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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  May 15, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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tonight, as we come on the air, the severe storms moving across much of the country. and hitting new york city at this hour. the tornado watch for a time in the northeast. and thunderstorm watches right now across ten states. from philadelphia to new york to boston, we're watching tonight. ginger zee is standing by. also breaking, the giant ash cloud tonight, right above the crater they're so concerned about. is there an explosion coming in hawaii? matt gutman with the new concern tonight. we're also following north korea's new warning at this hour. now threatening to cancel the summit between president trump and kim jong-un. what the north wants stopped and how will the white house respond? the fbi on the scene at this hour of a building explosion late today. children rushed out of a day care, holding hands. the video tonight. eight police body cams all rolling at once, as the officers are ambushed after being called
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to this home. those officers now talking for the first time. new developments involved the father of the bride. meghan markle's father reportedly now saying he wants to go to the royal wedding after all. but now, the new headline late today suggesting he could be going in for heart surgery. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a very busy tuesday night. and we begin tonight with breaking news, both on that volcano, new pictures coming in right now, and the severe storms moving through. watches in ten states as we come on the air. blasting through new york city just a short time ago. day turning into night and the shadow of the empire state building. we all watched as the city suddenly turned dark, storm clouds moving in and quickly. hail slamming down, forcing cars to the side of the road, just as many head home from work. hundreds of flights canceled and delayed at this hour. thousands without power. abc's gio benitez leading us
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off. >> reporter: tonight, powerful storms lashing the northeast. on interstate 87 in new york, torrential rain making it impossible to see. tractor trailers smashing, workers racing to clear trees from the roadway. hail, some of it tennis ball-sized, destroying windshields. >> my goodness. >> look at the whole truck. >> reporter: those storm clouds rolling into new york city. >> this is a really dangerous situation, as we go into the early evening hours. >> reporter: wind gusts downing trees and knocking out power for almost half a million customers across the region. overnight, powerful straight-line winds pummelling the mid-atlantic. tornado warnings and wind gusts topping 60 miles an hour at dulles airport. travelers there forced to hide underground. lightning sparked this house fire. our david kerley on the scene. >> and you can see, it struck this roof here in takoma park. it caused quite a fire. 70 firefighters basically had to empty out that attic so they
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could get this blaze out. >> reporter: further west, hail turned roads into rivers near denver. and four tornadoes reported in kansas. >> just extraordinary pictures coming in at this hour. we can see the commute home there behind you, gio. he's live on new york's west side highway tonight. a rough ride for millions. and gio, you're already seeing flights effected here in the northeast? >> reporter: that's right, david. hundreds of flights have already been delayed or canceled here in the northeast. that number is only growing. but i got to tell you, the wind here was so strong, come over here, just sow can see this. while we were standing here this afternoon, look at what the wind did to this massive light post here, david. >> all right, gio benitez leading us off tonight. gio, thank you. let's get right to chief meteorologist ginger zee, who has been in the newsroom with us all afternoon, because you said this was come through and very quickly. >> reporter: and the worst timing possible. right in the evening commute for millions of people. and let me take you to the map. philadelphia is getting hit, all the way up to just south of boston. and this line extends further south. we just got a new severe thunderstorm watch that includes baltimore and washington, d.c., who went through this less than
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24 hours ago, is going to be a really raucous night for them. and it's because it becomes a stationary front. stationary is the epitome of the word. it just sits there and moisture pools up against it. so, flash flooding overnight could be an issue. that low south in florida, causing already six inches of rain, up to four more. >> wow. but stationary tonight in the northeast. going to be pounding through midday tomorrow. gio and ginger here with us, thanks to you both for leading us off. in the meantime, we're also following from hawaii at this hour, the breaking developments as we're on the air, a massive eruption right now of the kilauea volcano under way. you can see the pictures. scientists had feared it was about to happen. and it comes as civil defense officials have declared a code red for the air quality there. we talked about this, near the many active fissures, with the lava coming up right through them. let's go live to abc's chief national correspondent, matt gutman, tonight, and you can see those giant ash clouds right there behind you, matt. >> reporter: that's right, david. and we've been watching them erupt again and again over the past couple of hours that we've been here. and the volcanologists that we
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have spoken to say these are the biggest explosive blasts they've seen at kilauea in about a century. tonight, the start of the main eruption scientists predicted blackening the sky over kilauea. that stack of ash towering up to 4,000 feet. and tonight, new warnings about those fissures. a 20th fissure cracking open the earth and pumping out clouds of sulfur dioxide. officials here declaring a condition red in parts of the big island, with the gas posing an immediate danger to health. we drove through that haze with resident herschel hood. some of the roads impassable. these plants haven't been burned. it is some of the fumes that have actually killed them over the past ten days of continuous exposure to this hazardous gas. at least five new eruptions since saturday rattling some 400 residents who stayed. literally shaking your house? >> oh, yeah. every five seconds. boom, boom! >> reporter: barely a half-mile
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away -- those explosions of gas and rock sending those boulders hundreds of feet in the air. but you can also see the shockwaves and the heat just radiating off the plain right there. much of that lava flowing from kilauea. its caldrons draining. volume wan noll gists warn that the lava is finally starting to hit the water table, triggering an explosive eruption, which could blast rock and boulders for miles around. >> let's get back to matt tonight. the national weather service now issuing a warning about that ash? >> reporter: that's right, david. they're warning that the ash and gas that is building up across the entire sky right now is hazardous. and they're warning people who live nearby to avoid exposure to the outdoors. now, those volcanologists are saying, that could last for weeks, literally smothering parts of this island and closing down the airports. david? >> very active scene there in hawaii tonight. matt gutman, our thanks to you again. and next this evening, the developing headline from
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southern california at this hour. a deadly building explosion. the fbi is on the scene and investigating right now. people were seen in the moments after the blast. children at a nearby preschool ordered to evacuate. you can see them holding hands there. tonight, as i mentioned, the fbi, the atf both at the scene, and authorities have not said what caused this explosion. here's abc's kayna whitworth. >> reporter: a deadly blast rocking the first floor of this southern california medical building. >> there was just an explosion from the inside of the building going out. >> reporter: firefighters racing to put out the flames. >> we heard a very loud boom and i actually felt the building shake. i could feel it while i was sitting in the chair. we actually could see where part of the building had blown out. >> reporter: children at daycare across the street evacuated. infants still in their cribs rolled out by staff and police. then reuniting them with their parents at a nearby target. at least one person killed, three injured. tonight, hazmat teams, atf and fbi all on the scene investigating.
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>> so, we have a commercial building with an explosion. it doesn't happen. we are going to take every precaution necessary before we send anybody in there. >> so, let's get to kayna whitworth with us, as well, tonight. and kayna, we know authorities have closed down that entire area while they investigate tonight? >> reporter: yeah, david. it is an expansive scene. and right now, the bomb squad is going room to room in that building, making sure the community is safe. still no word on what caused that explosion. david? >> terrifying afternoon for those children. kayna whitworth, thank you. we're going to turn next to north korea, signaling today what could halt that summit between president trump and kim jong-un. what the north koreans want stopped. abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl with how the white house is now responding at this hour. >> reporter: at the triumphant late-night return of american prisoners, president trump made it clear he has high hopes for his meeting with kim jong-un. >> i really think he wants to do something and bring their country into the real world. >> reporter: but today, a setback.
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angry about annual joint u.s./south korea military exercises now under way, north korea abruptly canceled a meeting with south korea, scheduled for tomorrow. the north korean central news agency added this message -- "the united states will also have to undertake careful deliberations about the fate of the planned north korea/u.s. summit in light of this provocative military ruckus." the developments seemed to catch the state department offguard. north korea had agreed to let those military exercises proceed as the summit was being planned. >> we have not heard anything from that government or the government of south korea to indicate that we would not continue conducting these exercises. >> reporter: it's a setback, but it's hard to tell how big a setback. there had been a remarkable thaw in u.s./north korea relations. secretary of state mike pompeo greeting kim jong-un warmly in pyongyang. the president was even asked about the nobel peace prize. >> do you deserve the nobel
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prize, do you think? >> everyone thinks so, but i would never say it. >> reporter: and the white house raised expectations for the summit, even though it is only scheduled to last for a single day. what does the president think can be done in a single day with kim jong-un? >> certainly, the best outcome would be an agreement for complete and total denuclearization. >> so, let's get to jon karl, he's live at the white house for us again tonight. and jon, bottom line here, north korea had indicated that those military exercises between the u.s., the south, these joint exercises, could continue in the runup to this summit. but tonight, a very different message. is there any indication president trump would put the joint exercises on hold to get this summit under way? >> reporter: there is no indication that the u.s. is willing to stop those exercises. the only word tonight on this comes from the press secretary, sarah sanders, who says the united states will continue to coordinate with our allies. >> all right, we'll be watching this with you, jon. in the meantime, i also wanted to ask you about first lady melania trump. of course, admitted to walter
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reed hospital yesterday. her office saying she underwent a procedure to treat a, quote, benign kidney condition. it's still unclear exactly what that condition is, but the president visiting her again this afternoon, jon? >> reporter: the president spent a little over an hour with the first lady at the hospital today. we are told that she is doing well and that she is in good spirits. the president himself said this morning she'll be coming home in two or three days. david? >> everyone hoping for a speedy recovery for the first lady. jon, thank you. next, to the middle east tonight, after the u.s. embassy dedication in jerusalem. palestinians burying their dead today. some then returning to the border to protest. israeli soldiers lobbing tear gas back at them. while at the u.n. here in new york, u.s. ambassador nikki haley defending israel, and then walking out as the palestinian representative was about to speak. here's our chief foreign correspondent terry moran tonight. >> reporter: ivanka trump and jared kushner bidding israel farewell today after opening the u.s. embassy in jerusalem with fanfare and fireworks. their work now behind them. they also left behind this.
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more clashes throughout gaza and the west bank. in bethlehem, israeli forces firing tear gas from vehicle-mounted launchers. in ramallah, we saw protesters hurling stones with slingshots in a running battle that lasted for hours. this is now the front lines here. the palestinians are throwing stones, the israelis responding with tear gas and the occasional rubber bullet. there have been several injured, no fatalities. in gaza, two protesters were killed today, but it was more a day for grieving the 60 killed here yesterday. a baby suffocated by tear gas laid to rest. they draped their flag on the little body. at other funerals, anger and defiance. the trump administration standing 100% behind israel amid calls for an investigation of the violence. u.n. ambassador nikki haley rejecting any suggestion that israeli troops may have used excessive force. >> no country in this chamber would act with more restraint than israel has.
5:43 pm
>> reporter: then, as the palestinian ambassador prepared to speak, haley walked out. >> and terry moran is joining us live tonight from jerusalem. and terry, nikki haley refusing to criticize israel. >> reporter: that's right, david. that is the position of the u.s. government. they also say that this shouldn't stop any peace talks, but palestinians right now rejecting all talks, though they feel utterly powerless right now. one man saying to me, "what can we do to stop any of this? we just have to take it." david? >> terry moran with us again tonight. terry, thank you. and president trump's nominee to head the cia, gina haspel, is on track tonight now to be confirmed, after she criticized the bush-era enhanced interrogation program. haspel refused to say that during her senate hearing, but in a letter to a committee member, she wrote, quote, "the enhanced interrogation program is not one the cia should have undertaken. the united states must be an
5:44 pm
example to the rest of the world." tonight, more democrats say they will vote to confirm her. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. the deadly police ambush. eight police body cams all rolling at once. the officers now talking for the first time. also, new developments involving the royal wedding. meghan markle's father reportedly saying he wants to go, but now a late headline tonight involving possible heart surgery. the schoolteacher murdered in front of her parents' home. there is news coming in on the investigation tonight. and made in america is back. america's dairy land, the famous spot serving up old fashioned milkshakes for decades. and their not so secret ingredient. you'll have to see the taste test. a lot more news ahead. hard to b. so to breathe better, i go with anoro. ♪ go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way, with anoro." ♪ go your own way once-daily anoro contains two medicines called bronchodilators that work together to significantly improve lung function
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let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges. but he's got work to do. h a sore back. so he took aleve this morning. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. tylenol can't do that. get all day minor arthritis pain relief with an easy-open cap. next tonight here, the royal wedding just four days away now, and american meghan markle about to marry a prince. tonight, her father, after saying he would not be at the wedding, apparently changing his mind, but there is a new report late today suggesting he might be going into heart surgery now. abc's james longman again tonight from london. >> reporter: tonight, shocking
5:47 pm
news. meghan markle's father is to undergo heart surgery, according to tmz, and will not attend the royal wedding. thomas markle reportedly checking himself into a mexican hospital tuesday after he said he had a heart attack last week. just hours earlier, the website reporting that after days of back and forth, markle was planning to attend his daughter's wedding. markle telling tmz, "i hate the idea of missing one of the greatest moments in history and walking my daughter down the aisle." the 73-year-old had reportedly canceled his trip after accusations that he staged these photos with paparazzi. meghan's estranged half sister, who has publicly criticized the bride, said she was behind the stunt. >> he wanted to stay no. they have an obligation, an ethical obligation to allow me to be portrayed as i am, living a healthy lifestyle, not caught in unflattering positions, as media vultures had done.
5:48 pm
>> there's no bigger media vulture with this wedding than you, is there, ms. markle? >> reporter: before this latest medical setback, meghan markle was still hopeful her father would come. with just four days to go, the palace now faces a big change of plan. meghan's mother, doria, now the likely person to take her daughter down the aisle, the only member of meghan's family will be with her on her big day. david? >> james longman from london. james, we'll see you just a couple of days from now, because beginning friday, "world news tonight" will be anchored from london. i'll see you from there. robin roberts and i, first thing in the morning on saturday, 5:00 a.m., set your dvrs, or get up early with us. lots of coffee. we'll see you first thing in the morning on abc. in the meantime, when we come back here tonight, celebrating a famous author, we learned today of his passing. and more on that woman, that teacher killed in the driveway of her mother's home. of her mother's home. news on that front, as well. i thought i was managing my moderate tvere ulcerative colitis. but i realized something was missing... me. the thought of my symptoms returning was keeping me
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police are now searching for possible suspects. deltondo was suspended last year after a police report involving her and a 17-year-old boy was leaked to the public. there is also news tonight about a deadly police ambush in douglas county, colorado. disturbing video. eight body cams rolling as a barricaded gunman opens fire on officers as they enter his home. deputy zack parrish was killed. several officers wounded, screaming for backup. survivors describing trying to save him. the dangers so many officers face when they're ambushed. and the passing of an american original. tom wolfe has died. the iconic writer behind such modern classics as "the electric kool-aid acid test," "the right stuff" and "bonfire of the vanities." tom wolfe was 88. when we come back tonight, made in america. and we take you to america's dairy land. plus, one thing in your kitchen that could give new meaning to home cooking. - [narrator] what if your shark vacuum could clean almost anywhere,
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finally, we were in madison, wisconsin, over the weekend, giving the commencement, celebrating the badgers, and we couldn't come back without some made in america. we headed to madison, wisconsin, the state capital, the first stop, mickies dairy bar. open since 1946. the line outside. and university of wisconsin madison graduates. so many badgers in cap and gown. >> go badgers! >> reporter: inside, the menu on the wall from the 1950s. and just look, on the right, just 30 cents back then for a burger. this time, we wanted one of their famous shakes. come on over, you can see the milkshake-making station. still very old school here. owner janet and her team making them behind the counter. the chocolate syrup. mixing vanilla and strawberry, too.
5:57 pm
and their not so secret ingredient, schoep's ice cream, made right here in madison. family owned since 1928. and how important is it to support their local farmers? >> it's very important. it's part of what america's about. something made right in town. >> reporter: they tell me it's ready. good to go? a taste test. their vanilla shake. now that's good. across town, dozens of made in america businesses and their madison mini maker faire. soaps, candles made with local ingredients. stuffed animals and toys. and outside -- are you alyssa? >> how are you doing, david? welcome to madison. >> reporter: i need a skillet. >> yeah, oh, yeah, we have skillets. >> reporter: in their shop, alyssa and her team making cast iron skillets in the shape of our 50 states. and on this day, she brought one for us. >> we have a special pan that sort of made it here. i think this might be hometown for you, is that right? >> reporter: yeah, look at that.
5:58 pm
that's new york state. i'm from right up here, upstate new york. >> we need to put a heart right there then. >> reporter: so far, making new york, wisconsin, illinois, minnesota, michigan, oklahoma, texas. which state is next? you're working your way down the list. >> right, yeah. we actually have a vote online. >> reporter: they say, you decide. and every state they make, the same label. made in the usa. now, they're teaching children how to make their own molds. alyssa shows me how it's done. the crucible waiting. these are the little pieces of aluminum that have been melted down? and then they just put these right over here in the crucible? heated to 1,400 degrees. >> it's rocking hot. >> so, it's rocking hot. beautiful. >> reporter: we spot the hearts. >> someone's made something for mom. breaking the mold with three words in mind -- >> made in america, baby! >> made in america, baby. go badgers. it was a great weekend. i'm david muir. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow. until then, good night. from good night hugs to hands up.
5:59 pm
tonight see the frightening video and armed robbery as it happens. the earthquake felt right away. but the alert took hours. the new plastic ban in san francisco that goes beyond straws. >> don't turn around. if you turn around, i am going to shoot you in the leg. >> just how quickly this armed robbery unfolded. thank you for joining us. i i am amendmen i i am ama daetz. >> and i am vic lee will walk you through
6:00 pm
how it was recorded. >> reporter: the police do not believe the victims were targets. they believe they were at the wrong place, at the wrong time. fortunately for police, video captured it all. >> we had gone to a graduation party and coming back to the house. >> reporter: an end to a fun night. as they said goodbyes, someone come out of the shadows. the three friend do not want their names used for safety reason. for this story, we are calling him derek. >> maybe someone asking for money. and then we saw the gun and realized it was a different situation. >> take off your wallet. and take off your ring. and you, give me your purse. give me your ring. give me all of it. >> reporter: the


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