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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  May 24, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> for all of us here, thanks for inviting us in to your homes tonight. >> bye-bye. tonight, several breaking stories as we come on. president trump canceling the summit with north korea. his bombshell letter to kim jong-un. the whiplash, as negotiations deteriorated. what the president told our jon karl when asked if this increases the risk of war. and the new pictures just coming in, showing north korea claiming to have blown up their nuclear test site before the summit talks collapsed. also breaking tonight, sources say harvey weinstein will surrender to the nypd. the disgraced movie mogul set to face charges, as oscar winner gwyneth paltrow details how brad pitt came to her defense after she was allegedly attacked by weinstein. the new weather headline. the tropical storm threat hitting this holiday weekend.
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a massive rainmaker set to swamp millions. the street racing horror. a young mother pushing a stroller, struck and killed, and three suspects now facing charges. and don't ask alexa? the family who says a private conversation was recorded and shared with a random contact. what amazon just told us. and good evening and thanks for joining us on a very busy thursday night. i'm tom llamas, in for david. and we begin with those major developments on north korea and our new reporting. president trump calling off the summit on its nuclear program, citing north korea's, quote, tremendous anger and open hostility. it came just hours after north korea invited journalists to say what they say was the planned destruction of their nuclear testing site. these images just coming in. and on both sides, tough talk. president trump reminding north korea today of america's
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overwhelming nuclear might. so, tonight, the question of today's developments, do they increase the risk of war? abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl with the president's answer. >> reporter: president trump warned ominously the collapse of the summit is bad news for the entire world. >> i believe that this is a tremendous setback for north korea, and indeed, a setback for the world. >> reporter: the president pulled out in a wistful letter to kim jong-un, addressing the north korean dictator as "his excellency," writing, "dear mr.h . we greatly appreciate your time, tience and effort." but he wrote, due to north korea's "tremendous anger and open hostility," "i feel it is inappropriate, at this time, to have this long-planned meeting." he also issued a dark warning. "you talk about your nuclear capabilities, but ours are so massive and powerful that i pray to god they will never have to be used." >> i've spoken to general mattis
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and the joint chiefs of staff, and our military, which is by far the most powerful anywhere in the world, is ready, if necessary. >> reporter: i asked the president if that could mean war. mr. president, does the breakdown of this summit raise the risk of war with north korea? >> well, we'll see what happens. >> reporter: the breakdown comes after a mind-boggling thaw in u.s./north korean relations, including two meetings between secretary of state mike pompeo and kim jong-un. and the release of three american prisoners. the president even relished talk of a nobel peace prize. >> do you deserve the nobel prize, do you think? >> everyone thinks so, but i would never say it. >> reporter: but north korea expressed revulsion at demands by u.s. officials that they give up their entire nuclear program before getting anything in return. president trump tried to show some flexibility. >> i don't think i want to totally commit myself, but all in one would be a lot better. >> reporter: but after vice
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president pence suggested dire consequences if kim doesn't give up his nukes, north korea lashed out, calling pence a, quote, "political dummy." but in his letter, president trump told kim, quote, "i felt a wonderful dialogue was building up between you and me." you said you had a wonderful dialogue with kim jong-un? >> wonderful dialogue. we have a wonderful -- there's been a very good working relationship. >> reporter: today, north korea made another overture, blowing up a nuclear test site in the presence of western journalists. late tonight in north koreans released a statent calling the summit desperately needed adding we are willing to sit down with america to sit down at any time to solve the problem with a generous heart. >> jon karl joining us now from the white house. and jon, you were in the room there when president trump announced the june 12th summit was off, but he later told the world not to be anxious, saying it might happen on that day after all. is that still realistic? >> reporter: no, that's not going to happen, tom. white house officials made that
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clear after the president spoke. but there is no doubt the president would like to see this summit get back on track at some point, but it won't be on june 12th. >> jonathan karl starting us off tonight. jon, thank you. next, to that other major story we're following, breaking news about harvey weinstein. sources tell abc news he will turn himself in to new york city police tomorrow to face criminal charges related to alleged sexual assault. a stunning fall, seven months after those first reports that unleashed a flood of accusations and sparked a movement. here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: former hollywood heavyweight turned poster child for the me too movement, harvey weinstein, will turn himself in tomorrow and face criminal charges. weinstein has been under investigation by the manhattan district attorney's office for months, stemming from accusations of sexual misconduct by actresses lucia evans and paz de la huerta. evans says in 2004 weinstein forced her to perform a sexual act on him. and de la huerta says weinstein raped her in 2010.
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they are just two of the roughly 80 women who have accused the former film producer of rape, sexual assault or harassment. actress gwyneth paltrow, who is not part of the criminal complaint against weinstein, but has alleged he made a pass at her, detailed in an interview with howard stern that her then-boyfriend, brad pitt, threatened weinstein over the incident. >> it was like the equivalent of throwing him against the wall. he said, if you ever make her feel uncomfortable again, i'll kill you, or something like that. >> reporter: these would be the first criminal charges against weinstein. he's also under investigation in l.a., the uk and by federal prosecutors in this country. weinstein has said all along that he has not had nonconsensual sex with anyone. his defense attorney declined to comment today. >> and linsey davis joins us now. linsey, harvey weinstein is expected to appear in court tomorrow, and that's when we'll learn the exact charges? >> reporter: yes, tom. we won't know what the charges are until he appears before the
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judge tomorrow, but we already know that at least one of the accusations against him is rape, which could, of course, carry a significant amount of jail time. tom? >> linsey davis for us tonight. linsey, thank you. and another headline out of hollywood tonight, this time, involving allegations against morgan freeman. the oscar winner today apologizing to anyone who may may have felt, quote, "uncomfortable or disrespected" by his behavior. this comes after cnn reported that eight women claim he sexually harassed them on movie sets or in other professional settings. we do move on now to the next tropical storm threat this holiday weekend. the massive rainmaker that could become the first named storm of the hurricane season. parts of the south already under water, flash flooding here in little rock, arkansas. and th raging creek, take a look, in western georgia, after a foot of rain. and tonight, the forecast on how many hurricanes we could expect to see. abc's senior meteorologist rob marciano, tracking it all. and rob, we're starting strong. >> reporter: we are. not even hurricane season officially. this cluster of thunderstorms, you see it now off the coast of
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cancun, a 90% chance of it developing into a tropical cyclone here, likely over the weekend, as it gets into the gulf of mexico. more tranquil conditions there, we'll wind it up. heavy rain expected. unlikely to be a hurricane. something hybrid-y, but definitely a lot of rain, five inches likely through the weekend. kind of stalling, maybe more, through midweek, and likely some flooding, tom. >> and rob, we mentioned this earlier, they released their forecast for this year of hurricanes, and it's going to be a very active season. >> reporter: hopefully not as active as last season, but yeah, likely to be more active than usual. named storms, 10 to 16, hurricanes, anywhere from 5 to 9, noaa says. and major hurricanes, 1 to 4. can't say how many of those will impact land, but as we know, it only takes one, tom. >> just an outlook, but you're right. rob, thank you so much. next, to a horrible incident on a boulevard in tamp police say a mother pushing her child in a stroller wast by two cars racing on the street. the mom did not survive. and tonight, her little girl is clinging to life. here's abc's victor oquendo. >> reporter: tonight, this toddler, lillia, just 21 months old, is fighting for her life,
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after she and her mother were struck by a car, driven by a teenager, who police say was street racing. lillia's mother, 24-year-old jessica was killed. >> pedestrian bayshore and knights. stroller hit by a vehicle. >> reporter: this was the scene along tampa's busy bayshore boulevard, after mom and daughter were hit while crossing the street. lillia was in her stroller, now mangled. the community reeling. >> we're devastated. it's a tragic crash that didn't need to happen. >> reporter: in the arrest report, a witness says he saw two vehicles racing each other. police say 18-year-old cameron herrin was driving this black mustang with 20-year-old tristan herrin in the passenger seat, racing alongside 17-year-old john barrineau. the drivers, now out on bond, face felony charges. including vehicular homicide and reckless driving. tonight, a growing memorial at the site of the tragedy. the toddler is in critical condition tonight. a go fund me page has been set up for the family. the city of tampa now lowering the speed limit on the road where the crash happened.
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tom? >> an incredibly sad story. victor oquendo for us tonight. victor, thank you. next, from milwaukee, reaction of police body cam video of an nba player, sterling brown, in an incident that escalated from a parking violation. now police accuse brown of aggressive behavior. the video showing them taking him down, tasing and then arresting him. the police chief and the mayor have both apologized. and tonight, we hear from sterling brown for the first time. abc's alex perez is in milwaukee. >> taser, taser, taser! >> reporter: just one day after the release of that disturbing video showing tasing of sterling brown, the milwaukee bucks player sitting down for an exclusive interview with robin roberts, talking about that moment. >> and physically, mentally, being tasered like that, i mean, how did that impact you? >> it was a shock. it came out of nowhere. i tensed up instantly. emotionally, like, man, i just got tased. >> how you doing? got a driver's license?
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>> reporter: that confrontation with officers after he illegally parked his car outside a walgreens. >> i asked you to back up and you did not do it. >> reporter: in the police report, officers claim brown became "very aggressive," but the video shows him calmly talking to officers when suddenly -- >> take your hands out of your pockets now! >> i've got stuff in my hands, hold on. >> reporter: officers take him down and tase him. >> taser, taser, taser! >> any movement i make, they still -- you know, they got me pinned down, so, i couldn't really do nothing, so i'm like, okay, stay calm, try to get out of this. try to get out of this situation. >> reporter: brown plans to file a lawsuit. the police chief here has condemned the actions of the officers involved. he says they have been disciplined, and he has apologized. tom? >> alex, thank you. >> and robin roberts will have much more of her exclusive interview with sterling brown first thing in the morning on "good morning america." next, to a series of very unusual meetings in washington today, focused on president trump's unsubstantiated claim that the fbi inserted a spy into
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his campaign. the white house ordering the fbi and the justice department to open their classified records to members of congress, but democrats are raising concerns that white house officials were in those meetings. abc's chief justice correspondent pierre thomas has more. >> congressman, was there a spy? >> reporter: today, congressional leaders and senior members of the white house staff heading to the justice department for a classified briefing after president trump's unsubstantiated claim that the obama administration planted a spy in his 2016 campaign. >> we now call it spygate. >> reporter: he says it's "starting to look like one of the biggest political scandals in u.s. history." but has provided no proof. the president's accusations triggered by a "new york times" report that an fbi informant questioned two trump campaign advisers about their contacts with russian operatives. the use of such informants is routine, and "the times" never mentioned anything about a spy inside the campaign. still, the president ordered justice department officials to brief republicans in congress.
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>> what i'm doing is a service to this country. >> reporter: when the unusual briefings ended, republicans disappeared, not saying a word. but from democrats, this blunt assessment. >> nothing we heard today has changed our view that there is no evidence to support any allegation that the fbi or any intelligence agency placed a spy in the trump campaign. >> and pierre thomas joins us now from the justice department. and pierre, some democrats were very surprised to see white house chief of staff john kelly at the meetings, along with the new white house lawyer handling the russia investigation? >> reporter: that's right, tom. democrats say it was a sign that the white house was attempting to snoop on and weaken the mueller probe. senator mark warner just tweeting that the president's aides have, quote, no business showing up to a classified intelligence briefing. tom? >> pierre thomas for us. pierre, thanks so much. and there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this thursday. the school bus driver charged. the 77-year-old who prosecutors say pulled an illegal u-turn
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in 17 states. in california, gas nearing $5. one station in orlando charging $5.95 a gallon. apps like gas buddy and gas guru will point you to the cheapest gas. for longer trips, experts say, plan ahead. >> when you cross from state to state, gas prices could be much higher or lower, so, make it a good habit to check the price of gasoline before you leave a state. >> reporter: tom, experts say prices usually go down in june and july, but according to aaa, families can expect to spend $200 more on gas this summer than they did last year. tom? >> definitely on the rise. all right, linzie, thank you. and when we come back, the runaway barges. the images just coming in, take a look at this. more than a dozen barges that got loose, coal spilling out into the river. your manufacturing business. part of & so this won't happ because you've made sure this sensor
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hudy muldrow sr. is facing two counts of death by auto. prosecutors say he was attempting an illegal u-turn on the way to a middle school field trip when a dump truck slammed into the bus. one student and one teacher were killed. several injured. authorities have already revealed a history of suspended licenses, though it was valid at the time of the crash. more than a dozen runaway barges just outside of pittsburgh. take a look at this. this is the monongahela river, the barges carrying coal, breaking loose in the river. three of them striking a bridge that has been closed. at least two of them sinking. coal seen spilling into the river. all right, and you may want to think twice about asking alexa. a family from portland, oregon, reporting their amazon echo ver virtual assistant recorded a private conversation and sent it to
5:52 pm
amazon releasing a statement, acknowledging the echo awoke after hearing a word that sounded like alexa, and started following commands based on the background conversation. the company calling it unlikely, but said they are looking into it. and nearly a decade after the death of michael jackson, an abc news special with new reporting about his life, death and impossible standards even when his first moonwalk electrified fans around the world. >> i was angry about that, actually. real disappointed. and i didn't realize, i really did well until the next day when fred astaire called my house in encino, raving. he said, i can't believe it, you're an incredible mover. and i was -- oh, my god, i think maybe i did well. >> and we will have much more exclusive abc news reporting on the king of pop inside "the last days of michael jackson," the two-hour documentary airs tonight on abc, 8:00/7:00 central. and when we come back, from homeless to harvard. a valedictorian story you don't want to miss. it's america strong. stay with us. >> announcer: show "abc world news tonight" sponsored by
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finally tonight, america strong. from homeless to harvard, the inspiring story. here's david wright. >> reporter: richard "tre" jenkins is valedictorian of his class at girard college, a
5:57 pm
boarding school in philadelphia for gifted students of disadvantaged backgrounds. you must have pretty good grades. >> yeah, pretty good. >> reporter: but there's something else in his background that truly sets him apart. so, you were homeless? >> yes. >> reporter: for two years? >> yes. >> reporter: during middle school, richard got involved in mighty writers, an after school writers workshop for inner city kids. >> some people cry about it. tre was able to write about it here with mighty writers. >> it helped me gain a sense of confidence. >> reporter: he says kids used to bully him for trying hard at school. >> some people actually called me harvard back then, which is ironic, a little bit, because here i am. >> reporter: this fall, he's actually headed to harvard on a full scholarship. your mom must be so proud. >> my mom is crazy proud. she expected it, to be honest. >> reporter: from homeless to harvard. you nervous? >> i am kind of nervous. >> reporter: everybody is. everybody is. >> i would hope so, because i don't want to be the only one. >> reporter: bright future,
5:58 pm
indeed. david wright, abc news, philadelphia. >> so, tonight, we salute richard jenkins for being america strong. thank you so much for watching. i'm tom llamas. have a great evening. good night.
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following the law, not his feelings. today san francisco d.a. announced there will be -- >> no charges in two deadly police shootings that drew nationwide outrage. >> i'm spencer christian. get ready for some preholiday showers. i'll have a close-up look. and a simple mistake isn't always easy to fix. 7 on your side's michael finney helps out one woman who has a tough problem with her plane tickets. i'm extremely, extremely disturbed by the state of the law today, and yet i am duty bound to adhere to the law. >> he may not agree with it, but san francisco's d.a. says he has to follow it. he announced today there will be no charges in two deadly police shootings that drew nationwide outrage. thank you for joining us.
6:00 pm
in the shootings of woods, the d.a. said no crime was committed based on the current law. >> his office could not charge the officers involved. our team coverage with an explanation of the cases. we do not bring charges against people that have not broken the law. >> reporter: with that statement san francisco district attorney gascon made it clear police officers would never face criminal charges in the mario woods and louis gongora shootings. in this cell phone video you can hear a woman yelling for 26-year-old woods to put down the knife he was holding. >> just drop it. >> reporter: the knife had been used by woods earlier against another man. despite police shooting beanbag rounds at woods he never dropped it and police fired 26 rounds. gascon said the u


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