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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  May 14, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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you might see. >> we all are. world tonight breaking news first lady melania trump in the hospital. the white house revealing the first lady underwent a kidney procedure hours ago. the president heading to walter reed late today. melania trump will be in the hospital for days. what we learned about her condition. also, the deadly clashes as the white house makes it official moving the u.s. embassy and recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel. ivanka trump leading the moment as tonight more than 50 palestinians are killed at the gaza border. . the urgent effort to evacuate, the growing worries at this hour about a possible explosion. that crater in hawaii. matt gutman flying us over at this hour from texas up the east coast. the new track tonight. ginger zee standing by. the aerials coming in. the home that blew up. one victim found on the street
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in critical condition. emergency crews on the scene. days before meghan markle the american marrying a prince and tonight reports her father could be pulling out of the wedding and why. she was the most famous lois lane. tonight celebrating margot kidder and that moment she took flight. . good evening. great to be with you to start another week here. we begin with the first lady in the hospital. the president visiting her late today. melania trump now recovering from surgery to treat a quote benign kidney condition. we're told she'll be there the rest of the week. abc's senior white house correspondent cecilia vega leading us off. >> reporter: president trump late today boarding marine one headed to the hospital visit to visit his wife. first lady melania trump is at walter reed medical center. the white house making the surprise announcement that she is being treated for a benign kidney condition. this morning, doctors performed
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an embolization, a procedure to plug up a blood vessel to stop bleeding. aides say the procedure was successful, but released no other details. it is unclear exactly what her condition is. she will likely remain hospitalized for the rest of the week. this comes as the first lady has recently raised her public profile. she was last seen on the tarmac in the middle of the night welcoming home those americans detained by north korea. last week in the rose garden she unveiled her official policy platform, a public awareness campaign for children called "be best." >> let us teach our children the difference between right and wrong. encourage them to be best in their individual path in life. >> reporter: as she asked for kindness the president sat right there looking on. later joining her on stage for a kiss. today, he was not at the hospital for her procedure.
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instead a senior administration official telling abc news he spoke with his wife beforehand and with her doctors immediately after. >> cecilia vega joins us from the white house. as the news was breaking about the first lady, the president was tweeting about something else, the uproar about an aid's joke about senator mccain. and his opinion on that cia nominee. we reported in the closed door meeting the aid saying of mccain it doesn't matter, he's dying anyway. senator mccain battling brain cancer. we heard a public apology might be coming, but no sign yet. >> no, david. doesn't look like they'll be apologizing. i pushed the white house repeatedly on this one. this is despite the fact that meghan mccain said kelly sadler promised her she would make a public apology. now the white house says this is an internal matter and sadler is not going anywhere. today in the tweet the president called leakers traders and
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cowards. mind you these are people who work for him and from the president today no mention of john mccain or the comments. >> cecelia, thank you. as cecelia reported, the president late today visited the first lady. tonight i want to bring in abc's chief medical editor dr. ashton. so few details here. from what you heard in that report what can we surmise about the first lady's condition? we heard embolization. >> this is an invasive procedure. it's not a surgery. it's done by radiologists where they strategically block off part of the blood supply to the kidney. that's done either electively or emergently in some cases to stop bleeding or stop a benign growth from growing larger. >> when you hear about the five-stay, some people think that's a long time. the white house didn't let us know in advance which is somewhat out of the norm. this doesn't alarm you? >> no. we watch for bleeding, monitor kidney function and make sure pain control is adequate. if she stays in the hospital for
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five days, that's the longest first lady hospital stay since nancy reagan. >> thank you, dr. ashton. with the first lady in the hospital, the white house also watching their historic move unfold after the president's decision to move the u.s. embassy in israel to jerusalem. ivanka trump was there to represent the president at the dedication as tens of thousands of palestinians protested the move. palestinian authorities saying more than 50 people have been killed and 2,700 injured. previous presidents called jerusalem israel's capital, but did not move the embassy amid concerns it would hurt middle east peace. tonight the clashes already. abc's chief foreign correspondent terry moran with picks from jerusalem. >> reporter: it was ivanka trump who did the honors in jerusalem today. the curtain came down, formally opening the embassy and the first daughter took the mike. >> we welcome you officially and for the first time to the embassy of the unites states here in jerusalem, the capital
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of israel. thank you. >> reporter: at that same moment on the gaza border an awful scene unfolding. tens of thousands of palestinians, some waving their flags, the flags of a people without a country, a human tide of protest against the u.s. embassy opening. jerusalem, claimed by both palestinians and israelis as their capital, one of the most emotional issues in the long conflict. israeli security forces first fired tear gas into the crowd and dropped it from drones, then they opened fire. alex rossi of sky news was there. >> it is turning into a pretty grim day in gaza. theres coming in. most of the people being brought in have gunshot wounds to their lower limbs.
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>> reporter: some protesters praying amid the chaos, a striking scene, others threw stones, used slingshots. at least 55 protesters were killed, according to palestinian health authorities and more than 2,700 injured. the shrouded dead lined hospital hallways, their grieving loved ones inconsolable. such a stark contrast in jerusalem. >> my friends, this is a great day for israel. >> reporter: the president's son-in-law jared kushner pointedly scorned the protesters. >> as we have seen from the protests of the last month and even today, those provoking violence are part of the problem and not part of the solution. >> reporter: here there was music and prayers led by pastor robert jeffress of dallas who has preached that jews are destined for hell, along with mormons, hindus, muslims. >> pray for the peace of jerusalem. >> reporter: president trump spoke via a video statement. >> our greatest hope is for peace. the united states remains fully committed to facilitating a lasting peace agreement.
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>> terry moran live with us from jerusalem. you heard the president say he's fully committed to the peace process. how will this move of the embassy affect that? >> david, president trump thinks it will simplify things by taking jerusalem off the table. it's such an emotional issue. for israelis it's the eternal home of jewish people. 40% of the people who live here are palestinians and arabs. their people have lived here for centuries. this they believe is their capital. the palestinian authority has cut off contact with the trump minutes because of this move. the peace process which was already on life support will be very hard to get going again. >> terry moran in jerusalem. terry, thank you. the growing fear at this hour concern over a potential explosion in hawaii. 19 fissures all spewing hot lava and toxic gases. tonight the growing threat. from inside the volcano. the lava mixing with ground
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water. look at these pictures. that combination could lead to a lethal explosion sending boulders the size of cars into the air. abc's chief national correspondent matt gutman flying us right over it tonight. >> reporter: tonight on hawaii's big island, the fear growing, along with the fissures. at least four cracks opening up since saturday, including the biggest one yet. jets of steam blasting spatter as high as 500 feet in the air. steam rising from the streets split by the molt en rock beneath sounding like thunder claps. today we boarded this helicopter to get an up close view. you can see the lines over there. they are spewing toxic gases thousands of feet into the air. all the vegetation to the left has been killed because of the gases. much of the lava flowing out of these fissures comes from the pu'u o'o crater, 30 miles away its floor collapsing two weeks
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ago. >> its not like it's a hurricane where you can say, "hey, in three days it'll be here and go." this is like a slow motion train wreck. >> reporter: this drone showing what's become a river of lava flowing through the leilani estates neighborhood. the worry? if the main roads get cut off, mass evacuations could be necessary. officials warning residents. >> we'd like them to be ready to prepare to evacuate at a moment's notice. >> reporter: sulfur dioxide in the air residents are lining up for respirators. >> not everyone can just get on a plane and leave. some people can and some people are but the rest of us are here. >> reporter: now all eyes on the crater where the lake has dropped 1,000 feet nearly reaching ground water, that could send powerful explosions send rocks, some as large as trucks, flying up to a half mile or more in the air. >> this disaster has been something to watch.
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matt, i can see you're talking to folks around you there. you're joining us live. i want to go back to the images of the craters. this one in particular. if it blows. the ash, the boulders could be sent for quite a distance, the ash for miles. >> that's right. 12 square miles. the biggest concern is what you're seeing behind me, that noxious mixture of steam and gas. right now it's blowing off shore. it is colorless, odorless and it can be deadly. if the winds change and it shifts on shore, it could affect 50,000 people and become a major health risk. on this part of the island, david. >> matt gutman on the scene. thank you. next the severe thunderstorm watch from wichita to chicago to d.c. it will reach new york and new england by tomorrow. damaging winds already in clarksville, pennsylvania. also, a potential tropical disturbance off the coast of florida. yes, this early. strong winds in key west and a tornado with 80 mile an hour winds in palm beach county. we're tracking a lot. let's get to ginger zee.
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>> we have dulles airport on a ground stop. because they're in a tornado warning. look at this mean radar image. you can see washington, d.c. and alexandria you're next. if you don't have a tornado, you could have gusts up to 70 miles an hour. hail and damaging winds from chicago to st. louis and the lows you see going to spring up more in the way of severe weather. anywhere from binghamton to philadelphia, right through baltimore. that's tomorrow. the low near the gulf of mexico it's also produced three to five inches of rain. easily could produce another four. >> thanks, ginger. we'll see you first thing in the morning. from cincinnati we have new details what went wrong after a teenager kyle plush called 911 for help from the back of his mini van. he was being crushed to death after a seat had fallen over on him. the city has released a report. that heart broken family says it leaves unanswered questions.
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here's abc's alex perez. >> reporter: tonight the investigation as to why this 911 call -- >> i probably don't have much time left. tell my mom i love her if i die. >> reporter: did not lead authorities to 16-year-old kyle plush. his father right there today. >> kyle knew he was in trouble and didn't call his mom and dad. he knew he needed to call the one entity that could respond quickly. >> reporter: plush was reaching for equipment in the rear of his minivan, when the seat flipped. the investigation revealing the 911 operator could not understand what plush was saying. >> i'm trapped inside my gold honda odyssey in the sophomore parking lot of seven hills, hil hil hillsdale. >> reporter: the make and location never relayed to the police. for 11 minutes those officers patrolled, but didn't find him. >> we failed to get the outcome we wanted in this emergency
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response. >> reporter: the city's investigation also found the operator's computer twice froze. authorities say they will commission an independent investigation. david. >> alex, thanks to you. now to the royal wedding. the american about to marry a prince has now learned her father might not be attending. the news behind these reports and why he might be canceling. abc's james longman from london. >> reporter: just days before he was to walk his daughter down the aisle, tonight, tmz says meghan markle's father will not attend the event. thomas markle reportedly bowing out after an embarrassing report in britain's "mail" on sunday accusing him of working with the paparazzi to stage photos. the father of the bride seen reading up on britain, exercising with hand weights, even getting measured for his suit. the 73-year-old telling the website the photos look stupid and hammy. megan's estranged half-sister, today telling i-tv it was all her idea in order to recast his
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image after unflattering photos in the press. >> i'm entirely the culprit. there's a lot of scrutiny that it was money motivated. it was not. it was my suggestion to benefit him and the royal family. >> reporter: markle tells tmz he's recovering from a heart attack six days ago, but won't go to the wedding because he doesn't want to embarrass his daughter or the royal family. the palace tonight not confirming the report but saying, "this is a deeply personal moment for ms. markle in the days before her wedding. she and prince harry ask again for understanding and respect to be extended to mr. markle in this difficult situation." the royal relationship with the paparazzi has been a painful one. harry talking about their role in his mother's death in this bbc documentary. >> i think one of the hardest things to come to terms with is the fact that the people that chased her into the tunnel were the same people that were taking photographs of her while she was still dying in the back seat of the car. >> it's a difficult time for meghan.
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she's devastated by this turn of events and would like her father to walk her down the aisle. david. >> james longman in london. i'll see you in a few days. we are just days away. "abc world news tonight" will be in london friday night. robin roberts and i saturday morning 5:00 a.m. set your dvrs or get up early with us. we have it all covered on abc. there's a lot more news tonight on "abc world news tonight" this monday. the armed mother confronting a gunman outside the school. the suspect had been pointing a weapon at women and children. the mother then taking him down. the officer accused of repeatedly punching a teenager during an arrest. there's news tonight on this investigation. the home that blew up. one victim found on the street. she's in critical condition at this hour. emergency crews on the scene. a lot more news ahead. we'll be right back. us. you go together, so stay together. ♪ stay together with a $0 copay,
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caged tiger was wheeled on to the dance floor. they said it was part of the theme. here's victor oquendo from miami. >> reporter: the prom theme, welcome to the jungle, complete with a live tiger. tonight the miami high school apologizing, admitting they took things too far. >> they bring this cage in and there's a tiger there which was insane. that's not something you expected. >> reporter: performers with flaming torches just feet away as the tiger paces back and forth in its cage igniting an uproar. >> my son paid to go to a prom. this was the surprise entertainment. these animals are not entertainment. >> reporter: christopher columbus high school's principal now saying -- upon reflection, we regret the decision to have live animals at our prom. adding that the animals were provided by licensed facilities and they were displayed in a very controlled and safe environment. but experts say the school put the tiger in a bad situation. >> it's going back and forth back and forth. its tail is slashing back and forth. its ears are going into helicopter mode. >> all signs of distress? >> all signs of distress.
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>> david, the principal says he trusted the teachers organizing the event, but going forward administrators will play a more active oversight role. david? >> victor, thank you. when we come back, the mother of two, an off duty officer, taking down a gunman threatening women and children outside a school and that powerful explosion leveling a home, at least one critical. we'll be right back. and that powerful explosion leveling a home, at least one critical. we'll be right back. that powerfg a home, at least one critical. we'll be right back. and that po leveling a home, at least one critical. we'll be right back. hi, i'm bob harper, and i recently had a heart attack. it changed my life. but i'm a survivor. after my heart attack, my doctor prescribed brilinta. it's for people who have been hospitalized for a heart attack. brilinta is taken with a low-dose aspirin.
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(burke) seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ >> finally tonight, she took flight with superman, the most famous lois lane. david wright on the life of margot kidder. >> making sense of senseless killings, by lois lane. >> reporter: margot kidder was lois lane. as dismissive of certain mild mannered reporters. as she was besotted with the man of steel. >> good evening, miss lane. >> reporter: that first exclusive interview with superman. >> do you have a girlfriend? >> reporter: not exactly hard hitting reporting. >> why are you here? there must be a reason for you to be here.
5:58 pm
>> i'm here to fight for truth and justice and the american way. >> reporter: it took the celebrity profile to new heights. >> here i am like a kid out of school, holding hands with a god. >> reporter: kidder's combination of pluck and vulnerability won her the part. in real life she was vulnerable. suffering from mental illness as she told diane sawyer. >> i could have gotten better years and years ago if i had the courage to face that something was wrong. >> reporter: for most of us margot kidder will always be lois lane. >> evening, miss. i've got you. >> you've got me? who's got you? >> reporter: david right, abc news new york. >> always lois lane. thank you for watching tonight. i'm david muir. i hope to see you back here tomorrow. until then, good night. for the first tame tonight, hearing from a mother of a
5:59 pm
two-month old baby who nearly had her child kidnapped. nine police reports accuse a santa clara county councilman of improper behavior or sexual abuse. growing calls for his resignation. >> this is absolutely appalling. a fairfield mother accused of neglecting ter children. last week, four police reports were filed. that number is now nine. >> it's a big problem and getting worse. rising number of accusations that may force him to reseen. good evening, i am dan ashley.
6:00 pm
>> and i am ama daetz. a civic teacher at santa clara high school and running for a seat on the board of supervisors. >> reporter: today the mayor of santa clara is asking city council member cas serta to resign from city council. last week we knew of four accusers and tonight, we know that number has reached nine and the mayor is calling the allegations quote credible. >> as a mother, i feel sad for the potential victims. i have students. >> reporter: we have reached out to him by phone, e-mail and in


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