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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 31, 2018 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> live, where you live. this is abc 7 news. ♪ ♪ this is how we do it >> a dobb nation celebration. the warriors take game one in overtime in dramatic fashion. we have live team coverage for you coming up of. >> first though, our other top stories you have probably been stuck in a long line at the dmv, maybe even walked on out in frustration. >> that, tonight, the state is taking a big step in the hope of
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easing the crowds and-some of your pain in the dmv. >> starting next month, 40 offices across the state, including nine here in the bay area will open on saturday. >> abc 7 news reporter kate larson has the story. >> it a place you have probably been before. and perhaps would prefer to forget. the dmv and it's seemingly endless lines. >> this is the san francisco office, but field offices all over the bay area experienced long wait times. 3 hours and 40 minutes and more than four hours in walnut creek. >> there's always a wait, no matter what. >> to improve the experience, 40 offices will open two saturdays a month. from 8-1 beginning in june. >> would you come on a saturday morning? >> gladly. >> i was speaking to a come that was here for seven hours. saturday hours would really help her out. >> i won the lottery.
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>> frederick did not actually win money, but after ten hours of waiting he was that excited to hear his number called. >> you have the people who work during monday through friday would do not have time to get in, so, saturdays would offer an opportunity and might cut down on the lines during the week. >> others feel thes of hours are just -- the office hours are part of the problem. >> bigger facility, more employees, another few offices in the city. >> i'm not sure why they don't have a better way to get people up. >> one woman advised malls. >> an hsan jose, oakland one of the offices open on saturday. >> a driver was arrested for hitting a pedestrian and was alleged to have been driving
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under the influence. the victim was taken to the hospital, he is in stable condition. >> there are security changes at zuckerberg san francisco general hospital after a woman's body was found in a power plant stairwell. she lived on the hospital's campus and of was reported missing on may 20th. the medical examiner said that she died at 1:26 p.m. yesterday, it's not known how long she was in the stairwell, because she was not a patient, the building was not searched when she went missing. >> for a code green, which is a patient disappearance, we do have the protocol and every building would be searched, including the sheriff's department would have shefrped sear -- would have searched the stairwell. >> a partnership between police and the community is proving effective in san jose.
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tonight, their work is spreading as police chiefs across santa clara can county discuss police reform. ♪ >> reporter: a church packed with police, the occasion, positive. >> the reality is we will number crisis some day. >> reporter: conversations like this that will prevent this. >> it gives us a frame work for the policy work we will do in the coming weeks and months that follow. >> reporter: the group, people acting in community together, has been working with the san jose police on procederal just is and bias training. >> it's person for me to incorporate the changesly. >> reporter: they pushed for body worn cameras, and now, they are spreading the world beyond his department. inviting other bay area law enforcement. there more than 250
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ate attendence. >> it opened my eyes to have their experiences with law enforceme enforcement. >> it's time for change. . and that's, that's our main goal is to get to that point, so we understand ooch other. >> reporter: conversation, the groundwork for respect and better policing. >> san jose firefighters battled this blaze, it startsed in a backyard and was blown in to the yard by the wind. you can see the flames. it broke out just after 5:30. san jose fire officials tell media partners the mercury news that an aggressive response by firefighters kept the flames from spreading to nearby homes. they pounced on it. four people were displaced and no one was hurt. >> the wind driven fires have
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broken out yesterday in barren, and are now fully confined. the seven fires burned 784 acres. they broke out near grant line road, and spread quickly due to winds that hit 35-40 miles an hour. one home was destroyed. flames wiped out an out building, cars and a trailer and a boat. >> all right, let go back to the overtime thriller at oracle, the warriors somehow, some way, pulling out a big win in game one tonight. >> let get to abc 7 newsity sports director. larry, what a way to start the series. >> oh, my goodness. you need to, to rest up for game two after what we saw tonight. but the warriors dodged a missile named lebron james. the cavss had a chance to win this game in the final seconds when j.r. smith just forgot what the score was, apparently, and instead of hitting the game winner, dribbled out of the the clock, send -- dribbled out the
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clock and then lebron went for a career finals best, 51 points. and it was not enough. steph curry led the way for the dubs with 29, and kevin durant added 26 and the warriors take a thriller in game only. 124-114. >> i think all game ones are just different in their own right, you have to adjust to a certain style of play with a different team. but the finals, man, everything is life that will happenly. all that matters is you get a win and turn the page to game two and just enjoy, enjoy the moment. >> we are play ago great team. they have been to the finals four years in a row like we have, for a reason. they have a guy who is playing basketball at a level that not sure anybody has seen. >> we in the fight now, the game, the finals is started, they have a great taste of it tonight, so, they know what to expect, you know, when we play
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again. >> this is lebron james, that's who he is, he is the best player in the world, he has been doing it all season. and you know, to do what he did tonight, and come up robbed is just not right. >> cavs are really not happy with the officiating. game two is sunday night, right here at oracle arena and on abc 7, later on in sports we the recap the highlights and the postgame reaction and j.r. smith. what did j.r. no about the score and time and when did he know it, that's coming up later on. back to you. >> that was an amazing moment. all right, larry thanks a lot. >> well, dub nation fans were on pins and needles. >> with good reason. we are live outside oracle with reaction tonight. >> reporter: oh, you have that right. it was a roller coaster of emotions. but ahh things are so relieved now. things are quiet of course, but after the overtime win, quite a different scene of. check it out, the fireworks lit
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up the sky after tonight's big win. lots of smiles and cheers from the fans as they streamed out of oracle on cloud nine. now, many of them were at one point in the process of going home, once the dubs went in to overtime, it was time for celebration with a massive dance party. we caught up with some die-hard fans that were confident for a win, but relieved at the same time of. >> of course, we was going to pull through. warriors all the way. no doubt at all. >> that was a good game. >> reporter: were you nervous? >> i was nervous, lebron come and show that he is one of the great players but the warriors showed we were a good team. >> we won and i love it. >> reporter: did you think they could pull through? >> yes, i did, i have the faith in the warriors. >> of course. >> reporter: you have are to have faith. i did speak to some cavs fans after the game, they were a little bit more reluctant to go on camera. live outside the arena.
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>> understandable. they were disappointed. remember, the only place where you can watch the nba finals presented by youtube tv, game two of the cavaliers versus warriors is sunday at oracle arena, we will have the pregame show at 4:00. abc coverage starts at 4:30, with the tipoff for game two at 5:00 and stay with us for toyota after the game. >> okay, so, does being but your cell phone make you sweat or maybe cause fear to set in? >> i think they are built to be addicting. >> find out what and how >> there's one mind that will come to mind
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boasting. overselling his achievements. making false claims. as lieutenant governor, he skipped many of his duties, saying the job was "so dull," he only shows up to work at the state capitol "like one day a week, tops." the same gavin who, as mayor, "split town" during a massive oil spill and "jetted hawaii." gavin's... not gonna work... as governor.
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all right, if seeing your phone battery dwindling down gives you angst, why you may have a case of nomo sfwloo mo -- >> reporter: most of us know the feeling when you have left your phone at home. you could have nomo phobia, it's a fear of being without access to a working cell phone. >> you have cell phone addiction, why do you say that? >> because i think i'm constantly on my phone. and when my phone goes out of battery, i do panic. sgr >> reporter: believe it or not, the die with me app is a chat room for people suffering from anxiety with low battery. in fact, you did not log on
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until you have less than 5%. >> you have seen this app before, what was your reaction? >> i was surprised how hilarious i was. the people on it were bonding instantly. >> reporter: i showed the app to this doctor who runs the compulsive disorder clinic. >> it makes sense that they can commune about the shared anxiety and unique problem. so, it's a bit tongue and cheek of course. >> reporter: but he said the idea behind apps like die with me is not new. it's part of pretty soon, artificial intelligence can help to cure addictions. he said addiction to technology is real.
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>> a way to look at it is a realize of the vulnerability that we all sense without that extra appendage that we now v we are faced with a situation where our attachment to our devices is looking for a lot of people, very similar to unhealthy attachments that we have to substances or other behaviors. >> the science is new, b there's a imbalance in brain chemistry for those young people addicted to the phones. >> the image of the brain, of teenager s affected with addiction to cell phones, we have seen changes in the brains of the teenagers. >> it's in the area of how we process information and more studies are needed to decide whether the changes were positive or negative. but they were not permanent.
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>> all changes were reversible when the addiction of the cell phone use was reversed. >> i have 76%. >> you are fine. >> i don't know, i need to plug. there's a new sc spelling bee champ tonight. >> the winning word -- it's a a greek term for spiritual community. who doesn't know that. >> the 12-year-old from dublin made i.t. tt to the finals but eliminated on the first word. >> good job. bay area well represented this year. on to the weather. >> what is ahead friday? >> it will be warmer. and you are going to have the
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friday feeling. let's take a look at a live picture right now from the abc 7 news camera. is that stunning or what. looking at the moon, just lit up over the bay. live doppler 7 showing clear skies other than clouds passing through. temperatures in the 40s. the 50s and the winds are dying down. you will notice, in most areas that are calm and 15 miles an hour or less. now, in the morning hours. calm conditions, except near the coast. where there will be a slight breeze, around lunchtime, it will be a nice looking day. as the winds relack, the temperatures will rise. and then in the afternoon, at most, along the coast, you will see a breeze of 25 miles an hour. with the winds dropping off, temperatures will come up pretty quickly. hour by hour look at concord, tomorrow morning starting on out in the low 50s and quickly you warm up as you head in to the afternoon in to the mid 80s. and it will feel better as well outside. it's not going to be extreme heat. just warmer than what we have seen lately.
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a live picture right now from the emoryville camera. camera. lighter winds and warmer weather. heating up inland this weekend and the coast will remain mild. tomorrow morning, grab a sweat or jacket. it will be cool, mitt 40s to the 50s as the winds drop off. you do not keep the atmosphere stirred up enough, it will be more chilly than what of we have seen in days past. tomorrow afternoon, warming up to 79 in san jose, and a nice day in gilroy. and on the peninsula. 61 in half moon bay. downtown san francisco, temperature is coming you. daly city, squs. and 78, san ra fell, and up to 84 in santa rosa. you will need the shades. 72, oakland and 76 fremont. mid 80 ns concord, fairfield. it will be a warm ones as you
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look at saturday sizzling inland with the temperatures in the 90s. even looking at 60s on the coast line, mild to hot for your sunday, although temperatures do back off a bit and then as we go in to a new work week, we will change it up again. tomorrow a big day. stan rosa high school, if you are going to the graduation, it will be warm at 6:00 and then the temperature will drop off slowly. perfect weather for the graduates. if you are taking off to go to the graduation ceremony for mountain view high school. low to mid 70s and dropping down to mid to upper 60s. congratulations to all the graduates, the weather could not be better and the seven-day forecast features warmer conditions friday and heating up for the weekend. if you don't like the heat, there's a place to go, the coast will stay stay stay stay stay
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for a while, you will be doing this. >> thanks. >> all right, we talked about his game, but not his clothes. >> yeah. >> listen to this, up next before his crazy game one.
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check it out, one of the most talked about moments before game one was the shorts suit worn by lebron james, he had mismatched socks as well. >> the cavaliers have won suits to every road game playoff game this year. it's by a fashion designer, tom brown as was the bag that lebron was caring, which retails to $41,000. >> give me a break many. that's a lot .
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-- speaking of fashion statements. >> what are you saying, dan? >> bold, good big or go home, larry. >> i could have gotten a lebron a deal on something like this. >> is that a -- >> a whole suit. a whole suit. you could, you can see this, i have pants that came with this. anybody who thought that game one of the finals was going to be a cruise, well, guess again, because this was an overtime thriller and the cavs they had this game.
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i'm jeff bleich. preventing violence has long been my cause. in the face of senseless violence, we need hope. after columbine, i led president clinton's youth violence commission. i joined joe biden to reduce domestic violence, helping boys become men. i beat the nra in court, defending gun laws that save lives. today, a new generation is rising, and this is our moment. in the streets and in the capitol, i'll stand with them. jeff bleich. democrat for lieutenant governor.
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i support the affordable care act, and voted against all trump's attempts to repeal it. but we need to do more.
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i believe in universal health care. in a public health option to compete with private insurance companies. and expanding medicare to everyone over 55. and i believe medicare must be empowered to negotiate the price of drugs. california values senator dianne feinstein larry live at oracle
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what did j.r. smith know and when did he know it? j.r., they gave the warriors a gift, let us look at the many highlights from game one. starting with all the celebrities. barry bonds, the never aging rob lowe. i have to talk to him about his secrets. and smith went in to the legs of klay thompson. instead, a trip to the locker room, klay comes back and scores 24 points and crisis averted. three seconds left in the half. occur fri way downtown. bang, as mike would say, we are tied at 56. . less than a minute left in the game. lebron james goes for 51. muscles his way to the hoop. cavs are up two. steph responds a three-point play of his own. he had 29 and the warriors are up one. george hill, four seconds left could have put his team up one.
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we are tied at 107. earth to j.r., he thought they were up one. they end up going to overtime, and the dubs out score the 17-7. warriors win 124-114, mindi bach with reaction. >> whether or not j.r. smith knew they were tied or -- the warriors made it to overtime and that's when they hit their stride. it's wild. every game is unique to its. when you get to the finals, it will be intense, you will have two great teams and it will be unbelievable competition. we found a way. last year in the regular season, same play happened to me.
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they called it a block, and they reviewed it and changed it to a charge. when they called today charge, i have said >> it looked like you said that you thought you were ahead. >> lebron james had a career high 51 points and the cavaliers lost to the warriors. but the warriors held them to two free throws in the overtime period. >> game two is sunday
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marshall tuck will change that. in california, 3 million kids can't read at grade level. tuck turned around struggling schools, raising graduation rates over 60%. marshall tuck for state superintendent.
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marshall tuck.
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we >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- claire danes. from "superfly," jason mitchell. "this week in unnecessary censorship." and music from pusha t. and now, finally, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: very nice, thank you. hi, i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. i'm happy to have you here.


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