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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  June 5, 2018 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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hi. >> neighbors rush over to help someone in distress. >> no. >> the umbilical cord is still attached. >> the effort to save a newborn baby girl. >> smooth sailing for a paraglider. >> he is going to push it a little bit. be what happens when one wrong move spirals out of >> she describes what she thinks her friend looks like to see whether it is even close. >> see the final reveal that might surprise you. >> we are breaking down the best
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on the >> yes. >> residents in this neighborhood spotted something and they went rushing to it. >> oh no. >> the umbilical cord is still attached. >> it's a baby girl. the baby girl is alive however the umbilical cord is attached and she was laying next to the placenta. >> the baby was just dumped there. >> they can't even get to the baby. where is it? >> reports are it is near an
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unused fish luckily navy base saw her and were able to get to her. they wrapped her up and tried to get her safe and warm. police called the hospital. the hospital sent paramedics. she is in stable condition. i suppose there is some sort of light at the end of the tunnel. facilities have gotten a lot of calls about adopting her. they going to hold onto her because they are looking to find the mother as well. of course she will be charged. >> i love the fact that so many people want
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i'm astonished somebody can be that heartless with a newborn. >> yes. it is one of the most beautiful places you can travel to which is why it makes so much sense. this guy is feeling to good. she going to push it a little le bit. >> he did have to helpelpelp he sent a picture and how close it got to possibly hitting him.
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this guy is incredibly lucky. also is this guy in turkey. it is also beautiful there. gorgeous water, beautiful mountain. other people up in the sky flying with him. you can see little specks in the distance. everything is flying until he crosses over the bridge and he catching catchi catching turbulent he started turning away from the beach. >> best case scenario. >> he landed in the tree. not a single injury he says. >> i'm so glad he didn't hit the ground and break something. >> so is he. villagers heard something in a well but this time they only
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need add ladder to get it out. it took him a few hours to get this rescue that is a leopard. it eventually does climb out but good for them that it runs away. >> yeah. they would want to save themselves. this animal did need >> what are they rescuing it from? >> its leg is down in a
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there's a metal wall. it wandered down and fell in that well. i'm thinking you're free. here is your chance to run. he's like no. let me go back to where i came from. . >> this is what molly believes. >> i would picture you to have a tan skin. >> they have got themselves a sketch artist. they are going to separate them and get molly to describe what
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gabby looks like. >> so they are aware of each other. >> that is really wild. >> this other guy is supposed to pick up on all of this. let's start with the general face, the head. >> i think heart shapd, brown eyes, probably not big. >> what about the hair style? >> about shoulder length. >> do you know what color my hair is right now. >> i think a blonde >> what do you
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to help you break through symptoms. get back to the moment with allegra. closed captioning provided by: people think i'm crazy and i'm also inspired. >> for most people commuting means especially if you're going from new jersey to new york. >> i am from new jersey. i work at google. >> for his commute it is kind of off. >> the commute is is about 20 miles each day. he used to ride his bike and take it to the train then he took his bike with his car. even that wasn't good enough. so he took some time and got really creative. he also spent about 150 hours with his son to build the ultimate commuting combination. >> i want to take a boat. >> oh. okay. >> he made his own ferry. >> yes.
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exactly. you can see he has his boat in tow. this is amazing. >> sets off for a very nice calm morning. >> does this cut his commute time? >> yeah. it is much quicker for just think about this. >> yes. new york. >> yeah. that's my next question, how many months can you do this out of the year? >> i'm sure if the weather is way too rough he has more traditional options available to
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him. >> where there is a will that's way. keep doing it. you were just talking about needing help with your social media, right? >> i don't it like you do. this young lady does it maybe you should head over to her sister's page. >> play that >> that is awesome. you could do this day in and day out. people always say what makes a video go viral? the momma wented in on the
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action. >> you push it off the >> she posted this on her twitter. so she began her acceptance peach. i would like to thank the academy, my phone and snap chat reverse setting. i want to for supporting me through the journey. without this i wouldn't be here. thank you. you're >>he social
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air. >> the pilot was able to walk out apparently. >> they are in an >> the river is extremely >> oh. initially it misses under the boat. we see her here. she starts on her back in completely a different direction. >> the water is taking it super far away from him. >> that was the last time i saw her in this video. he keeps drifting down. he can'tthe boat he keeps drifting down. he can'tthe boat few rapids here and
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that kid just got a present. this helps people that have a certain type of color blindness. >> what's really sweet is when he first gets these he doesn't even open the box. he goes to hug mom and dad. >> it says some times it takes a little bit of time before you notice a difference. >> it is so important because he wasn't seeing the green on the trees.>> m ow beaul the trees were. he said they look brown to me. he is not the only one seeing
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trees as brown. so was this guy. he thought his neighbor's trees were brown. >> you know, you might want to feed or water your trees. >> they look great. what are you talk about? here is the irony, they live in british columbia, which of the places known for green beauty. they do a little test to show you what can't see. >> he says he can now see teal and fuchsia. >> what color are the trees? >> they aren't brown anymore. >> he will be able to appreciate the world
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top my performance. >> cue the cats and dogs for the neighbors. >> singing his heart out for his lady. the song is tonight's the night by the mellow kings. but this is about to go to a whole new level of awesomeness. he has got to come down all of that roof. he is not just going to take a ladder down. no. my friends. he is swinging into this. >> he did knock her out. >> oh.
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>> and it doesn't get more romantic than this. he starting using a romantic song. >> it's better. >> there's >> he is wild. >> will you marry me? he grabs his bouquet of red roses. he gets down on one knee. >> she better say yes. >> the video cuts out she says yes. >> this is the best proposal ever. >> thanks for watatatatatatatatt
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tonight, the president punts, holding his own event. after disinviting the champion philadelphia eagles, instead many in the crowd today for the president white house staffers. calling it a celebration of america. after he learned only a handful of eagles players were going to come. and tonight, the controversy of this image. the player praying before a game, speaking out now after this image was used to make it look like the eagles were kneeling during the anthem. the urgent alert at this hour from authorities. volcanic debris is coming down yet again. and new imants tonight, families trying to outrun giant plumes of ash. the heartbreaking headline here in new york city tonight. a name known to so many, designer kate spade, famous for her handbags and women's accessories, found dead inside her apartment. the


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