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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  May 13, 2018 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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tonight, the paris terror attack. the deadly stabbing on the street. one person killed, four wounded. the attacker allegedly on a video released by isis. investigators now revealing he was on their radar. about to blow? new evacuations ordered as the volcano threat in hawaii grows more dangerous. new cracks opening in the earth. unstoppable lava closing in on a major power plant. the island bracing for a massive eruption. backyard bear attack. the 5-year-old girl dragged from her home. what her mother did to save her daughter. electric car dangers? four crashes involving tesla vehicles now under federal investigation. is new technology to blame, or is it human error? and the royal photo scandal. meghan markle's father and the
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paparazzi fiasco. this, less than a week before he walks his daughter down the aisle. >> announcer: from abc news this is "abc wor"abc world news ton." and good evening. thanks for joining us on this sunday. i'm tom llamas. we begin tonight with the terror attack in paris. authorities identifying the terror suspect behind the deadly knife assault on the street. at least one killed, four others wounded. the attacker then gunned down by police. investigators revealing new investigation, the suspect, you see him there, allegedly pledging allegiance to isis. he was in the police data basis. james longman starts us off from paris. >> reporter: terror chasing the innocent on french streets once again, a knife attack cutting at the heart of paris. the attack happening in an area packed with people enjoying their saturday evening near the paris opera. people inside bars and restaurants barricading themselves in as witnesses say a man shouted allahu akbar, god is
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great, as he dived randomly at pedestrians. >> i heard two gunshots ring, we waited a bit, then ventured outside a little bit more to see what was going on. >> reporter: police swiftly on the scene shooting and killing the suspect within nine minutes. he is now identified as khamzat azimov. born in 1997 in chechnya, a russian province long troubled by extremist islam, he became a french citizen in 2010 and was on a radicalization watchlist. tonight, azimov's parents and a friend are being questioned by police, as more evidence about his motives comes to light. azimov allegedly leaving a video behind pledging allegiance to isis, the group already claiming responsibility for his actions. a 29-year-old has been confirmed dead, four others with serious injuries from the attack. french president emmanuel macron tweeting, "france will not cede an inch to the enemies of freedom." >> and james longman joins us live from the scene of the
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deadly attack. security in paris already heightened after several attacks. do authorities believe this was an isolated incident? >> reporter: it certainly seems that way, tom. this was very ill planned and badly executed attack, nothing like the far bigger plots we've seen that have killed many more here. it is a reminder especially at this tourist time of year to stay vigilant. tom? >> james, thank you. we now move on to the breaking news here at home. the growing danger in hawaii, the volcano about to blow. two more towns forced to evacuate. fears growing of an eruption possibly at any moment. at least two new fissures opening in the ground. lava creeping up on more neighborhoods and a power plant. work crews scrambling to somehow avoid a potential disaster. abc's marci gonzalez is in hawaii. >> reporter: tonight, new evacuations ordered as yet another crack opens in the ground.
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lava bubbling out of the 17th fissure to erupt here on hawaii's big island in more than a week. fears now that a major roadway could be cut off, potentially stranding some residents. this fissure opened up in a wooded area. it is nowhere near any homes, but the concern is that more could open up and so they're telling people who are not in evacuation zones to be ready to get out immediately. the latest eruptions, happening less than a mile from this geothermal plant. the 60,000 gallons of flammable chemicals stored there removed but some residents say they're still worried. >> i don't want to get smogged out with geothermal toxins. >> reporter: this, as people brace for another kind of unnerving eruption. a massive steam explosion here at kilauea's summit is expected any day. geologists say it could send giant boulders rocketing out of this crater. that ash potentially raining down for miles. >> if there is a steam explosion, the national guard might have a bigger play dealing with evacuations, dealing with security. it has a major impact in the
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area. >> reporter: and tonight, big concerns about the air quality. these mountains of lava are still emitting toxic fumes. it's part of the reason the national guard says evacuation could still be issued for 2,000 people. tom? >> so many on edge. marci, thank you. we do move on to a frightening story out of colorado. a 5-year-old girl attacked by a bear, dragged from her home. the girls mother running from the house when she heard the screens. here's clayton sandell. >> reporter: tonight, wildlife officials in grand junction, colorado, on the hunt after a horrifying mother's day bear attack. >> their daughter was just attacked. >> reporter: 5-year-old kimberly cyr's mother saying she heard screams from the backyard around 2:30 sunday morning. she went outside coming face-to-face with a large black bear dragging her daughter. the animal dropping the child when mom began to yell. >> the daughter will be going to
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the hospital, we're still getting further -- >> she yelled, screamed, made lots of noise. the bear dropped her daughter. >> reporter: her dad says the girl went outside because she thought she heard dogs barking in the backyard. black bears can weigh up to 600 pounds and run as fast as 30 miles an hour. authorities setting up traps and using dogs to find the bear. warning residents to be on alert. >> do not run from a bear. don't try to climb a tree. a bear can do those things much faster than we can. >> reporter: if the bear is caught, officials say it will have to be euthanized. officials saying this spring, there's plenty of natural bear food out there, but they're always hungry. they're urging people to keep their trash locked away. and not to feed any wildlife. the good news is, the family says the girl will be okay. >> clayton, thank you. to the white house tonight. president trump gearing up for next month's summit with kim jong-un. the president thank the north korean leader in a tweet for
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promises to dismantle his nuclear test site prior to their meeting. the white house warning this is far from a done deal, though. here's tara palmeri. >> reporter: tonight, president trump, hitting the golf course, while his national security team lays out the plans for his historic meeting with north korean leader kim jong-un. >> president trump will be able to size kim jong-un up, and see whether the commitment is real. >> reporter: the president's goal, complete and irreversible did you -- north korea. but he's also said he's willing to walk away from negotiations. >> i hope to have a very successful meeting. if we don't think it will be successful, we won't have it. if the meeting is not fruitful, i will respectfully leave the meeting. >> reporter: still, the president remains optimistic. >> we're going to set the table, we're going to make a great deal for the world, for north korea, for south korea, for japan, for china. >> reporter: north korean officials setting the stage. announcing they'll dismantle this nuclear site within weeks. saying they will use explosives to blow up its tunnels to,
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quote, "ensure transparency," even inviting american journalists to see the scene. in response, president trump swiftly tweeting, "thank you, a very smart and gracious gesture!" >> if they want to open to the rest of the world, if they want to become a normal nation like south korea, the quicker they denuclearize, the quicker that will come. >> reporter: this comes after secretary of state mike pompeo announced the u.s. could help north korea with its economy if they get rid of their nukes. pompeo saying the u.s. isn't aiming to remove kim from power. >> we will have to provide security assurances to be sure. this has been the trade-off that has been pending for 25 years. >> tara palmeri joining us live now from the white house. tara, what is the administration saying about bringing a peace deal before congress? >> reporter: tom, bolton said it's entirely possible they will present the treaty to congress, to ratify it into law. this is a way to make sure his success ors can't be able to
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withdraw from the agreement like president trump withdrew from the iran deal and they want to ma make sure his success or doesn't do the same. >> thank you. and a new headline about the freed american hostages from north korea. the pentagon said they were released from walter reed medical center and reunited with their families. all three said to be in good spirits and adjusting to their freedom, after returning to the u.s. last week. next to the eve of a monumental shift in american policy. president trump igniting months of protests with his decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. ivanka trump and jared kushner, you see them there, joining the delegation for the ceremony. terry moran is in jerusalem. >> reporter: a warm embrace and greetings for two of president trump's senior advisers, his daughter and son-in-law. both arriving in israel today to witness one of the president's most controversial campaign promises fulfilled. >> i have determined that it is time to officially recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. >> reporter: that announcement
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included moving embassy operations to jerusalem, now set to open monday. the president's decision marks a dramatic break of decades on u.s. neutrality on what jerusalem's status should be. both sides claim the city as their capital. the decision angering palestinians and some allies fearful the move could lead to mass violence. in gaza, weeks of protests leading up to israel's 70th anniversary of independence have left more than 40 dead and hundreds more wounded by israeli fire. now hamas is threatening to storm and destroy the border fence. all this as the israeli military reinforced trips in the gaza strip. and police anticipating more violence on tuesday. the american embassy will for now be just a few offices while a permanent embassy is being
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built. the move has made president trump a hero here. president trump will address the opening via a video link, and they've already named a train station after him. tom? >> terry, thank you. news tonight about the deadly church attack in indonesia. police believe a family of suicide bombers are responsible for the attack. killing seven people, injuring more than 40. authorities believe the attackers involve a father, mother, and four children. back at home, let's turn to weather. the severe storm possibility tonight, a lightning strike, the potential cause of a house fire in mill creek, delaware. large hail pounding away on cars near belle vernon, pennsylvania. and more storms on the way as the work week begins. let's get right to rob marciano. you were telling me, some areas got back to back strikes? >> yeah, the pattern hasn't changed much. southern pennsylvania hit hard.
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and some severe thunderstorm watches, d.c. until 7:00 p.m. and in the texas panhandle. and tomorrow, everything shifts a little bit farther to the east. and across the ohio valley. and another day of probably some record-breaking heat. 98 in columbia, south carolina today. we'll do 90 or better tomorrow there. st. louis, 90 in indianapolis. very warm for this time of year. >> rob, thanks. next tonight, the paparazzi fiasco before the royal wedding. meghan markle's father accused of staging photos for the paparazzi possibly making big money as his daughter gets ready for her big day. the royal family, known for trying to keep the paparazzi at a distance. paula faris at buckingham palace. >> reporter: tonight, as the world gets ready for harry and meghan's highly anticipated wedding, a potential embarrassment playing out across
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the british tabloids. the uk's mail on sunday publishing these photos of megan's father, thomas markle, allegedly participating in a staged photo shoot with a paparazzi. >> it will not please the queen in any way and given that the palace have issued this statement to newspaper editors pleading for his privacy it makes them look rather stupid. >> reporter: over the weekend, buckingham palace released this instrument of consent, signifying that queen elizabeth has approved the union. kensington palace also announced that chicago bishop michael curry will join the archbishop of canterbury at the couple's chapel service. and despite the palace announcing meghan and harry requested charitable donations instead of presents, there is reportedly a private gift registry at london's soho house, the exclusive, members-only club where meghan and harry had their first date. the only family members meghan has invited are her mother and father. while she was spending mother's day with her mom in london, her father is expected to arrive shortly, and meet his future
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son-in-law for the first time, amid this embarrassing paparazzi scandal. tom? >> paula faris will be reporting all week from london. paula, thank you. and abc news will have live coverage of the royal wedding, coverage begins next saturday at 5:00 a.m. eastern. a special edition of "good morning america" and a wrap-up on "world news tonight." and there's much more ahead on "world news tonight" this sunday. the fast-moving fire triggering an evacuation at this high-rise. residents forced to run for their lives. plus, what sparked this deadly showdown between a suspect and police? all caught on camera. a deputy caught in the cross fire. what sparked this showdown? and, how did this tesla end up a twisted pile of metal? a number of investigations now involving the car maker. the big question, is new technology to blame? we'll be right back. >> announcer: this is "abc world
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back now wit back now with the investigation into the latest crash involving a tesla. the big question tonight, is new technology to blame, or is it human error? here's abc's will carr. >> reporter: tonight, this tesla model "s" mangled. the front of the car destroyed after crashing into a utah fire truck. witnesses say the driver failed to stop at the intersection. the electric car barreling down the road at 60 mice an hour just before the collision. the 28-year-old driver suffering a broken ankle. police say they're now investigating whether the tesla's pioneering autopilot system was engaged or not. in florida, it's not the autopilot, but the electric car's lithium ion batteries catching fire, now part of a federal investigation after a high-speed crash this week in ft. lauderdale. flames engulfed the car, killing two teens trapped inside. >> no one could help, and that just crushed me. >> reporter: tesla called the crash "devastating" but says gas-powered cars are five times more likely to catch fire.
4:18 pm
still, crashes involving teslas now the focus of four ntsb investigations. >> new technology is generally something to be embraced. the question is, is it being introduced in a way that the proper oversight that's been tested and vetted before it hits the road and before people are using it? >> reporter: in march, another tesla caught fire after a crash in california. the driver, killed. a source telling abc news the battery reignited at an impound lot nearly a week later. tom, as for that crash in utah, authorities tell us they're investigating whether it was a technology failure or something else. tesla told us they are glad no one was seriously hurt. tom? >> will, thank you. up next, the scare at six flags. an amusement park ride igniting in flames. what happened here? plus, the special guest, wheeled into this high school prom, sparking some debate tonight. the tiger at the prom. stay with us. get your groove on with one a day 50+.
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time now for our "index." and the fast-moving fire overseas. flames ripping into that 15-story tower in dubai. sending residents running. that building evacuated. no word on what set it off, and no injuries reported. safety experts warn tens of thousands of skyscrapers across the uae need more fire-resistant exteriors. next, back here at home, to the shootout with a sheriff's deputy in ohio, all caught on camera. happening after a high-speed chase in southwest columbus. police say a traffic stop turned deadly after the 55-year-old driver took off. they say the suspect shot the deputy and was then killed in return fire. the seven-year veteran of the force undergoing surgery, but is expected to recover. and this scary moment at six flags outside of atlanta. take a look. a train ride catching fire, engulfed in flames and thick smoke. two employees taken to the hospital with burns. one injured guest treated on the scene. luckily, no guests onboard at the time. what sparked the fire is still unknown.
4:23 pm
and if you thought your prom night was wild, look at this. a tiger at a prom in miami as part of the jungle theme. at least one mom concerned for the kids' safety, and for the tiger's treatment. along with fire dancers, an african fox, and other animals. the school responding that all the animals were displayed in a very controlled situation. when we come back this mother's day, most parents dream of the day they'll see their kids graduate college. for this mom and her son, celebrating will be twice as sweet. stay with us. for this mom and her son, celebrating will be twice as sweet. stay with us.
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finally tonight, the incredible comeback. a mother and son, cheering each other on against all odds, beating cancer, homelessness, and now celebrating a major milestone. >> reporter: in south florida at broward college's graduation ceremony, two grads with one incredible story. mother patricia love davis and her son kenneth mccray graduating together. side by side is how they've gotten through life. >> it's been pretty hard the past few years for me, but i know it's been harder for her. >> reporter: kenneth was just 6 when his dad died, then three years later his mom patricia was diagnosed with lymphoma. >> i went from a $4,000 income to zero. and we had actually become homeless for two years. >> reporter: even cancer and homelessness couldn't stop this mother and son duo. >> when you hit the bottom, you have nowhere else but up. as hard as we hit it, i knew it could only get better from
4:28 pm
there. >> reporter: so they kept at it, patricia following her son into college. their comeback propelling them to the front row on graduation day. patricia telling us what it was like. >> you know that feeling when you're a kid, that feeling before christmas eve? that was how i felt, like it was christmas. >> reporter: and though it was kenneth's day as well, all he could think about was his mom. >> i'm really proud of you, and i don't know anyone stronger than you. and also that i love you very much. >> thank you. >> so tonight, we salute kenneth and his mom. for their incredible come back. and to all the moms out there, happy mother's day. thanks for watching. i'm tom llamas in new york. "gma" first thing in the morning. david muir will be right back here tomorrow night. have a great evening. good night.
4:29 pm
>> i heard what sounded like a jet turbine. >> on abc 7 news, growing threat on the island of hawaii. a new round of evacuations ordered today as the risk of volcanic explosions expands. >> 60 miles an hour and not stopping. investigators say a tesla slammed into the back of a truck. the one feature they're focusing on in their investigation. >> a day for mom. the effort to make mother's day one to remember for a local group of women. >> live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> she can't be replaced. >> an east bay family left dealing with the loss of a mother/wife. now the community is rallying around this family to help. hi there, thank you for joining us. >> we begin with a heartbreaking loss for an oakland family following a deadly crash. >> abc 7 news reporter, cornell
4:30 pm
bernard spoke to the family. >> they're struggling but getting support. >> they really are. this family has been through so much. but the community is helping them heal and deal with the loss of a beloved wife and mother. >> she was the best mom ever. she was the best wife ever. >> we apologize it appears we do not have cornell bernard's package. we will fry try to bring tight as soon as we can. oh, ready now. let's take a look. >> she was the best mom ever. she was the best wife ever. >> ledonald griffin can't believe christina davis is gone. she leaves behind seven children. ranging in age from 5 to 15. davis was visiting relatives in jacksonville, florida in march when a fiery car crash took her life and the lives of her sister and her boyfriend. and a 9-year-old nephew. >> like worst day ever. we was on the phone, me and my daughter, patty was


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