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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 5, 2018 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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>> that's what's making news in america this morning. making news in america this morning, president trump disinvites the super bowl champion philadelphia eagles from the white house. sparking a new war of words overnight about protests during the national anthem. the mayor calling the president a fragile egomaniac. in the meantime, a new twist in the russia investigation. the president's former campaign chairman now accused of witness tampering. breaking overnight, the death toll rises in the volcano disaster in guatemala. the desperate rescues and for the first time we hear from the americans who escaped the eruption zone and the moment they realized it was raining rocks. and new this morning, bill clinton explains his angry response when he was asked whether he owes monica lewinsky an apology. the new outrage from the two women who accuse clinton of assault.
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those stories plus the revelation about epa boss scott pruitt about trying to get a used mattress from the trump hotel. and caught on camera, an officer ending an armed standoff at the grocery store with a can of beans. and we do say good morning on this tuesday. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm maggie rulli in for diane macedo. we begin with president trump abruptly canceling the white house celebration for the super bowl champion philadelphia eagles. >> yeah, so the president is blaming the ongoing dispute over whether players should be forced to stand for the national anthem, and he is, however, acknowledging that most of the team had planned to boycott the event. abc's janai norman is joining us from washington. janai, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. so, a number of players had been backing out of this ceremony over the president's comments about nfl players and the national anthem. so as he's done before when players didn't plan to attend, the president disinvited the whole team.
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instead of being stood up, president trump is backing out. he disinvited the philadelphia eagles from visiting the white house today after reports fewer than ten players planned to attend the ceremony celebrating their super bowl victory. >> just to cancel it all i think was unfair, unjust. >> reporter: the president tweeting, unfortunately only a small number of players decided to come, and we canceled the event. staying in the locker room for the playing of our national anthem is as disrespectful to our country as kneeling. sorry. former eagles wide receiver torrey smith who was on the winning team last season tweeted it's a cowardly act to cancel the celebration because the majority of the people don't want to see you. to make it about the anthem was foolish. >> they were going to send a delegation according to that press release, and i guess he wasn't satisfied. >> reporter: one official said having a smaller group come to the white house was unsatisfactory. philadelphia's mayor saying in a statement, disinviting them from the white house only proves that
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our president is not a true patriot, but a fragile egomaniac obsessed with crowd size and afraid of the embarrassment of throwing a party to which no one wants to attend. the mayor's chief of staff tweeting about crowd size. our party was bigger than yours. many eagles players had been backing out of the white house celebration because of the preside president's comments about nfl players who didn't stand during the national anthem instead kneeling to protest police brutality. >> you have to stand proudly for the national anthem or you shouldn't be playing, you shouldn't be there. maybe you shouldn't be in the country. >> reporter: and we've been here before. last year president trump disinvited the golden state warriors after steph curry said he wouldn't be attending the white house ceremony, and members of the new england patriots team also skipped out including tom brady. maggie and kendis. >> janai, thank you. a new twist in the russia investigation. the special counsel robert mueller's team is accusing the former trump campaign chairman paul manafort of attempted witness tampering.
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now, prosecutors say manafort repeatedly contacted witnesses to try to influence their testimony. he's charged with failing to report his lobbying work for ukrainian politicians. mueller's team is now asking a judge to modify or even revoke manafort's house arrest as he awaits trial. president trump is adding fuel to the debate over his constitutional powers claiming he has the absolute right to pardon himself. but he says he wouldn't need to because he's done nothing wrong. the idea of a pardon came up in a letter to the special counsel from his legal team. in that letter his lawyers also acknowledge the president dictated his son's misleading statement about a 2016 meeting with a russian lawyer in trump tower. last night rudy giuliani who was not on the legal team at the time said any previous denials about trump's role in drafting the statement were simply a mistake, not a lie. >> well, that's the danger of going under oath that you can make a mistake -- please let me finish. >> please go ahead.
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>> you can make a mistake. you can make a mistake, and then if you don't -- if you want to, you could say it's a lie. but it was a mistake. i swear to god it was a mistake. the guy made a mistake. >> giuliani also insisted there's no limit to the president's pardon power, but he said it would be political suicide for trump to pardon himself and said he won't do it. let's turn now to those stark new images coming from the volcano disaster in central america. the death toll rising overnight to at least 69, and we're now hearing from an american who was only a half a mile from the volcano before the eruption. this morning, new video showing lava shooting into the air from an erupting volcano in guatemala. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: the fuego volcano sending a hot flow of mud, gas and a cloud of what's being described as boiling ash over villages. abc's victor oquendo is there. >> we're looking down at the city of antigua.
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i'm told that before the eruption, those roofs were a vibrant rid. now they're a dark gray because of all the ash. >> caitlyn almy from boston and canadian aiden turner were hiking on a mountain next to the volcano. they left just two hours before it erupted. >> when we got back, we saw the rainfall like maybe minutes after we got back. it was just raining ash. >> i just feel really bad because there were people headed up the mountain while we were headed down. >> reporter: rebecca thompson from houston says she thought it was hailing and then noticed it was actually raining rocks. >> i have never experienced anything like that, so i was -- >> you just didn't know what you were dealing with. >> yeah. nothing's happened like this in about 20 years. >> reporter: among the dead children as young as 3 as well as a disaster agency official. more than 3,000 people have been evacuated with more than 1,700 in shelters. urgent rescue missions are right now under way, but the hot terrain is making it difficult. the combination of ash and lava
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reaching 1,300 degrees, but there are signs this morning of hope. rescuers have found people alive pulling them from the ash including this baby, one rescuer passing the baby to another before going back in to search for more survivors. and there are many people \who have been asking whether the eruption in guatemala is somehow connected to the eruption in hawaii. well, experts say there's no connection. the man authorities say murdered six people over a four-day killing spree in arizona ended a standoff with police by apparently taking his own life. police say 56-year-old dwight jones targeted people associated with his 2009 divorce including a world renowned forensic psychiatrist and two paralegals. they say it was his ex-wife's current husband, a retired police detective, who connected the murders to jones. time now for a look at your weather on this tuesday morning. a brush fire about 30 miles north of los angeles has grown
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to about 1,400 acres, but residents are being allowed back to their homes overnight. the fire is now only 30% contained. no homes or buildings have been damaged. the high temperature there today will be around 75 degrees, but there are excessive heat warnings east of los angeles area. phoenix will hit 106. both dallas and albuquerque will top out around 95. 88 will be the high in kansas city, missouri and memphis. coming up, the hockey star who nearly missed the big game because he didn't have enough money to ride the subway. but first the bizarre revelation about epa chief scott pruitt and a used mattress at the trump motel. >> ew. and later, the experimental treatment that saved the life of a woman with advanced breast cancer.
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we're back with a strange coincidence. for the second time in six weeks a person once arrested outside the white house is accused of murder. authorities in tennessee are searching for dominique micheli. now, they say that he used a hatchet to kill a former boss at a nashville gym. micheli was arrested at the white house checkpoint in april for unlawful entry and you may recall the suspect in the recent shooting at a waffle house in tennessee as well was also charged with trying to enter the white house grounds last year. the school resource officer called a coward and a disgrace after the parkland, florida, school shooting has now issued a tearful apology for not running into the school immediately to stop the attack. but scott peterson says it wasn't fear that stopped him from running into the school, instead he blames miscommunication and a police dispatch error. >> i'm human. i mean, in the perfect world, oh, i would have said, oh, yeah, i know there was a shooter in there, let me go to the third
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floor, find this person. you know, if i wav hld a--e the point if i would have known what i know today, i would have been in that building in a heartbeat. this will haunt me the rest of my life. it will. those were my kids. >> the father of one of the students killed took issue with peterson calling the victims his kids saying they are not your kids. you let them die. this all comes as a local newspaper reports a school monitor at stoneman douglas saw the shooter arrive that day and thought he might be dangerous but did not report it saying he was trained only to do so if he saw a gun. the epa administrator scott pruitt is once again under fire. this time accused of asking a top aide to handle his personal errands, even looking for a mattress. according to testimony released by house democrats, the staffer was searching for apartments for pruitt while she was still there on the clock. and she said she even looked into getting pruitt a used mattress from president trump's hotel. you've heard the saying three's a crowd.
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well, how about 32. apple has announced an upcoming feature called group facetime that will allow 32 people to chat online altogether. i don't have that many friends. people have been tweeting images p ats look likebunch" saying this, only much worse. >> you just have to find those friends. coming up, how an officer ended a standoff with a can of beans. also ahead, bill clinton backtracks after a defensive interview. what he's now saying about the way he handled the monica lewinsky scandal. and later, a school lunch lady gets a big surprise from her students.
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giving the officers enough time to take him down. i guess you could call that some beautiful bean footage. we turn now to former president bill clinton. he's clarifying his comments after saying he does not owe monica lewinsky an apology. >> it's the first time clinton has spoken out directly about lewinsky since the me too movement gained momentum. this morning, new fallout for bill clinton after the former president defended his handling of the monica lewinsky scandal. in an interview with nbc, clinton said he never privately apologized to lewinsky. the white house intern with whom he admitted to having an affair. >> i apologized to everybody in the world. >> but you didn't apologize to her. >> i have not talked to her. >> do you feel you owe her an apology? >> no, i do -- i do not -- i have never talked to her, but i did say publicly on more than one occasion that i was sorry. >> reporter: critics also say clinton portrayed himself as a victim. >> and nobody believes that i got out of that for free. i left the white house $16 million in debt.
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>> reporter: at an event last night, clinton backtracked saying he did apologize to lewinsky and his demeanor during the interview was the result of the way the question was asked. >> the truth is, the hubbub was i got hot under the collar because of the way the questions were asked and i apologize to my family, to monica lewinsky and her family and to the american people. and i support the me too movement and i think it's long overdue. >> reporter: as he tried to clarify his comments, two women who accused clinton of sexual assault said they were outraged when they saw the interview. >> i could not believe the words that from coming out of his mouth and he was so arrogant and pompous about the whole thing. >> i saw this decrepit angry old man who was trying to play the victim card. >> reporter: juanita broaddrick accused him of raping her and kathleen willey says clinton groped her in a white house hallway in 1993. clinton has denied the
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allegations. when asked if they would accept his apology, the women had this to say -- >> i tell him the same thing juanita told him -- >> which would be. >> i'd tell him to go to hell. >> on twitter lewinsky thanked the people who helped her gain perspective in the last 20 years. legal experts say the supreme court's ruling in favor of a colorado baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple is a narrow ruling that doesn't settle the wider issue. jack phillips argued baking the cake would violate his religious beliefs. anthony kennedy cited religious hostility on the part of the civil rights commissioners who described phillips' beliefs as irrational and offensive. the decision sparked a protest in denver and disbelief between the couple who sued phillips. >> you know the first emotions were just shock and disappointment. you know, i'm still kind of sorting through all the emotions. the struggle is real and, you know, civil rights aren't gained
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>> so experts say the ruling only applies to the unique facts of how the colorado commission handled this case. the court's ruling did not address the fundamental question of whether businesses can refuse services to same-sex couples based on religion. doctors in maryland are reporting the first case of late stage breast cancer completely eradicated by an experimental form of immunotherapy. 49-year-old judy perkins had been given just three months to live after running out of treatment options and doctors harnessed the power of her own immune cells to seek out and dethroy e nc experts caution this is only one case, more clinical trials are needed to see how effective the therapy could be in other patients. the sports headlines this morning, the washington capitals are one win away from clinching their first stanley cup victory is stick to open things up and get the party started there in chinatown in washington, d.c.
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the capitals went on to crush the golden knights, 6-2. it wasn't even close. >> well, his day ended much better than it started. he had been taking the washington, d.c. metro to the games but he ran out of money on his fare card. so workers let him go. but you could probably, you know, maybe take a car to the game next time. >> possibly. that always happens. >> a little help. up next on "the pulse," the new details about a "roseanne" spin-off. and also ahead, how a doctor saved a woman's life after spotting something unusual when she appeared on tv. plus, the record-setting swim starting today that's expected to take six months to complete. a again, but it's fine. tmake six months to complete. ake six months to complete. eczema. it's fin hey! hi! aren't you hot? eczema again? it's fine. i saw something the other day. myeczemaexposed.m.
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possible second reboot of "roseanne." >> tmz reports an announcement could come this week to possibly rebrand the show to focus on sara gilbert's character darlene. john goodman is said to be very interested along with the rest of the cast. >> and gilbert spoke out for the first time saying she stands behind the decision by abc to cancel the show after roseanne's controversial tweet. gilbert who was the executive producer of the reboot said the show was always about diversity and inclusn.a man who's alive today thanks to a doctor who was just watching hgtv. was featured on an "beachfront bargain hunt" and a viewer happened to be a surgeon who spotted a lump in her neck. >> dr. erich voight tracked her down and urged her to get a biopsy and sonogram and she did and shendou fut o had thyroid cancer. >> it's just a miracle in my opinion that he happened to see this on television. i can't express how grateful and thankful i am.
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start o with one eady to go, o
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of my traffic cameras. onthe lower deck of the bridge a four to five-car crash on eastbound 80 inside the here. i dsotan w out and fethtoo. we had a half mile back-up approaching the scene. only the far left lane. i they are in the clearingw k nostages. it does look lhe te improving. it should shortly. also some roadwork westbound 88 up, too. next update at 4:30. >> thanks, alexis. the man who whoever will be linked to sports history has wm to als. it was w hen he made a spectacular grab in nfc title game sending 49ers to the first of five super bowls.
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he worked his up to become gelra manager. he announced he came down with a tals a luxury suite high above the stadium. >> you know i'm going through a i neethghts. rightnow. >> clark has survived by his wife and threewo someone's, dwight and mac. he was just 61d. ea h yasse awrsayol surrounded by loved on. mre is a tweet from jryer you,. joeta soul. tom brady posted he watchedhe t him at the orthodontist. he called him a hero.
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we have many mor reactions to his pngsiasur owebsite. om . ustilesonws ing two brush fires burning in san bonito county. i want to show you this new video from overnight. you can seene highway. another small fire burning coalingaroad tha contained. we're keeping our eye on north dulce. last checked it burned 1400 ac % nine fam evacuatedil yesterday afternoon tacy vemehab fire officials are expected to give an0


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