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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  June 6, 2018 11:35pm-12:38am PDT

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what a fun night here on abc7. thanks for watching. i'm dan >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, mariah carey, from "tag," isla fisher, the national spelling bee champ, and music from kyle featuring kehlani. and now, don't move, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. a special welcome to those of
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you who have joined us for our special primetime show. this is our second show tonight. earlier tonight, from cleveland, we had game three of the nba finals. warriors/cavaliers. and this time they're not just playing for a title this time, they're playing for the chance to not fly back to cleveland again. so it's very exciting. you know, between the nba finals and the bachelorette there have never been more men fighting for a ring on this network. this is a double diva day for us tonight with jennifer lopez earlier and mariah carey later. [ cheers and applause ] that's exciting. first i want to mention our first lady, melania trump, who made her first tv appearance in 26 days today. melania, if you don't know, has been m.i.a. following a routine kidney procedure. her absence led to much speculation about her whereabouts, and that speculation led to this tweet. the fake news media has been so unfair and vicious to my wife and our great first lady, medical lawn yeah during her
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recovery from surgery. they reported everything from near death to facelift to left the white house and me for new york or virginia to abuse, all l fake, she's doing really well. i hadn't heard any of these rumors, by the way. [ laughter ] mai thanks for filling me in on that. by the way, tweeting the media has been unfair to melania is a ballsy move coming from a guy who hooked up with a porn star while she was breastfeeding their child. that's how he works. then because that wasn't enough, six minutes later he added, four reporters spotted melania in the white house last week walking merrily along to a meeting, they never reported the sighting because it would hurt the sick narrative that she was living in a different part of the world, was really ill, or whatever, fake news is really bad. right. let me tell you the only time we'll see melania walking merrily along any-where is to her lawyer's office to get the
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final papers signed. [ cheers and applause ] so whatever the case, she's back, being best, she accompanied the president on a visit to fema this an. if anyone d any doubts about her well-being, those were quickly put to rest. >> i'd like to sort of maybe satisfy and pay some respects to some of the people here today on the list. because we have to start with our great first lady, melania. thank you, melania. you went through a rough patch but we're very proud of her. she's done a fantastic job. the people love you. >> jimmy: hey, you know what, they look great, it's good to see them back together. this is good too. later in the meeting, the president -- roll this tape, the president for whatever reason, you see he takes his water bottle and puts it down on the floor, then mike pence does his too. it's like trumpy-see, trumpy-do.
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he's for sure a west world robot, right? this was interesting. this morning, the president announced that he's decided to commute the sentence of a nonviolent drug offender named alice marie johnson after a plea for clemency from none other than kim kardashian. this woman, johnson, she is or was serving year 21 of a life sentence for a first-time drug offense. somehow kim kardashian got wind of this and made a pilgrimage to the oval office to ask trump for help, and he did, he helped. maybe that's how we do things from now on. we send -- like quick, somebody get lisa vanderpump to the white house! to say something about health care! this is good news for a change. alice marie johnson is set to be released tonight and her homecoming will no doubt make for an unforgettable episode of "keeping up with the kardashians." [ applause ] you know what i have to say? i can't wait for her to meet rob. [ laughter ] in other kim news, we now have a
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location for the kim jong-un summit which is scheduled to happen in singapore next week. the meeting will take place at the luck sure yuls capella hotel. i did some research. i think i know why trump chose this particular hotel. it is right next to a golf course and five minutes from a kfc if you got long way. they say the summit could last as long as two days or it could last for seconds, depending upon how hot trump and kim jong-un are for each other. even though the summit hasn't happened yet, trump is reportedly considering inviting kim jong-un to mar-a-lago in florida for a follow-on. this is getting serious, they're moving on to the hometown dates? [ laughter ] with that now on the calendar, discussions are under way for another summit, this one with vladimir putin. according to vladimir putin, he said he and trump speak regularly on the phone. their conversations go like this. you hang up first. no, no, you hang up first.
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but isn't that -- the president is regularly chatting with the person who actively tried to sabotage our election. just for clarity, the president of the united states is pals now with putin and kim jong-un, and fighting with canada. hey, i do want to mention, speaking of canada, june 16th are will be playing basketball against noted canadian ted cruz. he's a senator from texas. he challenged me to a game after i compared him to a blobfish. fairly, i thought. [ laughter ] i accepted his challenge. now we're still hammering out the details. but i have some ground rules. i came up with some ground rules that i hope he will accept. so here they are. number one, no kisses longer than 12 seconds. okay? number two, at no point during play will ted be allowed to transform into a cloud of bats. rule number three, i'll be playing against ted and ted alone, he cannot get any help from soldiers in his goblin army. number four, every time ted uses
11:42 pm
a line from the simpsons he loses a point. senator cruz will be allowed no more than three pornography breaks. [ audience booing ] if we can agree on those, i think we'll be in very good shape. [ cheers and applause ] that will be happening june 16th in houston, texas, at a venue tbd. have that note rised, will you? i have another battle in front of me tonight. we have the tradition on this show that goes back i think to colonial times. every year we invite the winner of the scripps national spelling bee to spell against me. this year's winner is a 14-year-old named carthic nemeny. here's the winning word. >> c-o-eye-n-o-n-i-a. >> that's where coins come from. how does he know that word?
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of all the fun things that come along winning spelling bee there ar lot of the them, this is what carthic is most excited about. >> what's the coolest thing about winning? >> i get to go on jimmy kimmel with guillermo. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: so he's excited to be here. we're excited to have him. so what we're going to do is we're going to take a break. when we come back, we're going to see what this kid has. it's me versus a 14-year-old in the 15th annual "jimmy kimmel live spelling bee" so spc around. [ cheers and applause ] spoes spoes it's pretty amazing out there. the world is full of more possibilities than ever before. and american express has your back every step of the way- whether it's the comfort of knowing help is just a call away with global assist.
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>> jimmy: welcome back to the show. mariah carey, isla fisher, music from kyle with kehlani is on the way. it's time for one of my favorite traditions on the show, our 15th annual battle of the brains between me and the winner of the scripps national spelling bee. he is 14 years old, his name is karthik. >> i'm proud to award this championship trophy to karthik manani from mccarthy, texas. >> jimmy: it's a spelling bee, not a dance battle. that said, please welcome from scoggins middle school in mckinney, texas, kathic manani! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we're glad you're here. 14 years old. what grade are you in, karthik? >> i was in eighth but i'm going to ninth next year. >> jimmy: you're going into ninth. how does it feel to be a champion? >> it feels good. and it was a dream come true for
11:49 pm
me to win. >> jimmy: was it really a dream come true? [ cheers and applause ] i know how you feel because you're not the only champion on this stage. when i was about your age, i was the seventh and eighth grade school spelling bee champion. that's me. me in the flannel. this is before we had spell check too. how much money did you win for winning the bee? >> $40,000. >> jimmy: $40,000. that's a lot of money. what are you going to do with that money? do you have an idea? >> save it for college. >> jimmy: oh, you don't need to -- oh. you know what you should do? blow it on candy, that would be fun, right? all right, you ready to do this? okay, good, i'm glad you're here. first of all, i'm going to introduce the team. our judge tonight is my cousin sal, who despite the fact that -- [ applause ] despite the fact that we are related and he also works for me, has in no way rigged this contest to favor me, correct?
11:50 pm
>> sal: hell no. >> jimmy: let's bring out our official word pronouncer and our spelling bee, guillermo, come on in. [ cheers and applause ] nobody better. guillermo's in charge of the words. are you ready to read some words to us, guillermo? >> guillermo: ready, jimmy. >> jimmy: have you been practicing at all? >> guillermo: yes, a lot. >> jimmy: a lot, okay, good. all right, all right. let's do this. >> sal: first up, the champion from scoggins middle school in mckinney, texas, karthik munami! guillermo, please read karthik's first word. >> guillermo: hirachi. >> can you please repeat the word? >> guillermo: hi rchrachi. >> may i have the definition?
11:51 pm
>> guillermo: it as word from the dictionary. [ laughter ] >> uh -- may i have the origin? >> guillermo: mexico. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: not yours, of the word. >> guillermo: no, the word. >> jimmy: the word, okay. >> can you please repeat the word? >> guillermo: hirachi. >> hirachi. >> guillermo: that's what i said. >> >> sal: we can't accept that i'm sorry, is word is hierarchy. next up, from kenny guinn jr. high school in las vegas, nevada, two-time champion in seventh and eighth grade, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] read jimmy's word.
11:52 pm
>> guillermo: ginomi. >> jimmy: can you repeat that, please? >> guillermo: ginomi. >> jimmy: ginomi, hm. can you use it in a sentence, please? >> guillermo: guillermo just say the word "ginomi." >> sal: he did. >> guillermo: i did, two times. >> jimmy: ginomi. >> guillermo: ginomi. >> jimmy: i'm going to take a shot. g-e-n-o-m-e. >> sal: no close, the word is gnome. really close. all right, it's 0-0. let's see if karthik, if karthik can get on the board. >> guillermo: come on, champion. >> jimmy: learn to speak english, you little ginomi! >> sal: no badgering the bee, j., come on. >> guillermo: rentespose.
11:53 pm
>> glendesbuse? >> guillermo: i'm going to say it again. rentesmentbose. - >>rendezvous. >> sal: yes, on the board. the charge leads 1-0. jimmy, can you even things up? >> jimmy: well done, karthik. rendezvous. >> guillermo: souplay. >> jimmy: what? >> guillermo: souplay. >> jimmy: souffle? >> guillermo: souplay. >> jimmy: can you use that in a sentence, please? >> guillermo: have you seen my souplay? >> jimmy: i think this might an wrestling term. is it s-u-p-l-e-x?
11:54 pm
>> sal: no, subtle. the word is actually subtle. [ applause ] all right, karthik, looking to take the 2-0 lead. what's his word? >> jimmy: karthik speaks guillermo, who would have ever thought. >> guillermo: come on, cart-gee. poreposee. >> may i have the definition? >> guillermo: i forgot. poreposse. >> p-o-r- >> guillermo: wow. >> sal: jimmy? >> jimmy: we'd be better off if we had a porpoise doing this. the reading of these words. >> sal: this is an uphill battle. >> jimmy: yeah, i'm down 2-0.
11:55 pm
>> sal: give him one more word, please. >> guillermo: chows. >> sal: that's it, jimmy has submitted, the winner is karthik! congratulations! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: karthik, i feel like -- look at that. [ cheers and applause ] karthik, i don't know. i have no idea how you're going to get that trophy home. but congratulations. i feel like somehow there is a conspiracy here against us. karthik is our spelling bee champion. and you're going home with this trophy. i guess you can put this in the overhead bin on the way home. and an x-box 1 courtesy of us. [ cheers and applause ] congratulations, karthik. there's the spelling bee champion. tonight on the show, music from
11:56 pm
kyle and kehlani. isla fisher is here and we'll be right back with mariah carey. >> dicky: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by, your go-to resource for everything fishing and boating!
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welcome back to the show. tonight, from the new movie "tag," isla fisher is here. then later, the album is called "light of mine," kyle featuring kehlani from the mercedes-benz stage. [ cheers and applause ] that's kyle, not kehlani. we have another double-header on friday night. we'll be in primetime for game four of the nba finals with ryan gosling. and we'll have a new show at our regular time with billy bob thornton, hannibal burress and aloe blacc. please join us for all of that. [ cheers and applause ] our first guest tonight is one of the best-selling recording artists of all time. starting july 5th, she brings a new show to caesar's palace in las vegas called "the butterfly returns." she plays the butterfly. please welcome mariah carey. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
12:02 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you've got some hard-core fans here. >> wow. >> jimmy: you must get this a lot. i mean, when you look out at these people -- [ cheers and applause ] >> it's an exceptionally great crowd. >> jimmy: exceptionally great. >> thank you. >> jimmy: do you recognize any faces that are on a watch list or anything like that? how are you doing? >> i'm doing well. >> jimmy: thanks for coming, it's great to have you here. >> thank you. you know what i just saw on the way here? >> jimmy: what? >> our picture in the bathtub together. >> jimmy: yes, that is right, we have a photo. >> i don't have that at home. >> jimmy: we'll get you one of them for your house.
12:03 am
would you put that up in your house? >> i would have to explain it to the kids. >> jimmy: we are fully -- pretty much clothed. >> fully clothed in the tub that would be okay. >> jimmy: i think that would be okay. although maybe they'll get the idea they can get in the tub fully clothed. >> i sometimes go swimming with my clothes on because i'm too lazy to put on a bathing suit. so they thought that was something they should do. they tend to sometimes jump in the pool with their clothes on and i have to explain to the nannies, sorry, you'll have to change them, and i'll help, it's my fault. >> jimmy: hey, that's the nanny's problem, you know? >> sorry. >> jimmy: do you do homework with the kids? >> i have. they're only in first grade, so it's not -- i mean, that's about the level i'll have to stop. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: were you a good student yourself? >> no. >> jimmy: you were not. what about spelling? was that one of your -- >> i saw you spell. and i was impressed because i'm luckify can spell my own name. >> jimmy: for real? >> it took me a minute but i've learned there is an "h" on the
12:04 am
end of it. >> jimmy: let's go through some more. >> no, no, why, abuse, abusive. >> jimmy: the word rhythm. that's a tricky word but it's one that you probably have -- comes up in your life a lot. do you houn to spell rhythm? >> can you speak it into your phone? then it will auto correct it automatically. [ laughter ] and that as well has an "h" in it. >> jimmy: in a way you don't need to know how to spell anymore, it's really kind of sad. >> i never did so i'm good with it. as a songwriter, i can write it down and spell it my own way and take creative license. >> jimmy: let me ask you about writing songs. are you writing songs right now? >> yes, i was working -- [ cheers and applause ] oh, it's so good to just be back in the studio, being in a creative environment. >> jimmy: do you have a studio in your home? >> yeah. >> jimmy: you, do that's great. what's your process as far as writing songs goes? >> well, okay. so last night i was not at the home studio. the thing about that is the kids will be like, so they're twins, they just turned 7. and they get it.
12:05 am
like that's what i do. you know, i go to studio. they actually recorded a song, no one's heard it yet. >> jimmy: they did? >> yeah. >> jimmy: oh, wow. are they talented singers? >> they're definitely talented. definitely talented. they're very unique kids and they're super smart. >> jimmy: i bet. wow. so they're recording music already. did they write the song? >> i wrote the song but they were -- my daughter was like, i really need to get back in the studio. [ laughter ] like, are you me? anyway. they came to the studio last night, they went to get ice cream. and i worked until like 5:00 in the morning. because i was writing with a friend of mine. >> jimmy: until dive:00 in the morning. >> then living with it afterwards. i'm going to go back after this and finish. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: back to the kids. what is the -- kurts the title of the song you wrote with the kids? >> their names are moroccan and monroe, we call them rock 'n' roll, i've been calling it "rock
12:06 am
'n' roll." i don't know, i got creative again. >> jimmy: is that something you'll ever release that song? >> i don't know, i'll have to talk it over with nick, see how he feels about it. i would be very angry if he released a song without asking me. sorry, nick. >> jimmy: all parents, when they're split and their kids release a song -- >> it happens, it happens, you know. >> jimmy: so when you're writing music, are you writing it on paper? are you sitting at a piano? how does it work? >> if we're working on just like specifically just like a piano vocal type song, the last one i did, i'm not going to say the title, because i want to surprise my real fans when the album's out. so it's a piano ballad. i sat with my musical director daniel moore, we listen to things that inspire us both. >> jimmy: can you tell us what you heard, songs that were inspiring? >> chord changes were not typical. it's hard to be like -- i don't want to reference something that's an album and expect you
12:07 am
do know it. >> jimmy: i see. >> i mean, of my own stuff, more an obscure type of a thing. but anyway. >> jimmy: when you write the lyrics down -- >> with that song. >> jimmy: do you save the paper that you originally -- do you say, oh this might be a memento, i will keep this forever? >> i do. and that's -- here's the thing. most people write in their phones now. if i'm cowriting with somebody and everybody's on their phone, i'm like, i don't want to be on my phone, if i'm in the middle of writing a lyric and trying to listen to the track, then someone's going to distract me by texting me. >> jimmy: suddenly that's part of your song. >> exactly. it could be something inspiring. but i do have a -- i were in a book. people give me books, one time, a long time ago, because i don't have birthdays, i only have anniversaries so it doesn't count. [ cheers and applause ] you can borrow that if you want one day. >> jimmy: do you get cake for the anniversaries? >> i can have a morsel. >> jimmy: i like a cake. >> yeah. >> jimmy: i'm going to stick with birthdays, myself.
12:08 am
>> you could have whatever you wanted to on your anniversary. >> jimmy: i see. >> i was going to say, there was a party the last birthday party, my 21st, whatever, cinyndi laup gave me a book that i ended up writing all my lyrics for the album "music box." [ cheers and applause ] and i have the book somewhere. so thank you, miss lauper. >> jimmy: is cindy laup area friend of yours? >> i haven't seen her in a really long time and i was always a fan of hers, amazing vocals. >> jimmy: she's one of the most amazing underrated singers of all-time. she's also one of those people, you heard her sing, really sing, it was the same kind of reaction we had when we first really heard you sing. it was like, oh my goodness, where did this -- how did this happen? this is like a miraculous voice. [ cheers and applause ] which one of the kids is the better singer? [ laughter ] >> i can't say that they're going to watch this. my son is like a technological
12:09 am
genius. by the way he ordered a dog the other day. >> jimmy: what? >> he went with his father and like -- because i have to control them with ipads. literally he charged $5,000 on something. >> jimmy: no he didn't! >> yeah he did, he figures everything out, like let me do it. i'm like, you're 6 years old. the other night he apparently was with nick, he ordered a dog. and nick called and they called him and he was like -- they were like, your dog is ready. he's like, i didn't order a damn dog. >> jimmy: you can order dogs online? this amazon is unbelievable. >> we have enough dogs at this point. >> jimmy: wow. has the dog arrived or did you cancel the dog? >> the dog's been canceled. [ laughter ] we have dogs. they have pets. they have fish and everything they need. >> jimmy: oh my goodness. i have about 10,000 questions. we're going to take a break. mariah carey is here. [ cheers and applause ] "the butterfly returns" opens july 5 in this vegas. we'll be right back. . honestly... we should've used a condom but we got distracted.
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12:16 am
>> jimmy: will you not do any number one hits in this one? >> no number one hits at all. >> jimmy: that would be a good title. >> that's a gilling gimmick, tt could work. i appreciate everybody who came to see the show when it was just number ones. there were 18 -- it was a long show. like -- but i was like living my life, like while performing, speciousing that. >> jimmy: did you do that in chronological order? >> i did, i did. some of the fans' favorite songs are not the number one songs. it might be number two. oh my gosh. what do we do? i'm going to have more freedom with the set lists and be able to interact with fans and see what songs they want to hear. >> jimmy: how will you interact with them? social media or will there an wheel or will you poll people? >> i think perhaps a bit of both. i like the wheel idea. >> jimmy: will you take requests? >> i am. >> jimmy: you will. [ cheers and applause ] will you do any -- will you do
12:17 am
cover songs, some of your favorite songs that aren't necessarily your own songs? >> hm, probably not. [ laughter ] i mean, where's the fun in that? no, no, i've done that and that's worked. if i were to do a cover i'd probably do one of the ones that i did. >> jimmy: that you've already covered, i see. that sounds like a lot. lionel richie is a friend of yours, correct? >> yes. >> jimmy: he's performing in las vegas as well. >> okay. yeah. and we did a tour together. >> jimmy: you did a tour together. >> yeah. we ended up bumping into each other everywhere we went. >> jimmy: is it true that you told him not to do "american idol" when he was thinking about whether or not he should judge it? >> if i didn't, i should have. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] i'm sorry. i don't know, why, is he doing it? is it going well for him? >> jimmy: yeah, he's doing it. you guys must be really tight. >> we're tight when we're on the same stage, you know. he's a great person, he's a legend. >> jimmy: and you're up all night, he probably wakes up at 6:00 in the morning.
12:18 am
>> do you think so? i don't know. >> jimmy: i think lionel probably wakes up pretty early. >> he's doing well for himself. >> jimmy: he's on the ceiling and all that stuff. so this show, again, it starts july 5th at caesar's palace -- >> can i clarify? interrupting my own promotion. >> jimmy: go ahead. >> i just -- i wasn't saying that lionel wouldn't be a great judge. i was just saying, i didn't have the world's best experience. >> jimmy: oh, i think everybody got that. [ laughter ] >> oh, okay. just in case. people like to interpret things. >> jimmy: people do take things out of -- what was the worst part about being a judge on "american idol"? [ laughter ] >> i'll tell you the best part was some of the memes that we got. >> jimmy: memes were good? >> yeah. like the meme -- it was a bleep experience, we don't have to go back there, but there was some good hairstyles. we'll stick to the positive. my hairstyles. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: let's go back -- >> everybody else's were great too, yay.
12:19 am
>> jimmy: we were talking during a commercial break and this audience is very, very, very interested in -- >> thank you for talking about the show. because i should be saying thank you, i see the merchandise you guys are wearing -- >> jimmy: they are wearing the merch. some of it's bootlegged, though. [ laughter ] >> is it really? well, i appreciate that anyway. >> jimmy: there's some junk from hawaii out there right now. but you have a special something for our audience here tonight? >> i do. i was hoping that you guys would be interested in coming to the show. [ cheers and applause ] i wanted to give everybody tickets in the audience. yay! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you, mariah. "the butterfly returns" opens july 5th at caesars palace in las vegas. mariah carey, everybody! we'll be right back with isla fisher.
12:20 am
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>>. >> jimmy: hi there, welcome back to the show. still to come, kyle featuring kehlani. our next guest was born in omar, raised in scotland and australia, married a borat from kazakhstan. her new movie is "tag." it opens in theaters a week from friday. please welcome isla fisher. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: those hard to walk in? >> yes, can you tell? i think i got into them too early. i put them on an hour and a half ago so my tees -- toes. >> jimmy: you wanted to get into them. >> i was enthusiastic to see you. >> jimmy: thank you, i'm excited to see you. >> and mariah carey. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: are you a big mariah
12:26 am
fan? >> i am. i actually got to go backstage and meet her. [ cheers and applause ] and i don't want to brag, but she did say that we could go on a play date. because we have kids the same age. >> jimmy: oh, really. oh, wow. she likes to let her kids swim in the pool with their clothes on. >> i've got to get my kids ball gowns. >> jimmy: you grew up in australia primarily. >> yes. >> jimmy: what was the first concert you ever went to see? >> i actually -- i went with my brothers to see the red hot chili peppers. >> jimmy: that's a good one. >> yes. but we couldn't afford three tickets. we had to save up to get one ticket. my brother daniel went first. and he gave his ticket over. then he climbed to the top and basically -- where the stadium is, then tucked it into his shoe, threw his shoe over the fence to me. so then i had the ticket. and i got to go through next. and then i went back upstairs and found my brother daniel. i put the ticket back in his shoe. but i'm a terrible shot. i threw the shoe at the fence.
12:27 am
and it gets stuck. so my little brother eddie never saw the red hot chili peppers. >> jimmy: poor eddie. >> and my brother denny saw the concert with one shoe. >> jimmy: oh, boy. security, they weren't suspicious when you came -- walked into the concert with a single shoe in your hand? >> no, i put it in my backpack. >> see, okay, that's the way to go. you come from a family of swindlers, basically? >> yes, yes. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: where do they all live now? >> they all live in greece. they live on an island, cyros. we have these youth hostels, i think americans call them, we call them backpackers, they have them in athens and it's really fun. >> jimmy: they run them? >> they run them. they have a sports bar, a laundromat, a bunch of these big buildings that young people stay at when they're traveling. >> jimmy: do you ever stay in the youth hostel? >> no. but i do feel like every time i go, i really want to work and help out, but i'm the worst at it. >> jimmy: you're asked to? are you asked to work and help out? or you want to pitch in? >> i want to pitch in.
12:28 am
but then i always get shafted. and my brothers give me the night shift on reception. where you have to work the computers. >> jimmy: for real? >> yes. >> jimmy: people walk into a youth hostel and you're there working the counter? >> yes, and they don't know my mom owns it so they think my career's over. [ laughter ] she's not doing movies anymore. then i fall asleep. the worst when is i have to work the bar. i can never -- like at some point, the till usually malfunctions. and then somebody will ask for something, a white russian or something i don't know what it is, so then i make some cocktail and they'll give me 20 euros and i'll go, there is your change, 20 euros. i gave it back because i can't open the till and i'm too embarrassed and stupid to admit. >> jimmy: and you're not making them the drink that they ordered, sounds like. >> no. >> jimmy: it seems fair they would get it for free. you must be very popular. most bartenders who give the drinks away really do well. >> i can barely see over the bar, i'm not popular, i'm
12:29 am
telling you right now. >> jimmy: this movie is really funny. i saw it today. and it's crazy that it is based on -- >> true story. >> jimmy: a very silly premise, but it's based on a true story. >> did you ever play tag as a kid? >> jimmy: of course, yeah. >> what other games did you do? >> jimmy: all the games. i was a fun-loving child. [ laughter ] >> you still are. >> jimmy: but as an adult i'm not playing tag. maybe with my kids every once in a while. >> hide-and-seek. >> jimmy: you get over tag when you're an adult. except these guys. >> that's the premise of the movie. here are these guys that still do it, they do it through the month of may every year. and they do it for 30 years. they're childhood friends. the high jinks they get up to surpass anything we do in the movie. >> jimmy: they sneak up on each other? >> yes, they dress as mascots as games, jump out of the boot. and the wives, i play ed helms' wife, and the wives are equally sort of -- they're zealots about the game too. and they do all sorts of things.
12:30 am
it's a really -- it's a really funny movie. >> jimmy: it is a really funny movie and i can't believe -- when you tell me what they do in real life is more extreme than what happens in the movie, it makes me think that these men should be institutionalized. maybe imprisoned. [ laughter ] did you meet these actual guys? >> i'm supposed to meet them tonight at jeremy renner's house. he's having a party to get us together. >> jimmy: jeremy renner unless the movie, the greatest of the tag players. >> correct. >> jimmy: i didn't know you could be good at tag. jeremy renner's character is very good. >> correct, he broke both his arms on the first day of shooting. >> jimmy: i heard that. first day? >> yeah. he just carried on. he didn't even stop for a moment. he would just -- when they said rolling -- >> jimmy: what an imbecile. [ laughter ] i mean, wow what a brave guy! [ laughter ] so he had broken arms and no casts the whole time? >> no, he would peel this cast off on rolling, and action do the same, floppy spaghetti arms.
12:31 am
>> jimmy: what? that would be a good movie, "floppy spaghetti arms." well, it's very good to see you. the movie is very funny," tag" opens in theaters one week from friday. isla fisher, everybody! be right back with music from kyle and kehlani too! >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
12:32 am
12:33 am
>> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> jimmy: thanks to mariah carey and isla fisher. apologies to matt damon, we ran out of time. this is his album "light of mine." here with the song "playin' wit me" with help from kehlani, kyle! ♪ girl why are you playin' wit' me girl who are you playin' wit' ♪ ♪ you been on that new stuff hey okay i been on the same-ish whoo ♪ ♪ girl why are you playin' wit' me ♪ ♪ i don't got the time
12:34 am
for that might need me a refund i'ma need that time back ♪ ♪ you say you'll try i've heard that line a thousand times before i'm not sad ♪ ♪ i'm not cryin' if you mad that's fine but i think that ♪ ♪ i should go yeah why you tryna play me you bein' a different you and i'm bein' the same me ♪ ♪ you coulda had gucci but now that's old navy and your homegirl wanna date me ♪ ♪ she shady baby girl why are you playin' wit' me girl who are you ♪ ♪ playin' wit' you been on that new stuff i been on the same [ bleep ] girl why are you playin' ♪ ♪ wit' me i don't got no time for that might need me a refund yeah i'ma need that time back ♪ ♪ damn why are you playin' wit' me you don't even like girls ha so i need you ♪
12:35 am
♪ to tell me baby what you want just like the spice girls it's confusin' ♪ ♪ 'cause you're flirty but you ain't gon' be the one to say you ever did me dirty i got pride for that ♪ ♪ pay no mind to that but believe me if it's fire i'll make time for that i'll be faithful ♪ ♪ johnny cash walk the line for that otherwise i'll just be single and i'm fine with that ♪ ♪ haha girl why are you playin' wit' me girl ♪ ♪ who are you playin' wit' you been on that new stuff and i been on that same [ muted ] ♪ ♪ girl why are you playin' wit' me i ain't got no time for that might need me a refund ♪ ♪ 'cause i'ma need that time back girl why are you playin' wit' me ♪ ♪ girl who are you playin' wit' girl why are you playin' wit' me ♪ ♪ girl who are you playin' wit'
12:36 am
girl who are you playin' with yeah ♪ ♪ who yeah yeah ♪ i been on the same [ muted ] ♪ girl why are you playing with me ♪ girl who are you playin' wit' you been on that new stuff and i been on ♪ ♪ i been on the same [ muted ] ♪ girl why are you playin' wit' me i don't got no time ♪ ♪ for that might need me a refund i'ma need that time back yeah ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ girl who are you playing wit ♪
12:37 am
this is "nightline." >> tonight, sidelined. eagles team leaders speaking out after being disinvited from their own super bowl celebration with the president. some by not speaking at all. >> are you not going to say anything today? >> the white house accusing the players of staging a political stunt. >> the eagles are the ones that tried to change their commitment at the 11th hour. >> what's really behind the growing friction between the president and the nfl? plus out of the ash. after the devastating eruptions in guatemala, a searing-hot cloud of ash enveloping entire towns. rescue workers racing against the clock, desperate to find life. at least 99


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