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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  June 3, 2018 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning, america. this morning -- killer on the loose. the manhunt for this suspect blamed for gunning down a prominent psychiatrist who was involved in the jonbenet ramsey case. and killing two female paralegals. the fourth murder that could be connected. ready to fight? the president's lawyer rudy giuliani threatening he'll go to court if the special counsel robert mueller tries to subpoena his client, the president. this as a secret memo from trump's legal team is leaked. the eye-opening claim they're making. bad move. the fbi agent caught cutting it up on the dance floor. his gun goes flying and ends with a bang. >> we just have a party shot in
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the bar. party shot in the leg. >> the fallout this morning. out-of-control wildfires tearing across parts of the west. mandatory evacuations in laguna beach. this morning, this inferno in new mexico doubling in size over the weekend. meanwhile, hard-hit areas in the mid-atlantic facing more flooding fears this morning. and full-court press. cleveland trying to recover from a head-scratching game one blunder. >> one of the worst losses of my career. >> can the cavs come back or will curry keep control? we're live in oakland gearing up for game two. that was incredibly skillful. >> wow. good sunday morning, everybody. my mike wasn't working five seconds ago. it was a mad dash to turn it back on. we made it. >> and big bill miller swooped in and saved the day. >> yes, he did. >> one of our stage managers got that mike on. he is off camera. he doesn't like that we're calling him out. >> live television, people.
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good morning. we head into tonight's game two of the nba finals. there's a side story that we know a lot of you are obsessing about. >> this is great. it involves the outfit that lebron james wore as he entered the arena for game one. how much do you think this ensemble cost? >> wait for it. >> $46,000. and most of the money was for one item. i have to say, paula, if you're going to pay that much money, don't you think the pants should go all the way down to the -- >> no. look at that fashion statement. >> freeing the knee. >> free the knee? >> freeing the knee. >> i like that. >> he's rocking it. i don't care what it cost. >> there was one item -- we won't tell you what it was that broke the bank. not if you're an nba player. it's not going to break your bank, but it would break our banks. look at the ladies already live from oracle arena in oakland. they are ready to go. we'll check in with t.j. holmes in a little bit. he'll preview tonight's game two. we start this morning on a much more urgent note. >> it involves a bizarre and baffling case out of scottsdale, arizona. there is a big manhunt on this
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morning for a suspect believed to have carried out three murders and possibly more over a three-day period. >> one of the victims, this man, steven pitt, a forensic psychiatrist. he was known for his work on the jonbenet ramsey and jodi arias cases, as well as columbine. abc's marci gonzalez is in scottsdale for us this morning with the very latest. marci, good morning. >> reporter: guys, good morning. police here don't believe he or the other victims were killed randomly. but with the shootings happening daily, they worry what could happen next if this killer is not caught soon. this morning, police urgently searching for this man, believed to be carrying out a killing spree in arizona. >> right now, we're doing our best to locate this suspect and get him off the street. >> reporter: authorities in scottsdale now saying the murder of this prominent forensic psychiatrist is connected to the shootings deaths of two paralegals. now detectives determining if a fourth homicide this weekend is related. on thursday, the first victim,
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dr. steven pitt -- >> that would kind of speak to the appreciation of wrongfulness right there. >> reporter: known for his consulting work on high-profile cases including jonbenet ramsey's death, the columbine school massacre and the jodi arias trial, was killed outside of his phoenix office. witnesses reporting hearing arguing before hearing gunshots. >> he did have a high profile. i don't think he ever thought something like this would happen. >> reporter: then less than 24 hours later, paralegals sharp and laura anderson were shot in their office. shot outside their office in scottsdale. one of the women coming to this bus, asking the driver to call 911. then dying soon after. >> we have been able to determine that the shooting on first street is related to the shooting of dr. steven pitt. >> reporter: then saturday, a man killed just after midnight inside this hypnotherapy office. police still looking into whether that case is connected to the others. and police say they have an idea who the suspect s but they are not releasing more on that or
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saying how these cases might be linked. there's now a $21,000 reward for information leading to the killer's arrest and conviction. dan and paula? >> marci, thank you. we'll continue to cover this story here on abc news. we want to move now to another big and expanding story in the american west. it involves the wildfires in california, colorado and in new mexico where one of the fires doubled in size on saturday. >> yeah, hundreds of folks are forced from their homes. and the extreme heat, which has been fueling the fire, is about to get worse. rob is tracking it all. rob, good morning. >> good morning, guys. also very dry. we'll talk more about that in just a second, but all the fires across new mexico and colorado overnight, we had a new one spawned in southern california. >> reporter: this morning, out-of-control wildfires roaring across parts of the west, and showing no signs of slowing down. a new blaze igniting in laguna beach, california. overnight, that inferno triggering mandatory evacuations for thousands of residents. gusty winds creating treacherous
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conditions for emergency crews. the uncontained fire growing to 200 acres. an aerial assault ordered to put out the flames. in new mexico, firefighters still battling a fierce fire in colfax county that's doubled in size over the last day. still zero percent contained. more than 30,000 acres charred. 300 homes potentially in its path. 14 structures destroyed, including a ranch belonging to the boy scouts of america. evacuees still unsure when they can return home. and in colorado, hundreds forced out of their homes by the 416 fire, north of durango. more than 1,000 acres engulfed. also zero percent contained. roads closed as firefighters continue to beat down the flames. and it has been very dry out there. here's a drought monitor. there are eight states now that are in extreme drought. there is a combination of things, including last year's pacific hurricane season was pretty weak. they didn't get a lot of moisture, and not a lot of
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moisture across the south over this winter. so that's the issue there. we might get rain across eastern new mexico today. thunderstorms that may be dry with more lightning across parts of arizona. meanwhile, where we don't want any more rain and we're getting it again today, flood watches across the mid-atlantic putting d.c. and baltimore and richmond, this low continues to spin. it will get squeezed out with a front today. more in the way of rain coming through this afternoon. a lot of areas have seen twice the normal amount of rain for the month of may. we're starting june on a wet note as well. >> i know it's a busy morning for you, rob. we'll check in with you in just a couple of minutes. to politics now. president trump's personal attorney, rudy giuliani cranking up the tension with special counsel robert mueller. >> giuliani telling abc news overnight that if mueller tries to subpoena the president, he will fight it in court. and this comes as we're learning about a secret memo from trump's la revelations about their legal strategy. correspondent, tara palmeri. tara, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan and paula.
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well, giuliani seems to be taking it up a notch. he says even though the letter was sent about five months ago, the legal strategy is still the same. it's based on the broadness of the powers of the presidency. overnight, the president's lawyer, rudy giuliani turning up the heat on special counsel robert mueller, telling abc news, if mueller tries to subpoena us, we're going to court. this new threat comes as a shocking secret letter written by president trump's legal team, leaked to "the new york times." the 20-page memo making broad claims that the president cannot be guilty of obstruction in the russia collusion investigation, or be subpoenaed to speak to mueller. >> the russian collusion hoax. it's a hoax. it's a democrat hoax. really a hoax. >> reporter: the memo delivered in january remains a road map for trump's legal strategy. in its, the lawyers argue that as, quote, the chief law enforcement officer, that would amount to him obstructing
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himself. they also add that trump has the power to, quote, terminate the inquiry or even exercise his power to pardon. the letter questioning why mueller needs a sit-down with the president considering the documents they have handed over. writing, quote, in light of these voluntary offerings, your office clearly lacks the requisite need to meet with the president. >> that's why this is a rigged investigation. the amount of government the misconduct is accumulating. this is not good for the american people. >> reporter: giuliani confirmed the contents of that memo, even though he was not a member of the legal team at the time. blaming the justice department and the special counsel. the president tweeting, when will this very expensive witch hunt hoax ever end? so bad for our country. is the special counsel issue justice department leaking my lawyers letters to the fake news media? there is no evidence of who leaked the letter, but giuliani said that there should be an investigation into the leak. he is using this as just another talking point in their war against robert mueller. dan? paula? >> tara, thank you. great reporting. we appreciate it. let's bring in chief news anchor, george stephanopoulos who will be hosting "this week" later on. >> good morning, guys. >> good morning, sir.
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so you have rudy giuliani on the show this morning. if he's right that the president plans to fight the subpoena, is that a fight he's likely to win? >> the precise question has not been adjudicated before the supreme court. other presidents have been subpoenaed. richard nixon was subpoenaed for those tapes back in 1974. he had to turn them over. bill clinton was subpoenaed back in 1998. he avoided the serving of the subpoena by finally agreeing to doing testimony remotely, four hours with ken starr. other presidents have been subpoenaed. other presidents have complied. this is about whether a president can personally be forced to personally testify, has never been detested by the courts, and it seems clear that rudy giuliani wants to fight it if it comes to it. >> that delay, it could delay the case. is that good or bad for the white house? >> that's a good question. i don't know. it could take months or years to go all the way through the courts. we know since this letter was written back in january that actually robert mueller has been ready to talk to the president for quite some time, but it's been the president's team that has been resisting.
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>> great reporting by tara this morning. let's talk about the secret memo leaked from trump's legal team which says that the president cannot obstruct justice because he is the president. is that argument likely to win? >> it's really a breath-taking argument. what they argue in this memo is that the president of the united states, because he's the chief law enforcement officer, can terminate any federal investigation at any time for any reason. it's hard for me to imagine that the courts would uphold that. that suggests that the president is completely above the law. think about the hypothetical. let's say there was evidence that a president murdered his valet. are they saying the president could terminate that investigation? pretty remarkable stuff. >> it seems like this is a gray area right now that we have to explore though as well. >> that's a question of whether it's a gray area. it's never been tested by the courts, but it's a pretty sweeping assertion of executive power. >> certainly. >> thank you, george. a lot to discuss on this sunday morning. >> thank you, george. >> we always appreciate having you here, and i want to remind
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everybody, george, as always, has a big show this morning. he'll go one on one with president trump's personal attorney, rudy giuliani. >> plus, he will have the latest analysis on the revived u.s./north korea summit that is coming up on "this week" right here on abc. george, thank you again. we turn to a terrifying scene. it was all caught on camera. it all happened on a little league field. >> this video capturing the moment a car speeds onto the field. kids and coaches running for their lives. abc's stephanie ramos has the story. >> get off the field! >> reporter: watch as this driver plows her car through a gate onto a baseball field, as kids are in the middle of a local baseball game in sanford, maine. >> i heard, like, rubber burning and everybody looked up, and all of a sudden, i heard a bunch of screaming. >> reporter: kids, parents, coaches, everyone running for their lives. >> kids on the field running in every which direction. i mean, a lot of screaming and yelling in the park itself. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: the driver speeding in and around the baseball diamond. people in the crowd screaming at the driver to stop. >> you hear a fence being broken through.
7:13 am
and the lady drove right through the back of the field. >> reporter: the car missing the kids, but hits 68-year-old douglas parkhurst, who witnesses say tried to protect the kids by pushing them out of the way. parkhurst pronounced dead on the way to the hospital. >> respond to robert street in the area of the baseball field for a male that has been hit by a vehicle. >> reporter: the driver, 51-year-old carol sharrow. authorities charging her with manslaughter. >> it happened so quick, he had nowhere to go. >> reporter: the sanford babe ruth baseball team thankful, writing, our thoughts and prayers go out to mr. douglas parkhurst. his niece speaking out overnight, writing, he was selfless, and he would do anything for us. at this time, it's unclear of the driver's motive was, and it's all under investigation. authorities say there is no connection between the driver and the victim. back over to you guys. >> a lot of questions to be answered. thank you very much, stephanie. we appreciate it. stephanie ramos reporting in from our washington bureau.
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>> sad to say -- very sad to say that ron is off this morning, but we want to get you caught up on other stories making headlines right now. >> it's not the same when ron's not here. is it? >> no, it's not. we're going to begin here in new york. investigators are trying to find the out what caused a small plane to come crashing down into the ocean off long island on saturday afternoon. the four people on board were identified as ben krupinski, his wife bonnie, he was a well-known builder to the stars. their 22-year-old grandson and the pilot. this morning, two of the bodies have been recovered. air traffic controllers calling police when the plane fell off the radar. >> in regards to a small plane, a navajo p.a. showing a tail number of 41174. the tower in east hampton lost contact with her. >> the national weather service reporting that thunderstorms were moving through the area when that plane went down. and in athens, georgia, this morning, a police officer has been fired after this bodycam footage surfaced showing him hitting a suspect who was fleeing on foot with his patrol
7:15 am
car. the man who was hit suffered just scrapes and bruises. in parkland, florida, it's graduation day for seniors at marjory stoneman douglas high school. the graduates, they plan to wear sashes that read "msd strong" to the ceremony. to remember the 17 lives that were lost when a gunman opened fire at the school on valentine's day, and four of those who lost their lives would have been among today's graduates. >> another tough day there. and in hawaii, also a tough day because there are new lava threats as people in the eastern tip of the big island are being told the leave their homes. the lava from the kilauea volcano now cutting off access to some neighborhoods as rivers of lava block the major highways. overnight, rescuers had to use helicopters to get some people out. the kilauea volcano has now been active for nearly a month. and finally, toys "r" us is liquidating its corporate office in new jersey. everything has to go, including jaffe -- geoffrey the giant
7:16 am
giraffe statue, as well as this life-sized minion and king candy of candyland. they're all up for grabs along with the office furniture and the fixtures. toys "r" us filed for bankruptcy last year and has closed all of its stores. it's sad. >> i think geoffrey would look great in your living room. no? >> i would have to get my wife's permission, and i'm pretty sure i know what the answer would be. >> i think your son would approve. >> he might be more of the candy land phase. >> we have options. >> it's a target-rich environment. >> the cats might have a problem with that. hey, guys. >> let's check back in. >> i know you're sad that ron is gone, but it's nice to sit down. >> you love having a chair. we really do need to start some sort of petition to get you a chair at the desk because you're always standing. >> that may have my card stop working. i may not be able to get back in the building. >> i want to keep him on his toes. >> i'll do either one. i'll do what i'm told. i'm told on do 60 seconds of weather. i want to celebrate some photography. we often show pictures of bad storms, but bad storms can also
7:17 am
bring some beauty to them. this is a friend of mine. he is a nat geo professional. went out storm chasing this week in oklahoma and wyoming. caught some spectacular -- >> keith. >> he caught a couple of twin tornadoes as well. not showing those, because i want you to see the clouds, and the way he frames the shots, the lighting. it's just spectacular. this is one of my favorites. i put it here at the wall. he gets a little wildlife in there, too. that's okay. it's all right. >> don't pet him, rob. >> he might kick. all right. give him a follow. steve on instagram. excessive heat warnings for the southwest. palm desert. palm springs. bakersfield. triple-digit stuff today, tomorrow and again on tuesday. las vegas, into the triple digits right on into the middle part of this week. dallas, you had some heat yesterday. today, the heat farther to the south. houston, 94, maybe a record there. maybe in san antonio. corpus christi. may want to head toward the gulf of mexico where water temperatures are in the 80s. in the 80s, south of cape
7:18 am
hatteras. you go north of there. if you are heading to the beach, cooler air temperatures, too. the water temperatures turn your toenails blue. might want to just have a look at that. we have a severe weather threat today across parts of the southeast. a mild one at that. we'll keep an eye on that, and maybe some thunderstorms across parts of new mexico and the bouncing beach ball from, i hi, everyone. i'm lisa argen. a what a beautiful shot with temperatures in the 60s. another hot day inland. it will be cooler at the coast, but more widespread cooling tomorrow. and then temperatures much cooler for the middle of the week. 87 today, though. that's not so cool in fremont. the cooling gets nunderway at te shoreline. 72 in san francisco. the mid-90s continue in the inland we'll give the west coast love next weekend.
7:19 am
when it comes to the beach forecast, by the way, congratulations to everyone who ran the rainier to ruston race in seattle this weekend. 50-mile relay race. >> 15 or 5-0? >> 5-0. some people did it by themselves. a lot of people did it as a team. >> wow. >> i was going to do it with some friends, but -- i'll stay here with you. >> i'll take a mile next year. how many do you have? >> that's probably why he's with us. have you ever seen rob dance? >> he has moves like jagger. >> he has moves. not quite like jagger. they're like jagger on sedati now, though, to one mas dance floor.t wamoves on the 't rob marciano. it was an fbi agent. and police are now investigating after his gun came loose, and a bullet went flying after he did that back hand spring. abc's clayton sandell has more. >> mile high spirits are saying the gun went off from someone's pocket. >> reporter: this is video of a man at a denver nightclub cutting loose on the dance floor, but something else is loose too. as he flips, his handgun flies
7:20 am
out of its holster to the floor, and then accidentally going off as he picks it up. watch again as he reaches. there's that muzzle flash. the bullet striking a man in the crowd. >> just have a party shot that's inside the bar. party shot in the leg. >> reporter: callers to 911 early saturday morning describing the man with the gun. >> white male, tan pants, dark blue long sleeve button up. >> reporter: who turns out to be a special agent with the fbi. denver police are now investigating. >> he's potentially in big trouble for a number of potential violations. both administrative and otherwise. so, it -- this is a great example of clearly what you should not be doing if you're armed. >> reporter: the man who was shot went to a hospital but is expected to be okay. the fbi this morning, isn't commenting on the agent who could still face criminal charges. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver.
7:21 am
>> yeah. so i feel like this probably comes up in the training at quantico. don't dance with your gun. >> you would think. >> imagine calling that into 911. this guy was dancing. he did this back flip thing, and the gun -- >> it's called a party shot. term for it. >> he had good moves. >> he did. >> nice backhand. >> i don't know that that will help him in the administrative hearings. >> probably not. coming up on "gma," a teenaged husband and wife accused of trying to hire a hit man to kill the man's father. what police allegedly found in that couple's home that led to an arrest. also this morning, a warning about a workout danger. this teenager right here is going to tell us how his fitness routine really could have killed him, and how his mom swooped in. her intuition may have saved his life. day yan mass -- diane macedo has that story coming up in our second half hour. and we're gearing up for game two of the nba finals. not played in slow-mo. though it looks great in slow-mo. cleveland looking for redemption as the warriors try to keep the
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one day a week, tops. gavin's not gonna work as governor. good morning, i'm carolyn tyler. we are just hours away from game two of the nba finals at oracle
7:28 am
aren arena. ment thompson says he is planning to play tonight thompson suffered a left ankle sprain and limped off the court. tip-off is at 5:00. if you're not going to the you can watch it here. you can see a bit of haze around the golden gate, but still a warm day on the way. 61 in mountain view.
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weaving your own shoes...rgy by out of flax.
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or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade california. we do welcome you back to "gma" this sunday morning, and happening now on the loose. a massive manhunt under way for a murder suspect wanted in the shootings of at least three people in arizona. this morning, investigators are determining if a fourth homicide which happened this weekend is also related. >> one of the victims is dr. steven pitt, a psychiatrist involved in high-profile cases, including the jonbenet ramsey and jodi arias cases. he was shot to death outside of his office in phoenix on thursday. less than 24 hours later, paralegals veleria sharp and laura anderson were shot and killed this their offices. we start this ha hour with
7:31 am
the texas teen and his wife, who are accused of a deadly plot. >> authorities say nicolas shaughnessy wanted both of his parents dead. abc's erielle reshef is here in studio with much more on this. erielle, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, dan and paula. this case is bizarre and baffling. authorities now trying to piece together the crime and who may have fired the shots. the mystery deepening this morning. two texas teens charged in a twisted murder for hire plot. this video showing investigators questioning 19-year-old nicolas shaughnessy and his wife, jaclyn edison at the family home turned crime scene. hours after his father, a prominent jewelry store owner in austin, was found shot to death on the kitchen floor. >> this is a quiet neighborhood. we don't get a lot of calls out here at all. >> reporter: police say the pair conspired together to hire a hit man to have nicolas' father and mother killed. 4:46 a.m. march 2nd, nicolas' mother, corey, placing a frantic call to 911. to report an intruder in her home, saying shepect fired
7:32 am
gunshots into the bedroom. corey telling investigators she grabbed her revolver and returned fire until she ran out of ammunition. officers discovering theodore shaughnessy dead. no signs of forced entry to the home. authorities searching the teen couple's apartment, allegedly finding a box of .38 caliber ammunition missing six rounds. matching some of the bullet casings in the area of theodore's body. in a string of strange text messages, authorities say the pair shared cryptic cryptic cryc messages, discussing payments. authorities claiming nicolas also reached out the a confidential informant, asking to kill his parents. in exchange for money. court documents show he expected to inherit $8 million when his parents died. both nicolas and jaclyn were arrested this week, charged with criminal solicitation, a first degree felony. nicolas shaughnessy's attorney releasing this statement. these allegations are not consistent in any way with the
7:33 am
young man we have come to know. that attorney also says nicolas' mother stands firmly behind her son. nicolas is being held on $3 million bail. jaclyn, $1 million. police tell me whoever fired those fatal shots, guys, is still at large. >> so interesting that the mother is standing by him. >> he's been living with her since this happened. >> imagine the conflicting emotions of the mother. so -- let's send things to rob marciano for another look at the weather. great to check in with you again on this sunday morning, robert. >> good morning, guys. sunday morning and it's raining around the mid-atlantic area. flood watches remain in effect. they have actually extended them this morning. this is a soggy, soggy area. the month of may has been extremely wet. the ground is saturated. obviously we have that incredible flooding in ellicott city. we'll probably see more in the way of rain there. this low is getting squeezed. more rain today. it kind of kicks up toward the northeast tomorrow. wet monday morning for new york city, and getting up into boston
7:34 am
as well. another three to four inches. the potomac will rise to minor flood stage tomorrow night good sunday morning. i'm lisa argen waking up to a nice start to the day. we have patchy fog around the city, otherwise a glorious day there. this weather report is brought to you, sponsored by trivago. we thank them. you should, too. >> it's a hustle to get back to the desk. from the weather. i mean, that's the one draw back. >> a slippery chair. ron has so many skills. >> he does have a lot of skills. >> have a great sunday, guys. >> thank you, robert. you're not going anywhere. you're sticking around. "pop news" is coming up, and we need you for that. coming up, the exercise warning. how some intense moves landed this teen in the hospital. could you be at risk as well? >> diane macedo will have that story. we're hours away from game two in the nba finals.
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the summer season is here. the pressure is on, at least for some of us, to hit the gym and sculpt the perfect beach body. i don't feel that pressure. >> i don't either. i'm glad we're on the same page with that one. but one teen learned the hard way it is possible to work out too much, and we can all learn from what happened to him, and diane is here with this story. hi, diane. >> good morning, guys. so this teen from the houston area had gotten a new gym membership. he wanted to make the most of it, but when his post-workout soreness and swelling wouldn't go away, his mom suspected something was wrong. her quick thinking may have saved his life. >> everything hurt. it hurt to touch. it was swollen. >> reporter: 17-year-old jared shamburger knew something was wrong after a recent 90-minute weightlifting session. >> the farthest i could move was here. i was like, this is not right. >> reporter: his dad and older brother had been weightlifting for years. jared was pushing himself to rise to their level. >> i have got to catch up to them. i have to get as big as them. i have to go hard, fast. >> reporter: his mother, judy, looked up his symptoms online. and realized he may have pushed too hard. >> the mama bear in me kind of
7:40 am
took over. i called the pediatrician and said, i really think my son has rhabdo. >> reporter: rhabdo, short for rhabdomyolysis, which can be can be a fatal condition in which an extreme exercise causes muscle tissue to break down and release toxins. >> appropriate exercise causes good muscle breakdown and builds muscle. but when you overexert yourself, when you do something your body's not used to, when you go just too far, that can cause massive muscle breakdown. >> reporter: symptoms for the rare condition include muscle pain and stiffness, dark-colored urine, and fatigue. jared was hospitalized for five days, but is expected to make a full recovery. >> if he hadn't caught it, if he hadn't told me, if we had gone out of town and gone on our way, i can't even imagine. i don't want to think about what could have happened. >> reporter: jared says he plans to get back to the gym soon, but
7:41 am
doctors say some of best ways to avoid rhabdomyolysis is to stay hydrated. and also giving yourself proper rest. but more importantly, if you want to avoid the gym, we gave you a reason. >> no, no, no. stay hydrated. it's actually incredible important. people say it all the time. but it is super important. >> but i like the last part too. >> i don't like avoiding the gym on sundays, but, like, everybody day. coming up on "gma," we'll hear from some real athletes. committed athletes. we're going live to oakland for game two of the nba finals. t.j. holmes, looking kind of relaxed. not -- yet athletic there. he's already at the oracle arena. hey, t.j. what's popping? >> look, i'll take that from george stephanopoulos. i'm not going to take that from you, january. >> oh! >> i'm here at oracle arena. waiting for 19,000 of my closest friends who will be here later on tonight looking for game two to see if the cavs/warriors can top what they did in game one. that's coming up, a preview for you. stay with us.
7:42 am
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7:45 am
game two of the nba finals just hours away. >> the cavs are trying to erase the memory of game one. while the golden state warriors are going to try to keep up their momentum. abc's t.j. holmes is in oakland. he's at the arena. oh, somewhere. where are you? t.j.? t.j.? we can't see you. we see the ladies. this is his grand entry right now. oh, there he is! >> the crowd goes wild. >> wait for the moves. >> the grand entry. of course they're going to make a grand entry. i brought a whole dance team with me here. they're now contractually going to be with me for every intro i do for the rest of my "good
7:46 am
morning america" career. thanks to the warriors dance team -- >> no one is watching t.j. right now. >> we're getting ready for game two. and to see if the cavs/warriors can possibly top what they did in game one. all eyes will be on the players on the court. we'll keep an eye on what lebron james is wearing before the game. >> golden state survives in overtime. >> reporter: what can the cavs and warriors possibly do for an encore? after that dramatic game one of the nba finals. >> one of the toughest losses i have had in my career, as well. >> reporter: but steph curry and the warriors aren't satisfied, despite the win. >> we won game one by the skin of our teeth. now we got to go play better, take control of the series. >> reporter: lebron had 51 points in game one. >> james drives and finishes! >> reporter: but it wasn't enough. and people still point to this play as the reason for the cavs' loss. >> hill misses. rebound goes to the cavs. j.r. smith. brings it back out. throws it to hill. hill's shot blocked. and we'll go to overtime.
7:47 am
>> reporter: j.r. smith first claimed he knew the score was tied at the end of the game. now he says he's not exactly sure what happened. >> after thinking about it a lot, i can't say i was sure of anything at that point. >> reporter: the cavs are looking to bounce back. the warriors are hoping to pile on. >> we're now three wins away from winning the championship, so this is an amazing feeling. >> reporter: the champions were on edge, though, after this play. klay thompson injured his ankle. he says he plans on playing in game two. meanwhile, we'll keep our eyes on the cavs for another grand entrance tonight, possibly. for game one, lebron and his teammates walked in wearing tom brown suits. lebron chose suit shorts. they go for about 940 bucks. an and alligator bag. costs you about 41 grand. the grand total for his look, about $47,000. so that, of course, got a lot of attention before the game. you know, fashion at the playoffs is always a big deal, but seeing them come in in the
7:48 am
shorts kind of threw people off, but the game -- game two, a lot of people thought this was such a lopsided series. they came in, and the cavs are almost historic underdogs in this. you're seeing cavs-warriors for the fourth time. people, oh, do we want to see it again? game one was one of the most thrilling, controversial at the end of that game. some conflict. how do we top it? >> i don't know how we're going to top it. tell the ladies in the background they're doing a great job. the guys here said t.j. who? i know you contractually want them in every live shot. they're doing a great job. thank you for getting up early. >> they are. and a good big thanks to the ladies here for coming out. being up early for us. they have a long day ahead. make sure we say thank you to them. >> thank you to them, and we like hearing the sizzle of pom-poms behind everything you say. >> the sizzle of pom-poms. all right, t.j. great job. have a good time at the game tonight. and a reminder, everybody, you can catch all the game two action between the warriors and the cavs tonight at 8:00 eastern
7:49 am
right here on abc. looking forward to that game. and right after the break, it's diane macedo and "pop news." keep it here. news." keep it here. >> yay, d. mac. big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and for psoriatic arthritis, otezla is proven to reduce joint swelling, tenderness, and pain. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. otezla may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. tell your doctor if these occur. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. other side effects include upper respiratory tract infection and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you're pregnant or planning to be.
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7:53 am
ends sunday. ♪ all right. time for "pop news." as promised, diane macedo is here. >> i have a drum corps. i have a drum corps today for "pop news." i like it. let's start things off with a surprise appearance from jennifer lopez. she dropped by the chainsmokers' show to perform her song. and the crowd was loving it. check it out. ♪ party beat so -- apparently her boyfriend, a-rod, was loving it, too. he's the one who posted this clip on instagram. he writes, my girl killing it with the chainsmokers. j. lo later posted her own pics on instagram, thanking the chainsmokers for a fun night. by the way, both j. lo and the chainsmokers have separate residencies.
7:54 am
they're both expected to release new albums later this year. could we have a little bit of a collaboration perhaps? >> i like how she can say, a guy named a-rod handles my social media. >> yeah, no big deal. >> by the way, chainsmokers, i'm going to pop in tonight. cool? great. see you then. so far, things have been pretty tight-lipped about the wonder woman sequel. d.c. president geoff johns updated his facebook cover photo with a logo reading -- ww 84. my investigators tell me that might signal the movie might be set in the year 1984. that would be a flash forward from the first one set during world war i. gal gadot will be back. and kristen wiig will debut at the villain, cheetah. we're hoping for more hints to come. all our questions will be answered when "wonder woman" premieres in 2019. >> they did a great job with "wonder woman 1." >> it did so great for round one. >> you brought low-fat treats. >> i did, indeed.
7:55 am
we are celebrating diets for the summer weather. finally, today is june 3rd, and depending on who you believe, it's either national chocolate macaron day or chocolate macaroon day. >> what is the difference? >> they sound similar. they're tasty. they're different. the company, pooja is here to educate us today. on the macaroon and the macaron. pooja? >> hi, guys. good morning. >> thank you for bringing the treats, by the way. >> this is the macaron. >> this is the macaron, which is the french pronunciation. we say macaroon because, again, we're in america. and it's just easier to pronounce. these are made with almond flour, egg whites, and sugar. they have shells and the creamy ganache filling is made out of white chocolate. >> the swirly ones are a macaroon? >> so the ones on the other side are the coconut macaroon. it's a meringue base. it's made out of egg whites,
7:56 am
sugar and coconut, and they are chewy. >> are they gluten free? >> ingredient-wise, ours are gluten free. so are the other ones. >> that mean they're healthy, fat-free, and calorie-free. >> exactly. >> george is coming up soon. keep it here on abc. good morning, i'm carolyn tyler. clay thompson is optimistic to play in tonight's game two of the nba finals at oracle. clay was undercut by j.r. smith of the cavaliers who slipped on the court during thursday night's game one. thompson suffered a left ankle
7:57 am
sprain and limped off the court. he said it felt worse yesterday. the warriors list him as questionable for the game. he told reporters he's angry about what happened. >> well, that was a tough play on the ball. and then to tumble through somebody's legs like that. i've moved past it, but it's just life. and i'm going to be better from it. it is just a minor setback. but -- i don't think it was intentional. >> the warriors will also likely be without andre regala who remains doubtful. he's missed the past five games with a bone bruise in his left leg. and abc 7 is the only place to watch the nbc finals presented by youtube tv. we'll have a preview game show at 4:00. abc coverage starts at 4:30. you can see the countdown clock there, 8 hours, 32 minutes, 18 seconds. tip-off is at 5:00. and then stay with us for toyota
7:58 am
after the game. let's get a check of the accuweather forecast with lisa. >> if you like a warm day, we have a hot day on the way away from the coast. santa cruz will be in the 70s. but we have a little bit of patchy fog out there. mid-50s in the city. from walnut creek, this will be a hot place today. the mid-60s to upper 60s in the east bay valleys right now. that translates into low to mid-90s there. some cooling around the bay and at the coast. 72 in san francisco. and the cool down begins tomorrow. tomorrow. >> thank you, lisa. i call it like i see it. tomorrow. >> thank you, lisa. the race for governor has turned into a scam. gavin newsom's trying to elect a republican who was endorsed by trump. and villaraigosa's being bankrolled by a handful of billionaires. it's everything that's wrong with politics. and none of it is helping struggling families. here's my pledge to you. i'll keep our budget balanced. invest in affordable housing.
7:59 am
fight for universal healthcare. and stand up to donald trump. as governor, you can trust me to do what's right- because i always have. i support the affordable care act, and voted against all trump's attempts to repeal it. but we need to do more. i believe in universal health care. in a public health option to compete with private insurance companies. and expanding medicare to everyone over 55. and i believe medicare must be empowered to negotiate the price of drugs. california values senator dianne feinstein i'm jeff bleich. preventing violence has long been my cause. to negotiate the price of drugs. in the face of senseless violence, we need hope. after columbine, i led president clinton's youth violence commission. i joined joe biden to reduce domestic violence, helping boys become men. i beat the nra in court, defending gun laws that save lives. today, a new generation is rising, and this is our moment.
8:00 am
in the streets and in the capitol, i'll stand with them. jeff bleich. democrat for lieutenant governor. "this week" with george stephanopoulos starts right now. >> the president's defense. >> it's a pure witch hunt. right now, it's a pure witch hunt. >> a breaking new report from "the new york times" reveals the trump team's private communications with robert mueller. 20-page letter says the president cannot be compelled to testify. cannot obstruct justice in the russia investigation. does that sweeping executive power mean the president is above the law? that question this morning for the president's lead attorney, rudy giuliani. and analysis from legal experts dan abrams and chris christie. the historic summit with north korea back on track. >> the big deal will be on june 12th. >> after an oval office


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