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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 14, 2018 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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looking toward mount diablo and the rays and sun looking through the clouds. >> see you again in 25 minute the volcano emergency growing in hawaii. a dangerous new crack appears spewing lava into the air. now new fears of a massive eruption. police going door to door telling people to leave right now. also breaking jared kushner and ivanka trump right there as a new u.s. embassy opens in jerusalem this morning. massive protests already under way. gunshots fired at the border. new southwest scare. passengers racing to put on oxygen masks as the plane's cabin loses pressure forcing the flight to make an emergency landing. royal trouble. meghan markle's father allegedly staging photos with the paparazzi just days before his daughter's big day. this coming after prince harry famously blasted photographers
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for their role in his mother's death. now markle's family speaking out. and prom gone wild. the uproar this morning over a live tiger brought on to the dance floor. did this high school take its theme too far? good morning, and i hope you had a good mother's day. who would bring a tiger to the prom? >> what was the theme, welcome to the jungle. >> yeah. >> it was not quite like the prom i had back in the day but we'll talk about that coming up. first we're going to begin with that volcano emergency. new images this morning showing that eruption under way in hawaii. >> a new crack forming. the 18th crack so far and more evacuations are under way. our chief national correspondent matt gutman is there on hawaii's big island with the latest. good morning to you, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, michael. we are about as close as you can get to that 18th fissure. police say this is the largest
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one yet and you may be able to hear what sounds like thunder in the distance. it's not. it's those pops of eruptions happening and driving in this morning i was able to see it light up the night sky from about ten miles away. our crew here actually felt the ground shudder. that's one reason that officers here have been going door to door urging people to get out. this morning, fears growing as now 18 fissures, this one several football fields in length, rip through the earth of hawaii's big island, huge explosions this morning hurling lava reportedly hundreds of feet into the air. >> the bigger explosions i've actually seen rocks fly over the treeline. >> reporter: listen as molten rock gurgles from the earth. >> first thing that i noticed was i heard what sounded like a jet turbine. >> reporter: a sudden bang interrupting this live newscast from our hawaii affiliate, kitv.
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>> again, this is -- >> reporter: just feet away from homes steam rising from cracks in the blacktop and lava creeping just a mile away from this geothermal plant, the 60,000 gallons of flammable chemicals stored there removed, but residents still on edge. >> i don't want to get smogged out with geothermal blow-out toxins. >> reporter: this drone video shot over the weekend shows the scope of the lava flow, a river of molten black rock swallowing roads, homes, charring sections of forest. another major concern, potential steam explosion. the lava lake at hawaii's kilauea volcano dropping more than a thousand feet out of sight. scientists worry that if it drops below the water table and rockfall creates a blockage the steam generated could build up enough pressure to send car-size boulders flying into the air.
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you can see that steam in the light from that lava gurgling out right now. it is still happening but obviously that major concern is the possible explosive eruption. if that happens, it could spew ash over a 12-square-mile area. that could affect the 50,000 people that live on this side of the big island and the big question is, if they are evacuated, where do you house all of these people? michael. >> all right, thank you so much, matt. scary thought, indeed. that volcano in hawaii is raising fears of a possible eruption on the west coast. ginger is tracking that. good morning, ginger. >> good morning, michael. there have been articles all over the internet that are saying the same thing. they're saying, well, if hawaii is erupting the 13 volcanoes on the west coast of the united states of america, they've got to be going. it's not true. so whatever you're reading out there, i want to you take note that hawaii is in the middle of what is called the ring of fire meaning that it is not on the ring of fire. there are different tectonic
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plates that kind of -- that cause this so i want to tell you that around that u-shaped ring of fire, those are from the collisions of the tectonic plates. hawaii itself is on the hawaiian ridge, so it's in the middle of the pacific plate, and it's formed by something called a hot spot, so it's a completely different formation, completely different eruption. a variable that gets it going and just something so we can really distinguish what's happening there. at the same time doesn't mean you don't pay attention to all of the warnings but right now there are no other warnings for the west coast. michael? >> all right. good news, ginger. you said ring of fire. i was thinking johnny cash. i'm glad you explained that to everybody. thank you. robin? >> clear that up for you, michael. overseas to jerusalem where the new u.s. embassy is opening this morning on israel's 70th anniversary. ivanka trump and her husband jared kushner are there as protests erupt at the border. our chief foreign correspondent terry moran is there in jerusalem with the latest. good morning, terry. of course, this marks an historic change in u.s. policy.
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>> reporter: it sure does, robin. good morning, it is a momentous day here. so many powerful emotions. there's history and jubilation and violence in the air and in just a couple of hours that opening ceremony for the new american embassy here, ivanka trump and jared kushner leading the u.s. delegation. president trump will speak via a video statement and the president's decision to move the embassy here breaks with decades the american policy. the idea was always that the u.s. would remain neutral on that incredibly tense issue of jerusalem's final status while palestinians and israelis negotiated through their conflict but president trump ended all that and the reason it's so tense is that both sides claim this city as their capital. them, are just thrilled about it. they're proud. they think it's about time. prime minister benjamin netanyahu is triumphant.
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for the palestinians, however, this is another hard blow to their fading hopes. the palestinian government of prime minister mahmoud abbas has actually cut off all contacts with the u.s. for weeks now. robin. >> we see the video, of course, terry, and the number of palestinians that are protesting. we're already hearing reports of numerous injuries. >> reporter: it's an extraordinary scene along the gazan border. hamas has called for a mass demonstration. apparently tens of thousands of palestinians moving towards that border. hamas says tear down the fence. many have been killed. many injured. this represents the culmination of weeks of protest at that border. 40 have already been killed in those weeks and it looks like today is going to be a very violent day. historic and happy in israel. violent and tragic on the other side of the border. >> two different scenes. all right, terry, thanks very much. george. to the white house and the latest on that high stakes nuclear summit with north korea. the president's security team out in force laying the groundwork and raising expectations. our chief white house correspondent jon karl tracking it all.
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jon, they're holding out hope for a dramatic transformation with north korea. >> reporter: a huge transformation, george. the white house says that the president is undergoing extensive preparations for this summit and mike pompeo who has now met with kim jong-un twice says the north korean dictator is also preparing extensively and watching western press of all of this and among the expectations being raised here by the national security adviser john bolton is that north korea could turn over its nuclear weapons to be stored here in the united states at a facility here in the u.s. and bolton in talking about that raised the possibility of not just easing sanctions on north korea but actually seeing large amounts of trade and investment, u.s. trade and investment in north korea. >> hard to wrap your head around that kind of change. all against the backdrop of tense negotiations with china as well, so important to the north korea equation and these trade negotiations are playing out in public. the president's tweets. >> reporter: and this is something else, a large chinese
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electronics company, zte, that was sanctioned because they had done trade with iran and north korea. the president tweeted over the weekend that he was going to try to roll back those sanctions. president xi of china and i are working together to give massive chinese phone company zte a way to get back into business fast. too many jobs in china lost. george, this is the first time i have ever seen president trump talk about job loss in china. really something else. >> yeah, that was really something, and just quickly, jon, on this controversy over john mccain and pretty tasteless comments made by a white house staffer, appears no apology is coming. >> reporter: well, meghan mccain told abc news over the weekend that kelly sadler, the white house staffer who made that comment had said she would publicly apologize. that public apology has not come, but meghan mccain was told it is coming. we'll see. >> jon, thanks very much. we're going to turn now to that terror attack in paris. isis is claiming responsibility for the deadly knife attack by a
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20-year-old who stabbed five people, killing one, before he was taken down by police. abc's james longman has the latest, and james, police now questioning the killer's family. >> reporter: that's right. george, good morning. this suspect's parents and a friend being questioned today but this terrifying attack hit streets packed with people enjoying their saturday evening near the paris opera house. a man armed with a knife stabbing randomly at pedestrians. he killed one person and injured four others. people inside bars and restaurants barricaded themselves in as witnesses say he shouted allahu akbar, god is great, as he lunged at them. the islamic state has claimed responsibility for his actions. the police were very quick to react, shooting and killing the man, neutralizing the incident in nine minutes amazingly. the suspect has been identified as 20-year-old khamzat azimov on a radicalization watch list. this was not a well planned or executed attack, nothing like the bigger plots that left many more dead in the bataclan for
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instance, but it's a reminder of the tourist season to stay vigilant. >> james longman, thanks very much. michael. >> thank you, george. here at home new trouble for southwest airlines. a frightening incident caught on camera. passengers putting on oxygen masks after pressure dropped on the plane. abc's david kerley is at reagan national with the latest. good morning to you, david. >> reporter: good morning, michael. another incident as you mentioned for southwest airlines and, again, it is passengers donning those emergency oxygen masks. this morning new details on that southwest flight. oxygen masks dropping as the jet loses pressurization heading to dallas. >> do you have emergency vehicles standing by for us? >> affirmative. >> reporter: the 120 passengers traveling from denver putting on those oxygen masks. >> i reached over and grabbed josh by the arm because i didn't know whether we were going to make it or not. >> reporter: passengers glen eichelberger and josh trimburger said the masks came down about 30 minutes outside of dallas. those emergency vehicles standing by along the runway. >> you could feel the tension in
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the air because we didn't really know what was going on. i was just trying to comfort the people around me and there wasn't much more we could do. >> reporter: this is the third high-profile incident on a southwest jet in recent weeks. last month, jennifer riordan was killed after being partially sucked out a window when engine shrapnel blew out that window. that was a rapid depressurization coming at 32,000 feet. two weeks ago a cracked window prompted another southwest emergency landing. in this latest incident, southwest says in a statement that the crew radioed ahead for paramedics to meet the aircraft after a pressurization issue in flight. following an uneventful landing, initial reports indicate four of the 120 customers on board requested a check from paramedics to assess ear pain. so the question this morning, what caused that depressurization event on the saturday evening flight? all southwest is saying is that 737 jet is staying in dallas
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where it is undergoing a maintenance review. michael. >> all right, thank you so much, david, really appreciate that. george. >> thank you, michael. now to a violent police encounter caught on camera in milwaukee where an officer arresting a teen is seen punching the 17-year-old twice. you see it there. the incident under investigation. abc's gio benitez here with the story. good morning, gio. >> reporter: yeah, george. good morning to you. it happened at a mall 20 minutes outside milwaukee. the video went viral over the weekend. take a look at this again. it's a very short clip about seven seconds long but you can see the officer tackling then repeatedly punching the 17-year-old. wauwatosa police said they received a call friday about five young men acting disorderly causing a disturbance inside the mall. police released a statement saying, this video only showed a small segment. you can see that video right there. police say they are reviewing additional video that they say shows the teen beginning to fight the police officer. the police chief saying they look into all use of force cases
7:14 am
and will be investigating. >> so will they be releasing that additional video? >> they're be looking at it. that's going to be key. >> thanks very much. >> thank you, george. now alert about gas prices. they could rise to levels we have not seen in years. abc's eva pilgrim is at a gas station here in new york city and, eva, president trump pulling out of the iran nuclear deal is playing a role in the gas hike. >> reporter: that's exactly right, michael. if your mouth is dropping when you fill up, you are not alone. as we head into the summer travel season, drivers across the country are seeing a significant bump in the price of gas. this morning the national average, $2.87. that's 44 cents higher than it was this time last year. in nine states drivers are already paying more than 3 bucks a gallon for regular. in california, the average price, $3.69, so why the rise? there were already concerns over crude oil supply levels. add to that the fallout from president trump's decision to
7:15 am
reinstate sanctions on iran, the world's fifth largest oil producer. those higher prices are on track to cost americans an extra $38 billion in 2018. now, the good news is we haven't neared that all-time high of $4.11 a gallon from back in 2008 but the sanctions on iran could make prices continue to climb. now, some key things to watch. will iran's crude oil exports be significantly restricted and whether saudi arabia or another country will fill that gap. we will have to wait and see what happens and just how high these prices climb. michael. >> all right, thank you, eva. rising just in time for summer travel. >> that's usually the case. >> you know that. we're now to a 5-year-old girl lucky to be alive after a bear attack in colorado. the little girl's mother coming to the rescue and clayton sandell has the story where she's recovering outside the hospital. >> their daughter was just attacked. >> reporter: this morning the hunt is on for a black bear that attacked a 5-year-old girl. >> at 5:30 this morning it rang and it was the police telling us to stay in place, shelter in
7:16 am
place. they said there's an aggressive bear on the loose in this area. >> reporter: officials say early sunday morning 5-year-old kimberly cyr thought she heard a noise outside. when she went to check it out she accidentally surprised a large bear. >> the mother heard screaming around 2:30 a.m. and walked outside to see the bear had her daughter in its jaws. >> reporter: her mom screamed scaring the bear away. kimberly went to the hospital. her surgery lasting nearly three hours. >> she had a total of 77 stitches on the outside. >> reporter: teams are searching for the bear placing traps warning people to be on alert. and the reason wildlife officials tell us they have to put that bear down is because it did attack a person. sources tell us the girl had nearly six dozen stitches because of that bear attack. the good news is that doctors here tell us little kimberly is expected to be okay. >> we're glad to hear that. thank you, clayton. how about nba playoffs now. down to the final four if you will.
7:17 am
it has been a battle to milwaukee it to the championship. last night, king james and the cavaliers losing big time to the celtics in game one. 108-83 in game one of the eastern conference finals. lebron scoring just 15 points. tonight, the warriors will open the western conference finals against those rockets in h-town. >> yes, come on, houston. >> if the warriors and cavs both make it back to the finals, it will be the fourth year in a row that that has happened but the celtics and the rockets have something to say about that. >> two good opponents. celtics looked really good yesterday. >> but king james says not to worry. that's what he says. he's not worried. >> a long way to go. you're right about that. now we'll go back to ginger and, ginger, that severe weather over the weekend. this is moving from texas to virginia. >> yeah, broad area to talk about so let's start with what we saw, could have been a downburst. they'll still do the survey in parts of pennsylvania. look at the damage that happened in pennsylvania thanks to winds easily above 60, 70 miles per hour. that hail falling in kansas. that low riding along --
7:18 am
actually several lows but pulses of energy that ride along that front that's going to be in the same place going to give an area from wichita through de mind, through chicago all the way into virginia the chance for severe storms this afternoon and evening. then we look at tomorrow and i really wanted to highlight this because over the weekend i put out a tornado watch in philadelphia and baltimore. they said we don't get those. you got a chance tomorrow again of severe weather in the mid-atlantic. your local weather in 30 seconds. first though, the select cities sponsored by venture card.
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upper 50s along the coast, mid to upper 60s along the bay. and coming up, meghan markle's father raising eyebrows just days before the royal wedding allegedly taking staged photos for the paparazzi. now markle's family speaking out. a student napping in a yale common room when the police were called. now telling her story right here on "gma." common room when the police were called. now telling her story right here on "gma." her story on "gma."
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re-established 2018. good morning to you. putting a stop to a disturbing trend on b.a.r.t., you have probably seen this video from april that shows drug addicts appearing to shoot up as commuters walk by at the b.a.r.t. civic's station. b.a.r.t. riders may soon see san francisco police patrolling b.a.r.t. stations calling this situation unacceptable. >> we have two trouble spots in the east bay, first one still trying to clean up the crash and if you're traveling through alamo, 680 past
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brought business and labor together to expand career training and apprenticeships, invested in transportation and helped create over 200,000 living wage jobs. antonio villaraigosa for governor. i support the affordable care act, and voted against all trump's attempts to repeal it.
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but we need to do more. i believe in universal health care. in a public health option to compete with private insurance companies. and expanding medicare to everyone over 55. and i believe medicare must be empowered to negotiate the price of drugs. california values senator dianne feinstein to negotiate the price of drugs. that violent crime went up 18% in san francisco. in la, mayor antonio villaraigosa
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put more police on the streets and cut violent crime in half. california's police chiefs trust antonio for governor. . a pretty marginalized heir mass. the san mateo bridge is going to be a little bit slow. you'll see the fastest breezes between 2:00 and 5:00. >> coming up, meghan markle's family drama. the princess to be's father now accused of staging paparazzi c
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milk helps kids grow strong. serve real milk at mealtime. ♪ oh, yeah, that is carrie underwood returning to "american idol" performing, mentoring the contestants on the show that launched her career. now that they're down to the final three, they'll face off, kicking off live on sunday right here on abc. >> who is getting launched this year? we will find out. top headline, a situation in hawaii getting worse. an 18th crack has opened up from that volcano on the big island. more residents are being told to evacuate as fears grow about lava hurling hundreds of feet into the air. tensions are high as the u.s. embassy opens in jerusalem. deadly clashes already erupting at the border. you see them right there. also, take a look at these
7:31 am
photos. the survivors of two mass shootings together, james shaw, the hero who stopped the waffle house shooting last month meeting with the students from the parkland high school. emma gonzalez who pushed for tighter gun restrictions tweed, the most legendary breakfast i ever had in my life. >> great to see. this half hour we begin with new questions about meghan markle's father. the mail on sunday alleging that thomas markle participated in staged photos for the paparazzi. now markle's family is speaking out. abc's paula faris is at buckingham palace with the story. good morning to you, paula. >> reporter: hey, top of the morning to you, michael. you know, the timing couldn't be worse. while these were taken months ago of thomas markle in mexico they were just released and this morning, we are learning that meghan's estranged half-sister samantha was behind it all. for meghan markle, it's just another embarrassing story line.
7:32 am
these seemingly candid photos are making headlines. the uk's "mail" on sunday publishing these photos and a surveillance video that it says showed thomas staging photos posing for the paparazzi according to "the mail" on sunday. meghan's father, a 73-year-old retired hollywood lighting director who worked on shows like "general hospital" and "married with children," arrived with a photographer at this internet cafe in mexico where he currently lives and allegedly started posing for the photos. the paper showing him reading articles online about his daughter's upcoming nuptials to prince harry, scanning over a book called "images of britain" and working out ahead of the big day. and then there's even this shot, allegedly being measured for his wedding suit by not a tailor but a party store assistant who "the
7:33 am
mail" on sunday says was paid $15 by markle for his participation in the shot. the possibly problematic photos taken less than two months before his daughter's wedding reportedly selling for nearly $140,000. though "the mail" on sunday reported it's not known if thomas received any payment for his alleged participation, his other daughter samantha markle, meghan's half-sister, tweeted, the bad press over my father doing staged photos is my fault. the media was unfairly making him look bad so i suggested he do positive photos for his benefit and the benefit of the royal family. we had no idea he would be taken advantage of. it was not for money. just last year in a bbc documentary about the life of princess diana, prince harry discussed the pain he felt knowing the paparazzi's role in his mother's death. >> i think one of the hardest things to come to terms with is the fact that the people that chased her into the tunnel were the same people that were taking photographs of her while she was still dying in the backseat of the car.
7:34 am
>> reporter: while this should be a time of joy for meghan, her family continues to be a source of embarrassment. her half-sister, samantha, who is estranged is also writing a disparaging tell-all book. meghan has only invited two family members to the wedding, her mother and father and her father now has to meet the royal family and his future son-in-law for the very first time amidst this scandal and kensington palace is not commenting. to be a fly on the wall when he gets to meet harry and the royal family for the first time. >> such an important week. this is one way that she is relatable. families have issued but to be in the royal family now -- >> it's tough. >> it's really tough. >> everybody has a little family drama. >> the joy between the two cannot be -- >> exactly. the interview with the yale student who was greeted by
7:35 am
police when she fell asleep at her dorm's common room after a fellow student called the cops on her. linsey davis has more. >> reporter: lolade siyonbola said she thought it was a joke and seems like a real-life episode of "dear white people." it highlights the kift difficulties. siyonbola describes what happened as a sad reality. a new normal she says she encounters daily. this morning, for the first time on "gma," yale student lolade siyonbola is speaking out about that viral confrontation she had with police in her dorm. >> i was like, you have got to be kidding me. this has to be a joke, you know. >> reporter: this white student called police on siyonbola who fell asleep while writing a paper in her dorm's common area. >> i have every right to call the police. you cannot sleep in that room. >> reporter: four officers respond to the call. >> once we verify that you're a resident here then we'll be on our way. >> i used a key to show that was my apartment. i thought that should have been enough. i don't think if i looked
7:36 am
differently that it would have gone any further than that. >> reporter: siyonbola tells police the same woman called police on her friend, a fellow student, back in march. that student says when he asked her for directions she responded saying this -- >> you're making me uncomfortable. i don't feel safe around you. you're an intruder. you need to get out. you need to leave. you need to get out. >> reporter: the university president responded to the incident saying we must neither condone nor excuse racism, prejudice or discrimination at yale. >> someone who uses the police in the way that sarah used the police should be held accountable. there needs to be punitive measures for people who, you know, act out of racially motivated, you know, bias. >> reporter: frustration is growing in the black community. the headline on one website, add taking a nap in your dorm common room to the list of things you can't do while black. the facebook video has gotten more than 1.5 million views. >> none of this is really new. none of it is shocking. every day someone is treated with racial bias. every day people are being
7:37 am
approached by the police. getting ridiculous treatment from the police. >> reporter: on her facebook page siyonbola wrote that the black yale community is beyond incredible and taking good care of me. i know this incident is a drop in the bucket of the trauma that black folk have endured and she says she would like to see expulsion or disciplinary action on the woman who made the call. >> calling 911, isn't that -- >> you would think there would be something. >> something. >> but something should have to happen. >> right. okay. linsey, thanks very much. coming up, did this high school prom go too far? look at that. live tiger in the middle of the dance floor. some parents are outraged this morning. we'll tell you about it. e floor. some parents are outraged this morning. we'll tell you about it. as a control enthusiast, i'm all-business when i travel... even when i travel... for leisure. so i go national, where i can choose any available upgrade in the aisle - without starting any conversations-
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we are back with a wild high school prom where a number of live animals including a tiger were brought in as entertainment that caused a bit of an uproar. abc's victor oquendo is there with the story. good morning, victor. >> reporter: good morning, george. we just spoke with the school's principal who now says they went too far and they regret it. this is the scene causing an uproar this morning. a live tiger pacing back and forth in its cage in the middle of a dance floor surrounded by high school students celebrating prom in miami over the weekend. the music is blaring and just feet away performers were with flaming torches.
7:42 am
>> my son paid to go to a prom. this was the surprise entertainment. these animals are not entertainment. >> reporter: the theme for the prom, welcome to the jungle. in addition to the tiger, two macaws, a lemur and an african fennec fox were also on display. your reaction when you saw that tiger being wheeled out to the middle of the dance floor? >> quite frankly, i was shocked. i didn't know what they were thinking. oh, this tiger is fine, he's calm. no, he wasn't. he's going back and forth. its tail is slashing back and forth. his ears are going into helicopter mode. >> all signs of distress? >> all signs of distress. >> reporter: the school saying some individuals have expressed their sentiments about the use of animals as part of a performance at prom. we recognize this decision has offended some and for that we apologize. earlier the school saying several animals were displayed in a very controlled and safe environment. the tiger was displayed for a few minutes, was not forced to perform and was always accompanied by his handlers. we understand how people may be concerned and in the future we will be more mindful.
7:43 am
just two months ago this disturbing incident was caught on camera inside a nightclub on miami beach showing a woman riding a horse into a packed crowd before the horse appears to take a bad fall knocking the woman off. after this video surfaced the club was shut down by the city which cited animal cruelty and public safety laws but has since re-opened. >> it does nothing but first of all make the animal anxious, nervous, upset but it's sending the wrong message. we're sending a message that these animals that belong in an open area like this in an educational platform are being exploited for entertainment. >> reporter: as for the prom ron miguel says the event was legal as long as the animals were properly caged and they had the right licenses. thankfully no incidents with those animals. >> i love it, didn't force them to perform. what's that? >> imagine what would happen if you tried that. >> nothing like the prom you went to, right? >> not at all. >> all right, everybody, coming up, how about a little motivation for you on this monday morning?
7:44 am
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he's been called a rockstar lwinning pro bono battles for immigrants and the homeless. defending gay rights and gun control. democrat jeff bleich. after columbine, bleich led president clinton's youth violence initiative. with joe biden, bleich took on domestic violence. served president obama as special counsel and ambassador. maybe bleich can't pull off the rockstar look... but his progressive record is solid gold. ♪ it is graduation season which means it's time to get motivated. the top business leaders, actors, activists and more speaking to the class of 2018 and sharing a message for all of us. diane macedo is here with more.
7:48 am
good morning, diane. >> good morning to you. so it's a very big weekend for the graduates out there and some were lucky to be sent into the real world with some a-list inspiration. here's a small sample from chadwick bozeman, apple ceo tim cook from apple and, of course, oprah. >> howard university, i was riding here and i heard someone say wakanda university. many of you will leave howard and enter systems and institutions that have a history of discrimination and marginalization. the fact that you have struggled with this university that you love is a sign that you can use your education to improve the world that you are entering. >> look back over your shoulder fondly and say good-bye to act one of your life and then quickly look forward. act two begins today. >> the question is, what are you willing to stand for? that question is going to follow you throughout your life.
7:49 am
and here's how you answer it. you put your honor where your mouth is. put your honor where your mouth is. when you give your word, keep it. show up. do the work. get your hands dirty and then you'll begin to draw strength from the understanding, the true knowing that history is still being written. you're writing it every day. >> oprah had a long list of advice for the grads including ask for help when you need it. put your phone away at the dinner table and remember what you post today can be asked about in a job interview tomorrow or in 20 years. >> that is true. >> what's great about these speeches, you get all these takeaways that aren't just for grads. we can all learn a few lessons. it's always a nice reminder. >> she said i wish you curiosity and confidence. think about that, to remain
7:50 am
curious but also confident. >> and our own david muir gave a commencement speech at the university of wisconsin in madison and encouraged the grads and crowd itself to realize when you look at people's hopes and dreams we are actually much more alike than we are different. >> that is the truth. >> focus on those similarities. thanks, diane. who was yours? >> i had tim russert as mine. it's interesting because i remember looking at him on that stage and thinking one day i want to do what he does and here i am at the abc news desk. how awesome is that? >> that really is. amazing how inspiring these can be. >> they stay with you. >> right. coming up a grandmother's love. the woman carrying her own daughter's twins becoming a surrogate. we hear from the family this morning. ns becoming a surrogate. we hear from the family this morning. morning.
7:51 am
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back here on a monday morning on "gma." we're looking at orlando. downtown, temperature is 71. the dew point is 71 so you're fully saturated and there is a reason for that. the radar now is what i'll show you and there has just been rain just over and over, over most of the state and there will be. a little disturbance in the gulf trying to get itself together. either way no matter what it forms into, it gives us the potential of having up to four inches of rain and that onshore flow on the east side of florida will be a little rough coming up the next couple of days. this whole segment brought to you by prudential. of days. this whole segment brought to you by prudential.
7:55 am
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7:56 am
good morning to you. it's a little bit gray outside and meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. >> you can definitely see the may gray on the golden gate bridge. this is going to keep our temperatures below average, mid to upper 50s, if you're on the bay, north of the bay bridge could be really choppy. low to mid 70s east bay and south bay. in fact it gets cooler on wednesday. watch out for mist and drizzle. >> let's take you to the east bay, we are still dealing with resill yal delays, coming from dansville into orlando, that
7:57 am
crash is in the clearing stage. southbound
7:58 am
a pixar nighttime spectacular. all new together forever- ooohhhh. ahhhhhh. okay, maybe two. celebrate freindship and beyond at pixar fest. now through september 3rd at disneyland resort.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. volcano emergency. a dangerous new crack opens up. lava spewing out of it. new fears of a massive eruption in hawaii. more evacuations under way. police are going door to door telling people to leave right now. we are live from the scene. new this morning, the story of the mother now a surrogate for her own daughter and carrying twins. the rare condition that led to their decision. just five days to go until the royal wedding. one of meghan's closest friends opening up about the american princess-to-be. her surprising revelation about her friend of 15 years and what she says sealed the deal for meghan and harry. ♪ the sun will come out tomorrow ♪ >> new this morning, who is the man behind the mask? the video sending the internet
8:01 am
into overdrive of a single unicorn. can you guess the a-list star taking the stage in disguise? ♪ i see a bad moon rising look who is getting ready backstage. the cast of "deadpool 2" here live taking over "gma" this monday morning. and they're here to say -- >> all: good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ don't come around tonight good morning, america. you see it up there in times square. hot off the presses. "deadpool" taking over times square. right here, the headline says it all. >> must be true. >> got to be true and gearing up for the royal wedding as well and we'll show you how you can bring a little bit of that magic into your own home using augmented reality. take a look right here. some of our audience members becoming instant princesses.
8:02 am
you can have fun of your own using our abc news app and we will a's show you how coming up later. >> they were adorable. first we begin with that volcano emergency in hawaii. a new crack spewing lava and more people told to evacuate and back to matt gutman on the big island with the latest. good morning again, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, robin. law enforcement officials are telling me that what you're hearing behind me, what sounds like rolling thunder is actually this big fissure opening up, the biggest fissure they've seen so far and you can't see it but it has been lighting up the night sky and we've actually felt the ground shudder because of those eruptions and that's one reason that officers like the ones you see behind me have been going door to door in the community behind me reaching out to people telling them to get out. now, this fissure opened up on sunday. it's about the size of an aircraft carrier. it's been spewing that lava hundreds of feet into the air. it's gurgling and you can also see cracks in the roads that have opened up, steam coming through them and in this drone
8:03 am
video, pretty amazing. looks hike a black river of lava. it has cooled but you can see how it consumed streets and roads and homes and huge chunks of forest. now one of the major concerns right now is that the lava lake at kilauea has essentially disappeared. it had dropped a thousand feet. there's now concern that it will interact with the water table causing this explosive eruption that could send rocks and boulders the size of cars for miles around. robin. >> sure don't want that to happen. but that could be the case. matt, thank you. >> such a scary situation. also one in jerusalem right now. we're going overseas. the new u.s. embassy is opening sparking protests on the border. ivanka trump and jared kushner are there for the united states. we want to go back to terry moran also there in jerusalem. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning. it's been a day of stark contrast, triumph and tragedy. across town, the official
8:04 am
opening of the new u.s. embassy here. ivanka trump and jared kushner leading the u.s. delegation. president trump will speak via a video statement saying our greatest hope is for peace. today those hopes were dashed because this is a very controversial move, breaking with decades of u.s. resident on the issue of what should happen in jerusalem and on the border between israel and gaza. tens of thousands of palestinians arrived and tried to storm that border scores have been killed, hundreds injured in the worst violence on that border in years, a sign of how high passions have been stoked by this move. president trump believes that it will make peace more likely by taking jerusalem off the table but this is a city shared by all the world's religions and two people who today were once again in terrible conflict, george. >> terry moran, thank you. michael. >> thank you, george. we're all dog owners here, right?
8:05 am
>> yeah. >> how many times have you had to tell your dog to get off the furniture? well, there's one animal shelter that is changing the rules. take a look at these pups. they're lounging on donated chairs at the knox county humane society in illinois. it's all part of a new program to let the shelter dogs live in the lap of luxury until they are adopted and it all started with this guy, that right there is buster brown. he was so happy, snuggling up in that chair that word got around and the armchair donations started pouring in. one woman even donating 11 chairs that she bought from a thrift store so if you adopt a dog from that place and it goes home and is on the furniture, it is just living the life that it is accustomed to, okay? >> how is it even possible to keep dogs off the furniture? we've never even tried. >> my dog only gets on if you call him up. if you say get off, he gets off. >> really? >> he's trained. my dog is trained, george. i got a good one. >> it's a good dog. coming up we have surrogacy we're talking about. usually a sibling steps up to
8:06 am
help be a surrogate but what if it was your own mother? a beautiful story about a woman who is carrying her own grandkids. we're share it ahead. one of meghan markle's closest friends is opening up about her friendship days before the wedding. we have a great audience upstairs. look who is there to liven things up, the cast of "deadpool 2." don't go anywhere. let life in with herbal essences bio:renew. this was the diet pepsi and looks good in a can,ay. in a bottle, or in extreme close-up. this is the diet pepsi your mom drank when she was young. and drinks now that she's... don't you dare! and drinks now that she's... this is the diet pepsi that is always the right one. growing up i didn't have anyone who looked like me. that's why i started my blog to inspire people to be themselves.
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[ applause ] what a wonderful audience we have here on this monday morning. and how was your mother's day, sara? >> it was good. i took a cooking class. >> oh. >> yeah.
8:11 am
it's like the modern day go learn how to cook and come back later, sweetie. they barely can feed themselves. we've got things to import. >> "pop news." >> we begin with an exclusive from the abc hit "roseanne" reboot. the sitcom never failing to make fans laugh. here's a sneak peek of the new episode where dan and roseanne check into a hotel. >> i have you right here. we have a superior deluxe room with a view. ooh. >> were we upgraded? >> oh, no, sir, superior deluxe is our lowest level of room. you have a mini bar and you also have 24-hour access to our business center. >> oh, great. i can't wait till we're checked in so we can get down there to the business center. >> capital idea.
8:12 am
i need to fax a copy of my [mute] to our associates in singapo singapore. >> catch the new episode of "roseanne" tomorrow at 8:00, 7:00 central right here on abc. i'm guessing there is a continental breakfast. throw in a couple of muffins and that's a deal. next up we're speaking of famous moms. we had to do a double take on instagram with all the adorable mother's day throwback posts. let's see if you can pick out who we loved on here, okay. so first up is an easy -- it's -- i'm going to give you an easy -- >> goldie hawn. >> okay, i didn't even need to read anything. thanks, michael. >> you said guess. i guessed. >> i shouldn't throw these out at world class athletes. the two of you are going to pounce before i even get to them. next one -- and wait until i read the whole thing, okay? you're a game show host, aren't you, michael? >> yeah. >> next one, famous lady used to live in a -- >> michelle obama. it's obvious it's michelle. >> i'm going to raise the game.
8:13 am
this one is getting better. here's another -- don't, michael. leave it for george. rock solid post. this little guy wrote the og johnson matriarch holding it down -- >> duane. >> you're reading the prompter. >> we know who it is. >> you two did. george read the prompter. we've got a cheater over here. this one, don't show them the answer on the prompter, okay. finally who's the kid rocking this batman shirt? don't scroll. don't scroll. >> okay. no that -- >> lenny kravitz. >> did someone say that in your ear? >> no, of course not. >> that's roxie. >> i'm taking it personally because i feel like michael pounced my answer. robin knew every one and george, you were reading the answers. >> it's right in front of me. >> we need a new cast of characters. finally, though, this one, you'll love. we have the ultimate unicorn singing surprise for you this morning and i promise you -- >> we don't know this. >> you do not know this one,
8:14 am
okay. can you guess the mystery man behind this mask? ♪ tomorrow tomorrow i'll love you tomorrow ♪ >> okay, so he's singing that song from "annie" but that's not the question. this is the hit south korean competition show "king of masked singer." do you guys want to guess anything? >> justin timberlake. >> that's a great guess. robin. >> i'm clueless. >> george. >> somebody out of "avengers: infinity war." i don't know. >> oh, you're getting closer. want to see who it is? >> let's see it. who is it? [ cheers and applause ] >> who is it? >> i knew it. i knew it. >> no, you didn't. >> yes, i did! i knew it. >> you guessed justin timberlake. >> i knew it. earlier when we heard it in the promo i said that sounds like ryan reynolds but he's here today so can't be there and here. >> justin timberlake in south
8:15 am
korea. >> they kind of look alike. >> nice try. george, you won that round. okay. >> that's why i didn't guess ryan too. trotting around the globe surprising fans and they were so stunned and we have them here today. >> we do. remig he might sing for you. he didn't bring the unicorn. you guys, i'm leaving. >> no, stay, sara. >> rolling. >> we'll get to our "gma" cover story. in recent years surrogacies have increased fivefold. now a grandmother is doing something incredible, becoming a surrogate for her own daughter carrying her twin grandchildren and erielle reshef has that story for us. >> i do. good morning to you all. this is really remarkable. talk about a mother's love and two belated mother's day gifts, doctors say this is rare but not unheard of. that grandma now in her 40s seven months pregnant after stepping in to carry her daughter's twins. look quickly and you may just think they're sisters.
8:16 am
>> we pretty much get it from everyone. >> reporter: but 43-year-old sheila gump and her daughter micaela johnson, also best friends, are having a baby, two, if fact. >> i'm telling people i'm pregnant. they're like, oh, you look great for having twins. oh, i should because i'm not the one pregnant. my mom is growing my babies for me. >> reporter: it all started back in 2015. micaela and her high school sweetheart married and proud parents to aidan. when micaela was diagnosed with cervical cancer, the treatment dashing the 27-year-old's dreams of having more children. >> i felt like my heart was ripped out of my chest. it was almost as if it was me being diagnosed. >> reporter: that's when micaela's mom sheila stepped forward as a surrogate. >> as a mother you want to see your child happy and have everything in life you can give them. this is one thing i can give her that she couldn't do for herself. >> reporter: after weeks of
8:17 am
painstaking anticipation, the couple sharing the news. with little aidan and family. >> it's a boy and a girl! >> reporter: but the nontraditional pregnancy forcing micaela to explain why mommy wasn't carrying the babies herself. >> we just always told him mawmaw is going to grow your babies and he thought they would get dropped off at her house and we would pick them up. >> reporter: grandmother sheila who had micaela when she was 16 said this time around was a bit different. >> it was easier at 16 for sure. now it's just -- i'm more tired. >> reporter: both moms, though, say the struggle has been worth it. >> i've raised my children. i'm ready to enjoy the grandchildren part of it. enjoying spoiling them and sending them home. [ applause ] >> the babies are due in july
8:18 am
and while they say it's impossible to pay sheila back they have a couple of ideas in mind. maybe a tropical vacation. >> we wish them the best. the royal wedding just five days away and hearing from one of meghan markle's longtime friends about their relationship and how prince harry fell in love. adrienne bankert is at buckingham palace with the details. hey, adrienne. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, george. yes, that longtime friend talking about how she kept in touch with meghan over facetime. >> when i met her she was so effervescent and talented and clearly brilliant. >> reporter: she's one of meghan markle's closest friends. >> she's just such a magnetic person. >> reporter: "true blood" actress janina gavankar said they've been friends for 15 years, meeting while pursuing their dreams of hollywood stardom. >> we have this thing that we call the state of the union
8:19 am
addresses with each other and we've been apart for most of our friendship so we sit on facetime or skype and talk for hours mostly about things that are intensely important to us. >> reporter: in private gavankar says meghan is funny. >> meghan is hilarious. she is incredibly blunt so for the classiest lady to bring things down to its most basic form, ha, ha. oh, she'll make you crack up. >> reporter: but the most surprising revelation about her glamorous gal pal? >> meghan is incredibly low maintenance. harry invited meghan to botswana. it was very obvious for her she didn't need anything. she could just go and help with the work. you know, they were staying in ray tent with nothing and just had each other. >> reporter: she says it was harry's down to earth side that stole meghan's heart. but their shared sense of philanthropy cemented their bond. >> she's always made time for philanthropic endeavors, one day
8:20 am
at a charity event and an entire trip that she's told nobody about to go help people in india. one of the things i love about both of them is that they don't tell anyone. they just go do good work in countries with nobody watching. they fell in love with nothing around them. with no frills, no bells and whistles. all they had was each other doing good work in a place where nobody was watching them. they did that separately, imagine what they can do together. >> reporter: you know as a side note we know that the chefs the windsor are busy cooking the meal. harry and meghan have been involved every step of the way. the recipes and menu still top secret but will be having chocolate truffles according to the pastry chef. back to you guys. >> good to know. >> let's go outside to ginger. >> we've got to do this. i am with the entire cast of "deadpool 2." the group so hot we had to cool it down with some tasty slurpees. this is the way to start your morning. >> it is a good way to start the morning. >> it's the only way. our sponsor 7-eleven is celebrating. you have to go to your local
8:21 am
7-eleven and get the exclusive "deadpool" deals. you guys -- >> can i try it? >> please upper 50s along the coast, mid to upper 60s along the bay. and now we'll show you how to experience the royal wedding magic like never before. i recently teamed up with a royal expert to try out the new augmented reality feature on the abc news app. take a look.
8:22 am
can't make it to the royal wedding in the uk? well, you can bring a piece of the british royalty into your home. we're introducing augmented reality to our abc news app. we're going to have some fun with it with this amazing new technology right here this morning. i'm joined by abc news contributor and "people now's" royal correspondent imogen lloyd webber. thank you for taking the time to join us. we'll take a look at windsor castle. there it is. through the magic of augmented reality we're bringing this carriage right into our studio. let's take a step back while it rolls in. tell us a little about this beautiful carriage. >> this is a 1902 state landau used for official and state land events such as coronations and state visits. >> folks may recognize the carriage. they may recognize this carriage because this carriage is pretty high profile, right? >> william and kate rode in it after their service and 30 years before that william's parents charles and diana rode in it for their wedding. >> really? well, before we send this carriage back to london, tell us
8:23 am
about the ride that the royal newlyweds will take. >> as the couple step into the carriage, close family members will gather on the west steps to wave them off on their procession and go through windsor town returning to windsor castle along the walk scheduled to take under 25 minutes. >> that's kind of quick. a little faster than i thought it would take. now it's time to send this carriage back off to london. harry and meghan will ride in a different model. >> they'll ride in a different carriage. >> something else will be there, the royal guard. a tradition of the queen. i'm jealous. i want one of those hats. how heavy are they? >> they'll really heavy. they stand about a foot and a half tall and said to weigh around 1 1/2 pounds and can get quite hot and sometimes the guards have been known to pass out. >> they pass out? i'll go on youtube and try to find that. now is the time for something that everybody is wondering about. it is time to bring the bling,
8:24 am
everybody. yes. excited about this. >> you should be. >> a lot of speculation about meghan's bridal tiara. >> generally the tiara is not announced before the wedding. like the dress, it's one of the big things revealed on the wedding day. the queen will usually loan a royalty era to the bride or commission a new one. >> there was one exception. the princess of diana. >> you are so good. that's right. this is a spencer tiara and such a throwback worn by principals is diana when she married prince charles in 1981. her sisters also wore it at their weddings. lady jane spencer in 1978 and lady sarah spencer in 1980. it was created from separate pieces of jewelry heirlooms. the ends come from the last vicountess in the late 1700s. the ends of the tiara are believed to have come from montague in the late 1700s. >> do they think meghan will
8:25 am
wear the spencer tiara as a tribute to diane ya? >> it's certainly possible. we know how important it is to harry and her sister lady jane fellows will be doing a reading. >> what about the one that kate wore? >> the cartier stroll tiara on display in australia so we know meghan will not be wearing it. it features 888 diamonds. 739 brilliant cut and 149 baguette cut diamonds. kate looked so beautiful in this one. queen elizabeth received it as a gift from her mother and loaned it out to other royals including her sister princess margaret and daughter princess anne. they wore it on different occasions for decades. >> she definitely looked beautiful wearing that tiara. how many royalty a tiaras are t? do we know? >> no, it's unknown i think really. >> unknown number. does meghan have to wear a tiara. >> there are rumors meghan will not wear one, i think she will. >> we are keeping the jewels.
8:26 am
we're not giving those to you. we are going to give you something. we are going to give you something. we're going to give you the vr, the ar we're going to want to you bring carriages and royal guards into your home. how can you do it, download the abc news app and open the ar experience. that's right, the directions are simple and we can show you how to have your own royal carriage in the driveway. it doesn't matter what the neighbors think. or you can have royal guards at your kitchen table to make sure your kids eat their dinner. make sure you #royalweddingar so we can check it out for ourselves. imogen, thank you. we appreciate your royal knowledge. and thank you guys. thanks to you guys. "gma's" countdown to the royal wedding is sponsored by herbal essences. a force of nature. sponsored by herbal essences. a force of nature.
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good morning. i'm jessica castro from abc7 mornings. putting an end to a disturbinging trend at b.a.r.t. this video from april people shooting up outside of b.a.r.t. civil station. calling the situation unacceptable. want to take a look at things in the alamo area, actually got a little clarification from chp, we had a crash involving six vehicles. a crash involving a motorcycle
8:28 am
northbound 280 pfr lawyer reps expressway another along backup into
8:29 am
good monday mornings, cloud cover keeping our temperatures pretty steady right now. mostly in the 60s. watch out north of the bay bridge, it's going to be a little choppy this afternoon.
8:30 am
>> we'll have an update in about 30 minutes welcome back to "gma." as can you hear we have a great audience with us on this monday morning. thank you guys for joining us. [ applause ] what do you give a great audience, robin? you give a great audience a treat. >> you sure do. >> the treat is we have the cast of "deadpool," it's a "deadpool" takeover here in times square. our favorite anti-superhero is back on the big screen. >> the seek surveillance already getting rave reviews and this morning the cast is here so please welcome, give it up for ryan reynolds. [ applause ] josh brolin. [ applause ] julian dennison, uggams, zazi
8:31 am
beetz and morena baccarin. nice to have you all here. it's great to see you here. >> great to be here. >> i saw the move the other day. it's fantastic but i'm going to ask each one of you to describe the movie in one word but, remember this, is a morning show. >> yeah. >> so, morena, describe -- >> that's nice. >> one word. >> fun! >> yes. i agree with that. >> ryan. >> bold. >> bold. >> fung, bold. >> okay. >> josh, the pressure is on you. >> money. [ applause ] >> all right. >> people are like, money? >> zazi, i see you back there thinking. what you got? >> romantic. >> ooh. >> even how she said it. >> i know. >> action. >> yes. >> crazy.
8:32 am
[ applause ] >> better than we did. >> they really did. >> the second row, i got to say. >> we're like, gout. >> ryan, you've been very good about sending out a letter and saying you don't want things to be spoiled but i want to say something in particular you had in your letter. you don't say telling people don't say a bleeping word about the fun bleep in the movie because it's super lame to spoil the fact that deadpool dies in this scene. kidding, not kidding, kidding, question mark. >> yeah. >> help us out. >> a mystery here. >> we'll see, right? we try to intrigue people with our little letter but you got -- we're following some pretty crazy movies this summer and, you know, you got to keep them guessing so who knows. maybe deadpool dies in this one. it's a possibility. it's very distinct possibility. >> question mark. >> yeah. >> question mark. >> what's going on there, josh? >> he dropped his microphone. >> anyway, let's continue.
8:33 am
>> i thought you were making a call. >> no. >> what are you doing? >> you say you'll keep the suspense going with all of that deadpool dies or not but we won't keep anyone waiting anymore. here's a clip right here. "deadpool 2." >> they're headed into the tunnel. >> i'm that kid's only hope so sit tight and wait for my word. >> whatever. we're going to lose him. dropping in. >> it's cable. 12:00. >> new plan. use all of your imaginary powers to stop cable. >> oh! [ cheers and applause ] >> edge of your seat. >> that's all me. >> that's all you? >> there's nothing i didn't do. that's all me. that's all real. >> are you a time traveler? >> that's all real too. >> this guy had you from his movie "the proposal." >> yeah. >> i was in "the proposal" with ryan, yes. >> no, i'm not sandra bullock.
8:34 am
>> you watched it and -- >> i was a big fan of "the proposal" which you don't really -- that's more like an invite voice. >> i wouldn't call it that. >> now we're promoting a film and i totally exploit that moment. >> he has this hard, gruff exterior but i believe on the inside he's the chewy chocolate center. >> but you're full of compliments about ryan, josh. you said he is the daniel day-lewis of comedy. what did you mean by that? >> what the bleep does that mean? >> what does that ameen. >> i'm the daniel day-lewis of not being daniel day-lewis. that's what i am. that's my -- that's my claim to fame right there. >> we're happy you are who you are, man. >> my headset will just read not daniel day-lewis. >> julian, 15 and a superhero. >> yeah. [ applause ] >> it's really fun. >> it's very fun. >> yeah, first thing. >> what is it like for to you work in the film. >> i have to say it was fun.
8:35 am
i can't say no. yes, it was in my contract negotiation. no, it was really fun working with everyone and everybody has been in the industry so much longer. to all the young people up top here. >> including leslie, right. >> the old-timers. >> we first saw him in a movie that blew us away. >> i was lucky to get a call. >> i was contractually obliged to say that. >> zazi, you were awesome in this movie, as well. >> thank you. >> yeah, really, really good. and you play a character that in the comic book was originally a white woman and now it's an -- you're an african-american woman, of course, as we can see so how was it for you -- i'm curious. [ applause ] were you surprised to be cast in this role when you knew what it was in the comic? >> but, yes, i was. i know they were also like testing with a bunch of other
8:36 am
great people, so i definitely genuinely was very surprised and i want to point out there was never race assigned to the character according -- at least to the creator. but, yes, i look very different than the comic version. but, yeah, i mean on the day i found out ryan was texting me in the morning and i was like, this is suspicious and early. and then -- >> doesn't sound good, zazi. yeah. [ laughter ] >> but then him and the director, dave, called me and had like two minutes to be on the phone. i was running -- god knows where and, yeah, i think i cried a little. i think i had a little like a wow. >> excited. she read for the role in two or three words into it i remember looking over at our brilliant director david leitch and, oh, oh, amazing. she was incredible. she was incredible. >> jumps off the screen a
8:37 am
love -- >> without a doubt. >> big focal part. okay, miss morena, yes, yes. we love you. [ applause ] >> oh, my gosh. kiss me like you miss me. i love that line. you want to play the villain. you're his fiancee. have you this idea that in future films you want to -- you want to play the villain. >> there's a lot of things i want to do. i want to be james bond. right? i want to be the villain. yeah. why not? >> many dudes have all the fun. >> you do. you get to -- >> why youing looking at me. i'm not only a villain by the way. >> could have fooled me. >> your character blond al, have you no traditional powers. if you did have a superpower, what would it be? >> well, i do have a power but they have -- watch those glasses. those glasses can do amazing things. >> that's true, that's true. >> really?
8:38 am
giant sunglasses in the movie. >> they can do amazing things. you never now. >> they can create fame. they can create success. they can create your own reality show. >> absolutely. >> you know what, you guys are out here creating this movie magic but you're not done with us. we've coming back but we're going to tell everybody "deadpool" deadline hits theaters on friday. don't go anywhere. we got much more with the whole crowd coming up just ahead with more "gma." (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪
8:39 am
he's been called a rockstar lwinning pro bono battles for immigrants and the homeless. defending gay rights and gun control. democrat jeff bleich. after columbine, bleich led president clinton's youth violence initiative. with joe biden, bleich took on domestic violence.
8:40 am
served president obama as special counsel and ambassador. maybe bleich can't pull off the rockstar look... but his progressive record is solid gold. (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting)
8:41 am
sorry i'm late. there was a bunch of handy-capable children stuck in a try. >> huh-uh. >> you're right. i was fighting a caped bad [ bleep ] but learned his mother's name is martha too. >> no. >> traffic? [ applause ] >> ryan in "deadpool 2." i enjoyed watching it thoroughly last night. the chemistry, you just -- you can't make it up. it's either there or is not there and it definitely is. how was it like bonding? what was it like, morena? >> yeah, i know, i have to say from the very first movie from the time -- we had known each other a little bit but started working together, i felt like it was effortless. it's just a good group of
8:42 am
people. ite it's really fun. >> everybody feels like they can improvise and play and mess around. that's what makes deadline 2ked, the set, amazing, i think. >> just got to ignore instincts when they're wrong. all the things that you always know what's right. >> i yes, i always know what's right. >> we all know. >> always. i'm the captain of the titanic. >> there you go. >> full steam ahead, guys. we're going to be fine. >> we'll see how well you know each other. we have a little game called deadpool confessions. yes, yes. [ applause ] everybody has a white board. we'll ask you a question. just put down whatever answer you think fits. >> deadpool confessions. dark. >> whoever it applies to. >> first question, "deadpool" known for its rough language. >> sure. >> which one of you is most likely to curse the most? which one of you -- >> on set. no, in real life. >> in real life. >> who curses the most in real life. come on, write it on down.
8:43 am
>> all right. you guys ready? >> show your answers. >> we got some erasing over there. >> me. me. not me. >> brolin. josh, not me. josh. >> wow. all right. josh, i think you won. you won that one. here's number two, domino's power is her good luck. which one of you is the luckiest in real life? >> in real life. >> hmm. >> ooh. who is lucky in real life. julian, stop looking. you're looking at everybody else's. you got it. you got it. >> all right. your answer reveal. >> all of us, me, ryan. thanos. >> all of us. nice. >> josh wrote ryan, look at him. >> just look at him. >> it's obvious. the answer is obvious.
8:44 am
>> seen some of meyer previouy work. >> the tiebreaker. need you to perform the original song for the movie, who is most likely to perform celine's character? who is most likely -- >> need i even write me? >> we did see you already. that's true. ♪ this was a gimme. ♪ watching all these -- >> michael. >> leslie. [ laughter and applause ] >> oh. >> how did you know, josh? how did you know? >> i felt it coming off here. >> actual singer right here, so -- >> leslie wins. >> that was all yours. okay, here we go. deadpool often has trouble following directions. who breaks the rules out of you guys. >> who is the rule breaker. >> don't look at me. i'm the youngest but i'm
8:45 am
probably the most mature. >> uh-huh. >> ah. >> really. >> ryan. [ laughter ] >> i actually think julian wins that one. >> you win, julian. >> i tell you what -- >> the winner on the screen. >> winner on the screen for sure. we appreciate you coming on and taking over times square. i mean seriously. >> thank you for having us. >> don't forget to see "deadpool 2." it hits theaters on friday. everyone going home in our audience with imax tickets. >> yeah. [ applause ] ginger. >> oh, that's so exciting. it is so good, y'all. that movie is so great and i am here with our audience who is enjoying some delicious slurpee. that's right. we just heard that "deadpool 2" is out of this world fun but did you know that our sponsor
8:46 am
7-eleven is the "deadpool 2" headquarters? yeah, they've got exclusive deals like slurpee straws. you can see it right here. chimichangas. couldn't wait to say that this morning and new augmented reality experience. you'll be able to meet deadpool via the 7-eleven app. check it out and our other items at your local 7-eleven. y'all, keep slurping those. it's the best way after it's a may graymond morning, that's going to lead to cool than afternoon temperatures, look at that, only 50s and 60s at 4:00 this aft coming up we have our royal makeovers. how to get meghan's look for less.
8:47 am
that violent crime went up 18% in san francisco. in la, mayor antonio villaraigosa put more police on the streets and cut violent crime in half. california's police chiefs trust antonio for governor.
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we are back now with our countdown to the royal wedding sponsored by mary kay. taking notes from across the pond by getting two lucky women wedding ready. yeah. they're going to be ready at the royal wedding themselves. take a look. wedding season is upon us. and we're giving two women the ultimate royal ready makeover with looks inspired by meghan markle and duchess kate that anyone can rock for their next formal affair. we enlist the help of beauty and lifestyle expert bahar takhtehchian. first up, wardrobe. >> meghan loves fashion. we often see her wearing a skirt and a top combo. meghan is a huge fan of jackets. she likes these really fashion forward purses that have like a handle to them. the duchess typically goes for an a-line or a dress with a cinched waist. kate really appreciates a modest pump. she is a big fan of clutches. kate loves statement neckneckla. we often see meghan putting her
8:50 am
hair in a very low loose bun. meghan markle has flawless skin and really the key to getting this at home is to use the right products. so mary kay has released a breakthrough approach to skin aging. this is the pear kay timewise miracle set 3d. you use it day and night and will get visible results in four weeks. meghan loves a more natural look when it comes to makeup but does play up the eyes with an earthy eye shadow, a rosy cheek with a hint of shimmer. kate's signature look is a beautiful bouncy blow-out with some really soft curls. she loves a smoky eye. kate is often seen wearing a rosy lip color. she usually tops it off with a shiny gloss. >> now get ready for the royal reveals. we're here now with bahar takhtehchian and, bahar, thanks for being here. i got to say you did a lot with these women to make them so meghan, so kate. what were the key ingredients.
8:51 am
>> the key was to get perfect flawless skin and if you want to get a perfect complexion you have to do this at home because 20% of your skin's aging is actually due to the natural aging process and the rest is really a result of environmental factors like stress, diet, maybe sun, pollution, so we used mary kay timewise miracle set 3d products to get them beautiful glowing skin. >> that is the base. now we've met the women at least in the taped piece but i want to bring them out. christa first. christa is coming out in full meghan markle sparkle. >> yes. [ applause ] >> now, what we did with christa is we straightened her beautiful curls because meghan loves straight locks and tends to again do that low bun and gave her a formfitting dress. still very classy and made it a little edging by adding a leather jackets. sometimes she wears it over her shoulder. meghan likes a little built of flare with her shoes so instead of a typical pump we've added a pump with ankle straps.
8:52 am
her beret, of course, is very much what you would see for the royal family but this is more streamlined as far as fascinators go and lastly as far as the bag, structured bag. she's been loving those bags with handles. >> so let's see the two before of christa and then the after there side by side. there we go. looking great, christa, thank you. and then we should bring out samantha. samantha, come on out. doing the kate middleton like nobody can. >> exactly. [ applause ] >> so here we have the full head to toe kate look so the key here was a monochromatic look. kate loves a-line dresses typically cinched at the waist paired with tailored jack. pastels seem to be what kate enjoys and matched the shoe >> that's the typical pump. >> i'm more of a kate is what i'm learning. should we see the before and after? >> yes, definitely. >> let's check it out. all right. there she is. [ applause ]
8:53 am
bahar, thank you so much for transforming these women and giving all the tight end tips we needed. yeah, you get the fresh face looks too because everyone in our audience is going home with a gift from our sponsor mary kay, the timewise skin set kit is all yours. thank you, bahar.
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starting at 5:00 a.m. eastern robin roberts and david
8:56 am
muir have your all access pass to the royal wedding this saturday and "gma" is right there live all week and with robin and michael at windsor castle celebrating the royal wedding on abc. >> i like how she said that. robin and michael. >> robin and michael will be there. don't forget 7-eleven is celebrating "deadpool 2" with deals all day long and you have to go out and see this movie on friday. it is good, y'all. >> it sure is. [ applause ] have a great monday. >> yeah.
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hi, good morning. i'm jessica castro from abc7 mornings. let's check things out with mike nicco. >> its pretty gray out there, and that's how it's going to be all day today. the warmest temperatures will be in the low 70s. as far as my accuweather seven day forecast, temperatures are going to be like this just about every day this week. >> taking a look at six-vehicle cash crash that's being cleared up. i don't know where everybody is at the bay bridge toll plaza,
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