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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  June 8, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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no team had overcome the 3-1 until the warriors did. . the warriors now it would be difficult but not how difficult. the weariers have have had to overcome double digits in four of the last five games to pick up the win. with the opportunity to sweep in front of them they want to seize it. but when steve kerr was asked about what was on his mind he remained his low-key seven. >> we're in a great position. don't mess around. let's play a great game. and that i'm having two eggs over medium for breng fast. >> it's great to be up three games. but 48 minutes of focus and intensity to get where we want to get to. 48 minutes to win a champion, looking forward to the opportunity. >> reporter: well the warriors were up 3 games to none in the
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last years nba finals when the cavs put a whooping on them on this court. the warriors remember that and they want to get the swep that they did not accomplish last year. reporting live from quicken loans. abc 7 sports. >> you're right kyrie i needing had 40 in that game they don't have him anymore. this may be lebron james last game wearing a cavs uniform. not much worry with the warriors fans. there are some cavs fans who flew in from europe. >> these fans are die hard. we have fan zone in full wing. the fans from far and wide and the party is in full swing. i got to tell you the warriors fans no matter where they come from they have no anxiety. they do believe the sweep is going to happen .cavs fans even the ones from europe we spoke
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with they say no matter what happens they're just blessed to be here and here for the experience. >> curry thompson, durant. >> we ran into a lot of warrior fans from across the country. places like chicago and new york and even small town alabama. they're making game four a family affair. >> i think we have a good chance of sweeping them and that le brown is going to fight until the end. but otherwise, we're going to win. see cavs by a lot of points and the warriors coming back like lat nieft. >> give me another one. >> these friends from chicago all cavs fan except for one. >> they some bums. warriors fans all i know. that's all i know. but them i had to come with them just to let them know they can't sleep tonight. >> speaking of cavs fans we stopped with this father and son
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from gree. >> a lifetimeream come true for me. i can't believe it. i'm just going to pass away at that moment, yeah. >> reporter: they were such a sweet father and son duo. back out here live at the fan zone, the band you see behind me just performed the classic rock hit by journey, don't stop believing. i don't know. you can't help but think maybe that's the sentiment cavs fans are sharing right about now. live at the arena. dion lyme, abc 7 news. >> how cute was lid little ford ross future nba analyst with the warriors on verge of perhaps sweeping the cavs, the oakland police announced that every officer on the force will be out on patrol. it's partly in response to a shooting that happened at the oracle arena watch party a couple nights ago. the victim in the hooting is in stable condition. police are also preparing for a rock rock us citywide
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celebration. >> you're community safety is our paramount priority. we have increased staffing. you will see a lot of officers not only at oracle arena but also officers throughout the city. >> sky7 now live over oracle to the soldout watch party opens at oracle at 5:00 p.m. one last reminer abc 7 is the only place to wind chill the nba finals presented by youtube tv. the dubs on 7 pregame shorts at 5:00. network coverage starts at 5:30 with the tipoff for game four at 6:00. stay with us for the highlights and post-game interviews on toyota after the game. larry thanks very much. now to breg news we are following. calfire issued a report on 12 wildfires involved in the deadly north bay wildfires and says pg&e equipment was involved in starting all of them. it's a big headline obviously abc 7 news anchor kristen sze is here with late breaking details.
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she is in the newsroom. >> and and ama just in. it's devastating the report for pg&e. calfire investigators point the finger right at the utility for what happened last october. the worst fire siege california has ever seen. in the redwood fire in mendocino county which destroyed more than 300 homes and killed nine people. calfire determined flames started in two places and both caused by trees falling into pg&e power lines. in napa county the atlas fire which killed six people calfire says the fire started in two locations, beth because tree limbs fell onto pg&e power lines. same for the part trick fooir in nape an when an oak tree fell into lines. in sonoma county the nuns fire destroying coffey park and the fountain froef area, caused by the top of a tree break breaking and coming into contact with a power line. that was the same reason given for the pocket fire. which torched 17,000 acres. also in sonoma county, the 37 fire destroyed three structures.
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calfire blamed pg&e distribution lines in the area. that's a sampling of the finding. they echo when that he founded in beauty and nevada counties theory pg&e failed to maintain trees around power lines accordingo code. pg&e faces more than 100 and now that calfire holds the utility responsible in the wine country, we're more than 8,000 homes were destroyed analyst say the 112-year-old company may not survive the financial hit to come. also, calfire has referred the findings in eight of the fires to prosecutors now d.a. offices saying they saw evidence of violations of state law. so things are getting very serious for pg&e. if you want a complete link read the record we have the link on and that will take to you the calfire report. dan and ama. >> announcer: now the accuweather forecast with spencer christian. let's start with dler 7.
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sunny over the bay and inland. but low clouds along the coastline pushing out over the bay. it's windy again. we have gusts to 41-mile-per-hour here in san francisco. 31 at napa. 26 at fairfield. 22 at concord. quite breezy. and it's warmed up even with the breezes, the 24-hour temperature kang. two to ten degrees warmer than yesterday. relievly weather for oracle arena tor the watch party. sunny skies and mild conditions. mild when you leave as well. i'll have a look petition ac wintering seven-day forecast in a few minutes. people here and across the country are still try to come to grips with the suicide of chef appear tv host anthony bourdain. >> it's shock as abc news reporter molly hunter bourdain did he defined how we cook and think about food. >> perhaps the most famous chef in the world, a jet setting swearing and smoking one and a brilliant story teller. >> what i don't want it to be is
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all the other happy food shows. >> he wasn't not like anyone else on television. he was simply the coolest sharing vet namz noodles with president obama in hand oi. >> is it appropriate to pop one of these whole sucker in the mouth. >> slurpg is acceptable. >> no matter the training in the kitchen he had become a great reporter his memoir about the dark corners of new york industry kitchen confidential put his name on the pap and took the act on the road visiting more than a hundred country with the show no reservations and later to cnn to host parts unknown. >> we have terribly sad new. >> announcer: friday morning the network announced he had committed suicide in his hotel room in france where he shot an episode for next season. he was just in hong kong with his girlfriend who also directed the episode tweeting this video grooving here with the crew just four days ago. bourdain's suicide comes the same week fashion designer kate spade took her life in new york. she had been battling mental
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illness for years. >> i always say we should think of this no differently than heart disease or cancer. but mental illness does not discriminate. >> molly hunter, abc news, londed. >> and celebrity voices are speaking out in remembrance of bourdain. world we're nouned chef thomas keller said his wife- dsh his life and work are a testament to the power of cooking to make the world a kinder, more connected place. >> and host of top chef said tony as restless spirit will room the earth in search of justice truth truth and a great bowl of nudeles david muir said he was so good at putting words to what so many feel rip. ing andly bordeaux zbloon bourdain's depth has shocked and sadden many here. chris wynn with that part of our coverage. >> at swan oyster depot these
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words from anthony bourdain will be immoerlgtsized forever. >> woke up to the tragic news heart broken. >> customers in shock over a suicide at age of 61. these two from houston planned their trip here around his recommendations. >> no one can compare to anthony. >> swan was period of timed on parts unknown in 2015. >> so much energy, bright. and it just really it was shocking to think wow he is never coming in here. really sad sfla known for being bold, bourdain never shied from expressing his opinion. perhaps that's one of the reasons why he commanded so much respect from others. >> chef michael minna of the minna worked with bourdain on the prospect projects. >> everybody waited to tell the next story. whether you were in our astray or just somebody a fan of his. >> the san francisco travel association praised bourdain for his support. >> he really captured the character of san francisco's food scene.
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he was really an unintentionally ambassador. >> fans say they will miss his contractions to the world. >> his words and larger than life persona sfla true love cannot be denied. >> leaving a lasting mark. >> if i read about myself dying at this counter i'd say to myself that was one lucky guy. >> in san francisco, chris wynn, abc 7 news. as part of abc take action campaign, we have a list of local resources, including how you can help with mental health issues and get help. it's on our website just go to abc 7 action. a new report from the cdc shows suicide rates increased by 25% across the united states from the late 90s to 2016. the rise in suicide rates is the highest in the central northern region of the u.s. with north dakota seeing a nearly 58% increase since 1999. the report found that most
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suicides happen without warning. 54% of those who kill themselves had no previously known mental health issue. coming up in just a few minutes we'll talk to a local professor about ening the mental illness stigma. but stay with us because new details on a deadly crash in the east bay overnight, a 9 yltd girl was killed. but police say may have been factors in this rear end s.w.a.t. team sniepers surround a business. what prompted a large police response this morning. "7 on your side" michael finney takes questions on twitter and facebook. post them with the hashtag ask finney. he will answer them live a little later. and on this friday let's check the san francisco traffic on the skyway. slow in both directions process crawling on the left-hand side. that's the bay bridge and over to the east bay a little bet
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for heart failure. is dead sadly. his father fighting for his life after a terrible rear end collision in the east bay. just before 12:30 this morning on northbound 680. south of carvajal as road and son oel. a dodge sedan slamm into the car in front of it. the girl and the mother suffered injury processes. they don't believe drugs or alcohol are not factors but sleep fatigue and distraction aren't ruled out. now to the kinning coverage of death of anthony bourdain. we want to bring in stephen hen shaw. thank you for joining us today. >> thank you. >> you a few minutes ago we reported that 54% of people
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killing themtz had no previously known henlt issue. of course, that makes it very difficult to try to help someone before hand. i think the key word in that sentence is known. >> right. >> most previous estimates suggested that 70, 80 plus% of suicide attempters and completers have had serious problems with mental illness known is the key thing. if we don't talk about it, if people aren't getting treatment it may seem as they it comes out of the blue. some suicides may exist from financial distress or last minute things without much warning. but i think that figure is distorted because of the stigma involved. >> absolutely. and so people aren't talking about it. and you assume that somebody has -- seems to be successful from on paper what we all would thanksgiving would be successful. >> right. >> and has everything going. but maybe -- maybe that's not the case. maybe there is something deeper going on. >> and if we don't talk about what's going on because it's not
4:17 pm
macho or acceptable in theworkplace or sports then we don't bet the help. the paradox is even though mental health issues are stigma advertise the. depression can be treated and people can recover. but we need to get people to that point. >> how do we do that? >> we have to talk about it. >> okay. >> americans know much more of the facts of mental health, mental illness than 5060 years ago. but levels of stigma haven't budged since the 50s. young people are talking about it more. these are tragic new stories but maybe they'll get dialogue going so people can get the care they need. >> and talking about turning the tide and trying to make a change, often times we hear someone committed suicide. should we be saying they died by suicide in talk about that a little bit zpl indicated is -- well, they intended, it's still illegal to kill yourself in some jurisdictions.
4:18 pm
death by one's own hands, death by suicide is probably preferable to committing what teams solve blamed the victim. for surviving family members the stigma is great. what. >> what about the contagion effect of suicide. obviously tragic, kate spade died by suicide. could that have influenced anthony bourdain or any others? how does that work? >> hard to know. we know for teenagers, seeing peers cutting themselves, self-injury, which can be a precusser to suicide can be a trigger. but there is pretty deep emotional regulation issues going on. what we don't want to say is if he with talk about suicide with a friend or loved one we might be bringing up an idea they never thought of. people want to talk about it when they need help. the idea sees nay hope our minds and get the conversation going. i don't think it will suggest suicide for people never thinking about it before. >> up on the screen you see the
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suicide prevention hotline. 1-8 hundred, 273-talk. let's start talking about this. >> appreciate the opportunity. >> thank you. >> a number for resource that is may help. we have breaking news. the latest count in the san francisco vote has mark leno still in the lead by a razor thin 134 votes. that's about 100 fewer than yesterday. the update shows mark leno with more than -- or 50.04%, london breed at 49.96%. that's how close this is. she led on election night, remember. but leno took over the lead after ranked choice voters were counted. leno has picked up thousands of second place votes from jane kim supporters. there are still tens of thousands of ballots to count. the race is very much too close to call. as i said, at this moment 134 votes between them remarkable
4:20 pm
after so many votes counted >> goodness. >> all right the weekend is upon us. big game tonight. >> all going on. >> hopefully. >> weather. >> wind has died down. let's hope the wind don't affect the game. a look at live doppler 7. we have mainly sunny skies even though there is increasing clouds on the coastline. and the low clouds start to push out over the bay and localry inland overnight. look at the gusts right now. 41-mile-per-hour here in san francisco. inland at concord.cross the bay 26-mile-per-hour gusts at fairfield. 31 at napa. around the bay area quite windy. but skies are sunny except at the coast line. a view from the exploratorium camera looking westward. it's 60 in san francisco. 67 across the by in oakland. 73 at mountain view. 77 in san jose. 83 in the bill roy. and 5 5 at half moon bay moon check ou this have you. you can see the fog on the coastline pushing away from the coastline now and out over the
4:21 pm
bay. it's 86 north in santa reese. novato 75. 84 concord. 81 at livermore and quite warm in our inland areas. this is a view of santa cruz beach where folks are enjoying the sunshine. no evidence of coastal fog there. the forecast features. windier and cooler tomorrow. but warming trend begins on sunday. this one is going to be sustained into next we can. summer-like heat develop inlandland by mid-we can with temperatures in the mid-to upper 90s. looksing at wind gust zms. winds intensify by midday tomorrow. gusts from 25 to about 35-mile-per-hour in most locations around the bay area tomorrow and especially restraining gusts prevail along the coastline. in fact, this is a forecast zms. you can see the low clouds and fog get blown away early tomorrow by the restrain wind giving us mainly sunny skies even though it will be a very cool day -- well cooler than average. overnight lows in the mid-50s.
4:22 pm
might see coastal drizzle. highs range from 59 at half moon bay to upper 60s arounded bay appear 70s inland. the tropical pacific we have a category 4 hurricane hurricane aleta 100 miles over the coast of mexico and a tropical system down south. the good news about the hurricane is even though it's powerful and potentially dangerous. it's moving in which from populated areas and lose the hurricane strength and tropical storm strength by sunday or monday. as it moves away from the populated areas it poses very little threat. however it's generating rough surf on the coastline. that could be a threat the next 24 hours. here in the buerre, the accuweather seven-day forecast, well see a big warm-up coming on sunday and look at next we can. we'll see inland temperatures in the 90s throughout most of the week. mid-to upper 90s on tuesday and wednesday in fact. low to mid-80s around the i. monday, tuesday and wednesday. and mid-60s on the coastline.
4:23 pm
the temperatures moderate a little bit and uncle down late next we can. >> all right. thanks spencer. >> okay. just ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, president trump's latest salvo in t nfl national anthem controversy. he has an offer for the players who kneel. >> plus a mama mut's desperate move to feed hungry pups. involving people in make ross your destination for savings. if you're looking for an incredible selection of the brands you love, this season's newest trends for a fraction of what you'd pay at department stores, ♪ you gotta go to ross
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because there's so much to choose from. listen to your pets. they're your best friends, so they don't want you to spend more than you have to. if you want to save big on pet accessories, you gotta go to ross. all right a live look from inside quicken loan's arena in cleveland. there he is, steph curry. pregame warm jumup underway way just of an hour and a half away from tipoff from game four. the warriors could get it done in a sweep, claim the national
4:26 pm
championship. san francisco famous pier 39 used the celebration of ocean day to announce it's joining the skip the straw campaign in an effort to reduce plastic pollution that negatively impacts bay area waterways and wildlife. pier 39 is working with restaurants and other eateries as well as ferries and charters serving the area to convert to paper straws or provide only upon request. the state senate is debating a bill banning plastic traus in all dine-in restaurants. >> maybe instinct or maybe intuition. >> a stray dog on the peninsula seemed to know exactly what to do to save her newborn puppies from starvation a mother's love. >> david louie has the story of the kuning canine. >> this terrier mix is a proud mom of six puppies four female and two male. the mother was a stray underin our i should.
4:27 pm
her zprags prompted her to steal a slice of pizza. it happened along the edge of the by at this park in east palo alto. a couple of workers were out having lunch when the mother dog came up and snatched a slice of pizza. >> the mother dog led the animal control officers to her litter. the pupsy were only a week old sflo she had been struggling to survive realing stealing whatever she could to eat. and nurse the puppy. >> they were brought to the spca in burlingame where six weeks later the pups were weaned. they are ready for adoption. in foster care they were given names of the british royal family. >> the puppies we have available are prince harry. and then we have prince william. we have meghan markle. and then charlotte. and then princess indicator duchess kate. and then of course the mother queen elizabeth. >> the sixth puppy named lady di is in foster kir until gaining
4:28 pm
weight. charlotte has already been adopted by sheri pederson. >> she took to my son very quickly. she was an easy pick. although they are wonderful puppies please come get one. >> kate gets a new name since that's already a kate in the family. the new name will be daisy. queen elizabeth, the canine was relieved that the nursing duties are over. we'll have details on adoption fees and hours on our website, in burlingame, david louie, abc 7 news. cute puppies. fantastic. just ahead on news at 4:00, the graegt are great lengths bay area high school students went to to help a fellow teenager, a
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>> announcer: live, where you live,s this is abc 7 news. and here are the stories making headlines at 40. 90 minutes away from game four of nba times. te warrior looking to sweep the cavs in cleveland. good news for the warriors around iguodala will play. he is seen as the best defensive option against large. now le brown could put in another incredible individual performance. our sister network espn tweeted this post spz he faced leems three times. in the games he averaged 42 pounds. . now if le brown doesn't step up and theway warriors get it down oakland police will be ready.
4:32 pm
elbowed police will increase the staffing outside the oracle arena. sky7 was above a standoff in oakland today. police were called to a business at foothill and seminary where three people were taken into custody. abc 7 news anchor eric thomas has the details mr. werts that's the sound of a police flash bang grenade deadlined to overload vision and hearing so s.w.a.t. can move in. it's one of the tactics officers used to end the stand off that began at 4:00 a.m. when. >> spots spatter activated in the 5900 block. >> shot spotter can hear the technology and pinpoint the location in a few month. >> this maybe heard it the old fashioned way. i didn't think it was a usht. but i didn't think it was a firework either. >> >> but o p. d. thought it was dangerous enough to send out s.w.a.t. and officers to try to
4:33 pm
talk the people inside to coming out. >> they didn't see anyone injured. no one reported being shot. but we want to ensure that a author o search and investigation. >> patrol ofrtsz kept the streets blocked off for two blocks in every direction. eventually at least two men were brought out and handcuffed with no further gunfire and no injuries. afterwards robots were sent in to make sure there were no other people or possible traps inside. >> we did make an arrest. we have one individual arrest zplood that person has not been identified and police are looking for the weapon. but for neighbors this was the first time they saw s.w.a.t. in action. this lady came away impressed. >> right now i'm proud of my city because we didn't turn it into a rebelled bath. >> in oakland, eric thomas, abc 7 news. all right we have the update for you on the breg news we brought you at the top of the hour. the calfire report that blames
4:34 pm
pg&e equipment for causing 12 north bay wildfires, pg&e issued this statement in response to the report. the loss of life, homes and businesses in these extraordinary wildfires is simply heart breaking and we remain focused on helping communities recover and rebuild. we look forward to the opportunity to carefullyevie the calfire reports to understand the agency's perspectives. the statement goes on to say, we continue to believe our overall programs met our state's high standards. president trump is in canada for the group of 7 summit with britain being, france, italy, germany and japan. the meeting comes ahid tensions over the president's trade andless .ktd's prime minister has called the tariffs insulting and unacceptable. before departing the white house for canada today president trump again criticized canada and the european union saying their trade practices treat the u.s. unfairly. >> all of these countries have been taking advantage of the united states on trade.
4:35 pm
when it all straightens out out we'll all be in love again. >> the president courted more controversy with the call for russia to be allowed back in the g 7. russia was ousted from the group in 2014 as punish for its annexation of crimea and potter for pro-russian separatists in ukraine. special counsel robert mueller has brought additional charges against the campaign chairman paul march in the russia investigation. both manafort and long time associate konstantin clem nick are accused of strikeouting justice the new charges come days after prosecutors accused of two after attempting to tamper with witnesses as manafort awaits trial for felony charges related to his work on behalf of ukrainian interests. and thai drug groups in the bay area say they are stunned by the off the cuff are remarks on possibly ending the ban on nationwide marijuana.
4:36 pm
. faith based coalition were meeting in san francisco. they reacteding andly to president trump that's statements that he might ease laws on pot. >> we're staying to president trump stay the course. marijuana is still the number one gateway drug next to alcohol. and if you make this decision, president trump, you will be making one of the worst decisions in your life. and this will affect your legacy. >> the groups say they are also angry over proposals ranging from new drug injection centers in san francisco to a state approved banking system for the cannabis industry. and the president seems ready to issue additional pardons. today pruch said nfl players people they think they shall be pardoned due to unfair treatment by the justice department. i'm looking at the applications and if my committee
4:37 pm
finds they're unfairly treated we will pardon them or at least let them out. the president also hinted that he could issue a post-humous pardon to mohamed aly for the 1967 draft evasion conviction. ali's attorney expressed appreciation but says it's unnecessary because the supreme court overturned the boxing legend conviction in 1971. the president also says he will not invite this year's nba champions to the courthouse. mr. trump singled out steph curry and lebron james in remarks three days and after they expressed no interest in visiting the president if they won the title. the comments came in response to president trump's decision to disinvite the eagles to the white house. the aclu is blasting a trump administration decision to place immigrants facing dprtation into federal prisons. u.s. immigration and customs enforcement plans to move 160 oh detainees to federal
4:38 pm
presentences to addresses crowded conditions as the centers. the centers are overflows because of the surging number of arrests because of the zero tolerance immigration policies. the aclu says it's a zurek stigs. saying they shouldn't be placed in facilities with people convicted of crimes. a 17-year-old afghan teenager detained by federal officials has been released from a detention center after a group of high school students raised thousands of dollars to pay his bond. the students from jun jordan high school in san fncisco are part of a movement for friedman. together they raised $25,000 which they delivered to i.c.e. officials this morning they've been following the boy's case named only hamik even skipping their senior trip to visit him in baker bakersfield. >> we heard about his case and we related to him because we are the same age. we are teenagers. and we're not meant to be a detention center we're meant to be in school getting education.
4:39 pm
>> hamid lawyers say he spent six months in detention and say it was based and inaccurate dental exam and they identify him by first name only for security reasons. just ahead here they call it the craziest thing they have ever done. >> we don't have tickets to the gim and not a place to stay. but otherwise we have air fare. >> do you need anything else? later two warriors fans set off oh on the world wind adventure hoping to witness history. >> "7 on your side" michael finney. should you close the old credit card where you pay a maintenance fee. coming up next. spencer christian. here comes the fog. it's there. swallowing up sutro tower and moving over to the inland are
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just get a card to replace it. be ware your credit could take a hit. don't make the move if you are ready to buy a new house or car. wheat until after you do a big purchase. >> timing. >> linda asks what's the best way for the elderly mother to respond to text messages that appear as scams. >> ignore them. not much news comes by way of text. think about it. do you get -- you hear from friends and stuff. if she is concerned about the message from a financial institution or a business when she receives those she should look up the number online and give them a call. never call back the number you get. >> okay good tip. anthony asks, michael, the best way to look for insurance rates. >> it depends on the insurance you're talking about. here in california i have a great starting point for you. it's free. california department of insurance. its website. it gives a good overview and lists companies and their basic rates for a wide range of
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insurance. to get specific, select quote is a good source for life insurance. you can check covered california for health insurance that compares police. square mouth compares for car insurance. car insurance check one by one. go online and also talk with local agents. and you need to spend a lot of time on this. because you are going to spend a lot of money. >> really. >> you need to make sure you get the right insurance. if you have a question for me you can record a 10 to 15-ng video share i on social media. please use the hash ask finney. that helps us find it. you can reach out on i wish there was a shortcut for insurance. it's very expensive. you just have to take some time. >> all right thank you, michael. >> announcer: now the accuweather forecasts with spencer christian. here is live doppler. -- let me move along. here is live doppler 7. low clouds on the coastline movig over land areas now. it's increasing the clouds and
4:45 pm
fog. overnight with a chance of coastal drizzle. overnight lows mainly in the mid-50s. mild in most locations. cooler up in the north by. tomorrow we're having strong gust request wind throughout the day. certainly brezy at least but we'll call it windy now. highs from mid-and upper 50s at the coast to mid-upper 60s at the bay. cooler than average for this time of year. about you that lasts only one day. the accuweather seven-day forecast. it warms up sharply sunday, monday abtuesday, wednesday, inland highs low to mid-90s. 80s around the bay. and we'll start to get a little bit of a moderation in temperatures late next we can. >> looking for a place to watch the game but don't have a ticket to the watch party at oracle. >> we'll show you some
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4:49 pm
pemd. >> coach kerr is ready and dubs fans. >> there are all sorts of watch parties hoping to see the warriors wrapping up the title tonight. >> a big night in the east bay. the plaza is ready with a big zreen. screen. and leslie brinkley is live there. that's a fun spot zblrp it is. and ama and dan you need to let spencer know you ordered perfect weather for the outdoor festive party. the santos plaszcz is a gate spot. people started rachgt around 11:30 today with the chairs and blankets and coolers. >> i'm excited that in concord we will be the first kpun to roar for the victory are of the warriors. >> we're going to win. >> we're going to win. i guarantee it. >> this game four as you heard there are a lot of believers here. they think this game four is an epic final win for the warriors
4:50 pm
of course. this is the third year they hosted a game for a watch party down at the plaza. school got out yesterday and lots and families and kids. and good smells of things to eat in the air as there is food trucks and the local restaurants are catering to this ton. they are expecting 1,500 people to show up. should be a lot of ten fun. a lot of energy, a lot of buzz. we'll have more for you later on tonight as this unfolds as the game unfolds. weal be watching here from the santos plaza. reporting live abc 7 news. >> looks like a good time. it does. the main spot to watch is oracle arena. >> thousand of people are expected to fill the seats to wind chill. let's take a live look inside. where are the people besides the dancer. >> keep in mind the doors don't open until 5:00. and the watch party is sold out. >> it will be packed to the rafters. there is a second viewing party
4:51 pm
in oakland. a live look at ninth street shut down between broadway and washington. seated is limited if you go organizers recommend bringing your chair. >> for you south bay warriors mumble stadium is hosting a watch party at 5:00. it's free. but it's also first come first serve. the stadium holds 3,000 fans. >> now check this out. one store at sfo is getting a jump on warrior championship gear. abc news business contributor and reporter at espn darryl raffle tweeted this first look photo of a 2018 nba champion tee shirt with what else, the golden state warrior logo they are confident. >> abc 7 is the only place to watch the dubs on pregame show starts at 5:00. pregame coverage at 5:30. and tipoff at 6:00. and stay with us. news at four the lure of a another championship win prompts
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
all right. here is live look from oracle at quicken loans arena with the golden state warrior. soon taking on the cavaliers in game four. will it be a sweet sweep and back to back championship titles. >> the dubs fan believe so. asset sky7 is live over oracle arena where thousands of fans are ready to take their speedy
4:55 pm
trial for the spirited watch party and possible championship celebration. >> all right. it's often a little more than an hour and warriors hope to become the first team in 11 years to pull off a sweep. >> and the possibility of that happening was too much for a pair of warrior fans to risk not see going in person. >> this is a great story. abc 7 news reporter coronell bernard. >> we pulled a chair and decideding to. >> ryan and his father-in-law jeff decided it's the crazyiest thing. >> we don't have tickets. but we don't have place to stay. but we have air fare. >> leefrpg sfo hetding to clefld to witness game four of the finals. >> let's hope it's a weep. that would make it -- that would make it worthwhile. >> ryan and jeff say they didn't get on the direct flight. instead flying to pittsburgh a two-hour car ride to cleveland. >> hopefully we witness history. >> are you taking the broom.
4:56 pm
>> i have a broom for lebron. >> meantime the female is trying to black out the fan buzz about the sweep. >> the whole world is saying the sries is over, right. so, you know, in your head, you know, you heard that all the hi you're like everybody is saying it it must be true. it's not true. >> go dubs, good luck jeff and ryan. coronell bernhard, abc 7 news. >> there is a game to play tonight still. >> that's right. good news jeff and ryan got to pittsburgh and driving right now to cleveland. >> they were able to get tickets from a friend of a friend of a friend. our reporter die dion lyme face timed with enemy. >> we'll be in the club section. we are wearing our warrior tee shirts to the game. ryan already has his on. >> okay this a great adventure or what. >> it is. >> they are planning to take turns sleeping in the car on the way back to pittsburgh to grab a
4:57 pm
7:00 a.m. flight tomorrow. hopefully after a warrior win. >> jeff says a lot of people think they are crazy. especially his wife. >> but it's fun. adventure of a lifetime they'll have a blast. dub nation is showing its pride on social media certainly. post pictures using the hashtag dubs on 7 and you might see them here on tv or on our website, >> all right well thank you so much for joining us for abc 7 news at (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪
4:58 pm
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♪ ♪ that's why he uses the chase mobile app, to pay practically anyone, at any bank. life, lived victor's way. chase. make more of what's yours. (sound of fosteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪ kevin durant way outside. delivers. >> four all-stars, one mission. four wins for one more trophy. will game four result in one forlorn king? and one more warriors ring? dubs, cavs, round four.
5:00 pm
game four. for the title. now! ♪ >> announcer: abc 7 presents the dubs on 7 pregame show sponsored by comcast business. pretty dramatic stuff. i may do the whole show in that voice. a live look inside the quicken loans arena in cleveland. warriors and cavs getting set for game four of the nba finals presented by youtube tv. our cameras are on hand as at the watch party at oracle arena. the doors set to open any minute now. it's going to be packed in there ton. they'll have 19,000 strong. and then perhaps a little dance party after the game. welcome to the dubs on 7 pregame show sponsored by comcast business. along with the coach kerry keeting. the dubsy in the compact same position. game 4 in cleveland. they got crushed. 137-116. le brown a triple-double.


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