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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  May 22, 2018 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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tonight, the miracle survivors. the jet that took off from as ton, texas, crashing. the plane breaking in half, and tonight, we are now learning there are several americans among the survivors, pulled from the wreckage. the images coming in now. also developing tonight, the face to face meeting with jim congress june. will it happen after all? what president trump is saying tonight, saying there is a very substantial chance that it won't work out in early june. what changed? also tonight, the female police officer killed in the line of duty. the arrest today. and this evening, how she was killed. a teenager behind the wheel, authorities say driving right at her, run herg over. authorities speaking a short time ago. from hawaii tonight, this is the location where our team is standing by. and the new concern tonight, the lava closing in on a power plant. it could prove explosive,
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leaving house without power. we're watching severe storms at this hour, from the hawaii valley into the northeast. and a troubling tropical system head d right for the coast this holiday weekend. and tonight, the case making national headlines. the parents who took their 30-year-old son to court to try to get him out of the house. he had refused to move out. what the judge h good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a very busy tuesday night. and we begin with that plane crash. the miracle survivors tonight. the plane taking off from austin, texas, then crashing, breaking in half during a landing in honduras. the airport surrounded by mountains. that airport is known as one of the toughest for pilots to navigate. tonight, it's believed everyone onboard survived this. several of them americans. abc's victor oquendo with the images comes in tonight. >> reporter: tonight, a
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miraculous story of survival in honduras. the gulfstream private jet cracked in two. bystanders and rescuers racing to pull survivors from the smoldering wreckage, some trying to lift the door, others using fire extinguishers around the plane. firefighters covering it with foam. the plane took off from austin around 9:30 local time, attempting to land in honduras's capital, tegucigalpa, when officials say the plane went off the runway. six people aboard the plane, five americans. local reports say the red cross transported all six to the hospital. all are expected to survive. it's not clear what caused the crash, but the airport, surrounded by mountains, is notorious for being one of the most difficult to approach. >> you could be too fast as you're coming around down that hill, and if you land too fast and you don't have the airplane under control, it's not hard, as we've seen at numerous instances at this airport, to go off the end of the runway. >> reporter: in 2011, a commercial airliner crashed while attempting to land here, killing all 14 onboard. >> just stunning images coming
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in tonight. victor with us live, and victor, the u.s. embassy is providing assistance already tonight? >> reporter: that's right, david. the u.s. embassy providing any assistance necessary, aegd that their thoughts are with all those effected. not only did all six people survive, only one had to be taken awine a stretcher. david? >> just unbelievable. victor, thank you. the other story we've been following all day long here, the new message from president trump when it comes to that face to face summit with kim jong-un. the summit appears to be on shaky ground tonight. president trump himself casting some doubt today during an urgent meeting at the white house with south korea's president. the president saying the plans are still moving forward, but the president also indicating that he believes something changed when the north korean dictator traveled to china to meet with president xi. abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl on the new promises president trump is now making to try to make this happen. >> reporter: president trump today greeted south korea's
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president, leading him by hand into the west wing to huddle about the summit with kim jong-un. a summit the president now says may or may not happen. >> there is a chance it will work out. there's a very substantial chance that it won't work out. and that's okay. that doesn't mean it won't work out over a period of time. but it may not work out for june 12th. >> reporter: it was the north koreans who first raised the possibility of cce objecting to demands from the u.s. they give up their entire nuclear program before getting anything in return. today, the president suggested he could back down from insisting kim gives up all his nukes at once. >> it would certainly be better if it were all in one. does it have to be, i don't think i want to totally commit myself, but all in one would be a lot better. seemed to blame china for the >> reporter: president trump seemed to blame china for the complications, saying kim jong-un changed his tune after having a second, unannounced, meeting with the chinese president. >> i think there was a little change in attitude from kim jong-un. so, didn't like that. i don't like that.
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>> reporter: president trump made it clear he's willing to offer a lot to the north korean dictator. >> i will guarantee his safety. yes. he will be safe. he will be happy. his country will be rich. >> reporter: he says japan, china and south korea will pitch in, too. >> they will be willing to help and i believe invest very, very large sums of money into helping to make north korea great. >> reporter: the president has relished talk of the summit as a path to the nobel prize. >> that's very nice, thank you. that's very nice. nobel. >> reporter: a military office assigned to the white house has already created a commemorative coin for the summit, referring to kim as, quote, supreme leader. >> supreme leader. jon karl from the white house tonight. and jon, the president once said that when it came to north korea and the summit, it was very simple, in the president's words, saying north korea would have to, quote, get rid of their nukes before any benefits from a
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deal. today, he seemed to move the goal posts a bit. >> reporter: well, the president said today he would still like to have what he called an all in one deal, but he certainly left open the possibility of accepting something short of that, and david, make no its entire arding north korea nuclear program would be a major concession. >> all right, jon karl live from the white house again tonight. thanks, jon. there are also new developments tonight after that female police officer was killed in baltimore county, maryland. tonight, authorities say a teenager ran her over. officer am amy the scene of a suspected robbery, and tonight, several suspects are under arrest. abc's david kerr slooe at tley scene. >> reporter: officer amy caprio's alleged killer, a 16-year-old baltimore teenager, facing adult first degree murder charges tonight of mowing her down with a vehicle. prosecutors say dwanta harris was waiting in a stolen jeep
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while three others allegedly burglarized a home. when caprio arrives, the jeep flees, but it's a cul-de-sac. the officer chases. exits her vehicle. her body camera showing the jeep accelerating, according to police, and striking her violently. harris captured quickly. no stranger to police, charged with up to a half-dozen car thefts in five months, violating house arrest. called a one-man crime wave. >> did system not work? it sounds like that it could have worked better in this particular case. this 16-year-old perhaps shouldn't have been out. >> reporter: the nearly four-year veteran officer leaves behind a husband. she was recently named officer of the month. >> she was the kind of that was going to go up in this organization and lead. at some time in the future, she would be a leader here. >> let's get to david kerley, live from the crime scene tonight. and david, the teenager could face life in prison without parole, we know, if convicted, but so could his accomplices? >> reporter: that is true,
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david. if they are charged with felony murder and tried as an adult, they, too, could face life in prison. david? >> david kerley live in maryland tonight. thank you. next, the new threat at this hour from the kilauea volcano. a river of lava creeping closer to the island's power plant tonight. the results could be explosive, leaving thousands without power. abc's chief national correspondent matt gutman live from the big island tonight. matt a dramatic scene behind you there. we should let our viewers know, you and the team are at a safe distance. >> reporter: that's right, david, we are a safe distance away. believe it or not, this is just one of several fissures like this, guy scissor lava into the air. and one volcanologist i spoke to said she's seen lava fountains before, but nothing on this scale. tonight, multiple fissures reactivatin reactivating, pumping cascades of lava 150 feet high. early this morning, the national guard flying above that hellscape. the only way to capture the scope of it is from the air.
3:39 pm
that is the highest thing in the landscape right now. right by that fountain of lava, the area's geo-thermal plant, supplying 30% of the island's electricity. we saw lava breaching the property. officials say they've removed 50,000 gallons of flammable gas and are right now racing to cap a final well. in the helicopter, we followed those rushing rivers of lava to the ocean. what's incredible is when you fly over those two rivers of lava down there, you can actually feel the heat from 2,000 feet above them. the air in the southern part of the island, increasingly toxic. and you can see what this wind is doing, it is kicking up all of this steam and sulfur dioxide. now, that's hazardous to breathe. and there are multiple times more sulfur dioxide in the air now than there were a couple of days ago. families like dee nevarez's racing to evacuate idyllic homes earlier this month
3:40 pm
now returning home to this. >> quite a scene there. matt, give us an idea how hot it is for you and the team and the people who live nearby. >> reporter: well, where i'm standing, going to take a thermometer raegd on my back, about 125 degrees. where my view, is about 100 degrees. even in the air, we could feel the heat of that fissure. volcanologists say that what you're seeing behind me could keep going for weeks on end here, covering much more of this island with this kind of thick volcanic crust. david? >> matt gutman following this for days for us. matt, thank you. we are also following several weather headlines tonight. the tropical system that could hit this weekend, but first tonight, the severe thunderstorm watch at this hour, actually from the ohio valley all the way over to the northeast. five water rescues already in albuquerque. one person killed there. mudslides shutting down a highway in nevada tonight. the southeast in the bulls eye, cars under water in raleigh. those images coming in. let's get right to rob marciano,
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tracking it all day for us. >> reporter: so much of this area's seen a lot of water. let's get to the severe thunderstorm watches posted for much of ohio, in through pittsburgh, you're about to get hit. d.c. saw strong storms. now, to the crib yab. 40% chance of these storms becoming a tropical system over the next five days. by friday, gets into the gulf of mexico. uncertainty after that. what is certain, heavy rain from florida into the southeast. this area already saturated, david. >> all right, rob, thank you. president trump taking aim at the justice department, the fbi tonight, saying that if the fbi infiltrated his campaign for political purposes, it would be, a, quote, disgrace. but has the president provided any proof that actually happened? here's abc's senior white house correspondent cecilia vega tonight. >> reporter: president trump today dialing up the outrage at the unsubstantiated claim that the fbi may have used spies to infiltrate his campaign. >> a lot of people are saying they had spies in my campaign.
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if they had spies in my campaign, that would be a disgrace to this country. that would be very illegal, aside from everything else. >> reporter: there is no evidence that actually happened. the president's growing anger stems from a "new york times" report that claims as part of the 2016 investigation into russian meddling, the fbi used an informant to question two trump campaign associates about their contacts with russians. >> some man got paid based on what i read in the newspapers and on what you reported, some person got paid a lot of money. >> reporter: law enforcement experts say, in reality, the use of such informants is routine. and that news report made no mention of spies infiltrating the trump team. but that did not stop the president from tweeting an extraordinary edict. "i hereby demand" a new investigation into "whether the fbi/doj infiltrated or surveilled his campaign." >> reporter: deputy attorney
3:43 pm
general rod rosenstein and fbi director christopher wray summoned to the white house yesterday. rosenstein ordering the justice department's inspector general to investigate the president's concerns as part of an ongoing probe. in the president's crosshairs, rosenstein, who just weeks ago vowed to stand his ground. >> the department of justice is not going to be extorted. we're going to do what's required by the rule of law. >> reporter: but today, president trump refused to give rosenstein a vote of support. >> do you have confidence in rod rosenstein? >> what is your next question, please? >> cecilia vega with us from inside the briefing room tonight. cecilia, the american people were told before the election that the fbi was investigating russian meddling, legal sarnha.s say fbi informants d asulwo yoube report tonight, president is now saying something vefeif d ntre spies i his campaign, potentially. is the white house providing any proof tonight? >> reporter: well, david, none yet. and this is not the first time the president has raised this question about spies being in his campaign. it's also not the first time
3:44 pm
he's peddled an unsubstantiated claim. he said everything from president obama was not born in this country to president obama had trump tower wiretapped. david? >> cecilia, there is a breaking headline late today regarding michael cohen, president trump's former personal lawyer who was raided by the fbi and is under investigation. "the new york times" reporting tonight that a long-time partner of cohen's in the taxi business has now taken a plea deal. he agreed to plead guilty to one count of tax evasion and promised to cooperate with state and federal investigators. he is a russian immigrant, known as the taxi king. let's get to cecilia tonight. what could this mean for michael cohen? >> reporter: well, it could potentially mean more trouble, david, remains to be seen. friedman will seven no jail time for cooperating. investigators could use this to pressure michael cohen. some privately said that if an investigation could lead to his businesses, it could push him to
3:45 pm
cooperate. >> cecilia, thank you. we have new details tonight about the school bus driver involved in that fatal crash we reported on on a new jersey highway. dmv records show that 77-year-old huddy mull droe had a valid license with no points, but that his license had been suspended 14 times since 1975. most for parking violations. law enforcement forces say he may have been trying to make an illegal u-turn on i-80 when he collided with a dump truck. one student and one teacher were killed. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. the tense police standoff. dozens of shots fired. police and firefighters ducking for cover. the gunman barricaded inside. m national headlines, a lot of people talking about this. the parents who took their 30-year-old son to court to try to get him to move out of the house. hem had refused to move out. what the judge has now decided. we want your opinion tonight. and america strong. we loved this one today. look at this fire house. suddenly, growing by seven
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next tonight here, the parents who took their 30-year-old son to court. their argument -- it's time to move out. gio benitez on what the judge said tonight. >> reporter: tonight, a bizarre case of parents versus son. mark and christina rontondo telling a judge, through an attorney, that their 30-year-old son must move out of their home. >> they have no obligation to provide support. he's well over the age of 21. >> reporter: in a lawsuit, they say they have sent him five letters in the past two months, like this one. "you must leave this house immediately," telling him, "you have to work." even giving him more than $1,000 to find a new place. >> there is no reason for these people to have him in their home. >> reporter: michael says he's planning to leave in a few months. >> i'm not a burden to them in the home. they don't provide laundry or food.
3:49 pm
it's really a moot point for them to seek me to be ejected. >> reporter: the judge in the end siding with the parents. >> i'm granting the eviction. i think the notice is sufficient. >> it sounds like he said you need to vacate today. >> it sounds like that but that's just so ridiculous. >> reporter: and david, tonight, michael says he has his own web business and plans to appeal, but it did not go unnoticed that when he left the courthouse today, he went right back to his parents' house. david? >> we'll see how long that lasts. gio, thank you. when we come back tonight, the police standoff playing out for hours. dozens of shots fired. the very tense scene. what authorities have just revealed tonight. also, the new headline. that attorney caught on video, the rant. he was angry the workers were talking in spanish. tonight, what that lawyer is now saying. this is your wak call. if have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis, month after month, the clock is ticking on irreversible joint damage. ongoing pain and stiffness
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3:53 pm
the suspect barricaded inside for hours. authorities late today saying the gunman is now dead. one person has been wounded. growing outrage tonight on the campus of usc. several former students at the university of southern california filing a lawsuit against the school, accusing a former campus concealing numerous complaints against him. the video that sparked nationwide outrage. aaron schlossberg apologizing for his rant. the video showing him yelling at restaurant workers for speaking spanish instead of english. schlossberg saying "to the people i insulted, i apologize," adding, "i'm not a racist." and prince harris and duchess meghan. their first official appearance today, harry appeared to be stung by a bee right there by his ear, interrupting a birthday speech for his father. >> sorry, that bee really got me. >> meghan and her new in-laws appearing to laugh.
3:54 pm
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while the leading allergy spray relieves 6 symptoms... claritin-d relieves 8, including sinus congestion and pressure. arit-d rievemoreg allergy spray relieves 6 symptoms... strong. sound the alarm. seven babies in one firehouse. these firefighters with a new role tonight, each proud new fathers. at the glenpool fire department, just outside tulsa. that's henley, gracie, jovie, b. fathers tackling fires and fatherhood together.
3:58 pm
kendall and avery were first, their little jovie. then six more babies to come. five girls, two boys in all. the youngest, gracie, arriving just four weeks ago. they did not plan this, but their babies will now all grow up together. they'll grow into those uniforms. >> our kids all run around together. i'm schurrle these seven will all be close. us tghat they're all an extended family? >> i'm very thankful for it. i love it. >> hi, david! >> reporter: and tonight, the baritone voices from glenpool, oklahoma. >> we'd like to introduce you to the newest members fe dertme. >> reporter: those proud dads eager to show off their babies onwod ne htexciting. we've been blessed. >> reporter: blessed and taking on fatherhood together. congrats to those dads and to
3:59 pm
4:00 pm
over the years for what this i have exceeded it. >> the mayor is talking about this, the sales force tower after five years of construction, the grand opening celebration was finally held good afternoon and thank you for joining us. >> i'm dan ashley. >> i'm larry biel live at oracle arena. game four between the warriors and rockets is coming up later tonight. we'll have that story coming up. >> sales force tower dominates the skyline, this is a video shot from drone view 7 and you can see the tower is the tallest building that you see. >> so tall, in fact, it's at times obscured by the fog. this is a liv look at the tower right now. >> it is a sky scraper. wane freedman was at today's opening ceremony and he's live with the story. wayne? >> reporter: the sales force tower


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