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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  June 9, 2018 1:42am-2:12am PDT

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three storm. just off mexico coast but staying away from mexico and baja. expected to weaken to tropical storm this weekend. was powerful earlier in the day. biggest problems is swells for mexico and baja. accuweather seven-day forecast, warming trend for monday. near triple digits inland. mid-60s coast side and heat holds on wednesday until a trop with marine influence on
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>> sparklers, champagne and people dancing in the street. police are keeping eye on the crowd but so far no signs anything but peaceful and joyous celebration. >> what the team urged in psa after the game. have a great time, keep it fun, safe, sensible. champion warriors are due to arrive back in the bay area tomorrow afternoon but just changed the time. >> landing at landmark aviation at 3:30 tomorrow. so fans can start lining up at 2:00 on earhart road. >> i don't think will be anybody there, so sad. >> mob scene. fantastic. >> will any sleep between now and then? maybe on the flight. only suspense was who was going to win the nba finals mvp award, steph or every day, you're thankful for the ones you love. and every day you promise to protect them.
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a long, injury-filled season ends in style for the golden state warriors with another larry o'brien championship trophy. completing sweep of the cavs in cleveland. steph with 11 points last game had 12 in lebron james revealed he had broken left hand in frustration after cavs lost game one. dubs by nine at break. warriors start to pull away. steph would finish with seven threes, 37 points.
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but kevin durant had triple-double, mvp second year in a row. mindi bach in cleveland with reaction. >> reporter: not only won back-to-back titles first time in franchise history, sixth championship overall. only the boston celtics and los angeles lakers have more. >> being in this position, winning three out of four years with the group i get to do it with every single day, no better feeling. call it run through the tape to get to the finish line. great night. >> grateful to get this opportunity. feels good to be part of group like this. to win two championships, that's what you want as nba player. >> hardest nba season i think i've ever had. >> why? >> there's so much wear and tear, emotionally, physically, it's just a grind. and here we are, we made it.
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>> oh, snap. 80. klay just googled himself rgs it say three-time champion already, that's dope. >> abc7 sports. >> that's hilarious. and giants beat washington and a's defeated k.c. how about this for steve kerr, five-time champion as player for bulls and spurs, three times with the warriors and rolling. could be good for a long, long time. >> and interesting after the parade, celebrate now, and we've all been talking about decisions that might be made. interesting to see what the team looks like next year. >> changes. core four, steph, klay, k.d. and draymond will be back. back end will look different to get new bodies and new energy to be refreshed. this regular season, a lot of nights they just didn't want to
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that's our report. appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> what a week it's been. i'm ama daetz. for larry, sandhya, all of us, thanks for joining us. >> we leave you with highlights from the dubs' clean sweep of the cavs. world champions again. >> good night everyone. go dubs!
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woman 7: asneed fast pain relief just pick and roll.e a mess? new icy hot® lidocaine no mess. desensitize aggravated nerves with max strength lidocaine. icy hot®. twhas most famous blimp in the world? >> goodyear. >> that's right. >> invited on board the newest, the biggest, the fastest good year blimp they >> good luck. >> they give you lots of leg room. >> in this particular case, yes.
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it is so new lots of space because you manage to get it on board. >> you get to know quite quite e >> right now 3 seconds. it will start with details. >> you ride on it like waes. >> there are only nine good year blimp pilots in the world. if you want to learn how to be one it's not easy. >> the only way is if you work far company that offers no blimp simulators. >> wow.
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>> did they. >> i would bet we are seeing it shortly. >> wants some more. >> oh, my gosh. >> objects in a mirror are closer than they appear. >> i'm thinking of the certain scene where a certain car was chased bay t-rex. in this case it is a bunch of chickens. >> that's the thing, they are some what related. >> eric went to one side to see the run size. it's this view they will remember because these chickens are wild there. some people will throw food at them. >> he trained a bunch of
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chickens to run into the road. >> why did the chicken cross the road? >> it crossed the road because it was hungry. >> this one shows some people are lazy but want a free ride. >> i would too. isn't that like the softest bed? >> of course. >> that is probably a chicken known for being big friendly balls of decides -- >> they are going to spend 24 hours in a tree. >> see how well it holds up against the
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add some pillows to it. >> i love it.
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a seven day chal listenin they will spend 24 hours in a tree. unfortunately they chose to do this on a day where it is really windy. it is not going to stop them. >> they are camping out in a tree. it is great. >> yeah, for now. what did we know about them? they always try to kill themselves. >>. >> they manage to put a couch up
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there. >> i think i could do it for sunsets. >> no. they are committing for their comfort. >> it looks like a lot of fun. >> it could be. we'll have fun then. >> don't call me when you fall. >> anything can happen in florida. >> they could end up sinking the boat. >> yes. >> but look, they brought them food. >> thank you. >> look at
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>> you can survive the night no problem. >> it's not the >> we are good. >> you like when you saw it you can always ♪ this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants -- an attorney from homer glen, illinois... a student from sharon, massachusetts... and our returning champion, a transcriber from toronto, ontario, canada...
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whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. you heard how much money mirza has won here in california. that's about $35,000 in canadian money, which is not taxable in canada. [ mirza chuckles ] now that is not a suggestion, that if you are considering becoming a "jeopardy!" contestant, you move across the border right now to establish... [ laughter ] john and david, welcome aboard. good luck, players. here we go. let's have some fun. and hopefully, we'll do it with these categories... oh, we're going way, way back. next... that sounds like fun. i'm sure.
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and finally... mirza, your choice. let's go with italy before the romans for $200. prehistoric villanovans in the 700s b.c. cremated their dead, created geometric art, and made use of this alloy. -david. -what is bronze? good. tongue-twister protagonists for $600. john. -what is tom? -tom is right. state of the newspaper for $200. mirza. -what is connecticut? -that's right. italy before the romans for $400. -mirza. -what is sardinia? -that's the island. -italy for $600. answer there -- the daily double.
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well, you went to the right category. [ applause ] but you don't have a lot of money -- $600. you can risk $1,000. let's make it $1,000. okay. here is the clue... what is milan? milan. correct. [ applause ] italy for $800. mirza. -what is the trojan war? -you're right. italy for $1,000. david. -what are the olympics? -yes. tongue-twister protagonists for $400. john.
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-what is seashells? -yeah. pop culture squirrels for $200. mirza. -who is spongebob squarepants? -yes. pop culture squirrels for $400. mirza. -what is "ice age"? -yes. squirrels for $600. john. -what is water-ski? -yeah. state of the newspaper, $400. -john. -what is ohio? -right. -state for $600. mirza. -what is iowa? -no. john. -what's michigan? -no. [ beep ] rapid city, south dakota. back to you, john. state of the newspaper, $800. [ beep ]
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takes us to the state of washington. john. finish the category for $1,000. david. -what is rhode island? -no. john or mirza? [ beep ] state this time -- vermont. all right, i'm sure you're glad we're done with that category, so we'll take a break. we'll come back. [ applause ]
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promotional consideration provided by... john fassola is an attorney from homer glen, illinois, who did some narration for a documentary film, i understand. i did. i have a friend who has done some film production work, and she had done a documentary and was looking for someone to do the voice-over narration.
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a mutual friend suggested that i might be able to do it, and so i have done the voice-over narration for a about the art of mongolian contortionism. [ laughter ] mongolian contortionism? yes. it's a very respected art there. children start very young training. and the film was about the process for becoming a contortionist in mongolia. -okay. -mm-hmm. thank you. [ laughter ] david kleinman, student from sharon, massachusetts. you are informally licensed to do what? to drill bones, yes. what kind of bones? [ chuckles ] well, last time i did it, i believe they were plastic. oh. but, no, my mother's a doctor, and so when i was younger, she would take me all around to these medical conferences. and at one of them, this guy was debuting this new bone drill. and so i -- he said, "who wants to give it a shot?" and i stepped right up and i learned to drill. and he gave me a little card that says, "david is licensed to drill." i doubt it would hold up in court, but, uh... [ laughter ]
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you're right. it won't hold up in court. mirza gluhic from toronto is our champion. the movie "die hard"... -yes. -[ david laughs ] ...starring bruce willis figured in getting your relationship with your new wife started. -tell us. -that's true. when we started dating, i said that i had watched "die hard" to seem cool, despite the fact that i didn't. [ laughter ] we've watched it since. and she's a big fan of bruce willis or the film? the film in particular, yes. -john mcclane. right? -yes. okay. the character. all right, let's get back into this. john -- not john mcclane -- john, you have command of the board. go ahead. select. this category will blow you away for $200. don't try it at home, but it's the art form being practiced here. -mirza. -what is glassblowing? -that's it. -blow away for $400.
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mirza. what is "a midsummer's night dream"? no. david. what is "a midsummer night's dream"? yes. no s on the end of "midsummer." back to you, david. pop culture squirrels for $800, please. mirza. -who is rocky? -yes. the flying squirrel. squirrel for $1,000. david. -what is the "animaniacs"? -that's it. blow for $600. usually made from a ram's horn, it's traditionally blown during the jewish high holiday of rosh hashanah. -john. -what's a shofar? -yeah. -tongue-twister for $200. -david. -what is a woodchuck? woodchuck could chuck wood. yeah. blow for $800, please.
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mirza. -who is guy fawkes? -yes. blow for $1,000. mirza. who is neil simon? neil simon. yeah. had a lot of success after that. sailing lit for $200. john. -what's a u-boat? -u-boat. yes. sailing lit, $400. mirza. -what is a star? -right. sailing for $600. david. -who is aeneas? -no. john or mirza? mirza.
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-who is odysseus? -no. john: no. [ beep ] same guy though -- ulysses. that's the poem. mirza. sailing lit for $800. mirza. -who is count dracula? -count dracula. yeah. sailing for $1,000. david. -what is the dawn treader? -that's it. tongue-twister for $800. david. who is peter piper? peter piper is the one. now the last clue... -david. -who is moses? "moses supposes his toeses are roses, but moses supposes erroneously." [ laughter ] "now, moses, he knowses --" oh, gosh. we're gonna take a break. [ applause ]


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