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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  June 10, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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this is abc 7 news. president trump is calling it a mission of peace, a face to face with north korean leader kim jong-un now just hour away. hello and thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm dion lim. we begin with that developing news. the foreign policy style faces its toughest test to date. >> he is now in singapore where he will attempt to personally broker an end to kim's nuclear program. nbc news reporter karen travers is in singapore. >> reporter: just hours before the first-ever meeting between a sitting u.s. president and the leader of north korea, president
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trump projecting confidence. >> this is a great opportunity for peace. >> reporter: the president, prioritizing instinct over planning. he says he'll know in the first minute whether kim jong-un is serious about giving up his nuclear weapons and the man who says he's mastered the art of the deal says he can still walk away. >> i'm not going to waste my time and i don't want to waste his time. >> there are only two options, peace or war. >> reporter: president trump who has called this meeting a one-time shot. >> at least we will have met each other and we will have seen each other, hopefully we will have liked each other. >> reporter: this one-on-one summit with kim jong-un comes right after the g7 world leaders summit. president trump arrived late, skipped out early and continued his tough talk on trade. >> we're like the piggy bank that everybody's robbing and that ends. >> reporter: the u.s. abruptly pulling out of the g7 joint communique, a statement from all leaders attending the summit.
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tensions are escalating between president trump and the other g7 leaders especially canadian prime minister justin trudeau. the two exchanged harsh barbs after the summit. sunday morning advisers to president trump suggesting prime minister trudeau is out to undermine the north korea summit. >> there's a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages in bad faith diplomacy with president donald j. trump. >> he's polarizing. he really kind of stabbed us in the back. >> reporter: karen travers, abc news, traveling with the president in singapore. >> you can get updated on the upcoming summit on "world news tonight with david muir" tonight at 5:30 on abc 7. president trump facing criticism tonight following his g7 summit and exchanges with canadian prime minister justin trudeau. in a tweet he accused justin trudeau of making false statements. dianne feinstein said she believes the situation could have been handled better.
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>> understand the president was upset. the president could have said that, but to walk away from our allies in this way, i think, is a mistake. >> the president also blamed previous u.s. administrations for some of the trade deals that he believes are hurting america's economic fortunes. breaking news out of emoriville where a police pursuit ended in a fiery crash. abc 7 news reporter lilian kim is there live with the latest. >> reporter: eric, at least one person has died in this crash. this entire intersection of west macarthur boulevard and peralta street is blocked off as officers piece together what happened. it was 3:30 p.m. when the driver of the vehicle crashed in emoriville while evading a san francisco police officer, what he was wanted for and why he was being pursue side something we're trying to find out from sfpd. witnesses told us they heard a screech and a loud bang and almost immediately an sfpd officer approached the crashed
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vehicle with her gun drawn and began asking people to get fire expi extinguishers as flames were coming out of the vehicle. we spoke to a retired firefighters who helped rescue one of the people in the car and he was driving in the area and stopped to help when he noticed smoke coming out of the vehicle. >> the car was in that accident. you couldn't get to the doors. i jumped on the roof of the car and the sun roof had broken and he wasn't initially able to get out. his legs were, i think, pinned and he couldn't take his seat belt off. i yelled for a knife and i pulled him out of the sun roof. >> we have not received confirmation from anyone who was in that car, but the coroner was here and we are told one person has died. we will get details very soon. live in emoriville, lilian kim, abc news.
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>> much appreciated. thank you. developing news now with the san francisco mayoral race and london breed has increased her lead. she is ahead of leno by 1600 votes. she had been trailing until yesterday. abc 7 news was at city hall today where they are still counting mail-in and provisional ballots. there is plenty of work to be done with thousands of more ballots to go through. >> we won't certify the election until end of june, and we expect to finish by end of june. >> election workers are also verifying the results from individual polling places. oakland is getting ready for another big party line like no other. a dub nation celebration in honor of nba champ golden state warriors. taking a live look now at downtown oakland, a million fans are expected to show up to tuesday's parade and abc 7 news reporter karen bernard is in oakland where preparations are in full swing. the championship banners are
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going up all over downtown. so are the no parking signs and lots of barricades. it's becoming a near-annual tradition for oakland. >> we love the sweep. >> a parade to honor those amazing warriors, three nba titles in four years. >> i work nearby so i have a perfect place to view broadway street and i'll be watching it as i'm actually at work. >> reporter: the parade starts at 11:00 a.m. on broadway and 11th street ending at 13th and oak street near lake merit. the staff on broadway getting ready for huge crowds and they're ordering extra pastry, coffee and bottled water so they don't run out like they did last year. >> a lot of people were coming in and out, and i think it was our busiest day. we made $300 in tips. >> the mayor says tuesday's parade will be different. instead of an end of parade rally, they will do more interactive stations along the parade route. hopefully more people will enjoy that interaction with their favorite players.
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>> maybe we jumped out and enjoyed it right when steph curry goes by. >> with dozens of street closures, take public transportation if you can. the bart will carry more than a half million riders during the past two warriors parades and there were long lines at the stations. >> i'm definitely going to bart in and i'm not going to take my car here. >> the warriors will foot the bill for the parade. the mayor estimates the cost at $1.2 million. nbc 7 news. if you can't be there in person catch the victory parade right here on abc 7 and the coverage starts at 10:00 a.m. tuesday morning and get detailed information on our website and street closures and championship parade with do's and don'ts and all on abc 7 to developing news now, more residents of hawaii's big island have received warnings that they might have to evacuate on a
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moment's notice from the lava from the kilauea volcano. lava has flowed into the pacific ocean that has formed new land along the island shore. experts say there's no way to predict when kilauea's eruption will end or when the lava flows will stop. huge crowds came out for this year's l.a. trade. [ cheering ] >> just ahead, highlights from this weekend's celebration and the one thing politics made during today's parade. how you can become a card-carrying member of dub nation. >> a live look from our emoriville camera showing you a bright and breezy finish to the weekend and it's about t
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actor vince vaughn is out of jail tonight after an arrest on suspicion of drunken drive asking resisting arrest. this is a booking photo taken this morning. police took him into custody at a checkpoint in manhattan beach. vaughn is best known for his roles in comedies like "dodge ball" and "wedding crashers." so far no comment from the actor. baseball distracted people from the fire last october. abc 7 was at the oakland coliseum when they hosted north bay day. the team gave away free tickets to those affected by the wildfires and the first responders who helped them. today's gesture touched the heart of one young man who lost his home. >> a lot of our neighbor, we haven't seen them so this just gives us a chance to reconnect. >> it's great to give thanks for
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the job we do and be appreciate it and we appreciate it in return. >> this is our way of celebrating them and telling them they're an important part of our community. >> they held the annual salute to firefighters. one of the largest lgbtq community celebrated pride month with the parade in southern california. [ cheering ] >> thousands of marchers and many more spectators enjoyed los angeles pride parade through west hollywood. politics played a major role in this year's celebration. activists cut a wedding cake to protest a recent supreme court ruling who sided with a baker who refused to serve a same-sexx couple. >> in a little town it's not easy to find other people like you and when you come here, everybody's gay and it's, like, you're just full of this feeling. >> i am with my people. it's nice.
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>> san francisco will hold its pride parade two weeks from today on june 24th. >> the warriors' kevin durant will make his first national tv appearance tomorrow since winning the nba championship. details on when you can see it right here on abc 7. also coming up. >> i started screaming, "he's alive, he's alive". >> a woman's quick thinking action saved a boy. this weekend with winds gusting over 20 miles per hour and tomorrow
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a scary water rescue was caught on tape, one of the boys noticed someone was suddenly missing and 13-year-old cody runyan was
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from the bottom of the pool and a woman rushed in to help. >> i went under water and i see him laying on the ground, sitting on 5 feet just passed out. >> and he was blue, and he was cold, and he was wet, and he was clearly deceased. >> she performed cpr, something she had only learned once more than a decade ago. within 30 seconds the boy coughed up water and the boy began to breathe again and is now fine and is grateful to the people he calls his heros. >> we know kevin durant is celebrating the warriors' big win and it will be on jimmy kimmel live right here on abc 7. durant tweeted today that he'll be on tomorrow night's show to celebrate the warriors' back-to-back championships. you can see him right after abc news at 11:00 on jimmy kimmel
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live. the cards have warriors imagery on the front. they first became available yesterday and only a limited amount are available. get yours at the san francisco and oakland libraries by signing up for the summer stride program which encourages everyone to have fun reading and learning this summer. >> now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. >> that wind is still with us, and tomorrow we'll lose that wind, and the active scan across the region and it is completely clear and not a cloud to be seen and no precipitation. winds right now are active and they're just not as active as they were yesterday, if you can believe that with a gust of 38 in san francisco and we're at 28 with the current win in novato. concord checking in and it's breeszy inla breezy inland and we were able to eke out 80-degree readings and a little warmer today than we were yesterday. we're at 81 in santa rosa and 79
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in concord, and we're in the 60s from san francisco to oakland at this hour. so overnight tonight, the winds will gradually relax. a little breeze on the coast, but elsewhere the winds will calm down and plenty of stars out there and upper 40s to mid-50s and your starting temperatures tomorrow morning. the future tracker wind is tomorrow morning and the winds are very light in nature and they likely will stay that way for most of us tomorrow afternoon and you can see half moon bay and about 15 miles per hour and away from the coast and generally those winds are light and that will allow us to warm up even more tomorrow afternoon. look at highs on your monday more typical of june. 74 and sunny. high of 83 in san and up to a warm of 79 degrees and those numbers continue to rise into tuesday. future tracker it will temperatures by tuesday. it is warm to hot across the
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region. inland, we're well into the 90s and into the shoreline, mid-70s to mid-80s and if you're headed to oakland for the warriors parade it will be sunny and warm. 11:00, the temperature of 69 degrees and by 1:00, look at the temperatures in the mid, if not upper 70s as you wrap up the parade and we'll take you to the tropics where you are tracking a strengthening issue at this hour and it is off the western coast winds with 80 miles per hour and it is forecasted to strengthen tomorrow into a category 2 storm with winds of 110 miles per hour and then it will take a turn to the north and have its sights set on cabo san lucas and it will weaken into a tropical storm and 15 miles per hour as it approaches to cab owe and likely it will move over cabo thursday into friday, and anywhere from 3 to 6 inches with gusty winds and we'll keep you updated on this. if you have plans to cabo, and
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here is the seven-day forecast and it's warmer and less windy tomorrow. finally the wind is out of here and it's just warm to hot across the region tuesday and we keep that warmth here on wednesday. a bit of a cooldown on the coast thursday and then widespread cooling friday into saturday and right now father's day on sunday, pretty typical june pattern with morning clouds and temperatures in the 70s and in the 80s. >> father's day is coming up. >> no hints what so ever. >> i didn't even know. >> again, wink, wink. thank you. >> i already got my gift. >> very nice! >> i know, can you believe it's over? we're getting ready for a warm -- warm parade. >> yes, other sports going on, though. the giants face one of the toughest pitchers in baseball and they happen to have one of the hottest hitters, and somebody sign this guy, a strange feat that he
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now sports from abc 7 news. the giants can take their first series in national park in eight seasons and now you beat the best starter in baseball and matt sherzer leads the major with ten wins and he struck out six giants batters in a row including joe panic. scherzer struck out, and brandon crawford is on a roll with a 4.22 average and he destroys this off scherzer.
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the two-run shot were the only runs was game. >> remember the brawl between hunter strickland and their matchup not as interesting and they get matt adams to end the game five pitchers combined and they win the series and get the 2-0 final. as and royals, what are the odds of this happening? watch this. he fouls the ball and the fan catches it and the very same play, and the same play, same fan. the as outfielder did not have the benefit. this ball dropped and they get on base and when sean mania uncorks this pitch he comes home to score. the royals are still down by one at that point, but the next pitch, salvador perez over the left field wall, ties it up at 2. so the royals are looking to take the lead and look at marcus simeon and lays out from his knees, keeps this game tied with spectacular defensive play through the bottom half and matt
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chapman decides to send every fan home happy and he uncorks that and that is your game winner. as win 3-2 and they take three out of four in the series and the astros are up next on tuesday. >> today at the french open, rafael nadal, and 11 times he's reached the final at roland garros and 11 times he has won. no other man or woman in the open era has won any major that many times. nadal faced austria's dominant team having lost one set this entire tournament. he made sure he was not going to lose one today. nadal is 86 and 2 all time in this tournament, 6-4, and he picks up the major against roger federer. >> i can't describe my feelings because it is not even a dream to win here in the 11th time because it's impossible to think of something like this, and all
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i can say is thank you very, very much, everybody. >> final round of the st. jude classic and final tune-up before last week's u.s. open and dustin johnson had the cruise to the six-shot victory and his approach to 13, and easy birdie, but he saved his best for the final hole. this is in the par 4 18. look at this. holds it out for eagle and 466 today for johnson. 19 under par for the tournament and picks up a cool $1.2 million. that would be a happy father's day. >> not even in my dreams have i dropped one. >> he's more of a putt-putt golf. >> i'm more like the competitor against nadal. >> mindy, thank you very much. just ahead could the next big summer
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switch to sprint. visit >> new on abc 7 news at 6:00, the internet could change tomorrow. how the repeal of net neutrality may affect you. >> and it is cleveland or bust for two warriors fans who decided to attend game four that morning. did it ever pay off, find out at 6:00. >> summer is about to get a big sour. >> tomorrow fast food chain summit will have pickled fruit slush. >> it's sweet, tangy and, quote, surprisingly delicious. >> you're wrong. you're way wrong.
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>> pickle love is out there! >> get a pickle if you love pickles. >> president trump and north korean leader kim jong-un have both arrived. the president stepping off air force one for what he calls a "mission of peace" now set to meet face to face with kim jong-un, the first time ever a sitting u.s. president will meet with the leader of north korea. when asked how long it will take for the president to know if kim jong-un is serious, he said he will know within the first minute. our team -- jon karl, martha raddatz -- join me live. also developing, president trump takes aim at canadian prime minister justin trudeau calling him dishonest and weak after what trudeau said after the g7. the president's team saying there's a special place in hell for any foreign leader who engages in bad faith diplomacy. so what was it trudeau said? and tonight the images of those world leaders, their body


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