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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  June 9, 2018 8:00am-8:59am PDT

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wa is the first ba t ree. far the most exhmvausting mentay and physic so this championship maleans a . more. better. i have to prove to myself that i picked the right career as a kid. sot ngprt loa tothk goi myself that i can stay in it for the long haul, hopefully continue to have success and keep growing as a player. >> we've been through a lot this year, injuries and, you know, the 82 game kind of -- a roller coaster ride. and so nothing was easy about this ride.
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>> i think what happened is once we got through houston, our guys finally see finish line. for most of the season, they were looking at their watches and their calendars like when are we getting to the playoffs. so the seven months of the regular season were a grind, but playoffs came and we turned it up. >> this postseason cavs were the only team the warriors swept. even though the warriors won in cleveland, there were cheers for the dubs echoing through quicken loans arena. dion lim was there. >> reporter: we were right there as steph curry triumphantly shared the trophy with the fans. and in the locker room, player, coaches, family and friends celebrated. 300 bottles of champagne costing over $400,000 sprayed in the air, soaking the carpet,
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matching the moods of dub nation. >> i can't wait to get back to the bay and get to san jose and surrounding bay. give rocco a good pet. he wants some food. >> what are you going to do when you get home? >> celebrate, celebrate, celebrate. and celebrate. yes! >> we are so excited. so elated. i mean we got three now. we are so excited. >> three is the magic charm. >> yes, it is. and it takes a lot of work and preparation to achieve this goal. so only thing we look at it from the perspective of being blessed. truly blessed. >> reporter: in cleveland, i'm
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dion lim, apt abc 7. cornell barnard is live at oracle where the team store opened up about an hour ago. >> reporter: good morning. and i'ming out parking lot. it is filling up fast. and you better believe that this oracle team store is about to get super crowded. barricades going up to keep the long lines moving, dub nation looking to get their hands on the championship swag. there was a line outside the team store when it opened at 7:00 a.m. dub nation grabbing 2018 back to back champs t-shirts, sweat shirts and hats. meantime the watch party at oracle last night was rocking on which the charts.
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confetti fell when they clunch clinch the title. fans paid 20 bucks to watch the game on big screens. proceeds going charity. the championship sweep was pretty much a done deal. >> doing it the last three years. we come to the games, cheer. i'm so excited, it's ridiculous. and i got the hat. >> reporter: he's pretty excited about the hat and the team store manager says there is a limit of six hats appear customer. they sold out fast last year. but fans can buy as many t-shirts as they want. this team store is open until 5:00 p.m. today. warriors return to the bay area at 3 at 3:30. you with kecan welcome them hom
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earhart road. be there at 2:00 p.m. cornell barnard, abc 7. >> fans excited to get their own swag this morning. oracle arena wasn't the only place where fans celebrated the win. there was another watch party in downtown oakland that shut down an entire city block. wayne freedman was there. >> reporter: this was the culmination. dancing, music, and after the warriors pulled away in the second half, a sense of destiny not only for the team, but also for the happy rainbow of fans who came here to watch every week, but none played like this. let's talk about how sports and especially a championship victory can bring a city together. >> this is wonderful. >> something about winning, something about being from a championship city, a championship town, championship state and we're right here. we're living the dream right here.
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>> reporter: indeed that dream is now a reality as three times now in the last four years for a city like oakland after all it has gone through, evenings like this and crowds like there are truly beautiful. wayne freedman, abc 7 news. there was a lot of warrior love in the air at an outdoor venue in concord where dubs fans gathered to watch the epic game four. here is leslie brinkley. >> reporter: 1,000 people watched the game, a lot of excitement especially when the warriors won. ♪ this crowd all part of the warriors east bay tribe. among these rowdy believers were warrior dogs, a warrior duck, and warrior princesses who were flipping out over game four. this is the third year that the city of concord has hosted a warriors watch party for game four in the plaza. a perfect night weather-wise. and this one was special.
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>> it was easy to beat the cavs. that's all we need to do is start sweeping. [ screaming ] >> we're so happy we won. >> we're the best. >> reporter: in concord, leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. warriors have announced the victory parade will be on tuesday in oakland at 11:00 a.m. more than a million fans are expected once again. the route will be a little shorter than last year. it starts at broadway and 11th turning right on 20th and then right on harrison to 19th, and then right on lakeside drive ending on oak and 13th. this time around though, there won't be a rally at the end. fans can begin lining up at 6:30 a.m. taking b.a.r.t. might be your best bet. the agency is getting ready for a pretty busy day on tuesday. b.a.r.t. estimates its busiest hours that day will be from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. and from noon to
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2:00 p.m. when people start leaving. on the day of last year's parade, b.a.r.t. carried more than a half million people. that was the fifth highest ridership day in the history of the en. you can also buy a clipper card now to avoid lines at the ticket machines. we have all the information you need to know about the victory parade on and of course abc 7 will have live coverage of tuesday's parade starting at 10:00 a.m. lisa argen is here now. and the roads are starting to dry up from the fog and drizzle that we had overnight. >> but i'm still hearing from people about rain out there. it is pretty crazy with some of the wet pavement, but you're right, we do have brighter conditions. golden gate, you can see a little bit of the sun glint trying to break up the marine layer. 55 downtown. temperatures are mild in concord. 63. we'll talk about a warmer sunday and a hot parade forecast for tuesday coming up. and also ahead, the
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championship t-shirts are being printed. where you can get your hands on on one of them when abc 7 news returns.
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are the measure of a dog's big life. fuel the wag you love most with nature's recipe. ♪ the bigger the life... the bigger the wag. developing news out of san francisco where police are investigating an officer-involved shooting in north beach that left a man in life threatening condition. police say two officers were chasing a suspect when the wahi.
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witnesses say it happened outside the taupe lounge. the incident prompted a large police response and firearm was recovered at the scene. the suspect is being treated at the hospital. no officers were injured. right now it is unclear what the suspect was wanted for. a new report says pg and e equipment was responsible for 12 wildfires in the north bay last october. it was the worst fire in california history. not included was the tubs fire that hit santiago rosa. santa rose. the results aren't out yet. one of the 12 was atlas in napa county. melanie woodrow has that story. >> reporter: pat remembers being in an evacuation zone. >> it was scary. >> reporter: and it burned more than 51,000 acres and destroyed
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nearly 800 structures. six people died. cal fire investigators determined the fire started in a power line. at a second location, a tree fell into the same line. in an e-mailed statement, senator bill dodd said i'm calling on pg and e utilities across the state and the public utilities commission to step up and ensure that they are meeting their legal obligations to maintain power lines in a safe manner. pg and e says it will carefully review the reports. based on information so far, we continue to believe our overall programs met our state's high standards. >> it is really up to the district attorney to look at the reports that our investigators submit and then they will determine the amount of, you know, liability. >> reporter: this attorney's client lost his home. >> when you do wrong, you take accountability for it.
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>> repter: the cnty es not commt on matters of ongoing or pending tigation. quote, our focus remains on the ongoing recovery efforts to rebuild the napa county community. melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. sonoma county has released a scathing report on its preparedness and response during the north bay wildfires. it found the warning system does not meet the public's expectations. the management program and emergency operations center were understaffed and those on the job were often not properly trained. the report says that the staff lacked situational awareness impacting response and coordination. each issue has a recommended solution that supervisors will review on monday. this morning mark leno leads in the race for san mayor by just 144 votes, a slim margin. that is about 100 fewer votes than thursday.
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the update shows mark leno with 50.04%. london breed is at 49.96%. this is after rank choice votes were counted. there are still tens of thousands to count. your emotions in one word. back to the dubs. fans celebrated a sweep in san francisco. cruising down mission street last night, one fan popped out of the sun roof to wave a broom. this is just the ninth time an nba finals has ended in a sweep. a championship means new gear, hats, t-shirts and much more on the racks at stores. hundreds of fans lined up at dick's sporting goods. some started lining up hours before the game even started. even though many fans have warriors championship gear from previous year, they wanted to get their hands on this year's
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official merchandise. >> you have to commemorate every win this is historic. we waited a long time. we're celebrating. >> we live like five minutes a away, so i just want it right away. >> dick's was back open at 6:00 this morning. abc 7 was in south san francisco last night where the t-shirts are hot off the printer. they needed to print 16,000 shirts in just eight hours and they were ready when the confetti flew. >> yeah, we celebrate, go clear and all of a sudden, okay, work. i've been this business for 20 years. started back when the 49ers were winning super bowls. and still going. >> the t-shirts go about two dozen different stores including target and dick's. dub nation, we want to see you decked out. post your photos using #dubs on 7. and we'd love to show them off.
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good saturday morning to u. sun and mistle aroundarea. e culprit i aysm to the noh of us.anind of see the twisn the rain here as it moves to the east of us. the arc there. and the colder air that is associated with it, we are talking a freeze warning this morning for humboldt county. you can see some of the white there and the rain. so we are going to get on the back side of it today. but i want to update you on aletta, the hurricane rapid weakening. it was a 3, now a 2 with winds of 100 miles per hour as it goes in to the colder waters of the pacific. it weakens just like that. we get to a tropical storm and what we call a remnant low, so it is pretty much out of here allowing for still high surf and swell around baja. so certainly take that into consideration if you have friends or family down there, but things are improving. santa cruz folks out and the
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cloud cover not doing much to dampen their spirits. it looks like ready to have a good time here with 70s on the way. we'll be breezy, 55 downtown. 63 gilrogilroy. and you see some breaks in the clouds here. so interesting more than with the wet tarmac and reports from a lot of you about what seemed like some rain out there as the wipers xwo the s got a workout. 63 by the delta with the winds up to 25 miles per hour. 6 60 in livermore. wind is out of the north. al at you can see the wind at 40 miles per hour right now. so they will be a factor. lake tahoe, it will be windy and we have a red flag warning for parts of nevada. so certainly a lot going on with the wind and system passing to
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the north. mist and drizzle, partly sunny for the rest of you. warmer and breezy tomorrow. this morning the winds will begin to kick up. along the coast, that is where we'll have the gusty winds. by 3:00, you can see the dwre s direction and the speed. taking you through your sunday morning, things relax just a bit. but then we have a straight west wind again. it will keep it cool. but the temperatures really clocking up into the 80 degree range in the inland valleys. so sunday, you are warmer. monday, here comes the mini heat wave. 90s. and then tuesday, day of the parade, sizzling inland. speaking of the parade, planning ahead, not too early do that with mid and upper 60s 11:00, upper 70s could even see 80 by 1:00. that is the hottest day of the week. today the coolest day of the week. 69 fremont, 70 in san rafael. tonight breezy, clear.
8:20 am
accuweather 7 day forecast, 50s coast, 70 around the bay. mid-70s inland. download our accuweather app and you can keep track of the warming trend. tomorrow, it is a different story. but by monday and tuesday, it is bathing suit weather and then we'll cool off again end of the week. >> an early dose of summer. lisa, thanks. just ahead, a watch party in the sky. how some warriors fans shared the moments together from 35,000 feet above. we believe nutrition is full of possibilities to improve your pet's life. we are redefining what nutrition can do. because the possibility of a longer life and a better life is the greatest possibility of all. purina pro plan. nutrition that performs.
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this weekend. three hints. chocolate, major laughs and a tony award winning play. alexa smith has the scoop from our partners at hoodline. >> reporter: the most acclaimed american play in recent history is now at shn in san francisco. the humans about a thanksgiving family gathering won the tony for best play in 2016. richard thomas says that the writing is what makes it so extraordinary. >> people ask us all the time how much of the play do you improvise. but the play is so precisely written, like a musical score. right up to what syllable we interrupt each other. it is delightful and fun and very touching. and so plays don't tour that often. we get musicals most of the th n
8:24 am
so don't be afraid of it. it is a very entertaining and wonderful evening in the theater. >> head to the aquatic park for the festival. there will be live entertainment and food and beverages. from the cheese school, san francisco brewing company. the festival is free and runs from 10:00 to 6:00 both days. or check out the top standup comics at last city's best of the bay showcase. these comics have appeared on comedy center, conan o'brien, hlu, netflix and showtime. along with the laugh, enjoy a full bar and post show deejay. the show is from 7:00 to 9:00 at punch line in oakland. details on these events and more at one very generous passenger on an alaska airlines flight to san francisco wanted to make sure warriors fans didn't miss a
8:25 am
minute of the win, so they held it up so everyone could watch. alaska airlines says it has the best passengers. >> here is our first look at the "san francisco chronicle" with the headline golden dynasty. it shows steph curry flexing, shouting in to the arena after the win. still to come, much more on the warriors celebrating their third title in four years. why general manager bob myers says this one feels different from the previous years.
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it's great to have you with us. we're starting with a quick look at the weather. here is lisa argen tracking the conditions where you live. >> good morning. it's been an interesting morning with mist and drizzle, a little sunshine. temperatures are mild. 55 san francisco. and from the exploratorium camera, blue and gray here with 62 in santa rosa. so seems like we're starting out mild. we are. the cloud cover will decrease, but the temperatures not going up much. 2:00, we're in the 60s and the winds will kick in once again. 66 in san ramon. middle of the afternoon with just 61 in san francisco.
8:29 am
the fog will be dissipating, but we'll look for the breeze t continue into your sunday. but numbers will warm up. i'll have the details with the accuweather 7 day forecast in a few minutes. >> love you guys. thank you for supporting us. >> dub nation the celebration is on and it is just the beginning. a clean sweep in cleveland. warriors ended the season last night mission accomplished as they crushed the cavaliers. golden state left the crowd and aena in silence while they celebrated with champagne. kevin durant was mvp and had his first playoff triple double. steph curry led all scores with 37 points. the warriors won 108-85 for back to back championships. >> to have a chance to close it out 4-0 in the final, back to back championship, unbelievable feeling.
8:30 am
so just enjoy the moment as much as i can. appreciate what god blessed me with. >> this year was hard. this is the best thing you can have, but i talked to steve and we said it feels so different than the first one, but the gratification of this one, this was a tough one. looked easy, it was not easy. >> these guys, steph, klay, andre, draymond, it is amazing when you get this kind of talent together. and they are connected. they care about each other and they compete together. amazing what you can do. >> steve kerr became the sixth head coach to win three nba titles. warriors will have a parade once again. it will be a little shorter than last year. this time around there will not be a rally at the end of the parade.
8:31 am
fans though can begin lining up as early at 6:30 a.m. you are encouraged to take public transportation. we've posted the route along with the schedules for b.a.r.t. and ac transit on warriors fans can welcome the team home later today after their championship win. if you are looking for new gear to wear for the parade, stores are opening up early this morning. cornell barnard is live at oracle arena where the team store is open for business. >> reporter: indeed it is. good morning. check it out, hot off the presses, this is the t-shirt that everybody wants today. back to back champions. and they are going fast. the oracle team store is going to be a very, very busy place today. barricades are going up in fact to keep long lines moving. dub nation looking to get their te it oped at championship act i
8:32 am
7:00 a.m. dub nation grabbing 2018 back to back champs. t-shirts, sweat shirt, hat, you name it. meantime watch party at oracle last night was off the charts. watch this. confetti falling from the ceiling. this watch party sold out, fans paid $20 to watch the game on big screens. proceeds going to charity. dub nation knew the championship sweep was pretty much a done deal. >> they have been doing their thing for the last three years. we come to the games, we'd cheer. oh, my god, i'm so excited. and i got the hat. i got the hat! >> reporter: the store manager says there is a limit of six
8:33 am
hats per customer, but fans can buy as many t-shirts as they want. the store is open until 5:00 p.m. thore to the bay area at 3:30, you can welcome them home by gathering outside landmark aviation on earhart road at 2:00 p.m. we're live at oracle, cornell barnard, abc 7. hundreds of fans gathered in downtown oakland to celebrate. this was the scene at 14th and broadway shortly after the game. a huge party with people on bikes and unicycles around and even some young fans showing off their basketball skills. the celebrations continued throughout the night. party got started just as soon as the clock hit zero last night. dion lim was in the locker room for the big celebration. >> reporter: we were right there as steph curry triumphantly lifted the trophy in the air sharing it with the fans.
8:34 am
in the locker room and hallway, player, coaches and family and friends celebrated. 300 bottles of champagne costing over $400,000 sprayed in the air, soaking the carpet matching the mood of dub nation. >> what is the first thing you'll do when you get back home? >> oh, gosh. be with family as much as possible. celebrate. a lot of friends coming from my country and be with them because this has been a tough year. >> celebrate. it is a beautiful feeling. back to back champions, that don't happen to everybody let alone one championship. so just a blessing. say hey, everybody. look at how cute. this is my little boo. this is gigi. hey say, say hey. >> reporter: in cleveland, dion lim, abc 7. it didn't take long for dub
8:35 am
nation to celebrate their third championship in four years. there were several watch parties. wayne freedman was there. >> reporter: this was already a great party. once again ninth street in oakland filled with a rainbow of fans from all over with blue and gold. the warriors -- any other place to be right now? >> what? >> reporter: especially in that magic moment when time ran out and the nba championship landed here. this was the culmination, dancing, music, glee. and after the warriors pulled away in the second half, a sense of destiny for this rainbow of fans who watched every weekend away game, but none quite like this. let's about how a championship can championship can bring a city together. >> i've been waiting so long for this. best feeling in the world to be a champion.
8:36 am
>> something about being from a championship town and state and we're right here. >> reporter: and the dream is now a realty as three times in the last four years for a city like oakland after all it has gone through, evenings like this and crowds like there are truly beautiful. in oakland, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. still ahead, a young warriors fan being treated for a debilitating disease gets the star treatment and is on the road to recovery. her story of victory off the court. but first as we head to break, here is a live look from san rafael. much of the bay area waking up to cloud cover out there.
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famous pier 39 used the celebration of world oceans day to announce that it is joining the skip the straw campaign in an effort to reduce plastics pollution. pier 39 is now working with its 14 restaurants and as well as ferries and charters that service the area to convert to paper straws or to provide them only upon request. the state senate bill is deti bill that would ban plastic straws in all dine-in restaurants. lisa argen is tracking the accuweather forecast for us.
8:40 am
and we've seen some fog, some drizzle. some changes on the way though. but not just yet. >> right. and wind. don't forget about the wind. taylor swift gu it was gusty yesterday and today and that continues. sea lions enjoying the sun, just 62 today in san francisco. right now it is in the 50s. but elsewhere, it is mild, but hold on, today is the cool day. and it is still damp in places. we have the warriors celebrate forecast and looking at a summerlike spread for that day as well. and also ahead, about the only suspense last night was who would win the nba finals mvp award. larry beil has the make ross your destination for savings. if you're looking for an incredible selection of the brands you love, this season's newest trends for a fraction of what you'd pay at department stores, ♪ you gotta go to ross
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they'd tell you to go to ross. because there's so much tohoom. listen to your pets. they're your best friends, so they don't want you to spend more than you have to. if you want to save big on pet accessories, you gotta go to ross. >> good morning. time is 8:45 and we're taking a live look outside at oracle arena in oakland. the warriors getting ready for a big day over at the team store as fans make their way over to pick up new merchandise. so as for the weather, is sweater needed, lisa? we'll check in with her coming up. but first in sport, many fans will start paying attention to baseball now that the warriors have finished their run this morning the giants ce the nationals. d e as areaking on the
8:44 am
royals at the oakland coliseum, first pitch there is 1:05. warriors are scheduled to return home at 3:30 this afternoon. fans are invited to start lining you up at 2:00 p.m. to greet the team on earhart road. larry beil has the highlights of last night's title clinching victory in this morning's sports report. >> reporter: good morning. a long injury filled season ends in style for the golden state warriors with another larry o'brien championship trophy, the dubs sweeping the cavs. steph curry at toning for his struggles in game three. he had 12 in the first six minutes of game four. he wanted the foul, he got whacked in the head. didn't get the foul, but first of many for steph. lebron james throwing it down here. reveals he broke his right hand in frustration after the game one gift they gave to golden state. dubs by 9 at the break.
8:45 am
klay thompson had ten in the third quarter. warriors pulling away as they always do. steph finished with 37 and kevin durant named finals mvp for the second year in a row. warriors captured back to back championships. here is mindy bach in cleveland. >> reporter: only the celtics and lakers have more championships. >> being in this position, winning three out of four years, with the group that i get to do it with every single day, no better feeling. just run through the tape. get to the finish line, it was a special night. >> grateful and excited that i get this opportunity. feels good to be a part of a group like this, to win two championships is -- that's what you want.
8:46 am
>> hardest nba season i think i've had. there is so much wear and tear emotionally, physically. it is just a grind. and mere we are, we made it. >> oh, snap. yeah. three time champion. that is dope. >> reporter: mindy bach, abc 7. >> perfect friday night for bay area sports teams because the giants beat washington and the as defeated kc. that is a wrap on morning sports. we'll see you at the parade on tuesday. have a great weekend. i'm larry beil. >> good morning. saturday, boy, we have a theme going on here with our cooler than average temperatures. but it is getting sunny out there. that is a plus. this is emeryville right now where we're looking at some pretty mild conditions. but that is not going to be the way the day plays out. we'll look at an interesting week ahead.
8:47 am
here is santa rosa for example, 74 today. 88 yesterday. going up to near average tomorrow. nday, the hottest day of course tuesday, and looking at numbers trailing off into the end of the week. but in santa cruz, it is cloudy right now. temperatures will be in the low 70s down just a few degrees. breezy at the coast. but we have a reason for all of this cool air. and it is because of this system to the north of us. the clouds indicate the cold air. of course this is rain. and further south, recipients of some pretty gusty winds out there. and that is later today. walnut creek right now, partly sunny conditions, 53 in san francisco, 57 in oakland. got the 60s mountain view, san jose some sun, 63 gilroy, 54 half moon bay. nice shot here from our explore are tore yum camera where we have partly sunny skies. white caps on the bay later on. 64 in novato.
8:48 am
63 concord. the airport beginning to see the clouds scatter out. the system is passing to the north and that marine layer just gets as extensive as it can be. so we saw the moisture this morning. so some sun and still some damp conditions along the coast. it will be gusty and cooler today. warmer tomorrow. but still on the breezy side. the winds certainly highlighting your forecast today and tomorrow with those gusty winds at the coast. so here we go through the day, it is 9:00. and we are looking at the winds increasing for later on anywhere from 30 to 40 miles an hour here. and then look at the double dil digits here all around the bay. even windier than yesterday. but into tomorrow, we still have the direction off the ocean, but it will be slightly less windy. and we will be looking at a warmer afternoon aa a high pressure ridge beginning to build in.
8:49 am
69 in milpitas, so cooler weather on the peninsula are the winds gusty. 62 downtown. breezy to windy. north bay looking at upper 60s to low 70s. that is down a good ten degrees. east bay cool, just 60s for you. you head inland, and we have low to mid-70s. so mild afternoon, but didn't feel like june. looking at the fair, always feels like the fair for the summertime. today it will be cool with 67 and windy conditions. so the accuweather 7 day forecast, we have 70s today inland, 50s at the coast. tomorrow mirld, breezy. monday begins to warm up and tuesday for the parade, we are talking near 80 by 11:00 on tuesday. so it will be the day. so sun block, hat, lots of celebrations. and then after that, cooler rest of the week. on the peninsula, a comeback story for the ages involving a
8:50 am
resilient teenager and her personal connection to the warriors and some cal leavalier fans. inside the halls of sequoia high school, caitlin is defying the odds and sharing her wisdom. >> finding the positive in the struggle. and it will end up being okay. and you can make it through hard times. >> reporter: at age 13, caitlin was diagnosed with encephalitis that causes debilitating seizures. >> she was having up to 20 a day with tremors almost 24/7. so it was very hard. >> reporter: two surgeries failed to help. so in 2015, caitlin traveled to the cleveland clinic for a third procedure to stop the seizures. during her recovery, the hospital staff helped her de e ecteracots of the surgery though included left side paralysis as well as severe headaches. this video taken by family shows caitlin during a physical therapy session learning how to
8:51 am
walk again. when she got back to the bay area, caitlin e-mailed coach receive kerr who at the time was also suffering from headaches after undergoing spinal surgery. to her amazement, the coach wrote back and eventually invited her to a game. a kind gesture that cemented her status at a super fan. she's caught up academically, teachers applaud her spirit. >> she sets examples for students on campus about what it looks like to hold yourself to high expectations and to set goals. and meet them. >> reporter: she's now on the sequoia swim team where she competes with the use of only her right arm. but warriors basketball will always be her first love. usfa j>>velot base and everything. >> reporter: this remarkable teenager inspiring the warrior within us all. >> she's now volunteering with the brain recovery project, an organization that helps children reach their full potential after undergoing surgery. next, how some of the warriors players are celebrating another nba title.
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no wonder vets love it too. reported side effects include vomiting, itching, diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. see your vet for more information on flea and tick protection you and your dog will love. nexgard. the vet's #1 choice. warriors are taking to social media to celebrate. they twooeeted this photo. andre i guodala tweeted tree of them. and nick young tweeted swag champ. and pachulia shared this picture with the caption pachulias and some dude tagging klay thompson.
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8:56 the time. a final weather check. are we used to the wind and cooler temperatures? probably not. this is june, but we should be used to the june gloom. we won't have that. it will be sunny as we clear out, but windy at the coast. 59 there. upper 60s peninsula. low to mid-70s in our lowest locations. and then the warmup begins. breezy tomorrow and look at the 90s arriving for the beginning of the workweek that includes a o warm day for the parade and then cooling off by the end of the week. >> sounds good. thank you. thanks for joining us on abc 7 mornings. i'm chris nguyen alongside lisa argen. the news continues now online, twitter, facebk and instragram. we'll leave you for now with a live look outside at or came ral arena, a big congratulations to the warriors.
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