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tv   Nightline  ABC  May 26, 2018 12:37am-1:08am PDT

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[ cheers and applause ] this is "nightline." this is "nightline." >> tonight, harvey in handcuffs. >> harvey, what do you say to the women? >> disgraced hollywood mogul harvey weinstein charged with rape and sexual assault. >> do you understand that? >> yes. >> weinstein's lawyer saying his client is innocent. >> mr. weinstein did not invent the casting couch in hollywood. >> casting couch. that's a nice little euphemism for the boss is going to rape you. >> rose mcgowan, one of his 90-plus accusers, on the day she thought would never come. final lap. "nightline" on a joyride with the queen of speed. danica patrick racing toward retirement, opening up about facing her critics, earning the respect of her male peers, and life beyond the track.
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but first the "nightline 5." >> thanks to move free ultra 2 in 1 i run after this guy and take long walks with this guy. >> unlike glucosamine, move free ultra 2 in 1 is clinically proven to improve joint comfort in the first week and improves through continued use. move free ultra. when i received the diagnosis, i knew at that exact moment, i'm beating this. my main focus was to find a team of doctors. it's not just picking a surgeon, it's picking the care team and feeling secure where you are. visit >> number one in just 60 seconds. i thought after sandy hook, where 20 six and seven year olds were slain,
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this would never happen again. it has happened more than 200 times in 5 years. dianne feinstein and a new generation are leading the fight to pass a new assault weapons ban. say no to the nra and yes to common-sense gun laws. california values senator dianne feinstein good evening. thank you for joining us. it's a day many in the "me too" movement thought would never come. disgraced movie producer harvey weinstein handcuffed, perp
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walked, charged with second crimes. tonight rose mcgowan amok his most vocal accusers cautiously celebrating. saying she knows there's a long fight ahead but vowing to see it through. here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: harvey weinstein's walk of shame. the former hollywood heavyweight led out in handcuffs by police. the disphragraced movie produce turning himself in. now officially charged with the rape and sexual assault of two women in new york city. the shock waves from weinstein's fall from grace have reverberated around the world. the 66-year-old has been largely considered public enemy number one in the "me too" movement, accused by more than 90 women of sexual misconduct, harassment, assault, even rape. today marking the first criminal charges against him. >> he is a sociopath. he may or may not believe he's
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ever done anything wrong. >> reporter: rose mcgowan is one of them. what was your reaction when you saw him in handcuffs? >> it's a very complex feeling. because for the initial moment you see the sad sack of a person shuffling. you think, aww. then you remember. and he must be stopped. and it's a good thing. >> for someone who's never met harvey weinstein, how would you describe him? >> he's a monster. he looks like a monster and he is a monster. some people get the faces they deserve. >> reporter: this isn't her case, but mcgowan says it may bring her and all those other women some sense of justice. did you ever think that this day would come? >> i wish i could say i did think this day was going to come. but i didn't. i didn't believe it would. i'm so grateful that it has. >> reporter: the manhattan district attorney has been investigating these new cases against weinstein for months. he appeared in court as the charges against him were read
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out loud. >> rape, first degree. rape, a sexual act, first degree. rape, third degree -- >> reporter: pale, somber, and still handcuffed, he listened to some of the details of the case against him. >> that this defendant used his position, money, and power to lure young women into situations where he was able to violate them sexually. our investigation is ongoing, and we have heard heard other survivors do come forward -- >> reporter: the charges involve an unnamed woman who accuses weinstein of raping her in a motel in 2013. and former actress lucia evans, who says weinstein overpowered her during a business meeting back in 2004 and forced her to perform oral sex on him. evans explained her decision to press charges to "the new yorker." at a certain point you have to think about the glare good of humanity, of womankind. today the movie mogul surrendered his passport and posted $1 million cash bond.
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he's out of jail, but under gps monitoring. >> mr. weinstein will enter a plea of not guilty. mr. weinstein has always maintained that any sexual activity he engaged in was consensual. >> reporter: weinstein's attorney, benjamin brafman, says he'll file a motion to dismiss charges against his client, saying there's not enough evidence. >> mr. weinstein did not invent the casting couch in hollywood. and to the extent there is bad behavior in that industry, that is not what this is about. >> it's absurd. casting couch. that's a nice little euphemism for, the boss is going to rape you. >> reporter: mcgowan says weinstein raped her 21 years ago. earlier this year, she sat down with our own juju chang, sharing her story. >> what was your impressn when you first met? >> i thought he was a wart hog from hell. i thought he was terrifying looking. >> reporter: mcgowan says the assault happened during a business meeting in his hotel suite.
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the then 23-year-old said the initial meeting went well but as she was leaving she says weinstein pushed her into the bathroom, took her clothes off, and forced oral sex in her. she shaved detail details in her biography "brave." >> do actived from my body, watching myself from the ceiling, on the edge of a tub against the wall, held in place by a monster, whose face is between my legs, trapped by a beast. that's are your -- >> a nightmare. literally a nightmare. but it was consensual, right? i don't know about you, but when you've had consensual sex, you don't really fill up with tears afterwards. >> reporter: at the time of our report an attorney for weinstein said he denies her allegations of nonconsensual sexual contact and it is erroneous and irresponsible to conflate claims of inappropriate behavior and consensual sexual contact later regretted with an untrue claim of rape.
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mcgowan reached a settlement with weinstein for $100,000 in august 1997. a copy was posted here on "the new yorker." in exchange she would not pursue legal action against him. she says that settlement did not include a confidentiality agreement. >> this case is obviously not your case. but do you feel that he'll still be able to be held accountable for what he did to you, indirectly? >> because our stories are all so similar, i think one win will be for all of us. >> reporter: weinstein's other alleged victims agree. we were with katherine kendall, one of his accusers from the '90s, as she watched him walking in handcuffs for the first time. >> i don't think i really expected it. but it's -- it's so right. it's so unbelievably right. >> reporter: she hopes it's the first step in a march toward justice. >> i don't think that it's fair that just because, you know, you're a famous hollywood producer and you have lots of money that you don't have to
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serve time. rape is rape. no matter who does it. and it's a crime. so yeah, he needs to pay. >> reporter: kendall says the former studio executive undressed during a business meeting and tried to get her to massage him. she says she got away but kept it a secret until last fall. >> i was afraid if i spoke, the only person that was going to get hurt was me, not him. he has everyone protecting him. he's got the money, he's got the people, making movies, whoever it is, the power. >> reporter: kendall, like most of weinstein's accusers, will never get her day in court. the statute of limitations has expired. but their stories could mean they may testify this time. >> when it can prove that the person had effectively a modus operandi, that this is the way he did things, and by those other women coming forward it can help prove that this
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happened. >> if they ask you to testify, would you? >> i would absolutely testify. over and over. i will sing it to the heavens. >> reporter: weinstein's attorney insists his client will be victorious. >> i anticipate that the women who have made these allegations, when subjected to cross examination in the event we even get that far, that the charges will not be believed by 12 people, assuming we get 12 fair people who are not consumed by the movement that seems to have overtaken this case. >> reporter: this isn't the first time officials considered prosecuting the hollywood power player. the nypd was investigating a case against him in 2015. robert boyce was the chief of detectives. let's go back to the beginning when you first heard harvey weinstein's name mentioned in an investigative fashion. >> so that was march of 2015. we had a case where he forcibly touched a young lady down in tribeca. >> reporter: "the new yorker"
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uncovered an audio recording of a conversation between that woman, model ambra ga tiers re, and weinstein. the tape was part of a police sting operation. >> if you want to leave when the guy comes with my jacket -- >> why yesterday you touch my breast? >> please, i'm sorry, just come on in, i'm used to that. >> you're used to that? >> yes, come in. >> no, but i'm not used to that. >> i won't do it again, come on, sit here. >> reporter: that case was never prosecuted, the d.a.'s office saying the audio was insufficient to prove a crime under new york law. why do you think the d.a.'s office didn't press charges when they had audio files? >> we had probable cause on us, admission of guilt on a tape, we felt it was a good case. why they didn't is somewhere in their realm, not mine. >> reporter: boyce was part of the investigation into the current case against weinstein. did the two women require some persuasion? >> i wouldn't call it persuasion, i would call it support. i would say support. it's something that changed their lives and they know that.
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>> reporter: if convicted in this case, weinstein faces up to 25 years in prison. i want to play for you earlier this year when you were interviewed by juju. >> what does justice look like to you? >> bars. this man should be behind bars. for the rest of his life. he has stolen, he has hijacked, he has smeared, he has lied, he has purchased, he has done diabolical things in the name of being able to stick his face between women's legs and literally eat their essence. it's chilling and it's real. >> how do you feel looking at that, and what does justice look like now? >> we're getting closer to justice. bars. because we had invisible bars around us for so long. we didn't get to have a life. not the one we thought we were going to have. not just careers, but lives. freedom. freedom from nightmares.
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freedom from body flashbacks. and -- i think i stand by my original statement. that is exactly what i think it should be. and we're one step closer. a big step closer today. >> reporter: for now, mcgowan says she plans to face weinstein again, in court, vowing to go to watch the trial if it happens. >> i have faith will look at him and say, guilty. >> will you be there? >> damn right i'll be there. yeah. >> reporter: and her message to those two women pressing charges? >> i would like to thank lucia evans for her bravery. nobody wants to do this. nobody wants to go out and take the hits that she's going to be taking. nobody wants to have to defend themselves after being attacked. that's double attack. i stand with her. i send her all the strength.
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and to the other unnamed woman. and i'm so sorry that i couldn't stop it earlier. i really tried. >> what's behind your tears right now? is this frustration, anger, joy? >> sometimes i get sad for who i was. i miss that girl. when i talk about him, i think of her. and i think about all of us and who we were. but i am, despite what i look like, i am really happy today. yeah. this is for all of us. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm linsey davis in new york. >> weinstein is set to appear in court on july 30th, when he'll learn whether a grand jury has indicted him. and next, nascar star danica patrick talking circles, just 500 more to go until retirement. can you actually love wearing powerful sunscreen?
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i'm jeff bleich. preventing violence has long been my cause. in the face of senseless violence, we need hope. after columbine, i led president clinton's youth violence commission. i joined joe biden to reduce domestic violence, helping boys become men. i beat the nra in court, defending gun laws that save lives. today, a new generation is rising, and this is our moment. in the streets and in the capitol, i'll stand with them. jeff bleich. democrat for lieutenant governor.
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danica patrick is approaching the finish line of a remarkable career. in a sport dominated by men, she has pulled ahead, becoming one of the highest-paid drivers last year. tonight she gives abc's marcus moore a ride and some parting thoughts. >> reporter: i usually, danica, any time i'm riding shotgun i say, jesus take the wheel, please. but you might be the next best thing. >> oh, thanks. >> reporter: so i'm not too worried. >> i'm glad you trust me. you mate not say so when it's all said and done. >> reporter: danica patrick is the queen of speed. whether leading laps at the
12:57 am
daytona 500, or running 220 miles per hour in an indy car, the 5'2" auto racing pioneer is the most storied woman in american motorsports history. >> she's done so well at daytona -- >> reporter: but this weekend, danica is hitting the brakes on her career, retiring at 36 years old. >> so i'm done at 36. i have a chance to do so much more. it wasn't in my heart anymore. you know, what i love about racing was that ability to progress and get better. and i just kind of felt like that was becoming less and le lessing some that was in my control. >> the first driver to complete -- >> reporter: her final race at the indianapolis 500, on the track that brings her career full circle. >> it all started with her first indy 500. as a rookie. she won rookie of the year that year in 2005. and that was the start of the phenomenon known as danica mania. >> reporter: a household name that became a marketer's dream earning her major endorsement deals from the likes of
12:58 am
coca-cola, even opi nail polish. >> nothing happened. >> that's danica patrick! >> reporter: don't forget about risque super bowl commercials for her long-time sponsor godaddy. "forbes" listed danica as the eighth highest paid driver in nascar, earning $10.23 million last year. a long way from her days in roscoe, illinois, where she began racing go-karts at 10 years old. >> i know that i loved coming in after making a run and asking what my lap times were. to see if i had gone faster. >> reporter: at 16 she dropped out of high school to become a race car driver in england, moving back to the u.s. three years later working her way up to indy car and nascar circuits. >> move over! the lady is coming through! danica patrick wins at twin ring! >> reporter: with nearly 400 races under her belt, she's only won one race, at the indy japan 300 in 2008. the critics who said she only won one indy car race? >> that's true.
12:59 am
>> and that's true. they simply said, oh, she just wasn't that good of a driver. >> people have been saying that my whole career. >> what impact did that have on you? >> none. when i was younger, i used to get really angry and look really angry. because i never wanted anyone to think that i was okay with fourth or sixth or tenth. so i used to sort of project that insecurity out through my face. i don't think it was very pretty. >> you also had a few fights. >> i'm sure that i've started some fights. but for the most part, i tend to -- i feel like i'm very respectful of people. >> reporter: in november, after facing sponsorship challenges, danica announced she was taking her last ride. >> so this will be my last season as a full-time driver. my sister told me i was supposed to -- >> reporter: she set out to
1:00 am
complete two final races dubbed "the danica double." the daytona 500, the indy 500. for the first time since 2015, godaddy returned as her sponsor. but in february danica's final spin at daytona ended with a crash. >> slammed into the wall! >> are you kidding? >> reporter: finished in 35th place. >> danica patrick -- >> reporter: a few weeks ago we followed danica around godaddy before heading to company headquarters in tempe. >> danica patrick! >> reporter: surprising a few employees and devoted fans with tickets to her final race. >> oh my god! yes, yes! >> reporter: in her post-racing life, patrick plans on having more time to focus on her growing business empire. which already includes a clothing line and a wine label. >> they're amazing companies and passions of mine. so if i kept racing 40 weeks a year, for how long, i mean -- they don't get the attention that is needed to see them to their fullest potential. >> reporter: she's also a fitness fanatic, even writing a
1:01 am
health and wellness book. on sunday, danica patrick takes the wheel for her final race. hoping to take the checkered flag at the indianapolis 500. she'll be the only woman in the race, leaving behind the sport where she has been such a trail blazer. >> i choose to focus on the positive and i've had a really great career. i'm really thankful for it. >> reporter: for "nightline" i'm marcus moore in scottsdale, arizona. >> you can watch danica's last laps in the indianapolis 500 sunday at 12:00 noon eastern here on abc. we'll be right back.
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that's our show for tonight. from all of us here at "nightline" we wish you a happy and reflective m
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