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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  May 31, 2018 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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tonight, the president's pardon. the surprise announcement. president trump pardoning a conservative commentator. he also took aim at the students from parkland. tonight, he's been pardoned. and the president now signaling martha stewart and ex-illinois governor rod blaj vich could be next. and just in, the president now saying he's now considering the request from kim kardashian. new images coming in tonight, going home to home, the manhunt for a cop killer considered arm eed and dangerou swept away. the urgent search for several missing after flash floods, and the mudslide causing a gas explosion, destroying a home and killing two. rob standing by with the storms hitting tonight. the high stakes meeting in new york city today. the one-time spy chief for north korea, what he's now bringing to the president.
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president trump and the new tariffs on steel and aluminum. canada and mexico responding tonight. and what this could mean for you, the cost for appliances and popular vehicles. the late-night comedian under fire tonight. samantha bee and her apology now after using vulgar words to describe ivanka trump. from hawaii, the lava, and now tensions reaching a boiling point is, too. a homeowner firing shots at another. and the midair scare in the cockpit tonight. the pilot suffering a seizure mid-flight. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a thursday night. and we begin with president trump and his surprise pardon today. and could there now be a presidential pardon spree? tonight, signs from the white house several known names could be next. in a tweet on his way to texas, the president issuing his fifth pardon tody nesh d'souza who had pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations.
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while you might not know his name, you'll know some of the people he's targeted in his tweets. the president signaling martha stewart could be next for a pardon, and former illinois governor rod blagojevich, as well. both of whom appeared on versions of "the apprentice." abc's jonathan karl leading us off tonight. >> reporter: president trump is flexing one biggest powers, the power to pardon, considering pardons or commutations for two very high profile convicts. martha stewart and disgraced former illinois governor rod blagojevich, both with reality tv connections to the president. blagojevich, who was sentenced to 14 years on corruption charges, for allegedly trying to sell the senate seat vacated by drk drk barack obama -- >> i'll do anything. legal and et call and honest. >> reporter: -- was a contestant on "celebrity apprentice." blagojevich was eventually fired
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by trump on the show, but on air force one today, the president said this about him. "he's a democrat. he's not my party. but i thought that he was treated unfairly. he shouldn't have been put in jail." and martha stewart. she served five months in prison after her conviction in 2004 for obstruction of justice and perjury, did an "apprentice" spinoff shortly after getting out of prison -- trump listed as an executive producer. >> i'm looking for "the apprenti apprentice." >> reporter: the president today cede stewart was treated unfairly, adding, quote, she used to be my biggest fan in the world. this comes as the president today issued a pardon for dinesh d'souza, a controversial conservative writer who admitted making illegal campaign contributions and was sentenced to five years probation, including eight months in a detention facility. d'souza, the president said, was "treated very unfairly by our government" and should have had "a quick, minor fine." d'souza, whom the president said he had never met, is a trump supporter. he was heavily criticized recently for his tweets on the parkland school shooting, including re-tweeting this image showing studenting reacting to a
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failed gun control vote, writing, "worst news since their parents told them to get summer jobs." he later apologized. pardons usually take years and go through the justice department's pardon office. the d'souza pardon was fast-tracked and was not reviewed by the justice department. all this talk of pardons raises qutions about whether the president would consider pardons for any of his allies tied up in the russia investigation, including his personal attorney, michael cohen. something i asked the president about last month. >> are you considering a pardon for michael cohen? >> thank you very much. stupid question. >> we remember him telling you it was a stupid question. jon karl back with us live tonight from the white house. and jon, we know another name in the reality tv world, kim kardashian, bringing a pardon case to the president overnight, and word tonight he's now considering it? >> reporter: kim kardashian met with the president yesterday in the oval office. she was there to make the case for pardoning a 63-year-old
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grandmother named alice marie johnson, who is serving a life sentence for a first-time drug offense, and the white house tells us tonight that the president is seriously considering a pardon. >> jon karl leading us off again tonight. thank you, jon. we're going to turn fwhex to the growing manhunt at this hour for the alleged killer of a sheriff's deputy. steven wiggins seen in this newly released surveillance image, just days before the shooting. police tonight have asking for the public's help, and the reyard is now growing. abc's alex perez is in tennessee tonight. >> reporter: agents suiting up, taking to the air as the desperate search for an accused cop killer enters its second day. investigators in tennessee tonight releasing this new picture of suspect steven wiggins. law enforcement across the state working around the clock. they believe he may now be on foot. >> reporter: where is he right now? any idea? >> we don't know. >> reporter: the rugged, rural terrain only complicating things. it was about 7:00 a.m. wednesday when sheriff's deputy sergeant daniel baker, responding to a
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call of a suspicious vehicle, tried to pull wiggins over. the suspect instead leading baker on a chase that ended in a shootout. the deputy later found dead. overnight, authorities charging the suspect's acquaintance, erika castro miles, with first degree murder in connection with the killing. and in dickson tonight, a special procession escorting sergeant baker's remains. and david, another factor complicating things for investigators, the rainfall here has washed away footprints and made it difficult for police dogs to pick up a scent. david? >> alex perez with us again tonight. thank you, alex. there is severe weather we're watching at this hour. 17 million americans from the rockies all the way to the ohio valley. a deadly mudslide in north carolina, after a gas line ruptur ruptured, shattering this home and killing two inside. flood watches and warnings from georgia to maryland. one dead, three people missing in virginia. and there is a tornado watch in the heartland at this hour. the same system that blew this semiover in texas.
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meteorologist rob marciano live with us tonight. a very foggy scene there behind you, rob. he's tracking it all. >> reporter: hi, david. we have three separate upper level systems in the wake of alberto that are just causing a mess across the east and the west tonight. check it out. the northern rockies have severe thunderstorm watches up. that goes into north dakota. and then right smack in the heartland, in the boot hill of missouri and up the ohio vriver a tornado watch until 8:00 tonight. look at the flash flood watches and warnings at this hour. d.c., baltimore, asheville, you see it there. more of the way in rains in the east tomorrow. and then severe thunderstorms roll into the northern plains tomorrow, with more on the way of damaging hail and winds and a few tornadoes possible. david? >> rob marciano with us again tonight. thanks, rob. and to your money tonight, and the president slapping new tar riches on steel and aluminum imports on canada, mexico and the eu.
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prices could soon be going up on everything from appliances to your favorite vehicles. abc's chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis tonight on why. >> reporter: president trump has been signaling for months he could take action. >> we've been taken advantage of by the world. that's not going to be happening anymore. >> reporter: and tonight, the white house escalating that trade battle, targeting some of our closest allies, europe, canada and mexico, with stiff new tariffs on steel and aluminum. for american consumers, the new rules could mean higher prices on everything from appliances to airplanes, canned drinks and cars. a trade group for u.s. automakers says these tariffs will result in an increase in the price of domestically produced steel, threatening the industry's global competitiveness and raising vehicle costs for our customers. take, for example, ford's f-15. the engine and transmission both made in here the u.s., but some
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of the aluminum in that truck comes from canada. europe, mexico and canada, our second-largest trading partner, already firing back. >> let me be clear. these tariffs are totally unacceptable. >> reporter: tonight, canada and our allies countering with their own new tariffs on hundreds of u.s. goods, everything from peanut butter to pork to cranberries and toilet paper. >> let's get to rebecca jarvis, live from the new york stock exchange tonight. and these new tar riches are set to take effect at midnight tonight? >> reporter: yes, that's right, david. and it's unclear how quickly consumers might feel that, but you can imagine the backlash to any price hikes, considering that corporate america will be saving about $80 billion this year because of the tax cut. david? >> rebecca jarvis tonight live in new york. rebecca, thank you. we're going to turn now to the high stakes talks here in new york city today. secretary of state mike pompeo, hosting north korea's former sky th wer seen toastingh other. the talks ended early today, but they were quick to say, don't read anything into that. and what that spy master is now
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bringing the president tomorrow. a letter from kim jong-un. abc's chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz in new york. >> reporter: the president now awaiting that letter from kim jong-un himself, which will be delivered in person to him tomorrow at the white house by north korea's former spy chief, kim yong-chol, who needed a special waiver to enter the u.s. because he is on a sanctions list. >> i look forward to seeing what's in the letter. >> reporter: the letter, the culmination of two days of talks between kim yong-chol and secretary of state mike pompeo. at a dinner last night, pompeo treating the north korean delegation to american beef and a sweeping view of manhattan, while talking of economic prosperity the north could come to enjoy. today, another meeting, and a handshake that pompeo said showed the two countries are at a pivotal moment, as the proposed summit date approaches.
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>> it would be nothing short of tragic to let this opportunity go to waste. >> reporter: but pompeo said it will be a process. >> there will be tough moments, there will be difficult times. i've had some difficult conversations with them, as well. they've given it right back to me, too. our mission is to bridge them, so we can achieve this historic outcome. >> and so let's bring in martha raddatz, who is here with us in new york tonight. and martha, we heard you talking with the secretary of state pompeo today, and we were struck by his answers. he kept calling this a proposed summit. for folks keeping score at home, is this summit on? >> reporter: that's what i asked him, why do you keep calling it a proposed summit, do we know anything more? and he said, frankly, i don't know, but we do have that letter delivered to president trump tomorrow, so, hopefully we will know more, david. >> and you'll be tracking it. martha, thank you. we're going to turn next tonight to late night comedian samantha bee, who is apologizing tonight after using vulgar words to dribl i van ka trump.
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and all of it likely leaving many of you at home to wonder, what happened to civility in america? here's abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: late night comedian, samantha bee, under fire tonight over what she said on her weekly tbs show called "full frontal." >> you know ivanka, that's a beautiful photo of you and your child. but let me just say, one mother to another. >> reporter: addressing ivanka trump directly, hammering her for her father's tightening immigration policy. and then going on to call ivanka a slur so crude, we can't repeat it. white house press secretary, sarah sanders, calling the language "vile and vicious" and called for bee's network to take action. what followed was a full frontal apology from bee, who tweeted, "i would like to sincerely apologize to ivanka trump and to my viewers for using an expletive on my show to describe her last night. it was inappropriate and inexcusable. i crossed a line, and i deeply regret it."
3:43 pm
this latest attack on civility following multiple tweets by roseanne bar over the last couple of days, comparing a former president obama adviser to characters from "planet of the apes." abc fired roseanne and canceled her show within hours. and for the first-time, her long-time costar john goodman opening up, saying, "i would rather say nothing than to cause more trouble." now, tbs has weighed in, calling the comments vile, and also adding, those words should not have been aired, it was our mistake, too and we regret it. two major advertisers already saying they are pulling their ads for now. as for bee, her fate on the show at this point, david, remains unclear. >> matt gutman with us again tonight. thanks, matt. next, to the crackdown at the border. hundreds of children separated from their parents if they cross into this country illegally, even if they're applying for asylum. the parents in many cases incarcerated. the children can be sent 1,000 miles away.
3:44 pm
abc's chief national affairs correspondent tom llamas with one mother whose son was taken from her eight months ago, and authorities can't tell her when she'll see him again. tom is just back from the border tonight. >> reporter: homeland secruty secretary kirstjen neilsen on the southern border tonight, getting an up close look at immigration enforcement this week. but behind the scenes, a hard line tactic under way, separating immigrant families that cross illegally into the u.s., including asylum seekers. >> if you don't want your child to be separated, then don't bring them across the border illegally. >> reporter: at least 700 children have been separated from their families since october. it happened to his mother, jocelyn, who says she was fleeing an abusive husband back home in brazil. when she and her 14-year-old son crossed illegally, her son was taken from her. she says, "he looked at me, like, mom, help me, because i don't know where they're taking me."
3:45 pm
her son taken more than 1,000 miles away to live in a facility in chicago. they haven't seen each other in more than eight months. after 25 days in an el paso jail, she's now living in a shelter, waiting for the government to rule on her asylum status. with the help of the aclu, she's suing to get her son back. immigration advocates say they've never seen anything like this. >> literally 3, 4, 5 years olds begging, screaming, "please don't take me away from my mommy and they are just being ripped away." >> reporter: the trump administration insists they're simply prosecuting a crime. >> if that parent has a 4-year-old child, what do you plan on doing with that child? >> the child, under law, goes to hhs for care and custody. >> they will be separated from their parents? >> just like we do in the united states every day. >> reporter: and the president somehow blaming this on democrats. >> the democrats gave us that law. it's a horrible thing, we have to break up families. >> reporter: but lawmakers and immigration advocates say that's simply not true. that this enforcement is to scare people from entering the
3:46 pm
country illegally. now, as for jocelyne and her son, they are hopeful they will be reunited soon, but right now, hope is all they have. the court has yet to decide on their case, and health officials have now warned about the long-term psychological damages these long-term separations could have on those children, david. >> tom, we know you'll stay on this story. great to have you here tonight. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this thursday. the midair scare in the cockpit. the pilot suffering a seizure mid flight. the passenger plane with 161 people onboard, then making an emergency landing. also, the images coming in tonight from hawaii. first, the lava, of course, but now, tensions reaching a boiling point, too. a homeowner firing shots at his neighbor. and we'll have more on the confrontation on the golf course making national headlines tonight. the 911 calls just released. managers accused of discriminating against five black women on the course, and you will hear that 911 call as the news continues. there at the worst times.
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cockpit. the passenger jet flying from cincinnati to florida when one of the pilots suffered a seizure midflight. here's abc's steve osunsami. >> reporter: this is the moment when air traffic control learned that one of the pilots on allegiant flight 1304 is having a medical emergency. >> we have a pilot coming in who, at the regional airport, who's having a seizure in flight. >> reporter: the sick pilot, his 155 passengers and six crew members had just left cincinnati, headed for punta gorda, florida. >> nobody really knew what was going on. >> reporter: the plane needs to land immediately. the closest airport is gainesville, florida. >> the second pilot has to make sure the airplane is safe. >> reporter: allegiant brought in a new flight crew to get the passengers to southwest florida. we're told the pilot who had the seizure is doing okay. he's in stable condition tonight. david? >> that is good news. steve, thank you. when we come back here,n hawaii, shots fired.
3:50 pm
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but a lot hasn't. ask your doctor about ibrance. the #1 prescribed fda-approved oral combination treatment for hr+/her2- mbc. to the index of other news, and amid so much tengts in hawaii already, this image tonight. police say john hubbard opened fire on his neighbor as ethan edwards was checking on his own property, destroyed by lava. meantime tonight, they are now using bulldozers to carve escape roots through hardened lava. the golf dispute in pennsylvania. we're hearing the 911 calls from the grand view golf club, asking police to remove five black women for golfing too slowly. >> we have a tough situation here with a group of golfers who have decided they don't kwant to abide by the rules. >> there's no weapons, right? >> no, other than her mouth. >> the golfers say the only reason police were called because of their race. and sears tonight, in a new
3:54 pm
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new ensure max protein. in two great flavors. you've heard this before, the nba finals, the warriors, the cavaliers. king james and, tonight, the star losing his shoe. >> lebron james and the cavs do it again. >> reporter: tonight, for the fourth year in a row, the same two teams, the cavs and the warriors, in the nba finals. it's the first time in any professional sport that the same two teams will match up four
3:58 pm
years in a row. and for king james, it's his eighth straight finals appearance. >> we are witnessing greatness. >> reporter: and for the warriors, star kevin durant and a different kind of stat. >> kevin durant lost his shoe. >> reporter: mills have now taken note. >> shoe came off but he put it right back on. >> reporter: in the past three seasons, he's lost a shoe at least 31 times. that's about once every eight games. it turns out durant wears his own brand name shoes, size 18, that's one full size larger than his normal shoes. he says they're more comfortable that way. and the team at fivethirtyeight crunching the numbers. they say durant scores three times more points when he loses a shoe. fans in oakland lining up to get their gear. and in cleveland, the newest fans already wearing theirs. game one of the nba finals, 9:00 p.m. eastern, right here on abc. i hope
3:59 pm
4:00 pm
>> announcer: live, where you live. this is abc 7 news. and unprecedented contest, warriors and cavaliers in the finals four years in a row. >> going to state is one of the best teams i ever played. >> obviously starts with lebron. >> but the warriors have won two of the last three but can they take the battle in bakt years. >> we want to finish the job. >> the opportunity begins tonight with game one. >> yes it does. good afternoon i'm dan ashley >> i'm ama daetz. in less than two hours the warriors and cavs go head to hit you can watch the action. >> sports director lahiri beil is live at oracle arena wrp the excitement is building. hi, larry. >> i'll tell what you, we have a ton of media people. everybody is pumped up for the re, re, rematch of wafer years


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