppressing the hot spots, extinguishing the remaining fire, eliminating collapse hazards. >> because of the extent of the fire, investigators from the bureau rf alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives were called in. 20 of them are here to try to determine how it started and if arson was involved.
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>> to include video evidence, eye witness testimony, we'll also utilize accelerant detection k-9s where if a liquid was used that will happy. >> that was phase two of the projects. none of the buildings had walls or sprinkler system. it was supposed to open in the fall. mcclay who had been living in a hotel room had something to look forward to. >> i have four dodger tickets behind home plate on my fridge. fingers krs i can get in there today added 2:00 the rumor is and good back to the normal routine. >> well, i haven't seen kyle since this morning. but he should know that it's all good to go. he can go get the tickets. and kyle if you are watching me go get them right now. and by the way, go giants, right. live in concord action lyanne. >> giants, dodger at&t park. thank you. bills to protect the rights
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fundamental north bay wildfire victims moving through the stated senate. one guaranteeing up to three years of coverage for living expenses and require insurance companies to renew policies up to two years following a disaster. another would make it easier for sured victims to recover losses. lasted year's fires triggered about $10 billion in insurance claims in the north bay. >> announcer: now the accuweather forecasts with spencer christian. the weather remains unusual for late, late april. a little gray in spots. chilly, breezy. new we may have some sprinkles on the which. here a look at live doppler 7. there is a storm the weather maker. off the pacific northwest coast, producing rain around around eureka. the sticker las vegas is generating a flow of cool marine air and moistures towards the bay area. here is the forecasts animation. overnight see see clouds thickening and spotty sprinkle arrive overnight into the early morning hours. this will be the pickart at 7:00
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tomorrow morning. 9:00 tomorrow morning, the showers if they materialize will be even more widespread. later in the day they taper off a bit. but it hasn't ended yet. i'll give you a look at the seven days ahead in a few minute kristen. >> thank you. well one of the main alternate routes between santa clara and santa cruz counties remains closed 22 hours after a car crash. a neighbor snapped this picture of an suv that crashed into a power pole on old san jose road. outside of socal around 6:00 last night. we're told the driver was able to walk away. however, the vehicle severed one power pole and knocked down two others, leaving 4,600 customers without power for several hours. craws effect $expect to have the road reopened this evening. the golden gate bridge district board of director he is designed the new toll gantry. directors say this style chosen mirrors the curved bend of the lighting of the bridge. the gantry will be put next to
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the existing toll plaza. the toll booth also not removed yet but could be in the future. another traffic note. don't worry if you see people suspended from the towers fundamental bridge next we can. engineers are scheduled to inspect the bridge's tours on monday morning. you'll see people strapped in with ropes and pulleys, sky 7 shows the scaffolding in place ahead of monday's work to try to protect pedestrians. the golden gate bridge zrikt says it will look at every rivet and every seam to determine what needs to be done to keep the bridge strong. okay. will steph curry be ready for tomorrow's game? >> going to be back actually playing basketball. doing basketball things. >> he seems willing. but is he able in the latest on his status. plus life after mash. it's been 45 years since the hit tv show. one of the stars actress lorta swit joining us. >> michael finney taking your questions on twitter and
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facebook post-them with the hashtag ask finney. he'll answer the questions live later. >> there is no question about traffic right now in downtown san francisco. it is grid lock as we gaze upon the skyway. on coming traffic to the lower deck to the bay bridge heading to the east bay. it's a crawl on the right-hand side for folks heading toward
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we need to help more tocalifornians get ahead.d, that's why antonio villaraigosa brought both parties together to balance the state budget with record investments in public schools... and new career training programs. as mayor of la, he brought police and residents together to get illegal guns off the streets and keep kids out of gangs, and on the right path. that's antonio villaraigosa. a governor for all of california.
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it's been five weeks since steph curry played for the warriors. well fans,s whole time, they're hoping he'll be ready for tomorrow's second right now opener against new orleans. >> i have a good feeling about this. as abc 7's laura anthony reports
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it could go either way. >> it's good to be actually back playing basketball and doing basketball things. >> he is close but is he close enough? well steph curry as rehabilitation has been behind closed doors or a big screen, the man reports he is getting closer to getting back in the game. >> still to be determined. >> but will it be in time for saturday's first game of the second round of the playoffs against new orleans? >> i love playing basketball. that's what i love to do. and it sucks when you're not able to do that. and so part of it is like the adrenalin rush and excitement and anxiousness of inching closer to getting back on the floor. >> yur gets away. >> for his part the head coach says it's a decision that says it's a decision that won't be rushed as curry is is getting increasingly anxious to get back on the floor with his teammates. >> the first time he scrimmaged in six weeks. five weeks, whatever it is. so it's not as simple as he feels good throw him out there.
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it's more about give him a few days, see how he responds. >> kerr confirmed that curry participated in the first five on five drill in the second full practice. teammate and fellow superstar kevin durant likes what he has seen so far. >> his energy, kient of lights up the whole team. and he had fresh legs today. that inspired everybody out there. we had a great practice and having him out there the last few days, i know it's been great for him mentally but great to see him progress. >> in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. all right curry looks good and he has agreed with estimates that the chances are 50/50 right now that he will be ready to play tomorrow night. >> coach kerr says that decision likely won't be made before game time where they have to check and see how does his knee respond tonight and tomorrow to a rig rouse five on five practice. if there is no swelling, no pain you have to figure he is going to play. how much. >> we hope so because the
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pelicans are looking good. >> they are a good team. they will be a formidable opponent. the playing surface at levi stadium looks dramatically dirpt. the roaring sound is from the field, not the stands. monsters jam has taken over the home of the 49ers. the 10,000 pound trucks will be kicking up dust and fliing through the air tomorrow nont apartment 7:30. tony minimums is the driver of max d gave us the exclusive demo. >> 100% the coolest job ever. i've had this job the last 25 years and the last 25 years i haven't been to work one day. it's been a dream come true. >> that is a good job. that's very cool job. he says he has been a fan since he was a little kid. can you check them out the tomorrow night at 7:30. the san jose police department reached a milestone with more women than ever
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joining the force. as part of the recent class of academy graduates. our reporter chris wynn was there as they marked the occasion. >> reporter: sworn to serve and protect the city of san jose. after six months of training academy class 31 beams with pride as their badges are presented. newly promoted officer natalie alive o worked in the tech industry before making a change. >> i really want add fulfillment in my life and a purpose to follow in the footsteps of my little brother in the navy. >> of the 47 graduates pb nine people making the higherest number of women to be sworn fl at the same time. lieutenant heather randall serve as the recruiting unit and says the department has taken a progressive approach to attract potential candidates. >> sending them out to the community especially in a crisis situation where a victim may feel more comfortable talking to a woman. we can provide the extra layer of service. >> san jose police appear on the
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rise after a decade of stafrg challenges. the department is authorized to have 1109 officers within the ranks. this uncles as well as the one graduating in the fall brings to 1035. up from the 30-year low in 2016. police chief eddy garsy says this is just the start of better things to come. >> the diversity of the class is fantastic, the fact we have nine women is fantastic. just -- it's something that we shall be all very proud of and the residents of city should be proud as well. >> friends, family and now colleagues all coming together to wish these officers well. >> words cannot even describe the feeling. i haven't -- it's been a long six months. >> in san jose, chris wynn, abc 7 news. there are 5 a members in the department's academy class 32. they are expected to graduate later this fall and among them a 60-year-old recruit. >> wow! an oakland police officer presented a family with a van
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donated by a tow yard. the department posted video on twitter. ira anderson plett the family last year that became homeless and the car wrecked in an accident. anderson went to auto plus tows to see if he could buy a van for the family. the tow yard owner said he would fix the car up pay the registration fees and give it for free what a fantastic story. >> great story. >> taking protect and serve a whole another level. >> right. a little cooler right now. quite a bit cooler 10 to 20 degrees cooler than you would expect this time of year. but things warm up. next we can. really. next we can. a look at live doppler 7. quite a few clouds. but bright spots as well. clouds increase during the evening hours because we have in storm offshore that has been our weather maker for a couple of days now. you can see the circulation around the storm pushing clouds now in our direction. and cool marine air accounts for
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the temperatures being below average. that has produced breezy conditions especially along the coast and up to the north quite a bit of rainfall and even thunderstorms. we're not getting thunderstorms likely but we might get sprinkles as it gets closer. right now just puffy clouds floating through the bay area sky. this is the view from sutro tower looking over san francisco where it is 63. and 63 in oakland round. 69 at mountain view and san jose 65 np gilroy. 59 at half month moon bay. the east bay hills camera looking out in sort of an eastward direction. looks like temperature readings are 64 at santa ross napa appear novato. concord at 68. and this is a few from mount tamm becoming partially obscured by the approaching clouds. the spottedy showers arrive overnight. not every location will see sprinkles from this system. slight chance of sprinkes or light showers lingering into sunday and then we'll have the cooler than average pattern
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through the weekend. as i mentioned we have a bit of a warm-up next we can. low temperatures in the upper 40s to 50s. and tomorrow we see highs under breezy conditions once again ranging from mid-and upper 50s at the coast to mid-60s mainly around the bay and in mid-60s for the inland areas as well. now, let's do a little forecast animation starting at 9:00 tonight. notice how clouds thicken. and we'll see areas of the scattered showers or sprinkles pop up during the overnight hours and by 7:00 tomorrow morning as the sunrises it will be damp in spots. 9:00 tomorrow morning still a little bit damp. . but the latter part of day we see the clouds thin out. the sprinkles taper off. but late tomorrow night into sunday morning we might see a surge of again spotty sprinkles, light scattered showers, not any widespread rainfall is likely. however, rainfall totals as our computer model project right now
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may reach over .1 of an nirng hayward and fremont. but most locations about .02. . may upper back up to .2 of an inch in santa rosa. the accuweather seven-day forecast. let's look at the warm-up beginning monday. it's grad equal but midweek high temperatures back in the mid-70s inland, low 70s around the bay and by the end of the week we might see 80 degrees, which is nice to see given the chill we've had lately. >> right. more typical. >> yes. >> even warmer. >> you're right. a new way to help keep calm during finals week. it's all about lambas. we'll show you wlas going on. days after the
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britain's new prince has a name. the royal palace announced the name is louis arthur charles
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windsor. louis was born monday, the third child much duke and duchess of cambridge. he is fifth in line for the thrown after his grand faert and older siblings. there are a lot of questions about how to pronounce the baby's name from hello, canada here to the sun and siren tabloids are giving royal watchers on how to say louis. like. >> like the song. >> of course the big royal story, the royal wedding of prince harry and meghan markle. there will be a special edition of good morning america on saturday, may 19th starting at 2:00 a.m. set your alarm clock. robin roberts and david muir will anchor live from windsor. >> some celebrities were drawing a crowd at berkeley today. students packed the memorial six
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llama as roamed the grass for the hugs and selves. the llama festivities have been a tradition. and the animals have a special tal zbleent ner really -- when people are around them they're instantly drawn to them and they just smile and feel the sense of happiness that's unlike any other animal. >> oh. >> you can see llamas smilg did you pick up that. >> thear the animal for the event. kristen did not have them at cal. >> that's why i was so stressed. >> toughing it out on your own. student handlers train in the hills and they make sure the animal don't get too stressed while did he stressing crowds. >> the korean peninsula. >> things have changed radically dpr a few months ago. >> will the deal hold? the latest on the summit between south and north korea. >> more fallout from the cosby
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>> announcer: live, where you live. this is abc 7 news. and here are the stories making headlines at 40. the man suspected of being the golden state killer appeared in court the first time today. police believe joseph deangelo killed 12 people and raped nearly 50 women back in '70s and
4:30 pm
'80s. investigators compared dna from a crime scene to profiles on genology websites to zero in on deangelo. melanie woodrow reports that the genology websites offer funts for investigators and concerns for people she will have more on that at 4:00. the world news targeted the environmental protection agency expanded the investigation into scott pruitt. accused of unethical spending ohhen travel and office remodel willing. any will also review the lichaj arrangement allowing limb to stay in a condo for own $50 a night. today president trump praised north and south korea for historic overseas summit. the nation's agreed to denuclearize the peninsula and later this year will informal end the war that began a half century ago. will that deal hold. southeasterna marshal with the latest from washington.
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>> reporter: an optimistic president trump. >> things have changed radically from a few months ago. you know the name calling and a lot of other things. >> hopeful the deal made between the two koreas will mean big changes for the world. the overnight 12-hour summit started with a single handshake. and then a step. kim jong un becoming the first leader of are his nation to enter the south. and while the meeting was big on symbolism and ended with a remarkable joint agreement to reach a peace treaty by the end of the year that would bring a formal end to the korean war, denuclearize the korean peninsula and increase economic and cultural ties. it's not the first time the two agreed to such progress. they struck a similar deal to try and end the war in 1991. and it was just over a decade ago in 2005 that five other countries, including the u.s. and south korea struck a deal with pyongyang to end their nuclear efforts for aid. but just a year later they
4:32 pm
tested the first nuclear weapon zbloon there's been such a tortured experience of trying to work with north korea. but this is a strong start. >> but president trump promised in time will be different. >> the united states has been played beautifully, like a fiddle, because you had a different kind of a leader. we're not going to be played. okay. we're going to hopefully make a deal. if we don't that's fine. >> the president also praised president xi for the maximum pressure campaign. but he said thaeld continue until the agreement. he said they narrowed the site for the summit to two locations. president trump welcomele angela merkel to the whousz today. mr. trump personally greeted her at her limousine when she arrived for the short visit. the two leaders spent 30 minutes in the oval office discussing various topics from korea to trade to the iran nuclear deal. a topic mr. trump addressed during a joint news conference that followed their working lunch. i don't talk about whether
4:33 pm
or not i'd use military force. it's not appropriate to be talking about. but i can tell you this, they will not be doing nuclear weapons. that i can tell you. >> merkel supports the iran nuclear deal. but admitted today that it's anthing but perfect. she says it will be up to mr. trump to determine whether the u.s. will ultimately exit out on this before the may 12th deadline. former president george h.w. bush will stay in the hospital a little bit longer. a family spokesman says he is in excellent spirits but will be staying at houston methodist hospital through the weekend. the 93-year-old former president was admitted last sunday one day after the funeral for his wife and former first lady barbara bush. he is being treat for an infection that spread to his blood. florida school shooter niklas cruz appeared in court and waived the right to speedy trial. he said nothing during the brief hearing in ft. lauderdale. charged with 117 counts of premeditated murder and 17
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counts of murder for the massacre at marjory stoneman douglas high school. a judge entered a not guilty plea on his behalf during a hearing last month. no trial has been set. new developments one day after bill cosby was convicted of drugging and molesting a woman. a jo ordered the 80-year-old comedian to undergo a skauly violent predator assessment. he must remain in his home and wear a maurnt until sentencing. he could face a maximum prison sentence of 30 years. also today cosby's alma mater temple university revoked an honor rather degree. tom brokaw is denying sexual misconduct accusations by linda vester. vester told the "washington post" and innovator that brokaw tried to kiss a her and while attempting a affair in the 90s. brokaw defied the incidents
4:35 pm
calling the allegation as drive by shooting. you have seen the headlines about the actress recruiting women into a group called nexium. alisyn mac who you see for the group was a star on the cw series smallville about superman as a kid. the man in the video with keith ranieri, the leader of nexium. both facing federal sex trafficking charges. tonight on 2020 they talk about women forced to have sex with the group's leader and even branded. elizabeth talked with abc 7 morning anchor reggie aqui. >> is this group still active even with its leader facing these serious charges? >> their leader behind bars, yes facing life in prison, yes, the group is still active according to members who have -- former members who have contacts with others in the group. it is being led you know in the interim by his second in command
4:36 pm
which is a woman. >> tonight hear from parents whose kids are no longer speaking with them because of their involvement with nexium. you can see 2020 tonight at 10:00 right on abc 7 followed which abc 7 news at 11:00. facebook gives parents one more tool to keep an oh eyen oh online activities. >> plus 45 years after the premiere of m.a.s.h. one of the as far as is going stron. the secrets for success and a long life. i'm spencer christian .clouds are here. the chill is here as well. can the sprinkles be far behind? i'll
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the hit series m.a.s.h. is celebrating its 45th anniversary the tv season. it debuted back in september of 1972. one of the stars fundamental show so happy to have her with pus us. loretta swit starred at hot lips howl hand thank you for joining us. >> i do have a lot to talk about. i warned him once he said what are you up to just let me talk. >> yes. >> i have a beautiful art book that's available on my website which is swit >> okay. >> it's kind of a play on my word. >> a swit hearts. >> you got it. >> nothing gets by you. i've seen that. >> we've only known each other about three minutes. but i pick up things fast. go ahead. >> but why i'm here is more important for the new living
4:40 pm
expo. >> sure. >> which is very exciting. because something that's going to teach us a better and healthier way to live. and i'm here to tout one product my friend maggie jones came up. called knew sculpt. it's wonderful for anyone who has a spa. what a lot of don't realize is how we need to be hydrated. this reacts on the skin and hydrates the largest organ our skin. and it has the wonderful side effects. it cures insomnia. >> really. >> it helps you sleep, relaxes. detenses you. >> can i get about a gallon of it. >> you have to get a session done. it's a wrap. >> all right. >> it's called nutrient body
4:41 pm
sculpt. there is a lot of sculpting things, the wraps, the europeans have been doing this for years. but this is different. you will lose -- if you do 12 sessions some women lost two body sizes, two dress sizes. i don't think that's like primary. it's sort of a wonderful side effect. but the other thing that it does is just absolutely wonderful. but what i'm really excited about is she just launched a new product and it's for animal, for pets. it's toppingle they don't get wrapped. >> okay. >> it's for the older guys and girls limping around. and their joint pains and so forth. i'm very excited about. because you know that's my other career. my art book is all about animals and all the proceeds goes into my charity, swit heart animal alliance. >> nice. >> i'm interested in helping
4:42 pm
people helping their pets, helping their body. >> can i ask a m.a.s.h. question. >> quick. >> okay. who is doing this interview anyway? are you surprised. >> i love. >> you 45 years later it's so popular. >> i'm not surprised it's popular. i'm surprised it's 45 years. so unbelievable. but, no, people love us. they were like family to them and they're like family to us. the audience became our family. you know, we were great baby sitters. this is generations of leaving their kids to watch m.a.s.h. because they could trust us. we weren't giving them the wrong anything. >> right the wrong message. >> right. >> all right one more plug for the new living expo. >> new living expo. >> yes, please. everybody come what a sensational idea to have a workshop to teach us to live better, longer. happier. >> at the the san mateo convention center the workship
4:43 pm
is saturday work to 2:30 p.m. >> a and they meet. >> you yes and i'll have a copy of my book. and talk about the nutrient body and if they want to talk about m.a.s.h. i'll do that too. but i'm there to say hello to everybody. >> loretta can talk. no question about that. thanks for coming in. >> i warned you. >> you did tell me. >> if you give me four minutes i have to use them. >> i think we're over four. but that's okay. for you it's okay. >> she could do the rest of the newscasts. stick around and sign some autographs. >> you are such a good supported. >> here they go ago. swedish pop group abba ending with a twist. the group says it will record a new album and tour the world with digital avatars of their former selves. who will graham style will perform of the new songs in a tv special in december to build up interest in the world tour. now the accuweather forecast
4:44 pm
with spencer chris zbloon let's look at the accuweather while i which have to hot lips. a breezy cool spring day. i might tell you the giants are taking on the dodgers tonight at at&t park of a four-game series. 7:15. partly cloudy breezy and chilly. but that's san francisco baseball weather isn't it? look for more clouds and possibly spotty sprinkles overnight. lows in the upper 40s to 50s. tomorrow's highs around the 50s. and mid-60s inland. the, ac weather seven-day forecast we might see spotty sprinkles sunday but disappear quickly gichg which to britter skies monday. and a gradual warming trend through next week. that was fun, larry. >> loretta issed ready for the weather. she has a lot of energy. >> absolutely amazing. >> thank you. dozens of people line up
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outside an amazing bakery in berkeley. the reason behind the rush spor sweet treats and the one last chance to get the goods. i'm "7 on your side" michael finney. can you own a home again after can you own a home again after facing ( ♪ ) your heart doesn't only belong to you. child: bye, grandpa! and if you have heart failure, entrusting your heart to entresto may help. entresto is a heart failure medicine that helps improve your heart's ability to pump blood to the body. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital compared to a leading heart failure medicine. don't take entresto if pregnant. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium.
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ask your doctor about entresto. and help make more tomorrows possible. entresto, for heart failure.
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a berkeley bakery has been whipping up sweet treats the last 65 years. but as of tomorrow that's it. no more. the owners are calling it quits. and the community is rushing in to get some of the baked goodies for the last time. here is abc 7 news reporter amy holleyfield. >> after serving for 65 years at the virginia bakery. the community is giving the family a treat, record crowds to show the love and appreciation and need for one more sugar fix. >> we open at 7:30 and lined up around the corner at 7:00 waiting to get in. every day more and more. and you know, it's been wild. >> reporter:en ann and john have been so overwhelmed since announcing retirement they called in reenforcementment. relatives have been helping out.
4:49 pm
ann's best friend flew in from new hampshire to help out. >> i didn't realize how crazy it was until i got here. my, we haven't stopped. >> my husband has been coming down here at 1:00 and 2:00 in the morning staying until 7:00 or 8:00 at night to cope up with demand. >> johneredman took over from his parents. he says it's tough to say goodbye. >> definitely feeling sentimental. 65 years and a lot of memories here. >> customers tell us they love the fresh ingredients, the good people and the memories how this bakery fit into their live zblas my mom bought the bread here for church socials and things. >> they close this door for good at 6:00 on saturday night. they expect a few gas angles of wine to celebrate and a long nap sunday afternoon. they also think they'll deal with some emotions. >> we're sorry that we're leaving their lives. but we need to step away now and do what's right for us and our
4:50 pm
family. >> which will probably include delicious birthday cakes for grand kids, now that they have the time to enjoy them. in berkeley, amy holleyfield, abc 7 news. if you like to leave your wishes for the bakery owners just go to the facebook page to leave a message. we pinned the post and you'll find it at the top of our facebook page. they certainly earned the retirement. >> getting hungry over here. time for ask finney "7 on your side" michael finney answering questions sent via phone number twitter and email. andrea wrote on twitter. seems a scam. has anyone with a student loan relief letter. >> good for you for being worried about this. there is a lot of cons and ripoffs. student loan relief is possible. but it comes with downsides. often you can't renegotiate the debt. at other times you loose out on potential subsidies. ignore the letters and ads.
4:51 pm
i'll post a couple of links to the department of education, federal trade commission, those are the two best starting points. walk yords through with what your debts are, how much they are and who they are from. >> okay. >> it takes a whil. >> michael jay asking if i lose my home to foreclosure any hope i can own a home again? >> sure. absolutely. but you'll have to make moves the rest of us don't have to think about or worry about. first option is wit a while. a home foreclosure stays on the credit report for 7 years. it's easier to get the loan once that time elapsed. another good option is to have a huge downpayment. if you put down 40% or 50% banks figure they can't be stiffs and they'll loan the rest of the money. the third option is somewhere in between the two. wait a while, build credit up and have 20% down. there will be a bank willing to make you a loan. you may have to pay more in advance. >> the hard part is that 50%, accumulating that. that's the hard -- how do i do
4:52 pm
that? >> right. >> nancy asked on facebook, do you know of any bay area organizations that will accept donated furniture? the sofa bed is in good condition. >> like the salvation army will. many others will too. but here is the deal with furniture. the up hols tri must be perfect no rips or stains. salvation and army and others have to see the piece before they grow to take it back in the day they used to cover furniture they den do it anymore. you can record a 10 to 15 second long video and can you reach me on facebook page and through abc 7 news donning. we get a lot of complaints. people think an old couch somebody wants it. >> reup hols tri is really expense disbelieve that's right. facebook adding a sleep mode to the messenger kid service to let parents limit when kids can use it.
4:53 pm
the parents can specify the times when the kids are not allowed on, either as a one-time or recurring restriction. facebook launch the kids messenger app in december. some child development experts called for facebook to pull it. how far would you go for a date? up next, the teen who roped in police officers, the ultimate prom posele. we'll show you how it worked out. unkts dan is up with what we have new at five. new at five, hoping to right a wrong. >> he was upset, and the person said your kind doesn't belong here. >> and then the police came. a bay area country club addressing uncomfortable questions. how they did it, the arrest of the golden state killer and webt run by volunteers. ged ready to glove up. the avengers come do life in the bay area. those stories
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
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has your love for tacos turned into an obsession?. my $3 taco deal with three of the tacos you love and a refreshing drink can help. try my $3 taco deal today. new at jack in the box. there ya' go. coming up ton on abc 7 at 8:00 it's a new episode of once upon a time followed by marvels agents of shield at 9:00. at 10:00 it's 2020. and do not miss abc 7 news at 11:00. any high school kid knows this is the time of year to get the gun or tux and you have the once in a lifetime experience known as the problem. but getting a date to the prom is more complicated every year. it even pushed a local kid to ask for help. from the police. abc 7 news reporter wayne
4:57 pm
friedman has the story from marin county. >> you mietd file this as an awkward teenage moment. >> they started searching the car. >> zach grelier explains to in girlfriend of a close encounter with police that landed him in custody. the timing perfect. >> prom is going to be a lot of fun. >> tomorrow. >> the twist that this video which includes police body cam footage is big particle of it. have you ever heard of a prom posele. >> i don't know how the first one started. but just they become more elaborate as the years go on. >> kira and zach are juniors and have been a couple oh over a year. but the prom brings more experiences and pressure. >> i wanted to make it something she wouldn't forgot and would be fun to do. >> yeah, i didn't expect much. >> all right. let's walk back here. >> to make it happen. zach asked for help from the state patrol marin police who
4:58 pm
told us they liked the idea of showing the fun side. zach arranged for them to take him into custody outside of her house. >> three police cars pull up i'm like what's happening. >> police asked kira to identify him and that's when zach flipped. he showed her his please go totd prom with me sign. >> yes. >> it's worth noting zach won a contest for best prom posal with this video and trey tickets tomorrow night. but we have one last question. >> so if you were arrested do you think she would support you? >> hopefully. that's the general idea. >> yeah, i'd probably support him. >> probably. >> depends what he did. >> how about creating a great prom memory before it happens. wayne friedman, abc 7 news. one other note, while he won the contest it does not cover the limbo and zach's already worried about proposing for senior prom next year. that's hard to top. get the latest news any time with the upgraded abc 7 news app live video, more customization,
4:59 pm
get the news you want on your phone. thanks for joining us. larry beil, abc 7 news at 5:00 right now. james deangelo is your true and correct legal name. >> yeah, yes. >> the suspected golden stated killer face as judge afr 40 years on the run. the attorney says the case is already proving difficult. and again etic websites cracked the case but not that nod is connected to a case of mistaken identity plus. >> there is a moment when you know somethng is wrong. >> a local country club facing claims of racism. some say it's happening for years. >> live, where you live. this is abc 7 news. an alleged serial killer is wheeled into court wearing the orange jump suit. joseph deangelo was handcuffed to the wheelchair. he shows little emotion in the first apds in court since arrest. good evening i'm dan ashley.
5:00 pm
>> i'm kristen sze. the courtroom was packed with media and family members of deangelo's alleged victims. >> deangelo's attorney is complaining of problems with the case. abc 7 news anchor eric thomas reports from sacramento. >> is joseph james deangelo your true and correct legal name? >> yes. >> i'm sorry? >> yeah. >> yes. >> deangelo answered yes from his wheelchair in a weak voice almost kbb to hear. in court today a public defender was appointed to represent him. diane howard said the sheriffs department initially made it difficult to see her cltd even though she had a court order. >> he disrd rayed the court order. >> howard says there are thousands of pages of evidence to wade through and it could take months before they're ready for trial. deangelo is officially charged with two counts of murdering brian and katy in rancho cordova while walking their dog in 1978. he is suspected of ten more murders as the golden state


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