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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 22, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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an investigation under wayg
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officer-involved shooting in the east bay. we will be checking in live with matt keller who has more details on that officer who was injured. a police canine attacks a suspect, but the officer is now apologize ing. >> thanks for being there tuesday may 22nd. >> 5:01, never more than 7 minutes away from accuweather forecast. some felt raindrops. >> a mist in the air, possibly even drizzle. but the thing i've been watching is the visibility to see how heavy it's been. the lowest clouds and thickest moisture in the air over the bay, lowest visibility at 3. here is a look at walnut creek where there's been reports of mist this morning, head on 680 and 24 through the east bay hills. damp spots what we'll call it by 7:00, accuweather 12-hour planner. look at that, clouds barely opening for sunshine, especially around the bay and coast where it will still be cloudy. look at those temperatures mid-50s to sick. the highs will pull back because of the lack of sunshine.
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56 at the coast, mid to upper 60s bay and inland and already nedding the coat by 7:00. mid-50s to low si60s. let's see if there's issues on the road. here is alexis. >> take you to the peninsula, overnight closure for 101. once again for roadwork they wrap that up a few minutes late. 101 at willow road. supposed to have everything open by 4:30. it was only about 15 minutes behind schedule. just some slight residual delays and that should clear out within the next few minutes. if you're about to head out the door, a fine route to take. a quick check of bay bridge toll plaza stack up in cash lanes on the left, carpool lanes everything looking fine. we'll take a look at drive times coming up next. >> now a live desk update. >> from abc 7 morning. >> an officer-involved shooting in hayward has left a police officer injured and right now there is an investigation under way. let's check in with abc 7 news reporter matt keller. he's live there at the scene.
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matt. >> reporter: hi, jessica. the crime scene team is here and so is the traffic team. they are mapping out this area here on hewitt place. they have it blocked off. this all happened around 7:00 last night. hayward police said this was an officer-involved shooting. an officer fired their down at a suspect. that person was taken to the hospital to be treated. an officer had a nonlife threatening injury and also treated at the hospital. no word on how that officer was injured. investigators say they are looking at how this incident unfolded. the important thing is there is no more risk to the community right now. officer told me this expected on scene investigation to wrap up in the hour. reporting live in hayward, matt keller, abc 7 news. new developments concerning right to die law. they have filed an appeal to bring the law back. we told you last week he planned to appeal, now that's official. a judge last week ruled end of life option act signed into law in 2015 was passed illegally. that allows adults to get life
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ending drugs if the doctor determines they have six months or less to live. the appeal asked to overturn the ruling immediately while the issue gets sorted out in court. a rookie san francisco police officer could face charges after a shooting earlier this month. a department also released body camera footage of the incident. we learned these details at a town hall last night. officers were investigating a car burglary at steiner street and gary boulevard may 11th when a suspect got into a car and crashed into two police cars. that's when an officer fired on the vehicle. >> get in the car! >> no one was hit by that gunfire. the suspect drove off again before officers did he taped him at civic center plaza. san francisco police say per procedure the rookie officer who fired the shots should have had his body camera on at the time. it was not activated. that officer also violated the department's use of force policy
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by firing at a moving vehicle. >> remember this vehicle of oakland mayor libby schaaf warning about i.c.e. raids coming to the bay area. it even got president trump's attention. >> now a new bill calls for jail time if leaders of sanctuary cities warn people ahead of time. it is called the mayor libby schaaf act. iowa congressman announced the bill yesterday. bans advance notice and violators could face up to five years in prison. >> 5:05. we're hearing from a man attacked by police canine dog in castro valley. >> josh phillips pulled over yesterday morning for driving under the influence. cell by his friend shows him in handcuffs. all of a sudden the canine officer jumps out of a squad car. >> hey, bro -- >> deputies say a button on the dog handler's vest was pressed by accident when the deputy was searching fingertip ips car.
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phillips said he was unhappy with how he was treated at the hospital. >> i got a couple of drugs, couple of prescriptions, okay, be on your way and the sheriff's were gone. instead of taking me to infirmary room, they leave me stranded in a city i'm unfamiliar with. >> phillips says the canine handler apologized to him but he would still like to see the canine euthanized and this incident put under investigation. home surveillance shows a home burglary suspect in fremont. an alert landscaper helped catch the man. the suspect did not go easily, at one point taking a police canine hodgkinson. abc news reporter katie marzullo has that story. >> reporter: 1:45 min the afternoon, moments later came alive with police. a neighborhood who didn't want to be identified showed the police response recorded by his cameras. fremont police say the suspect broke a window and went inside the house. a landscaper next door heard the
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glass shatter and called for help. officers said the man tried to escape out the back door and front door but realized police had him surrounded. >> they started yelling, we're going to send the police dog in, and he will bite you. he will bite you. >> officers did send in the dog only to watch the suspect drag the canine into the house. >> he's still inside the room. we cannot see him. the dog is with him. he said he's got his hands up. >> he had something. >> he's got a remote and acting like a gun. >> officers realized it was not a gun and ordered the suspect to surrender. he did. >> his pants were down, legs were bloody from the dog biting. >> police arrested the suspect robert lomack, the was not hurt. you're never more than 7
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minutes away from accuweather forecast. north bay, lack of fog compared to yesterday also. there is mist in the air, watch out for that. 49 tiburon, bodega bay 47. everybody else in the low- to mid-50s with 54 from nap, take, american canyon and vallejo. also fairfield and alameda. redwood city, 55 brentwood and tracy, 52 in san francisco and also cupertino. here is a look at what's going on this morning as far as our p. the beaches still going to be breezy but mainly north of the golden gate bridge. lighter breezies. exercise more humid especially this morning. so maybe a little harder to get out and about. if you're out on the bay, watch out north of the bay bridge, choppy and gusty with southwest win, 15 to 25 knots, gust to 30 knots, up to 35 miles per hour. same timeframe as yesterday. 3:00 this afternoon to 9:00 this evening. check out this 12-hour planner for san francisco. look at the lack of sunshine,
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temperatures mid-50s most of the day until 4:00, upper 50s. east bay valleys we should be in the upper 70s. we'll start off at 58 at 8:00, 66 at noon and upper 60s this afternoon. good 10 degrees below average back down to 59. grab a coat for evening hours. here is alexis with morning commute. >> good morning, mike. don't have a whole lot to complain about on the roads unless leaving tracy. we've got typical delays westbound 205 and 580. down to 9 miles an hour crawl on 205. slightly better, once you get to altamont pass. nothing blocking. those are typical delays we see on that stretch. san mateo bridge looking good, too. westbound 92 we do have a hit-and-run crash reported. sounds like that vehicle off on the shoulder just before the camera shot on the toll plaza. that's not causing delays either. next update coming up right around 5:20. we have more information this morning about the firefight inside santa fe high school in
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texas. >> according to the galveston sheriff the gunman dimitrios pagourtzis was conered. elves in a hallway. they are credited with taking him him. pagourtzis who may have bullied charged with killing if 10 and injuring hours. watt announced he would pay for the funeral of all 10 victims. he has a history of giving back including raising $37 million for hurricane harvey. i saw him taking a picture with one of the students who was hurt during the attack. it was really quite touching. i know it meant a lot to them and their families. >> absolutely. american airlines making a policy change. what you will not see anymore on your flight. >> work% quickly pulled this adorable animal out of a drain. >> do you know who this is?
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she was just inducted into
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it's pa misty morning, a little drizzle out there. it's possible again tomorrow. our chances of showers still linger for thursday and friday. talk more about that coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll send it over to reggie. >> thanks, mike. a former olympic swimmer filed a civil suit against her former
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usa swimming coach alleging sexual abuse. >> i'm coming here today from a very honest perspective, honest to myself and this journey, honest to my healing process and respecting where i'm at today, honest in my intentions of holding those accountable, and honest in my hope these actions will lead to prevention. >> smith says her former coach sean hutchison sexually abused her over a 10-year span. hutchison denied the allegation and said they were in a committed relationship that started when she was of age. >> take a look at your screen. this is three different perspectives of the volcano disaster on hawaii's big a look at the plant. >> in this morning's first look lava flow intensifying. the only way to see it from the
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air. fissure 22 glowing red, dominating the landscape. >> you see the size and width of that lava, unlike anybody here has seen. >> reporter: that lava lake lapping up against the area's geothermal plant. 50,000 gallons of flammable liquid have been removed. officials say one of its three wells hasn't been kept. >> a lava river,river, hour. you can actually feel the heat radiating 2,000 feet up. >> that lava, 2,000 degrees, hot enough to melt gold and, of course, rocks. we'll have a live report from the big island coming up at 7:00 a.m. with your "gma" first look. san francisco's cafe, according to the chronicle. the chef and manager are leaving while one of the restaurant's owners faces sexual harassment allegations. ken friedman accused of sexual
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assault, harassment and verbal abuse. the new accusations came to light in "60 minutes." a former bartender said friedman made unwanted advances when she worked at the restaurant the spotted pig. a spokesperson said he vehemently denies any nonconsensual activity. happening now a bicyclist beginning his quest to help north bay fire victims going up hill to the equivalent of climbing mt. everest. he'll try to ride up for 29,029 feet. yes, that's the height of he have rest. he started 15 minutes ago in livermore. all will be distributed to fire victims. if you would like to donate go to first police chief in his. >> kimberly peterson, been with the department 20 years,
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officer, detective, sergeant, lieutenant and current a captain. she was also a member of a s.w.a.t. team. she will officially take over the department in late july after the current police chief retires. there will be less plastic on alaska airlines in the future. it announced it will replace plastic stir straws and citrus picks with a sustainable alternative. they will use white birch and bamboo. you'll see that in july. >> a citrus pick. okay. contra costa county personnel rescued a kitten from a storm drain on upon it was scared. you can see the face. no wonder one of the residents adopted the kitty on site. >> that's nice. a san jose inducted into the hall of fame, san jose native.
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>> that's great. she's great. >> remembe this? we all remember this, right? >> everyone is talking about the plaque she received. okay. she's so gracious. she's posing next to it as you would. but what happened here? chastain said, quote, it's not the most flattering but it's nice. >> that's really glass half full of her. former for harris barton, john mcveigh, former warrior tim hardaway, former giant matt cain. but really. >> let's look at that plaque again. the good news, according to the chronicle, someone volunteered to pay to have have redone. >> i feel like this must be really hard to do. cristiano ronaldo, the sketch of tom brady, what's going on. >> this is not a moment to take artistic license, not an
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interpretive moment. >> i still think there might have been a mistake. that is mickey rooney's grave stone and someone got it switched. >> i think it would have helped if she had longer hair. >> the face. >> teeth were weird. start with the teeth. >> such a classy lady. for that to happen to her is sad. i'm glad we're going to fix it. all right. we're going to try to fix this cool weather, too. we've got to get through the showers. summer heat is on the way. guess when it arrives, just in time for the unofficial kickoff to summer this weekend. can you believe memorial day is just around the corner? here is a look at may gray from golden gate bridge. you probably need these windshield wipers a couple times this morning. because that may gray lingers, it will be cooler today, almost as breezy as yesterday. overcast tonight drizzle coming back. extended showers and summer warmth. here is the area of low pressure that's been plaguing us the last couple of days.
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moving east and factoring in less and less on the forecast. what i'm turk my attention is the low in the cold front and potential showers it will produce. for today, temperatures, upper 60s, low 70s in the south bay. warm spot at 73. you head up the peninsula, start in the upper 60s and drop down to 63 in millbrae with clouds really being stubborn for you. look how stubborn along the coast. upper 50s downtown sauce lit, a, san francisco may crack low 60s at best. 64 petaluma, 80 in cloverdale, winds in ukiah, winds upper 60s south bay. clouds linger afternoon hours coming across golden gate bridge and upper 60s to mid-70s in east bay valleys. my accuweather seven-day forecast low 50s, a little cooler tomorrow and a chance of showers 30% for thursday and friday. look at the heat coming for monday. here is alexis. >> all right, mike. we have had a really quiet start
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for tuesday morning commute and still seeing mostly green on our traffic maps. one potential minor issue in the south bay here if you're traveling northbound 280 past bird avenue in san jose, reports of debris blocking one lane. chp on the way to the scene to check that out. i'm not seeing delays in the area. hopefully that is not big enough to cause any damage but we haven't gotten reports of that yet. bay bridge toll plaza starting to fill in. metering lights flipped on any minute now if they haven't already. drive time good, 680 walnut creek to dublin, 14 minutes. santa rosa to san francisco under an hour. highway 1 to lass gats still looks great. b.a.r.t. opening an extension to antioch, start on saturday. service between pittsburg and bay point is 10 miles long and adds two new stations. diesel a&e powered trains will carry passengers between those stations. b.a.r.t. will host a community celebration at the antioch
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station that starts at 11:00 a.m. this friday. >> all right, alexis, thank you. happening today prince harry and meghan markle will make their first official appearance post wedding. the duke and duchess of sussex will attend the birthday party for prince charles. the party six months before charles actual birthday will be at buckingham palace. the royals starting festivities early in order to honor charities and military affiliations the prince of wales supports. if you're a soccer fan and looking for a place to watch this year's fifa world cup. why not the home of san jose earthquakes, going to broadcast every match of the tournament on big screen. parking and entry totally free. giveaways planned. more information on the website, world cup starts june 15th. coming up next seven things you need to know when you start your day. >> one group thinks it has a way to stop birds from damaging vineyards, lasers. >> it's not the video o i'm dianne feinstein and i approve this message. i thought after sandy hook,
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5:24. if you're just joining us or going out the door, seven things you need to know before you go. an officer is hurt after an officer-involved shooting in hayward near hewitt place. we learned this morning that officer has nonlife threatening injuries. a suspect was also is hospitalized. number two chp investigating a huge crash on highway 4 in antioch involving six vehicles. at least three people taken to the hospital, one person has major injuries. all lanes near hillcrest avenue are now open. >> number three, facebook ceo mark zuckerberg will be questioned by lawmakers in the european parliament today. zuckerberg will likely be asked similar privacy questions that he answered on capitol hill last month. number four b.a.r.t. considering closing this hallway that has been a hot spot for drug use at the civic center b.a.r.t. station. riders say it would hold up their commute. parity still needs permission
5:26 am
from state fair marshall. number five may gray winds today as can you see from our roof camera. let me show your our temperatures, biggest drop redwood city 8 degrees cooler than average. >> number six. we really haven't had major issues this morning. i do want to pass along mist and drizzle in some areas today, likely along this stretch for golden gate bridge drivers you may have to use your wipers. you want to use caution on ramps and curves. number seven, it is harvey milk day. he was the first openly gay person elected into office in california, when he won a seat on san francisco board of supervisors. several events taking place across the city today. if you're having an issue with someone, why not just talk it out kind of like these like e did recently. >> so cool. who runs into this. >> what? >> i would definitely run in the other direction.
5:27 am
>> the animals wow, seem to be having a territorial dispute on the border of ontario and michigan. one from michigan, one from canada and never the two shall meet. the video going viral for obvious reasons. they look like mirror images of each other. >> i thought canadians were supposed to be friendly and hospitable. >> one was the aggressor panned one responding in kind. coming back, a man convicted of violent crimes against women hole be sentenced this week. >> i'm not a monster, that's a a fact. >> you'll hear from him and one of his victims you'll only see on abc 7 news. voter deadline for
5:28 am
5:29 am
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a terrible crash overnight had a bay area highway shut down. we are shut down this morning. >> you probably saw this video of people using drugs at a b.a.r.t. station. now san francisco considering an extreme measure to stop this from happening. >> duke and duchess of sussex will make their debut as a married couple today. more importantly you can buy the swag bag handed out wedding. >> are they ever going to get to go on a honeymoon and be alone. >> no. >> welcome to tuesday may 22nd, it is 5:30. >> never more than 7 minutes away from accuweather forecast. >> a little mist and drizzle waiting for you also. thankfully not too foggy yet. down from last hour but blowing straight off the ocean and into the central valley, up to 18 miles an hour. look at the cloud cover and moisture they dragged in with them. here is a look at my 12 hour planner. cloudy at 7:00, low- to mid-50s.
5:31 am
a little milder. stay in upper 50s at the coast the rest of the time. noon mid-50s -- mid-60s, low 60s, jacket weather, already, by 7:00. good morning, alexis. >> good morning, mike. we have not gotten official word from chp bay metering lights have been flipped on by judging by the camera, looks like they have been. using fast cash, anybody but carpoolers will have to slow down and take a few minutes to get through metering lights in san francisco. hour even westbound 580 tracy to dublin. southbound 680 dublin to mission boulevard and green at 15 northbound 85 to cupertino looking great at 15 minutes. it is quiet but we had a serious crash overnight. chp is investigating that crash that shut down part of highway 4 near hillcrest for hours overnight and several people were airlifted to area hospitals. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live along the
5:32 am
highway from officers cleared the scene this morning. hey, people. >> good morning, alexis. you can see highway 4 behind me moving fine this morning. all lanes have been reopened. take a look at earlier, all lanes were blocked. this was a huge crash scene. chp tells me six vehicles were involved. they got the call at 10:30 last night. it happened westbound highway 4 at hillcrest and antioch. at least three people transported to the hospital, one was major. they were airlifted. they got it all reopened at 1:30 this morning. investigators have not yet said what happened. they are still investigating. so far at this point they tell me they have not made arrests. live in antioch, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. now a live desk update. >> abc 7 morning. >> we're tracking developing news in east bay. hayward police officer and suspect both recovering this
5:33 am
morning after a police shooting. police say an officer shot and injured a suspect about 7:00 last night on hewitt place. the officer suffered nonlife threatening injuries and being treated at the hospital. police not releasing details including if the officer who fired the shot was the officer hurt. there is still a crime scene out there so you do want to avoid the area this morning. we will go back to the scene in about half an hour. . >> thank you, jessica. the man called one of the most violent and prolific sex traffickers in the history of contra costa county expects to be sentenced to life in contra costa county. >> he was convicted of 37 knowns involving at least seven women. the charges include murder after one of the women abused by lewis killed herself. lewis says he's not a monster. >> at the end of the day i've never made anyone do what they didn't want to be. anyone who has been around me is because they chose to, wanted
5:34 am
to. >> threatened me, beat me on several occasions, held a gun to my head. you know, my son witnessed some of it unfortunately. >> lewis has spent the last four years at the contra costa county jail in martinez. on friday he'll find out if he'll be sentenced to 150 more in state prison. a troubled b.a.r.t. walkway that is a hot spot for drug use may be shut down. recent cell phone video shows people using drugs in civic station corridor. b.a.r.t. director says b.a.r.t. is considering closing the hallway that connects the 7th and 8th street entrances. some passengers say that would put a snag in their commute. >> i think that would cause an inconvenience. this makes it easier to come to the platform. >> this hall has been ground '03 for injection drug use for some time. b.a.r.t. has a big toolbox and we're reimagining how this looks to people. >> currently b.a.r.t. and police
5:35 am
patrol the hallway which he says it's not a feasible solution. they need decision to close the hall from the fire marshall and a final decision would take several weeks. happening today moon jae-in meeting with president trump in washington to prepare with the u.s. summit with north korea. they are expected to discuss security measures and economic incentives. keeping the meeting all together may be the big echallenge. last week north korean leader kim jong-un planned to pull out of the summit next month. "new york times" said president trump consulted aides about whether to take the risk and the proceed with the meeting. higher bridge toll with promise of less time in traffic, they are urging voters to say yes to regional measure 3 june 5th. it would hike tolls on all bridges except golden gate bridge by $3. the funds would be spent on increasing ferry service, improving bus systems and replacing b.a.r.t. trains.
5:36 am
supporters say this will encourage people to take public transportation and thus ease traffic. opponents say the money should be spent on improvements to directly help those paying tolls. you're in luck if you need to register for the june 5th primary. today is the first ever post registration day in california. the deadline for regular registration online or by mail passed last night. but you can still sign up for conditional voter registration in person at a designated location. in san francisco that is city hall. we have a link to locations online at abc 7 pabz -- >> you're never more than 7 minutes away from accuweather forecast. start in san francisco, coolest at 49. sunnyside at 50. 51, castro, mission, glen park. 52 from ocean beach all the way around bay view. snuggled in between there, 53. pretty de los yesterday.
5:37 am
low- to mid-50s bayshore and south bay. saratoga 57. one of the warm spots daly city 50. mid-50s in east bay valleys. mainly 49 healdsburg to mid-50s in the north bay. pretty homogenized air mass because of the clouds that got there. you can see the mist hanging in the air westbound along san mateo bridge. caution for the morning if you're driving. now, if you're taking mass transit cool this morning, mild this afternoon as far as temperatures go and small craft advisory north of the bay bridge today. all right. let's take a look what's going to happen temperature wise on the peninsula. 56 and cloudy at 8:00. still mostly cloudy, 10:00 at 58. partly sunny at noon and 61. a little more sunshine afternoon hours, low- to mid-60s. clouds roll in quickly. look at that, 6:00, look at the temperature down to 57 by 8:00. across the bay we've got 56 and mainly cloudy at 8:00. we'll see a little sunshine as you head towards about the 2:00 to 4:00 hour.
5:38 am
then the clouds roll right back in around 6:00. it becomes mostly cloudy, jacket weather. maybe a mist later on in the evening hours as drizzle is possible tomorrow morning. chance of shower, we have thursday and friday. we'll talk more about that coming up. first pull alexis in here traffic guru to let you know what's going on this morning. >> all right. i like my new title this morning, mike. you know what, i'm not having to use too many magical powers. it hasn't been too bad. this is bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights on later than normal. we'll take it. 5:51 official time according to chp. we are looking at things stacking up through the middle. not so bad cash lanes on the left. of course if you're using carpool lanes the commute is best for the area. head back to the south bay, good news, reports of pretty large debris, northbound 280 past bird avenue before 87. chp arrived on the scene and they were able to clear that very quickly. the central valley we briefly had a collision reported
5:39 am
westbound 205 before 580. just watch that clear from the board. we'll check out residual delays and check out speeds leaving tracy area. that's coming up in just about 10 minutes. >> new this morning, uber facing a lawsuit. it's the first time some of its new policies will be put to the test. you'll remember uber recently announced new rules for sex related claims, allowing those claims to go to court rather than simply arbitration. now a former software engineer is suing the san francisco company alleging years of sexual harassment, race discrimination and pay inequality. she claims despite formal complaints colleagues weren't sufficiently disciplined for making sexual remarks at company events and in the office. paperwork just filed yesterday in california superior court here in san francisco. >> jessica, thank you. to the white house and extraordinary meeting between the president and top justice officials running the russia investigation. the deputy attorney general and
5:40 am
fbi director have now accepted mr. trump's demands for an investigation into the investigation. >> here is what the president wants to know. did the fine fill dehydrate or surveil for polit -- purposes. >> this is did he signs to undermine the investigation, distract from the president's growing legal troubles. >> the president's demand comes in response to "new york times" report. it claims in late 2016 the fbi used an informant to question two trump campaign associates about their contacts with russians. there's no evidence the fbi infiltrated the trump campaign. in response to the president's tweet, the deputy attorney general ordered the justice department's inspector general to investigate the president's concerns. >> what happens in vegas today could affect dozens of hotels and casinos very soon. >> meanwhile elon musk has voiced frustration over negative
5:41 am
reports on tesla. weighing
5:42 am
5:43 am
lowest threshold of thunderstorm potential is over the areas you see shaded in green. it's mainly our higher elevation, maybe sacramento to chico and sacramento valley. 84 in chico, 78 sacramento. can you see the showers and thunderstorms develop and even
5:44 am
the high elevation snow in the sierra. if you're heading south near 90 in palm springs but still upper 60s with may gray holding on around san diego and l.a. here is a look at leftover clouds from thunderstorms yesterday. today, tomorrow, thursday, and to a lesser extent friday and saturday, more showers and thunderstorms. even a little snow mixes in saturday before it finally starts drying and warming sunday and monday. >> thank you, mike. the man who died when his tesla model s went through a fence and into a pond is being remembered as a kind person and loyal friend. he was a musician who played in the danville community band. he didn't show up for a performance and his friends knew something was wrong. >> calling around to different hospitals to see if he happened to be in the emergency rooms. i think people started to recognize me because i was calling so often. >> he was found yesterday morning inside of his car in a pond just off of crow canyon road in castro valley near the border of san ramon.
5:45 am
police suggest the car went airborne before hitting the water. he was 34 years old. it is a quarter to 6:00 now, san jose firefighters started to prepare for fire season. they are inspecting fire prone areas, getting owners to cut down weeds. crews will be making courtesy calls to get residents to get the work done. if it is not done after the first visit, be ready to pay. pg&e also has the authority to turn off power to lines in high-risk times and areas. if the customer has trees or brush within 15 feet of a power line pg&e says they will cut it down for freeing. >> mark zuckerberg will be questioned by lawmakers again. this time it's the european parliament. zuckerberg wanted the meeting to be private. the president of the parliament says it's going to be live streamed this morning beginning at 9:15 our time. zuckerberg will likely be asked similar privacy questions he answered on capitol hill last month. 2.7 million europeans were among facebook users affected in that
5:46 am
cambridge analytica scandal. you're taking a bit of a gamble if you're booking a book to las vegas next month. tens of thousands of casino workers are going to vote today on whether to authorize a strike. the contract for house keepers, bartenders and servers and 30 hotels and casinos will expire next week. if they vote in favor of a strike, they may walk off the job any time starting june 1st. just as tesla ceo elon musk announces new details about a newer version of model 3 consumer reports giving it a poor review. consumer reports announced it cannot recommend the model 3 sedan. they praised it for battery range and handling but pointed out shortcomings with ride quality, its control panel and its brakes. consumer reports said the vehicle's stopping range is far worse than other cars tested including ford f-150 truck. >> scarecrows and propane cannons are failing to keep birds away from givens vineyard in sonoma county.
5:47 am
now they are going high-tech. they are using lasers. the lasers are from the bird control group, which is based in holland. these lasers include beams of lime green light to scare away the birds. apparently that color is used because birds see it best. the bird control group claim grape growers decrease damage by 99.8%. by the way, bird damage to wine grapes is estimated to be $49 million annually here in california. >> looks like a rave in napa valley in the vineyard you know why. >> because it's a rave, also the birds. if you didn't watch "american idol" last night, i'm going to alert you now they are spoilers ahead. >> the announcement came with a surprise twist. >> maddie poppe. that 20-year-old from iowa maddie poppe is the new "american idol." she says she's stunned. she can't believe she won.
5:48 am
she beat out her new boyfriend caleb lee hutchison for the title. the two kept the romance away from the cameras until the final minutes of the show. "american idol" will be back by the way, for another season next spring right mother on abc 7. four out of the top five were dating each other. >> what a time to be alive. >> it's great. >> do you want to have your own royal swag? if you have the money, you can have some from te wedding. >> be warned, the gift bag is not verified, so you are bidding at your own risk. the listing on ebay says it as commemorative chocolate coin gift bag made for the wedding day. the pag is historied for $900. >> why? >> we've also seen some up for grabs for $13,000. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. do you really think meghan markle would give a refrigerator magnet in swag bag.
5:49 am
>> i'm more worried about the short bread. >> how is it a commemorative chocolate coin if you eat it. >> these are all very good questions. >> whose chocolate is it? is it a special chocolate from england? >> more questions than answers. >> if you pay that much for it, let us know. we would love to see that. >> that's true. >> let's talk about there's no umbrella in that. maybe in england you'd find an umbrella in there. kind of feels like london out there with fog and mist and drizzle. san jose 280 at 17, you're not left out. look how cloudy it is across the south bay with temperatures in the mid-50s this morning. slower sunshine, breezy once again. not quite as much as yesterday but that sea breeze still going to keep us cooler than average and cooler than yesterday. drizzle tonight, some showers still watching the possibility of those thursday and friday. look at this. officially kick off summer. unofficially, i guess. memorial day with a few signs of summer. i think last year was pretty
5:50 am
chilly. this year opposite. look at cloud cover, white and gray. notice by noon hardly any bay clear, the coast definitely not clear. clouds linger in the bay all afternoon hours while inland neighborhoods see the most sunshine. that's the warmest. by 7:00 cloud returning to neighborhoods. mid up toer 50s that's all you get today around san francisco, south san francisco 61. mid to upper 60s along east bayshore. look how cloudy this afternoon. same thing on the peninsula, mid to upper 60s with clouds lingering, at the coast upper 50s, cloudy all day. san jose and south bay low- to mid-70s back below average after reaching average yesterday. temperatures in the east bay neighborhoods, upper 60s to mid-70s. pretty comfortable. north bay, low- to mid-70s, upper 60s around san rafael and vallejo. my accuweather seven-day forecast drizzle again tomorrow morning, looks like thursday into friday a chance of showers still low enough we haven't put a storm impact scale on it.
5:51 am
there's your warmth for monday, alexis. >> sounds good, mike. so far we haven't had major issues on the roads. we're looking at heavy traffic out of tracy. no surprise here. 9 miles an hour on 205, up to 15 miles an hour once you make it to 580. we do have a crash 205 around mountain house, that is off on the center divide. that certainly is not helping. look at some of those misty conditions across the bay bridge. probably have to flip those wipers on. can you see a little mist and drizzle under those street lamps. could have mist and drizzle. in fact i'm hearing about a spinout. tracy to castro valley one hour 23 minutes. we'll look into the crash in a few minutes. northbound 101 highway 85 to san jose airport 16 minutes. northbound 280 highway 1 to san francisco still in the green at nine minutes. >> thank you. it's been $2 million
5:52 am
project for the bridge. >> work will begin tomorrow on 60-year-old bridge near marin general hospital. first phase of construction expected to take four weeks and focus on the westsideof the bridge where bonaire bridg speaker sects. >> 13 reasons why season two has been released. one group calling for them to pull the show. you'll see this, permanent debut
5:53 am
5:54 am
a's are back in town playing pretty well. couple of games above 500.
5:55 am
they need to knock off the mariners to keep climbing. today look at that temperature, though. it's 7:05, first pitch at 57 degrees. now, you won't drop much to 56, so it's going to start chilly, stay chilly, be breezy and pretty cloudy. >> thanks, mike. blink and you might miss it. the solano county fair is only going to be two days long, the shortest ever. >> no more events like muckfest you see here. the board of supervisors said they had to shrink the fair because of budget concerns saturday may 30th to sunday june 1st. that is it. it's free. live competition and talent show will be part of the fair and carnival and concert will also be featured. starting tonight,? unveiling day to night installation display. 11,000 lights illuminated every night visible from miles away. it will be shown at the top of sales force tower. installation premiers at 8:00
5:56 am
chl checking out the roads, two to talk about westbound 880, foothill road solo vehicle crash reported. someone lost control and spun out. mike and i have been telling you we could have slick pavement, mist and drizzle in some areas. they are working on clearing that vehicle right now. that should not be a situation. northbound before curtner in san jose, a crash blocking lanes. chp on the scene. let's check in with mike. >> alexis, thanks very much. hey, everybody. pull the calendar out for san jose and focus on you and notice that you've been above average six whole days out of the 21 this week. today, well, it's going to be below average once again. now, the climate prediction center i usually defer to for long range forecast, they have a different skill set and use different tools than we do for a day to a week
5:57 am
forecast. they believe we have a chance to be above average may, june, july, august. the caveat they thought may would be warmer than average. keep that in mind. >> thanks, mike. new at start the day. >> officer-involved shooting in san francisco. why one officer could face charges. an officer-involved shooting in hayward last night. heads up if y
5:58 am
5:59 am
matt keller live with details on an officer who was injured. also at our live desk anothe policy change at starbucks after customers became concerned about new bathroom rules.
6:00 am
we're tracking a lot developing. good morning to you. it is may 22nd. >> we'll also talk about why an iowa lawmakers named a proposed law after mayor libby schaaf. >> a look outside from south beach camera. we have windshield wipers going because of the mist and drizzle. mike saying the sun will come out eventually. hey, mike. >> i didn't realize how much pollen i had on my car until i used the windshield wipers this morning. hi, everybody. it is may gray. it is going to be stubborn today. no delays yet announced at sfo. look at visibility. you know it's going to happen. i'll tweet it @mike nicco abc 7 when it happens. if you're away from the tv focus on the planner. low for mid-50s, stay in the 50s by the coast. notice by noon mid-50s. highs lack of sunshine mid to upper 60s at 4:00 and already jacket weather by 7:00. mid-50s to


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