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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 2, 2018 11:00pm-11:51pm PDT

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crews remain on the scene of a massive industrial fire in west oakland. and water was so shortigethers the bay helped out in a boat. good evening. thanks for joining us. aut on004: t i tonight. >> it appears to be accidental. it started while the crews were processing metal. >> live where this fire is being watched through crews diggingou p thr hot spots don't.
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the folks here are in charge of fire watch overnight. even though it is out, the concerns remain regarding the air quality. >> reporter: the west oakland residents watched the fire. others can see the black smoke plume from as far as marin. many are concerned about the toxic nature of the material of the. >> it is not good of the when it is lit up, it is bad for kids and i have kids, too. i wait for their safety and let of the. >> reporter: the fire started around 4:00 as crews processed scrap. >> this is a regular day of production of the we're determining the route cause of this particular fire of the. >> so the residue is probably what started>>eporter: they sho pie. bits an achor in size and half of it was on fire of the. >> reporter: you can hear the popping noise in the back
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ground. that's the fire. >> within the fire we did have some explosions and shrapnel that went up into the air. >> reporter: nearby agencies brought in water tankers and boats. after two hours of fighting, they got it under control. representatives from the air management district responded and took a report. abc7 news. there have been at least two other fires there in the past ten years. you're looking at sky 7 video. flames from12-acre wildfire behind homes in pittsburgh nearlerclen. the first firefighters on the scene called for additional help. one person suffered injuries and investigators are trying to figure out what started the fire. >> an caught this fire in was nut creek of firefighters responded quickly.
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and a live look from our east bay hills camera. it will be a hot one tomro iorw today. >> boy, were we warm today. 80s and 90s across the region. 98, 99 in vallejo. oakland, eek with aly as warm with temperatures in the mid 80s. the future traerck hour we go. by 10:00 in the morning sunday, you can see we're very warm. in the 70s, if not with will into the 80s. or the will be another warp to hot afternoon across the region. then we'll detail cooler and fresher air moving in. >> thank you. erratic winds sent flames
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moving in many directions ifn laguna beach. about 1,500 people can't stay in their own homes pause of the fire. so far no injuries have been reported and the flames have not affected any hopes. the fire has burned about 200 acres. we know the identities of two climb here's fell from el capitan today. a man from colorado and another man from los angeles county plunged to their deaths around 8:15 this morning. park rangers received several cause. the doomed climbers we trying ascend on the free blast route. >> there is a lot of unanswered questions. it will be several days to several weeks before we understand what happened today. as far as exactly where they were, ohio they were, what type of gear they were using. these are unanswered questions. >> today's deaths came less than
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two weeks after another person died at half dome. and we are getting our first idea of the economic impact of the kilauea volcano in hawaii. tourism is down 80% to 90% since the eruptions began. most of the area has been closed for weeks and norwegian cruise lines has stopped weekly stops in hilo. restaurants that are usually packed have noticed a big decrease in business. >> we have to shut down every tuesday. >> reporter: for the people here, it is very bad. >> cankilauea began spouting ro and lava. lava has burned down a substation and a drilling rig. this terrifying seeing under folding during a game in maine.
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the driver zig zagd around the feed, witnesses say she hit a man outside the ballpark. the 68-year-old veteran died while being rushed to the how. the woman is now facing manslaughter charges. in the north dey, a park dedication. many people hope the park named after andy lopez will bring healing to the community. cornel bernard has the story. >> reporter: there were prayers in memory of andy lopez at the dedication ceremony of the new park which bears his name. aztec dancers performed a ceremony. he hope this e space
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will unite. >> for now, you start to mend what happened in the past. >> reporter: he was shot in 2013. he was carrying a bb gun which resembled an ak-47 tft deputy opened fire which lopez turned and raised his weapon. following the shooting, there were protest marches demanding justice of the a small memorial. >> when the police protect and care, when they know us and show love for us. >> the park features a memorial to andy lopez with memory boxes. >> today a memory. >> the ceremony, too emotional
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tour for his mother. >> we will continue to struggle in his memory show the will never happened again. >> the deputy was cleared of any wrongdoing but friends still want justice. maybe they'll never had the have to see it. >> they released white doves. symbolizing peach. thousands of people including right at the bay area. they were at a rally at the san francisco end of the iconic span. >> we're demanding an end to gun violence. it is about supporting the 96 t
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orange to protect ourselves. >> the wear orange campaign began after the 2013 shooting death of this young woman in chicago. her if he over students organized it. ♪ >> a classic crooner love. and a chance to shine in the bay area. >> and a
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ithe race for governort. has turned into a scam. gavin newsom's trying to elect a repuicblan and villaraigosa's being bankrolled by a handful of billionaires. it's everything that's wrong with politics. and none of it is helping struggling families. here's my pledge to you. i'll keep our budget balanced. invest in affordable housing. fight for universal healthcare. and stand up to donald trump. as governor, you can trust me to do what's right- because i always have.
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san francisco civic leaders and other luminaries climbed halfway to the stars to honor the sing here touched hearts around the world by leaving his in san francisco of the. >> come on! >> a stunt manis dedisgu tony bennett rappelled from knob hill of the then he took center stage. he first pormtd i left my heart in san francisco at the fairmont in 1961. >> he is genuine lay san franciscan in every way. >> yes, yes. >> and when he said i left my heart, he comes back to try to find it. today i think he is finding it. >> schultz serves as chief of broke. >> his voice has been in every corner of the world. >> all the people around us would say, i was there once. i have to go back.
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i left my heart. there and others say listening to that song makes me want to go erthe. >> bennett left the singing to a choir and then he supplied while being serenaded with his signature melody. ♪ >> from now on, the block of mason street outside the fairmont street bears a second name. >> it's official. san francisco tony bennett way! >> get divided pot, the board of supervisors voted unanimously to rename it of the. >> and signing it into law turns out to be one of the last acts porpd by mayor ed lee before dying last september. top honors for this year's
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valor games. >> having a disability doesn't mean you have to sit on the sidelines. >> the goal of the zbaps to introduce people to adapted sports. it includes rowing, cycling, and power >> i love weight lifting. i've been off for a high with. now i'm ready to get back. >> this event for any veteran or active duty service member we a disability who is active o me tf
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everyone. ande all they really care about are the dogs finding homes. usu adoptions a regular saturday and we've had 26 adoptions today. >> if you missed out, the adoption pool party continues tomorrow. >> we are a little less than 24 hours away. >> we know of at least two tickets that are available. >> oakland mayor libby schaafcis
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game three on wednesday and game four on friday. >> and you too can show your support for the doves on facebo facebook. you can set to it expire in two you can set to it expire in two weeks or keep it all our hepa ng in >> t the 2 1/2-year-old iss of abc 7. >> mom had caught her standing close to etv.
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her mom said move back. >> it is so sweet. we got such a chuck will chuckle out of it. >> and with the forecast that's he has for us tomorrow. >> i think after such a chilly month of may, everyone is very excited to have warm weather back. one more day before cooler air moves in. most of us seeing plenty of stars. it never getst 24
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we're near c fairfield this. plenty of spots, some spoos tte 50s so that's the launching another hot one in san 87, the high for sun 50 vail., d this. it will be about 67 that bbsuy..
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about 87 in san rafael. stinson beach at 68 oakland. inland, we're back into theies in. 90 for the high in a lot of sunshine. temperatures in the upper 60s to mid 70s. you'll notice in the afternoon, a sea breeze will kick in. that sea breeze about, 10 to 20 miles an hour. widespread koog on 90s of more 60s and 70s
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much cooler on monday of a little bit of a fog on the coast. tuesday, that marine layer thick. it will have will have will hav the nowhere near where we are this weekend. >> thank you. i thought to california schoolsd, need big change. marshall tuck is the only candidate for state superintendent who's done it before.
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less bureaucracy, more classroom funding. marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck.
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. arihickos have names butcher based off all raoadicte elements. there were some pretty strict requirements to get on the list
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of the. >> you a names had been h to be based on famous alumni or a scientific break through. >> mindi bach? >> indeed. >> i don't know. unless we're doing a psychological study on sibling rivalry of the that will be interesting of the when you've been around somebody for so long. that's what's going on. something similar between warriors and
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boasting. overselling his achievements. making false claims. as lieutenant governor, saying the job was "so dull," he only shows up to work at the state capitol "like one day a week, tops." the same gavin who, as mayor, "split town" during a massive oil spill and "jetted hawaii." gavin's... not gonna work... as governor. i'm jeff bleich. preventing violence has long been my cause. not gonna work... in the face of senseless violence, we need hope. after columbine, i led president clinton's youth violence commission. i joined joe biden to reduce domestic violence, helping boys become men. i beat the nra in court, defending gun laws that save lives. today, a new generation is rising, and this is our moment.e jeff bleich. democrat for lieutenant governor.
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. four types, four straight years, the warriors and cavaliers have faced each other in the nba finals. there has been some turnover with you the key players remain the same and picks. makes an interesting dynamic. there is a history between thes taoo competitive. like any playoff series,s aerft irritated. >> did you watch it? >> i wasn't really dancing of
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the. >> what were you doing? >> i was shaking pompoms. i wasn't dancing. >> branton bet last night's gamm of a two innings with stomach n appendectomy of the the plan is to use pence off the bench. tony been it at tonight's the ball deep to right. look at andrew mccutchen.ccutch he is xoitit. runners off the corners with just one out. the bottom of the sixth. still scoreless. joe panic cops home.
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mccutchen drove in panic later. iment i'm still trying on it why mr. and mrs. royal can, why whyy didn't play. he gave up a season high and a season low on. who have the first of the season. that pus the a's t a's t a's t t that is the tying ru there's yusmeiro petite. the rois this this this this ths
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we'll havehe about a hour. >> i think they thought they >> i think they thought they would get
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it's everything that's wrong with politics. and none of it is helping struggling families. here's my pledge to you. i'll keep our budget balanced. invest in affordable housing. fight for universal healthcare., you can trust me to do what's right- because i always have.
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with savings on the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your every move and automatically adjusts and snoring.... does your bed do that? don't miss the final days of our semi-annual sale save up to $700 on sleep number 360 smart beds. ends sunday. . good evening. thank you for joining us. >> we have some breaking news squooming the abc7 news room. this is from east bay. there was a
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the victim was rushed to the hospital. we'll have the very latest on the story and tune in starting at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. n stop story. . ubervenri d after passingecanded aisrecords. >> lt we were shocked. >> reporter: theve lis what doe? >> it test never browning
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test me it doesn't work. >> in case after case, convicted felons have been approved to drive. in california, married and did screening and found what add up toho tdsanus offenders, approve to work for uber. in texa senncluedo 25 i uber's sexual assaul yt vime sc. >> if they want to put themselves out there as a safe ride home, they should make sure that they are putting these
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people out there that will get you home safely. >> uber's response is that the company has moe work with state and local governments to get it right in the future. tochkrfel, state and local courts and other data bases. regulators say that's not enough and that government background checks that includes fingerprinting would go further in discovering histories of violence. but uber says fgeontrirpnys gam uber and lyft. >> a cn
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lobbyists for uber. in many stathe wses the investigation revealed all 43 states that have laws or ruse on driver background checks and they are strikingly similar of the all but massachusetts leave background checks up to uber. in 31 states, the laws passed ue the wording almost word word of the this shows just how influential uber can be. the uber lobbyist write draft of the bill including the criminal background check division. they say change it back to the model language of the it was. three former uber employeestrees so get on the road as
11:41 pm
oneg aisslator says uber's attitude is states have no business screening its drivers. >> we're above the government of the we run our own background checks. >> in response, uber says everybody lobbies and we're proud to work that's the to develop common sense legislation of the. another dog has died on a plane. this time on a plane from flht.osswa. >> we want to know what happened to our dog. ha alan fine.av whet
11:42 pm
attorney until 5:00 friday to pick up the dog but he requested more time traveling to detroit on saturday of the. >> i did go to the delta area where o i oasdke dog, theywaou wn'ttorteney said another family's dog died when y put the puppy in an overhead n. e of transportation sa says. will were transported.
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24 died. delta saying they are could not an investigation. are lt evaluated. ririan to c> t story behind these little there. another warm
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a driver in washington state captured rare images of a mother's love. take a look. a mother deer helping its frightened fawn move out of the middle of the road. mom and fawn made their way to
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safety. of the the same goes for arctic wolf pups. the toronto zoo is showing off six new would have pups as they explore outside their den. they are first born at the zool in 15 years. their mom dora is was it warm enough for you today? >> a lot of people were complaining but i thought it was a nice change of pace. >> i thought, let's check in with drew. if you don't like it, wait a day. everything will change. overnight, it will be mild out there. plenty of stars. most spots holding in the mid to upper 50s. your 12-hour day planner, a
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bright day. a lot of sunshine effective at warming us up. 70s and 80s away from the coast. we'll have another warm to hot day. here we go, 90, 72, san francisco, 91 in concord, 90, santa rosa. head to oakland tomorrow. the temperatures still on the mild side under a blend of clouds and fog. much cooler monday. the cloud returns tuesday with some drizzle. we stay cool thursday and then warm up friday into saturday. >> all right. i think mindy has a proverb for us of the. >> what do they say if you don't remember your history? >> you are doomed to repeat it.
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>> so when steve kerr asked if the cavaliers will be i support the affordable care act, and voted against all trump's attempts to repeal it. anevd expanding medicare to everyone over 55. and i believe medicare must be empowered to negotiate the price of drugs. california values senator dianne feinstein
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i'm jeff bleich. preventing violence has long been my cause. to negotiate the price of drugs. in the face of senseless violence, we need hope. after columbine, i led president clinton's youth violence commission. i joined joe biden to reduce domestic violence, helping boys become men. i beat the nra in court, defending gun laws that save lives. today, a new generation is rising, and this is our moment. in the streets and in the capitol, i'll stand with them. jeff bleich. democrat for lieutenant governor.
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can the cavaliers could that back from a crushing loss in game one? plenty of people wonder. steve kerr is not one of them. today he was asked if cleveland might be too devastated to put up a fight in game two. well, first, he reminded the media with the 3-1 defense entity the 2016 finds and then warriors last series of the. >> we've been through this too many types west beat houston in er it is the
11:53 pm
oths it. >> i woke up feeling excited t get better and i'm excited with the opportunity that pre sesevens tomorrow. but i can never compare the adversity i went through when i was younger compared to playing basketball. this is not as verdict at this. this is fun. this is not adversity. >> stanford picked up a walk-off win last night. another tight one tonight. tied tork home plate. so you bring in the big guns.
11:54 pm
this is a freshman. 240 pounds, brought in just for that of stanford has to beat baylor tomorrow to avoid tied a game ateed. can evgeny take it all the way? the fast break score. the caps up 2-0. the third he much. the turnover, devante pell smith flies in to take this one. the caps take 2-1 series lead. the third round of the merd.
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tiger woods the puck. he was inldtegs. he was i had to for the lead he was i had to for the lead with a birdie on been fans. thursday, heading into the locker room the hang out with the team.>> i'm justho a
11:56 pm
been. the last one i went to was a bit of a blowout. this was thrilling. and there were some call reversals and crazy fights. it was. >> reporter: >> reporter: >> there is more in that cot. >> last question for you since you brought it up. who best act fore best actor? >> that will be james of the definitely the best actor on the court. that guy crushes, man of the he
11:57 pm
is also a great actor.r.r.r.r.r. words colliding, entertaining. >> he is the executor of a reality show. >> thank you very much. that's it for tonight. an veemweiaeducatthtests cts i'm to thurmdane surintennt
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ithe race for governors tur. ha gavi n newsom's t rying a republicanrnors tur. who was endorsed by trump. and villaraigosa's being bankrolled by a handful of billionaires. and none of it is helping struggling families. here's my pledge to you. i'll keep our budget balanced. invest in affordable housing. fight for universal healthcare. and stand up to donald trump. as governor, you can trust me to do what's right-
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