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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  May 26, 2018 5:30pm-5:58pm PDT

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tonight, state of emergency. the growing rainmaker gathering strength in the gulf. alberto picking up speed. millions bracing for a memorial day washout. plus, the rising rip current dangers at the beaches. killed at the border. a 20-year-old woman from guatemala, shot and killed by a u.s. border patrol agent.ngers investigating. why the agency says their agent ranggi to fire the flames seen for miles, shutting down a nearby bridge. a four-story tower of scrap wood igniting. surprise meeting. kim jong-un and south korea's president embracing at the dmz. could this moment save the u.s. summit? american freed. the utah man and his wife jailed for two years in venezuela, released. his first stop, the white house.
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and the sudden tax spike, taking homeowners across the country by surprise. in some cases, a nearly 50% increase. and good evening. thanks for joining us on this saturday. i'm tom llamas. and we begin with the state of emergency on this memorial day weekend. alberto, take a look, getting stronger. the storm picking up speed. the national park service closing some campgrounds in the gulf, evacuating tourists. residents there in manatee county loading up sandbags, preparing for torrential rains. florida's governor issuing that state of emergency. plus warnings tonight about potentially deadly rip currents. millions bracing for a memorial day washout, from louisiana to florida. abc's senior meteorologist rob marciano starts us off. >> reporter: tonight, alberto on the move, putting millions from louisiana to florida at risk this holiday weekend.
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instead of barbecuing, these tallahassee residents are filling up sandbags. and in tampa, too. >> lock it all down. because anything that blows on high winds can be a missile. >> reporter: here in pensacola, it may look like the perfect beach day, but tomorrow could bring torrential rain and potential flooding. waves are geg ggbierer h just to our west, the national park service has closed the beach there.ev sk aen meanwhile, in miami, canals there lowered up to a foot in anticipation of the heavy rain. red warning flags raised at this beach in gulf shores, alabama. >> we do have the shutters and such ready to go, to put up if we have to. >> reporter: and in mississippi, emergency management officials are calling alberto their worst nightmare. >> the rainfall amounts could be double digits. we've got to stay vigilant and ready. >> and rob standing by for us tonight in pensacola. rob, you have the latest track and a big update for folks
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living right there in if florida panhandle? >> reporter: we certainly do. doesn't look good for this area. you can see the waters churning up behind us. these yellow flags could be red, easily, tomorrow,lo t beach to swimmers.ulf of mexico, it's kind of lopsided. florida really getting a lot of rainfall the last day or two. and that will continue tomorrow with the added threat of an isolated tornado or two, with a lot of spin on that side of the storm. as you see it entering and moving north into the gulf of mexico. pretty slowly. as far as the rainfall is concerned, that's going to be a huge player. 6 to 10, maybe 15 in some of these spots. flooding is going to be a big problem. the official track takes it abreast of tampa tomorrow afternoon and making landfall likely right here, somewhere near pensacola beach, on monday afternoon. spoiler for the holiday weekend for sure and getting this hurricane season off to an early start. tom? >> rob marciano, thank you. next to that deadly incident
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at the mexican border, raising several questions tonight. a 20-year-old woman shot and killed by a border patrol agent in texas. the fbi and texas rangers now investigating. here's abc's stephanie ramos. >> reporter: tonight, the family of this young woman, outraged, after they say she was shot to death by a border patrol agent. claudia gomez, an undocumented immigrant from guatemala, was in rio bravo, right along the texas/mexico border, when she was killed. a woman nearby capturing gomez's last moments on camera. shouting in spanish, asking why the young woman was shot in the head. that same witness told "the new york times" that as three more people were arrested, she heard one officer say, "see what happens? people." gomez's family pleading at a press conference friday to stope animals. her brother-in-law now pleading for justice.
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the u.s. border patrol first said on wednesday an agent opened fire after being attacked by a group armed with blunt objects. but a new statement issued friday made no mention of weapons and says the group "rushed" the officer instead. the border patrol says their agents performed first aid after the shooting and called for help, but it was too late. the fbi and texas rangers are now investigating the incident. tom? >> a lot of questions tonight. all right, stephanie, thank you. we head overseas now, and the breaking news out of venezuela. the american citizen free tonight. joshua holt of utah held captive for two years, his wife also jailed. ksetthwet moments of freedom en venezuelan officials and u.s. lawmakers. the couple reunited boarding a plane, you can see them. his first stop, a white house visit hosted by president trump. abc's tara palmeri with the latest. >> reporter: tonight, the first
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images of freedom for american josh holt, locked in a venn someway venezuelan prison, known as the dungeon, for two years. assisted across a tarmac by senator bob corker for the flight home. during a riot just days ago, he secretly filmed this video, begging for his release. >> i need -- i need help. so, they've taken the entire prison where i'm at. the people have taken -- the entire prison, they're outside, they're trying to break in. they're saying they want to kill me.yi that they want me as their guarantee. >> reporter: the 26-year-old mormon was imprisoned shortly n ter marryi aen vlaueez police accusing both of dealing weapons and plotting to undermine the government. the charges were unsubsntiated. deplorable conditions. holt's mother telling abc news, he's been in poor health for i don't think that i'm going to see him again alive. >> reporter: u.s. relations with venezuela have been poor.
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many citizens starving, with dictatorship of nicolas maduro. the white house calling his re-election last week a sham. the man behind the breakthrough, bob corker, chairman of the senate foreign relations committee, in the country to broker holt's release, meeting with maduro at the presidential palace, who has been accused of using holt as a bargniainghi cp the president tweeting that holt will be at the white house with his family tonight. before meeting the president, holt finally re >> all right, tara joins us now from the white house. and tara, what are your sources telling you about how the deal came about, when you take into account, the u.s. and venezuela's hostile relationship? >> reporter: well, a white house source tells us nothing was offered to venezuela in exchange for the release of holt. marco rubio, who is also on the senate foreign relations committee with bosh corkb corke called it an unconditional
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release that was way overdue. tom? >> tara palmeri for us tonight. tara, thank you. next, to the surprise meeting in the dmz. kim jong-un and south korea's president embracing warmly in a rare face-to-face meeting, joining up just days after president trump canceled the upcoming june 12th summit. tonight, word the korean leaders are agreeing to new high level talks next month. abc's bob woodruff reporting from the region tonight. >> reporter: it's the face-to-face meeting no one saw coming. south korea's president walking across one of the world's most militarized borders, shaking the hand of north korea's kim jong-un. even giving him a hug. this unannounced, two-hour meeting was hastily arranged just hours before. taking place on the north korean side of the demilitarized zone, where the two sides met for the first time nearly a month ago, when both leaders promised to try and rid the korean peninsula of nuclear weapons. now, kim is expressing strong will for a summit with president trump. this just two days after president trump abruptly
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canceled his upcoming summit with kim, citing the north's "tremendous anger and open hostility." >> never before has a south korean or u.s. president called out the north koreans for their belligerent language. >> reporter: the north threatening a, quote, nuclear to nuclear showdown, even calling the vice president a "political dummy." but after the president's letter, that aggression seems to be vanishing. >> they very much want to do it. we'd like to do it. >> reporter: this week, in front of foreign journalists, the north triggered this series of explosiode tnscl, aingmi its nuclear testing facilities. but like so much in north korea, it's unclear if that is true. now, with leaders here in beijing and across the region just watching these developments closely, the ways hi s hthseat touhey are still plann send an advance team to singapore to prepare for the june summit, just in case it happens. tom? >> we will see. all right, bob, thank you so much. the latest on the north korean summit tomorrow on "this week" when martha raddatz goes one-on-one with republican
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senator marco rubio and the top democrat on the house intelligence committee, congressman adam schiff. to ireland now, and the historic vote, overturning a ban on abortions there. the owing l nafishtay ll overwhelming support for women's reproductive rights in the mostly catholic country. nearly twice as many people voting to repeal that 1983 constitutional amendment that treated mother and fetus as equals under the law. many irish women and men traveling in from around the world to cast their ballots. pro choice advocates calling it a major victory. and we're learning much more tonight about the hero science teacher who took a bullet for his students. just out of the hospital tonight, after tackling a middle school gunman, taking aim at sttsniha assmas, teheac investigators are piecing together exactly what happened at that indiana school. abc's alex perez with the latest. >> reporter: tonight, that quick-thinking science teacher credited with thwarting another school massacre, out of the hospital, as questions swirl
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about what led his student to come into class during a science test with two handguns. >> we need a trauma kit for room 619. >> reporter: students running to fesatyas, unfolded inside a middle school classroom near indianapolis. one student, ella whistler, hospitalized after being critically wounded during the shooting. >> it was like halfway through class. >> reporter: but some of ella's classmates say their teacher, jason seaman, stopped the gunman from doing even more damage. >> he pulled the gun outhif os like, get behind stuff, like the desks and tables. >> repte tt'wh enston, ebraker, his teacher tha basketball at the gunman to distract him, then running towards the bullets. >> mr. seaman was immediately yelling and running right at him and tackled him straight to the ground. >> reporter: seaman, who was shot three times, releasing a statement to his students, saying, "you are all wonderful and i thank you for your support. you are the reason i teach." tom, the teenage suspect is in custody. investigators have searched his
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home, looking for any clues that might help explain what motivated the attack. tom? >> alex perez for us. alex, thank you. next, to the resignation at a popular university. thespre enidsc uof down over a sex assault scandal involving a gynecologist. abc's will carr picks up the story in los angeles. >> reporter: tightthe southern california out amid a sex abuse scandal rocking the campus. >> the whole exam felt really wrong, but -- i kept saying to myself, "he's a doctor, he's a doctor at usc. usc wouldn't hire a doctor that would do anything wrong." >> reporter: more than a dozen women, including lucy chi, now suing the university and the school's former gynecologist, dr. george tyndall, alleging he sexually harassed and assaulted female students for decades. d he stood there watching while i did so. reportedly, usc was aware of dr.
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tyndall's inappropriate conduct before i was even born. >> reporter: "the l.a. times" reporting usc struck a secret deal with tyndall, allowing the disgraced gynecologist to resign with a financial payout. with pressure mounting, president c.l. max nikias announcing friday he will step down. in a public letter, usc's board writing, "we recognize the need for change and are committed to a stable transition." >> i wish that usc would take a long, hard look at what they're doing, and make changes, so that women and their students a never in danger. >> reporter: as for usc's former gynecologist, he left the university in 2017. we reached out to him for comment, he didn't get back to us. but he did tell "the l.a. times" he denies any wrongdoing. tom? next, to the new eruptions in kilauea. striking new images emerging. several defense officials
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civil defense officials ordering additional evacuations producing ash clouds up to 11,000 feet above sea level. that oozing lava destroying some 82 structures and counting on hawaii's big island. and there's still much more. a new denial from morgan freeman in the face of sex assault accusations. why the award-winning actor says misinterpreted. also, an unwelcomeowrs. rp you may be one of them. their tax bills soaring. what can you do to get relief? and out west, flames rising four stories high. the major problem facing firefighters. stay with us. feeclaritin and relief fromwsy symptoms caused by over 200 allergens. like those from buddy. because stuffed animals
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their property taxes about their bottom lines. here's abc's adrienne bankert. >> reporter: it's a shock in the mail. >> i'm angry. i feel blindsided. >> reporter: across the u.s., homeowners like maribel selva i property taxes skyrocket. she currently pays around was notified her property tax bill will go up nearly 40%. >> that's a whopping number. how can you justify this? >> reporter: municipalities facinggeomficiofts forcingt de b homeowners to share the pain. in clark county, nevada, las vegas homeowners saw property taxes jump 38%. in philadelphia, almost every neighborhood h seen an increase. but if you do get a high bill, you can appeal. or a well-documented argument as
5:48 pm
to why the value isn't as high as the local government might think. >> reporter: experts also say, ta tyolao r tagheix start your appeal with the assessor's office. >> you may not gfiin t fir yeaof cost reduction, but you will see those savings if you continue living in your home. >> reporter: maribel says she's worried these rising taxes could changehe.ace of her >> reporter: and the hit especially painful for some, since new tax reform laws now cap state and local deductions to just $10,000 annually. and if you do appeal, the process could take up to a year. tom? >> could cost more money, but it could work out in the long run. >> reporter: right. >> all right, adrienne, thank you so much. up next, take a look at this video from a high school. a teacher accused of grabbing a student by the neck. what may have caused this ugly scene? scene? stay with us. so, i have this recurring dream. i'm 85 years old in a job where
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time now for our index. we start in north carolina. an alarming video of a terchea appearing to choke a student. the high school gym teacher and track coach holding a student against a wall, then shoving him into a classroom outside of raleigh. the video going viral. reports saying the student had insulted the teacher. an investigation is now under way. that teacher suspended with pay. actor morgan freeman fighting back against sex abuse accusations. eight women claiming the 80-year-old touched them inappropriately or made unwanted comments. freeman describing his actions as misplaced compliments, insisting he tries to make all works fe need.
5:53 pm
in oregon, a raging fire near a landfill outside portland. take a look at this. flames rising more than 40 feet in the air. the fire starting in a 500-ton pile of scrap wood. the flames visible for nearly 15 miles, forcing the shutdown of a nearby bridge. firefighters forced to run 1,500 feet of hose, searching for enough water, due to a limited supply at the scene. no one was hurt. and when we come back, an act of giving allowing a heart patient a second chance. now, his first trip to the greatest spectacle in racing. the special way he'll be honored on the track. stay with us. into retirement. and market volatility isn't top of mind. that's because they have a shield annuity from brighthouse financial, which allows them to take advantage of growth opportunities in up markets, while maintaining a level of protection in down markets. so they're less concerned with market volatility and can focus more on the things they're passionate about. talk with your advisor about shield annuities
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moments in jeremy carr's life came by chopper this week, when he was flown straight to trackside at the indy 500. >> this is a lot more cooler than just coming to the track. >> reporter: it follows this other big moment in his life. leaving the hospital with a new heart, after spending six years on the organ transplant wait list. during which time, he made the acquaintance of one stefan wilson, who is best-known for this. wilson is a british race car driver who is passionate about r brother, justin, in a racing-related accident three years ago, after which his organs went to several recipients. >> it just really sort of hits home, the need for more people to register. orcoyevering his car with the n of people waiting for e ofhich . he spent his months in indiana university hospital building model cars. but then, his surgery went ahead the instant a donor heart became available. and after a great recovery, true stuff.
5:58 pm
and now carrying forth the message that wilson's car represents about organ donation. >> it saved my life, so -- and five other people's lives that night.rgan donor. because it's a good thing. >> reporter: even if you don't get this close to the track at indy. john donvan, abc news. >> we thank john for that storyt ghanhenkrewe td omorrow at noon abc. i'm tom llamas in new york. "gma" and "this week" in the morning. si'rellat evening. good night.
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tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00 another tesla auto pilot crash. why tesla says this one is not like the others. i don't know why other kids don' it. >> one yeart after a child went flying off a water slide families arein l goingin to see holiday heat this weekend. find out how warm it'll get where you live. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts now. , crashed in europe. tesla's auto pilot service blamed for another saying not so fast this time. good evening, i'm eric thomas. .us>> you for joining ha mod tel 3 in grease. tesla says the car was not certified f tseho conditions. mi?llbray,th more on this, >>epa
6:00 pm
and he admits he loves all things new that involve tech, and he's loved his that is until what happened last night in grease. he wanted to introduce as many people as possible to tesla's model 3 which won't be available in much of europe until next year sometime. he's traveled through 29 countries and used the auto pilot feature throughout most of the tri itp. claims it malfunctioned by forcing him to crash into a barrier at an exit he had no intention of taking. >> also acknowledged that the corrected is due to bad software debesha hazardous. t the software as i've learned the hard way is


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