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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  June 8, 2018 3:30pm-3:59pm PDT

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>> tonight the stunning death of anthony bourdain. the celebrity chef, writer and tv star taking his own life in france. one friend saying he had been in a dark mood recently. tonight the tributes pouring in. president trump arriving late to the g-7 and planning to leave early. the president posing for pictures right next to the allies he bashed hours earlier. now he says he's focused meeting. the woman missing in florida. search teams on the scene tonight. this beating caught on camera. facing more allegations of abuse. now two officers accused of a
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violent take down of a echief's. could muhammad ali be next on the pardon list? why the champ's team is saying thanks but no thanks. >> good evening on this friday night. on cecilia vega here for david. we begin with the shocking death of the man who touched so many of our lives. the man who teamed to live his life to the limit. anthony bourdain showed us the world. sitting down for a meal with stramg strangers. last seen in france shooting a new episode of his show. it was there in france a close friend found him dead this morning of suicide. linsey davis starts us you have. >> reporter: whether on a motor bike in vietnam few people have
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been as effective of demonstrating the power of food and its ability to unite us as anthony bourdain. >> back in vietnam. one of my favorite places on earth. >> reporter: it appeared to be business as usual. this photo shows him in france working on an upcoming episode. it was this morning the 61-year-old was found hanging from a room in his hotel. his friend found him. his mother gladys telling his friend he had been in a doork mood, but he is the last person in the world i would imagine doing this. he had everything. success beyond his wildest dreams. tributes pouring in among them bourdain's girlfriend. just this week he posted a video
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with her dancing in congress congress appearing happy. when president obama made his visit to vietnam in 2016 he sat down for lunch with bourdain. >> you have to walk me through this. >> reporter: today president obama tweeted he taught us about food, but more importantly its ability to bring us together. we'll miss him. bourdain struggled with and beat a heroin and cocaine addiction. despite savoring of success, he opened up about depression. >> i would like to be happy. i should be happy. i like to look out the window and say life is good. >> and you don't? >> no. >> reporter: today bourdain is being remembered for nourishing souls all around the world.
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>> incredible deal. so happy. >> reporter: simply by pulling up a chair trying something new and breaking bread together. >> linsey davis joins us now live. this is the second high profile suicide this week. of course designer kate spade. now anthony bourdain. the cdc is out with new numbers that suicide are up over the last two decades. you have some encouraging news tonight. >> yeah. i want to give you one more statistic. the national suicide prevention life line says calls are up 25% in the last few days. they're saying they believe more people are asking for help because of increased awareness. that number is again 18002738255. people are standing by right now to help. >> we cannot repeat that enough. thank you. such an important message. all of us want to under score
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there is help. please reach help if someone you love is in crisis. you are not alone ever. next to canada. president trump at the g-7 coming face-to-face with the very allies smeies he spent spet bashing. he's calling for russia to be in vie invited back bo the mix. president trump arrived late and plans to leave early. david wright is there. >> reporter: today as the leaders posed for the traditional family photo president trump was all smiles. make no mistake this is a disfunctional family. >> european union treats us unfairly, canada and mexico. >> reporter: the president attacked some of america's close
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allies he called for the g-7 to be the g-8 again. >> russia should be in this meeting. >> reporter: russia was expelled from the group in 2014 after it illegally that suggestion didn't go over well. the others are fuming on trump's new tariffs on steel and aluminum. justin trudeau bristled. >> the idea that we are somehow a national security threat to the quite is quite frankly insulting and unacceptable. >> reporter: trump tried to diffuse the tension with a joke. >> justin agreed to temper tall trade barrys. >> reporter: relations are also strained with the president of france. macron suggesting he may be able to give up on trump.
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the american president may not mind being isolated. don't mind signing a six country agreement if need be. no leader is eternal. >> they're not holding back. david wright joins us. as we reported president trump leaves canada tomorrowi morning earlier than expected and before the meeting comes to a close. >> that's right he's skipping out on the discussion of climate change, another issue that puts him at odds with the group. he said he's eager to get to singapore. from canada the president heads to singapore for the meeting with kim jong-un. he said he's flying with 16 boxes of material to read. martha raddatz has more from seoul, south korea. >> reporter: just yesterday president trump said he didn't need to prepare much for his sitdown with kim jong-un. >> it's about attitude, it's about willingness to get things
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done. >> reporter: today a different message. >> i always believe in preparation. but i've been preparing all my life. >> reporter: the white house releasing pictures of the president huddling with secretary of state mike pompeo in the situation room and kim jong-un has been preparing, too. singapore will be the farthest he's traveled as leader. he'll likely be surrounded by his squad of highly trained bodyguards hand picked, not only for loyalty but physical appearance. no blemishes allowed. men reportedly separated from their families at an early age to dedicate themselves to the supreme leader. his drive to build a nuclear weapon capable of hitting the united states has been swift and shocking. but the biggest surprise, his skill on the world stage. hand in hand with south korea's president at the dmz.
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>> i think he wants to see something incredible happen. >> reporter: of course the biggest test is yet to come, when kim jong-un goes face to face with donald trump. >> march martha raddatz joining us from seoul. what are you learning? >> all those details are so important. they're going down to the wire trying to figure it out. with these two unpredictable leaders you never know what's going to happen. >> you never do. martha will join david when "world news tonight" airs from singapore on sunday. president trump also revealing new details about the first lady's health today. mrs. trump isn't traveling with him after a medical procedure for what the white house said was a benign kidney condition. >> she has to -- she wanted to go. can't fly for one the doctors say. she had a big operation. it was close to a four-hour operation.
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she' seen for the first time this week after three weeks ut of the public's eye. we move to florida while walking her dogs. here's erielle reshef. >> tonight south florida authorities continue their search for a woman that vanished. the fear she may have been killed by a 12-foot gator. >> i want pistols out. >> reporter: authorities pulling one of the reptiles from these murky waters later finding a human arm inside the animal. around 9:45 friday the woman spotted by a witness at the lake with her dogs before disappearing. that witness calls 911 to report
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the dogs alone. >> the witness spotted a large alligator. >> reporter: police arriving to find one of the dogs with a fresh wound. the cdc reports only 11 related gator dates in two decades florida wildlife officials warn never walk with children or small pets near small bodies wait water. cecelia. >> thank you. we want to turn next to arizona police department under fire for an alleged pattern of abuse. a new case coming to light. the first incident this week showing police officers punching an unarmed man. tonight body came footage shows the questionable treatment of a 15-year-old boy. >> reporter: facing growing outrage over a string of violent take downs the police chief offering two independent
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investigationings of the department's use of force. >> let me be crystal clear. i'm angry and i'm deeply disappointed by what i saw in those videos. it's unacceptable. it needs to stop immediately. >> reporter: the police department promising change. >> these investigations will shine a glaring light. >> reporter: overnight two more officers put on administrative leave after this video was released. >> you try and move one more time i'm going to [ bleep ] you up. >> reporter: the officers claim he has a again. he's unarmed. >> where's the gun? >> no gun! >> reporter: police say the weapon was later found in a backpack nearby. another five officers are on administrative leave after robert johnson's arrest.
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police moving in after he refuses to sit down. then taking him to the ground. >> we want these officers fired. these officers beat my client in the head. this is terrible. >> reporter: as these investigations continue there are calls for greater accountability and cecelia better training for the city's officers. >> marcus, thank you. president trump is focusing on his power to pardon telling reporters he has thousands more names on his list. they're not all celebrities. there is one name he's thinking about. muhammad ali. as pierre thomas reports he can reporter: today the president clearly refling in his power to pardon and signaling he's ready to use it. >> we are looking at literally thousands of names. >> reporter: tossing out the name of one of thell time, the late muhammad ali was convicted of draft evasion.
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>> i will not go 10,000 miles from here to help murder and kill. >> reporter: and stripped of his boxing title. >> he was not very popular then. his memory is very popular now. >> reporter: not so fast. ali's conviction was overturned by the u.s. court nearly 50 years ago. ali's attorney releasing a statement thanniking the presidt for the sentiment saying the pardon is unnecessary. it comes two days after the president commuted the sentence of alice johnson serving life for a nonviolent drug attempt. >> i want to tnk donald trump. >> reporter: the president saying more prisoners without famous names could see their sentence cut short. >> i would get more thrill out of pardoning people nobody knows. >> reporter: he also addressed
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the nfl players -- >> i'm going to ask them to recommend to me people unfairly treated, friends of theirs or people they know. >> reporter: he boasted he has the pardon to power himself if necessary. >> i have the right to pardon myself but i'll never have to do it. >> pierce thomas joins us from washington. the president's critics say he's using these pardons to send a message to those tied up in russia investigation. today there were breaking developments from the special counsel. >> tonight form trump campaign manager paul manafort facing more pressure. he and a business associate who said have ties to russian intelligence are being charged with obstruction of skrjustice. >> thank you. still much more ahead on "world news tonight." the deadly crash, the vehicle slamming into a starbuck's. news about that driver. kidnapped at birth.
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sentencing day for the woman who posed as a nurse and stole the baby. the judge's m two volcanos the stunning images from hawaii tonight.
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now introducing aleve back and muscle pain. depend® fit-flex underwear only aleve targets tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve back & muscle. all day strong. all day long. next tonight sentencing day for a woman who kidnapped a newborn girl. the judge said there are no winners. here's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: judgment day for a woman who kidnapped a baby 20 years ago from a hospital. >> she will serve 18 years in the florida prison. there are no winners or no losers in this case. >> reporter: in 1998 gloria williams posed as a nurse and walked out of the maternity room raising her for 18 years. kamiyah still telling us he
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loves williams. >> i will always love her. >> i never meant to hurt you or cause you any harm, any pain. >> reporter: kamiyah's biological parents eager to move forward. >> we can continue on our journey of healing together. >> reporter: as for kamiyah she was not in court. her lawyer said this has been a difficult day. she's processing what it means for the woman she knows as mother to receive an 18-year prison sentence. when we come back the deadly crash into a starbuck's customers scrambling and america's newest millionaire. well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe. so my doctor said... symbicort can help you breathe better. starting within 5 minutes. it doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms.
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critical condition. police say that driver may have suffered a medical condition. in gaut ma la the volcano fire forcing evacuations. the death toll rising. 109 people killed. 200 still missing. in hawaii kilauea demolishing 600 homes and destroying green lake. america's newest millionaire cannot believe his luck. >> my heart goes boom boom boom. >> he's from little ferry, new jersey coming forward to collect is $315 million pay out. he said my day came and hopefully it will for you too. we hope so. when we come back the 2-year-old ballerina and her dad leaping into action. feel the clarity of
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2-year-old ballerina too scared to dance. so dad to the rescue. here's steve osunsami. ♪ >> reporter: what parent hasn't been here before. that's a screaming child to the left of the stage in the middle of the dress rehearsal for a
3:58 pm
dance recital. she's not having it. they get her back up and -- her name is bella. she's 2 years old and lives in bermuda. when she grows up she'll treasure this video forever. they're rushing to find her father and rush him on stage. that's what it took to break the spell. 39-year-old mark daniels is a lawyer and not a dancer. daddy clearly knows the choreography and loves his children. i told her i love her he tells us. i told her she's an amazing dancer. ♪ steve osunsami abc news. >> thank you for watching on this friday. i'm >> announcer: live, where you live. this is abc 7 news.
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we know we're in a great spot right now. ge teearris have sweep the cavaliers to earn the third title. >>orracle the storm as fans get ready to file in for the watch party. good afternoon and thank youorai e i h a 3-0 deficit to n. they capturewi the title. we havh. the warriors want to finish this thing tonight. >> absuttioned nomeely. a 3-0 h until the warriors difficult.
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the weariers have have had to w with the opportunity to sweep in front of them t kerr was asked about what was on his mind he remain seven. >>ed don't mess around. let's play a great i'm havingmg 48 minutes of focus and intensity to get where we want to get to. 48 minutes to win a champion, lo opportunity. >> reporter: well theok warrior were


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