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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  June 9, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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the plane landed complete with a fire water salute. but the real moment was when steph curry and kevin durant stepped out holding those trophies. the golden state warriors arrived in style greeted with much frenzy as players held their latest awards high in the air. >> had the guys play probably the best night of the playoffs last night. >> reporter: to catch a glimpse of the defending champs. >> from following them in the way back we believe phase it's amazing to see the growth of this team. >> reporter: die-hard fan fulisha johnson was the first to show up arriving at 11:30 this morning. as the city of oakland gears for yet another historic parade the city mayor was proud of how
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they conducted themselves. >> we could not be more proud to be champions. our golden state warriors have brought it home to us one more time. >> reporter: with celebrations continuing through tuesday you can bet there will be a few sick calls. >> i'm calling in sick. sorry. i may lose my job. >> some warriors fans spent the hours after the win grabbing the latest championship gear. cornell bernard has a look how fans are wearing their pride on their sleeves. >> reporter: dove nation lined outside the warriors team store to be the first to snag some swag in the wake of that championship sweep. akeela bird from union city loves her doves championship gear, but she's done with king james. >> good job to lebron, but not about him.
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i'm tired of hearing his name. it's all about dub nation. >> i'm buying a couple of t-shirts, a tank top and several hats. >> reporter: jimmy walton just wanted the hat. >> i'm so excited. and i got the hat. i got the hat. >> reporter: let's face it, it's all about the hat. last year's championship hat sold out so fast they were gone within hours. so this year there's a limit. you can only buy six. graphic sportswear in san francisco started printing championship gear the second the warriors clenched the title. it means big bucks for the warriors. we asked the manager to share the figure. >> can't share that. but we've been number one in sales both online and the arena for the last several years. >> reporter: another run for championship gear that's becoming an annual tradition. >> gsw every day. >> once you get the hat it's all
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about parade, and the warriors victory parade will be on tuesday. a little shorter than last year's. this time around no rally at the end of the parade. fans can begin lining up as early as 6:30 in the morning. you can get more information all on our website, and if you can't be there in person catch the live coverage at 10:00 a.m. tuesday morning. there is a heat spike coming to the bay area but it's already warm out there. just downtown san rafael, ang egr stopped. >> in that picture you can see the smoke from that brush fire, almost horizontal winds certainly a factor out there
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today. especially to the coastlines. right now we have gusts 40 miles per hour. in the north bay alone you can see those gusts anywhere from 20 to even 30 miles per hour. the wind is certainly active out of the west. we're going to take you closer into the north bay hills especially the san rafael area. we still have wind gusts 2:00 over 20 miles an hour, take a lull and increase tomorrow afternoon. unfortunately, we're tracking warm weather. that triple digit heat you see to our south and west, we're going to get a piece of that air mass in the coming days. there's a new leader in the san francisco mayoral race. london breed took the lead today. she now has 51.3% of the vote. leno has 49.87%.
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leno took over after the rank choice votes were counted. the san francisco department of elections tweeted they're still processing provisional ballots. approximately 42,000 ballots still need to be counted. president trump is heading to singapore skipping out early. he bashed what he called ridiculous trade deals and then speculated on tuesday's face-to-face with north korea's kim jong-un. abc news reporter andy field has more. >> reporter: it will be a historic first, an in person meeting between a sitting u.s. president and a north korean leader. president trump saying he has a clear objective to convince kim jong-un to completely abapded north korea's nuclear weapons and ballistics missiles arsenal. >> i have a clear objective, but i have to say, iliana, it's going to be something that will
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always be spur-of-the-moment. >> reporter: mr. trump who prides himself on deal making saying this morning he's on a mission of peace. >> i feel kim jong-un wants to do something great for his people, and he has that opportunity. and he won't have that opportunity again. it's never going to be there again. so it's a one time -- it's a one time shot. >> reporter: president trump saying he will know within the first mipt whether kim is serious. the president saying he's not afraid to walk away. >> and if i think it won't happen, i'm not going to waste my time. i'm not going to waste his time. >> reporter: the tension there palpable, mr. trump arriving late, leaving early and ditching sessions on climate change, and continuing to talk tough on trade. >> we like to piggy bank that everybody's robbing and that ends. >> reporter: the president also pushing to have russia a seat at the
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the world, good for russia, good for the united states. i think it would be good for all the countries of the current g-7. >> reporter: the president's 18 months of nationalistic policy often leaving him the odd man out. andy field, abc news, washington. coming up, a woman's car goes up in flames. >> i thought i was going to die when i saw the sparks. >> what she put in her cup holder that she believes could have cost her her life. and. anthony bourdain had befriended me at a very strange time in my life. >> her review of the oligarch made her famous,
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a michigan woman says a cellphone exploded in her car destroying the vehicle and nearly killing her. this is what the car looked like after the fire last month. the woman said she had a samsung galaxy s4 and holder. >> it just happened quick. it just went up ipflames. people was telling me to get away from the car. what if i would have been on the highway and stuck in traffic and
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couldn't, you know, get out. >> samsung sent a crew to examine the car and pieces of cellon omyingpa it stands behind the safety of millions of samsung cellphones in the u.s. buyers formed huge lines to pick up the flame throwers they preordered. musk made sure to add conditions of whatnot to do with the flamethrowers. the flame throwers are legal in california. coming up a relationship that emplified who anthony bourdain was. >> he was one of the best things that ever came around for me. >> the small town food critic whose positive review of the olive turned him into a fan. the warriors went back-to-back last night in cleveland. today they're back in the bay. what head coach steve kerr says
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fans are leaving flowers and floats outside anthony bourdain's former restaurant in new york.
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they're sharing stories about how the late food and tv icon touched their lives. many people who knew bourdain are reflecting on the sudden loss, including one small town food critic whose olive garden review went viral. >> she fielded phone calls all day from news outlets across the globe inquiring about a special man in her life. >> anthony bourdain had befriended me at a very strange time in my life. >> you called it the largest and most beautiful restaurant in town. >> it was back in 2012 with her review of the olive garden in her weekly column in the herald. thousands of people reached out mostly then t t t t t t one who did reach out, anthony bourdain. >> he had a lot of questions about where i go and why i do
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it. >> reporter: they would learn about each other an a personal level and of course talk menus. >> he was thinking that maybe they weren't so ridiculous, maybe she is telling the story of how people eat in the middle west. >> i thought, wow, she's making us all look bad. this is the way much of america eats. >> it was beyond what you could imagine. >> reporter: while marilyn hag rty may not remember every e-peat she's penned over the years she'll remember the passionate cooking. >> naturally i'm especially sad. >> reporter: and now she's like so many others, trying to make sense of a talented much loved man lost too soon. >> i would never think anything like that would happen to him. he was up beat and friendly, fun to visit with, just a positive
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person. >> you can see what bay area chefs, many of them friends of bourdain, had to say of his passing. in accuweather today, still stuck under that windy pattern. tomorrow before the winds relax by monday. live doppler 7 showing you we do have a vaeil of high high high cover overhead. you can see, though, that camera lens, it is bouncing, shaking because you still have those winds that are very active right now. 41 that current gust in san francisco. 32 right now in nuvaudo. you can even see san carlos right now gusting to 31. that winwind continues to come off that cool ocean water. only 59 in san francisco right now. we're at 65 currently iphayward.
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67 that number in san jose, and napa. and santa rosa both checking in with a temperature of 70 degrees. future tracker winds showing you by 7:00 in the morning the winds not all that bad. away from the coast generally 5 to 10 miles per hour, and then you get that daytime heating and that increases those winds. and by 3:00 you start to see those gusts going perhaps 15 to 20 miles per hour and even higher winds as we go into sunday evening. and those winds continue to keep us on the cool side through the weekend. it will be breezy overnight especially along the coast. but it's a nice looking night in terms of sky condition. a lot of stars out there. temperatures dropping to the mid-40s to low 50s. those winds pick up frequently gusting over 20 miles per hour, so it's a bright but breezy day. 69 in oakland, 74 the high in san jose, and santa rosa up to
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about 76 degrees tomorrow afternoon. the beach forecast tomorrow, a lot of sunshine but that wind will be with you throughout the afternoon. likely gusting about 30 miles per hour. that uv index will be on the high side. that ocean concernly at 53 degrees. then monday we're going to lose the wind but we'll gain some heat. future tracker temperatures by monday afternoon widespread 70s and 80s around many of our neighborhoods by the afternoon. watch what happens on tuesday. it goes warm to hot across the entire region. tuesday afternoon as you move inland well into the 90s. even around the immediate shoreline mid-70s to mid-80s. if you are going to be in oakland for the warriors day parade on tuesday, it's going to be warm. 68 degrees, but by the froop those numbers will jump into the mid and upper 70s. tomorrow it is still windy in the afternoon.
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monday the winds relax but the warmth increases. by tuesday it is warm to hot but wednesday already cooling off on the coast, still hot inland. but by thursday and friday cooler air moves in area-wide. the warriors celebrated the title last night in cleveland. today they're bringing the party back to the bay. the back-to-back nap champs returning home this afternoon. steph curry doing a little shimmy with the larry o'brien trophy, winning game four 108-85 last night in cleveland. kevin durant named mvp for the second year in a row. it's one of the greatest runs in nba history. >> i don't think we all thought this was possible. we just, you know, went out and played the game. being able to have the trophy three times and bring it home to the bay special.
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>> it's a long year, long difficult season but definitely all worth it in the end. just an amazing finish and i thought our guys played probably the best game of the playoffs last night. so saved the best for last. big drama in the big apple, history is made in the race for triple crown. >> he's just perfect, and now he's just immortal. justify is the 13th triple crown winner. >> he wins the triple crown. goes wire to wire to win the 150th belmont stakes. mike smith becomes the oldest jockey to win the triple crown. he trained trained trained train years ago. >> american pharaoh he'll always be my first love, and for mike smith -- he deserves something
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like this. superior horse. i mean he's just -- he could have won every race on the under card today. french open women's championship between stevens. she took the first set after her return goes wide. winner of the first set. has won 43 of the 46 giving her first career grand slam title. the nationals got some inspiration from the stanley cup champions. alex slovetchkin of the washington capitals throwing out the first pitch and just a bit high. i didn't know there were mulligans in baseball. give it one more shot. there you go. a second inning to get a 5-0
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lead. closed the gap, nick hundley, his seventy of the season. fourth inning now, 5-4 until bryce harper sends it up, up and away. that's a soly home run. the nationals win 7-5. the a's and royals second inning an rbi off chris basset. he tossed seven innings allowing just three hits. dan duffy struck out ten, got some great defense. how about this catch in the outfield. added some insurance in the ninth with a solo home run. to golf, third round of thee fedex classics, a shot of the day on number 8, get that, in the hole for an ace. he's at 10 under. and this man dustin johnson.
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shot a 5 under 65, a nice approach on 15. that sets up an easy birdie. the leaders are at 15 under par. this abc sports report has been brought to you by mazda. the warriors back in town after winning the title and celebrating. i'm sure they're going to celebrate a little bit more and rest. they've already accomplished the goal. >> get your bull rope ready, the rodeo is back in
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well, tonight on abc 7 news at 9:00 on calls from one of california's devastating wildfires released, what they reveal. and with apologies livermore became cow town for a short while today. 100 head of cattle stamppeded through the streets. the event and soon parade marked the beginning of the 100th annual livermore rodeo. more than 100,000 people are estimated to attenthis year.
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in off. today's ride raised $143,000. two wheels, four legs we got it all. >> oh, yeah, two legs because the warriors are back in town. congratulations to those folks and the organization for a great season and great championship. that's it for abc 7 news at 6:00. we'll
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