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tv   Beyond the Headlines  ABC  May 6, 2018 4:30pm-4:59pm PDT

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strong showing in the polls. i am dion lim, thanks for joining us. >> and i am eric thomas. >> little was kicked out of the convention this weekend. cornell barnard is live with this story. >> reporter: reaction comes along and sees the opportunity and only needs a few thousand votes. >> reporter: isn't surprised by little's strong showing. >> mr. little cannot win here in california. but what he can do is use the number two position for a platform to raise his anti-semitic profile. >> reporter: patrick little did not respond to our request for an interview. >> with the election now a month away, state republicans also facing friction from within. john cox received 55% of the
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vote short of the 60% required.. it is similar to the outcome from the state democratic convention last february. democrats also failed to give senator opponent an endorsement. attorney general jeff sessions expected to visit the san diego border tomorrow. discussing immigration enforcement action. the immigration and custom enforce amount deputy also joining him. president donald trump was there in march to survey border wall prototypes. police in san jose
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investigating an overnight murder and shooting. in a second incident, a few hours later, an officer opened fire on a robbery suspect near the san jose state campus. the suspect was arrested. and officers shut down many neighborhood streets during their investigation this morning. abc7 news sent out a push alert. you can get instant breaking news updates by downloading the abc7 news apps. eruptions. nine fissures have now been spotted. thousands are still under evacuation orders. reporter kim hutcherson has an
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update. >> reporter: more eruptions, more destruction and more concern for people forced to leave their homes. >> tears. tears saying goodbye to my house. >> reporter: saying the red hot lava still spewing is moving erratically. not everyone is happy about the safety measures. >> the more we wait, it could turn into lava flows. >> our house is up on stilts. we are hoping the shaking didn't damage the home but we don't know. >> reporter: at least eight volcanic vents have opened and everyone living in the community of lay lani estates have been ordered to evacuate. officials are working on a plan that would allow residents to temporarily return to remove
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additional belongings. >> my house my be gone. that is devastating. >> reporter: since then, molten lava has destroyed several homes. more eruptions are likely. >> there is nothing to say that it can't develop some degreesal pressure and push beyond to the east tip of the island. areas of hawaii's vol cano national park was shut down after dangerous gases in the air. the strong 6.9 magnitude quake did a lot of damage. hawaii's vol
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park. >> man in critical condition. arresting 20-year-old and one-year-old in connection with the attempted homicide. cell phone video shows several gun shots being fired a people screaming. no one else was hurt. meantime, two people were hurt after a tractor trailer and passenger van veered off. in the eastbound loans. the van the two drivers were taken to the hospital. this morning, a large group of law enforcement officers showed up at san francisco's airport to embark on a journey
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of fallen officers. flew to new jersey to begin a four-day 250-mile tribute bicycle yard. two officers in the bay area were killed in the line of duty in 2017. the goal was to raise awareness of those who died in the line of duty as well as raise funds for the memorial in washington d.c. the union represents employees such as custodians and security guards. the union says sympathy strikes have been ucsf metcal officials said they rescheduled surgeries and appointments in preparation for
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the strike. an expression of gratitude for those who serve their country. people in the south bay showing they care. things looked different in the late 1800s. we are taking a trip back in time without leaving the area. after sunshine earlier today, the clouds moving back in tonight. the weeks crystal geyser alpine springpasses through here, and is bottled right here. at the mountain source. naturally. crystal geyser is the only major u.s spring water bottled at the mountain source. naturally.
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geyser! [echo]stal! [echo] crystal! [echo] geyser! [echo] crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source. naturally. volunteers spent part of their sundays to put together care packages. they sorted boxed and shipped clos close to 150 packages. the vice president behind the group remembers when he received a care package himself >> it had gum, peanuts, letters and pens to write home. it had a sharks t-shirt. and the giants hat in it. and that touch of home meant
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everything. it was like christmas. >> those items are donated by community groups including south bay girl scouts. kevin durant has a big heart. he announced that he is covering the college tuition for four local teenagers. reporting the teens are regulars at the boys and girls club in redwood city. the tuition donation is just one of his donations. >> dozens of people took a trip back of time at old woodside days in san mateo county. ♪ >> the annual event takes place in the historic store built back in 1854. visitors gather every year to take part in chores and
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activities commonly taking place. >> they do the laundry, the first and last time they will put something out on the laundry. they make butter. >> no iphones. all of it free to the public. certain brand of booster seat may cause children's injuries. the recall information is up next. >> too close to home. the growing epidemic has forced a family to gut a home they owned for ten-days. i am meteorologist drew tuma, wrapping up a cool weekend
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a washington state couple new dream home turned into an utter nightmare. spent a total of ten-days. the house was contaminated with crystal meth. the air was considered too dangerous to breathe.
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gates grabbed their children and left in a hurry. >> we were horrified. >> i can't believe this is such a serious issue and not covered in the home inspection. >> the home is now to be stripped to the studs. hearing more about contaminated homes especially with rental or foreclosed properties. a recall over children's booster seats. you see here, national highway transportation traffic administration says a crash could cause the seat belt to put excessive force on the child's chest. we do have a link at our website with phone numbers who want more information. photographers and special event companies teamed up to help families who lost everything in last year's
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wildfire. filling one of the painful voids, the loss of precious photographs. families were invited for a free 30-minute photograph session. >> so much gratitude. hugs and tears. and really sweet people that are sharing their stories. it was, it made all the effort putting this together while. eclectic crowd got down and boogeyed on the streets of san francisco today. good people watching. the annual how weird festival brought together a diverse crowd. spectacle show cases music, art, and creativity. celebrating everybody's
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differences and spirit. oldest driver to compete in a nascar event. >> 90-year-old mcgriff. even had a well. >> he says he was more nervous about playing the national natin anthem than while driving. another all around kind of guy that we know. meteorologist. and now, drum roll please. a cover model. his spread in san francisco chronicle style section came out. donning these fashions.
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gucci sneakers. and oh, it is raining. >> it is raining weathermen. >> did you get to keep the clothes? >> no. and the funniest thing is my family is getting a huge kick out of this. if you knew me growing up, i hated wearing suits. always in sweat pants and a hoodie. it was a cool thing. and it is meant to kind of show you how springtime can be all sorts of weather around here. >> so if the weather thing doesn't work out for you? >> hold on. these shoes. the socks i can see you wearing. >> those are my socks. >> i love this. >> you thought my ego was big now. there we go. just wait. >> we are going to toss to you, meteorologist and super model.
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>> slash cover model. >> he is relishing in all of this. >> let's talk about the weekend. going to be warm, cool, and then warm again. di live doppler 7. we did squeak out early afternoons of sunshine. but tonight the clouds are moving in. mixed bag across the board. some spots cooler, some spots warmer than this time yesterday. across the entire region, temperatures are below average for may. only 59 in san francisco. 63 in oakland. 66 in san jose. 70 in concord and 70 and santa rosa. fog will not be too wide spread. clouds right now, and they will depart after midnight. so after midnight turn to
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clearer skies. temperatures on either side of 50 degrees. you can see this area of low pressure just to north and to our east. keeping us on the cool side right now. we are in a progressive pattern which means our conditions rapidly change from day-to-day. tomorrow, high pressure builds in. bringing warmer air. and right below that is another area of low pressure and brings cooler. a lot of sunshine tomorrow. we will see a lot of 60s to low 70s. warmer spots in the north will make it into the low 80s tomorrow afternoon. take a look at this, 65 for san francisco.
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69 in oakland. 76, it will feel warmer in san jose tomorrow. 80 the high in antioch. this warmer, brighter pattern does mean our pollen will be on the rise. tuesday and into wednesday and thursday, it goes medium to high. right now the main offender are oak and mulberry trees and grasses on the rise. plan the next seven-days for you tomorrow. limited morning fog and feels warmer for most of us by the afternoon. and then wednesday, it is much cooler around here. you will feel the chill midweek. and temperatures back up. by thursday and friday, mild to warm. next weekend, we are going to set to sweat. sunny skies and 70s and 80s. the main take away, warm to cold to warm. >> so you need to wear the
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shorts that you were modelling. >> shorts, pants and then shorts. >> i have no idea i am working with zoo lander. he is going to be with chrissy teigen in a catwalk. how will the warriors
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good evening. steve kerr wanted the warriors to bring force in game four with the pelicans and that message was loud and clear. dubs with a decisive lead. warriors came ready to play from the jump. three of his 13 points. next possession it is steph bombing. and he finished with 23 points. warriors led by as many as 18 in
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the first half. the pels are completely confused. anthony davis, extendo arms had 26. golden state outscored the pelicans. kevin durant with authority. and then k.d. over a.d. once the slim reaper gets going, it is good night. dubs had 28 assists and look at the passing. durant, livingston, they win game four by 26. live we go to mindi bach orleans. >> reporter: absolutely. when steve kerr was asked what inspired the team's performance he said losing. the team hated it.
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they responded from the get-go. in essence, they got back to warrior basketball. >> the first three to six minutes was huge. we had to assert ourselves and i called it turn the page and get back to warrior basketball. >> i am way better as a player when i don't care at all. when i play and forceful. sticking to what i do. >> you are not going to beat them if you can't score 115 points. i don't care how good your defense is. i don't care what you do, you have to be able to score 110, 115 points to have a chance to beat them. >> at both ends of the floor, i thought our effort, and the way we played night and day. that is our team that you saw tonight. >> reporter: game five back at
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oracle, an elimination game. that will be the toughest game in the series. kerr says the motivation for not having another let down, they don't want to travel back to the central time zone. >> thanks. safe travels. bring back the beignets. i don't know if the super model can have any. >> thanks so much. that's it for abc7 news. >> thanks for
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