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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  May 26, 2018 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show. "right this minute." when you've got traffic on a slippery road -- >> having good luck is a good thing. >> -- how a tehree-car accident leads to a truly remarkable escape. >> what? it's all calm at the watering hole until a croc goes on the attack. >> oh, wow. >> oh, my gosh. got a whole head in his mouth. >> see how a wounded wildebeest is saved by hippos. >> wow. that's one smooth pilot taking his lady on a flight. >> and just look at that view. >> the moment she spots the message of a lifetime. >> oh, snap. christian, oli, charity, nick and gayle break down the best on the web including making
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a ping-pong ball disappear. >> the world's greatest trick. >> see why magic is in mouth of the beholder. >> how do you -- >> mind blowing. ♪ whoa. >> oh. >> yeah. >> oh! >> bro. >> what? that's a miracle right there. that's a miracle. >> that's some heads-up crashing. >> you see we are at an intersection here. we got one car here waiting on the left, we've got a small suv or van coming toward us and there's another vehicle that is attempting to go all the way across this road. there is a traffic light here. in fact, we can see the very bottom of it right here. >> i'm glad you pointed that out. i'm looking around. i didn't see stop signs or anything like that but you just don't go blasting through an intersection, anyway. who blew the light? >> it turns out that the guy in
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that small van was trying to catch that yellow light going through the intersection. just as the driver in the sedan was starting to cross just before his light turned green. it was a perfect storm of too soon, too late, and boom. now, explain for me why on earth this happened. >> what? >> you have this guy on thisudi. sounds like he is a blogger maybe he was doing this for show. the guy jumps off the car on to that lane with that full speed ahead. >> oh, i just played chicken with a truck and won. >> authorities saw this. they were not thrilled. they found this guy. he was arrested. and this guy could be fined up to about $5,300. this is a perfect example of
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why people say this is why we can't have nice things. here we have a wonderful watering hole. there you have hippos, wildebeests. chase of chase and african safaris stopped by the watering hole so everyone could see the animals teeming with life but something's about to happen, look over there. it was a crocodile because the wildebeests were taking a sip from the water and look. >> wow. >> oh, my gosh. got his hold head in his mouth. >> that's it for the poor little wildebeest. >> crist chahristian, you think. the rest jump in the water because they don't like seeing what the crocs are doing. see the wildebeest is fighting against one croc but the hippos coming in running interference trying to get the croc to let it go. >> whoa. >> now chase says this is something you rarely see. >> i cannot believe this happened. >> yeah, but look at all the hippos all looking at that
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wildebeest all watching, all waiting. making sure it gets out of the water okay. but you can see, it has a noticeable limp, but those hippos did actually help save its life for now. when brides are planning a wedding, their intention is to involve and include all of their closest friends and family. samantha took that quite literally. you know this part in the reception. where everybody's getting ready to catch the bouquet. >> i know that part of the reception. >> samantha gets ready to toss the bouquet. instead of tossing it, she turns around and starts walking toward her best friend, brooke. >> that's rigged. outrageous. >> yes. everybody was in on it. everybody was in on it except brooke. and when she turns around, that's her man, josh. >> oh. magic of the bouquet worked quick. >> i love how she's sharing her day with her friend. >> josh wrapped his arm around her and drops down on one knee
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and of course said yes. >> we should tell people don't do this without getting prior approval from the bride. >> oh, yeah, no. the bride, samantha, said she was more than happy to share this day with her best friend. that's what best friends are for, right? >> right. up next, we've got nate and nia. they go out in austin so nate can get his hours in. look at that view. it's perfect. >> it is perfect, but they better not have engine trouble all of a sudden. >> he told her to look down. when she did -- she sees a message. >> wow. >> oh, snap. >> written on the sand on the beach. oh, you thinker. >> yes, he pulled out that red box and she goes, that's why you were -- okay. got it. they've been dating for quite a while now. he says they actually met about 4 1/2 years ago when she answered a facebook buy and sell ad for a couch he was selling. >> sofa so good. >> they're going to live happily ever after.
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they're fast, they're free and they're flying through the forest of israel. sam pilgrim, we know sam, he's a heck of a mountain biker. he's down on this trail with a couple of his buddies. ♪ >> well, if they're so good, let me see them ride on water because, i mean, this is the holy land. >> i think sam wishes he probably could have done that instead of this. >> oh. >> candidadidn't look that bad distance. let's get up closer and see just exactly how sam bit the dust here. >> oh. >> back tire slides out. sam goes up and over the bars and lands -- >> right on the back of the rock. >> sam cease adrenaline, of course, shot through the roof after this crash. he's already smiling trying to get up, buddy's like for a second. actually uprooted the boulder
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with his spine. that was a heck of a crash. >> need to sit down. i feel like -- >> days later, though, he sure is feeling it but up on his feet despite dislodging a boulder. ♪ the cats have their eye on mr. seagull. >> what the seagull does next will live in internet history. >> why he proves there's a new boss bird in town. >> you two are rubbish. >> did you see that? and how ariana grande has inspired -- >> the faceless girl makeup tutorial. >> how to pull off the look that's sure to get you noticed. >> yeah. i'm your phone, stuck down here between your seat and your console, playing a little hide-n-seek. cold... warmer... warmer... ah boiling. jackpot. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, you could be picking up these charges yourself.
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nprescription itch medicine plus 7 healing moisturizers. it's good to be itch free. cortizone 10®. feel the heal. marting farrington's two employees are not going to like performance evaluation time because this is in farrington's garden. right there you see a seagull and see a cat. oh, look, there's another cat. so the seagull is being eyed by the two cats. but what the seagull does next will live in internet history. the seagull casually walks into the house. notice what the cat does. >> he's ready to pounce then he's like -- the cat's like, it big. >> the cat -- >> what kind of bird is that? >> hello, mate. >> the kind of bird that's going to steal your food. martin's like, hey, you're not welcome. >> no shame. >> the bird doesn't care. >> seagulls have absolutely no
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moral compass. >> martin's not besieged with the cat. >> you two are rubbish. >> did you see that? >> just walks over the ginger cat. >> the ginger cat is -- >> bird gets a running start off his back. >> insult to injury. just like, yep, take that. >> you guys, the seagull came back. let's see if now the cats actually got into their job. >> you going to do anything about this? >> well, igor right here went and hid behind the rubbish bin. >> that bird's not going to use me as a steppingstone anymore. >> it changed now. it knows where to get food. these cats are just -- >> yeah, the bird goes back for seconds. >> cats are like this food isn't good enough to start a scrap over, go have it, birds. >> these cats are no use. from rio day ja their r jde
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brazil. look at the guy on the back. pointing a gun right at this guy. he stops his bike. at this point he's assuming he's going to be robbed. that gun is in his face. he's like, dude, dude, dude, there's nothing here, i don't have anything. but no, they're after the bike. hits him over the led wihead wi gun. of course he's wearing a helmet. doesn't do any damage. eventually he's bullied off the bike. drops to the floor. okay, okay, okay okay. he lets him have it. it's the best way to avoid getting into any other trouble usually. >> oh, my gosh, did he shoot him? >> the pop you heard was them firing shooting him in the leg as he's already walking away. >> ruthless. >> this point, a journalist, you can see he's hobbling on his leg then jumps into the vehicle, a complete stranger. someone who saw what was going on, stopped, was like get in the car, jumps in. the blood is starting to spread across his right leg and this guy actually took him to hospital.
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>> this fella was treated and released. >> did they catch the suspect? >> the police have identified the twoe looking for them. but of course, rio is a huge city. people just once they get into certain areas can vanish. viewers with her art. >> yeah, she makes mind-thwarting creations on her face. >> this one is definitely going it get you because it's the faceless girl makeup tutorial. she says she was inspired by ariana grande's new music video "no tears left to cry." ♪ >> oh >> oh, i see. right. so she's going to be, like, pulling her face off? huh? nicolas cage, >> first she's got to put her
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face on so she starts with latex pieces she made with liquid latex. >> yeah, how is she going to be able to, like, see what she's doing if she covers her eyes? >> she's a tsualreen.ted >> first, she lays her eyebrows down with some stick glue and then she conceals her eyelashes with some concealer. she covers the bottom half of her face with the big piece of latex. she cuts a little slit in it so she can breathe. she glues down the procesthetic then lays latex around it. takes some circles for her eyes. >> wow. >> she glues those down then secures it. when she does the other eye, she cuts a little l slit over there as well. now that the foundation is laid, she puts foundation on top of it. blends and blends and blends and blends until she has no face at all. she takes her hair down. >> wow. >> oh. >> it's creepy and cool all at the same time. she's got a mask of her own face and there you have it. >> dang. that is crazy. >> it is. she says she probably should
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have waited until halloween, but why not? the girl's good. >> she good. >> that good. >> that girl good. ♪ david planned a fancy meal but getting invited to dinner by him usually involves something off. kinner come ens when the dinner comes to a crashing end. >> enjoy your meal, guys. he found a creepy lurking in the bathroom. >> the poor littlely guy isawcr eakingut tries to squash his fe. >> is that the right thing to do, love a bug? month after month,ame. ongoing pain and stiffness are signs of joint erosion. humira can help stop the clock. prescribed for 15 years,
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12:21 pm
>> today we have white rice with a side of coca puffs. >> dinner looks delicious. guys are in the back of a u-haul. this setup looks a little bit familiar, you may be thinking of the video we brought to you by the funk brothers where they put a small pool in the pack of a u-haul and it went so well. this time the twist involving dinner in the back of a moving truck. now jason was smart. you see him up there, he's hanging on. david didn't hold on and this is the shot he got right after they say grace. >> amen. >> amen. that was so sweet. well, enjoy your meal, guys. >> ahh! ahh! >> holy [ bleep ]. >> what the heck did they think was going to happen? >> oh, my -- >> i think i broke my leg. >> that was not the best idea. >> i think they expected exactly
12:22 pm
what happened. however, i don't think they expected to miss the shot because david went flying. crazy part about this, this is the second time they did it. the first time they weren't happy with the shot because they didn't feel like the driver went fast enough. >> you got -- >> not as dramatic, but at least they got the shot. >> the rental company is going to have to start putting an extra thing, check here if you have a youtube channel, sorry, you are not having our truck. >> enjoy your meal, guys. >> ahh! ♪ irrational fear as we know sometimes triggers irrational behavior. >> what's going on in the bathroom? >> there's a spider. >> oh, mate, we've all been there. >> that's a very rational fear, christian. >> what's wrong with -- >> spider. >> that's how you deal with it, mate. >> put it there, bam. >> he knows. he just doesn't want to be the one to do it. >> does he have a tender heart and doesn't want to kill it but
12:23 pm
wants it to go? >> he wants it dead. look at his eyes. >> why can't you just start to love bugs? >> this, my friends, is where it gets good. >> you want me to marry a bug? >> no. >> is that what you're trying to make me to do? love a bug? >> like, mom, what the heck is wrong with you? >> i tell you what i would recommend is get "charlotte's web" because that's a really cute book and it's about a spider and perfect for hitting them with. didn't see that coming, did you? >> i'm scared of a -- >> there are those reactions to certain situations then there's this one. in this video. >> ahh. >> oh! >> instinctual. there you go. it's nature, not nurture. >> it starts early. she's probably very observant, right, and noticed her mom keeps a ring on her finger so she
12:24 pm
knows that's where it goes. maybe -- >> or just watching proposal videos on youtube. >> she watches our show. >> yeah. >> oh. >> that's hilarious. >> it's super adorable. now, they take the ring away, they put it back on and again, yeah. ♪ prepare yourself for -- >> the world's greatest trick. >> pay attention, everybody. you might miss it. why this amazing disappearing act is all about producing some big
12:25 pm
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recipes, go to our website and click on "tv show" or check it out on our mobile app. ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, gather round, lend me your eyes, your ears, your attention for -- >> the world's greatest trick. >> yep, he's not underselling this in any way whatsoever. i should caution you before we get started -- >> what you're about to see is real and may be disturbing to some viewers. >> yeah, you david copperfield may have made thelib libber liberty disappear. he bl eshould be freaked out by
12:27 pm
his face, i am. >> he's about to make the ping-pong ball disappear. pay attention, everybody, you might miss it. ♪ ♪ >> mind blowing. . now, i knowhat'rou y w thinking. >> how do you -- ♪ >> let's find out. ♪ [ laughter ] >> i could -- ♪ ping-pong balls disappear. >> no. i know what you're thinking. >> ping-pong ball dappe
12:28 pm
[ drum roll ] i know what you're thinking. hehod ulkema >> oh, my god. >> the greatest trick of all-time. >> ta-da! that's all for now. thanks for watching. we'll see you next time on an all new "rtm." you could save energy by living off the grid. completely. just set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. with energy upgrade california.
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