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tv   Nightline  ABC  May 9, 2018 12:37am-1:06am PDT

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♪ for ♪ for ♪ this is "nightline." >> tonight above the law. a top law man leading part of the harvey weinstein investigation. >> we much imagine a world where predators are exposed and held to account. >> he is now claimed of emotional and physical abuse. >> slapping, hitting choking. >> why his accusers were inspired to come forward. plus, lashing out. gone from celebrity he chic to every day accessory in a blink of an eye. gazing into the $1.5 billion false eyelash industry. inside an exclusive sperncialty salon where these fine hairs could cost you hundreds of dollars. and over drive.
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flying taxis at your fingertips, futuristic ride sharing plan by flying taxis at your fingertips, futuristic ride sharing plan by uber t never know when you'll aneed it" streaming. it's streaming from xfinity that makes your life... simple. easy. awesome. get started with xfinity internet for $40 a month for 2 full years when you sign up for tv. plus, get 3x the speed of at&t and directv. click, call or visit a store today. '♪ good evening. multiple women coming forward alleging a shocking abuse of power and hypocrisy from top law man former new york attorney general led the fight against harvey weinstein using his position to intimidate former
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lovers to stay silent from his own alleged act of violence. >> new york attorney general, em passioned. >> the trump administration is out to destroy this bipartisan tradition. >> a long time champion of ideals battling donald trump and protecting women's rights. >> predators must be exposed and held to account. >> now women accusing him of emotion at and physical abuse. he's now nopg more than a hypocrite. >> these allegations were a shock to those who knew him personally. >> new york's highest ranking official resigning after bomb shell abuse allegations in this damning report in the new yorker magazine four women come forward accusing him of having subjecting them to nonconsensual physical violence. they spoke on the record
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alleging he repeatedly hit them, often after drinking, frequently in bed and never with their content. >> they described the same language that he used. the same kind of violent epiteths and sexual behavior and acts of violence, strangling, slapping the ears very hard. >> in a statement he said in the privacy of intimate relationships i've engaged in role playing -- added that he strongly contests the allegation a stunning fall from grace a guy many thought would run for governor. >> was able to use his hedge against the donald trump and able to take on harvey weinstein. >> we've never seen anything as
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dispicable as what we seen here. >> leading voice against the now disgraced harvey weinstein. >> eric schneiderman was a champion of the me too movement and what the new yorker and new york times were heralded for initial reporting that sparked allegation against harvey weinstein he tweeted this -- schneiderman said without that reporting there would not be the critical national reckoning under way. er he understood the me too movement and what it meant. seems in his private life just didn't live by it. >> schneiderman now joins a growing list of powerful men taken down by accusers inspired by the same movement he publicly currented. >> hisa accuses offers are speaking because they feel he was hypocritical. it was hard to watch him stand there and talk about how harvey weinstein deserves justice and know all of the while that there were these skeletons in his
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closet. >> michelle first met the divorced schneiderman in 2013 was a political activist and after meeting through friends they began involved and budding romance was chronicled at the time by the new york post who dubbed her a ravishing red head but few weeks later said schneiderman grew violent one night after drinking saying he slapped me with great force across my face. and continued -- ontinued -- >> this is not 50 shades of grey. this is not a grey area at all. these women a alleging assault. they use that word over and over. >> horrified and upset told friends about the incident but went back to schneiderman after she says he wooed her. >> why stay in the relationship so long. >> sometimes it's low self
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esteem. sometimes they think this is what love looks like. sometimes they think the person will change or that they can change the person. the sad part about it is, it is not at all unusual. >> schneiderman's relationship with manny bearish continued on and off until 2016 according to the new yorker and she alleged he told her i am the law. >> is it quite often the more powerful men if able if desired have this emotional abuse to keep women coming back. >> absolutely. i think the common misconception is sexual assault and physical assault and crimes against women are crimes about sex they are never about sex they are about power. sometimes it's the most powerful men you see behaving in this way. >> tanya also said he abused her. she's an author and film producer. they met at the 2016 democratic national convention. >> he was a powerful figure in
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democratic politics. many women said he used the power of his office to threaten and intimidate them. >> she said it was 5i fairy tale that became a nightmare saying he would slap and choke her make sexual demands calling her brown slave. to much of the public at the time schneiderman was a hero. >> tonight we're going inside the scandal that has rocked hollywood. >> mega mogul harvey weinstein has been fired. >> in october while schneiderman was dating her the harvey weinstein scandal was unfolding and schneiderman was at the forefront. >> this is unacceptable was then and is now and will be moving forward. >> are you surprised he was so outspoken, if the allegations are true, that he was so outspoken on behalf of victims of sexual assault. >> that's sicertainly surprisin
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we're talking about the height of hypocrisy the classic profile of an abuser. >> in private they were dating but according to her the abuse continued. >> the fact that eric schneiderman accuser either stayed with him or had dealing after alleged attacks is not exculpatory in anyway it's typical of domestic violence. >> these are stories his ex-wife refutes and saying these allegations are completely inconsistent with the man i know. they have an a daught daughter together. none of the women went to the police. but came forward after a top aide in the white house resigned after allegations he abused two ex whiives. they decided to go public. >> one woman said what do you do when your abuser is the top
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legal authority in your state. that's a scary situation to be in. was connected with another former girlfriend of schneiderman who described similar abuse. that woman did not go on the record with the new yorker. she said this in part -- s in part -- and that was on twitter -- fwby manning barish. >> no matter what people thought about eric schneiderman or his record on women's issues once the allegations were published there was no defense. >> these women should have their day in court. no withone is above the law. no one should be afraid to come forward. >> do you think criminal charges are a possibility. >> i think certainly it's very possible. we know investigations have been opened up at least at the
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manhattan da office. with the me too movement i think we will see an up tick in the prosecution of these cases. >> tonight in a battle he publicly fought before schneiderman finds himself on the wrong side. >> eric schneiderman would be outraged by the allegations he's now accused of. he would have had no patience for this. >> i hope the bravery of the women who spoke out about schneiderman prompts a conversation in the united states and beyond about domestic violence and these kind of activities which are often be shrouded in silence because silence against women knows no party. >> for "nightline" lincecdavis york. >> and andrew cuomo has appointed special prosecutor to investigate former attorney
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tutorials. >> going to start on the outer corners. >> to ru paul's drag race. >> my secret weapon with lashes is a blow drier. >> larger than life names complete with lush lashes have always been in style. >> i will show you how to apply your lashes properly. >> now lashes, the false once went from special occasion to must have every day accessories. >> if you have eyelashes, eyelash extensions are for you. >> mark cuban tried them out in 2015 on "shark tank" the sharks pass the on this pitch and missed out on more than just a new look. the market for false lashes is booming projected to reach over $1.5 billion in the next five years. and that's just in product.
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entrepreneurs like tedra it is much more. >> i really saw a need that's when blink bar was born. >> she's looking to cash in with specialized salons. >> couldn't find anyone in l.a. doing eyelash extensions that looked really natural. >> what makes your lashes so different? >> i think one big thing is customization. we have over 300 different tiens of eyelashes. i'm looking for jeans and someone throws them over the counter hoping they are the right size and may fit you. we really take a different approach. >> the options are seemingly endless. >> we have here the crew cut. we have temptress and we select the material. synthetic lash. startser lash. basic lash. we have model who's shoot all over the world land use the matte lash because the photo shoot may not call for any make up at all and the matte looks like your own natural lashes. >> instead of relying on
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traditional advertising uses social media influencers like alexa's joy to promote the brand. >> it is so worth it because when i want to go outside and not wear make up boom my lashes are there. it's my number one accessory off the bat. >> we are seeing you now without lashes. >> yeah i don't have anything. >> she invited us to watch her lash transformation. >> i'm getting the temptress. ♪ >> the process takes about two hours and cost between $120 and $350. for those who are not quite ared for the commitment that comes guys individual extensions there's plenty of temporary option when it comes to adding more bang to your blink. some with feathers, led lights others clinging to your own madnemad lashes with madness. >> how hot are false lashes.
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>> we live in a social media environment and everyone wants to look good for selfies. i think not necessarily trend but the new standard. >> jeffrey english was kind enough to give my own make up. >> we will line it up with the lash line. you want to measure it just on the lash. we're always going to trim from the outside. most lashes have a really beautiful natural taper they are a little bit shorter a little bit on the inside that way it looks natural when you apply the false lash. i will apply a little glue to the rim of the lash line. another good idea to leave the glue to dry for 15 to 20 seconds so when you apply the lash will stick where you want it, not moving around i lot. >> cool. >> take a look before and after. >> beautiful. it is really natural. >> totally. can wear it to a family function
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or work if you want to. >> i had to kick it up a notch. >> let's pop on this lash. gorgeous this is red carpet. yes. >> love. >> love that. >> search forge their very own look. valour offers custom design. >> crisscross pattern or straight. and chups the length. >> she founded the company when she couldn't find a perfect fit. >> while i was in university i had a false lash addiction and back then nothing was available. was very synthetic and felt uncomfortable and didn't look good so i made it a mission to source different products. >> beyonce's team took notice and business took off. >> lang was beyonce's make up artist and she was interviewed by people magazine and the headline had our name in it and
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we took off overnight that was valour's gold. when we launched the business it was like okay this is real we're is ofling a problem for most women when it comes to lashes. >> back at blink bar. >> she's just finishing up. >> she really builds the style using a multitude of lashes. >> alexis is ready for her close up. >> all right let's see them. they look so great. how do they feel. >> thank you. they feel so amazing. i love them. >> your eyes just pop so much. >> yeah. >> when i first started it was a rare luxury and i noticed when i am at the grocery store, i'm in an elevator and look around and 50% of the women have eyelash extensions, which is exciting. >> maybe few years ago i would be almost embarrassed if someone said where did you get your lashes, i feel it's like getting your hair done, wow where do you get. i think eyelash extensions are here to stay.
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♪ and finally here tonight, if you are planning to hit the roads in the year 2020 you might want to raise your expectations. >> roads? where we are going we don't need roads. >> the popular app is taking us back to the future. the ride sharing app uber started lobbying today at the elevate summit in los angeles to test flying taxis in cities such as dallas and dubai in the next two years. what could go wrong. uber says the transports would cost as much as a cab right one day and cut down on pollution and congestion. talk about over drive.
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thank you for watching "nightline" tonight. as always we're online 24/7 on our "nightline" facebook page. thank you again for watching and good night.
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wow. college already. ( chuckles ) yeah. - ( engine starts ) - we gotta go. ♪ for all the truth that you made me see... ♪ i love you. ♪ for all the joy you brought to my life... ♪ i love you too, daddy. ♪ you're the one who saw me through... ♪ and thanks - for everything. - ♪ through it all... - ♪ you were my strength when i was weak... ♪ - ( woman speaks )


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