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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  May 12, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> so sassy. they may be tonight, breaking news. the deadly stabbing attack in paris. chaos on a busy central city street. a man with a knife sending people rushing into restaurants and cafes. several injured. was this terror? also breaking tonight, ready to blow. the urgent warning about the volcano in hawaii. president trump now declaring it a major disaster. white house cleanup. damage control after that callous remark about senator john mccain. sources say press secretary sarah sanders lashing out at her staff about the leak. and now, rushing to correct the record about something the president's new lawyer, rudy giuliani, told a reporter. waffle house showdown. the fbi now involved. the forceful arrest caught on camera. tonight, what started the violent chain of events. high speed shooting.
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a gunman firing from his car while chasing down another driver. what police did to stop the chase. and the explosion scare rocking a charity walk. what caused this fire outside of chicago's soldier field? good evening. thanks for joining us on this saturday night. i'm tom llamas. several breaking stories to get to tonight, but we begin with that deadly attack in paris. a man, armed with a knife, triggering fear and chaos on the streets in a famous neighborhood. killing at least one person, injuring several others before being shot and killed by police. it happened on a busy street in the popular opera district. people rushing to hide inside restaurants and cafes. witnesses say what they heard made them believe it was a terror attack. isis already calling the suspect one of its soldiers. in paris tonight, the investigation now getting under way. abc's james longman with the details just coming in.
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>> reporter: tonight, horror in the center of paris, after a deadly knife attack leaves one dead and injures four. police say it all unfolded just a short time ago, near the paris oprah houopera house, when an individual with a knife began their attack, stabbing people at random. two of the victims are seriously wounded. according to the interior ministry, a few witnesses said they heard the attacker say "allahu akbar" before french police fatally shot the assailant. police praising the actions of the officers for quickly neutralizing the incident. paris has been under high security in recent years after several deadly extremist attacks. now, forensic and counterterror police are swarming the scene, shutting down a nearby subway station as they try to determine the motive. tonight, the mayor of paris saying, "our city was bruised" and that all parisians are thinking about the victim who lost their life and the wounded. james longman, abc news, london. abc's mikey kay is on the scene where the stabbing occurred.
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mikey, parisians have been on edge because of recent terror attacks. any insight yet on why the attacker chose this area of the city? >> hi, good evening, tom. i'm actually just feet away from where tonight's horrific attack occurred, and moments away from the opera house, a very, very touristy area of paris. it's saturday night, there are a lot of people around. counterterrorism police behind me as we speak, tom, trying to establish what actually happened here tonight, and that additional piece of information coming in from the islamic state, claiming the attack and calling the perpetrator one of their soldiers. once again, tom, paris on edge this evening. back to you. >> abc's mikey kay reporting live from the scene tonight. mikey, thank you. we're also following breaking news from hawaii tonight. officials warning that the kilauea volcano could be about to blow. the threat, the lava inside the crater mixing with groundwater, turning the volcano into a giant cannon. and those conditions for a powerful new eruption are now in
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place. all of this as a new crack in the earth has emerged. tonight, the threat zone across many miles. abc's marci gonzalez on the scene in hawaii again for us tonight. >> reporter: president trump now issuing the official disaster declaration, securing federal money to help pay for the ongoing emergency response here in hawaii, including the possibility of more evacuations. while tonight, this, a 16th fissure erupting, spewing more lava into an already devastated landscape. >> i don't know if this one will cause more evacuations, but it is in line with the rift zone. we are preparing for the worst, we are preparing for mass evacuations. >> reporter: officials also prepping for what they say is the likelihood of a massive steam explosion here at the summit of kilauea that could send refrigerator-sized boulders rocketing into the sky. outside of the park, residents being warned the explosion could send ash raining down for miles. >> this is not a life-threatening ash fall, but it is something that people need
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to be mindful of. >> reporter: worries about air quality from that and the sulfur dioxide still spewing from these fissures sparking long lines at stores. people desperate to buy respirators. >> we can't wait until the ash and the sulfur is down on us. we need it now. >> reporter: evacuated residents checking on their homes, still unsure when or if they'll be able to return. >> one day at a time. that's all i can do. my wife says, oh, what are we going to do next week? and i say, let's just make it through today. >> reporter: tom, geologists say that massive steam explosion could happen any day and there may not be just one. they say there could be multiple and they could go on for weeks. tom? >> marci gonzalez for us tonight. marci, thank you. let's turn to politics now, and a cleanup operation from the white house. after what a staff member said during an internal meeting about senator john mccain, who is battling brain cancer. sources tell abc news the press secretary, sarah sanders, chewed out her staff, but still no public apology.
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the white house also trying to correct the record about the latest statements the president's new lawyer, rudy giuliani, told a reporter. abc's tara palmeri is at the white house. >> reporter: tonight, for the first time, the white house publicly addressing the callous remark about senator john mccain. but still not apologizing. >> it was a joke. it was a badly considered joke. an awful joke that she said fell flat. >> reporter: the comment, made by white house staffer kelly sadler in a closed-door meeting, that mccain's opposition to their nominee for cia director gina haspel, "doesn't matter, because he's dying anyway." mccain is battling brain cancer. >> this was a private meeting. it was clearly -- the leak was designed to hurt that person. >> reporter: we're now learning press secretary sarah sanders has scolded her staff. white house sources say in a private meeting on friday she called the comments unacceptable, but was more angered by the leak. some now taking sadler's side. a person in the room telling us senior communications adviser mercedes schlapp said she "stood by kelly sadler," because she
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saw the leak as an attack. >> does she still have a job? >> i'm not going to comment on an internal staff meeting. >> reporter: sadler did privately apologize to mccain's daughter, meghan, but that was clearly not enough. >> i don't understand what kind of environment you're working in when that would be acceptable and then you can come to work the next day and still have a job. >> reporter: politicians outraged. mitt romney tweeting, "john mccain makes america great. those who mock such greatness only humiliate themselves and their silent accomplices." it was trump himself who famously attacked the republican senator. >> he's not a war hero. >> he's a war hero. five and a half years -- >> he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. >> reporter: tonight, the white house also cleaning up comments made by president trump's lawyer, rudy giuliani. in an interview with the huffington post, giuliani credited the president with blocking the time warner/at&t deal, saying, "the president denied the merger. they didn't get the result they wanted." during the campaign, trump spoke out against it. >> it's too much concentration of power in the hands of too
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few. >> reporter: the administration has maintained that trump had no influence on the decision. tonight, sarah sanders releasing a statement, saying, "the department of justice denied the merger." giuliani walking back those comments, telling cnn the president told him directly he didn't interfere. >> and tara joining us live from the white house. tara, rudy giuliani also pushing back on the notion that the president's former personal attorney, michael cohen, actually lobbied the president on behalf of the companies that paid him? >> reporter: that's right, tom. giuliani told the huffington post that the president had no idea that michael cohen was accepting payments from various companies for insight on the white house. at&t paid him $600,000 alone. he accepted a total of $4 million from various companies. tom? >> tara palmeri at the white house tonight for us. tara, thank you. next, new details about that violent confrontation at a waffle house in north carolina. the fbi now involved. a police officer appearing to choke and then take down a customer before placing him
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under arrest. tonight, several investigations are under way, as that customer speaks out about what happened before the officer arrived. here's abc's erielle reshef. >> get off me! >> reporter: tonight, the fbi joining the investigation into this incident at a north carolina waffle house. cell phone video showing an officer holding 22-year-old ant. wall seen earlier in the night yelling at waffle house staff, angry over the service. police asking witnesses for video to connect these tense moments. tonight, waffle house telling abc news, "we believe there is more to these stories than the short videos that have been posted might suggest." wall says it started when one of the employees refused to serve their party after they sat at a table that hadn't been cleaned. >> he just stopped and asked us, why the hell would we sit at a table that's dirty? >> reporter: wall now charged with disorderly conduct and resisting an officer, admitting
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he may have fueled the conflict. >> i think i went overboard, as far as, like, me going back and forth with them. it could have been avoided. >> reporter: but saying the officer's response was disproportionate. >> i got aggressive with him, because you are choking me. >> reporter: the mayor of warsaw defending the officer's actions in this facebook post. >> this is not a racially motivated issue. >> reporter: and tom, that officer is now on administrative leave, pending the outcome of the investigation. waffle house tells us they train their employees to call police if they feel they or their customers are in danger. tom? >> erielle, thank you. let's head overseas now to a new move by north korea, ahead of that high stakes summit with the united states. the government announcing they will dismantle its main nuclear test site in a public ceremony to show they mean to keep their promise to end their nuclear program. tonight, president trump called it a gracious gesture. abc's jennifer eccleston from london. >> reporter: tonight, north korea setting the stage to demolish this nuclear test site, punggye-ri, hidden inside a
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mountain and home to the atomic blasts that threatened peace on the korean peninsula. the north korean foreign ministry saying it will dismantle the facility later this month using explosives in its tunnels. to, quote, ensure transparency that it's ending testing. that move prompting a tweet tonight from the president, calling it "a very smart and gracious gesture." that gesture, a confidence-building move north korean leader kim jong-un first proposed with his south korean counterpart during landmark talks in april. the declaration coming hours after secretary of state mike pompeo revealed new potential incentives to the north. american aid to pyongyang's battered economy if it gets rid of its nukes. secretary pompeo back in washington after face-to-face talks with president kim earlier this week, securing the release of these three american prisoners and finalizing details
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of the historic june summit with president trump in singapore. tonight, north korea offering access to the nuclear site's demolition, sending a rare invitation to the international press, including americans. tom? >> jennifer eccleston with those new developments tonight. and north korea, a hot topic on "this week" tomorrow morning. martha raddatz going one-on-one with the president's new national security adviser, john bolton. and in iraq, a historic vote. the first elections since the country declared victory over isis, after a three-year siege in a major section of iraq. both the u.s. and iran competing for influence with parliamentary candidates. results are available in about 48 hours. negotiations to choose a prime minister could take months. now back here at home, wildfires breaking out across the southwest. the dramatic images coming in, take a look at that. this large fire caused by a lightning strike in kelton, texas, in the state's panhandle. and in arizona, some 5,000 acres scorched.
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a number of homes destroyed. mandatory evacuations in place. that fast-moving wildfire igniting near chino valley, all fueled by a worsening drought across the region. and next, the tornado watch in four states at this hour, and the severe weather threat from indiana all the way to new jersey for 30 million people. it could be a mother's day washout. abc's senior meteorologist rob marciano back with us on the weekend, and rob, we've been monitoring a tornado watch? >> reporter: yeah, very popul e populated area, tom. take a look. includes baltimore, philadelphia, all of delaware. until 1:00 a.m. after dark, it could get sketchy. and severe thunderstorms just south of pittsburgh. we've had some damage there, as well. couple more pulses that will come overnight, including chicago, could have some heavy rain, flash flooding there. and then another stretch of storms getting into d.c., maybe new york tomorrow morning. and then potentially record-breaking heat tomorrow. we hit 90 in atlanta today. probably better than that tomorrow. charlotte, 94, 92 in nashville. so, a hot mother's day across parts of the southeast, tom. >> all right, rob, and great to have you back. >> reporter: nice to be here. >> all right.
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still ahead on "world news tonight" this saturday, the terrifying moment captured on video at a big charity event in a city park. what set off this propane tank blast? and we'll take you inside a heart-stopping, high speed chase that included gunfire. all of it caught on police dash cam. plus, the late-night close encounter with a bear, giving a family and a police officer quite a scare. stay with us. dear great-great grandfather, you made moonshine in a backwoods still. smuggled booze and dodged the law. even when they brought you in, they could never hold you down. when i built my family tree and found you, i found my sense of adventure. i set off on a new life, a million miles away. i'm heidi choiniere, and this is my ancestry story. now with over 10 billion historical records, discover your story.
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5:47 pm
behind the wheel, suspect ruben salinas, seen firing out of the vehicle at that black pickup truck, driven by his ex-girlfriend's current boyfriend. investigators say the suspect, armed with a handgun, confronted the couple at a home in nearby melvindale. >> minor altercation between the girlfriend and the suspect to get the weapon away from him. >> reporter: the boyfriend took off. the suspect right behind him when police joined the dangerous pursuit. >> tactical training kicked in. we can never come up with every scenario, but out officers were trained well enough to think on their feet. >> reporter: officers struck salinas' car three times as he continued to fire shots. police say the terrifying chase ended when the suspect turned the gun on himself, taking his own life. tom, the boyfriend was not seriously injured. investigators say the suspect had no prior run-ins with the law, and inside his car, they found three weapons, including an ar-15. tom? >> kenneth, thank you. and up next, right here when we come back, the iphone
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you'll only pay $4.95. get your groove on with one a day 50+. ♪ get ready for the wild life ♪ complete multivitamins with key nutrients that address 6 concerns of aging, including heart health, supported by b-vitamins. your oneis showing. time now for our index, and the shock inside of a phone store in las vegas. surveillance video showing an iphone 6s catching fire on a counter just feet from an employee. that phone under repair for a cracked screen, possibly due to heat damage and an expanding battery. no injuries reported, and so far, no response from apple to our request for comment. now, to the blast reported outside of chicago's soldier field.
5:52 pm
the fire department says a propane tank exploded after a tent caught fire at an autism speaks event. a 60-year-old man rushed to the hospital. no other injuries immediately reported. that incident is now under investigation. and you may love their baby back ribs, but tonight, a nationwide warning for chili's customers. the restaurant reporting people who visited the chain between march and april may have had their credit or debit information hacked. chili's says it is working with a third party forensics team to get to the bottom of the breach. customers warned to keep a close eye on statements. chili's has some 1,600 restaurants in dozens of countries. and in california, homeowners northeast of los angeles reporting an uninvited guest. that bear captured on home surveillance video before dawn, knocking down a crawl space door, making himself at home. police called in, investigating that intruder. the bear disappearing into the night, right past the officer. so far, no arrests reported. and when we come back, the
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finally tonight, a dad hard at work on the job, a daughter catching him by surprise. the milestone moment neither will ever forget. here's abc's adrienne bankert. >> reporter: it was the first time vanessa macedo would be so dressed up, but she didn't want this crucial high school memory to be without one very important person. the mission oaks senior wanted to have the prom moment most teens dream about, without burdening her parents the extra cost. her father joaquin had been injured and was working selling fruit to make ends meet. >> i didn't want to bother him, so, my brother helped me pay for my dress. >> reporter: when the big night came, her dad had to work, so, she made a 25-mile detour to drop by and surprise him. joaquin says he never expected to see her so beautiful, the way she looked, and that he was very happy. vanessa thought it would be nice to share the video with friends, never expecting this father-daughter moment would be
5:58 pm
watched by millions. "i'm sorry that i wasn't able to get her what she wanted. i love her." and now that fruit stand has new customers. >> there was a customer that told him that good dads make good kids. >> reporter: a moment that was so much more than picture perfect. adrienne bankert, abc news, new york. >> vanessa is one amazing daughter. we thank adrienne for that story and we thank you for watching. i'm tom llamas in new york. "gma" and "this week" in the morning. and i'll see you right back here tomorrow night. have a great evening. good night. reat evening. good night.
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tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00, sonoma strong. a symbol of unity repeatedly stolen and vandalized. tonight a suspect good evening, and thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm dion lim. right now that wind isn't really powerful, but it is causing some problems. chp told us the winds are very high so make sure to take extra care driving tonight. >> police blame a tree that came down this afternoon. it has since been cleared. >> meantime firefighters blame
6:00 pm
the wind for making it difficult to control a fire in vall no one was hurt. the red cross is assisting the displaced residents. >> the wind ripped across the san francisco bay today. for more let's head over now to meteorologist drew tuma. >> right now the strongest winds we have are running through the delta at this hour. so wind, they're gusting to about 22 miles per hour right now in napa. wind gusts at 25 in fairfield. and at time to time we have seen similar winds around the region. so those winds ushering much cooler air. 13 degrees cooler in fairfield, 24 degrees cooler in santa rosa. tomorrow morning future tracker wind showing you pretty calm but those winds are expected to turn breezy once again tomorrow


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