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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  May 29, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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that's how powerful this water was. >> farther south, another flash flooding threat. the remnants of tropical storm alberto is dumping heavy rains after making landfall on the florida panhandle. it's outer bands spawning a tornado outside port st. lucie in what's called freak accident tragedy strikeing a news crew. they were covering alberto when a tree uprooted from the rain-soaked ground, fell onto their suv. both mccormick and schmetzer killed. just a terrible loss we found out about. so sorry for their family and friends and colleagues. it's 4:30. if you're joining us get a quick update on weather and traffic. >> hey there, reggie and natasha. if you're spending time outside, it's another warm one. close to the bay in oakland. talking mid to upper 70s. start out in the 60s at 8:00, plenty of sunshine through the 10:00, 11:00 hour.
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the numbers once again warm pretty rapidly. above average readings. by the afternoon still comfortable in the low 70s. a live look outside from sutro tower camera and can you see we're cloud-free right here in the city. it will be a nice day, not quite as warm as yesterday. we could see a litte patchy fog toward the evening hours setting up more changes for a cooldown coming in the middle of the week. axest. >> taking a look at the road, no major incidents. looking at light volumes, not quite as light as yesterday. southbound 680 through walnut creek. things slowly filling in. no significant delays at this point. checking drive times, light as you would expect, westbound 580, richmond san rafael bridge seven minutes across. 92, westbound san mateo bridge 12 minutes and westbound 84 dumbarton bridge. .
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dove nation drained and delighted as warriors made a dramatic comeback to take down the houston rockets. >> what a comeback. largest ever comeback in game seven ever. we have celebrating to do before the game, live at dick's sporting goods in dublin where some new gear is about to go on sale. good morning, amy. >> good morning, natasha. if you need western conference championship hats or t-shirts for your day today, dick's will have you covered. they are going to be opening at 6:00 this morning to sell those items. we're here in dublin and there is no line. you can grab those before you start your day. that could be because look who all got their gear last night. the store opened right after the game so people could buy their western title gear. lots of fans gathering that up right away, right when the game
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ended. fans were feeling good about the win and confident about the upcoming finals against cleveland. >> with lebron playing the whole game, yeah, the warriors will take them. that's my prediction. >> look at the celebration that erupted at oracle last night after the big win. the warriors weren't there, they were playing in houston, but their fans showed up to watch on the jumbotron at home. they paid for $20 for tickets to come together. thousands of fans all there for this watch party. now the fans are focused on the championship. that serious will start on thursday. reporting live in dublin, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> if you hadn't known there was a gameoracle, you would be fooled. it is only place to watch the finals presented by youtube tv. thursday at oracle arena. we'll have a pregame show at
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5:00 and abc coverage starts at 5:30 with tip-off at 6:00. very exciting. when replying war new jersey don't forget to tag dubson7 featured here and online. live update. >> abc 7 mornings. a senior north korean official is heading to the united states right now. the president just confirming the news on twitter earlier this morning. kim young chol, schist chairman. he's the most senior north korean official to visit the united states in 10 years. this is video of him at the airport earlier this morning. both the u.s. and north korea are working on plans for the on-again, off-again meeting between president trump and kim jong-un. the white house says the president talked with japanese prime minister shinzo abe about the north korean efforts. they plan to coordinate strategy for the expected meeting with
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kim. back to you. jessica, thank you. a little known bay area university with an unusually high number of foreign students getting u.s. work permits is now on the clock to prove it's not a visa mill. northwestern poly tech university in fremont told by accrediting agency to produce more detailed information about its students and the employers that hire them. this the school's promotional video. if it fails to comply, the school could lose its accreditation. according to research, npu ranked first among all colleges of its type with foreign students receiving work permits, nearly 12,000 over 12-year period. >> happening two men killed by san francisco police will hold a news conference. they are going to discuss the district attorney's decision not to file charges against the officers involved. on thursday the d.a. announced the officers will not face criminals charges because under the law no crime was committed. the first shooting was mario woods in december 2015. woods was on meth and armed with
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a knife. the other shooting was luis in 2016. he was shot after he charged an officer with a kitchen knife. family members of both men will speak at 2:00 this afternoon on the steps of the hall of justice. an update on a stabbing at san francisco's dolores park. police say they have arrested four men in connection to the crime. investigators called to the park to investigate the fight sunday night and they found a man with stab wounds. he was taken to the hospital and is expected to recover. police say they are investigating what caused that fight. >> one north bay needs more money for a station. the cost to build downtown novato stop has gone up by $2 million. the reason, partly blamed on north bay fires which made contractors in high demand. the station was supposed to open this year but pushed back to next year. the city council will discuss how to secure more funding at a meeting in july. happening tonight the public
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can share their thoughts on how to develop alameda marina. the goal is to keep it as working waterfront and add shops and retail spaces along with 760 housing units. the marina seawall is crumbling. many buildings date back to 1940s need repairs. just last week the city broke ground at the development at the former alameda air station. retail space, ferry landing. tonight's meeting at the planning board begins at 7:00 at city mall. good morning to you. sun coming up at we'll see plenty of it. live doppler 7 shows you don't have much in the way of low clouds. it's pretty still out there. that's a good indication that we're on our way to another pretty quick warm-up. commuting, it will be good. you need your sunglasses, though. temperatures on the mild side.
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out on the bay, the winds will be comfortable. coming out of the south, some of you in the north bay. a bit of a cooldown around parts of the bay. they got a little toasty. 60 in hayward, 53 in napa. if you look at the north bay, this is certainly one of the locations that got well into the 90s. with a bit of a south breeze we're on the way to a quick warm-up, 70 at 8:00, 80 by noon, petaluma, numbers in the 80s but they will trail off by latter afternoon. this should be one of the warmer days of the week. elsewhere around the bay, notice we're looking at upper 70s in fremont. that's a cooldown. santa cruz, low 70s. temperatures in the low 50s for santa cruz. in fact, we're looking at a nice afternoon and evening with very little fog. but we do have a cooldown under way. it's going to come the middle of the week. the timing on this one, alexis,
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timing on the holiday. we'll switch it up by the end of the week. >> that sounds great a lot of folks happy with warmer temperatures yesterday. feeling like a holiday on the roads yesterday, too. today maybe not quite as empty but we're still looking pretty good here at 4:39. checking out golden gate bridge, zipper trucks giving you more room on southbound side. you won't need it for a while. doing fine northbound commute southbound 101 new york city delays marin, golden gate into san francisco. looking good as far as mass transit is concerned. no issues there. i wanted to follow up with b.a.r.t. we had track work long holiday weekend, concord and pleasant hill. a bus bridge through that stretch that added 20 minutes to your trip. trains now running. they wrapped that up on time. 23 trains in service. normal service and no delays for the rest of the routes here this morning. next traffic update coming up around 4:50.
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thanks, alexis. california one step closer for issuing digital license plate. sacramento will be the first city to test these. dmv fostering with foster city-based company. they allow them to register online and forget about annual registration tag stickers. plates will update automatically. it's not cheap. the plates cost $699 and require a monthly fee of $7. coming up, the sky is the limit for an east bay eighth-grader who knows just about everything about the earth. >> the young people will win, because we're finished being complacent. >> a message this high school valedictorian loud and clear. why he had to resort to using a bullhorn to deliver his speech. we're going to show you
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ithe race for governort. has turned into a scam. gavin newsom's trying to elect a republican who was endorsed by trump. and villaraigosa's being bankrolled
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by a handful of billionaires. it's everything that's wrong with politics. and none of it is helping struggling families. here's my pledge to you. i'll keep our budget balanced. invest in affordable housing. fight for universal healthcare. and stand up to donald trump. as governor, you can trust me to do what's right- because i always have. good tuesday morning to you. waking up to a mild start. numbers in the 60s. the fog is from the monterey coast southward. so we will have another fog-free day today. statewide, 95, sacramento, 67. monterey, a little bit of fog is going to creep to the north throughout the day but not enough to make an impact. if you look at the temperatures,
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you'll notice upper 60s san francisco, upper 70s on the peninsula. 80s return to the south bay and still 90s inland. we'll talk about the cooldown coming up. a live desk update. >> abc 7 mornings. new evacuation orders i should overnight in the leilani subdivision where lava from the kilauea volcano continuing to flow. lava was coming out of one of the fissures overnight creating a pond. the pond eventually broke and the flow of lava made its way down the street in leilani. county officials have to go door to door warning people to evacuate. although we know some people refused to leave. the lava has destroyed 82 struck yours, 51 of them homes. >> a high school valedictorian used unconventional means to deliver his speech, a bullhorn. >> we must take what we learn in
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this community and apply it to the world we're about to encounter because we are the young people and we will continue to win. thank you. >> christian bales is a senior at holy cross high school in covington, kentucky. he wasn't allowed to make his speech at the graduation because the local catholic diocese ruled it was too political. bales sprinkled his speech with references to stronger gun laws and abortion rights. 4:45, coming back to the bay area where we not only excel in sports but smarts. the "national geographic" champion is an eighth-grader from san ramon. education reporter explains what it takes to be a master ge geography. the biggest prize of them all, national championship. this eighth-grader surrounded by maps in his room. it all started with a talking
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globe his parents gave him as a child. >> i read "national geographic" magazines and keep up with the news. >> in order to beat his competition he said knowing just states and capitals won't cut it. the united states, he says, is by far the most complex country to study. >> you need to treat each state as a country. >> that means learning towns, mountain ranges, rivers, straitsp every geographical aspect of the company. >> oh, my got, your eighth-grader knows more than you. >> definitely, he knows more than us. >> he made one mistake in the championship when venkat answered this question convictly. >> lebanon has a population most similar to which south american country? >> paraguay was the right answer. earning him a $50,000 prize and a trip for two to the galapagos
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islands. overnight he became a sensation at his school, windermere ranch middle school. what will he do with all this vast knowledge. >> i dreamed i would be an engineer with nasa. >> an engineer with nag perhaps someday. for now it's all about learning what we have here on earth. the sky is the limit. >> next step, mapping the universe. in san ramon, lee ann melendez, abc 7 news. i love this next story. the whole curry clan in houston as warriors beat rockets last night. riley curry as usual stole our hearts again. remember three years ago she did that postgame interview. now they have a special secret handshake and our abc 7 news photographer captured this adorable moment after the game. see it there. >> boom boom boom. best part at the end with the
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eyes. yeah. you also see daughter ryan in the background. she's still learning those moves. steph's dad was also there to celebrate the win. pretty cool. >> that is wonderful what a game. >> i'm still trying to be as cool as riley and i don't think it's ever going to happen. >> nope. >> this part kills me. >> so cute. good morning, everyone. we're not going to be that cool today. you have to go to the coast. in fact, we'll have very comfortable temperatures there, 60s. as we look at live doppler 7, not much with low cloud deck. live shot, you see the glow of the moon, which is full out there from emeryville camera. temperatures look like this, 56 in the city, mild in mountain view, san jose, low 60s, 48 half moon bay. another vantage point from east bay host camera, nice start to the morning, 54 santa rosa, 62 concord and livermore. we are looking at another warm
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day again today, turning much cooler for wednesday and thursday. the warm-up by the end of the week as june arrives. today we're looking at a fog-free coast. another sunny afternoon. warm inland. as we go through wednesday, check it out. a few more clouds. there's a system pushing by to the north of us going to drop our temperatures significantly. so enjoy the warmth today here, if you like that. santa clara, 80, peninsula 78, redwood city. san francisco upper 60s. north bay low- to mid-80s. you're down a few degrees there. east bay 65, oakland, upper 80s in concord, 90 in livermore. tonight the fog will become patchy. that will begin a bit of a cooling trend as we wake up into wednesday morning. good morning, alexis. >> good morning, lisa. we did very briefly have a problem if you're coming in from sacramento area on westbound 80 between fairfield and cordelia. it disappeared as quickly as it popped up, solo vehicle crash blocking one lane.
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chp was going to roll through the area as a precaution. that collision has already cleared. does not sound like it's too serious, right around the weigh station. no residual delays. a little bit of a stack up in the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights yet. yesterday the holiday we made it the entire morning without having them turned on. today i think we'll see that in about 30 minutes. next traffic update on the way just before 5:00. thanks, alexis. amazon jeff bezos has his eye on outerspace. specifically the moon. >> the details in today's tech bytes. >> reporter: in today's tech bite, a warning about militia linked malware attack. >> urging americans to reboot computer routers. malware uses personal information. in addition to the reboot, download any updates for your device. street performers turning to technology to accept donations by credit card. >> city of london giving street
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performers special card reader, set to a fixed am. allows them to donate that amount with their credit card. fancy. jeff bezos outlining his plan to colonize the moon. >> while discussing his company, he predicted a settlement on the moon will happen within the next 100 years. he said companies will eventually move heavy industry off earth so they can reap benefits of 24/7 solar power available olt moon's surface. >> those are tech bytes. >> have a great day. a community program helping kids to stay on the right track. >> a cat owner in england uses creativity to help his cat go outside. what he built pays tribute to the area. wear blue and gold for the finals thursday. finals thursday. watch it here on abc 7ng a workn your home more than doubles your chance of escape in case of a fire. smoke alarms can provide an early warning if you follow these 3 steps. repalce your smoke alarms every 10 years.
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if they're old an discolored it's time to replace them. check your batteries regularly. a great time to change them is every spring and fall when you change your clocks. and lastly, check your alarms weekly. replace. change. test. because early warnings help to save lives. weaving your own shoes...rgy by out of flax. or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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it may be tuesday and back to work for most of you, but a stunning and sunny day at the beach today. mid-60s ocean beach and half moon bay. fog is down by monterey. it will be creeping slowly to the north but a clear night tonight for ace game. upper 50s getting cool but clear with the sup setting at 8:24. >> that warm weather this week is perfect for a bike ride. abc 7 news in embarcadero yesterday. you can see kids meeting up as part of a community program called bikes up, guns down.
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a good way to get their energy out as more recreation centers are closing. >> at the end of the day all based on health. right now we try to get all the youth together, you know what i'm saying, show them a positive way to take care of the energy they have throughout the day, you know what i'm saying, give them something to do. >> bikes up, guns down meets in front of the perry building at the embarcadero once every two or three weeks. >> as you're waking up this morning notice how pretty it is with the moon on the water over the east bay. a great day today to be out on the water but even out and about for a walk. that sun is strong. we are looking at temperatures throughout the day to warm up once again to the upper 80s to near 90. the red in play over east bay hills. it's going to be comfortable around the bay. we certainly are looking at numbers warmer than average for a second day but it's not going to last. we're looking at the cooldown coming into play tonight with
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more fog, breezy winds, and, in fact, mist and drizzle as we head to the hass day of the month on thursda. okay. taking a look at the roads. we've got dry pavement out there this morning. we are incident-free to kick off morning drive. slowly seeing volumes increase northbound 101. no major slow spots. everything free flowing at this point. really our only slow spot as far as drives concerned westbound 880. tracy to dublin. first one in yellow, up to 50 minutes. southbound 680, dublin to mission boulevard in the green at 13 and northbound 85, 101 to cupertino. no delays there. in the green. >> thanks, alexis. we all know and love reggie here. it's time to introduce you to another reggie, specifically reggie the ginger cat. >> he lived in england. for some reason he has his own personal golden gate bridge. his owner, chris, built a
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version of the bridge to allow him to reach the outside world from the home. he likes to jump from second story window to garage so he fell once. he created this miniature bridge so there's no falling. you can see reggie was a little hesitant at first until he got the hang of it and made his way across. chris said he lured him using treats. >> that's the way to go. >> city side to marin. >> the fog lifts and there's like a 10 degree differential. >> turning to starbucks closing thousands of stores for racial bias training. next at 5:00 the impact on the bay area. >> a firefighter injured. >> we're plerng more about malware impacting hundreds of thousands of routers. >> we do
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when the worst oil spill hit san francisco, first responders went to work. and mayor gavin newsom, he went to hawaii. man: newsome left the day after the spill for a four-day vacation in hawaii. the same gavin who said his job as lieutenant governor was so dull, he only showed up for work at the state capitol one day a week, tops. gavin's not gonna work as governor.
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oh, what a shot for kevin durant. >> here we go again. the warriors make history coming back to beat the rockets in game seven of the western conference finals. >> oh, yeah. the game was not at oracle but almost looked like it. still rocking last night. >> that makes it a good morning tuesday may 29 at 5:00 a.m. bring on the cavs for the fourth straight year on abc 7. >> we're celebrating all morning long. we want you to be part of it. post pictures on #


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