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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  June 5, 2018 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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tonight, the president punts, holding his own event. after disinviting the champion philadelphia eagles, instead many in the crowd today for the president white house staffers. calling it a celebration of america. after he learned only a handful of eagles players were going to come. and tonight, the controversy of this image. the player praying before a game, speaking out now after this image was used to make it look like the eagles were kneeling during the anthem. the urgent alert at this hour from authorities. volcanic debris is coming down yet again. and new imants tonight, families trying to outrun giant plumes of ash. the heartbreaking headline here in new york city tonight. a name known to so many, designer kate spade, famous for her handbags and women's accessories, found dead inside her apartment. the letter she left behind. new tonight, what the judge
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is now saying involving paul manafort, after robert mueller's team accused him of tampering with witnesses while he was under house arrest, allegedly trying to get them to lie. the major change tonight involving the miss america pageant. what you will never see again. and the doctor under investigation, dancing while operating. patients now suing, alleging their procedures went terribly wrong. good evening. and it's great to have us with here on a tuesday night. and we begin tonight with president trump and his own event held at the white house today, after pulling his invite for the super bowl champs, the philadelphia eagles. the president abruptly canceling their visit after most of the players said they would not be coming. president trump rebranding the day as a celebration of america, attacking players who kneel during the national anthem. but the eagles say they were a team that did not kneel last season. and tonight, the controversy over this image, eagles star
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zach ertz praying long before the anthem. he's now getting an apology for the way he was portrayed. abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl leading us off. ♪ and the rockets red glare >> reporter: the super bowl champion philadelphia eagles instead, it was just president trump, hand on heart, singing the national anthem. ♪ that our flag was still there ♪ >> reporter: the president disinvited the whole team after learning that fewer than ten players were planning to show up. instead, he held what he called a celebration of america. many in the crowd white house and government employees. >> we always will stand for the national anthem. >> reporter: the white house said the eagles, quote, disagree with their president, because he insists they proudly stand for the national anthem. but the eagles were one team where no players ever kneeled for the national anthem last season. today, eagles safety malcom jenkins said, "the decision was made to lie and paint the
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picture that these players are anti-america, anti-flag and ant anti-military. is the president aware that not a single player on the eagles through the entire season net for the national anthem? >> the president's position on not just the anthem has been clear. but let's not forget, this isn't -- there were 80 members of the eagles organization that rsvped and committed to attend this event, as recently as friday. >> reporter: why is he acting like this about the national anthem? >> look, if this wasn't a political stunt by the eagles, then they wouldn't have planned to attend the event and backed out at the last minute. >> reporter: the president has been talking about the anthem controversy since last september, lashing out at players who protested police misconduct and social injustice by taking a knee. >> get that son of a [ bleep ] off the field right now, out. he's fired. >> reporter: the issue fired up many of his core supporters. just yesterday, fox news showed this image of eagles players it
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suggested were kneeling during the anthem. >> the philadelphia eagles will not be visiting the white house tomorrow to celebrate their super bowl victory, due to the national anthem controversy. >> reporter: but wait. those players weren't kneeling during the anthem. they were praying before the game. "this can't be serious," eagles tight end zach ertz tweeted. "praying before games with my teammates, well before the anthem, is being used for your propaganda?" fox later admitted the error and apologized. but with the nba finals now under way, don't count on the winner showing up at the white house. >> it's typical of him. and i'm not surprised. i mean, i know no matter who wins this series, no one wants the invite anyway, so, it won't be golden stault or cleveland going. >> i agree with bron. >> jon karl live with us from the white house. and jon, the eagles practiced today in philadelphia. i know the mayor of philadelphia did not hold back his opinion today. >> reporter: he sure didn't.
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he issued a statement, responding to the president's treatment of the'sle eagles, sa, quote, disinviting them from the white house only proves that our president is not a true patriot, but a fragile ego maniac obsessed with crowd size and afraid of embarrassment of throwing a party to which no one wants to attend. that, the word, from the mayor of philadelphia. david? >> jon karl, thank you. the other major developing headline at this hour, the new warning tonight. the volcano emergency in guatemala getting worse. volcanic debris coming down yet again at this hour. the death toll rising today. and we have new images tonight, showing a wall of ash erupting from underground. people on the road scrambling for their lives. tonight, more on that warning just issued. and abc's victor oquendo is on the ground for us again tonight. >> reporter: tonight, guatemala's volcano of fire is erupting yet again, causing massive evaluations. rescue crews, sent in to find survivors, having to flee to save their own lives. this was the moment the volcano
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violently erupted days ago, devastating nearby towns. fire shooting into the sky, while floods of molten lava tear down the mountainside. the thick plume of ash and rock towering over this nearby resort. and tonight, the death toll is on the rise. at least 70 confirmed deaths, with many more expected. this, as tragic stories like lilian hernandez's, start to emerge. hernandez says 36 members of her family are gone, an unimaginable loss. town after town preserved at the moment of destruction, as crews break through tin roofs looking for signs of life. cars and homes, caked in thick coats of mud. meanwhile, just outside el rodeo, the heart-wrenching wait for those who lost family, like norma, who can't find her two sons, her father or her mother. some 1,800 people now staying in shelters like this one. eric ortiz and his family now staying here because it's too dangerous to return home. david, many of the carsehind rurtheim orchi
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vernntwarng, tryingpreventhss.d? victor oquendo again tonight. thank you, victor. and back here at home now, and a stunning and sad headline here in new york city tonight. well-known designer kate spade was found dead in her apartment today, her death an apparent suicide. she did leave a letter behind. and here's abc's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: tonight, shock and sadness here in manhattan. nypd removing the body of famed fashion designer kate spade from her home. police say the 55-year-old was found by a housekeeper in her bedroom. >> there was a suicide note left at the scene. >> reporter: the kansas city native launched her iconic brand in 1993 with andy spade, who later became her husband. >> i knew that i wanted to start a business, he said, handbags. you love handbags. >> reporter: selling her stake in 2007, the brand still strong
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enough to attract the likes of taylor swift and kate middleton. >> hi, i'm kate valentine spade. >> reporter: in 2016, spade re-entered the fashion world, launching a new brand called frances valentine, talking about it here with her husband in one of her final interviews. both appearing happy. >> i was up for the challenge. i hope. >> reporter: industry analysts say the new brand struggled to match spade's former successes. >> and eva pilgrim with us here in new york tonight. and eva, we're hearing from kate spade's family tonight, and the company, too? >> reporter: that's right. in a statement, a spokesperson for her family saying, we are all devastated by today's tragedy. we loved kate dearly and will miss her terribly. the kate spade company calling her a visionary tonight, and saying they honor the beautbrghl grim tonit. thank you, eva. ts ening, aud mt ec rer mueer t
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campaign chairman of witness tampering from home while he was under house arrest. mueller now asking a judge to consider revoking manafort's bail and sending him to jail. abc's chief justice correspondent pierre thomas tonight. >> reporter: he's been under house arrest for months, but tonight, president trump's former campaign chairman, paul manafort, may soon be heading to jail. federal prosecutors now accusing him of witness tampering. prosecutors say manafort and a person believed to be a former russian intelligence officer contacted two witnesses by phone and using encrypted text messages, trying to get them to lie about his lobbying work for ukrainian politicians with ties to vladimir putin. one witness making the explosive claim manafort was trying to, quote, sub born perjury. manafort is charged with bank fraud and money laundering. it's been nearly a year since the fbi raided his home while he was still in bed. >> i've always found paul manafort to be a very decent
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man, but i thought that was a very -- pretty tough stuff. to wake him up, perhaps his family was there. i think that's pretty tough stuff. >> reporter: but over the weekend, a very different tone. the president fuming the fbi should have informed him before the election they were suspicious of manafort's overseas connections. tweeting, "why wouldn't the fbi or department of justice have told me they were secretly investigating paul manafort? should have told me." the president's friend, chris christie, a former federal prosecutor, disagrees. >> i don't care what you were running for, we're not telling you. we're not -- we're not a private investigation firm to help you with vetting your people who you employ in your campaign. >> pierre thomas with us live in washington tonight. and pierre, paul manafort has until friday to respond to the accusations of witness tampering here, but bigger picture, with this new threat of possible jail time instead of house arrest, manafort is facing mounting pressure here. possible jail, fight this, or flip for robert mueller?
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>> reporter: david, there's no question that the special counsel is ramping up the pressure on manafort. but tonight, manafort is pushing back. his spokesman releasing a statement that manafort is, quote, innocent, and nothing about these allegations changes our defense. we will do our talking in court. david? >> indicating the fight will go on. pierre, thank you. now to the crackdown at the border. news tonight about hubs of children accept rated from their parents. abc news reporting here last week on a mother and her 14-year-old son separated more than eight months ago. she's accused of trying to illegal little enter the u.s. she's applying for asylum. tonight, word they've been reunited tonight. this evening, when a senator tried to get a tour of a former walmart where children are now believed to be held. here's abc's chief national affairs correspondent tom llamas. >> reporter: tonight, new pressure on the trump administration and their zero tolerance policy for illegal immigration. >> behind those doors inside that walmart are apparently man.
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>> reporter: senator jeff merkeley traveling to the border over the weekend, trying to get inside this government facility he says is holding children who are separated from their parents after crossing the border illegally. >> can you please give me a tour of it? police soon arriving on the scene. >> what is your name again? >> senator jeff merkley. >> reporter: anderey n allowed in. >> the children are being separated from their families. warehoused here. >> reporter: one of those families separated, profiled here last week. we brought you the story of jocelyne, who told us she was fleeing an abusive husband back in brazil. but when she crossed illegally into the u-s with her 14 year old son james back in august of last year, immigration officials took her child away. she told us, "he looked at me like, mom, help me, because i don't know where they're taking me." her son taken more than 1,000 miles away to a refugee center in chicago, while she is seeking
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assum asum asum t today, after eight months of separation, mother and son back in each other's arms. the government finally reuniting them. the trump administration has recently separated around 700 children from their parents. 100 of those kids are reportedly under the age of 4. it's part of an enforcement tactic under a hardline immigration policy. >> if you don't want your child separated, then don't bring them across the border illegally. >> tom llamas continuing his reporting on this. and tom, the trump administration continues to argue they're processing the crime of illegal border crossing here. >> reporter: that's right, david. and they say they cannot send those kids to jail, so, that's why in those cases, the children are being separated. as for senator merkley, the trump administration has taken a lot of offense to his trip and what he said there on the border, saying he did not follow the proper protocol, in some cases, not giving those facilities advance notice, so they could accommodate him once he arrived. david? >> tom, thank you. and next here this evening, the showdown on capitol hill. senators grilling betty devos about president trump's school safety commission.
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she revealed the commission will not look at the rule of guns used in school violence. the commission formed after the deadly high school shooting in parkland. 17 people were killed in february there. devos' comments led to a tense exchange with senator patrick leahy. >> will your commission look at the role of firearms as it relates to gun violence in our schools? >> that's not part of the commission's charge, per se. >> you are studying gun violence, but not considering the role of guns? >> we're studying school safety and ensuring our students are safe. >> there have been five deadly school shootings reported since parkland, including ten killed in santa fe, texas, just about two weeks ago. next tonight, harvey weinstein was arraigned today on sex assault charges here in new york city. wine stooe appearing to limp into court this morning. he pleaded not guilty. he's accused of cktw won2004 and 201 nearly 100 accusers have now come forward in the last seven months. weinstein denies all allegations. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight"
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this tuesday. the urgent manhunt at this hour. police now releasing new surveillance of a suspect accused in a fatal hatchet attack on his former boss. also tonight, the doctor under investigation for dancing in the operating room. now several patients are suing, saying their procedures went terribly wrong. and the major change tonight involving the miss america pageant. what you will never see again. amy robach standing by. nding by. eumatoid arthritis. before you and your rheumatologist move to another treatment, ask if xeljanz xr is right for you. xeljanz xr is a once-daily pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well enough. it can reduce pain, swelling and further joint damage, even without methotrexate. xeljanz xr can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections, lymphoma and other cancers have happened. don't start xeljanz xr if you have an infection. tears in the stomach or intestines,
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use itwo rechargeable batteries. that means you can always be charging, even while you're cleaning. welcome to hassle-free runtime with shark. for my constipation, my doctor recommended i switch to miralax. even while you're cleaning. stimulant laxatives forcefully stimulate the nerves in your colon. miralax is different. it works with the water in your body. unblocking your system naturally. miralax. now available in convenient single-serve mix-in pax. next tonight, there are major changes coming to the miss america pageant. the new chairwoman and former winner, gretchen carlsson, now revealing a sweeping overall to abc news. here's my "20/20" co-anchor amy r robach tonight. >> reporter: tonight, that 97-year-old beauty pageant gearing up for a major overhaul. >> we are no longer a pageant. we are a competition. we will no longer judge our idpc >>ep carlson nocing ms erica will say good-bye to that
3:48 pm
controversial swimsuit competition, and no longer require contestants to wear those glitzy evening gowns. interested in, when they talk about their social impact initiatives. >> reporter: women of all shapes and sizes. typically we see swimsuit ready bodies up on that stage. >> we want to be open, inclusi. >> miss america is gretchen carlson. >> reporter: the former fox news anchor and 1989 miss america taking the reins of the organization after a leak of internal e-mails mocking contestants' intelligence and looks. carlson says the new miss america, led mainly by women, is embracing change. let's be honest. it's on television. people tune in, many people believe to see scantily clad women, to see women in their swimsuits and their evening gowns. >> interestingly enough, that's not a highly rated part of the competition. people actually like the talent part of the competition. we've heard from a lot women who say, we'd love to be part of your program, but don't.
3:49 pm
so guess what? you don't have to do that anymore. >> i'm curious, amy, does she see these changes as a me too moment in our culture? >> reporter: she does. gretchen says they are moving the organization forward. one thing she says will stay the same, the women in this competition will earn scholarship money for college. gretchen says the focus is all about female empowerment and it will stay that way. >> great to have you here, amy. when we come back here, what happened 50 years ago tonight. and more on that urgent manhunt this evening. police releasing new surveillance of a suspect accused in that deadly hatchet attack. and more on that doctor caught dancing in the operating room. the patients now suing. we'll be right back. to severe crohn's disease. then i realized something was missing... me. my symptoms were keeping me from being there. who still have symptoms of crohn's disease
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former boss an hour earlier inside the boss' gym using a hatchet. he had been fired a year earlier. a dr. near atlanta tonight is facing sefrj lawsuits now. dr. windell boutte posted videos of herself dancing during procedures. no comment from the doctor's attorneys. that investigation launched by our atlanta station, ws bl-tv. and a somber anniversary marked overnight tonight. senator robert f. kennedy was shot and killed 50 years ago today, as kennedy claimed california's democratic presidential primary. a memorial service will be held tomorrow at arlington national cemetery. 50 years ago. when we come back tonight, a powerful moment today. a little boy, what he did, and the person who was watching. america strong. - [announcer] what if the vacuum head was reborn? shark has added a rotating soft brush. so while deep-cleaning carpets,
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america strong. the dance move made popular months ago, but tonight, the 7-year-old and his unlikely dance partner who mastered it. the dance move flossing made famous by backpack kid, russell horning on "snl," katy perry had found him. >> katy perry actually saw me, like, on instagram, she was just scrolling around. chef was like, hey, this kid has some good vibes. i'm going to try to get him onto the show with me. >> reporter: flossing is nonomi factory in swede on the a football field in new orleans, to kelly and ryan. but you'd be hard pressed to find a cuter version than this one. 7-year-old preston richards from port st. lucie. turns out, he'd found a dance
3:58 pm
partner on the floor below, an officer with the tsa. that agenn his t a break, but decided he'd give preston his all. and it turns out preston was already on a high. his mother telling us tonight, just a short time before that, he'd won a dance competition. and tonight, preel what it was like in that other dance-off with the tsa. >> i felt excited, overwhelmed that he was doing it with me. >> reporter: and tonight, preston, you've made ours. preston, you have. and so has that tsa officer, danced right along with you. i'm david muir. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow. good night.
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>> announcer: live where you live. this is abc 7 news.
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three alarm fire prompted mandatory evacuations today at awooden pallet factory in sonoma county. this is not the first time there is a fire at this location. a similar fire burned here at in 2013. i'm larry beil. >> i'm ama daetz. the fire is burning on fremont drive at the company. abc news reporter wayne friedman is live on the scene with theist latest. >> reporter: it's better than it was a while ago. let's take a look behind us here. you see the white smoke. that's still there. but earlier today we had 100 foot flames and a propane tank explosion. take a look. firefighters knew this was coming. they heard the propane boiling. helps the evacuation of 500 people within a half mile. they had no


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