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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  May 5, 2018 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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tonight, breaking news. earthquakes, eruptions and now, a toxic threat to life. new eruptions from that volcano spewing hot lava and poisonous gas in hawaii. the islands also rocked by waves of earthquakes. hundreds of people warned to get out immediately. what did he know? new reporting claiming the president knew about the payment to stormy daniels before he said he knew nothing about it. and on the trail of three quarters of million dollars. his attorney michael cohen reportedly secured during the campaign. agent ambush. an undercover operation gone bad. an atf agent shot in the face. tonight, the massive manhunt in chicago. the cruise ship scare. flooded-out hallways. one terrified passenger calling it a scene from "titanic." facebook love trap.
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scammers preying on people looking for romance. how they may be using your identity. and sweep the leg. a grandfather, the robbery suspect headed his way, and the kung fu-like move he unleashed on the alleged bad guy. good evening. thanks for joining us on this saturday. i'm tom llamas. several developing stories as we come on tonight, as we begin with that growing threat to life in hawaii. the earth literally shifting underneath. new eruptions from the kilauea volcano, red-hot lava burning through trees and bubbling up in neighborhoods miles away. hundreds of earthquakes, as well. this one registering 6.9. but it's the toxic gases rising from the molten rock that authorities say is too dangerous to breathe. and tonight, some 1,800 people forced from their homes with no idea when they might return. abc's marci gonzalez starts us
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off from hawaii tonight. >> reporter: tonight, molten rock spewing into the air as new cracks in the ground open up in the big island. the fresh eruptions, sending a mountain of spattering lava ominously crawling down neighborhood streets. the blazing hot sparks and dangerous plumes setting off smoke detectors. >> you guys have to evacuate now. >> reporter: recording as one of the first fissures erupted this week near his home, miles away from the kilauea volcano. >> it was so powerful, it was thunderous. i mean, it was just like "wooooosh," just erupting like a jet engine and it sounded like bomb. >> reporter: he is one of the 1,800 people forced to evacuate, from these neighborhoods. >> the police came down our driveway and just said we had to get out. >> reporter: all worried their homes, like this one, could be destroyed. police keeping haas and other residents out, pointing to the risk, not only from the eruptions, but from toxic sulfur dioxide gas still pouring into the air.
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officials are so concerned they set up road block after road block like this. cars lining up with people being turned away, told the air quality makes it too dangerous to get much closer. >> there's no question there's a lot of frustration with the people that want to get back in and what we're trying to do is make sure it's safe. when the environment is safe, we will be able to admit them back into their area. >> reporter: but there is no end in sight to the eruptions, triggered by multiple earthquakes over the last few days. >> are you guys all right? >> reporter: including a 6.9 magnitude quake friday, the biggest in hawaii since 1975. >> this isn't stopping. >> come here, son. >> reporter: this man grabbing his baby as his home started to shake. >> oh my god, guys. >> reporter: no one seriously injured, but tonight, residents bracing for possible repeats of these natural disasters. >> and marci joins us live from one of those road blocks, preventing residents from re-entering those evacuation zones. marci, you're hearing conditions are so dangerous, even first
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responders aren't going in? >> reporter: yeah, that's right, tom. they're staying back because of those toxic fumes. now, warning residents who chose not toe vac wait, if they end up needing help, they may be on their own. the national guard is set up and ready here for the possibility of more evacuations, because they have no way of knowing where the ground could open up next. tom? >> marci gonzalez on the ground for us there in hawaii. marci, thank you. next, to the other developing headline tonight. new reporting that president trump knew about the payment to stormy daniels to ensure her silence while he continued to say he knew nothing about it. the president's story changed this week, after his new attorney, rudy giuliani, said the president paid that money after all. abc's tara palmeri on why the timing matters. >> reporter: president trump hitting the battleground state of ohio, but tonight, unable to escape questions over new reporting, claiming that he knew about the hush money payment to porn star stormy daniels months ago, despite his denial.
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"the new york times" citing two people familiar with the arrangement, reports that the president was aware of the $130,000 payment to daniels, months before he told reporters he had no knowledge of it. >> mr. president, why did you change your story on stormy daniels? >> we're not changing any stories. see, excuse me -- >> well, you said on air force one that you did not know anything about the payments? >> excuse me, you take a look at what i said, you go back and take a look, you'll see what i said. >> reporter: this is what the president said in april -- >> did you know about the $130,000 payment to stormy daniels? >> no, no. >> reporter: tonight, the big questions still unanswered, what exactly did the president know and when? ignited by the revelation from his new attorney rudy guiliani, that the president reimbursed his long-time fixer, michael cohen, for the daniels hush payment, but it wasn't a campaign matter. >> it's not campaign money. no campaign finance violation. everybody was nervous about this from the very beginning. >> reporter: but later, giuliani suggesting the payment had everything to do with campaign. >> imagine if that came out on october 15th, 2016, in the
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middle of the last debate with hillary clinton. >> reporter: giuliani later reiterating the payment was a family matter, after president trump undermined him. >> he's learning the subject matter. he'll get his facts straight, he's a great guy. >> reporter: giuliani said cohen was paid up to $470,000 for legal work. >> michael would take care of things like this. >> reporter: according to "the wall street journal," during the height of the 2016 presidential campaign, cohen had gained access to nearly three quarters of a million dollars through a series of personal transactions. federal investigators are looking into what he did with the money and whether there were any possible secret deals to protect donald trump. >> tara joins us now from the white house. and tara, president jugu trump' attorney made some fiery remarks today, attacking the iranian nuclear deal, and at one point, even pretending to rip it up and then spitting on it? >> reporter: that's right, tom. giuliani said that president trump has been emboldened by his new national security team to rip up the iran deal.
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on stage, acting out tearing up a piece of paper, and then even called for regime change. so, giuliani appears to be freelancing foreign policy, even though he was hired to respect the president in the mueller investigation. tom? >> tara palmeri with that new reporting tonight for us. tara, thank you. and tomorrow morning on "this week," a very big show. and a sunday morning exclusive. george will go one-on-one with rudy giuliani after this week's stunning revelations in the stormy daniels case and the mueller investigation. make sure to tune in. next, to that manhunt in chicago, after an atf agent on an undercover mission was ambushed and shot in the face. that neighborhood now flooded by police. and the police superintendent asking for the public's help and sending the suspect a message -- we will find you. here's abc's will carr. >> reporter: officers flooding the southside of chicago, heavily armed, seizing evidence, patrolling with k-9s as they search for a gunman who shot an atf agent in the face. >> we will knock on every door,
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talk to every witness, watch every piece of video and analyze every piece of evidence. believe me, you will not get away with this. >> reporter: the massive show of force following what's being described as an ambush. >> i need an escort to a hospital right now. officer hit. we need escort to a hospital now. >> reporter: an atf agent, part of a new anti-gang task force with chicago pd, shot while working on an undercover operation to crack down on illegal guns. >> we need an ambulance as soon as possible. he may be hit in the head. >> reporter: according to authorities, he is now the fourth member of law enforcement to be shot in the area in the past year. >> but i have a message for them -- we're coming for you. >> reporter: miraculously, the injured agent expected to fully recover. tom, while the manhunt continues, authorities say that overall gun violence is down this year compared to last year in chicago. even though at least 16 people have been shot in the past 24 hours. tom? >> will carr, one of our new correspondents. will, thank you. next to dallas, where the
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nra annual convention is being held. the first since the shooting at the high school in parkland. outside, dueling protests. a rally for gun reform led by a parkland father, and at one point, gun reform advocating facing off against gun rights advocates. abc's marcus moore is in dallas. >> reporter: the fight for gun control following the parkland shooting tonight at an unlikely location, the nra's national convention in dallas. >> vote them out! vote them out! >> reporter: protesters carrying signs, chanting. among them, parents of some of the victims of stoneman douglas high school. the father of joaquin oliver today inviting the president to his florida home to discuss gun reform. >> five minutes of your time in joaquin's empty room, then you will feel what we're going through. >> reporter: and fred guttenberg, his daughter killed in the shooting at stoneman douglas high. >> all i think about is her running for her life. >> reporter: that shooting and
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other massacres casting a pal over the nra conference. >> after a few days of grieving, i just decided, i -- there's just nothing else i can think of doing, but to do something about this. >> reporter: but not deterring its members following a speech friday from president trump. >> they said, you know, going to the nra convention and speaking today, that'll be very controversial. it might not be popular. you know what i said? bye-bye, got to get on the plane. >> reporter: the defiance against lawmakers wary of new gun legislation just months ago. >> some of you people are petrified of the nra, you can't be petrified. >> reporter: replaced now by steadfast support, appealing to the thousands in dallas who back the nra. >> my father always taught us guns don't kill people, people kill people. >> reporter: tonight, as the debate resting on the foundation of free speech unfolds, one side, it says, fighting for life. the other for liberty. >> all right, marcus moore joins us live outside the nra convention. and marcus, you've been talking with people on both sides of the debate. and you're hearing talk of the
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midterm elections over and over again? >> reporter: yeah, that's right, tom. i've talked to them on all sides of this issue and almost every time they bring up that midterm right around the corner and how they plan to vote in the politicians who support their cause and vote out the ones who don't. tom? >> marcus moore, live from dallas for us tonight. marc marcus, thank you. next, the fda warning about liquid nicotine used e-cigarettes and sold in packages that look like kid-friendly products. from juice boxes to candy to cookies. can you tell the difference? abc's erielle reshef with the side-by-side images. >> reporter: tonight, the government cracking down on e-cigarette products disguised as kid-friendly foods. take a close look, this isn't a whipped cream can, it's actually liquid nicotine. these boxes nearly identical, one containing vanilla cookies, the other vanilla e-vapor. doctors warn, if kids mistakenly ingest those e-liquids, it could put them in grave danger. >> most of those reservoirs carry about two packs of cigarettes. and if it only takes one or two
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cigarettes to kill a child, you know, you have quite a few that can die from just a little bit of liquid. >> reporter: in just five years, more than 8,000 kids under 6 have been exposed to e-cigarettes and liquid nicotine. >> if you do use e-cigarettes, please treat it as a drug. put it away from children, okay? put it high above any place they can reach. >> reporter: in all, 13 companies receiving warning letters from the fda and the ftc saying their products are "misleadingly labeled or advertised." makers of these two products have already stopped selling them. and this one no longer in production. some manufacturers writing on their websites, they have childproof packaging and strict guidelines to avoid selling to minors. the american vaping association says ripping off trademarked products is not responsible marketing. and tom, those e-cig companies now have about two weeks to respond to those warnings. if not, the government says they could face further action. tom? >> erielle reshef with the striking images, erielle, thank
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you. next to the new round of storms crossing the east. from the gulf to new england, after daying of severe weather. in albany, new york, take a look. rain and wind gusts knocking down trees and leaving 60,000 customers in the dark. and the rain in kentucky making this the wettest kentucky derby on record. tonight, the rain coming down on the i-95 corridor, as well, as the southwest braces for near-record heat. abc's sam champion is here, and says that rain is historic? >> 2 1/2 inches of rain at churchill downs. soggy, muddy track the whole thing. let's show you where the rain goes. watch it leave louisville and zip toward the eastern seaboard. from mid-atlantic to new england, some of these scattered showers will remain offshore. some of them will mess up some of your sunday in scattered form. two things i want to show you. on the national temperature map on sunday afternoon, the northeast, those temperatures are about two days cooler than normal, then we'll get back into the 60s and more normal temperatures. then look at the southwest. these numbers are going to be kind of the warmest numbers of the year so far.
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kind of threaten the records there. we already have an extreme heat warning out for the phoenix area, as well, 106 degrees. >> sam, thank you so much. also tonight, former president jgeorge h.w. bush spending a week at home for the first time in two weeks. mr. bush released from a houston hospital after treatment for an infection. the former president admitted the day after his wife barbara's funeral. a spokesman saying the 93-year-old is doing well. mr. bush said to be eager to visit his maine summer home in kennebunkport. and still ahead tonight, disturbing video from inside a classroom. a student goes after a teacher with violent punches. we'll tell you where this happened. and a warning for facebook users. the hackers scamming users looking for love on the social media site. how they're luring victims into losing big money. and a grandfather stops a bad guy by putting his best foot backward. what police said that robbery suspect was armed with. stay with us. mom? dad? hi!
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back now with a facebook love trap. hackers taking images and identities and then scamming people looking for romance. here's abc's stephanie ramos. >> reporter: as facebook's new dating service prepares to go online, tonight, one man's warning the social network may attract more than just singles. >> there are lots of victims. i am a victim. >> reporter: dr. steve jones says for the last three years, scammers have used his photos and identity to con women out of money. he says the scammers pretend to be in love with the women. ask for financial help and once they get the cash, they disappear. >> this must be going on, people stealing my pictures and using them on facebook, i'd say up to ten a day. >> reporter: but he says facebook shut down his real account, because so many women complained that he scammed them but it wasn't him. >> people all over the world are being ripped off by these same frauds. we've got a really global problem.
4:18 pm
>> reporter: an estimated 1 million americans have fallen for these kinds of scams in just the last three years. as facebook officially ventures into the dating world, a spokesperson tells abc news, only dating profiles linked to real accounts can be used. facebook has a dedicated team to detect and block fake accounts and the social media giant recently removed more than half a million accounts tied to scams. and as for jones, he still has fake accounts on facebook. we've seen several new profiles on his identity popping up tonight. tom? >> incredible how widespread this is. all right, stephanie, thank you. more to come tonight. something explosive missing in idaho. a material used in atomic bombs, gone. the scramble to figure out what went wrong. and we'll take you inside this cruise ship. one passenger described it as the "titanic." what happened and what passengers got for the scare at sea.
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time now for our index, and disturbing video of teacher attacked in a classroom. the substitute at a chicago-area high school beaten by a student, the teen repeatedly punching the teacher in the face and head. two fellow students pull him off. police taking a number of the students into custody. the teacher, not seriously hurt. police are still investigating to see what set that student off. and we head to ohio now, where a brave grandfather took on a suspected armed robber. take a look at this. the suspect running from police, heading towards that grandfather walking with a cane. the grandfather backs up, sticks out a leg, sending him flying. the officers rush in and handcuff the suspect. police say he was carrying a gun and 29 rounds of ammunition.
4:23 pm
also tonight, a potentially explosive element used in nuclear bombs missing. weapons-grade plutonium vanishing from idaho state university. the radioactive substance the weight of a paperclip. officials say it could be used in a dirty bomb. an idaho state researchers blaming bad bookkeeping for losing track of that substance. the school insisting the public is not at risk. and new video tonight of a frightening scene abroad a cruise ship. take a look at this. water rushing into the deck on the "carnival dream." a busted pipe causing the watery mess on the trip from new orleans to the caribbean. crew members, you see them there, bailing out the hallway with buckets. 50 state rooms in total damaged by that flooding. effected passengers receiving a full refund. and coming up, an amazing story, thanks to a dna test kit. a father and daughter living just miles apart and they had no idea. stay with us. the next big thing in food was once a little paper box.
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finally tonight, an amazing surprise for a woman searching for her past. an online dna site links her to her father she never knew she had and thought was dead. here's abc's adrienne bankert. >> reporter: what tracy melton found after mailing in a dna test, still brings tears to her eyes. >> i cry almost every morning in the shower with just excitement and joy. >> reporter: she took the test to learn more about her heritage. she matched with 673 relatives. one stood out. >> it said, reynaldo delgado. this is your parent or your child. >> reporter: she thought her birth father had died. he never knew she existed. >> she said, hello, i think you're my father. and i said, what? >> reporter: then, a question
4:28 pm
with a serendipitous answer. >> i think i asked her, where do you live? she said spokane. and then, for a second, i thought it was a joke. >> reporter: the two found out they now live just 12 miles apart. >> she did stick her hand out to me and i looked at her hand and i started to -- then i said, you know, you don't shake hands with her daughter, so we hugged. >> reporter: from these snapshots, an unmistakable family resemblance. >> we probably passed each other at the mall. we probably passed each other at the grocery store and didn't even know it. >> reporter: tracy says she and dad won't waste any more time. adrienne bankert, abc news, new york. >> what a reunion. we thank adrienne for that story. we thank you for watching. i'm tom llamas in new york. "gma" and "this week" in the morning. i'll see you right back here k morrow night. tomorrow night.
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