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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  April 30, 2018 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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i'm happy to. >> "good morning america" starts right now. good morning, america. wildfire emergency. massive flames exploding overnight forcing thousands to evacuate their homes across the southwest. more than 500 firefighters battling the blaze as more dangerous wind moves in. and the new concerns about a dangerous storm system barreling across the midwest. crisis at the border. overnight, a caravan of nearly 200 migrants seeking asylum in the u.s. told they can't come in. a desperate situation. we're live on the scene this morning. and president trump now blasting the comedian who targeted his administration at the white house correspondents' dinner. did her jokes about the women on the trump team go too far? an abc news exclusive. the 22-year-old juror taking us inside the deliberations that ended in the conviction of bill
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cosby. >> some have said that i made the right decision and some people have said that they still think that he's innocent. >> did "the cosby show" and the me too movement impact his decision? and the words cosby said that he said swung the whole case only on "gma" this morning. ♪ and superhero-sized opening. "avengers: infinity war" soaring into the record books. smashing the competition at the box office. will it be the biggest blockbuster of all time? and is "black panther" the secret weapon? and good morning, america. if you were going to the movies this weekend, likely seeing "avengers." >> a bigger opening than "star wars" and "black panther." it's just getting started.
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so hard to get a seat this weekend. >> very hard for a lot of people out there. i'm sure those theaters were sold out. we have more on that ahead. but first, those fires scorching thousands of acres across the southwest, forcing evacuations in arizona. the flames are being fueled by strong winds. and abc's rob marciano is going to start us off with the latest. good morning, rob. >> good morning, michael. sustained at 30. gusting to 50 miles an hour this is what it did yesterday in the hills northeast of phoenix. you see the smoke and flames there. dry conditions and that was causing a fire to grow rapidly overnight. >> driving into, people. >> reporter: this is what residents near payson, arizona, are driving into this morning. dense, black smoke as far as the eye can see. >> it hasn't hit yet. not till you see the aftermath. >> reporter: the so-called tinder fire which started friday blowing up overnight, exploding from 500 acres to 8,000. authorities evacuating 1,000 homes overnight. >> we have food, water, medical
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supplies. we have the crates and kennels that we can set up. >> reporter: more than 500 firefighters including seven hot shot crews and several helicopters now battling 50-mile-per-hour winds. dry conditions and difficult terrain. residents say they have been worried about a fire of this magnitude for years. >> this one's not looking good. >> we worried about it for years. you always worry about fire up here. it's just a heartbreak. it's terrible. >> there were structures lost. no word on how many homes have been lost or when residents can return to their homes. the critical fire danger is shifting a little bit to the east. windy again. with that severe weather, this digging trough will cause a major shift in our pattern, not just with dry fire conditions across the southwest but severe weather conditions beginning today across parts of west texas, up in through nebraska, strong winds, some large hail. maybe a tornado or two. things beginning to amp up i think during the day tomorrow. we have an enhanced risk from omaha through kansas.
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strong winds, i think wednesday will be the day where we see everything come together for a more sustainable risk from north texas all the way up through kansas city potentially some large tornadoes on wednesday. so a three-day event. michael? >> all right. thank you, rob. i know you'll keep us updated on any changes. robin? now to the crisis at the border. a caravan with more than 100 migrants seeking asylum arriving at the u.s. border with mexico. but told there's no room. our senior national correspondent matt gutman is on the scene there in tijuana with more. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this is literally the end of the road for these hundreds or so migrants. you can see them camped out here by the dozens against the morning chill. they are literally sleeping up against the border. now, theoretically customs and board e protection officials should have seen them. not a single one of them has been processed.
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overnight, the so-called "migrant caravan" finally reaching the u.s. border and clamoring to be let in. [ chanting ] after a grueling month-long slug, 150 or so central american migrants made their way to the san diego crossing. the busiest in the nation. but right on the doorstep into the u.s., they were told entry was blocked. u.s. customs and border protection turning them away because it said the crossing where it initially vets asylum seekers was already at capacity. caravan organizers were skeptical. >> we can build a base in iraq in under a week. we can't process 200 refugees? i don't believe it. >> reporter: so, migrants decided to sleep right outside overnight. the migrants, including children, originated from honduras. el salvador and guatemala and traveled through mexico sometimes by train or bus, they're fleeing violence and persecution. >> you see kids.
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you see mothers. you see men like me. we fighting to, you know, for a better future. >> reporter: the group might have been forgotten had president trump not called for the caravan to be stopped. >> are you watching that mess that's going on right now with the caravan coming up? >> reporter: even threatening to shut down the government on saturday because of it. >> we need the wall. and if we don't get border security, we'll have no choice. we'll close down the country, because we need border security. >> reporter: president trump has tweeted that he wants the department of homeland security not to allow the people into the country. but everyone if they're sent to a detention center within the country, they'll have to convince a judge they farce persecution if they go back home. now, organizers tell us, they're willing to wait it out. the question is under these conditions, how long can these
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people last? robin? >> matt, thanks so much. now to breaking news from afghanistan, where at least 25 people, including 8 journalists were killed this morning in a double suicide bombing. the first bomber was on a motorbike as rescue workers and journalists rushed to the scene, a second bomber mixed in with the crowd and blew himself up. the islamic state claimed responsibility, the latest in a string of major attacks as america ramps up its military presence again in afghanistan. and we're going to stay overseas for the latest on north korea. kim jong-un pressed for that summit with president trump by appearing to promise an end to his nuclear program in the meeting with the leader of south korea if the u.s. will make peace with north korea. our chief global affairs anchor martha raddatz joins us now with details. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, george. it is the south korean government that says that kim jong-un told them that he would give up those nuclear weapons, weapons close to if not already capable of reaching the united states. kim said he would do that if the u.s. promises not to invade north korea and formally ends the korean war. we also saw those friendly images between the north and
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south and the concessions from the north have seemingly come one after another. kim has also vowed to shut down a nuclear test site next month in advance of the summit with president trump. and said he will invite experts and journalists to confirm that. but there have been decades of the promises from north korea in the past. and the new secretary of state, mike pompeo, on "this week," said despite kim's words, the u.s. will need proof of complete verifiable irreversible denuclearization. >> we're going to require those steps that demonstrate the denuclearization is going to be achieved. we're not going to take promises. we're not going to take words. we're going to look for actions and deeds. the president has made it clear we will keep the pressure campaign in place until we achieve that. >> reporter: pompeo was clear about that but what he was not clear about is what the u.s. would do in return in order to achieve that goal.
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just saying again the administration, george, has its eyes wide open. >> right, because we've seen these promises as you point out from north korea in the past. meantime, any more details on the timing of this possible summit with president trump and where it might be? >> reporter: well, late may, early june, they say. the president said on friday two or possibly three locations. it's been reported that singapore is likely but the white house has not confirmed anything at this point. and is still doing a lot of diplomatic work leading up to this, george. >> martha raddatz, thanks very much. michael? >> all right, thank you, george. now to all that reaction to the white house correspondents' dinner. president trump blasting the comedian michelle wolf for her speech. she's being accused of crossing a line with personal shots at members of the president's team. our senior white house correspondent cecilia vega has more. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: good morning, michael. you know this, the presidential roast here in this town is tradition. it is a mix of politicians, the journalists who cover them,
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throw in a comedian, and it can definitely make for some awkward moments. the problem is, this morning, many in the city say those jokes this year went too far. washington's annual black-tie celebration of the first amendment this morning under fire. in the spotlight, comedian michelle wolf accused of crossing the line. press secretary sarah sanders right there on stage not laughing. >> i actually really like sarah. i think she's very resourceful like she burns facts and then uses that ash to create a perfect smoky eye. like, maybe she's born with it. maybe it's lies. >> reporter: in the audience, counselor to the president kellyanne conway, stone-faced. >> all she does is lie. if you don't give her a platform, she has nowhere to lie. it's like that old saying, if a tree falls in the woods, how do we get kellyanne under that tree? i'm not suggesting she gets hurt, just stuck. stuck under a tree. >> reporter: the backlash was fierce.
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>> what happened last night was an atrocity. >> last night was over the line. >> reporter: president trump skipped the night once again, weighing in on twitter, calling the night a big, boring bust, saying the so-called "comedian" really bombed. he offered his own counterprogramming instead. in a michigan campaign rally, he vented about everything from democrats to immigration for an unfiltered hour and 15 minutes straight. >> is this better than that phony washington white house correspondents' dinner? is this more fun? >> reporter: and the president is now calling for a major overhaul to the dinner or to even end it altogether. many say that sarah sanders is owed an apology for having to sit there and listen to those jokes while she was on stage. so far from the organizers no apology. the white house correspondents' association, michael, does say the goal of this evening is to celebrate the first amendment and journalism scholarships. and that michelle wolf's routine
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was not in the spirit of that. >> thanks, cecilia. something to definitely talk about and the conversation won't stop any time soon. cecilia, thank you very much. robin? >> all right, michael. now to that massive merger that could affect your cell phone plan. t-mobile and sprint finally striking a deal after years of negotiations. the move would leave consumers with just three major cell phone providers. and you know our chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis is all over this. rebecca, the companies say they will lower prices? >> reporter: yeah, this is a bit of a surprise, robin. i spoke to the ceos of both t-mobile and sprint and they tell me this will mean lower prices and broader options. unlike most mergers, they say that they're going to take the savings of the combined companies and give them back to consumers, and, from day one, lower prices. they also say that they'll build out 5g nationwide over the next year and that will add thousands of jobs, plus, they plan to introduce a broadband competitor in rural communities which currently have just one option.
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now, this merger, as you mentioned, robin, that's going to consolidate the playing field of major carriers from four to three. verizon, at&t, and t-mobile. and fewer options typically means higher prices. but they're making the argument here that t-mobile and sprint have been the lowest priced options for years and they have really pushed the rest of the industry to offer consumers more options. and they say they'll continue to do so. of course, they're going to need that regulatory approval to get the deal done, robin. >> could we get that in writing? >> reporter: yes, exactly. but you did hear it here on "gma." if they go against their word on "gma," that's a problem. >> you got it, rebecca. thank you. now to the latest on that grandmother accused of murdering her husband and her look-a-ike, then going on the run. newly obtained video shows the moment she was finally captured. abc's victor oquendo is in ft. myers, florida, where she is behind bars now. good morning, victor. >> reporter: good morning, michael. lois riess spent the night right here at county jail.
7:14 am
this grandmother accused of murdering two people is not going anywhere any time soon after a judge denied bond. we're also learning new information. it was revealed in court she might have psychosis and she is not taking her medication. lois riess, the grandmother who eluded authorities for weeks after allegedly killing two people if two states, standing before a judge. >> would you like to be screened for the services of a public defender? >> sure. >> reporter: the 56-year-old wearing an anti-suicide smock listening by phone sunday during her first appearance for a number of charges including murder, grand theft and identity theft. the nationwide manhunt for the alleged gambling addict known to authorities as "losing streak lois" coming to an end ten days ago inside this texas restaurant near the mexican border. this surveillance video showing her capture taken into custody right from her seat at the bar. riess had been on the run since last month accused of shooting her husband david in minnesota before taking off for ft. myers, florida. it was there authorities say she befriended 59-year-old pamela hutchinson allegedly targeting
7:15 am
her because they looked alike. allegedly befriending her before killing her, stealing her car, and heading to texas. she has another hearing in the next few days. she faces a second-degree murder charge in minnesota. she'll stand trial for that once everything wraps up in florida, george. >> thanks very much. we switch gears to that record-breaking weekend at the box office, "avengers: infinity war" blew past the competition. an eye-popping open setting new records at home and overseas. diane macedo here with the details. hey, diane. >> reporter: george, good morning. in the movie, the avengers fight to keep a villain from dominating the universe. at the box office, they're the ones dominating. with more than 20 of marvel's biggest superheroes, the movie blew out the competition domestically and globally. and experts say it's even giving another movie a boost. "avengers: infinity war" smashing box office records earning $630 million globally in
7:16 am
its opening weekend. the highest of all time. ♪ the 19th film in the "avengers" franchise brings together some of the biggest heroes in the marvel universe. from iron man to black widow, to black panther. all uniting their respective galaxies to defeat thanos, the ultra villain searching to find the infinity stone. >> it puts a smile on my face. >> reporter: now "black panther," the third highest grossing movie of all time domestically, is climbing the box office charts again, experts say, thanks to "infinity war." >> it could potentially do it. despite not opened in china, the second biggest market in the world. they haven't started that yet. the sequel is already in the works. that one is coming out may 2019.
7:17 am
>> whole cast happy about that too. >> oh, yeah. >> i had a sneaky feeling this wouldn't be the last avengers movie. >> what was your first clue? >> it's my first clue. diane, thank you so much. and we want to say, take a moment for a quick thank you. a big thank you for some very nice news that we got last night. >> the emmy for outstanding morning program goes to -- this is exciting -- >> both: "good morning america." [ applause ] >> lots of smiles around here this morning when you walked in the door. everybody is so happy but also everybody here is so honored and we are all very, very humbled by this, as well. >> yes, and i wish you could have heard the acceptance speech. sabina who is here, she's one of the many unsung heroes we have here in the "gma" family behind the scenes that you don't get a chance to see. and we do this every day. there's sabina. wanted to make sure you got some face time today.
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a real symbol of all the people behind the scenes. it is a privilege. i've said this before and i'll say it again -- to say good morning to america. and for all of us to receive this recognition as we said, there is no "i" in team and it takes teamwork to make the dream work, right? >> right. >> yes, it does. >> so congratulations to the whole team. thank you at home and thank you, rob. >> are you sure? >> yes. >> more snow across parts of northern new york and new england today. this in the fingers lake region. but there's warmt warmth coming up. we've got record-breaking heat coming, though. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, getting close to 09 degrees in d.c. on thursday. a lava flow. time now for your select cities brought to you by carmax.
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good monday morning, i'm abc7 news meteorologist. it will be brighter as we head through the midweek and a slow warmup that will take us to above average highs. mid 60s just about everywhere else, inland, a few upper 60s, another chilly one, mid 40s to around 50 degrees, a slight coming up, that abc news exclusive with juror number one from the bill cosby trial. e from the bill cosby trial. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream.
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find our most advanced formula exclusively at the home depot. good morning to you. the question is, did you feel it? a 3.3 magnitude earthquake struck near alamo this morning. this morning's shaker follows three small earthquakes that struck on sunday within hours of each other, none of them were stronger than 3.0. right now a look at traffic. >> we still have our sig alert if you're traveling along particular paths here this morning. eastbound state route 156 past state route 152, they have traffic control in those eastbound lanes. pretty heavy at the bay bridge
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toll plaza, i just checked, even that car pool lane is
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hey, good monday morning, nice to see you, hopefully you're enjoying the cool w out there, mid 40s to mid 50s. it's going to be kind of a cloudy morning. mainly dry, there's a slight chance of a sprinkle here, mainly in the north bay mountains. temperatures below average by about 3 to 9 degrees. but tomorrow a warming trend begins and look at those 60s, 70s and 80s this weekend. >> we'll have another abc7 news update in about 30 minutes. join us for abc7 mornings, weekdays 4:00 to 7:00 a.m. a look outside right now, a
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beautiful start to the day in the bay area, the news continues now with "good morning ame together forever-a pixar night time spectacular. ooohhhh. ahhhhhh. okay, maybe two.
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♪ the light that shines on the sea is blinding ♪ ♪ and no one knows welcome back to "gma." that is jurnee blowing away the "american idol" audience last night with a song there "moana." the song is "how far i'll go." the song was the top trend on twitter. as viewers voted live coast to coast. >> it was disney night. >> it wasn't a regular outfit here but now, we're down to seven contestants, former champ ruben studdard will be here to talk about it. >> it's been fun. we've been going down memory lane with the past contestants coming here on monday mornings. >> she did a great job. >> she really did. >> that's ahead. but first, we got the
7:31 am
headlines we're following that matt gutman reported in our first half hour. that crisis unfolding at california's border with mexico where a caravan of migrants are seeking asylum, trying to cross into the u.s. arriving at the border overnight but told there's no room. and take a look at this. you're watching a brazilian surfer break the record for the largest wave. you can barely see him, 80 feet, 80 feet. the record was confirmed over the weekend. it happened in november, but it took some time to confirm that it is, indeed, the record. 80 feet. >> so massive. >> yeah. >> wow. we're going to move on now to our exclusive interview with one of the jurors who convicted bill cosby. 22-year-old harrison snyder sat down with linsey davis and, linsey, he is convinced he made the right decision. >> reporter: that's right, no second-guessing. good morning to you, george. harrison snyder was the youngest of all the deliberating jurors and at 22 years old, he wasn't even alive during the height of cosby's fame. and he also admits he wasn't aware of the me too movement. while many said it came down to
7:32 am
he said/she said, snyder says for him it came down to what cosby said himself. this morning, a stunning revelation that it may have been bill cosby's own words that sealed his fate. what was the evidence that made your sure beyond a reasonable doubt that he was guilty? >> um, i think it was his deposition, really. mr. cosby admitted to giving these quaaludes to women, young women in order to have sex with them. >> reporter: for weeks there was speculation about the outcome. but this morning we hear just what was going on inside the deliberation room during bill cosby's retrial, thanks to juror number one, harrison snyder. but when you entered the room for the first time, were you sure that he was guilty? >> no. >> so what then made the difference for you once you started deliberating? >> hearing everyone's comments about certain pieces of evidence and going through the different counts. >> so you don't feel even now that it was an open and shut case? >> no. >> reporter: the 22-year-old says prior to the trial, he
7:33 am
didn't know much about cosby and knew nothing about the allegations against him. >> i really didn't know a lot. i knew he was an actor. i knew that he did "the cosby show." i never watched "the cosby show." or anything. i'm a little too young for that. >> what did you know about the allegations prior to becoming a juror in the case? >> i didn't know anything. i don't watch the news ever. so i didn't even know what he was on trial for. >> reporter: at cosby's first trial last spring, the jury deliberated for more than 52 hours but was unable to come to a unanimous decision on whether or not cosby drugged and sexually assaulted former temple university employee andrea constand at his pennsylvania home in 2004. when andrea was on the stand, did you believe her? >> yes. >> what about those other five women who testified? >> yeah. >> if you hadn't heard from the other five and you just had her word, would that have mattered to you? >> i don't think so because in the deposition he stated that he gave these drugs to other women. i don't think it really
7:34 am
necessarily mattered that these other five women were here. because he said it himself that he's used drugs for other women. >> you found it to be his words to be the most damning overall? >> yeah. >> reporter: while many in the court of public opinion felt the me too movement loomed large perhaps even helping to sway the jury -- are you well aware of the me too movement? did that have a factor in your decision? >> no, i only found about it after i got home and looked online to see what everything was. i didn't really even know about the me too movement. >> reporter: snyder describes the jury as being all on the same page when arriving at the unanimous guilty verdict. on all three counts. >> some say i made the right decision and some say they still think that he's innocent and i just tell them, if you were there, you would say the same thing. you would say that he's guilty. >> reporter: sitting here today is there any doubt in your mind that you guys came to the right conclusion? >> no, i have no doubt at all.
7:35 am
>> as for inconsistencies in constand's story snyder says that they were explained away by the prosecution's first witness, a sexual assault expert who testified in the reporting delays, inconsistencies in statements and continuing to keep in contact with the perpetrator are all normal behavior for a victim of sexual assault. but, george, he says there was no dissension, no tension at all in that deliberation room. their verdict was clear. >> pretty clear, okay, linsey, thanks very much. let's talk about it now with our chief legal analyst dan abrams. not much comfort, cosby's team can take from this. >> no, defense attorneys like to try and cite what jurors say after the fact usually ineffectively in an appeal. but this provides no fodder for the defense at all. because he is saying it wasn't the five other women. which would be the most controversial issue that was in this case versus the first case that swayed his decision. what i found so interesting is it's a reminder that expert testimony does matter. right. we always like to say these
7:36 am
experts, anyone can buy an expert, both sides. this guy is making it clear that the expert who testified about what it means to be a victim mattered to him. >> that plus cosby's words. >> plus cosby's words but at least it provided context for him where when the question was, well, why didn't she report it quickly? why did it take her a year? why did she keep calling him after the fact? these all questions that came up in the wake of the first trial and this guy is saying, the sexual assault expert put it into context for us, first witness. >> so clearly the case of first impression for this juror. is there anything now that cosby's team can look to to try to win on appeal? >> yeah. the biggest issue, and it's not a frivolous argument, is that the five additional women who testified in this case about what they say cosby did to them shouldn't have been allowed to testify. the argument is, this is what is called pattern and practice. this was his m.o. he did this all the time. that's why the judge allowed it in. doesn't mean that it's still not a controversial decision. that will be the central appeal.
7:37 am
>> dan abrams, thanks very much. >> i was reading some things over the weekend that he being bill cosby may not face jail time, that if you look at the judge letting him out because people thought his bail would be revoked and it wasn't. >> i don't quite buy that. i wasn't surprised that he was released. and i would be very surprised if he didn't serve any time in the context of this case. >> we'll see what happens. coming up, we have new details in the golden state killer case. how investigators used dna to track down the suspect and new questions about how your dna can be used. come on back. i'm shree bose and i'm a medical student. i was fifteen and my grandfather passed away of cancer. i wanted to start doing cancer research. i think science can be an incredible force for good. this windows 10 pc is great. it's really cool to have these 3d visualizations. you can see like the cells membrane. half of science is about convincing the world that what you're working on matters.
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we are back now with new details about the suspected golden state killer. joseph deangelo is now behind bars as questions grow about how investigators tracked him down using his dna and that genealogy website. abc's whit johnson is in ventura, california, with the latest details. good morning, whit. >> reporter: robin, good morning and we're learning that dna recovered from a double murder scene here in ventura played a critical role in cracking the cold case. investigators say they used that dna, then plugged it into the genealogy website that ultimately led to a former police officer joseph deangelo. abc news learning this morning accused golden state killer joseph deangelo is on suicide watch, alone in a jail cell after undergoing a psychiatric evaluation.
7:42 am
reported to appear dazed with delayed speech. the 72-year-old entered a sacramento court friday handcuffed to a wheelchair. but retired investigator paul holes, who spent more than two decades searching for the killer and is still consulting on the case, says it's all an act. >> he's a dangerous man. he is not the decrepit individual that you see in the wheelchair at arraignment, he's a very spry 72-year-old physically capable. he has numerous guns registered to him. >> reporter: he says the week before the arrest, deangelo was seen riding a motorcycle at high speeds. he also enjoyed building and flying model airplanes and he went to great lengths to make sure his house blended in. >> he is somebody that is -- he's diligent at putting the effort out to at least maintain a facade. you know, looking like a normal individual. and i believe that it possibly is part of his act. you know, he wanted to blend into this neighborhood and not be perceived as the monster that possibly was living within this house. >> reporter: and this morning,
7:43 am
the method investigators used to find their suspect is being called into question. plugging old crime scene dna of an unknown attacker into the genealogy site ged match and then building extensive family trees. a pool of thousands narrowed down to a handful that investigators say ultimately led to the name joseph deangelo. >> there's just the slippery slope of if you can use people's dna without their consent for law enforcement, it could possibly be overreach by the government. >> reporter: holes says he's the one who first pushed the idea. so what do you say to those critics who argue this is an invasion of privacy, what you did in this case? >> what it is is it's acting as a witness. just like when i go up and i knock on a door and i say, hey, did you see somebody who looked like that? he said, yeah, i saw him running down the street that way. that dna is doing the same thing, but i just don't have to talk to that person. >> reporter: ged match telling abc news, while the database was created for genealogical
7:44 am
research, it is important that ged match participants understand the possible uses of their dna, including identification of relatives that have committed crimes or were victims of crimes. the former auburn police chief now telling abc news that investigator paul holes reached out to him about six weeks ago. the chief explained that deangelo threatened to kill him when he was fired back in the '70s. investigators say that information helped narrow their focus on deangelo in the final days leading to his arrest. robin? >> incredible how it all came together. whit, thank you very much. michael? coming up, the nfl draft pick making history. not letting anything hold him back. and the young girl he's inspired. at walgreens... helping millions of children here at home... and around the world... starts with one person... you.
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back now with that inspiring story this monday morning. an athlete who has one hand is beating all the odds. >> yes, he is. >> cameras were rolling as shaquem griffin got the call that the seattle seahawks were going to draft him. t.j. holmes is here with more. >> every kid, you know, who is playing football in high school, the odds of making it to the nfl are slim to none. now take a kid who has only one hand those odds seem impossible. but that means you don't know shaquem griffin who is now about to take his inspiring story in the nfl stage. >> the seattle seahawks select shaquem griffin. [ cheers and applause ] linebacker. >> reporter: one of the most inspiring stories in all of
7:49 am
football is going pro. 22-year-old shaquem griffin is the first player in modern nfl history with one hand to be drafted into the league. >> i couldn't breathe. i didn't know what to say. >> reporter: to make things even sweeter, griffin now joins his twin brother, shaquill, on the seattle seahawks. >> reporter: but his road hasn't been easy. a congenital birth defect led to a hand amputation when he was just 4 years old. >> first thing i thought growing up, what people are going to say, how he's going to be able to handle that as a little kid. >> let's go! >> reporter: his power and determination and talent were always on full display. a high school football star who went on to be named conference defensive player of the year. while at the university of central florida. but initially he wasn't invited to work out for nfl teams at the annual combine. >> shaquem? >> yes, sir. >> hey, it's john schneider calling, buddy. how are you? >> i can't even breathe right now.
7:50 am
>> it's a dream come true for us, too, buddy. happy to have you, man. >> reporter: he eventually got an invitation and put on a show at the nfl combine. impressive as he lifted weights with a prosthetic hand and ran faster than any linebacker in 15 years. and he's already inspiring others who can relate to his challenges. >> i can't wait to cheer you on in the nfl. good luck. >> oh. >> yeah. >> yeah! >> he's already signed and endorsement deal with nike. when he got that call from the seahawks, he was actually in the bathroom. forgot his phone. his brother ran in, bust down the door and tackled him and said you got to answer this phone call. >> i hope you're exaggerating on busting down the door? >> that's how they tell the story. they do. >> that's a lot of information. >> a lot. >> i'm short on time. trying to get it all in. >> ucf where he went to school they went undefeated last year. they crowned themselves national champions because they weren't allowed into the tournament. >> good point, good point. thanks for sharing. what's with the gray suits today? i'm loving it.
7:51 am
loving it. we'll be right back. coming up, "gma's" concert series, sponsored by pepsi. celebrating every generation. ♪ 1 out of 2 kids don't get enough calcium, vitamin d, and potassium. and if you aren't serving enough dairy milk, your kid might be one of them. are your kids getting what they need to grow strong? ♪ ♪ milk helps kids grow strong. serve real milk at mealtime. milk helps kids grow strong. with tough food, your dentures may slip and fall. new fixodent ultra-max hold gives you the strongest hold ever to lock your dentures. so now you can eat tough food without worry.
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mhhm. go with the one that's here to help life go right. state farm. it's a chilly start for the northeastern third of the country. this is the shot over lake superior yesterday, still frozen. binghamton, new york, it's snowing, as far south as atlanta, chilliness. but some heat coming. summerlike temperatures by the end of the week. more local news and weather is next.
7:55 am
7:56 am
good morning to you, meteorologist mike nico is here with the forecast, eventually it will be a warm one, right? >> but look what's going on in santa cruz, let's use that as a backdrop, chilly breezes at the ocean. it's going to be champion if you're south of the bay bridge. a lot of 60s out there, 50s at the coast. my accuweather 7-day forecast, may starts tomorrow, and temperatures back to average and just getting warmer through the weekend. >> taking a look at the roads, plenty of slow spots, just getting a report of some debris northbound 101 in seasan jose, o chp running a traffic break through that area.
7:57 am
slow on 680 through walnut creek. >> we'll have another abc7 news update in about 30 minutes and always on our news app on join the whole team every
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. wildfire emergency. flames explode overnight scorching thousands of acres across the southwest. families race to evacuate as hundreds of firefighters battle back the blazes. workplace revolt. how women at one of the most famous companies in the u.s. took on a toxic culture at nike. allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination. and the secret survey passed around by women working there that ended right on the ceo's desk. could this start a ripple effect across corporate america? dancing is back. the athletes are ready to invade the ballroom. is this the most competitive season ever? we're taking you behind the scenes for their final rehearsal before tonight's first showdown. ♪ and "deals & steals" is on wheels.
8:01 am
we're headed all over the u.s. this week celebrating small businesses, bringing you huge savings. get ready to save big as we say good morning, america. ♪ if you know what i mean now, i know tory johnson is cool. was that an indy car that we saw with the "deals & steals on wheels"? that is fantastic. wow. >> if that's one of the deals i'm getting one of those. >> what a great way to kick off the monday. dancing and deals. >> dancing and deals is right. "deals & steals on wheels" is our big event. we're live in pittsburgh with big savings and that boat right there, it is called "the gateway clipper queen," and it's showing "gma" some love with the chartiers valley high school band. we appreciate that. tory has amazing bargains on jewelry, on chocolate. which when i read that made me
8:02 am
hungry and more so looking forward to that. >> all week, all across the country, in us this morning as well. we'll begin with that border struggle. more than 100 migrants seeking asylum were stopped at the u.s. border overnight told there is no room. abc's matt gutman is on the scene with the latest. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, george. this is literally the end of the road for these migrants. they're camped out all night. this standoff with u.s. customs and border protection is now 18 hours old. tensions are rising. not a single one of these people has been allowed in. they arrived here in tijuana yesterday. many of them coming from central america, from el salvador, guatemala, honduras. taking buses and trains. many times walking on foot. the president has made it very clear telling the department of homeland security he does not want the so-called migrant caravan admitted into the united states. but everybody if they get into that border terminal, they then have to convince a federal agent
8:03 am
and later a judge that they face persecution if they are sent back to their home countries. now, we've been talking with the organizers here, they say there are a hundred of them, down from the 1500 original, they're willing to stay out here as long as it takes. but given the conditions out here, a big question, how long these people can last. george. >> it is a desperate situation. thanks very much. more now on those fires blazing through the southwest. thousands forced to evacuate. the flames caused by strong winds and now there's a new fire and severe weather threat. rob is back with that. >> good morning. we're looking at a major pattern change. it kicked the up the winds across the southwest. just northeast of phoenix from 500 acres to 8,000 acres, so blowing up. they had about a thousand homes evacuated with this. 500 firefighters in there including seven hot shot crews. the winds there should die down there but strong across new mexico and this is taking up the
8:04 am
winds and making for dry conditions but severe weather threat today and tomorrow, even more so, lincoln, omaha, maybe tornadoes and even more widespread i think on wednesday, northern parts of texas up through kansas city, right through the heart of tornado alley, and some of these tornadoes could be big and damaging on wednesday. so a three-day event. we'll watch it closely. >> we certainly will. thank you. michael. we'll switch gears to the man called the waffle house hero who is proving he is a hero in more ways than one. james shaw jr. who wrestled the gun away from the shooter is now raising money for the victims. his goal was to raise $15,000. he has now collected more than $200,000 and shaw got the star treatment this weekend. he was honored at the nashville predators hockey game where he was given a personalized jersey and the sold-out crowd gave him a well-deserved standing ovation. an impressive young man. >> he sets up a fund for the victims and then somebody set up
8:05 am
a fund for his children. he has a 4-year-old daughter and so somebody returned the favor because he didn't do that for himself because he's so unselfish. >> passing it on. that is great. coming up here, how women banded together to take on a toxic culture at nike. and we're busting common myths about breast cancer. dr. kristi funk is here. she will answer your questions. how to reduce your risk. and we have a fantastic audience upstairs. and they get to hang out with former "american idol" champ, ruben, ruben studdard live on "gma." on "gma."
8:06 am
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we welcome you back to "gma" and this wonderful audience and we're so happy and proud of the fact that for the second year in a row that we have won the emmy for outstanding morning show but tom kelly -- [ applause ] the reason -- the reason i'm saying this is because tom kelly is taking credit and why is that, tom? >> why is that? you hired me two years ago, last september, and since then we've won two emmys, the ratings are up and we're the best morning show in tv. [ cheers and applause ] >> tom. >> all because of you. i got to tell you, that tom kelly. >> i agree. [ chanting ] >> you asked for it. >> he got in with the audience. >> he has. how about a little "pop news" now with sara haines? >> yes.
8:11 am
[ cheers and applause ] let's get some "pop." time for royal news. prince william and kate middleton celebrated their anniversary on sunday. for the first time as a family of five after welcoming little prince louis making it seven years, wow, since kate walked down in that gorgeous alexander mcqueen gown. the palace sharing this photo of the couple on twitter thanking everyone for their well wishes. and get ready, harry and meghan, less than three weeks till the big day and can't wait because, robin, you'll be there anchoring live coverage on saturday, may 19th, right here on abc. >> have my fascinator all set. ready to go. >> those are so amazing. i thought they were just hats. they really aren't. they can be attached -- they don't sit. they don't do anything. >> you need hair to attach. >> no. >> crazy glue. >> if you can put a fascinator on me, that's fascinating. >> if you'll wear it we'll do it, number one in morning. yay. next up, a "pop news" exclusive.
8:12 am
everyone is talking about the "roseanne" reboot and we have a first look at the new episode titled "no country for old women." see if you recognize the special guest star. >> hi, mom. >> girls, this is my boyfriend lou. who treats me like a queen. lou, these are my daughters. roseanne and jackie. they treat me like a fly in the potato salad. >> nice to meet you. >> pleasure. >> those are your daughters? i would have mistaken them for your sisters. >> uncalled for, lou. >> where we're going we don't need roads. that's christopher lloyd taking us back to the future. this new episode airs tomorrow night at 8:00, 7:00 central on abc. good to see him. >> oh, yeah. >> i mean without the delorean it's not the same thing.
8:13 am
[ applause ] and finally, marvel's "avengers: infinity war" making history, breaking major box office records on its opening weekend with the highest domestic and the highest global release of all time. so to celebrate here's a sneak peek of "jimmy kimmel live's" mean tweets "avenger" edition. take a look. >> also, while i'm comparing old men to reptiles, ever notice that samuel l. jackson looks like a snapping turtle? [ laughter ] >> how did the coolest blackest dude in the galaxy end up with some white bread name like chadwick? [ laughter ] >> got him. >> i never thought about it. but i mean -- you can catch this entire episode of "jimmy kimmel live" tonight at 11:35, 10:35 central. >> one of the best things about the mean tweets is when they can laugh at themselves. >> he hadn't thought about it either. >> no. >> thank you, sara.
8:14 am
>> thank you. let's move on to our cover story now about the women of nike. they joined the me too movement. "the new york times" reports that they sent surveys to peers about sexual harassment and discrimination, then took the results straight to the top of the company. rebecca jarvis back with that story and, rebecca, this led to real major changes. >> it did, george. this was a revolt here inside of nike. the women inside alleging they were passed over for promotions, excluded, marginalized and sexually harassed and they say they went to hr with these claims and didn't see changes and got a secret survey that detailed the damage and went to their ceo and what happened next will surprise you. ♪ nike, the largest sports footwear and apparel brand in the world, sells about $36 billion worth of goods annually. and the company does it with the help of some of the most famous female athletes in the world. ♪
8:15 am
but this morning, nike is battling allegations of sexual harassment and gender discrimination after a group of women employed at the company conducted a covert survey of their peers. >> there were years and years at nike where people felt like there was a toxic culture for women. >> reporter: rachel abrams and her colleagues at "the new york times" published the report on saturday claiming that a group of high-ranking women at nike circulated the informal survey after several women in leadership roles left the company. the survey results revealing a toxic culture at nike. >> a woman complained about the manager that pushed his way into a bathroom and tried to kiss her. another complaint that we reviewed talked about a manager who bragged about the condoms he carried in his backpack. >> reporter: the survey landing on the ceo's desk. in march, he announced his heir apparent and the company's president trevor edwards would be leaving amid sexual harassment allegations.
8:16 am
edwards is among at least six male executives leaving nike. in a statement to abc news, ceo mark parker says, nike is already taking action and will continue to drive change to elevate a culture of inclusion and respect. >> when companies across the country and the world see that this occurred at nike and see that nike is taking positive action my hope is it will be positive effect on other corporations. >> reporter: and since that survey more women and men have come forward. nike is now conducting a comprehensive review of hr making management training mandatory and revising procedures. this is a pretty big fallout from that survey. >> no question. this worked at nike but how risky is this for employees? >> it is absolutely risky. if you're going to come forward with claims like these in the way that they did, it's absolutely risky, but as anyone who's been inside a toxic work environment knows, you have three option, stay and fight, leave, or put your head down and
8:17 am
do the work and a lot of people don't have the option of coming forward. they're afraid of the potential for losing that paycheck. in this current time where especially women have so much power over these companies, purchasing power, $5 trillion to $15 trillion a year in purchasing power the more information that comes out on any company, particular one like nike that deals with consumers, the worst off it is for them so there is some power today in coming forward. >> strength in numbers banding together. >> strength in numbers and documentation is absolutely key here. they documented everything and no matter what you're deciding to do inside of a company, document everything if you're even considering coming forward. >> great advice. rebecca jarvis, thanks very much. over to michael. thank you, george. there is a lot of excitement for the premiere of tonight's big "dancing with the stars" athlete edition and we went behind the scenes to see how the olympians, the pros and the hall of famer are preparing for the competition. abc's adrienne bankert is here and, adrienne, this is a "dancing with the stars" like we've never seen before. >> you can relate. i mean being a star athlete
8:18 am
yourself, turned broadcaster, turned businessman, but let's get back to the show. >> you forgot turned dancer. >> that's right. come on. that's right. [ applause ] we should get you on the show next. the contestants are used to fierce opposition, laser-like focus and discipline, but do they have what it takes to grab that mirror ball trophy? we went behind the scenes to find out how they're getting in the zone. from olympic medalists to hall of famers, athletes who have become icons in their sport. now they're gearing up for a battle on the dance floor. >> we are doing the cha-cha-cha. >> we're doing the salsa. >> reporter: behind the scenes sheer determination, their eyes on the prize. >> let the best man or woman win. >> reporter: the competitive contenders trying anything to gain an edge. >> i do like having one red bead because red is a really lucky color so i'm going to ask the wardrobe department to put one red bead on my costume.
8:19 am
>> just one. if you can find it, you get a prize. >> reporter: analyzing each other's footwork during rehearsals. others turn to the past for a leg up. world series champ johnny damon reaches out to "dancing with the stars" finalist david ross. ♪ it takes two to make a -- >> reporter: while adam rippon got his tips straight from a "dancing with the stars" champ. >> on the tour i'm on right now we have a former mirror ball champion meryl davis so i've had some really great advice. >> reporter: for olympian chris mazdzer -- all these new moves are nothing like the luge. >> i have tape on my fingers and my hand makes this like claw-like structure. >> yeah. >> and in dance this looks terrible when it's like just stiff and off to the side. >> we can't do the salsa like this. >> like a dragon. >> very wrong. unless we're doing the gaga salsa then maybe. >> reporter: who will come out on top?
8:20 am
it all comes down to tonight. [ applause ] and we're waiting with bated breath. "dancing with the stars" premieres tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern, 7:00 central on abc. viewers will get to vote live tonight. make sure you tune in to "gma" tomorrow. that couple will be right here on "gma." >> oh, yeah, that's not good if they're here tomorrow. >> you're going to encourage them, michael. >> encourage them, come on, everybody. dance your heart out. it's not over. >> you're not going to get the mirror ball. what we are going to get, we'll get some rob. hey, rob. >> that ain't the mirror ball. good morning, everybody, guys from "dancing with the stars" to dancing in the rain, not gene kelly but your "gma" moment is these two cuties. kansas city, check them out. april showers bring puddles. what do you do if you're a kid? you go out and -- and you turn on the slo-mo. it just looks better in slo-mo. you can see where every nook and cranny of her boots and her shorts and her skirt are getting covered in mud.
8:21 am
this is quinn and sawyer then joins in. he gets in and he wants to get down and dirty. i don't know if their mom and dad are crazy. get in. get your hands dirty. there is the boy. good monday morning, i'm abc7 news meteorologist. it will be brighter as we head through the midweek and a slow warmup that will take us to above average highs. mid 60s just about everywhere else, inland, a few upper 60s, another chilly one, mid 40s to around 50 degrees, a slight we have a "gma" health alert for you about the risks and myths surrounding breast cancer. i'm here with board certified breast cancer surgeon dr. kristi
8:22 am
funk whose new book is brilliant called "breasts: the owners manual" and it covers it all. please welcome back, dr. funk. [ applause ] this is so necessary because you bust a lot of myths and misconceptions because when i was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007 i was alarmed when they said, oh, you know, you're always supposed to know your family history. i don't have any, i said. 80% of people diagnosed with breast cancer don't have a family histories of it. >> less than 10% of all breast cancer comes from an inherited genetic mutation. as you know, a solid 80% don't have any relatives with breast cancer. there will always be senseless cancers that happen in someone young or someone who does everything right. but a vast majority of them, it does makes sense and it doesn't come from your family. it comes from the daily choices that women are making that have to do largely with nutrition and lifestyle behavior.
8:23 am
>> so this is what i really appreciate about your book among many things. you bust some of these myths and misconceptions. tell people about some of them. >> i do, i love busting myths with science. you know what, there are enough things to worry about that do cause breast cancer. i'd like to take a load off and let you know what does not cause breast cancer. i've done all the research for you. it's all in the book. you can safely forget about your cell phone. it is the wrong kind of radiation. nonionizing along with your microwave, television and power lines. >> has nothing to do with it. >> deodorant and anti- perspirants. i did all of the research. doesn't matter, birth control pill, tiny little bump in breast cancer but once you go off your birth control, it doesn't matter. fertility drugs don't matter at all. caffeine, coffee, tea, chocolate, totally safe. bras with or without a wire, don't care. >> really, because that was the one that a lot of people were thinking of as well. what are some of the best
8:24 am
practices to -- i mean, there's no way to fully prevent but what increases our chances we will not. >> you can maximally reduce your risk by taking off these boulders that literally tip the scales way towards breast cancer. here's your top four, to get the boulders off eat a whole food plant based diet, legumes, nuts, whole grains. these foods act like phytonutrients and go into your bloodstream to seek and destroy cancer cells. number two, i want you to get to an ideal body weight and stay there for the rest of your life. don't be overweight or obese. number three, exercise. you've got to bust a move like five hours a week. >> bust a move, i like that. >> unless you're super sweaty and can barely breathe then you get 2 1/2 hours a week. limit alcohol no more than one drink a day. those are the biggies but there are some little things, pebbles, they matter and can tip the scales but get the boulders off so some pebbles, for example, are environmental toxicities we
8:25 am
all live with like a barrage of chemicals in our home and work but here are some tips on how to reduce your exposure to toxins. number one, wash your hands. frequently and always before you eat. you are touching things all day long and then eat them. so wash your hands. number two, dust and vacuum. chemicals settle in dust so zip it up. number three, have houseplants. so nasa discovered that some really common like hard to kill easy to maintain plants, spider plants, aloe vera pull toxins from the air in your home. next, exercise. you're just going to sweat it out separately from stool and urine and finally, choose cleaner household and cosmetic product, chemical-free and use essential oils instead of synthetic fragrances. >> we have a question from the audience. molly, do you have a question? >> yes, i am 39 years old and we recently lost a family member and have lost many family members to breast cancer. many of my cousins and other family members are getting
8:26 am
tested. i have not been tested and not sure if i should or shouldn't so wondering what you would recommend. >> well, molly, i'm sorry for your recent loss. i would encourage you to test. the basic rule is, if you have two family members with either breast cancer under the age of 50 or ovarian cancer at any age, consider testing. it's empowering to have the knowledge. >> oh, gosh, well, thank you, molly, and again our heart goes out to you. dr. funk, thank you very much. give us in a line, the bottom line from this book. what do you want for people to get out? >> i want them to eat well, exercise and to surround themselves with people who love and support and encourage them. >> and she is that person, dr. kristi funk. thank you. [ applause ] "breasts: the owners manual" is out tomorrow. do yourself a favor and pick it up. we'll answer your questions on our "gma" facebook group. we'll be right back. questions on our "gma" facebook group. we'll be right back.
8:27 am
happy monday, if you go on the golden gate bridge today, don't be alarmed if you see people going up and down the towers. the bridge district wants this up close look to see if there are any problems with the golden gate bridge and if they need to make it stronger, as the engineers rappel, let's get the latest. >> we have plenty of trouble spots out there this morning, we still have eastbound state route 156 just before 152, with a sig alert and a lane blocked there. it's emptying out here, pretty
8:28 am
heavy the rest of the way to treasure
8:29 am
we need to help more tocalifornians get ahead.d, that's why antonio villaraigosa brought both parties together to balance the state budget with record investments in public schools... and new career training programs. as mayor of la, he brought police and residents together to get illegal guns off the streets and keep kids out of gangs, and on the right path. that's antonio villaraigosa. a governor for all of california. we'll take a look at the current temperatures out there, because of the cloud cover we're still in the upper 40s to mid 50s not much of a change in that. it's going to jump up to the mid to upper 60s. >> another abc7 news update in
8:30 am
about 30 minutes, and another news ♪ welcome back to "gma." as you can hear we have a wonderful audience here with us this morning. [ applause ] >> yes. >> fired up. >> uh-huh. we are bringing you live savings from pittsburgh. kicking off our "deals & steals on wheels" events celebrating small business week with your favorite tory johnson visiting five cities in five days and you're there in that great city of pittsburgh so take it away, tory. >> robin, we are here in the great city of pittsburgh. it's a little chilly but the sun is out so we're feeling great and we've got four fabulous businesses for you. the first up, three fabulous
8:31 am
sister, best friend, two new mom, three aunts, found themselves constantly motivating one another with important words of encourage many as they navigated new life challenges, all those little words wound up on shoelaces so you have all these great sayings on shoelaces like live in in the moment, you got this, one is feel the fear. you have your own mon tra. >> sometimes all it takes are some simple words of affirmat n affirmation. >> it is our hope that mantra lists will serve as a reminder. >> that you have the power to create the kind of life you want to live. >> that to me sounds like something robin roberts would like. >> tory, you got that right. you know how i love that so, you know what, we love you here in the audience. you all are going home with some of these laces from those beautiful women. inspiration. >> everyone else is watching, we've got a really good deal on these laces. so you're going to get three
8:32 am
different phrases, a variety of phrases normally three pairs $24 but you guys have hooked us up with -- show it. >> 50% off so $12 for three laces. a little positivity goes a long way. okay, something else that goes a long way. chocolate moonshine. this is something that people line up here in pittsburgh -- i'll slip by you, chris. people line up in pittsburgh to get these. it's true that they are illegally good. so we've got belgium and french chocolate truffles. these are all -- very thin coatings so that on the inside is all the really good stuff. a ganache filling all fresh ingredients. all super high quality ingredients and what you wind up getting is just that really creamy, delicious luxurious truffle. there are five different sampler sets. each of the flavors is so fabulous. there's cafe au lait, sampler,
8:33 am
fruit and nut. just a little something for any chocolate lover. you will find here and one of the things, chris, that i love best about this company, chris runs it with his son and daughter and a bunch of artisans is that a portion of all of the sales promote and serve underserved orphans and children around the world. chris is constantly traveling the world so here making chocolates in pittsburgh but doing good stuff always and brought a great deal. no normally $25 for a ten-pack but today, half off. so 12 pi$12.50 for ten bars. gio, navy veteran started this company because he loves craft beer and instead of starting a brewery he started these to be able to celebrate craft beer. we have these incredible wood bottle openers. i think you guys have some in new york. >> yes, we do. i have one right here with my initials on it too, tory. i'm going to get some use out of this, people.
8:34 am
>> perfect. perfect. anyone can have their initials because that's what gio's provided for us today as well as his six-pack crate and you can get your ia, michael, i have this one coming home for you. you can have your initials or numbers, what's great about these is they come in like little puzzles but there's no glue, no nail, no nothing to assemble and you get to create your fun crate to carry your fabulous craft beer. so all of the products are customizedle you'll find the details online. normally $25 to 40 bz did you, gio, 50% off. $12.50 to $20 for these products. okay. [ applause ] everyone here is pretty happy about that. all right, and then we've got -- i love this company, so this was started by robin. two great helpers, madison and spence and what i love about this company is that at 55 years old robin said, enough with working for other people. i'm going to work for myself.
8:35 am
right? >> yes. >> yep. and so you resigned. resigned and said, okay, i'm starting my own business. within a few months, these earring sets landed on oprah's favorite things. a big assortability of her modern, feminine gorgeous earring set, five pairs unbelievable for travel and these linen pouches beautiful with sequin lettering. i like this one that madison has and spencer is going to help us with the truth on these. and so instead of the normal price of $25 to $40, spence, what do you got? >> get it out. >> savings of 50% to 59%. so all of these pieces are $24. >> these businesses are all amazing. but i know you have a special surprise for one of them. >> we do. we do. so i told you here about gio who is a navy veteran. what i didn't tell you is that
8:36 am
gio has real strength in the community and mentors other veterans to help them start businesses. he hires veterans. he also has a very strong commitment to the environment. all of the wood i uses is sourced right here in pittsburgh. he's also made a commitment with what's the organization? >> one tree planted. >> one tree planted and so for every "gma" sale, you're going to be able to do what? >> every sale we'll plant a tree and it's going to help with the wildfires in california to replenish that. >> so for all of those reasons he is a small business superhero and to honor a small business superhero our sponsor at vistaprint, come on in here, sara from vistaprint has some helpers. gio, gen can't see what that is but that -- this is a check for you for $10,000. [ applause ] to help you make a bigger impact on the environment. i think michael strahan in new
8:37 am
york has something to ask. >> gio, i'm an army brat and learned so much from my father and want to thank you for your service but i'm curious what lessons did you learn in the military to help you when you started your own business? >> yeah, i mean i really think that the discipline and the attention to detail that the military instills can translate into any successful career when you move on. >> i tell you what, i am honored to have my bottle opener here and i can't wait for my crate, all i got to do is stock it with beer so thank you for hooking me up. i appreciate you, gio. congratulations. thank you so much. >> sure thing, michael. >> that's a great way to kick it off. >> we partnered with all the companies on these great deals. you can get details on our website. tomorrow tory is heading to charlotte. come out and see her. coming up here, "american idol" champ ruben studdard is here live. [ applause ] "deals & steals on wheels"
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welcome back. it is chilly. in anticipation of that this rubber ducky got on the loose. des moines, winds gusting over 30 miles an hour. get back in the bathtub, already.
8:41 am
we've got temperatures good for out door pools, maybe the kiddie pool. temperatures in the 70s. 80 degrees in kansas city and record highs potentially midweek, wednesday, thursday, friday. look at these numbers from d.c. to boston. that is springing right into summer so get good morning, an increase in surge, but never completely end the coolness. >> you've been begging for it. 80 degrees coming your way. >> heating up outside and heating up on "american idol." we're down to seven contestants after last night's disney-themed show where viewers voted live coast to coast for the first time ever. we're going to chat with former champ ruben studdard in a moment but first here's a recap. for the first time in tv history, viewers could watch "american idol," vote for their
8:42 am
favorites with the results revealed in realtime in each time zone. ♪ when you wish upon a star >> reporter: it was the first ever disney night on "american idol" with coaching from disney legend idina menzel. >> queen elsa approves of you, darling. >> reporter: the top ten bringing the magic back to the stage for the first time of live voting. but it was the boys that really brought the heat. dennis lorenzo with his soulful rendition of an elton john classic. ♪ >> you always knock it out of the park for me. great job. >> reporter: ada vox bringing the judges to their feet with her wild performance. >> you have to know you are a movement unto yourself. i am telling you. [ applause ] >> reporter: but after millions of vote as cross all time zones -- >> michael. >> reporter: judges shocked. saying good-bye to ada. seven contestants now one step
8:43 am
closer to being the next american idol. [ applause ] ruben studdard is here with us. good morning, man. >> good morning, sir. how are you? >> i'm good. we'll get right to it. >> okay. >> who stood out the pose to you last night. >> last night to me i think catie turner was really good. i really love her vocals and love michael j. woodard and love caleb a lot. the low tones and richness of his voice, those three stood out. dennis was good, of course, but those three stood out. >> you know a lot about richness of voice because you've heard me sing but i'm not going to sing. but doing things differently this year. >> absolutely. >> when you were on the show, after you performed, you had to wait a day to find out if you're going to be eliminated or not. they're finding out, you know, immediately that night. would you prefer to wait a day or would you prefer to know immediately. >> i'd much rather wait a day and gives you an opportunity to
8:44 am
be around the people you've grown close too. everything changes and it works well for them but i would have preferred to be in the idol mansion an extra day. >> enjoy yourself a little bit more. >> absolutely. >> down to seven contestants. you've been through it. what advice do you? >> the advice i have, keep doing their thing, man, you know, they have a couple of weeks left but they have to, you know, bring their "a" game every single week. you only have one opportunity to make new fans. >> last night ada, michelle and dennis were all eliminated and all went home and what advice do you have for them to move forward from here. >> i think they should stay focused. a lot of people have been on "american idol" that didn't win that have done well for themselves and made careers out of the opportunities they had of being in front of america. keep working on their craft and they'll be fine. >> that's one thing you have done. you continue to work on your craft and were compared to luther vandross. you put out an album sank singing all of his songs.
8:45 am
>> absolutely, man. it's been a long time coming. >> why now? >> my mom has been on my case about doing -- my mom was the bigger luther vandross fan so clap for her. [ applause ] so we're doing it now. everybody is loving it. they're receiving it well. my mom was right so i should have done it a long time ago. >> momma is always right. >> always, always. >> now you're admitting it on national tv. >> you know i'll never live it down. >> right. >> so you're on tour now. >> it's going well. we did -- [ applause ] thank you. halfway through a 28-city tour. ruben sings luther if you haven't had an opportunity to see it go to check it out. >> i love ruben sings luther. ♪ woo, woo, woo keep my day job. >> keep your day job. >> i appreciate your support. all right, ruben, thank you very much for being here. "idol" live coast to coast again next sunday 8 am pearn, 5:00
8:46 am
pacific right here on abc. coming up powerhouse pop duo roses and nicky romero perform live. "gma's" "american idol" sponsored by zyrtec. do what you love with zyrtec
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8:48 am
we are back now with one of -- not one of the, the hottest collaboration in pop music. rozes whose music has notched more than half a billion streams. [ applause ] teaming one this man, the powerhouse deejay nicky romero performing in a moment but first can we chat a little bit? first of all, congratulations, love the collaboration. >> thank you. >> it's just like the perfect storm, isn't it. >> yeah, exactly. we met. we love hanging out with each other and the song just was our perfect storm. exactly.
8:49 am
>> and this -- tell everybody about the song they're about to hear. >> wow, it's like this story about you're thinking about what you would be doing if you were not doing this, what you're doing now and i love like the retro vibe it has with the things like nintendo 64 in it. like it really makes you feel like what would i have done if i wouldn't be doing what i'm doing now. >> we're glad you're both doing what you're doing now. >> oh, yeah. happy to be here. >> it's great. are y'all ready? you ready to hear rozes and nicky romero performing "where would we be." [ applause ] ♪ been a minute since high school and i still kinda miss you ah ♪ ♪ is it weird that i do, i do
8:50 am
are you still in your basement ♪ ♪ hanging out with the same friends just living for the weekend like we used to ♪ ♪ up all night mattress on the floor wasting time nintendo 64 ♪ ♪ i shouldn't think about it anymore, anymore ♪ ♪ where would we be if we were still passed out on your sofa watching tv ♪ ♪ and it was still my head on your shoulder where would we be if in another lifetime ♪ ♪ i didn't move to california for the limelight ♪ ♪ i wouldn't have to wonder what it would have been like ♪ ♪ if we'd only have got it right the first time ♪ ♪ where would we be where would we be ♪ ♪ and i know i shouldn't
8:51 am
reminisce but i've been drinking and i miss my accomplice ♪ ♪ i know it's late different time zones different states but i bet you're still ♪ ♪ up all night mattress on the floor wasting time nintendo 64 ♪ ♪ i shouldn't think about it anymore, anymore ♪ ♪ where would we be if we were still passed out on your sofa watching tv ♪ ♪ and it was still my head on your shoulder where would we be if in another lifetime ♪ ♪ i didn't move to california for the limelight ♪ ♪ i wouldn't have to wonder what it would've been like ♪ ♪ if we'd only got it right the first time ♪ ♪ where would we be where would we be ♪ ♪ if we never went home stayed out alone ♪ ♪ if the sun never rose we'd
8:52 am
still be close ♪ ♪ but that's how it goes same song gets old ♪ ♪ when you're living for the weekend just living for the weekend ♪ ♪ where would we be if we were still passed out on your sofa watching tv ♪ ♪ and it was still my head on your shoulder where would we be if in another lifetime ♪ ♪ i didn't move to california for the limelight ♪ ♪ i wouldn't have to wonder what it would've been like ♪ ♪ if we'd only got it right the first time ♪ ♪ where would we be where would we be ♪ ♪ where would we be
8:53 am
[ cheers and applause ] "gma's" concert series sponsored by pepsi.
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community, oh, that's good. omg good. we hear you. we feel you are. we're with you. it's the new >> our thanks again, rozes, nick, "where would we be." where woo we be without these great people behind the scenes at "gma."
8:57 am
we need to help more tocalifornians get ahead.d, that's why antonio villaraigosa brought both parties together to balance the state budget with record investments in public schools... and new career training programs.
8:58 am
as mayor of la, he brought police and residents together to get illegal guns off the streets and keep kids out of gangs, and on the right path. that's antonio villaraigosa. a governor for all of california.
8:59 am
good morning, it's 8:59. >> it's starting to look brighter. hi, everybody. the clouds will addition apadis little bit. never going completely away. it will be breezy south of the bay bridge. upper 60s inland east bay. it just gets warmer from here on out. >> we have about a 10-minute delay for b.a.r.t. riders oakland. if you're driving walnut creek, southbound 580 looking great. southbound 101 that's we'll see you at 11:00 a.m.
9:00 am
for the abc7 midday news. hope you have a great day. >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from a series "elementary," lucy liu. an actor, musician, an author, david duchovny. a performance from singer-songwriter anne-marie. plus, we are kicking off kelly and ryan's weeklong anniversary celebration with a look back at the cohosts first official day together. all next on "live!" and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪


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