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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  May 29, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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home with her family in hawaii. >> terrific. world news tonight with david muir coming up next. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric tho tonight, the roseanne uproar. abc canceling her show. her racist tweet, and within hours, the decision to end the show. the star tweeting about a former top adviser to president obama. tonight, abc calling the tweet, quote, abhorrent. and this evening, many of her own costars now reacting. also tonight, the deadly storms. the flash flooding. new images now emerging. the national guardsman swept away while trying to help a woman. tonight, the discovery. and in the middle of the country, the tornadoes, and now severe storms this evening up through minneapolis. and heavy rain headed for chicago. breaking developments, moments ago. the resignation. missouri governor eric greitens, once a rising republican star, embroiled in questions about an affair and a charity donor list. tonight, resigning.
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and what he just revealed. president trump tonight trying to save the summit. at this hour, north korea's former spy chief on his way to the u.s. and what the white house just said. the terror attack. two officers, both mothers, stabbed, their guns pulled from them and used to shoot them. our foreign correspondent on the scene. and the unstoppable danger in hawaii, as lava now incinerates homes one by one. good evening. it is great to be back with you after the memorial day holiday. and we begin tonight roseanne barr. her unexpected comeback, suddenly cut short in the last 24 hours, by her own words. after a racist tweet she sent about a former top aide to president obama. within hours, her show was canceled by abc, and tonight, the president of abc entertainment, channing dungey, describing roseanne's tweet as "abhorrent and repugnant." roseanne and the cast of her original sitcom returning, and it seemed for a time, connecting
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with millions in this polarizing moment in our country. but tonight, the words she used in that tweet has left the ceo of our parent company, disney, bob iger, to say, there was only one thing to do -- the right thing. abc's matt gutman leading us off. >> reporter: it was the comeback that reflected the times. 27 million americans tuning into the premiere. but today, roseanne barr's own words sowed her show's fate. the comedian posting a since-deleted racist tweet about a former adviser to barack obama, valerie jarrett, writing if the "muslim brotherhood and planet of the apes had a baby equals vj." barr later tweeting, "forgive me, my joke was in bad taste." >> i'm not afraid of you. >> give it time. >> reporter: but less than 12 hours after that first tweet, abc pulling the plug on "roseanne." the head of abc entertainment, channing dungey saying,
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"roseanne's twitter statement is abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values," announcing that "we decided 20 cancel her show." disney ceo bob iger soon adding, "there was only one thing to do here, and that was the right thing." >> i don't think i've ever seen a show at this height be canceled this fast because of one action, because of one person. >> reporter: the show had successfully portrayed a family divided by its political opinions. supporters of hillary clinton and donald trump sitting around the same kitchen table. >> how could you have voted for him, roseanne? >> he talked about jobs, jackie. he said he'd shake things up. >> reporter: and when the show premiered, he also talked about those ratings. >> look at roseanne. i called her yesterday. look at her ratings, look at her ratings. >> reporter: but roseanne's twitter feed had become notorious, filled with hateful tweets and conspiracies just over the past 24 hours. and even before the show was axed, producer wanda sykes
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announced she was leaving, refusing to remain silent. executive producer sara gilbert calling those comments "abhorrent and do not reflect the bleaches of our cast and crew or anyone associated with our show." michael fishman saying he is "devastated for all those who poured their hearts and souls into our jobs, and the audience that welcomed us into their homes." addio sit back or remain silent would unintentionally in truly offensive." and late today, valerie jarrett responding on msnbc. >> i think we have to turn it into a teaching moment. i'm fine. i'm worried about all the people out there who don't have a circle of friends and followers is who come right to their defense. >> so, let's get to matt gutman, he's live with us tonight from los angeles. matt, not only has the show been dropped, but tonight, her agent has also dropped roseanne, as well? >> reporter: that's right, david. and that came with the same speed and finality with which her show was canceled. now, icm, her agency, putting out a statement earlier today, saying that her tweet was,
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quote, antithetical to our core values. and there's clearly a trend here, david. even before she attacked valerie jarrett, she had targeted president obama's national security adviser, that was back in 2013, also comparing susan rice to an ape. david? >> matt gutman leading us off tonight. matt, thank you. we're going to move on this tuesday night, to the deadly storms, tornadoes and now severe storms right into the evening. alberto, after slamming ashore, tracking north at this hour. tropical downpours in fayetteville, north carolina. and across the southeast, nashville, indianapolis and chicago now in the path, as well, for heavy rain. in the heartland tonight, fierce winds knocking semis over in kansas. tonight, 13 million americans from oklahoma to minnesota at risk. abc's steve osunsami in the storm zone tonight. >> reporter: what's left of alberto is still strong enough tonight to bring down trees over homes. this was montgomery, alabama, today. in the birmingham area, the driver of this white suv made it out alive after high winds
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knocked a tree on top of the truck. it was one accident after another. >> every trooper on duty is working a wreck right now in birmingham. >> reporter: tv viewers in the carolinas tonight are remembering news anchor mike mccormick and photographer aaron smeltzer who were both killed in the storm, when a tree crushed their station vehicle. they had just interviewed a fire chief about the dangerous weather. >> and we had talked a little bit about how he wanted us to stay safe and how we wanted him to stay safe. and then, of course, 10, 15 minutes later, we get the call and it was him and his photographer. >> reporter: the national weather service now says a separate system caused at least 12 reported memorial day tornadoes in northeastern colorado, near the kansas border. >> and steve osunsami live with us tonight from alabama. and steve, you told us the power company there will work into the night to try to restore electricity, but there's another major concern right now, the saturated ground? >> reporter: that's right, david. you know, this didn't just happen overnight.
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they're telling us that the reason why those trees are falling is because there have been weeks of stormy activity that have just saturated the earth. and as you mentioned, those power outages, tonight in alabama, about 20,000 power customers will likely have to get through the night without power. david? >> steve, thank you. before we move on, we're also following another disaster unfold tonight after that epic flooding in maryland. several feet of water. you saw it tear through the streets of ellicott city with no a powerful force destroying everything in its path. well, late today, after a search for a national guardsman who had been helping a woman, officials have now found his body. abc's eva pilgrim is there. >> reporter: angry storm water invading ellicott city, maryland. floods rushing down main street sunday. a man seen here swept up in the devastating water. a house crumbling right behind him. this was a parking lot here before the flood, and this was it after. tonight, that water is gone, but complete destruction left behind. >> oh my god. >> reporter: you can see the
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sheer force of the water as it came barrelling down this hill, tearing up the sidewalk, throwing roots and debris. those who escaped with their lives were allowed to return for the first time today to assess the damage. meghan clark owns a toy shop right behind these two overturned cars. she was trying to help others get out in time. >> i'm standing outside her doorway on the sidewalk in waist-high water and, you know, i'm just -- we got to go. we're going to die. >> reporter: the floods claiming at least one life. 39-year-old national guardsman eddison hermond. this storm was the second of its kind to hit this small town in just the last two years. >> but i'm not going to give up. >> eva pilgrim, back with us tonight. she's live from that devastated town, ellicott city, maryland. and eva, as you said, this is now the second storm of its kind to hit this community in just two years. i know the city was putting new safeguards in place, so what happened? >> reporter: that's exactly right. the city says they did everything they could to be prepared. the updated retention wall did t fa.
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it is stl standing. after 2016, they made many plans for projects. the problem, david, those projects take time. >> eva pilgrim with us tonight. eva, thank you. let's get right to ginger zee, and a ginger, we know the flooding in maryland is over, at least for now, but the real threat you're watching right now, in the middle of the country. >> reporter: happening as we speak, david. straight to the map we go. you can see the severe thunderstorm watches that go through minnesota, iowa, into kansas. the tornado watch for woodward, oklahoma. more than 50 severe storm reports already. and we're just early in the evening. then, the circulation of what is left of alberto. you can clearly see it. as it moves north, it's right now about florence, alabama. it's going to be in kentucky early tomorrow morning, and then by tomorrow night, i'm concerned about chicago for its evening commute. flash flood watches all the way east to roanoke. >> all right, ginger. you'll be watching this straight through "gma." thank you. we turn next tonight to president trump trying to save the summit with north korea. the president had canceled the summit in a letter to kim jong-un, but today, the president tweeting that his letter got a solid response. we know that u.s. teams are in
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the dmz and in singapore. and tonight, a top north korean spy master appears to be headed to the u.s. the highest ranking north korean official to set foot here in nearly two decades. here's abc's senior white house correspondent cecilia vega tonight. >> reporter: mr. president! from president trump today -- north korea? -- no comment on the fate of his summit with north korea. but in a sign that the on-again, off-again meeting may now be close to being back on, the former head of north korea's spy agency, kim yong-chol, on his way to new york for a sitdown with secretary of state mike pompeo. a close adviser to kim jong-un, that's him just last week with his boss during a high stakes meeting at the dmz. he also met with pompeo in pyongyang and was right next to ivanka trump at the winter olympics. the white house also dispatching aides to singapore. >> have a lot of meetings today. >> reporter: in a race to finalize plans. after president trump wrote kim jong-un and abruptly canceled the meeting, even threatening
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north korea with what he called america's massive and powerful nuclear capabilities, the white house is now changing its tune, calling it president trump's expected summit. the president had offered enticements, like kim's protection. >> i will guarantee his safety. yes. >> reporter: and today on twitter, he sounded increasingly optimistic, citing north korea's, quote, "solid response" to his letter, saying, "sorry, i've got to start focusing my energy on north korea nuclear" and other priorities, and not the "rigged russia witch hunt." >> so, let's get cecilia vega at the white house tonight. and cecilia, we know secretary of state pompeo's melt with kim jong-un twice before. he's now set to meet for a third time with that north korean official, that spy master, here in new york. so, bottom line here, the summit date, just two weeks from today. is the white house confident it can pull this off? >> reporter: well, david, just a few minutes ago, sarah sanders told reporters they will be ready for a meeting to take place on june 12th. so, they feel like they can pull this one off. the state department said today
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that they've had -- they've been in touch and engaged with north korean officials and they've made tremendous progress, so, for now, david, for now, it seems like it could be a go. >> all right, we'll check back in with you tomorrow night. cecilia, thank you. next tonight, embattled missouri governor eric greitens, just moments ago, announcing he will resign effective friday. he was once a rising star of the republican party. missouri lawmakers have been moving to possibly impeach him. abc's alex perez on greitens' fall from grace, and his own explanation just a short time ago for his resignation. >> reporter: tonight, embattled missouri governor eric greitens bowing to pressure. >> good afternoon. today, i am announcing that i will resign as governor of missouri effective friday, june 1st at 5:00 p.m. >> reporter: greitens' fall from grace accelerated after he was charged with felony invasion of privacy. the charges stemming from an affair he had with a former hairdresser before becoming governor. the woman accused him of taking a partially nude photo of her
5:43 pm
and threatening to distribute it if she told anyone about their sexual encounters. greitens slamming missouri legislators, who on may 18th started the process of impeaching the governor to remove him from office. >> this is a political witch hunt. >> reporter: investigators never found the alleged picture, and that invasion of privacy charge was dismissed. until today, greitens had remained defiant. >> and i am not perfect. but i have not broken any laws nor committed any offense worthy of this treatment. >> reporter: greitens now faces a separate criminal case where he's accused of illegally obtaining a donor list to raise campaign funds. david? >> alex perez with the breaking news. alex, thank you. now, to the terror attack overseas tonight. a gruesome and deadly attack today on two female police officers, both of them mothers, stabbed and then shot to death with their own weapons. it happened in belgium. the attack ending when other officers then gunned the assailant down. well, tonight here, images of the takedown, and word the
5:44 pm
suspect had just been let out for a two-day leave from prison. abc's james longman is on the scene for us. >> reporter: watch as police approach a gunman holed up inside, and then, the volley of bullets. cutting him down in broad daylight. tonight, belgium reeling from another suspected terror attack. at 10:30 local time in the city liege, a man armed with a knife stabbed two policewomen from behind. both were mothers, one with 13-year-old twin daughters. the suspect is alleged to have shouted "allahu akbar," god is great, as he attacked them. stealing their guns, he shot them both dead. he left the two bodies there on the sidewalk before making his way up this street. he was firing at random with the guns that he'd stolen, before killing a 22-year-old man in a nearby car. he then went into this school, holding a woman hostage, before rushing at police outside. the gunman injured four police officers before they brought him
5:45 pm
down. >> and james longman with us from belgium tonight. and james, belgian authorities do believe the suspect may have been radicalized while in prison? >> reporter: that's right, david. he was flagged last year for his connections to known extremists inside prison. belgium has been home to those linked to some of europe's most deadly attacks. david? >> james longman on the scene for us. james, thank you. and back here at home tonight, today was the day that thousands of starbucks were closed for what the company called unconscious bias training. it came after that incident in philadelphia, two black men arrested for trespassing for not making a purchase. they'd asked to use the bathroom. today, more than 175,000 starbucks employees took part in a four-hour class with videos, a documentary and discussion. ceo kevin johnson telling our linsey davis today, it's a return to starbucks' dna. >> well, this is not a pr stunt. this is an investment in the future of starbucks. it's a recommitment to the concept of the original third place. it's a recommitment to creating that warm, welcoming environment for every customer that steps foot in our stores.
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>> the ceo telling linsey that new training modules will roll out in the coming months. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. the unstoppable danger in hawaii. the new images coming in. a rare look, as lava incinerates homes one by one. our team there tonight. you see the explosions inside those homes. also tonight, the so-called golden state killer in court today. the alleged serial killer in that cage. what prosecutors are now looking for, what they believe was inside his home. and e police officer taking down a motorcyclist. witnesses blaming the officer for the crash that knocked him to the ground in the first place. tonight, the piece of video they claim shows he did it on purpose. there is a lot more news ahead. but why go back there, when you can stay home with neulasta onpro? strong chemo can put you at risk of serious infection. neulasta helps reduce infection risk by boosting your white blood cell count, which strengthens your immune system. in a key study,
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symptoms caused by over 200 allergens. like those from buddy. because stuffed animals are clearly no substitute for real ones. feel the clarity. and live claritin clear. next tonight here, the unstoppable destruction in hawaii. lava now burning through entire neighborhoods. abc's whit johnson with the pictures tonight. >> reporter: a rare and terrifying up-close look of a hawaiian neighborhood being
5:49 pm
swallowed up by lava. >> that's the fissure, right there. there she blows. >> reporter: a barrel of gasoline blasting off. a glowing river of lava devouring cars. >> it just popped the tire, you guys. >> reporter: witnessing the destruction from kilauea, the men finally fleeing to safety. >> any time here, i'm going to have to get out of here. >> reporter: that orange glow, another lava fountain. the problem here, this. you can see the flow has once again cut off another street, making it difficult for people to evacuate. ten more homes destroyed over the holiday weekend, with no end in sight. in some places, the lava is flowing at a rate of 500 yards per hour. it's also breaching a nearby geo-thermal plant, raising concerns of a toxic gas release, but officials say those wells have been capped, and the facility appears contained. david? >> all right, whit johnson for us tonight. whit, thank you. when we come back, the new health headline tonight about vitamins and your heart. which ones help, which ones don't? also, the alleged serial killer kept in a cage in court today.
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woman 7: ask your rheumatologist about humira. man 1: what's your body of proof? to the index, the so-called golden state killer in court in sacramento. alleged serial killer joseph deangelo was kept in a cage. he's accused of 12 murders, dozens of rapes. prosecutors reportedly believe he may have kept trophies of his victims in his home. the police officer under fire in california. video appearing to show the officer's cruiser hitting the biker. witnesses then yelling, you pushed him. the motorcyclist, raul martinez, was arrested for allegedly speeding and trying to evade police. vitamins and your heart. researchers now say taking folic acid, b-6 or b-12 vitamins may lower your risk of heart disease or stroke by 20%. but they also say some popular multivitamins and vitamins c, d and calcium don't offer protection for the heart. the study in "the journal of the american college of cardiology." and more on our website. when we come back, the message from a 9-year-old boy that suddenly had the whole neighborhood lining up.
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unblocking your system naturally. save up to $7 on miralax. see sunday's paper. finally tonigh finally tonight here, america strong. a big brother and his little idea spreading fast. meet the emery family from greenwood, south carolina. all together there right after baby dylan was born last november. but baby dylan would soon need more than their love and support. diagnosed this month with a rare and often fatal disease for which there is no known cure. with hospital bills mounting and his parents devoting themselves full-time to dylan, his big brother andrew, who is just 9, had an idea. and listen to the message he recorded.
5:58 pm
>> my baby brother dylan is very, very sick. and i want to help him. >> reporter: and then, his plan revealed. >> please come buy lemonade so i can raise money to help dylan get better. >> reporter: andrew and his friends wearing their team dylan t-shirts, and the lines began to form. selling out of lemonade in just two and a half hours, raising nearly $6,000. together with a go fund me page, andrew and team dylan raising more than $13,000. and his father, matt, telling us tonight how proud he is of his son. and proud of that community for helping andrew, who just wants to help his little brother. we are all on team dylan tonight. more on our facebook page and how you can help. and i hope to see you right back here tomorrow. good night.
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but there are dispointing revelations. what holds for the community who staffed and shopped at this community store. another tesla crash and this one involved autopilot. it is a good tool but it is a tool. it does not guarantee public safety. >> no guarantee and we found a good example of that in the man arrested for armed robbery. i am eric thomas in for dan ashley. >> and i am ama daetz. >> a group of friends held
6:00 pm
gunpoint. >> vic lee joins us with additional details. >> reporter: the suspect brian silvester arrested last monday. what they did find during the arrest surprised them. >> he threw me to the ground. actually, we were standing here -- >> reporter: the three friends who want to remain anonymous say they came home from a party. and an armed robber appeared out of nowhere. >> get against the wall. get against the wall. >> reporter: the security camera of the house captured it all. >> take off your wallet. take off your ring. and you, give me your purse. give me your ring. give me all of it. >> reporter: the gunman took their valuables and sped away. another security camera captured his car and license plate and that led pe


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