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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  May 3, 2018 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. a man convicted of killing his classmate eight years ago when he was a teenager could be released. thank you for joining us today. kristen is in later today. at the time of the murder, randy thompson said he worshipped the devil and took a life because he wanted to. it was called a thrill kill, and a long trial process was very hard on the victim's family. abc 7 news reporter matt keller talked to the murdered teen's aunt about the latest development, matt? >> reporter: yes, reggie, a difficult time for the family, their loved one murdered in 2009, and, today, they had to sit through another hearing for one of the people who was convicted of killing their loved
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one. nine years it's been since the murder took place here in san jose. randy thompson was 15 years old at the time when he stabbed to death michael russell in his home. thompson and williams were tried as adults in separate trials, and with the passage of proposition 57 and 16, they could be put back to juvenile court giving judges the authority, not prosecutors to decide, since thompson has not exhausted appeals, he's allowed a transfer hearing, and if the judge decides to transfer the case to juvenile court, the 24-year-old could be released. >> the thought of him getting out a really scary because f society, i wouldn't want him living next door to me. he's not a safe person. he can't exist in society. he's an animal. >> reporter: today was the detention hearing, formality on
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the way to the eventual transfer hearing. russell's family believes the other defendant, jay williams, is applying for a transfer hearing. thompson is scheduled for court june 5th, a bc 7 news. >> thank you. the golden state killer appeared in court today, there was a small victory, and jessica castro explains what happened in court today. jessica? >> reporter: reggie, yes, joseph james deangelo jr. was in court again, and he was in a wheelchair as seen previously, cuffed to it, and this morning the judge in the case ruled against the defense team and in favor of the prosecution saying that it was okay for prosecution to continue to gather finger prints and photos of deangelo, and, again, the judge decided no cameras would be allowed in the courtroom, so this video here you see is old video of deangelo's first court
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appearance. the hearing was at 8:30 this morning and last eed 20 minutes. there's questions as to whether or not prosecutors will be able to add rape charges the three decade statute of limitations. he's accused of 12 murders in california during the time as well. that remains to be seen. also, notable this morning, we learned that he is still held on the psychiatric floor of the jail, keeping a close eye on him. his next hearing is may 14th. i'm jessica castro, abc 7 news. >> thank you. 2020 devoted this episode to the killer and history of the suspect, and looking into why it took so long to make this arrest. 20/20 airs tomorrow night at 10:00 followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. could the dna search that led to the alleged killer lead police to the zodiak killer?
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investigators think it might. they report the vallejo police are using these letters sent to newspapers. they sent them to a private dna data base to create a genetic profile that could lead to the identity of the killer. the zodiak killer is believed to have killed five in the bay area from 1968 to 1969, but he claimed he killed more. investigators hope to get the dna results in the next few weeks. new at 11:00, the oakland rapper faces assault and cocaine possession charges in sweden. tmz reports police arrested the rapper, gerald gilliam, in a club in stockholm. the report says the 29-year-oldfuls belligerent, throwing punches at security guards who tried to calm him down. officers detained him. that's when they allegedly found cocaine in his pocket. he's currently on a european tour. he has a mountain view stop scheduled in the shoreline
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theater july 29th. no sex education in freemont unified schools until the 7th great. there was a debate until 2:30 this morning, they voted to adopt the new sex-ed curriculum for 7th-9th, but not 4th-6th grades. hundreds of parents were concerned for their child's education last night. >> it is masked as safe and healthy. it is dangerous. >> implore you not to deny access to this criticallyhis important health curriculum. >> it's called rights, respect, responsibility. the district says they began teaching puberty in 4th grade seven years ago. state laws changed since then, and sex ed requires teachers to cover more topics including gender identity and sexual orientation. parents always have the choice to opt out.
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a lot of us from time to time feel like we're just barely hanging on by a thread. the people you're about to meet actually are. now, granted, it's a thick thread, but it's also 700 feet in the air above the golden gate bridge. abc 7 news reporter amy holly field talked to the folks inspecting our beloved icon, amy? >> reporter: hi, reggie. yeah. we got to go up there. do i have hard hat hair? it is breathtaking up there in more than one way, but the workers are used to it, it's their normal, but they are savoring being on the iconic landmark. they feel very proud about working on the golden gate bridge. he's video of the workers repelling down one of the towers. can you imagine? this is where they have worked all week, and inspecting the bridge for rust and corrosion, and these workers tell us the team is very proud to work on thee golden gate bridge. their firm is base the in omaha, but these engineers are from arizona to austin.
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they say the winds have been the biggest challenge up there. they did prepare for it, though,ithough, expecting it. overall, though, they said they've had a successful week and have taken time to pause and take it all in. >> any time you go over the edge for the first time, that takes your breath away, but i had a lot on my mind, got on the rope like any other day, and it was not until i was by myself and looked around and realize how far up you are. it was exciting. >> most of the time we work, focus on the bridge, but, yes, you have to stop and pause and look at san francisco and take in the view. it's beautiful out here. >> reporter: they tell us the bridge looks good especially for being a steel bridge in tough conditions and over 80 years old. they found some corrosion, nothing major. they'll turn in a report by the end of the week. they had no issues up there in the air. all has gone well. the biggest problem they've encountered has been right here
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on the ground because guess what happened? this being san francisco, their truck was broken into it. >> no. >> reporter: harnesses were stolen getting us off to a late start this morning. only in san francisco, right? they have a story to tell at home for sure. regg reggie, back for you. >> i feel awful for them. amy, how high were you real quick? >> reporter: oh, i didn't look down, so i don't know. we didn't go too high. we were up on the scaffolding. that was plenty for me. it was cold up there. and beautiful. of course. it was a privilege to get to do it, but we were chilly, and we're feeling good to be here on solid ground. put it that way. >> glad to have you back, amy, thank you. president trump appears to have changed his story regarding a payment made to adult film actress stormy daniels. rudy revealed mr. trump reimbursed michael cohen
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$130,000 payment for daniels. he denied the sexual encounter and said the payment was not connected with the campaign. remember, president trump previously told reporters he was not aware of any payment. rudy said the president authorized him to contradict that earlier statement. he said the payment was not made to influence the campaign. >> i'm giving you a fact now that you don't know. it's not campaign money. no campaign financing violation. >> daniels is suing to get out of her non-disclosure agreement. this morning, cosby's wife is defending her husband, she released a statement blasting the jury's division to convict him of sexual assault. she said the case was mob justice, not real justice. mrs. cosby called her husband's accuser a liar and accused the prosecutor of taking on the case to advance his career and said that he should be criminally investigated. we posted the full statement on
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our website, san francisco's police chief has been on the job for just over a year, and now there's talk he's already looking to leave. the men arrested in a philadelphia starbucks looking forward to a new beginning. their focus after reaching a settlement. plus, the growing concern over tainted lettuce that claimed a life in california. good morning, i'm meteorologist mike nicco. check out the tower cam from san jose. it is great. we knew the sun would be slow today, and sure enough, look at the temperatures. we are up to nine degrees cooler than yesterday. warmer trend's on hold,
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because antonio villaraigosa millions got it he defended women's healthcare, banned military-style assault weapons, banned workplace discrimination, and more. antonio for governor.
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i we worked with pg&eof to save energy because wenie. wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california.
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developing news in connecticut where investigators are sifting through what's left of a bar that exploded during a standoff injuring nine officers and killing one person. police believe the body found inside is of the man who was barricaded on the property. officers had spent hours trying to get him out, accused of holding his estranged wife hostage for days. she escaped yesterday and called police. the two men wrongfully arrested in a philadelphia starbucks are moving past what happened and looking towards the future. yesterday, we told you nelson and robinson reached a settlement with starbucks and city of philadelphia. financial details of the starbucks' settlement have not been disclosed. philadelphia, however, is giving them $1 each and a $200,000 grant to a foundation to support
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young entrepreneurs. this morning on "gma," they explained how it works. >> it starts with us, our communities and underserved communities and teaching them it's not all about entrepreneurship, but etiquette, how to use money as a tool, taxes, much deeper than just, like, starting a business. >> last month, a starbucks employee called police on the men who were there for a business meeting. starbucks is closing stores later this month for bias training. san francisco's police chief neither confirms or denies he's applied to be l.a.'s top cop. the los angeles times reports chief williams scott is one of 31 applicants for the job. lapd's current police chief is retiring next month. scott has been with the sf police department for 16 months. there's been speculation he's a short timer agoer to get to l.a. where he was a deputy chief before coming to san francisco.
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last night, he refused to say whether he's looking to leave. >> what i'd like to say is what i've been saying. i have to be focused on the job. we have a lot of work to do. there's all the recommendations that we're trying to get in place with the doj reforms, got property crimes, making progress. >> scott is reportedly advanced in the selection process, he's among the candidates scheduled to be interviewed. health officials warn against eating lettuce due to the deadly outbreak. the cdc confirmed the first fatality for the contaminated lettuce occurred in california. at least 121 people have got sick in 25 states. my colleague from abc 7 mornings talked to dr. jenn ashton about the outbreak. >> we're trying to be healthy. we know we should eat salads normally, so what's safe? avoid it all together or is other lettuce safe? iceberg? bibless t bib lettuce.
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those are safe at this point. you can look there. we don't typically cook lettuce, right? other things get cooked, and that process kills bacteria, so wash your produce and hands. those common sense things are really important. >> the bad lettuce has been traced to yuma, arizona where 90% of lettuce is produced. officials issued water restrictions for residents just in case another drought is on the way. it's a stage 1 water shortage, meaning no land scape watering between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. and no washing down of paved surfaces like sidewalks and driveways. the city's main reservoir is full, santa cruz's water source river is experiencing lower than normal levels and is expected to dwi dwindle. who is in the mood for pizza? i am, always. as if you can't find everything else on amazon, they are launching a new line of
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by living off the grid. completely. or... just set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. with energy upgrade california. now your accuweather forecast. >> welcome back, taking a look, first, starting at the golden gate bridge, still cloudy, but not foggy. the marine layer up to 3,000 feet at times, and that's why it's stubborn to leave. you have to warm the ground to get the air rising to thin out the moisture. well, most of us live below 3,000 and elevations are below that, so that's why it's chilly out there until you get to places that around it are above 3,000 feet like on the western
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side and eastern side of danville and concord. that's where the sun is coming out earlier because of the heat from the mountain filter out things there. rest of us are chilly. we delays still at sfo. it's been the same all morning, fcc reported average arrival delays of 49 minutes. slower sunshine. cooler today. mainly overcast and cool again tonight. extended forecast, we go up and down, especially inland neighborhoods. a live look at doppler 7, no radar returns, this is the satellite. how stout that cloud deck is, but look near concord, highway 4 to antioch, no clouds now. that trend accelerates west over the next hour or so. today, down in the south bay, mid-60s to 70. a little more sun in morgan hill and gilroy and 70. cooler at the coast where the clouds are more stubborn than yesterday, upper 50s for you
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through san francisco, and 69 in sosilito. upper 70s east bay shore today, and inland, you see the extra sun for concord out to brentwood, upper 70s there, and the valley out to livermore, just the upper 60s. sun is breaking out in walnut creek now. temperatures mid to upper 50s at noon. look at the sunshine, though, but 4:00. the temperatures serging to the 70s inland. 60s around the coast. in the 50s for the most part at 8:00, and low to mid-50s by midnight, excuse me, on the way down to mid-40s to low 50s with extensive cloud cover again. tomorrow, it definitely goes away quicker and especially inland, we feel the warmth coming in. then you can see by saturday and sunday, we start to drop back down just a little bit, and then we spike monday, and then the sea breeze kicks in, and we cool off tuesday and wednesday. no rain, but definitely a little bitty roller coaster there. >> i'm here for the ride.
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>> enjoy. >> yeah. speaking of rides, this is the morning money report. flying jet blue, prepare for an upgrade. they announced they are renovating their planes. improvements include, i know, wider seats and bigger cushions. you never hear that. also, adjustable headrests. every seat has two plugs for charging pleasure and jet blue will double the size of their current tv screens. each seat how has a 10 inch hd screen. now, according to mashble, this is the first redesign since 2000. now the end of an era for a bay area pizza chain. pizza orgamica is closing. the chain ceased operations. this operation here in san francisco posted a notice on the window last summer the chain in san rafael closed after six years. amazon's bid to seemingly
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take over the world now includes pet products. they launched their own line of pet items called wag. the wag brand only includes dog food, but more products are going to be added later. like other products, only people with prime memberships can buy wag. some bay area singles pay thousands of dollars for personalized match making, but wind up in court instead. >> first, let's just say that i wonder how you would pick this man for me. >> tonight at 11:00, michael shows you what they say happened when they signed a contract to help them find love tonight at 11:00 on abc 7 news. >> but, first, a kangaroo hops alongside cars down the road in texas? we get to the bottom of where this came from.
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we are on 24/7 on our app and today, check out the welcomes, we posted changes movie pass holders need to know about subscription options. in fact, i just did this video. log on to from the phone, download our news app for breaking news alerts, and then watch our latest news and weather right here on our next newscast, abc 7 news at 4:00.
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well, this is pretty odd, right? a kangaroo hopping down the road in texas. a woman has a video to prove it. kim was driving in sweeney, southwest of houston yesterday, spotting the animal. another family contacted our abc sister station in houston after seeing the video. they think it might be their pet kangaroo, izzy, missing since november. they hope authorities can track the kangaroo down to find out if, in fact, is izzy. i'm going to say it is. living in houston before, i knew of 0 kangaroos, you know, so armadillos maybe, c?
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>> you know, it's not everyday that someone wins $1 million on our show. but stick around, because today, just might be the day. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire" [dramatic music] ♪ welcome to "millionaire." you guys ready to go today? [cheers and applause] all right. let's welcome back our returning contestant, a life guard from los angeles, california, stephen pollak. >> hey. hi. >> welcome back. >> hey, chris. >> last we saw you in a different shirt, you had $5,000 in the bank. >> i did, yeah. not bad. >> it's a good day's work. you reached that $5,000 level. that is a threshold. so that money is safe. all we can do today is add to that total, which hopefully we will very soon. you're nine away from that $1 million. >> wow. >> you did use a lifeline yesterday. you still have the "50/50" and the "plus one," if you need it. >> okay.


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