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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  May 30, 2018 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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area and this is several fires oning in byron and we are show yog u the byron highway and the map on the right is showinging you where the flames are burning and currently seven grass fires. this is near the junction of interstate 580 and 205 and highway 4 is just no the north. sky 7 is live as we are looking at the many fires burning and the smoke rising from the area. you see all of the dark part. that is grass charred. cal fire is telling us that the flames have charred about 400
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acr acres. now, we have seen a few buildings burn, and some of them structures and some trailers and not sure if any of them are home s, but this is the ground video that we have is certainly showing you the smoke, and the massive amounts of smoke that is rising in the air as the wind pushes the smoke and drives the fire. and sky 7 is looking at the flames devouring that structure there and the first report is coming in at 1:00 this afternoon and you can see since then, there are many drops, helicopters and planes dropping both water and fire retardant as you can see there leaving a t l trail of red. now, back to sky 7 in byron area, nand the byron mountain house road area. byron is closed between 205 and highway 4 and the emergency crews are coming back and forth, so you will want to avoid that
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area if you can, because they will turn you around anyway. we are pushing n and watching the smoke rising from the flames. also, you can see it very well in this picture. most of the area is rural, and we understand that there are animals there as well, and some horses had to be rescued, and we witnessed some of that. so they are trying to get the animals and the people out of harm's way. cocoa county, an contra costa county, and alameda firefighters are trying to battle this and protect the structures and contain thrass fires which can spread soasily on a day like when jyou the dry, dry hils and the grass and the high winds. so our drew touma is telling us that the westerly winds are going 15 to 25 miles an hour right now, and this is a factor. you are looking another helicopter water drop there as they are continuing the fight the fire. this is between the interjunction interjunctions of 280 and highway 4 as the grass fires are continuing to run, you will want
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to avoid that area. we will have more on the story at 4:00, and of course, the updates any time on abc news, and the abc 7 news app. formally your mother. congratulations. >> thank if there was ever a good time for a selfie it is now. she not quite satisfied. he brings it back in. you know what's happening. >> yeah. >> he's got it. lapse it all together and put it away before we make a mistake. >> that is a great tragedy light there. >> he is hanging there in midair.
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>> yes. >> however, no. >> yes. >> we are told that the phone was found, recovered and works. >> how? with that fall? >> 2,500 feet, no phone case and it works. that's according to them. >> yeah. we need proof. >> uh-huh. i also need that this, i can't help but laugh. >> that is so funny. he just bangs here. it is his fault though. >> totally his fault. >> so they did recover this phone too. >> i love the compassionate comments below like why don't
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you try putting it in rice or did you try turning it off and on again? we give the girl the baby. local organizers puts a day of activities together for some kids. they are getting ready to zip line. this dad is talking to his son. the ten-year-old waiting his turn. he heads up. dad is there filming all of it. up up up and >> he fell down 26 feet. >> the shrieking scream. dad is yelling get an ambulance. get an ambulance. >> that sounds excruciating for the child and the dad.
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>> the dad part of me is is dying. >> paramedics come to the scene and make sure he is immobilized. dad is not having it. he says the robe was held together by duct tape and couldn't hold the child's weight. >> that is what the dad said. >> the official revealed negligence. the first investigation revealed that the minor had fallen as a result of the breaking of the rope connecting the safety harness. >> yeah. so it was >> the organize ersz didn't have permission for the zip line. now over to china. she walks over. >> slipping through the cracks. come on.
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>> she fell about 6 feet deep. reports are she was shaken up. >> i understand this is redundant. we are going to learn some science. >> fear is very negative. if you have fear, if you don't trust that they are not going to continue then they are going to see it. >> this is basically explaining the theory that fear. the chemical response is something bees are sensitive to. he cooscoops up a bunch more ins hand. >> what if he is wrong. >> we are friends. they can feel me and i am relaxed because they don't see me. >> there you go. we learned the science of how
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not to get stung by bees. wait. a second video. >> i can put everybody what you have to do this happens. >> that was a bee slap. come here, stupid. >> he is letting off that moan. back and talking about -- >> unprepared consumers.
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the fastest, non-drowsy, allergy reliefment. to help you brk through symptoms. get back to the moment with allegra. you know what ticks me off? >> everything. >> unprepared consumers that
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have no concern for who is behind them? you get the guy at the turnstile or subway. he waits to get to the turnstile and then he takes out the metro card. >> shouldn't you have had that in your hand ready and not wait until you get to the turnstile with people behind didn't you wait in the menu while you were waiting in line? here is one you can all relate to. >> you're behind the moron and when she is ready or whatever to take the card then he takes the card out of his -- he reaches in
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his back pocket or pocketbook or whatever. >> you can say hello, good-bye, appreciate it. it is more than 140 characters. >> you need to get ten minutes. >>. >> yeah. >> what ticks me off. i have to say, fellows who run the you tube chants took big steps. they are around in thailand. that's not the reason they went to thailand. they went because they are going to do a basic jump way up high. so the next morning they head out. >> we are going to try to walk
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up and around the backside of this cliff. >> they have a long trek ahead of them. >> we made it to the first opening. we have to go all the way up to there. >> he's pretty brutal. he takes in the view. >> he is jealous. >> you have three hours. >> i'm like teach me how to base jump right now. >> he told me to leave in a few hours. >> like i can't see over the edge. all the way across here and there's like no good spots to launch from. >> i guess i'm going to have to go back down. >> no. >> this is decent. there is a tree like 30 feet down and then 90 feet down. that's ledge with a bunch of trees on it. >> it hasn't stopped him before. over the edge he goes. >> that's incredible. >> okay. so he pulled the shoot and he is
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like away from the mountains. that's good. >> it has to be such a good feeling that you're alive. >> yeah. it feels good to base jump and to parachute down. >> i'm not going to die. >> yeah. >> one of the locals is like hey, dude, i guess you just from nowhere. cool. he lived to see another day. i'm sure we'll see another one soon. >> an extra hot chili powder hot tub. >> no. >> next right this minute. and still to come, a markup artist starts filling in the brows. >> eventually they will together because the rainbow. >> the step-by-step to get the perfect pop of color. a young lion has run off with his prey but somebody else
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>> video displays it in ways you don't really expect. see that? >> it is a monoforlizard in the mouth of a young male lion. they said they came alongside and saw these lions. they went in near this watering whole. here comes the male buffalo. s he charges. boom. >> this is a teachable moment. maybe i shouldn't mess with them. you should see this. watch. >> he limped away.
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>> they said afterward there were three male buffalos and they kept charging because they were like you ain't wanted around here. >> look at the size of that. >> that is a a big daddy. >> i'm out here. what you want to do? go ahead. it's yours. is that a hazard? >> he posted it on his instagram. this is at a golf course in south >> i'm just saying. >> as long as there's internet and you tube there will always be a makeup trend to keep up with.
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the late zest makeup brows. if you want to make this look happen she is going to keep one of her eyebrows warm and the other one cold in terms of color. they together become the rain bow. she starts with red and then she starts adding a little pink and purple at the very end. she adds the yellow and it blends quite well if you ask me. >> i like the warm one. it is kind of neat maybe. don't wear this to your job interview. >> it actually looks pretty good. he adds a little yellow to kind of blend in the look. i think it looks pretty cool. >> i know we said no at first
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but i have to agree. >> it's still a no for me. you go girl. you got >> how pulling a fast one le
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thing check it out on our mobile app. >> the pros and
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he'll destroy your car. >> con. >> this belongs to garrett. >> welcome to the team, >> we are heading back to the office. we'll get his reaction to his destroyed car and go buy him a new one. >> the reason behind this is that particular car is just trash. it wasn't working. he was having to basically uber to and from work. >> we'll build the car here. >> they start setting it up. >> how are they going to make it stick to itself? >> duct tape. >> garrett returns. he has been doing too much work. he is a wee bit suspicious. >> how are you doing?
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>> hey, >> he heads into the >> he is probably thinking it looks a lot like my car but they would never do that. >> i'm pondering how i should we respond. >> what do i do now? >> obviously we are goio b you a new car. you know what we >> yeah. >> that's all we have for now. if you can't live without us go
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to and catch the next all new rtm.
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tonight, the new fallout. roseanne barr, back on twitter. less than 24 hours after her show was canceled, blaming ambien for her racist tweet. tonight, the maker of ambien saying the drug does not cause racism. and what the president has now tweeted. also breaking at this hour, the urgent manhunt right now. the suspect who murdered a veteran sheriff's deputy. residents being warned to stay indoors. the suspect is armed and dangerous. tonight, the body cam just released. the violent arrest. what the new video now reveals, amid outrage tonight. did the officer go too far? the severe weather threat this evening. a state of emergency already in one region, with major cities frw in the path.


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