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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 11, 2018 2:30am-4:00am PDT

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good morning good morning. i'm diane macedo. >> i'm kendis gibson. here are some of the top headlines we're following on "world news now." president trump expressing thanks to the prime minister of singapore for hosting the historic summit with north korea. the president will meet kim jong un for the first time months after trading insults and threats. we'll have a live report from the region. speaking of insults and threats, the tension between the u.s. and canada is heating up. he said we can't let our friends or enemies take advantage of us. neighbors near cleveland reported smelling gas before an explosion destroying this house. the explosion and flying debris caused damage to nearby homes as well.
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and the band's visit swept last night's tony awards top prizes, and in the most emotional moment of the night, students from parkland, florida sang an anthem of survival from "rent." those are some of our top stories on this monday, june 11. from abc news, this is "world news now." what a moment there at the tonys. the audience was just jaw-dropped. and afterwards, huge standing ovation. >> if you were watching at home, you got chills just listening to them. great to see them on that stage after all they've been through. but we're going to start this half hour with history unfolding. some 10,000 miles from most u.s. cities. president trump and kim jong un are preparing to sit down in singapore at the negotiating table for the first time. the white house has confirmed their first meeting will be just
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one on one. >> the summit officially gets under way tonight 9:00 p.m. eastern time. karen travers is live in singapore. give us an idea of what this summit will actually look like. >> reporter: good morning, diane and kendis. for now, all we know about this summit is that president trump and kim jong un will be meeting one on one to start that meeting. as you say, it will take place 9:00 eastern time on monday night. after that, they'll let in their expanded staff for what would be their second meeting, a more, full meeting a larger conversation. but for now, the white house is not indicating if there will be anything else added. but there's certainly the possibility. this, for now, on the books is a very short schedule. just two meetings. not clear how long they're going to take. but the president said over the weekend he's going to know in the first minute if kim jong un is serious about giving up his weapons. he was asked how is he going to know. he said his touch, his feel, gut
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instincts. >> gut instinct is how the president's going on this. i know there's a half mermaid-half lion there. what's the worst experience you've had so far, getting used to the humidity? >> reporter: i haven't been here long. president trump got here sunday and had a very light schedule on monday. he's officially finished for the day, kendis. he had a meeting with the prime minister of singapore and an expanded lunch. this is a chance for the president to say thank you for hosting this historic summit. he appreciated the kindness, hospitality and friendship. on thursday, it's president trump's birthday. and i guess the singapore officials did their legwork. they knew that birthday was coming. and at the end of the lunch they
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surprised him with a birthday cake. yes, he likes cake, but president trump also really likes ice cream. so hopefully they gave him the two scoops that he likes with pie and cake. and another little fun detail. when he has events at the white house he gets two scoops of ice cream. everybody else at the table only gets one. >> if they're starting things off on the right foot, i think giving him a birthday cake was a nice gesture. >> you can win anybody over with sweets. >> that is true. no doubt. our karen travers there in singapore. thank you. >> and thousands of journalists are covering every angle of this summit. but north koreans have slight details on this. >> we usually hear from abc's julie cho when she's home. this morning she's in singapore. >> reporter: the mood here on the ground, cautiously hopeful. asian countries welcome kim's first step out of isolation into the stage of international
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diplomacy. north koreans woke up to this headline. it reads, our nation's great leader departs for first historic meeting with u.s. president. they also mentioned that he flew to singapore on a chinese plane. this is the furthest a north korean leader has ever been away, including his father and grandfather. singapore paying extra attention in security around st. bridges hotel where kim is staying. cost of hosting this event, $15 million u.s. and the singapore prime minister says half of that is spent on security alone. now if there's one party that is left out of this historic summit, it is south korea. president moon jae-in did a great job as a go-between between the two leaders up to this state. we know the president wanted to be here, but obviously, he wasn't invited. >> she's referring to the president of south korea who
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wanted to be there for the meeting, but it's supposed to be a man-on-man thing with the president of the united states and the north korean dictator. while the press has moved on to singapore, he still has in the back of his mind the spar with u.s. allies. >> the president is slamming canadian prime minister justin trudeau. they refused to sign a traditional statement of solidarity with the g-7 nations, president trump did. and he was back on twitter saying we can't let our friends or allies take advantage of us anymore. here is brad mielke. >> the international community's collective jaw was on the floor this weekend. president trump issued scathing tweets about canadian prime minister justin trudeau before and after the g-7 but became furious when trudeau openly criticized american tariffs. but justin fishel was at this event and said the most shocking thing involved the country that wasn't even there. >> he started the whole thing off by saying russia should be
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back in the g-8. that's a big deal. he said the group would be more meaningful if russia were in it. he completely glossed over the fact, because he brought it up and was asked about it, that russia was removed in 2014 because they illegally annexed crimea. that's how the substance started. then it was the tariff battle. and that's where everything started to erupt at the end of the summit. so as we see relationships with traditional allies plummet to new lows, potential olive branches for north korea and russia. here more on "start here" later this morning. check it out apple podcast or your favorite podcasting app. >> keep it here on abc for the full coverage of the summit in singapore. >> we'll be live around 9:00 eastern time when president trump and kim jung-un meet for the first time. to south florida and a community that was urged to be on guard just days before a
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deadly alligator attack. it's unclear whether the woman received the warning from the homeowner's association. she was walking her dogs when she disappeared. authorities suspected the worst when a gator was spotted swimming nearby. her body was found and the gator removed. in colorado the fire swelled to more than 16,000 acres and is still out of control and expected to be hot, dry and windy for the next few days. when you win the stanley cup, you get to take it home with you. good luck getting it out of alex ovechkin's hands. >> its travels have included a keg stand on the d.c. waterfront. >> he apparently slept once, bringing his new 35-pound friend to bed. his wife apparently not so jealous. she shot the video for him.
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>> well, celebrate. it's his first. coming up, more sports, including a crotch collision. >> and later, a dramatic pool rescue. a young boy nearly drowning. a 13 year old coming in to help, pulling his unconscious body out of the water. you're watching "world news now."
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♪ ♪ well, that really is the ultra modern skyline there of singapore where tonight at 9:00 eastern the president will meet with kim jong un. while all the attention is on singapore, back on the korean peninsula millions are waiting to see what happens next. >> martha raddatz traveled there for a closer look. >> reporter: it has been six months since we've taken this one-hour drive from south korea's capital beyond the guard towers. the barbed wire barriers that divide this once-unified nation roughly in half. and there it is. north korea. from this observation tower along the 161-mile long 2.5 mile
2:43 am
wide demilitarized zone, the view is breathtaking. the last time i looked over there it was a time of great tension, great fear that somehow they were on the verge of war. this time it just feels very different. young children explore the grounds. families peer through binoculars to get a closer look at the neighboring country in which the south is technically at war. this father tells us with the approaching summit and possible peace he wanted his children to see north korea with their own eyes, after months of threats and fears of military conflict. a potential catastrophe for which the u.s. military had to constantly prepare. from the land. so a hardened bunker. this is serious stuff. >> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: to the sea.
2:44 am
to the sky. how far are we from north korea right now? >> right now, ten miles. >> reporter: that's getting as close as you can get. >> that's as close as we can absolutely get. >> reporter: but it seems like the distant past. flash forward to today. did you ever imagine during the period that president trump was calling kim jong un little rocket man that we'd be where we are now? >> no, it's a big surprise. >> reporter: kenneth choi is the editor of one of south korea's major newspapers. >> now the real question is will north korea really go through this denuclearization process. >> reporter: it is an impossible question to answer yet. but this professor says the past few months, watching kim jong un on the world stage, a brutal dictator, have been eye opening. >> we know so much more based on the last six months about kim
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jong un, what makes him tick, what he really wants. we woustanding of him. >> reporter: and for the young people of south korea who have never known a unified korean peninsula they see an opportunity with this summit as well. >> i have high hopes for the summit. because kim initiated it. as you know, kim reached out to the south. kim crossed the border. kim asked for taking a picture together with president moon. i think it's because he seeks to gain legitimacy. >> reporter: tell me what you learned growing up or in school, particularly, about reunification. >> well, when i was in the elementary school, there was a song called "unification is our hope", or our dream is reunification in the korean peninsula. >> and of course martha will join the coverage later on tonight. >> great report, thank you. and coming up, we're going from the great to the, well, you had one job category. why the grand prix race ended a little early.
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♪ fly me to the moon ♪ and let me [ laughter ] >> so that's how they're playing lebron and the cavs nowadays. this is the takeoff from the commercial. >> clearly golden state warriors had some fun with it. >> pretty awesome stuff. of course the sweep took place friday night in the nba playoffs. there was also seemingly a sweep taking place in the french open. rafael nadal almost unbeatable. >> he won his record-extending 11th french open with a straight set victory. it was his 17th major championship, second all-time behind roger federer who has 20 wins. and he has won 86 matches in his
2:49 am
career and only lost two. >> he's good on the clay. >> just a little bit. >> on the women's side, sloane stephens had a chance to add another title to her resume after last year's u.s. open. she loss two sets against halep. this year's next major tournament is wimbledon. >> we'll see how they do.t two . this year's next major tournament is wimbledon. >> we'll see how they do. dustin johnson reclaimed the top spot in style, landing the walkoff eagle from 170 yards out on the 18th hole. that was the st. jude classic. finished well on sunday. the u.s. open begins thursday at shinnecock hills. johnson won the open in 2018.
2:50 am
and yasiel puig broke his bat over his knee. >> ow! >> pretty impressive. but how about hitting the ball. >> he's no bo jackson. he broke his bat over his helmet like it was no big deal, like a spaghetti noodle. >> and i'm told this next is a good one, this highlight, the next one. oh. oh! >> ah. >> too bad we don't have it on replay. >> slow-mo? ow. >> that's going to leave a mark. >> these are two players on the tampa bay rays. they kept on playing, by the way. we're thinking they must have been wearing their cups.
2:51 am
they ended up winning the game. >> you always tell kids, wear protection. >> that's what it means to take one for the team. justify's triple crown win is facing some controversy. at least one owner is questioning how the stablemate won the belmont stakes. it looked as if hope was acting as justify's bodyguard. the new york gaming officials don't plan to look into this. now to paris and winnie harlow. she's not so great at flag waving. >> she was at a formula 1 race. she was invited to wave the checkered flag at the end of sunday's race but waved it a little early. >> she waved it on lap 69. it's a 70-lap race.
2:52 am
fans let her have it. she says it wasn't me. >> one job! wasn't me. >> one job!
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♪ not bad for "oceans eight" in its debut. in the meantime, we are getting a frightening reminder of the deadly combination of swimming pools and kids. >> a 12 year old boy is alive this morning thanks to a quick-thinking friend. >> reporter: dramatic surveillance video capturing two heroes, leaping to action, saving a 12-year-old boy. >> i felt really, really scared. >> reporter: a group of kids playing in a minnesota pool when 13 year old cody realizes his friend evan is missing. >> i went underwater and all of a sudden i see him laying on the ground. >> reporter: he summoned super hero strength. >> i hold him around the waist.
2:56 am
put his hand over my shoulder and i carried him. >> reporter: despite her health disability, desiree helped carry him out of the water. her cpr training instantly kicking in. then a sign of life. >> watching a child go from totally blue to a little tiny bit of pink is a rewarding feeling. >> reporter: evan now fully recovered and full of gratitude. >> without cody and dez i wouldn't be alive. >> reporter: while evan is a good swimmer, he disappeared without a sound. when someone is drowning they may not be able to splash or call for help. erielle reshef, abc news, new york. >> amazing job on the part of that 13 year old. >> i'm glad he's okay. >> yeah. >> you know, i was in singapore just two months ago. >> you were? >> i know, i know.
2:57 am
and i was on top of the world's -- >> it's one of those speaking of swimming. did you see where i was swimming in singapore? >> i had my floaties. >> safety first. >> up there, there's nobody to rescue you. and that person doing laps really hated me at that point. >> there's no one to rescue you. that's why we sent you there. >> we suggested it might be something the president might do after his high-stakes meeting. >> it could be a short meeting, and maybe he'll want to swim with sharks. >> temperatures in the 90s with a wind chill of 91. let's hope the summit goes a little better than that. >> i certainly hope so. did kendis mention he's been there? did kendis mention he's been there?
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this morning on "world news now," less than 24 hours to go. >> president trump has started his day in singapore already, and a countdown is on to the historic photo op tomorrow. tension is high. we're live with team coverage. and the president is tweeting about the weekend clash with our strongest allies, lashing out at canada and its prime minister. and a powerful blast destroyed one home and damaged several others. it shattered windows two streets away. and the tony awards have been handed out, and it is time to party. while everyone on broadway is enjoying themselves, we thought we would sneak backstage for an exclusive look at "aladdin", the musical, with the carpet. >> however you want to say it.
3:01 am
it's monday, june 11. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." ♪ like me >> how did you time that? that was brilliant. >> i've seen that a few times. >> aren't you supposed to end with jazz hands when you do anything broadway-related? >> we got you. the other thing we are ready for, this is a big day, big 24 hours to go. president trump and kim jong un hours away from coming face-to-face for the first time. >> here's a live look at singapore, steamy 90 degrees, and the historic summit will take place, focused on a path to disarmament. the president has had lunch with singapore's prime minister. and jonathan karl has the latest.
3:02 am
>> reporter: president trump says he's been preparing for this moment his entire life. as he landed in singapore, he sounded confident. >> how are you feeling about the summit? >> is it going to be a success? >> reporter: hours earlier, an air china jet touched down carrying kim jong un. it's only the third time he has traveled outside his isolated country since taking power. traveling with him, his sister, who has assumed a more prominent role on the road to the summit. hundreds turned out to watch the motorcade drive by. kim's personal bodyguards running alongside his limousine. later, the reclusive dictator thanked singapore's prime minister for his, quote, sincere efforts for the summit. the eyes of the world are now on the 36 year old dictator. his new shift in diplomacy comes after a year of provocations. he has tested a hydrogen bomb and more missiles than his father and grandfather combined,
3:03 am
including at least one capable of reaching the united states. >> rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself. and for his regime. >> reporter: threats and the name-calling have gone both ways. kim has called trump a mentally deranged dotard. president trump has called him a maniac, a mad man and a sick puppy. he says he'll know immediately if kim is serious. >> how long will it take? i think within the first minute i'll know. >> how? >> just my touch, my feel. that's what i do. i think i'll know pretty quickly whether or not in my opinion something positive will happen. and if i think it won't happen, i'm not going to waste my time. i don't want to waste his time. >> reporter: jonathan karl, abc news, singapore. >> and even before landing in singapore, president trump
3:04 am
escalated his feud with justin trudeau, slamming him overnight and railing about unfair trade practices. >> the president fired off a series of tweets this morning, one saying we cannot let our friends or enemies take advantage of us on trade anymore. we must put the american worker first. his complaints followed, well, this picture says a lot. the contentious summit in quebec. he tweeted from air force one while en route to singapore, calling trudeau dishonest and weak and pulling out of a joint statement which is traditional for that summit. >> and the president's continued focus on the trade comes as he's expected to turn his attention to the high-stakes meeting with kim jong un. >> abc's karen travers joins us from singapore with the latest on the twitter tirade and the summit. i should mention you are a fan of the 76ers, your old pal
3:05 am
there, allen iverson used to talk about practice, not a game, not a game, but practice. is the president sort of taking a page from allen iverson and not needing practice before the game? >> reporter: yeah, he's ready for the big game. that's exactly right, kendis, but he doesn't really feel like he needs to do a lot of prep work. as you heard in jonathan karl's piece, he said he's been preparing for this meeting his whole life. but aides did tell us he did spend the flight sitting down for meetings and briefing reports and getting ready for a high-stakes critical meeting in singapore. today, monday, is a light day for the president. a few moments ago, we saw him with the prime minister of singapore. this is a chance for him to say thank you. thank the prime minister for the hospitality that's singapore's showing by hosting this historic summit. they're having a working lunch, but that's it for the president. we're not expecting to see him for the rest of the day. he's going to be behind closed doors preparing for this
3:06 am
meeting, but as you heard him say he doesn't have to do a lot of it. >> good thing he's prepared. he seems busy after that g-7 summit. what's the big takeaway there? >> reporter: this was a very hostile crowd for president trump. and last week it was clear the president was not looking forward to going to canada but was eager to head to singapore. he was going into this crowd that were not happy about the tariffs on key allies like canada, japan and several european countries. you heard from the leaders of those countries trying to change his mind. that is clearly not going to happen. and it really erupted into a very public spat between president trump, justin trudeau. you saw that photo of angela merkel, the german chancellor staring down the president at the meeting. and it's escalated to the president's aides. you had larry kudlow saying that essentially justin trudeau
3:07 am
stabbed the united states and president trump in the back with his comments on trade. another top trade adviser for the president said there was a special place in hell for people who go up against the president like this. and pushed back. i mean, this is really a very tense disagreement that is certainly not going to be resolved. and the white house i think expressing concerns that it was maybe setting a bad tone heading into the president's meetings with kim jong un. >> the president once called kim jong un maniac, madman and sick puppy, so trudeau must look at those words as those are love words, love taps. our karen travers in singapore. and we will have continuing coverage from singapore here on abc. >> and we'll be live tonight around 9:00 eastern when president trump and kim jong un meet for the first time. staying in that region, we're following breaking news from the pacific where a u.s.
3:08 am
military jet has gone down, the f-15 eagle crashed during a training mission this morning. the pilot successfully ejected from the jet and was safely recovered. it happened south of okinawa. you see it there on the map. the military is starting its investigation of that incident. and we're looking at a scene of total devastation right now after a deadly home explosion in cleveland. investigators are trying to determine the cause of the explosion which killed a woman and left another in critical condition. >> reporter: the deadly explosion rocked this east cleveland neighborhood. >> the house blew up, two, three of them. >> a large fireball. >> reporter: firefighters racing to put out the flames. this house leveled. others caught fire. debris scattered for yards. >> the roof looks like it was lifted off the house and taken into the backyard. >> be advised, people down. >> reporter: firefighters desperately search for those trapped.
3:09 am
>> all the neighbors start screaming and yelling. >> reporter: neighbors say first responders reached the woman, but it was too late. another man suffering major burns was rushed to the hospital. the blast so powerful it tore the sides right off neighboring homes and sent wood and shattered glass flying, causing injuries. residents reported the smell of gas before the blast. the cause is under investigation. but at this point, there were no reported leaks before the explosion. kenneth moton, abc news, washington. >> our thanks to kenneth. when we come back, what's next for justify. what we're hearing about the triple crown winner. >> and an upclose look at the glitz and glam that makes broadway shine. aladdin himself is showing us how a disney musical gets down. you're watching "world news now." atching "world news now." gets down. you're watching "world news now." here to tell you about the colonial penn program. if you're age 50 to 85,
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gain botanicals laundry detergent. bring the smell of nature wherever you are. looking at a live picture of the singapore skyline there. the sands hotel where i stayed. >> did you stay there? >> i did. it will cost you about $25 for a drink by the way. >> you don't talk about it
3:13 am
enough. >> the stage is set for the first-ever meeting between a u.s. president and north korean leader. they are roughly 12 hours ahead of the east coast. >> the president has high hopes for the meeting and is expected to hold two meetings with kim jong un. the first will include just the two leaders with their translators. and new mandatory evacuations outside durango, colorado. >> the fire has doubled to 16,000 acres, forcing the evacuation of 2200 residents, some for up to a week. residents are bracing for hot, dry, windy conditions through the middle of the week. you see the red flag warnings there. and hawaiians have seen a new eruption at the summit of the kilauea volcano. the force had the power of a 5.4 magnitude earthquake. so far lava has destroyed 600 homes and forced the evacuation
3:14 am
of more than 2500 residents. the temperature has been measured at more than 2100 degrees. we have a health alert. the cdc urging people to throw out precut melon. it's linked to a salmonella outbreak. at least 60 have become sick. 31 people have been hospitalized. and of course we show the fruit and now all i want is fruit. >> just don't go for the cut fruit. the owners of triple crown winner justify are staring at a big payday. >> $75 million. the report says justify could be bred at least 250 times in the first year. >> damn. >> at $150,000 per live foal, half the breeding deal would be
3:15 am
paid off in 12 months. >> $75 million to breed. >> 250 times a year. >> how jealous are you of justify? >> totally jelly. coming up in the next half hour, a grandmother facing charges after she was seen letting kids out of pet crates in her car. hear what police are saying this morning. but first, flying around broadway with aladdin. we're taking an exclusive tour of the musical, while everyone is out there celebrating the tony awards, we're backstage. you're watching "world news now." is out there celebrating the tony awards, we're backstage. you're watching "world news now." tage. you're watching "world news now." it's up to you, with tampax pearl. you get ultimate protection on your heaviest days and smooth removal for your lightest. tampax pearl and pearl active. for up-to 100% leak-free work outs. overwhelming air fresheners can send you running... so try febreze one. with no aerosols and no heavy perfumes.
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♪ that is a live performance from the band's visit. it got a near sweep last night with ten wins, including best musical, direction and score. >> we do say congratulations to them. in the meantime, we're rolling out the magic carpet.
3:18 am
because disney's "aladdin" -- >> can we roll out the magic vacuum? >> it's on the fifth year on broadway, taking nearly 7 million people around the world on a ride. >> and rachel scott takes us back stage to show us how one lamp and three wishes can open up a whole new world. >> a whole new world. >> reporter: it's shiny, shimmery and splendid. it's celebrating another year, sharing a whole new world with you. but don't close your eyes, because the actor is showing us how it all comes together. make way for prince ali. >> i'm tony, i play aladdin. are yore
3:19 am
>> now you are in the bunker. we call this the bunker. we're actually underneath the stage. during the show, you can hear people tap dancing and dancing. but the bunker is where all the ensemble members make their changes. >> reporter: there are more than 300 costumes in the show, all of them custom-made by hand. the fastest change is 9 seconds. >> believe it or not, each pair of pants has over 1400 swarovski crystals. that is broadway. when they say glitz and glamour, they're talking about these pants. >> reporter: these costumes may give you the look, but it takes more than sparkle to make it on broadway. >> shuffle ball change. >> reporter: i'm going to have to learn what that means. and then i'll be good to go. on our next stop things got a little hairy.
3:20 am
>> believe it or not, there are over 100 pieces of hair in the show. when people go see a broadway show they often wonder if people are in their own hair. oftentimes especially with the women they're not. they're in these beautifully hand-made wigs actually, many of these are human hair. each one of them is woven, one piece of hair at a time to create a custom wig for every actress. and underneath this wig many will wear a microphone. >> reporter: it's not just for the ladies, even the fellas, shall we say, are wiggin' it. >> it's wild. >> reporter: but forget the hair and the dance numbers. i was on a mission of my own. you know i'm in search of one thing. that is to find the lamp. >> that's right. here we go. let's find that lamp. each one of these lamps is actually 3d printed one drop of plastic at a time. it takes a total of two days to print the lamp with a 3d
3:21 am
printer. >> reporter: with all of this talk of the lamp, i was ready to meet the genie. maybe next time. but absolutely, genie, yes. >> genie, yes. >> reporter: i'll have to save my three wishes for my next trip and thank aladdin for sharing his world with us. after all, he had a show to do. ♪ let me share this whole new world with you ♪ >> oh, okay. >> so they still have the same old classic songs. >> same old classic songs we love from the animation plus some new ones. >> which is the one that's like, gets the audience going. >> the classic one, "a whole new world". >> shall we do it?
3:22 am
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3:25 am
always ♪ it is time for the mix, and we're kicking things off with a new relaxation technique. we often hear about meditation or getting a massage, a nice, hot bath. >> ah, calgon. >> a new book is introducing us to a new finnish approach to relaxation. >> as in finland? >> yes. it's called pants drunk. the finnish path to relaxation. and it's exactly what it sounds like. it means drinking in your underwear. this is a popular thing to do in finland. and they would like people to know it is a nationally celebrated pastime, so much so that the finland ministry of affairs has designed two emojis of a man and woman both drinking in their underwear.
3:26 am
they say pants drunk is the feeling you are going to get drunk alone in your underwear with no intention of going out. >> world cup coming up -- >> true, true. >> you can just say you are becoming one with finnish culture. >> strange kickoff times. >> that's me on any saturday. over the weekend, the biggest, biggest -- forget world cup. the biggest tournament was held in europe. >> oh, really? >> the 2018 french beard championship. >> i see. >> took place. more than 60 competitors from all over the world. all over the world. the categori es included those beards longer than eight inches and the freestyle. you be you, you do you. >> now that. >> is that a good look? shall i grow it out.
3:27 am
i forgot to wax yesterday. >> there were multi colors, spirals. we say bravo to all those. >> that must be a lot of maintenance. over to the cutest moment ever. this little girl was performing in hamilton city hall in bermuda, when she got a little stage fright. and dad came to the rescue and held her hand for the entire routine. >> so the entire class is up there on stage. >> and she's just sobbing. >> ah. >> she's just sobbing. so dad sees that she's sobbing and comes to the rescue. he's even doing the plie. >> while carrying an infant. >> he's good at multi-tasking and it did the trick. because little bella got over her stage fright and performed her routine happily. >> super dad. >> just in time for father's day.
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
we're looking live right now at singapore, where it is 12 hours ahead of the east coast. we'll tell you what's happening behind the closed doors today as the president and north korean leader prepare to meet. plus, thousands of police standing by. what it takes to secure a summit like this. our correspondent standing by live. and tension is escalating between canada and the u.s. this morning. president trump is tweeting his rage at justin trudeau. plus, the first lady is not in singapore. and a grandmother is under arrest after a bizarre scene. >> police say she was traveling with two children in pet kennels. pet kennels! what a weekend for the royal family.
3:31 am
now finally able to enjoy the summer sun with the wedding out of the way. but to the newest member of the family, the duchess, did she show too much skin for the queen's taste? the controversy. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> the right em-fas-is? >> you nailed it. meghan showing a little shoulder there. >> yeah, she's wild. you wonder what kind of controversial outfit kim jong un will have. >> he will not show too much shoulder. >> the world is watching as the president and kim jong un, fresh from super cuts is there in singapore, preparing to shake
3:32 am
hands as everyone watches on. it will be the first time these two world leaders have met. first time for any u.s. president and north korean leader. >> officials from the u.s. and north korea are still making final preparations for the talks in what may be the first step toward dismantling kim's nuclear arsenal. let's go to karen travers. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. hopefully super cuts gave kim jong un some hair spray. it is very hot and steamy in singapore. but today is a light day for president trump and kim jong un. we just saw the president a few moments ago having lunch with the prime minister of singapore. they had a working meeting before that. and it was a chance to thank him for hosting this incredible summit. he said he appreciates the hospitality, the friendship. the president said tuesday's summit with kim could be very interesting and that things could work out very nicely.
3:33 am
there are expectations ahead of the meeting. why are we here in singapore is the big question. there are a couple reasons for that. it's a place kim jong un could travel to, someplace he could logistically get to, unlike some cities in europe. singapore has relations with north korea, it made it easier for kim jong un to come here, and this is a very strictly-controlled country. there are tough restrictions on demonstrations. there are restrictions on the media. it's another good place to have a tightly-controlled environment. the security forces here are very familiar with pulling off logistics as something as monumental as something here in singapore. >> they're meeting on an island a little secluded itself. do we have any idea of the president's expectations for the summit at all? >> reporter: he's really trying to temper expectations.
3:34 am
he has a long paper trail of saying this is going to be a big success unless it isn't. the latest thing he's saying is it could be a big success or a modified success. that's the big question. what does the united states consider a success? they are pushing for denuclearization, a firm commitment, but how and when is still very much in the air. >> you're saying their expectations may be different, but the big goal is denuclearization. and even the way the u.s./north korea define that seems to be different as well. so how do you reconcile that? >> reporter: the united states is pushing for what white house officials call complete, irreversible, denuclearization, verifiable. they want to make sure that this is actually happening, and the president's been a little bit
3:35 am
all over the map on whether he wants to see it done all at once, which had been the original position in the u.s., get it all done, give up everything or whether it can be done in stages, give up something, get a reward. that's what some allies, china of course, working with north korea, that's what they're pushing for. kim doesn't want to give up his leverage. there are concerns about the security and future of the regime. president trump has been saying don't worry, we will guarantee your protection and also not be pushing for regime change. >> the president said all at once is ideal, but piece by piece may have to be the way. we'll see how much he can get done. karen travers, live from singapore. >> singapore had two weeks to plan the summit and get the incredible security operation into place. >> it's as tight as it's ever been and will be that way until the summit is over.
3:36 am
jordan phelp has more on that. >> reporter: good morning, from here in singapore, which is under tight security with president trump and kim jong un here in town. staying at hotels just about a half a mile apart from one another. the two leaders are set to meet tomorrow at a resort on an island that is being tightly controlled by the government. there's only one road connecting that island to the mainland here. and all the comings and goings are being monitored with checkpoints on the road and coast guard boats on the water. singapore is already a tightly-controlled and governed country, which is one of the reasons it was an attractive option for this summit. an added 5,000 police officers are on duty for this occasion, and of course all of this added security doesn't come cheap. but the government of singapore is footing the bill, an estimated $20 million. it's extremely rare for kim jong un to ever travel outside the borders of north korea. and you can see here his
3:37 am
they're seen here actually jogging alongside un. certainly, not a sight you see every day, diane and kendis. >> i don't think i've ever seen that before. >> he's had it a couple times. >> a uber pulls away and i'm not ready yet. >> he apparently had a plane that flew in his own personal toilet as well as food and of course that limousine as well. >> personal toilet for security. all right. jordan, thank you. >> stay with abc news for full coverage of the historic summit in singapore. >> we will be live tonight at 9:00 eastern time when president trump and kim jong un meet for the first time. but back here in the u.s., while the president is on the other side of the globe, the first lady is state side. >> she served as honorary chair with jack nicklaus and sheila johnson. >> in a statement, the first
3:38 am
lady thanked the ford theater's society for its dedication, education and the arts. >> all right. so melania keeping busy while president trump is in singapore. >> and apparently, melania is unable to travel for four to six weeks after she had surgery last month. >> we wish the first lady well, glad to see her up and about. coming up, we are learning new details about anthony bourdain's final days. >> and a lot of stars in attendance, will ganss fresh off the red carpet. first, a look at today's temperatures. "world news now" weather, sponsored by swiffer. the red carpet. first, a look at today's temperatures. "world news now" weather, sponsored by swiffer.
3:39 am
anif you've got a lifee. you gotta swiffer make the most of a few minutes with ky natural feeling with aloe vera
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3:41 am
taking a live look at singapore where president trump and kim jong un are making history as they hold talks for the first time. we will have complete coverage throughout the day. but back here at home, a
3:42 am
rapidly-growing wildfire has triggered evacuations. >> more than 2000 have been forced out of their homes with little notice. so far no structures have been damaged and nobody hurt. we're learning new details about the final days of anthony bourdain. >> the 61-year-old host of "parts unknown" was found dead in his hotel room in france. he had been filming with his friend. but his friend had been worried about bourdain being in a dark mood. it seems he had dropped hints of feeling lonely on the show. >> is it worse to be someplace awful when you're by yourself or someplace really nice that you can't share with anyone? >> interesting statement there by anthony bourdain. bourdain's funeral plans by the way have been temporarily placed on hold. the french government is
3:43 am
awaiting toxicology reports. it was interesting to see the headlines, his show was called "parts unknown." tabloids had "pain unknown." >> came as a huge surprise. a grandmother in memphis, tennessee is expected in court this morning facing two counts of child endangerment for a very bizarre case. >> charges stem from this video in which a woman is seen here letting one of her grandchildren out of a dog kennel in the back of her suv. police say the woman placed her 7 and 8-year-old grandchildren in two kennels because there wasn't enough room for them inside the vehicle. >> the kids allegedly rode in those kennels for more than 40 minutes in 95 degree heat. the woman was arrested and is now out on bond. and actor vince vaughan is in legal trouble himself. he was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. he was stopped at a dui
3:44 am
checkpoint. and police say he failed a sobriety test. >> a passenger in vaughn's car was arrested for public intoxication. both were also cited for delaying an investigation and no word from vaughn on this latest incident. >> i want to know more about their cited for public intoxication if he was inside of a car. >> we'll get our legal analyst on this. >> i want to get to the bottom of this one. when we come back, tina fey's big moment at the tony awards. >> plus, a bonus round with an nba player with an imaginary girlfriend. "the skinny" is next. girlfriend. "the skinny" is next.
3:45 am
3:46 am
♪ skinny ♪ skinny it's a big skinny. big, big, big skinny with a lot of singing and dancing. >> woo-hoo! and it's not us doing the singing and dancing, fortunately. we'll try to keep it together. we're leaving it to the pros on broadway, because last night they were honored at the tony awards and will ganss was there. learning new moves, right?
3:47 am
>> i had the best night of my life, it happened tonight. >> you know when you are talking in jazz hands you had a good night. >> exactly. we celebrating the biggest and brightest stars on broadway at the tony awards. lots of stellar performances, show-stopping surprises and a lot of emotional moments. the biggest winners, the band's visit, they took home ten, harry potter went home for best play. and the standout moment of the night had to be a surprise performance from the drama department of marjory stoneman douglas high school. take a look, take a look at that. ♪ seasons of love ♪ seasons of love ♪ love, love, love
3:48 am
♪ it's time now to sing out >> i was watching this at home and had chills. >> goose bumps. >> absolutely. >> sounded great, too. amazing to see the kids get up there and perform like that, representing what they represent. >> also they sounded great. >> and this soloist that's singing right now, i was like whoa. and you can see the audience, too. and at the end of that performance, standing ovation from everyone there at radio city music hall. >> very well deserved. >> ooh, there's a high note. >> losing so many classmates on valentine's day. >> their drama teacher was awarded an award for what she did, hiding students in her office. but next up, baby he was born not to run but to win. >> baby he was born to win.
3:49 am
>> bruce springsteen was honored with a special tony by his buddy, billy joel. his other buddy, robert de niro was on hand. he let a few expletives fly about the president. >> and the thing a lot of people are upset about is it got a standing ovation. >> a really weird moment. but this moment was intimate and emotional. and i'm sure bruce sold a few tickets to his show. it's sold out for the entirety of its run. the host, sara bareilles did a great job. joking about how neither of them have ever won any award ever. no grammys, no emmies, no tonys. it was about the losers. it was really, really good. and they took center stage with a lot of other familiar faces who i got to talk to on the red carpet right before the show. so let's take a look at that. >> so josh, you're hosting
3:50 am
tonight. how are you feeling? are you nervous? are you excited? all of the above? >> all of the above. i think the dirty little secret is every single person you're talking to tonight is absolutely terrified. i have a buddy, one of my dearest best friends in sara to do this with. she is a light of inspiration. >> i want you to tell us something we don't know about uzo. >> she will not do a show without a red bull. >> a red bull. and also string cheese, she added. >> ooh, i like that. >> that's in her rider, in her contract? interesting. >> and finally, tina fey was on hand to introduce a musical performance from the adaptation of "mean girls" and in tina fashion, tina fey-shion, see what i did there? she snuck in a one liner. >> all four are based on movies, but only one of these movies
3:51 am
paid for my boat. >> so good, right? all four nominated for a movie, but only one paid for her boat. >> fantastic. >> it's all about tina. >> so was it basically a surprise? >> i don't know broadway. like the rest of this country. was it a surprise that band's visit won? >> the band's visit was like the breakout musical of the year. you have huge names like spongebob and mean girls. but going into tonight, band's visit was the favorite. >> it was. i really liked the show. i was surprised, because i didn't know all that much about it, even when i went to see it. >> you also got free tickets. like they were giving out tickets to this show. >> they won't be giving them out anymore now that they have a tony award. >> yeah. >> you have the guy in the tv show from way back when, "monk". >> won best actor.
3:52 am
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♪ for "the skinny" bonus round, we're going to start things off with a quick trip across the pond. >> prince william brought along his own cheerleaders as he played polo. princess kate, princess charlotte and prince william were spotted in the grass having a frolicking good time. >> i think you have to say that with a british accent. >> that was a drunk british accent. >> as opposed to what? >> that's a good point. >> and the day before, this adorable moment happened at the queen's annual birthday parade. prince george's 7-year-old cousin, savannah phillips apparently heard enough of him so she clapped her hand over his mouth during "god save the
3:56 am
queen." i guess she did not approve of his singing voice. >> maybe he was singing "i will be king." >> meghan markle is already stirring up controversy, wearing this revealing dress. she's being criticized on social media who say off the shoulder is inappropriate day wear for official royal engagements. >> looks like a beautiful dress to me, but i'm hardly the expert on royal etiquette. >> i think it looks nice. >> she's pushing the envelope. to the real housewife theresa giudice. adding something new to her resume, bodybuilder. >> she's been training for this for a long time.
3:57 am
check out the big feat of strength she showed, the flipping of the table incident. then she went to prison for a year and did a lot of working out there. >> is that where she did the training? so the 46 year old mother of four has just competed in her first bodybuilding contest, sporting a sparkly purple bathing suit. looking great. and while the nba enters the offseason, they get to travel without a whistle blown. >> minnesota timberwolves player jimmy butler traveled to italy. and now he has a new girlfriend. >> she's fine, ain't she? >> that's invisabey. >> i like it. how are you doing? crickets.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, president trump's historic face-to-face meeting with kim jong-un now just hours away. the final preparations and the new details emerging on what the u.s. will demand from north korea. plus, the plane that delivered kim jong-un's personal food and what else the dictator has brought with him to the summit. also breaking overnight, president trump's new statement on a looming trade war with canada and europe after the white house says there's a special place in hell for canada's prime minister. so how is canada responding? at this hour flooding rains along parts of the east coast. this highway near philadelphia flooded overnight. water rescues under way. the areas getting hit hardest. those stories, plus a young actor on the hit sitcom "the goldbergs" and "morn


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