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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  May 25, 2018 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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i'm really glad i'm not aene you even more glad. oh. >> living on a dollar a day in new york is impossible or at least athought it was >> meet the indust>ig surprise t exhibit. >> that came out! how mama managed to fool everybody. >> we have breaking down the be on
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tsulles test their dna to see c chea dna can be a dicey proposition. >> this guy here is working very hard. >> as she climbing up you think he is shaving off the leaves of this palm tree, but no. >> oh, brother. >> yeah. >> haas not how you do it. >> these guys had been out there for two days cleaning off the this wasee ttrhe last tree and so when this guy went up h there going to be eay working his way up to the top
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the bottom had rotted out. the tree just starts leaning unfortunately straight towards that house and hesoehe tree thas a ladder up against it. >> >> the slow-mo really tells that story. >> it pushed them off of the lmsepaere tt t it left them dangling but no re injuries. you can see someone else coming over to help him get right back up and then we get a look at how bad the situation is. that roof is going to need a little repair but nobody was seriously injured that we know of. >> striking. >> glad i'm not a palm tree trimmer right
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>> a police escort not of a famous person, just this mama moose and hear baby. nothing to see here, folks, nothing to see. >> nothing to see yet until it passes by. just have to wait until momma decides to go into the woods. >> a little part of me is bummed out. >> it is like respect to everybody involved for respecting the process and representing the >> this one was a bit of surprise. three months of mom was predicted to give birth she never gave birth. they thought she began the
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process of reabsorption. one day that came out. >> zoologists are like okay. we got something wrong. we got to go back to the books. >> they are a breeding program for the continent of europe. they are really really happy because their numbers are dwindling. it is very very good and surprising news. >> better late than >> we have all been kids. you know how it is. out tinkering around. >> never ever ever tell mom. >> that's what these little boys are doing. they are playing around on the elevator. >> up against the door and -- >> oh, always like that. these sliding doors catch kids all of the time. >> most of the time there's
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something else going on. this kid simply leaned up against the door. there you have it. it's caught. he tells his brother, hey hey hey, hit thatut bn does his bro height though. >> now the doors are stuck. is the elevator going to move? >> these little boys, again, don't tell mom. we have to figure this out. >> you'll turn it -- >> they pull and pull and finally he pulls his arm out and presses the button. she like did anybody see that? you saw that. >> yeah. please don't put it on the internet. this particular challenge is impossible or at least i thought it was. >> if you could live in new york city for $1 a day and live a good and growthful life. >> there's no way. >> it's like food, experiences,
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not rent. >> for food he goes down the chinatown. >> he goes and they are all giving away free he is doing pretty well for food. this challenge continues. this is day five. he was able to get himself a dancing lesson. he is still smart. >> that restaurant, when they release a new menu they have a
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free food par. about >> hey.ay. >> so where did it come from? >> a lot of people want to move to new york city but they feel restricted by money. i wanted to show -- how much time does it take you to find all of this free stuff? >> i wanted it to be somebody like normal on the street to just go out and do
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>> i went to a martial arts class yesterday. >> what do you think is the most surprising thing? >> one, it is pretty easy to live on a dollar a day and it's almost a better a big thing is coming probably next week. >> we look forward to this new challenge. >> motivation is strong stepping on the treadmill. >> you're like all right. i got the.reill when you catch a glimpse of the timer.
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sprinkle yourself,ess is what you seek... and you shall not reek. gold bond men's powder. controls odor and wetness. smells irresistible. >> this machine that never ever ever seems to pass. >> i can't look at the time. you have to block it out.
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>> just 30 seconds. >> he is going to play three songs. >> yeah. you ain't telling me nothing. >> five minutes? this has been making its rounds. i can't relate to this but i'm the latest on this. >> one more. >> these guys, it looks like they have off time. it's like as hard as you can just go. >> try to slam your head into a wall. >> at least they have the right guys on the job to fix it. >> he also left a nice mark up there in the ceiling.
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>> this is lauren. she is in cape may here you see her putting some of her business cards ot bign t there. that woman right there in that black dress, she is like do you think you can do a character of me and my friend. that's a cute little date moment to have. >> perfect. >> when they sit down you're going to see the picture that she is drawing is not exactly the way they are sitting. >> she is just going for artist interpretation. >> yes. it is something that has been completely set up because she has written very important words there. >> okay. ready? here we >> he's popping the question.
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>> that's so >> yes. >> a completely different surprise. this is a surprise party far young man that is turning 25. >> he gets >> it is a little too on point. >> all i know is she wasn't expecting anything. >> oh, my gosh. >> she was surprised. >> everybody is still singing to
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him. >> yeah. she is going to marry him. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> lioness comes to visit next right this minute. and still to come,ome,ome,o, for a spin to find out how fast could he possibly go? see what it's like to put the pedal to the metal. how this little bird makes for the perfect dentist. >> right. i'm your phone, stuck down here between your seat and your console, playing a little hide-n-seek. cold... warmer... warmer... ah boiling.
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why shouldn't it work on a bicycle? >> yeah. here and there and you'll be good to go. >> he took the chain off. >> so you're saying it's off the chain. >> total. >> who needs a break? the goal is -- >> exactly. how fast should they go? they set a goal. >> i bet you can't get to 65 miles per hour. >> highway >> oh. you just took out a tree. >> here we go. first attempt at a high speed run. >> looks quick. >> yes. i don't know if i can take it. the idea of him falling on that propeller. >> he is not going to fall off. i waited through this.
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it's not. >> 38. >> let's try it again. gets up to 44 miles per hour and then 48 miles per hour, 52 miles per hour. we are getting close to the end. how fast can he possibly go? >> isn't it any speed they get to a record in itself? >> let's give him the record. >> 54 miles per hour. let's see you do that. >> we have seen cleaner shrimp do that. i this i -- i think it might cost somebody about 25 bucks. >> >> just get a bird do it for you. >> if it misses go on. >> come on.
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>> no way it will hurt you more than a dentist. >> yes. >> yes. >> that's a good name. i don't have a problem with this. the reason is raptors go after the birds and they could be territorial. this young man has raved it since his childhood. he said the bird has that -- if he can keep clean why not? >> you can use it to check your breath too. the bird is like -- >> he's got to go. >> you killed it. couples analyze their compatibility. >> you'll have excuses to break up. >> see if it will pass when
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site or use our mobile app. it can often be a struggle to get jeans that fit really well. >> yes, we know. >> what about these g-e-n-e-s. >> we have been dating about seven months. >> we have been dating about two years. >> they took a dna and they are testing to see if their dna is a
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match. >> that's not -- no, dangerous. now you'll have excuses to break up. >> the first results, bio compatibility. >> so we are like 67% compatible but then the bio compatibility is 80%. >> so our kids will be super humans, right? >> basically. >> interesting they bring that up. my blood time and my wife's meant my son was allergic to her. she had to have a an injection to it didn't reject the baby. >> our neurocompatibility is 80%. >> as a couple one of you carry the explore version and the other person does not. this is 100% ideal. >> in certain relationships it works when you're kind of like the same person and then other
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relationships work when you balance each other out. this is all very interesting. i wonder the more we all start participating in these dnatists, is this going to be part of our dating profiles now? >> yes. >> and now these couples have these results does it change their outlook on each other? >> i wouldn't really take any of this and like change our relationship because of it. >> for our newer couple it doesn't seem to bother them either. love is love. love conquers love. >> yes. it is optimistic. you just wait. >> let's wait for the follow up video. >> hey. >> yeah. >> goodness, that went fast. check out
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tonight, several developing stories as we come on. the hero teacher charging at the student firing a gun inside a middle school. stopping another potential massacre. tonight, the harrowing account from a student who saw it all. what that wounded teacher threw at the gunman before tackling him. harvey weinstein charged. the disgraced movie mogul in front of a judge, accused of rape, led away in handcuffs, laughing and smiling. his attorney saying weinstein will beat the charges. >> he did not invent the casting couch. alberto taking aim. the first named storm of the new hurricane season threatening millions along the gulf this holiday weekend. ginger zee standing by with the track. back on?


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