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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  May 28, 2018 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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tonight, dangerous weather and millions in the path. the state of emergency. a wall of water slamming into a downtown. many residents with little warning. plus, the search for a national guardsman swept away as he was trying to help. also tonight, alberto strikes. the storm making landfall moments ago. heavy rain, high winds and dangerous surf. rob marciano standing by in the storm zone. excessive force? the young woman arrested on the jersey shore, wrestled to the ground by police. one officer caught on camera punching her in the head. tonight, questions about that officer's training. incredible rescue. a real-life spider-man springing into action, scaling a building to save a 4-year-old dangling from above. and on this memorial day, across the country, the patriotic acts honoring our
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heroes. good evening. i'm tom llamas, in for david. and it's great to have you with us on this memorial day. we begin with several states of emergency, as rainmakers threaten millions. a devastating flash flood washing out ellicott city, maryland. a wall of water turning into the downtown into a raging river. cars and debris thrown like toys. some residents taken by surprise. tonight, as waters recede, an urgent search for a maryland national guardsman. at the same time, alberto, the first named storm of the hurricane season, making landfall late today near panama city beach, florida. flood watch ees in effect. but we begin tonight with abc's david kerley in hard-hit ellicott city, maryland.
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>> oh my god. >> reporter: the amount of water. its speed, astonishing. ripping down traffic lights, cars floating away, bobbing in the rapid water. >> people trapped. there's people in every building. >> reporter: in the second floor window, you can see those who hung an s-o-s sign. the definition of a flash flood as the torrent of water turned main street into a river. missing tonight, a 39-year-old maryland national guards mapp, edis eddison harmond was at a local restaurant with his best friend and former air force vet, joe lopez, when a woman with a cat headed out and harmond went to help her. >> just swept away. >> reporter: it's been called a thousand year storm but it is the second one in two years. local officials say this one was worse than 2016. 300 people had to be rescued, a couple dozen from high danger situations. the debris actually came this high. this is how high the water actually got to. but look over the side, where the creek's running now, here's
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one car, a tree, two other cars, a dumpster, a 55 gallon drum, that's how powerful this water was. water that sliced through a road, throwing chunks of concrete aside. the radar was the warning. a strong storm sunday over the area. the flash flood warning went up at 4:26. it went to a flood emergency 14 minutes later. shortly after, the town was inundated, more than eight inches of rain falling in three hours. all day, debris, including cars and dumpsters, were being pulled from the muddy muck. along the main street of this historic town, many businesses were just recovering from the 2016 flood, including restaurant owner michel, who gutted his restaurant two years ago to reopen. you are going to rebuild? >> we are going to rebuild. we've been down this road, we know the story and we're rebuilding. >> david kerley joins us from the scene. you mentioned that guardsman, joe lopez, who is now missing. what is the latest on the search? >> reporter: the rescue efforts are still under way, according to fire officials. in fact, cadaver dogs were
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working downstream today, looking for any sign. still holding out some hope from his best friend that he may be found alive, tom. >> david kerley, thank you. moving south now, to the florida gulf coast, where alberto has just made landfall. the massive rainmaker already causing damage, and tonight, the flood watches stretching far inland, to some major cities. abc's senior meteorologist rob marciano gets us started from panama city beach, florida. >> reporter: tonight, alberto's torrential rains and powerful winds spreading inland. midday here on panama city beach and the rain is coming down, the wind is kicking up, the center of alberto just 20 miles offshore. but the surf, the surge have been pounding this beach all day. the state's governor warning residents. >> be very, very, very careful out there. if you need to travel, just make sure you're very cautious about that. >> reporter: alberto's outer bands already spawning a tornado outside port st. lucie. winds downing power lines, sending this trampoline airborne.
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tropical rains now extending all the way to the carolinas. in polk county, north carolina, two people killed after a falling tree struck their vehicle. >> and rob marciano joining us now from panama city beach. the storm snow now onshore. what can we expect next? >> reporter: more in the way of rain, tom. and you can see the wind is still bleing here on the beach. the center will weaken, but the rain is going to continue. a lot of deep tropical moisture with it. you can see it as far north as virginia. we're watching a tornado watch in nebraska and eastern colorado. the track of alberto is going to go through mississippi, the tennessee valley, bring all this deep tropical moisture with it. we have several states under flash flood watches, as far north as southern indiana could see two, three, four, five inches of rain that's really been saturated with several inches of rain. so, flooding is going to continue to be an issue. tom? >> still very much a massive rainmaker. all right, rob, thank you so much. next tonight, new developments in that violent
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beach arrest, caught on camera on the jersey shore. the wildwood police chief speaking out tonight, saying these viral images of a young woman getting punched in the head don't tell the whole story. we're also learning, there is a police body cam footage now under review. abc's erielle reshef picks up the story. >> reporter: tonight, this disturbing video of two officers violently taking down a young mom on a new jersey beach sparking new backlash. the cops seen punching the woman in the head, putting her in a choke hold. >> i didn't do anything wrong. >> reporter: a baby crying. beachgoers encircling the commotion. >> stop resisting! >> reporter: alexis hewitt recording the shocking incident. >> everyone was yelling. and i woke up, and i got my camera out right when she went down. >> reporter: police say they initially questioned 20-year-old emily weinman about underage drinking. in a facebook post, since deleted, weinman says she passed a breathalyzer, but the
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situation escalated when she refused to give officers her name. tonight, the wildwood police chief saying they hire extra officers for summer. >> they might have not have some of the experience that the rest of our guys do, but we do our best to train them properly. >> reporter: his department planning to release body cam video in the coming days. tom, those officers are now on administrative duty as the department investigates. we reached out to weinman for comment. so far, we have not heard back, but she is facing several charges. tom? >> erielle reshef for us tonight. erielle, thank you. overseas, and the incredible rescue of a child dangling several stories high, caught on camera. the video going viral. the hero, an immigrant from mali invited to meet the president. here's abc's david wright. >> reporter: an unknown hero leaps into action. scaling a paris apartment building to save a child, dangling from a balcony five stories up. his heroic feat, caught on camera! the secret identity of this
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amazing spiderman, mamadou gassama. 22 years old. an illegal immigrant from mali. illegal no more. the french president invited gassama to the elysee palace this morning to thank him for his bravery and offer him french citizenship. thanks to him, a 4-year-old boy is safe. french authorities say the boy's father had gone off to the grocery store and then got distracted playing pokemon go. he'll now face criminal charges of child neglect. for gassama, citizenship isn't the only reward. he's also been offered a job as a firefighter, so he can practice every day the same heroism he showed in that daring rescue. david wright, abc news, new york. >> we thank david for that report. we turn now to politics, moving on, a critical new week, shaping up at the white house. president trump laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier at arlington national
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seminary. paying tribute to fallen service members and their families. at the same time, a flurry of diplomatic activity. positive new sipgns the face-to-face summit with kim jong-un may still hab. here's abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl. >> reporter: on this memorial day, president trump greeted service members at arlington national cemetery, while half a world away, urgent preparations are under way for his on again, off again summit with kim jong-un. over the weekend, kim held an unannounced and apparently quite friendly meeting with south korean president moon. via twitter, president trump told the world an american delegation also arrived over the weekend in north korea, adding, "i truly believe north korea has brilliant potential and will be a great economic and financial nation one day. kim jong-un agrees with me on this. it will happen." the president told reporters
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summit preparations are moving along quite nicely. >> and i think there's a lot of goodwill. i think people want to see if we can get the meeting and get something done. >> reporter: there are no shortage of skeptics. former cia director mike hayden says he's concerned the president is rushing ahead without being fully prepared. >> kim jong-un knows his program inside and out. i think he knows what he can concede and what it means and what he cannot concede. i don't know that the president has done the kind of homework that would allow him to do this. >> reporter: and republican senator marco rubio says north korea cannot be trusted. that kim jong-un will never truly be willing to give up his nuclear weapons. >> we have a leader in kim jong-un who has -- has almost and emotional attachment and a personal, psychological attachment to these nuclear weapons. they make him feel prestigious, they make him feel powerful. >> all right, jon karl joins us tonight from the white house. and jon, there was another hint from the white house today that that june summit might happen after all. >> reporter: there was, tom. there was a statement that was put out by the white house about a call the president had today
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with japanese prime minister shinzo abe. the statement said that the two men will plan to have a meeting in advance of what the statement called "the expected meeting" between president trump and kim jong-un. so, while that june 12th summit has not been officially put back on the white house schedule yet, we do see it referred to here by the white house as an expected meeting, and you see a very important meeting in advance of that with the prime minister of japan. >> all right, jonathan karl for us tonight. thank you. next tonight, the hero teacher, who stopped a gunman inside an indiana middle school, speaking out for the first time. jason seaman saying his bravery was, quote, the only acceptable action to take, turning the praise toward the student who was wounded. abc's adrienne bankert on the hero and the the emotional reunion with the students he protected. >> reporter: a hero's welcome for the brave teacher, reunited with his students after stopping a school shooter. >> if it weren't for him, that
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could have been so much worse. he literally risked his life for us. >> reporter: some unable to hold back tears. jason seaman, smiling, looking well at a baseball game, only days after being shot three times. >> my actions on that day, in my mind, were the only acceptable actions i could have done, given the circumstances. i deeply care for my students and their well being, so, that's why i did what i did that day. >> we need a trauma kit for room 619. >> reporter: friday at the middle school, seaman knocked the gun out of the shooter's hands and wrestles him to the ground. the teach er concerned for ella whistler, critically injured and still in the hospital. >> her courage and strength at such a young age is nothing short of remarkable. >> reporter: but students there just beginning the long journey of healing. tom, school officials say that ella is making progress. and police say they are stepping up their presence on campus through the end of the school
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year. tom? >> all right, adrienne, thank you. to hawaii now, and new developments in the kilauea eruption. lava flows destroying several more homes and triggering a new round of evacuations, as the long-term impact on tourism becomes painfully clear. abc's marci gonzalez is in hawaii with the latest. >> reporter: this explosive geyser sending mounds of molten destruction surging down neighborhood streets, sparking new evacuations. >> the lava is moving a lot quicker than it was earlier today. >> reporter: it's a dangerous situation, so we've got to get out of here. >> we definitely need to get out of here, please. we don't want to be in the first responders way. >> reporter: first responders then going door-to-door, ordering them to leave. >> homes are getting destroyed tonight. >> reporter: ten more homes destroyed overnight. in all, more than 50 lost the flow of lava. just on the other side of the street, we keep hearing loud booms as it consumes yet another house. and those red-hot rivers spilling onto this geothermal plant, overtaking two wells, but officials say it hasn't triggered toxic gas
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emissions as some feared. weeks of eruptions now hitting the state's bottom line. tourist bookings down as much as 50%, according to estimates. even though the lava flow impacts only 1% of hi hipp's big island. and with new fissures still opening and old ones quieting down only to erupt again, geologists say this volcanic emergency here shows no signs of stopping. tom? >> marci gonzalegonzalez, thank and there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this memorial day. the fast food drive through holdup and the unexpected gunfire, that worker and that suspect didn't see it coming. who was shooting? it's all caught on camera. plus, the starbucks confrontation that sparked so much outrage. the reason 8,000 stores are closing their doors tomorrow afternoon. and the medical headline on former president george h.w. bush, hospitalized again this weekend. the memorial day tweet to the nation from his hospital bed and an update on his condition. h us.with us. e moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, little things can be a big deal.
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starbucks may be closed temporarily tomorrow. it's all connected to the fallout from the arrest of two black men at a philadelphia starbucks back in april. the video and the outrage going viral. the company now set to close 8,000 stores across the country for racial bias training. here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: this video that sparked outrage -- >> what did they do? what did they do? someone tell me what they did? >> reporter: -- is now prompting change. after these two black men at this philadelphia starbucks arrested for trespassing after one asked to use the restroom without making a purchase. starbucks is attempting to use that video as a teachable moment, creating this new training video. >> the events in philadelphia prompted us to bring 8,000 stores and 175,000 partners together on 5/29, because that is not who we aspire to be. >> reporter: the company is shuttering all stores tomorrow afternoon for bias training. >> helping people see each other
3:48 pm
fully, completely, respectfully. >> reporter: workers will hear from the activist and rapper common, watch a film and break into smaller discussion groups. in the wake of that video, starbucks now says anyone can use its spaces, including restrooms, without a purchase, unlike many businesses that enforce no loitering policies. and while starbucks has settled with those young men, they told our robin roberts, they want to see long-term change. >> it's not just a black people thing -- it's a people thing. that's exactly what we want to see out of this, and that's true change. >> reporter: some critics say this training is nothing more than a p.r. stunt, but starbucks says what they're doing tomorrow is not an overnight fix, but a start to a long-term commitment. starting the conversation, tom. >> long-term commitment. all right, linsey, thank you. when we come back, the giant plume of water gushing into this neighborhood. what fire officials say triggered that flood. plus, the roller coaster scare. take a look at this, on this memorial day weekend. visitors stuck on that ride. the power going out.
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time now for our index, and we start with an update on former president george h.w. bush tonight, in a maine hospital. admitted for low blood pressure and fatigue this weekend, but reported to be alert and awake. tweeting to the nation tonight from his hospital bed on this memorial day, saying he's "forever grateful to patriots and gold star families." mr. bush turning 94 in june. next, to california, and the gunfire caught on surveillance at a fast food drive through. police in santa ana say a masked man was holding up a what sheer when a customer in line at the drive-in window started firing at the window, hitting that suspect who collapsed trying to escape. he's in custody tonight, but police are on the hunt for that mystery shooter who sped off in a silver sedan. staying in california, a huge plume of water in northern los angeles. take a look at this. fire officials say a traffic accident triggered that geyser. you see an overturned car there. that water main break gushing.
3:53 pm
no injuries reported. officials on the scene, trying to get that enormous fountain under control. and the scary moments at an amusement park in ohio. that park in cedar point experiencing a power outage, bringing rides to a standstill. you see the park-goers stranded on the coaster there. and when we come back, the incredible and new ways americans are showing their patriotism while honoring those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. stay with us. feeclaritin and relief fromwsy symptoms caused by over 200 allergens. like those from buddy. because stuffed animals are clearly no substitute for real ones. feel the clarity. and live claritin clear. when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night. hold on dad...
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finally tonight, remembering and reflecting on this memorial day, in some very unique and powerful ways. on this memorial day, solemn acts of patriotism. in seattle, veteran jordan houghton showing us all a different way of honoring those who have served. for weeks now, houghton has been making regular visits to the veterans section of the evergreen washelli cemetery. >> a lot of people it's a long weekend, barbecue. in reality, it's about the sacrifices that families have made. >> reporter: in providence, rhode island, 7,000 boots adorned with american flags were placed park this weekend. they stand for us service members killed in action after 911. and in san francisco, volunteers paid tribute to veterans by laying roses at gravesites at the national cemetery. >> we're going to drop 26,425
3:58 pm
roses over the next few hours to cover every headstones. >> reporter: but it's the gold star families who understand the true meaning of memorial day. like the family of sergeant luther "will" rabon, who died at 32, while serving in afghanistan. >> don't feel sorry for us. make us feel loved. if you know of a gold star family, just give them a hug, let them know, i'm thinking about you. and we appreciate what your loved one has done for us. >> so well-put. our thanks to all veterans and their families on this memorial day and every day. thank you for watching. i'm tom llamas in new york. for david and all of us here, good night.
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today happens to be the unofficial start to summer. sure feels like it i san jose. the flowers and the sun both out in oakland. picnic time around lake merritt. the blankets and the barbecues were out. we are indoors. but at least it's air-conditioned. good afternoon. thanks for joining us. i'm larry beil. i'm ama daetz. let's look at the pier 15 camera. it is gorgeous outside. but there is change on the way. spencer christian here with a first look at our weather. hi spencer. >> all right. considering how hot it is in some areas. it's good to be inside. here's a look at live doppler 7. sunny skies across the bay area as you might imagine. highs so far, 94 degrees at fairfield in antioch. 95 in concord. 96 in gilroy and 91 at lakeport. 96 in napa. temperatures in oakland, 80. quite a temperature change. generally


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