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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 25, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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making news in america this morning, disgraced movie mogul harvey weinstein turning himself in to police. new details on what he could be charged with as one of the women he's accused of assaulting speaks out overnight. plus, the new allegations against oscar winner morgan freeman. the summit collapse. north korea releases video overnight showing what they say is a nuclear test site being destroyed. this comes hours after president trump canceled a meeting with kim jong-un. we have the reaction from north korea. shots fired inside an oklahoma restaurant. an armed citizen credited with stopping the gunman. >> it was probably the guy that saved a lot of lives tonight. >> new details from the scene.
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also, a message in a bottle washes ashore decades later. what did it say? and a bad start to memorial day weekend, the two yachts colliding. good friday morning, everyone. we're going to start with a major development in the harvey weinstein scandal. >> the hollywood mogul is expected to face charges today after turning himself in to police here in new york. disgraced movie mogul harvey weinstein is expected to be charged this morning after turning himself in to the nypd. the charges stem from allegations by two women, actress paz de la huerta and lucia evans. evans claims weinstein overpowered her and forced her to perform a sexual act at his manhattan office in 2004. overnight she told "the new yorker," i said over and over, i don't want to do this. stop. don't. she told the magazine she wanted
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to come forward now because, quote, at a certain point you have to think about the greater good of humanity, of womankind. de la huerta is accusing weinstein of raping her twice in 2010. she told "vanity fair" back in november, i did say no, and when he was on top of me, i said i don't want to do this. >> i think it's compelling evidence. i think the witnesses gave a very credible narrative. >> reporter: while neither women initially reported the alleged assaults to police, their accusations are within the statute of limitations. they are among roughly 80 women who have publicly accused weinstein of rape, sexual assault or harassment. >> these cases are extraordinarily difficult to find people to get and ask them to come forward and make statements, so i salute them. >> this morning cnn is reporting that weinstein will be charged with rape. weinstein has denied all incidents of nonconsensual sex. north korea is still holding out hope the historic u.s. summit will take place at some point even after the president abruptly canceled it. >> the president's announcement came after kim jong-un
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apparently appeared to make good on a promise to destroy a nuclear test site. the country invited journalists to watch as they blew up what they said were observation buildings and tunnels at the site. abc's janai norman has the latest. good morning, janai. >> reporter: good morning. so there were questions about whether this summit would actually happen long before president trump backed out. but the door is still open with both sides apparently still willing to meet. the summit in singapore called off. >> i believe that this is a tremendous setback for north korea and, indeed, a setback for the world. >> reporter: president trump dictating a letter to kim jong-un himself calling the dictator his excellency but citing the north's tremendous anger and open hostility saying, i feel it is inappropriate at this time to have this long planned meeting. >> in the meantime, our very strong sanctions by far the
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strongest sanctions ever imposed and maximum pressure campaign will continue as it has been continuing. >> reporter: it's the latest twist in the on again, off again saga between the two leaders who went from trading insults to pleasantries on the world stage and the world was watching, waiting to see whether the planned face-to-face on june 12th would continue to thaw the icy relationship between the two nations and lead to a denuclearized korean peninsula. with that meeting now off, president trump warning of america's massive and powerful nuclear capabilities. >> and our military which is by far the most powerful anywhere in the world and has been greatly enhanced recently, as you all know, is ready if necessary. >> reporter: and the north koreans released a statement saying their anger and hostility is just backlash in response to unilateral denuclearization being pushed. they say that meeting is desperately needed, and they are
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still willing to sit down with president trump. kendis, diane. >> all right. that's abc's janai norman there in d.c. thanks, janai. in the meantime, out of d.c. outrage from lawmakers after the president's chief of staff and his new white house lawyer showed up at an intelligence briefing on the russia probe. the president demanded an investigation and the briefings after insisting that the fbi infiltrated his campaign. but democrats invited to attend at the last minute said they saw nothing to bolster that claim. >> nothing we heard today has changed our view that there is no evidence to support any allegation that the fbi or any intelligence agency placed a spy in the trump campaign or otherwise failed to follow appropriate procedures and protocols. >> that said, the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell also admitted that he learned nothing particularly surprising from that briefing. the president's daughter and adviser has reportedly been granted full security clearance.
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a source confirms to abc news ivanka trump's clearance was upgraded apparently at the same time as her husband jared whose clearance we learned about this week. and helicopters are ready and waiting for mass evacuations in hawaii. officials are worried they'll need to move people quickly if a third lava flow from the kilauea volcano crosses a number of main highways. two marine corps choppers have been deployed to the big island. each can hold 50 passengers. lava has now destroyed 50 buildings. 2,000 people have been forced from their homes. government forecasters are predicting what they call an active but nearly normal hurricane season. they're expecting 10 to 16 named storms with 5 to 9 hurricanes. as many as 4 of those could be major. time now for a look at your weather on this friday morning. good morning. spotty showers and thunderstorms stretching across the southeast once again. it's going to be another wet day and we are watching the tropics.
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there is a low pressure system likely to become a tropical system at some point later today as it would get named. as we take you then into your saturday, notice more showers and thunderstorms, also some through the great lakes. and then for memorial day, if you're planning on heading out to a barbecue, it's going to be quite wet in the southeast so make sure you have a backup plan indoors. for accuweather i'm meteorologist melissa constanzer. comi newng up,etails about a shooting in a restaurant and the armed citizen who stopped the gunman. and also ahead, rachel dolezal, the former naacp leader who posed as a black woman for years, is now facing serious charges. what she's accused of doing. and a gun gets lodged in a car's bumper. the big question is, how did it get there?
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more than a dozen barges filled with coal broke loose on the monongahela river near pittsburgh forcing the temporary shutdown of two bridges at the height of rush hour. two of those barges actually sank sending coal spilling into the river as well. what a sight. witnesses are describing the chaos after a civilian shot and killed an alleged gunman at an oklahoma city restaurant. >> police say the suspect opened fire inside a bar and grill in oklahoma city. they still aren't sure why he did it. a mother and her 12-year-old daughter were wounded, but they are expected to recover. two other customers inside the restaurant said the sound of the gunfire sent them running. >> i see her just dart for the door, and i was like, i hear screaming, so like i ran out as well. like it was complete chaos, you know what i mean? i think people were trampling people to like get out of there.
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people were scared, you know. >> the gunman was shot to death by a civilian after leaving the restaurant. police don't believe the attack was terror related and right now no motive known. the driver in that deadly school bus crash in new jersey is now facing criminal charges. 77-year-old hudy muldrow has been charged with two counts of reckless vehicular homicide. prosecutors say a dump truck slammed into his bus as he was attempting to make an illegal u-turn on a busy highway there in northern new jersey. the crash killed one student and one teacher. and the white woman who posed as a black woman while leading an naacp chapter is now charged with welfare fraud. court documents in washington state say rachel dolezal illegally received nearly $9,000 in public assistance. dolezal allegedly underreported her income. she faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted. amazon admits one of its alexa devices listened to a user's conversation and then sent the audio to a contact without permission. >> yeah, family from portland, oregon, says their amazon echo
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recorded a private conversation then sent it to someone they knew. amazon says the voice assistant started working after hearing a word that sounded like alexa and then it started following commands based on the background conversation. apparently that background conversation contained something that sounded like send a message. amazon called it an extremely rare occurrence. >> and afterwards the family followed it with a few choice four-lettered words. coming up the sexual harassment accusations against morgan freeman. then the man at the center of a controversial arrest speaks out. hear what he says about the video. then the scene right here in the new york area, two yachts on a collision course. a lot of pai can do the job, but just one can 'behr' through it all.
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was hosting a prom rear ended a smaller yacht at a hoboken port. luckily that smaller yacht was empty. no one was hurt. the damage to the boats we're told was minor. police are now investigating what caused that collision. the milwaukee bucks' sterling brown is promising to be a voice against police misconduct. >> brown says he gets angry every time he thinks about his encounter that ended up with him stunned by a taser and now he's telling his story. here's abc's alex perez. >> taser, taser, taser. >> reporter: after the release of that disturbing video showing the tasing of sterling brown, the milwaukee bucks player sitting down for an exclusive interview with robin roberts talking about that moment. >> physically, mentally being tasered like that, i mean how did that impact you? >> it was a shock. like it came out of nowhere. like i tensed up instantly. emotionally like it just -- i got tased. >> how you doing? you got a driver's license? >> reporter: that confrontation with officers after he illegally parked his car outside a walgreens.
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>> i asked you to back up and you did not do it. >> i get mad every time i watch it, you know, because i was defenseless pretty much. i can't do nothing, and they still did what they did. >> reporter: in the police report officers claim brown became very aggressive, but the video shows him calmly talking to officers when suddenly -- >> take your hands out of your pockets now. >> i got stuff in my hands. hold on. >> reporter: officers take him down and tase him. >> taser, taser, taser. >> any movement i make like they still got me pinned down, so i couldn't really do nothing so i i was like, stay calm, try to get out of this situation. >> reporter: brown plans to file a lawsuit. the police chief here has condemned the conduct of the officers involved. he says they have been disciplined, and he has apologized. alex perez, abc news, milwaukee. >> and you can see more of robin roberts' exclusive interview with sterling brown later this morning on "gma." the nfl is now clarifying how its new national anthem policy was actually approved. when he announced the policy,
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commissioner roger goodell said a vote by league owners was unanimous. well, now the nfl is admitting that a report by espn is correct that said there was no formal vote. instead the league called for a show of hands among owners to test support for the policy. major resolutions are usually put through a formal voting process. also the owner of the raiders said he abstained and so did the owner of the 49ers. hollywood legend morgan freeman is publicly apologizing amid sexual misconduct allegations. eight women are reportedly accusing him of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior both on movie sets and within production offices. the 80-year-old oscar winner is now apologizing to, quote, anyone who felt uncomfortable or disrespected by his behavior. visa says they are suspending their endorsement deal with freeman. a judge has set a deadline for that 30-year-old man whose parents went to court to get him out of their house. michael rotondo needs to be gone by noon next friday or sheriff's deputies will and can remove
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him. rotondo has lived in his parents' syracuse area home without paying rent since he was 21. rotondo claims he needs six months to move. a man driving down the highway outside tacoma, washington, tells police that he saw something black fly directly into the front of his car. he looked closely there, and it turns out there was a handgun lodged in the man's front bumper. police believe the gun was used in a shooting earlier that afternoon and someone tossed it out of their car window on the highway trying to get rid of it. >> lucky it didn't go through his windshield. >> yeah. and the houston rockets honored the victims of the texas high school shooting at last night's playoff game. the sante fe high school choir sang the national anthem before the rockets faced off with the warriors and hundreds of the school's seniors attended that game for free as well. >> and they got a good game to watch out of it. houston hit a clutch three-pointer with just over a minute to play. they hung on for a 98-94 win.
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the rockets can wrap up a trip to the nba finals tomorrow night. >> j.j. watt and j.t. pretty pumped. you might remember steph curry nailing a big shot in game four and then the shimmy came, yeah, shimmy. well, the rockets remembered so houston's chris paul dropped a three right in curry's face last night and shimmy, shimmy, cocoa pop. later in the game paul suffered a hamstring injury. his status for tomorrow night is unclear, but steph curry says, hey, if i shimmy at you, i expect you to shimmy back. >> there you go. he returned the favor. up next in "the pulse," a possible starring role for the legendary bounty hunter from "star wars." and also ahead, the new addition to seattle's space needle designed for the perfect photo-op. plus, a long lost message in a bottle. see where it was found and what was inside. late rises above the rest lindt excellence created by our master chocolatiers pure, rich, darkly intense...
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♪ ♪ okay, so "the pulse" on this friday starts with hollywood abuzz about "star wars" character boba fett. over the years the feared bounty hunter has gained cult status among fans despite only appearing in three "star wars" movies. >> well, now it seems he is going to get his own stand-alone biopic. our parent company disney which distributes "star wars" movies isn't confirming reports about the boba fett films. rumors started circulating as the new, of course, han solo movie hits theaters today. a modern makeover. >> the seattle space needle just added ten glass benches and glass walls to its open air observation deck. can you see it? now visitors can lean back and enjoy the intense experience of floating over the city more than 500 feet up. the benches called sky risers are designed for the ultimate selfie.
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>> the new addition is part of a $100 million project that will soon feature the world's first rotating glass floor. have you ever been on one of those glass floors? >> yeah. >> it's amazing the sensation you get when you're standing on one. it's hard to tell your brain i'm not actually about to die. >> and even worse there's one in china that's above a valley that pretends to crack as you're walking over it. >> too much for me, i think. >> i'm good. and a woman visiting the massachusetts coast nearly 20 years ago dropped a bottle into the bay with a message inside. >> and then she pretty much forgot about it until this week when she got some pictures in the mail. >> 12-year-old dallas gorman found that bottle on the beach near his home in nova scotia. the note said, hi, friend. i'm a visitor to gloucester. i hope you will let me know when or if you find this. cheers, rita. >> so dallas' mother tracked rita down in buffalo, new york. look at that. rita says that she hopes to meet dallas and his mom someday and bring me back my bottle.
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walgreens, trusted since 1901. . a fiery crash involving a big rig is causing delays on interstate 80 between rocket and vallejo. this is on the eastbound side of 80 just before you get to the car keen naj this truck jackknifed and then caught fire. this is a look at the backup a short time ago. we just got a lane open. so things were starting to improve. then we got a crash in the backup. not a great start here in the carquinez area. jessica, you're also tracking news. >> national breaking news. disgraced producer harvey weinstein has just turned himself in to police in new york. i've been watching live images come in. he just walked through the door.
4:28 am
we're turning around that video for you and we'll have that short you. >> he's facing sexual assault charges. >> that is what we expect. >> we'll start right now with getting you out the door and looking at the weather. mike nicco, what do you say? sorry. talking to alexis this morning. >> we've got all kinds of things going on this morning. eastbound 80 just at the foot of the carquinez bridge, that's a full shut doup of eastbound 80 for about two hours. about 20 minutes ago they were able to open up the far left lane. then we had a crash in the backup. it sounds like traffic is stopped once again. in the meantime you can take cummings sky way over to the benicia bridge or leave early and take highway 4 route to the benicia bridge if you're trying to head in the northern
4:29 am
direction. obviously this is a big mess this morning. we also have a semi fire on 880 in oakland. let's g over to mike with the forecast. >> storm impact scale, today and tonight for some that will drop .15 of an inch. you can see the rain out there moving from the peninsula towards the east bay, the north bay. you can see it's rotating from south to north. expect the rain to increase as we head through the morning commute. temperaturewise, making up mainly in the mid to upper 50s. take a look at your accuweather 12-hour planner so you can plan around this wet weather today. a proposed plan to extend bart into livermore won't happen any soon. the b.a.r.t. board voted down the expansion.
4:30 am
the voboard could have voted to build a light rail or bus system with a dedicated lane. members decided to take no fur cher action until june 30th. that coincides with when a separate entity, takes over future expansion plans. happening today, passengers can take a ride on b.a.r.t.'s e b.a.r.t. extension. diesel powered tranes will carry passengers from the pittsburg bay point station to antioch. b.a.r.t. is offering free rides on the e bart extension from 1:00 to 8:00 tonight. regular service begins tomorrow morning. a quick update on weather and traffic. >> let's open up the weather window in the south bay where you can see 101 and 880 are dry for now. as you look at my accuweather the-hour planner, showers


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