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tv   2020  ABC  May 23, 2018 10:01pm-11:00pm PDT

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lights. camera. >> food fight! >> summer. >> ugh, as if. >> oh, boy, the drama. >> well come to a special edition of "20/20," hello, i'm not david muir. tonight, we investigate summer movie seasonal effective disorder. what should you be watching out for? how can it be stopped? and is your family safe from ryan reynolds? >> i don't know how to answer that. >> tonight, the stories you've never heard before. about the biggest summer blockbusters ever. >> waiting for some horrific sound and suddenly through the megaphone, we heard steven go, rawr! >> from jurassic park to animal house. >> would just say, that sucked, do it again, do it again, funnier!
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>> ah! >> coming to america. >> halt. >> to clueless. >> i can't do it, but she's like -- you're a virgin. >> who can't drive. >> whatever. >> the biggest stars. >> guys, we're on "20/20." and nobody's been accused of anything. >> spilling the secrets from onset -- >> more intense. >> plus, the new kids in the galaxy from "solo." >> that's a good version of the sound. >> so, get out the popcorn. it's lights -- >> toga! >> camera. >> toga! >> summer. >> i think it's appropriate for three and up. >> join us. here's chris connelly. >> believe it or not, there was a time when hollywood's version of a big budget thriller looked something like this -- in 1993, steven spielberg changed all that.
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with his massive -- >> must go faster. >> no, epic sci-fi masterpiece, jurassic park. he made us believe dinosaurs were living, breathing, misbehaving real life creatures. from the first bone crunching bi bite, our summers would never be the same. >> we were a bunch of kids sitting in a whole row of the theater and we were so astounded by what we saw, we were, like, clutching each other. leaping out of our seats and i'll never forget that experience as long as i live. >> 25 years later, it's more like jurassic perks, thanks to video games. >> roger control, deploying nonlethal counter measures. >> a theme park ride and a franchise now five films strong. >> run!
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>> but for many, especially for those that made it, the original, in all of its breathtaking, groundbreaking splendor is the one that stands the test of time. >> jurassic park was a dream come true, in so many ways. steven's brilliant brain child, to take michael crichton's world that he invented and bring it to life. and to have us be amongst the dinosaurs. there was a trier is tops right in front of me, one of the most beautiful things i've ever seen. >> spielberg knew having believable characters was at lease as important as having believable prehistoric carnivores. so, his cast auditions began with one noteworthy prerequisite. screaming. >> they just put me on tape and said, okay, pretend that you're being attacked by a giant dinosaur and just scream your heart out.
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apparently steven liked the screaming and so i got a call to go meet him in his office and he said, so, are you busy this summer? >> joseph was just 7 years old when he found himself auditions opposite robin williams and dustin hoffman for spielberg's cinematic play on peter pan, "hook." >> i was a little too young for the part, but steven came up to me after that, said, don't worry, i'm going to get you in a movie this up isser. and he offered me "jurassic park." >> hey! >> but for the part of greedy park computer programmer, no audition was required. >> ah, ah, ah. you didn't say the magic word. >> in the early '90s, waine knight played newman on "seinfeld." >> hello, newman. >> hello, jerry.
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>> but it was his performance in this notorious scene from "basic instinct." >> did you kill mr. boss? >> that led to a lead in "jurassic park." >> he saw me in "basic instinct" and looking googly eyed at something, he goes, imagine if that were a dinosaur, you know? worked out perfectly. >> but spielberg seemed to know it would be those genetically engineered dinosaurs that would inevitably steal the show, as he told the movie channel. >> it was very important that, if we were going to have dinosaurs in this movie, they would have to look, for me, as real as though i was watching a national geographic special on television. >> so, spielberg assembled a mt. rushmore of visual effects artists. "star wars" veteran phil tippett and the late great stan winston. >> steven spielberg came to dad
10:07 pm
with this, because he had seen "aliens." he thought, oh, if stan and his team can create a 14-foot tall queen alien, they can certainly build dinosaurs, and steven said, how are you going to do it? and dad said, i have no idea, but we'll figure it out. >> as ian malcolm would say -- >> life, ah, finds a way. >> winston and his team created the kind of live action dinosaurs that would make scientists foam at the mouth. as you'll see in this behind the scenes video. >> you're sculpting a dinosaur. not many people in the world have done that. it felt kind of in awe. 36 feet long, 18 feet tall, 12,000 pounds that can stop on a dime, it can move its head and when that thing went to set, it was like, holy smokes. >> and i'm a kid, too, so, the thing just looked absolutely massive. completely life like.
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>> john rosengrant remembers the moment he, or rather, his raptor, was ready for its closeup. >> when the door opens up for the first time, you see the raptor and it hoots, that -- that is me, that's me inside that suit. it was a cool moment. >> i'll never forget how john rosengrant got into the raptor suit and was the raptor, walking around the kitchen after us and he made it so life like. >> but just like the characters in the movie, the cast occasionally found out just how unpredictable these prehistoric beasts could be. >> how can we possibly have the slightest idea what to expect? >> one time, the t-rex did come down too far and it broke off a piece of the plexiglass that's above us. you. >> you got a real reaction out of those kids. the scene works great because of it. >> it was definitely scary. i was like, yo, like, what's going on?
10:09 pm
>> knight didn't have it easy, either. especially when he gets into a deadly spat with a spitter. >> what i was shot with, you know, from the spitter was that stretchy goopy stuff and dyed black ky jelly. one night i said, you know, when you did the thing with the spitter, they go, yeah, it kind of dyed my face purple. he goes, yeah, it will do that. >> they're flocking this way. >> and here's a fun fact. of its 2:07 running time, there's only 15 minutes of dinosaur footage. the rest gets sold by the shrieks. >> ahh! >> all grown up now, ariana is a successful painter. joe will be back on the big screen this fall, playing john dee kin, the bass player in the band queen in the bio pick "bohemian rhapsody." >> this was important to me. >> if you're not at the movies
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this saturday, laura dern's turn as a woman coming to terms with childhood trauma airs on hbo. it's called "the tale." but if you still need your dinosaur fix, "jurassic world: fallen kingdom" hits screens next month, adding to a franchise that's already earned $3.6 billion. apparently, summer movie-goers move in herds. >> they do move in herds. >> "jurassic park" captured everybody's imaginations and so it didn't matter what age you were, you had never seen anything like it and there's never been anything quite like it since. what do reese witherspoon, angelina jolie and gwyneth paltrow have in common? >> ugh, as if. >> she beat them all out for "clueless." so, what got her the part? next.
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♪ every now and then, summer will surprise you. the summer of '95 --
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♪ don't go chasing water falls ♪ stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to ♪ >> that was the big song of the summer of '95. what else happened that summer? >> if it doesn't fit, you must acquit. >> but amid all that noise, there snuck up a sly, lower budgeted candy colored teen comedy. >> "clueless" is where it all guns. >> ugh, as if. >> the success of "clueless" would spawn all these late '90s turn of the century movies. >> "ten things i hate about you." >> you never give up. >> "drive me crazy." >> we can save each other. >> you're drunk. >> i'm deposition prasperate. >> "she's all that." >> it would start the genre. >> that is so fetch. >> gretchen, stop trying to make fetch happen. >> the high school comedy,
10:16 pm
driven by a woman -- they didn't make those back then. >> my mission is clear. >> "clueless" is a story of a very privileged young teenager named cher horowitz. >> cher has the live that people pine for. >> seriously, i actually have a way normal life. >> she's got the look. >> what the hell is that? >> a dress. >> says who? >> calvin klein. >> she's got the money. >> oh, i wonder if they have that in my size. >> and depending on who you ask, she's got the brains. >> in conclusion, may i please remind you that it does not say rsvp on the statue of liberty. >> despite all that, she's miserable. >> part of what she does to make herself feel better is to make over a new girl in school. >> oh, come on, let us. cher's main thrill in life is a makeover. it gives her a sense of control in a world full of chaos.
10:17 pm
so some. >> please? >> sure. >> and along the way, the movie that created a new teen genre would create its own language. >> whatever. >> so, i was like, totally begging. >> as if. i feel like such a bonehead. oh, my god. >> plenty of '90s bright lights were considered for the role. reese witherspoon, angelina jolie, gwyneth paltrow. but the director had a casting epiphany while watching this. ♪ now i'm dying cause i let you ♪ >> i'm on my treadmill, watching mtv and exercising and this video comes on, and i just really loved the girl in it. and i told my friend, who is a casting director, oh, my god, i love this girl. >> that girl was then
10:18 pm
16-year-old alicia silverstone. ♪ >> hit it! >> i doesn't think i could do it, because i didn't know i was funny. this was going to be my first comedy. >> you like billy holiday? >> i love him. >> right. >> i remember thinking that cher was very materialistic and i didn't really like her that much. but then i tapped into the fact that she loved her daddy so much. daddy, no. and i realized that amy chose me for a reason. >> the first meeting i had with alicia, we met in a restaurant. >> we were sitting at the booth and there was a glass of water on the table and a straw in it. >> and rather than, like, drink or drink -- >> i would just pop my head down and come back up and pop my head down and come back up and she thought that was so adorable. or weird. >> a movie like "clueless" really endures because every character is so vibrant, so unique and the actors brought so much to it. >> such actors as paul rudd, who
10:19 pm
plays josh, cher's ex-stepbrother and love interest. and stacy dash, cher's best friend. >> would you call me selfish? >> no, not to your face. >> and the late brittany murphy, as cher's pet project. >> oh, my god. >> up there with the casting and catch phrases in "clueless," the clothes. >> everyone in this movie dresses like they've just stepped out of a "seventeen" magazine. >> when we started talking about the costumes, what was really important to us that they all have something feminine and beautiful. >> i didn't have any fashion sense at all at that age. >> we had 64 changes for alicia. >> i just didn't realize the amount of costumes and everything. so, when mona would fuss with me, i would go, why do i have to do this? but when i saw the film, the
10:20 pm
clothes were their own star. >> that plaid suit is iconic. and you see the runways now, what is happening 20 years later, kind of a comeback. >> "clueless" didn't just set fashion trends. it made alicia silverstone a star. and today, she's starring in the tv series "american woman." paramount tv network's period piece about a '70s feminist raising her daughters alone. where else? in beverly hills. >> bonnie nolan is fierce. she's unpredictable. she's a bit wild for her time, and she's sort of a trailblazer. and really a bad ass. >> alicia was the unsuspecting trailblazer 23 years ago, as a teen siren who defied expectations, with a performance that recalled hollywood's most
10:21 pm
beloved comic actresses. >> i sort of felt like i was channeling people like lucille ball and marilyn monroe, in my fantasy as a 17-year-old girl. i was like, yes. this is what that feels like. >> see? not so clueless after all. >> ladies and gentlemen -- >> next, rare footage of the guy who put the animal in "animal house." >> terror. rage. >> a 40th reunion with the frat. >> drop and give me 20! >> next. ♪ ♪
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♪ summer 1978. ♪ i got chills ♪ they're multiplying >> at the movies, june was ruled by "grease," the '50s throwback musical comedy set in high school. but by august of that year, it was time to leave the kids at home, because movie comedy -- >> food fight! >> was going to college. ♪ you know you make me want to >> 40 years later, it's enduring, with its memorable lines. >> was it over when the germans bombed pearl harbor, he ll nllo >> germans? >> forget about it. >> we've assembled a who's who of "animal house" alumni. >> 40 years later, i'm learning
10:26 pm
this. >> jamie widows, hoover. >> i did not bring the horns. >> martha smith, akaf fabs. >> that bitch you loved to hate. >> they set "animal house" in the jfk era, with the pink chanel suit. >> damn glad to meet you. >> i wanted desperately to do this movie. >> tim matheson. >> i really didn't want chevy. i didn't want it to be a "saturday night live" movie. i wanted people to accept that character as eric stretton, not, i'm chevy chase and you're not. >> virtually the whole cast was made up on unknowns. the $2 million budget, the movie was shot on location at the university of oregon in eugene.
10:27 pm
landis wanted his cast to feel like they were actually in college. >> i had the deltas come up a week early to bond. >> we were at the roadway inn, somewhere just outside of eugene. >> i met a couple of girls and they invited us to come to a fraternity. we thought, this will be a great way for us to do some research. >> we go to this party and a fraternity that was the jock house. >> a guy came up to me, said, you guys can't be in here. >> and within minutes, it was like a line out of the movie, tim looked at me and said, these people want to kill us. >> i'm going out the door of the fraternity, one of the guys puts his hand out to shake my hand. >> jamie hit the guy's beer. >> i popped his beer in his face. >> i got knocked down. >> i got punched in the face. >> we got to run. >> and that bonded us a lot. >> in the film, it's the down and out deltas against the spoiled suck-uppy omegas. mark metcalf played the role of
10:28 pm
the loathsomeniedermayer. >> it's a brilliant line. >> you're all worthless and weak. drop and give me 20. i'd say up at night studying my script, spit polishing with candle and wax, my writing boots and getting angrier. >> up for a toga party? >> toga! >> though it is an ensemble comedy, there was one breakout star. 28-year-old john belushi. >> mr. bultoski. 0.0. >> belushi's performance was a creation of belushi and landis yelling things at him. >> he could instantly translate my words into action. he would say, hamburger, looks good, put it all in your mouth.
10:29 pm
my favorite thing, i would go, jell-o! >> john grew up with a grandmother who didn't speak english, and so he learned to communicate with her with a lot of expressions. >> ahh! >> here, landis and belushi on location in oregon as seen in the documentary "the making of animal house." >> ladies and gentlemen, intense fear. more intense. much more -- terror. >> for john, i took a lot of the dialogue out. one of the reasons john steals the movie. ♪ i gave my love a cherry >> like in this classic scene. >> i think the guitar was supposed to break, it had been scored -- >> but it didn't. >> what makes that scene work is
10:30 pm
the way he goes -- >> sorry. >> his wife dances with him at the toga party. >> it worked so well, because people really are having fun, and it's not choreographed. >> he was totally committed to the moment. >> hey! >> that line was written in the script, that boy is a pig. >> that boy is a p-i-g pig. >> and i decided to spell it, so, i improvised the p-i-g part. >> see if you can guess what i am now. >> we were as amused as the audience was. >> i'm a zit, get it. >> i cleaned the potatoes out of my bouffant. >> "animal house" wouldn't be "animal house" without those songs. and otis. ♪ you make me wanna shout >> people said i brought joy to them, and i became the character. >> he started touring and actually singing as otis day,
10:31 pm
and he's still touring today. ♪ you know you make me wanna shout ♪ >> "animal house's" raunchy moments might not pass muster with 2018's audiences, but the movie was a hit. >> there were lines around the block. >> it made $141 million at the box office. a record for a comedy at the time. >> the movie was an hour and 42 minutes. we did that for seven weeks, 24 hours a day. and we were young. but it was a lot of fun. >> but it was a lot of fun. next -- eddie murphy's "coming to america." >> halt! >> and trading faces. >> who is in that picture? >> eddie murphy. >> i hate him. >> when we return. promotion-wise... ...but his search for an apartment close to his new job is going nowhere, fast-wise.
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earlier this year, marvel's "black panther" would become one of the top grossing movies in cinematic history. it stars lupita nyong'o through a costume party, in honor of
10:36 pm
another fictional african naix, and its charismatic royal. >> i am a man who has never tied his own shoes before. >> that's right. 1988's "coming to america" starring eddie murphy. >> halt! >> in the mid '80s, eddie murphy had gone from raw standup comic. >> eddie, what have you done for me lately? >> "snl" standout. >> you don't talk to me that way! >> to a megastar. >> eddie! eddie! >> as he confided to barbara walters, 1987 found him in a new frame of mind. he yearned to be a leading man. >> i want to do love scenes, yeah. the movie that i'm getting ready to do now, it's a love story. >> do you think you're sexy? >> i think i'm fun. >> the idea was, an african prince of a mythical african kingdom doesn't want an arranged marriage and comes to america to find his bride.
10:37 pm
♪ she's your queen to be >> with "coming to america," directed by john landis, murphy saw the chance to play a romantic lead and still give audiences the rapid fire comedy that he'd made famous. we'd first meet the prince, living a pampered life in his native country. >> he's greeted by an orchestra playing, and i say, good morning, your highness. >> and he has women who wash him. and throw rose petals at his feet wherever he goes. >> i got a rose tattoo on my ankle after that movie. >> you think perhaps just once i might use the bathroom by myself? >> i remember cracking up so loud, they asked me, john, would you mind leaving the set, please? >> the whole point of his going to america is to try to find somebody who will like him for himself. >> no one here can know i am royalty. we must appear to be no different than the average man.
10:38 pm
fwl i will not say a world. >> so, you could look at it as being kind of anal gory for what it's like to be famous. >> eddie was the star. everybody stopped, didn't move, didn't look on set. he was your majesty, he was there. >> concealing his regal background -- >> we're in new york now. let us dress as new yorkers. >> murphy works in a fast food joint to be closer to the independent minded lisa. >> when you think of garbage, think of akeem. >> the premise is a comic one, but much of what follows is pure movie romance. >> there's a moment where he has a scene with lisa mcdowell, they're on the swings, where he turns back, gives her a smile, it's like, classic old hollywood stuff. but that's what we were making. >> and while he courted his lady love, the movie got his brand of comedy in, by having murphy and sidekick arsenio hall play multiple characters. concealed beneath amazing makeup. >> i said, eddie, you're a young black man, you're going to play
10:39 pm
an old jew, and he went, hello? and i said, well, i'll ask rick baker. >> the legendary seven-time oscar-winning special makeup effects creator worked his magic. some of which you can see on the film's dvd extras. >> he goes, and don't give him a big noise. i don't want it to be stereotyped and eddie said, you know, you make a face and i'll make it work. >> who's in that picture? >> young guy named eddie murphy. >> oh, christ, i hate him. the kid with the filthy mouth? >> yeah. he's the one. >> oh, he's the worst. >> it was great to see him looking at himself, figuring out the voice. >> i'm eddie murphy. i am the young black movie star. >> and i right away kind of started my love affair with eddie murphy. >> well, then, you're a putz. >> he walked around the paramount lot hitting on
10:40 pm
secretaries and talking to people. >> you would go, who is this? >> some guy comes up to men, he asked me, aren't you supposed to be a big star, i don't know who the hell you are. he started cracking up, he's got that laugh. sounds like a mule in heat. he said, got you, john. >> they all just bought it. so, once that happened, he said, i want to play the barber. >> oh, there they go. there they go. >> and he started, i want to play -- i want to play -- and he could. and he did. and he was wonderful. ♪ >> then suddenly, arsenio said, wait, wait, i want to play. he played the preacher. he played the barber. then he was a woman in one brief scene. >> i want to tear you apart. >> the picture was an enormous hit all over the world. >> and that's where the big bucks start rolling in. >> people went back three, four,
10:41 pm
five times, because eddie was playing so many characters, that they had to get it straight as to who he was in this particular scene. they couldn't believe it. >> no one ever said, it's a black movie. >> raceless. if such a word exists. >> we need more of these more often. >> he was a most ripping vick tour. >> i enjoyed seeing eddie and jameser jones. >> so, you see my son, there is a very fine line between love and nausea. >> you look especially radiant today, your grace. >> is that so? >> that movie has a wonderful cast. they liked james and imagine so much that when they made "the lion kuning," they used more ku and queen to be the king and queen. >> what is that, velvet? next, going solo. from filling in their early years to wookie closeups. >> they'd do, what, and then one, just a little more
10:42 pm
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long lines for summer movies are a time-honored tradition. and what we think of as the summertime block buster -- >> where are we going? >> swimming. >> most sagan wiy began with "j" two years later, in may of 1977 -- ♪ spielberg's colleague and friend george lucas transformed the summer movie with "star wars: a new hope." >> han solo. i'm captain of the millennium falcon. >> with its scruffy looking space smuggler. >> yes, i bet you have. sorry about the mess. >> we now know how han rescued the princess. >> do you have a plan for getting out? >> he's the brains, sweetheart. >> and helped conquer the empire. the first six films in the "star
10:47 pm
wars" series opened before memorial day weekend. and now -- >> waited a long time for a shot like this. >> starting friday, we get to see how it all began. "solo" is the highly anticipated origin film. what was the key thing you wanted to keep in mind as you played han? >> you want, primarily, to feel like a real person and also where you meet him is a very different place in his life. the movie doesn't open up with him seidling up to a bar. it opens in a different place and he's got a different feeling. so, kind of incorporating those elements and making it feel like a real performance. >> aaron fell under the space saga's spell like so many other kids. >> i remember going to a friend of mine's house and watching it on vhs. and then i had all the toys, i mean, i had everything. i had all the toys, a green light saber. when e went to do my screen test on the millennium falcon it was kind of like, oh, i pretended i was on this before, so, it felt
10:48 pm
comfortable and cool. >> ready for takeoff. >> captain lando. >> han solo. >> can i ask you a question? >> anything, han. >> it's han, but -- that's okay. >> along for the ride is han's old friend, new a new friend, lando, played this time by man of the hour, donald glover. >> might want to buckle up, baby. >> what was the key thing for you, in terms of particularly how the two of you interact as we see you come together? >> i just wanted to exude a sense of a competitiveness that's, like, honest about the characters. i just wanted it to feel like, i win through being smooth and he wins through being a cowboy. >> and it's courtesy of ron howard, taking the reins midway through the movie's shoot. >> there was some question as to what this movie was supposed to be. what did you think this movie was supposed to be? >> i thought it was a defining
10:49 pm
rite of passage journey about han solo. and i thought that every relationship and every action scene was meant to be a test of han solo. and a revealing opportunity for the audience to understand what's making him tucick, what' going to shape him into that iconic character that we would recognize years later, starting with "new hope." >> a delicate balancing act of past and presence. epitomized in this surprise moment, captured by "entertainment tonight." harrison ford, passing the baton in a way only he can. >> [ bleep ]. oh, my god. >> get out of my chair. get out of my life! >> meeting your childhood hero. the kind of story george lucas had perhaps long envisioned. >> i met with george lucas a week ago, and he was talking about stories for, you know, people who are growing up and
10:50 pm
can't imagine themselves living a better life than what they've been giving, and that's such a beautiful place from which to tell stories. >> get ready. thought we were in trouble there for a second, but it's tune. we're fine. >> who needs spandex and muscles? >> hello. >> when you've got celine dion.. ♪ >> you hear her sing and you go, oh, god, that's why you're celine dion. >> oh, yeah? >> this savings on the new sleep number 360 smart bed.
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classic super hero movies come with a classic format. you've got a good guy, a bad guy, each with a clearly defined role to play. whether it's superman taking on lex luther or batman battling the joker, good versus evil is a black and white concept. then along comes "dead pool." >> boo. >> the anti-hero, who lives in a world where things are gray. >> i may be super, but i'm not hero. >> deadpool before he was deadpool was not a good person. he was still a criminal. >> i'm just a bad guy who gets
10:55 pm
paid to [ bleep ] off worse guys. >> but he had a good heart. >> he hides himself under a costume, but there's a soul there and no matter how violent he is, he still is a sweet person. >> ryan reynolds is that masked man. a 41-year-old canadian with rom-com timing and r-rated way with words. >> we're going to form a super duper [ bleep ] group. with a summer movie, you want to be a bit bolder. let's go get our [ bleep ] on. >> as a cowriter and producer of "deadpool 2," as well as well as star, ryan reynolds has more invested in his schumu summertir hero than any other franchise's leading man. and with it being the nation's number one movie last weekend, that investment has paid off. >> it's a down and dirty super hero movie. >> [ bleep ] my pants.
10:56 pm
>> actually, that may have been me. >> the funniest, rudest dude at the marvel table, he lives to break stuff. >> you might want to look away for this. >> but even the imaginary fourth wall separating the audience from the actor. >> oh, hello. >> i love comic book movies, i love that universe. and i love that deadpool gets to satirize that world. >> despite its unsuper february release, it blew the doors off the box office. the biggest r-rated movie ever. those who are back for more include the wise leslie >> i love when he says, will you say -- >> you have never said in a movie, on a tv show, ever, and -- >> and i get to explore it all. >> and part of the hottest coupling in super hero annals.
10:57 pm
>> kiss me like you miss me. >> it was fun. really easy with this guy. i really appreciated the sense of humor in it. >> a star on the series "atlanta," she was the first domino to fall during casting. crushing her chemistry read with reynolds. >> domino. i'm lucky. >> luck isn't a super power. >> i was very nervous and i was like, let's do it again and at one point, you were like, let's stop. >> "deadpool 2" introduces new offcenter hell boys. starting with this 15-year-old new zealander, as a dangerously alienated youth. not your prototypical super hero. what can you do with your hands? >> i shoot fire balls out of my hands. it was really cool. >> what can you literally do with your hands? let's start here. >> more 15-year-olds -- >> he's young. he's young. >> as the time traveling cable, josh brolin brings iconic muscle
10:58 pm
and deliciously dry wit. >> he called me and this kind of thing happened and we're going to shoot in 11 weeks and 11 weeks is not a lot of time, unless you have a lot of steroids, which i didn't do. but next time, i will. ♪ what's left to say ♪ this isn't working anymore >> you know you're in a big summer blockbuster when celine dion is your opening act. she's on the soundtrack with the ballad "ashes" simply because a super hero used his powers of persuasion. how did you get her? >> we had this song that we loved and we just wanted her. why not go for the legend? the worst case is, you get a no. three hours later, she said yes. ♪ everybody in that theater watching her sing that song was
10:59 pm
weeping. >> and then deadpool does what he does best. he mixes in the comedy. >> this is "deadpool 2" not "titanic." you're at an 11, we need you at a 5. phone it in. >> listen, this thing only goes to 11. so beat it, spider-man. >> god, i should have asked nsync. >> thank you for joining us. good night, and good luck. i've always wanted to say that. from a galaxy far, far away, the year's most anticipated movie. could the stakes be any higher? "nightline," and the cost of "solo," tonight on abc.
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