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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  June 4, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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an hour. tonight, as we come on the air, the horrific images. the deadly volcano eruption. the so-called volcano of fire exploding. dozens killed. the death toll climbing tonight. hundreds injured, running from the cloud of ash. rescue teams searching for survivors. wsne le attoday pulled out alive. and our team is right there on the ground in guatemala. also just in tonight, authorities before the cameras moments ago, after a killing spree. they have just revealed there were additional victims. several already shot to death in sera the manhunt, the suspect surrounded, then taking his own life. the supreme court decision. the colorado baker who said he would not bake a wedding cake for a gay couple. tonight, the court deciding in favor of the baker. the fbi tonight now saying this agent will be held accountable, after that dance
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move, his gun falling and then firing as he picks it up. president trump tonight claiming he has the absolute right to pardon himself. and former president bill clinton and his answers in this me too era making news tonight. and a doctor watching hgtv noticing something on this woman's neck. he reached out, and what the woman discovered. good evening. and it's great to have you with us to start another week here. america. the heartbreaking images coming in all afternoon. and tonight here, the hunt for survivors. word of that baby being pulled out alive. guatemala's fearsome volcano of fire erupting without warning, spewing lava, mudslides and a cloud of ash. sending people running away. afterward, a scene of desolation in so many places. bodies buried underneath the ash. tonight, the death toll is rising, as rescuers now go door to door. abc's victor oquendo is on the
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ground in guatemala for us tonight, and we warn you, some of these images are difficult to watch. >> reporter: this was the scene of unimaginable horror in guatemala. panicked residents fleeing for their lives as the volcano erupts. thick ash plumes descending on whole villages. taking over the roads, the trees, the sky.ics race to escape the eruption. their vehicle becomes enveloped in ash. thankfully, they escape. the volcano beginning to spew rock and ash sunday at noon. lava begins barrelling down the side of the volcano. families saying they had little warning to get out. "we were suffocating, couldn't breathe," this woman says. rescue crews, in the dark, helping children and the wounded get to safety. homes quickly engulfed by flames. this family of six escaping by helicopter. other families, not as lucky. so many scenes like these. whole villages now blanketed by ash. the homes, the cars frozen in time.
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tonight, the death toll, staggering. more than 60. for those who were able to make it out, many tonight now living in these packed shelters. in this one, in escuintla, residents receive medical supplies and children are hooked up to oxygen tanks. so many still in shock. children left to sleep on the floor. "we lost three of our family but there are signs of hope. rescuers are still finding people alive, pulling them from the ash. including, miraculously, this baby, wrapped in a blanket. one rescuer passing the baby to anher before bsungoiivinork acs. david, that is the volcano just over my left shoulder. here in antigua, i'm told that those rooftops right behind me used to be bright red. they're now pitch black, covered in that ash. rescue missions ongoing tonight. the cleanup, just starting here. david? >> victor oquendo from guatemala tonight. victor, thank you. we're going to turn next here to breaking developments in a killing spree in arizona. we knew of several dead already,
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but authorities just moments ago now revealing there were more victims. tonight, the manhunt. authorities then zeroing in on the suspect who then took his own life. abc's chief national correspondent matt gutman with what we've just learned from arizona tonight. >> reporter: five days of fear in the city of scottsdale ending this morning, when tactical teams swarmed this hotel. >> we have the hotel locked down and there's been shots fired. >> reporter: inside, officials say, dwight lamon jones was barricaded and armed. this is still very much an active area, and they're telling us to pull back, because, obviously, whatever has happened in there is l ilstg ingoon >> there are shots on the interior of the unit. >> we heard shots being fired when we were standing in front annaovllilding and then r y gaerinered entry to the room, jones was dead. but not before jones had managed to claim his last two victims. an e ceclyertle y plouconfirmed additional victims out of fountain hills.
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we're waiting to make of lawyer health workers involved in his brutal divorce from his wife, dr. connie jones, sources tell abc . eshaiin st,ay all bon authoriti ttpi psychiatristro phod devi like the jonbenet ramsey murder. he also performed alecina that divorce case. and sources say veleria sharp and laura anderson, the two paralegals police suspect jones killed next, worked at theaw l firm that represented his wife. and barely 24 hours after those murders, marshall levine also li sources say he shared an office with one of jones' therapists. >> and matt gutman with us live tonight from arizona. and matt, we know the first shooting, as you reported, happened last thursday. do we know how investigators were able to track him down, this suspect, before doing even more harm here?
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>> reporter: it took them a couple of days, david. first, they had hundreds of potential suspects, but with each additional killing, they were able to hone in on those ballistics, eventually reaching jones and were able to confirm that it was him through dna. now, officials just moments ago said that he may have targeted others. the big question tonight, did he have a hit list? david? >> matt gutman with us tonight. matt, thank you. a high-profile ruling today from the supreme court. the case pitting a cake maker in colorado against a gay couple who wanted to buy a wedding cake from him. the high court siding today with that baker, who refused to make that cake, citing his religious beliefs. the supreme court finding that the colorado civil rights commission that supported the gay couple acted with religious hostility. abc's chief justice correspondent pierre thomas at the court tonight where there are still many unanswered questions. >> it is our duty to fight for our freedom. >> reporter: protests on the steps of the supreme court today, after a ruling in favor of a colorado baker who turned
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away a gay couple. jack phillips had refused to design a cake for a same-sex wedding, arguing it would violate his religious beliefs as a christian. >> it's not just a cake. this is a religious ceremony that goes in direct conflict with my faith. >> reporter: charlie craig and dave mullins said they left phillips' masterpiece cake shop in 2012 devastated. >> i was shocked. i mean, neither one of us had ever been treated this way before at a business. >> reporter: the colorado civil rights commission found that phillips had violated state laws against discrimination. but the supreme court took issue with commissioners describing phillips' beliefs as "irrational" and "offensive." in a 7-2 decision, justice anthony kennedy describing the commission as having a "clear and impermissible hostility toward the sincere religious beliefs" of phillips. today, gay rights activists taking comfort in a limited decision. >> it was a very narrow decision, that only applies to the unique facts of this particular case. in no way did the supreme court
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undermine our nation's civil rights laws. >> reporter: the nation's views on same-sex marriage evolving. the most recent abc news poll found that 81% of americans said companies should not be allowed to refuse service to gays and lesbians. >> so, let's get to pierre thomas, he's live at the supreme court tonight. and pierre, many legal scholars now saying the court didn't full little resolve the fundamental question here, of whether businesses can refuse service to same-sex couples, based on religious objections. >> reporter: that's right, david. the issue is left unresolved. and there's a case involving a florist refusing service to a same-sex couple that the supreme court could decide to take up as soon as next fall. david? >> pierre thomas at the supreme court tonight. pierre, thank you. >> next, on his 500th day in office, president trump is claiming that he has, quote, the absolute right to parton himself. so, tonight here, our jon karl pressing the white house on this, asking, does the president plan to use that power to pardon on himself? >> reporter: today, a defiant president trump declared himself
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effectively immune from prosecution, tweeting, "i have the absolute right to pardon myself, but why would i do that when i've done nothing wrong?" later, white house press secretary sarah sanders refused to rule it out. >> thankfully, the president hasn't done anything wrong, and wouldn't have any need for a pardon. >> reporter: but does he absolutely rule out doing that? i mean, does he rule out ever issuing a pardon for himself? >> once again, thankfully, the president hasn't done anything wrong and therefore wouldn't need one. >> reporter: the top republican on the senate judiciary committee scoffed at the idea the president could pardon himself. >> if i were president of the united states and i had a lawyer that told me i could pardon myself, i think i would hire a new lawyer. >> reporter: the president's own lawyer, rudy giuliani, calls the idea of trump pardoning himself unthinkable, adding it would likely lead to immediate impeachment. the pardon idea was floated in a january letter from the president's legal team to special counsel robert mueller. the letter also offered a new
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explanation for donald trump jr.'s initial misleading statement about his meeting at trump tower with a russian lawyer he was told had dirt on hillary clinton. back then, sanders said the president was not responsible for his son's words. >> he certainly didn't dictate, but you know, he, like i said, he weighed in. >> reporter: but the letter from the president's legal team says in fact, the president dictated a short but accurate response. >> literally, you said he did not dictate. the lawyers said he did. what is it? >> i'm not going to respond to a letter from the president's outside counsel. we've purposefully walled off, and i would refer you to them for comment. >> reporter: giuliani says the conflicting accounts is one reason the president is now unlikely to agree to an interview with the special counsel. >> this is the reason you don't let the president testify. if, you know, every -- our recollection keeps changing. >> so, let's get to jon karl, live at the white house for us tonight. and jon, there's also news this evening about first lady melania trump. she's been out of the public eye since she was hospitalized for
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what had been described as a benign kidney condition, but tonight, you're learning she's appearing at an official white house event? >> reporter: it's a closed event, david, but the white house tells us she took part in events here at the white house with gold star families. we haven't seen the first lady in public since she helped greet those american prisoners from north korea some 24 days ago. mrs. trump's spokesman put out a statement, saying, quote, she is a strong and independent woman who puts her health above all else. as for the speculation about what she has been up to, the statement said she's confident in what she is doing and in her role, and knows the rest is just speculation and nonsense. david? >> we're just glad she's okay. jon karl live at the white house. jon, thank you. and with that face-to-face summit just one week away now with kim jong-un, reports of a major leadership shakeup in north korea tonight. south korean media now reporting that kim has replaced his top three military officials. the reason remains unclear at this hour. but some observers believe kim may be tightening control and sidelining officials who might
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resist change in order to give himself more room to negotiate with president trump. and former president bill clinton is in the news tonight, facing a new firestorm for his answers in an interview in this me too era. he was asked whether he owes monica lewinsky an apology. and tonight, lewinsky now tweeting a message after the president's response. here's abc's senior white house correspondent cecilia vega. >> reporter: tonight, bill clinton speaking directly about monica lewinsky for the first time since the me too movement gained momentum. in an interview with nbc news, the former president says he does not feel more responsibility for his affair with the former intern. >> i felt terrible then. and i came to grips with it. >> did you ever apologize to her? >> yes, and nobody believes i got out of that for free. i left the white house $16 million in debt. >> reporter: clinton was asked whether he ever personally apologized to lewinsky. >> i apologized to everybody in the world. >> but you didn't apologize to her? >> i have not talked to her.
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>> do you feel like you owe her an apology? >> no. i do not -- i have never talked to her. but i did say publicly on more than one occasion that i was sorry. it is important to me that everybody who has been hurt know that the sorrow i feel is genuine. first and most important, my family, monica lewinsky and her family. >> reporter: he is now on a publicity tour, promoting his new novel with best-selling author james patterson. and when the former president was asked if he owed lewinsky a private apology, patterson jumped in. >> i think this thing -- it's 20 years ago, come on. let's talk about jfk. let's talk about -- you know, lbj. stop already. >> reporter: today on twitter, lewinsky thanked "the myriad people who have helped her evolve and gain perspective." and she linked to her recent essay in "vanity fair" where she calls her relationship with the former president "a gross abuse of power." >> lewinsky taking
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responsibility, as you say, for her part in that moment. and cecilia vega at the white house tonight, as well. cecilia, president clinton was also asked about the me too movement in general, he called it, quote, long overdue. >> reporter: yeah, david. he says he likes the me too movement, but that he doesn't always agree with everything in it. but you saw the former president there in those clips, he is clearly very frustrated by the fact that this me too movement has reignited questions about his 20-year-old scandal. david, questions that probably are not going away any time soon. >> all right, cecilia vega with us on a monday night. thank you. next, to that fbi agent under fire after that dance move, doing a back flip, dropping his gun, it fired when he reached for it. here's abc's clayton sandell with what the fbi is saying tonight. >> reporter: tonight, denver police say charges are possible against this fbi agent, not for his dance moves at a denver nightclub but for accidentally dropping his firearm, then shooting an innocent bystander. >> party shot in the leg. >> reporter: watch again. the agent's backflip dislodges his gun.
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as he reaches down for it, that muzzle flash. patrons at the bar early saturday morning say the fbi agent simply holstered his gun and walked away. >> at no point did i see anyone trying to fess up to what had happened. as far as i'm concerned, he made no effort whatsoever to take care of the victim. >> reporter: denver police say the victim is expected to be fine. they're waiting on lab results to tell them if the agent had been drinking. >> the protocol is not to bring a gun in on your person, if you are going to be drinking. and the most important thing to do is to ensure your gun is secured. >> reporter: and tonight, the fbi tells us that agent will be held accountable for what happened here. and one official points out the bureau has 37,000 employees, and the, quote, stupid actions of one, should not tarnish the entire agency. david? >> clayton sandell from colorado. clayton, thank you. there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this monday. the doctor watching hgtv, and what he noticed on a woman's eneaan the woman then
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discovered. there's really a lesson in this for all of us. also news tonight about that frightening moment during a little league baseball game. that woman driving onto the field. tonight, what we've now learned about the driver. that's coming up. and then, the deadly building collapse. workers inside as it comes down. firefighters rushing to the scene. a lot more news tonight. we'll be right back. shouldn't drive us apart. but when you experience sudden, frequent, uncontrollable episodes of laughing or crying that are exaggerated or simply don't match how you feel, it can often lead to feeling misunderstood this is called pseudobulbar affect, or pba. a condition that can occur from brain injury... or certain neurologic conditions like stroke or dementia. nuedexta can make a difference by significantly... ...reducing pseudobulbar affect episodes. tell your doctor about medicines you take. some can't be taken with nuedexta. nuedexta is not for people with certain heart conditions. serious side effects may occur. don't take with maois or if you are allergic to dextromethorphan or quinidine. tell your doctor if you have bleeding or bruising. stop if muscle twitching... ...confusion, fever, or shivering occurs
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tnow introducing aleve back and muscle pain. only aleve targets tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve back & muscle. all day strong. all day long. we're going to turn next tonight to a doctor's instincts kicking in while watching hgtv. what that surgeon noticed on a woman's neck. then reaching out to find her. here's eva pilgrim. >> my name is nicole. >> reporter: that's nicole mcguinness, featured on a recent episode of hgtv's "beachfront bargain hunt." the 31-year-old was celebrating the end of brain cancer treatment, starting a new chapter with a beach house in north carolina. >> wow. >> reporter: but one of those viewers, dr. eric voigt, quickly spotted something. >> i noticed that she had a lump in her neck. >> reporter: so, he turned to facebook to find her. >> i recommended she gets a sonogram and a biopsy. >> reporter: within days, this post reaching nicole, who went to the doctor and learned she
5:49 pm
had thyroid cancer. >> dr. voigt saw this and brought it to my attention and now i'll be treated for it. >> reporter: and it's not the first time an eagle-eyed hgtv viewer noticed something and took action. in 2013, a nurse spotted a lump on the neck of tarek el moussa, star of "flip or flop." she reached out to el moussa, who was diagnosed and successfully treated for cancer. as for nicole, she's optimistic. >> it's just a miracle, in my opinion, that he happened to see this on television. i can't express how grateful and thankful i am. >> reporter: david, tonight, nicole is busy planning her treatment with her doctors, and is staying in touch with dr. voigt. david? >> thanks to that doctor tonight. all right, eva, thank you. when we come back, that deadly building collapse. the workers caught inside. news from the scene. and developments tonight about the driver speeding onto a little league baseball field. those players running for cover. back in a moment.
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philadelphia. authorities say a construction worker was killed when part of the building came down. a second worker escaping. the building was being demolished at the time. new developments from springfield, massachusetts, tonight. authorities now identifying the bodies of three women found at that home linked to kidnapping suspect stewart weldon. all three are women who had been reported missing from the area. the case broke wide open when police were called to the home by weldon's own mother. the little league scare in sanford, maine. carol sharrow in court today, now charged with manslaughter. she's accused of driving her car onto that field. authorities say she struck and killed a grandfather. the judge ordering a mental health evaluation. when we come back here tonight, america strong. the 10-year-old boy, the talent show and what he is about to do.
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finally tonight here, america strong. the fourth grader, you could barely see him over the piano. but everyone could hear that voice. ♪ adam kornowski at the piano, he's just 10, in the fourth grade. ♪ imagine there's no heaven ♪ it's easy if you try >> reporter: his mother posting on facebook, "adam had his talent show today, he did imagine. there wasn't a parent in the room with a dry eye." ♪ imagine all the people ♪ living for today
5:58 pm
>> reporter: adam is from north of minneapolis. he likes to paint, that's his pet turtle. he likes to play baseball. that's him pitching. but it was his rendition of this song that struck a chord. ♪ imagine all the people ♪ living life in peace >> reporter: 9.5 million views already. he was going to sing something more upbeat, but he told his mom he knows there's a lot going on in the world. ♪ and the world will live as one ♪ >> we're cheering for adam, too. thank you for watching here on a monday night. i'm david muir. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow. good night. ir. i hope to see you r
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>> he was selected to the pro bowl twice. in 1981 and 1982 when he led the league in receptions and all pro. his name 87 was retired in7 wasn after his retirement in stayed with the front office for decades. he then moved to the cleveland brown as their gm and director of football operations from


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