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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 11, 2018 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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well. >> the boss will be watching tomorrow. they won't care. >> what's an interactive station? >> we'll find out. i think it's an opportunity for good morning, america.y for brink of history. president trump and kim jong-un just hours away from shaking hands at their high-stakes summit in singapore. the first time an american president has ever met with a north korean leader. >> how are you feeling about the summit? >> very good. thank you. very good. >> can trump strike a deal with one of america's most fierce enemies and get north korea to give up their nuclear weapons, all this while he engages in a war of words accusing canada of trying to sabotage the summit. we're live in singapore with all the latest developments. our team covering it all right now on "gma." also this morning, flash flood alert. cars trapped under water on the highway overnight as hurricane bud churns in the pacific
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expected to turn into a major category 3 storm just hours from now. deadly alligator attack. the new warning after a woman is killed walking her dogs. more gator sightings reported across the south. what may be behind it. and the shocking moment at the tonys. y robert de niro was censored overnight and the big winners taking home awards from "harry potter" to "angels in america." plus, the powerful performance from the students of parkland honoring their hero teacher. ♪ talk about love and we do say good morning, america. great to have all of you with us on this monday morning. we are counting down to that historic summit, the first meeting of a sitting american president and the leader of north korea. >> and george is live in singapore to lead our coverage of this extraordinary event.
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>> extraordinary is the word for it, michael. no meeting like this as robin said has ever happened before. and the excitement here is matched by tension and anxiety. no one, no one here knows how this is going to go. teams have been meeting behind closed doors for most of the day after president trump had a public meeting with the prime minister of singapore this morning. and tonight, right at 9:00 p.m. eastern, president trump wanted it to hit in prime time the two leaders will shake hands before a private conversation with enormous stakes. if the summit is a success the threat of nuclear war will recede. north korea could become a new kind of country. if it fails, the risks of war with thousands of u.s. troops on the front lines could rise dramatically. overnight, just hours away from the historic summit, president trump met with the prime minister of singapore. >> we've got a very interesting meeting in particular tomorrow. and i think things could work out very nice. >> reporter: he arrived on
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sunday in singapore sounding confident. >> how are you feeling about the summit? >> very good, thank you, very good. >> reporter: a few hours earlier kim jong-un touched down. it's only the third time the dictator has traveled outside north korea since taking power. the two will meet tonight at this hotel on singapore's sentosa island. first an intimate face-to-face, just trump, kim and their translators. then, they'll call in their diplomatic teams. before departing the g7 summit for singapore, the president signaled he has high hopes here. >> i feel that kim jong-un wants to do something great for his people and he has that opportunity and he won't have that opportunity again. >> reporter: and he says he'll know right away if kim is someone he can work with. >> i think within the first minute i'll know. >> how? >> i just -- my touch, my feel. that's what. that's what i do. i think i'll know pretty quickly whether or not in my opinion something positive will happen. and if i think it won't happen, i'm not going to waste my time. i don't want to waste his time.
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>> reporter: but this momentous turnaround comes after years of provocations. almost 70 years in a state of war. since taking power in 2011, kim has tested more missiles than his father and grandfather combined, including one that could reach as far as new york or washingn. and north key's threat to target the u.s. last year drew a fierce warning from president trump. >> north korea best not make any more threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. >> reporter: kim did not back down. north korea announces successful tests of a powerful hydrogen bomb last september, and kim called trump a mentally deranged u.s. dotard. president trump countered, kim is short and fat. a sick puppy. >> rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. >> reporter: but despite the rhetoric, just three months ago the president agreed to meet
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with the north korean dictator. the first time ever for a sitting president. and that sets the scene for what is happening right now. as i said, we are here with our whole team. i want to bring in our chief white house correspondent, jon karl. jon, you're across town with the white house delegation. we just heard from secretary of state mike pompeo and he made it very clear that they've been hammering out the details of how this is going to go with the north koreans right up until the last minute. >> reporter: he called this a mission of peace, george, and said he's optimistic, said that they're making progress more quickly than he anticipated. but it's quite clear that the best case scenario from the -- so george, the clearest measure of whether or not this has been successful is if there is another meeting, another meeting between kim jong-un and donald trump, put in place after this summit is over. >> also taking pains to show how much president trump has prepared for this meeting. >> reporter: no doubt. i talked about how the president's been preparing for
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this, also talked about the extensive amount of experts that have been part of this process, dozens of ph.d.s, experts in nuclearization, although this first meeting will be a one-on-one meeting with just donald trump, kim jong-un and their translay tors. >> yeah, they're not going to bring in the full delegation until after that. we're really seeing some extraordinary diplomacy right now, jon, even as the president is reaching out to one of america's sworn enemies for almost 70 years, it's coming off this g7 summit where he's had such harsh criticism for our closest allies. that tweetstorm about the canadian prime minister justin trudeau backed up by the president's staff, as well. >> reporter: it's something -- i haven't heard a president, a white house talk about a leader the way this white house has talked about justin trudeau since george bush was talking about saddam hussein. i mean, you had one of the president's top advisers actually suggested there is a special place in hell for the canadian prime minister. they're trying to portray this as an effort by the president to
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show toughness coming into this meeting, that he won't be pushed around but, george, i don't know if anybody could have anticipated we'd be in a situation where the white house, where the president is talking more harshly about the canadian prime minister than about the dictator of north korea. >> no, it's really something although secretary of state mike pompeo said he's unconcerned, said the allies are still united. okay, jon. thanks very much. we'll come back to you later. i want to bring in our chief global affairs anchor, martha raddatz, also here with me right now. let's talk about kim jong-un. he got here today because he accelerated the nuclear program. the big question right now, can he give it up? what does he need in return? >> well, he says he will talk de-nuclearization, but as you know, george, all the experts say, he probably won't do it, but what he wants, what he needs right now is security. this is the farthest kim jong-un has ever been from home as leader, and while he may seem relaxed and at ease, the weight on his 34-year-old shoulders is tremendous.
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north korean state media reporting that kim is prepared to talk about de-nuclearization and peace, certainly seen as a good sign by the u.s., and that he is looking for security guarantees and economic help his nation so desperately needs. north korean media also broadcasting images of kim's journey surrounded by that hand-picked squad of flawless bodyguards raised from childhood to protect their leader. "the straits times" newspaper reporting one of his plane's cargo included luxury cars and food items, that handshake and sit-down set to take place at the five-star cappella hotel, initially just president trump and chairman kim and their translators. >> the two leaders are meeting tomorrow and will be master disrupters in many ways where they go off script. >> reporter: the meeting caps
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two years of those threats, insults, then a dramatic pivot as kim showed surprising skill on the world stage, all driving to this historic moment. >> the spigot has turned on for greater international engagement, economic, political, otherwise, that boosts kim's legitimacy so in that way, you know, kim can rack up that sort of win. >> reporter: as i found on the north/south korean border this weekend, the mere fact that they are meeting instead of threatening fire and fury is also seen as a win by those who would be most affected. and we are joined here now by tom bossert, our newest abc news contributor just left the trump white house as a national security aide. tom, let me take this to you. it's been so clear that president trump has been seized by this issue ever since that meeting with president obama right after the election just two days after the election where president obama said this is your number one job. >> yeah, it's true, george.
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the president was gripped by that because it was a very sobering entry into the presidency but, remember, he's been thinking about it through the election and he's probably been thinking about it through his entire life, and rightly, because the last three presidents have seen the evolution of this problem. one saw the evolution of the fuel cycle, the second saw the evolution of the missile technology and what president trump has now inherited is a world problem, not just a u.s. fear. >> it's so clear president trump sees this as his moment, his moment to be a man of history. >> i think he does but also think it's been heaped upon him so at this point he deserves credit for taking this on for the world because it's no longer a u.s. and regional issue. at this point, if he doesn't solve it, his fear, there's no other way out. >> you have been inside that white house. how do you manage the fact this has been an issue that's built up with a lot of history over years and years and years and the president's desire to go in there and be guided by his gut in many ways? >> in a lot of ways it fits into his thinking because he can't tiptoe into it. he can't tiptoe through it. we've seen that process fail before and so it really lands to his strengths.
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he has to do it quickly and in a brash fashion and looking for a strategic decision, so in a lot of ways it's kind of understandable he thinks he'll figure this out in the first few minutes. >> martha, you've spent a lot of time on the border and with the military in south korea. make no mistake about it, at the beginning of this administration, when kim was accelerating his nuclear program we got close to military action. >> oh, so close, george. and they were practicing and rehearsing and doing exercises in secret bunkers, pacific command, near the border, they had to get this right but the results of any kind of engagement were terrifying. there would be u.s. losses there with our troops in south korea. thousands of them, so they took this very seriously. they still take it very seriously. >> well, that's the point because everyone is hoping for success tomorrow here in singapore. the risks of failure as i said right at the start are so high. >> so enormous. if this fails i think you'll go right back to where we were
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before. i think one key point in this that we forget is that president trump is faced with a nuclear-armed north korea that can reach the united states or is just about to get there. >> and that is why we are here today. tom bossert and martha raddatz, thanks very much. >> let's go back to you, robin. okay, george, as you know the security at that historic summit extremely tight. reportedly costing singapore about $15 million. our foreign correspondent james longman is outside kim's hotel in singapore where the police are on high alert. good morning to you, james. >> reporter: good morning, robin. when the most powerful man in the world meets arguably the most dangerous you can bet security will be tight. that's exactly the case here. take a look. we're outside the st. regis hotel where kim jong-un is staying. we've already caught a glimpse of that rather odd security detail he has who runs alongside his motorcade. and outside you can see heavily armed police checking vehicles here. police with machine guns down the road and that road there is totally blocked off. you can imagine for kim jong-un
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who is used to very choreographed and controlled events back in south korea, that this being so exposed is certainly a new thing. this hotel, the hotel where donald trump is staying and sentosa island in the waters around it have been designated special security zones, that means airport star security checks, bag searches, body searches, and singapore was chosen really -- part of the reason was -- because it has a massive security infrastructure anyway. they take a hard look at law and order. if you haven't got a permit and on the island itself they banned any kind of protest so, for both kim jong-un and donald trump and, of course, the singaporean government no one is taking any chances. robin? >> james, thanks very much. much more from george and our entire team live in singapore all morning long. michael. >> thank you, robin. now to those new details about the shocking death of celebrity chef and tv host, anthony bourdain. this comes as those closest to him are now speaking out and abc's adrienne bankert joins us now with the latest.
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good morning, adrienne. >> reporter: good morning to you, michael. as stunning as his death still is there appears to have been warning signs. bourdain talked about depression on his travel shows. now we're hearing from his family and those who saw him just hours before his suicide. this morning, we're learning more about the final days of famed tv host and chef, anthony bourdain, before he took his own life. speaking just hours after hearing of her son's death bourdain's mother gladys told "the new york times," she had no idea her son was suicidal. he is absolutely the last person in the world i would have ever dreamed would do something like this. adding, he had everything, success beyond his wildest dreams. money beyond his wildest dreams. his mother telling "the times" his friend and frequent travel companion, chef eric ripert, told her, tony had been in a dark mood these past couple of days. bourdain spoke of his struggles with depression in a 2016 episode of "parts unknown." >> i'd like to be happy. i should be happy.
7:15 am
i have, you know, incredible luck. i'd like to be able to look out the window and say, yay, life is good. >> and you don't. >> no. >> reporter: according to "the times," bourdain was found unresponsive in his hotel room just after 9:00 a.m. friday in france where he was shooting an upcoming episode of his award-winning show. staffers at a nearby restaurant say he appeared happy. >> so everything was fine, everything was working great. >> reporter: but the next night bourdain skipped dinner. friends grew worried when he missed breakfast the following morning. a waiter telling "the times" his friend was waiting at breakfast and waiting and waiting. moments later, a hotel employee entered his room, confirming the worst. as the world and those closest to him mourn his loss, girlfriend asia argento whom bourdain proudly supported during the me too movement is seen for the first time since his passing on saturday in rome leaving her house. argento posting this heartfelt message online. he was my love, my rock, my
7:16 am
protector. i am beyond devastated. french investigators say they will be releasing his body to his family for burial. they're still awaiting toxicology results. >> all right, atree yen, thank you so much. we move onto that powerful moment at the tony awards last night. a special honor for that brave drama teacher who kept dozens safe in an office during the shooting at marjory stoneman douglas high school in florida. melody herzfeld receiving the excellence in theater education award and then former "glee" star matthew morrison introduced drama students from the school to sing "seasons of love" from "rent." ♪ love you've got to you've got to remember love ♪ ♪ love ♪ you know that love is a gift from up above ♪ ♪ love ♪ give love spread love ♪ measure, measure your life in love ♪
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>> wow. not a dry eye in the house and the performance as you might imagine got a standing ovation. the award also gives the school $10,000 for its theater program. what a powerful, powerful moment and an important lesson we should all learn about love. >> great to see. >> yes, that's it. that's it, adrienne. let's go to rob now. flash flooding hitting philadelphia, new jersey overnight. wide swrn spread, 3 to a inches of rainfall across philadelphia. this is cherry hill, new jersey. three to five inches of rain. we're also watching hurricane bud in the pacific. aletta is weakening. we're hoping that bud will weaken as well. that's the forecast as it drifts closer to cabo san lucas. some of this moisture we're hoping will get up to the southwest u.s. which is incredibly warm and fire danger
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is high. durango, 800 evacuations of homes there. watching the heat. this is not good for palm springs, las vegas, triple digits across the board, with heat advisories in effect through the middle part of this week. iowa, damage there with a couple of tornadoes. severe weather threat if you're traveling east and the central part of the country today from des moines down to oklahoma city. your local forecast is 30 seconds away. your select cities now brought to crow by carmax.
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good monday morning. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. check out all of that sunshine. our warming trend begins today. in fact, we have a higher heat risk today and tomorrow. it won't be quite as hot for dad's day this weekend. let's look at the temperatures. it'll be 64 but see clouds on the peninsula coast. 70s around the bay. 80s inland. tonight is not going to be as cool as this morning. a striririririririririririririri coming up, as we count down to the historic summit, bob woodruff will take you inside north korea known as the hermit kingdom, a place few americans have seen. and that deadly alligator attack. a woman killed while walking her dog and this one recently spotted scaling a backyard fence. why right now is especially dangerous. dog and this one recently spotted scaling a backyard fence. why right now is especially dangerous. are holding you back, and your current treatment hasn't worked well enough,
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does it matter? uncle drew. in theaters,june 29th. the future tastes good. good morning to you. abc 7 mornings. oakland is getting ready for a big party like no other. 1 million fans are expected for tomorrow's championship parade to celebrate the warriors' third title in four years. banners all up over downtown right now. the parade starts at 11:00 tomorrow morning ending at 13th and okay street. and if you can't be there in person, catch the victory parade right here on abc 7. our live coverage begins at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. get information about the transportation situation, the street closures, all of it on good morning. yeah, you definitely want to plan ahead if you're heading to all the fun there tomorrow.
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taking a look at this morning's commute, we do have an issue just before you get to the bay bridge toll plaza. westbound 580 before the 80 merge, multi-car crash. that is blocking three center lanes. once you make it to the toll plaza, yes those lights are still on and we have our typical delays getting into san francisco. >> thank you. meteorologist m well, before it was even founded, a french teenager, bienville, scared away a british warship with just a story. and great stories kept coming. like when the military came and built the boats to win the war. [warplane] some are tales told around crowded tables.... [streetcar rumble] and others are performances fit for the stage. stella! cause for three hundred years, great stories have started
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temperatures are going to get warm at the parade tomorrow. by the end it's 80. we'll start off at 73 at 11:00. if you're going to get there earlier than that, it's going to be in the 60s. dress in layers and have protection from the sun. temperatures now in the mid-50s. even a few 60s out there. and our destination is little bit warmer than yesterday. but nothing like the heat we'll have tomorrow and wednesday. >> good to know. thank you. coming up, an incredible
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rescue. a little boy diving into a pool to save his friend and a woman resuscitating him. that is next on "gma."
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we are back here on "gma" and you're looking live at singapore, 12 hours ahead the east coast. president trump is there right now, of course, preparing for his historic meeting, the first sitting american president to meet with the north korean leader. >> and earlier this morning, president trump met with the prime minister of singapore and george is there leading our coverage of it all. good morning again, george. >> good morning, guys. as robin just said we're about 12 hours ahead of new york right here and just about 12 hours ahead of that face-to-face meeting between president trump and kim jong-un, and when the president sits down with kim jong-un, he is going to be face-to-face with one of the world's most mysterious and brutal dictators, ruling one of
7:31 am
the world's most isolated countries and few western journalists know north korea better than bob woodruff. he's traveled there several times and joins us from south korea with a closer look at the hermit kingdom. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, george. yes, this summit will certainly make some history and hopefully it will begin this process of dismantling north korea's weapons, but president trump has given no indication yet that he will confront kim jong-un about human rights. in an unprecedented journey kim jong-un touching down in singapore, over 3,000 miles from his reclusive homeland. his country shrouded in secrecy. his regime so brutal americans travel there at their own risk. 22-year-old american student otto warmbier was on a guided tour trip when he was accused of stealing a propaganda poster at his hotel in 2016. >> i've made the worst mistake of my life. >> reporter: sentenced to 15 years hard labor, he served 18 months before being released back to the u.s. in a coma.
7:32 am
eventually dying from unexplained injuries. but it's not just foreigners, experts say kim jong-un also terrorizes his own people. the united nations in a 2015 report warning the regime uses access to food as an important means to enforce political loyalty. the report also describing the horror inside its infamous prison camps saying they are rampant with torture, rape and executions. over the years we've been granted rare access inside north korea. their citizens taught obedience early on, schoolchildren singing songs of praise of their leader. that loyalty also visible at the tradition boot-stepping parade but despite the spectacle the north is also desperately poor. its electric grid so weak, the satellite photo shows the lights turn off at night. the country shrouded in almost total darkness.
7:33 am
and kim jong-un himself until recently a figure of mystery. one of the only americans to have ever met him face-to-face, nba hall of famer dennis rodman who traveled to north korea multiple times, the last time they hugged and talked about basketball and music. >> all right, man, good to see you. >> reporter: but when i sat down with rodman this past january, he told me they never discussed brutality and torture. it's a country with a lot of starvation, is that okay? >> you know, a lot of people in the world are starving. even though they say he's a bad man but to me he's not a mad man. to me i didn't see that part. >> reporter: now rodman said on his instagram, he will be coming to singapore this week. president trump says he was not invited by him to the summit. but rodman's agent confirmed to us that he is coming although no one has seen him yet. george. >> we'll keep an eye out for it. okay, bob, thanks. guys, it's kind of amazing to think about until theaw last couple of meetings between kim jong-un and the secretary of
7:34 am
state mike pompeo probably no american knew kim jong-un better than dennis rodman. >> that is something to think about. but in the summit especially, george, after seeing bob's report, a very good report about what life is like for most people there in north korea, will that be a part of the topic of the summit, how he treats his own people there in his country? >> you know, robin, that's an excellent question and no one knows for sure. the president and his team said they'll bring it up. how much they'll press it is anyone's guess because the top goal here is talking about that nuclear program, getting kim jong-un to commit to giving up that nuclear program, not only the nukes though but also chemical and biological weapons, those are the top concerns, hard to imagine that the white house and president trump will completely ignore, though, the situation inside north korea. >> yeah, we hope not. okay, we'll get back to you, george, in just a little bit. we have other news we want to discuss now, and that deadly alligator attack in florida. a woman killed while she was out walking her dogs, a 12-foot
7:35 am
predator was later captured and killed but authorities are now out with a new warning. gio benitez is on the scene in davie, florida, for us with more. good morning, gio. >> reporter: hey there, robin, good morning. this is a popular nature park here in davie, florida. people come here to walk, run, do outdoor yoga but take a look, this morning it is still closed off, and right there a small memorial for the woman who lost her life. this is the 12'6" gator believed to have attacked and killed a woman while walking her dogs near a florida lake. >> i just want pistols out. since we have confirmation that the alligator is in here. >> reporter: authorities say, around 9:45 a.m. a witness reported seeing shizuka matsuki with her dogs at this park. moments later they say she disappeared.
7:36 am
her dogs found wandering alone one badly injured. >> i think her dog was attacked and tried to come to her dog's aid and, you know, paid the price for it. >> reporter: authorities capturing the gator just hours after matsuki went missing and the wildlife commission closing the park while they investigate. >> there's a gator about 300 feet away from us in the middle of the lake. he's just been kind of floating around the area. >> reporter: residents who live in this gated community believe she took her dogs for a walk miles away because neighbors found this large gator on her porch. >> they can just go wherever they want. right over a fence, right over anything. >> reporter: her homeowners association sending out this notice warning residents. an estimated 5 million american alligators live in the southeastern united states, about a quarter of them in florida alone. experts say the summer months are their mating and nesting season which can mean more active and territorial alligators. just last month this seven-foot alligator scaled the fence into this backyard in south carolina. >> oh, my, gosh. >> reporter: it was the fifth alligator removed from the neighborhood since spring.
7:37 am
>> you need to be aware of alligator nests and they basically appear to be kind of small mounds of dying vegetation. anybody walks by a nest an alligator will come and attack them. >> reporter: and we're told residents actually complained about alligators here before and the city set up traps hoping to catch them but clearly this gator eluded those traps. guys, back to you. >> so tragic, okay, thanks very much. >> all right, everybody, coming up, the dramatic rescue caught on camera. a young boy drowning in a pool when his friend and a neighbor jump in to save him. now they're all speaking out this morning and they're being hailed as heroes. like we do. but they see you like it's the first time, every time. they see a tough day a mile away. and things they can't unsee. they see life. and they see love. every time they see you. maybe dogs can't see color. but what they see is so much more. dogs are more.
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come ride the incredicoaster. it's going to be simply exhilarating dahling! back now with that rescue caught on camera. a 12-year-old boy nearly drowning in a pool pulled to safety by his friend and revived by a neighbor. both are being hailed as heros this morning. abc's erielle reshef is here with this story. good morning, erielle. >> reporter: good morning to you, michael. it was a miraculous team effort. a teenager sensing trouble in the water leaping into action. a mom nearby jumping in to help. both credited with saving that young boy's life. chilling surveillance video from this minnesota apartment complex swimming pool capturing the moment a 12-year-old boy was narrowly saved from the brink of tragedy when he slipped under the water. >> there were six people and i looked around and there's five. >> reporter: watch as 13-year-old cody, just 80
7:42 am
pounds, dives in spotting his friend evan unconscious in the deep end. summoning superhero strength to scoop him from the bottom of 9 the pool. >> i hold him around the waist, put his head over my shoulder and i just carried him like that. >> reporter: desiree pasko who usually uses a walker or wheelchair mustering every ounce of strength to help pull evan out of the water. >> he was so tiny in that moment and he was blue and he was cold. >> reporter: she instantly starts cpr and within seconds a miracle. >> watching a child go from totally blue to a little tiny bit of pink is a rewarding feeling. >> reporter: this morning, evan is on the mend. grateful for another chance. >> who needs a hero, you need a hero.
7:43 am
>> reporter: and for the two new heroes in his life. >> it changed like how i saw life as it is and it's more fragile than i thought. they're definitely my heroes because without cody and des, i wouldn't be alive. >> reporter: so thankful he's okay. desiree says evan is a good swimmer but disappeared without a sound. a reminder that when someone is drowning they may not be able to splash or call for help. >> thank goodness his friend was so alert to notice six people in the pool down to five. there was no lifeguard on duty at this pool. >> this was not. this was a swim at your own risk like so many apartment complexes and experts say you should designate a water watcher. a water watcher that never takes their eyes off of the people in the pool especially when you have kids. >> and this time is time to do the story. school is out. summer, hitting the pools. >> gives me chills, this story. >> remarkable the superhuman
7:44 am
strength people have when you need to go to the rescue. >> exactly. >> that fight or flight just kicks in. >> thank you, erielle. coming up next, justify now the most valuable horse in racing history after winning the triple crown. we'll go inside that incredible victory. wait until you hear how much he's worth. ♪ money, money, money, money ey. money. ♪ jump into summer with up to 50% off the entire store, with styles from $5! that's up to 50% off the enitre store at old navy! at mccormick, we're obsessed with flavor. it's why we partner with sustainable farmers to find the finest herbs and spices. and blend perfectly balanced seasoning mixes. but, you don't need to know all that.
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7:47 am
we are back now with justify, the triple crown winner now reportedly the most valuable horse in racing history.
7:48 am
espn saying his breeding rights sold for $75 million. wow. abc's t.j. holmes is here and, t.j., an incredible down to the wire win at belmont to become just the 13th triple crown winner. >> and this is what i want to you keep in mind. this horse was originally sold for $500,000 so, as soon as he crossed the finish line first, he immediately became 75 million. why? only a handful of triple crown winners, also he's only the second to do it with an undefeated record. but there is a question now, did he get some help on the track on the way to history? >> ah. >> justify is the 13th triple crown winner! >> reporter: justify, the horse who defied the odds, is now part of racing history, capturing the elusive triple crown. justify's 52-year-old jockey mike smith also made some history as the oldest to ever win the series. hall of fame trainer bob baffert who famously broke the 37-year triple crown drought with american pharoah in 2015 now has
7:49 am
his second triple crown with justify. >> he's just a magnificent animal and i'm just glad i got a chance to train a horse like that. >> reporter: before the belmont win justify had to slog through the mud to take first at the kentucky derby. >> hi's just awesome, justify has won the kentucky derby. >> reporter: and deal with fog to conquer the competition at the preakness stakes. >> justify, he's unstoppable. he won the preakness. >> reporter: the thoroughbred also broke another record after his big win, becoming the most valuable racing horse of all time when his breeding rights sold for $75 million. the surprise second place horse gave one member of the crowd quite a thrill. >> he's in second. >> reporter: the namesake of new england patriots rob gronkowski who was in the stands cheering as gronk made the turn from last to second. >> all right. >> look, they don't know if they'll go ahead and let justify retire because of the 75
7:50 am
million. don't want him to get hurt again. so they haven't made that decision. >> what is left to win, though? >> a few million dollars. >> let me make that decision for you. retire. >> the controversy, of course, there. there was another horse he trains with that some are arguing got in the way of other horses possibly catching up to justify. another horse called restoring hope. that owner wants an investigation into it. >> you heard of a wing man. a wing horse. >> but justify led wire to wire. >> oh, you're not buying it. >> i'm not buying it. i know they talk about the wing horse. wire to wire, if your horse is fast, you keep up wire to wire. >> you know it had to be wrapped but took up all the time. >> great to have you off the road. great job. >> welcome back. hey, amy, you're going one-on-one with j. lo. >> i am, indeed. vegas, baby. bringing it to you. [ laughter ] >> come on, back, everybody. back, everybody.
7:51 am
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without paying more. get an unlimited family plan with netflix on us. and right now at t-mobile, buy one samsung galaxy s9 and get one free. welcome back to "gma." hurricane bud is now our second major hurricane of the pacific season. category 3 now about 200 miles south of cabo heading this that direction and it should weaken, become a tropical storm but make landfall there, and try to get the moisture in the states. we could use it. this is burning south of durango. firefighters fighting that one. more local news and weather is ne
7:55 am
"good morning america" is sponsored by t-mobile, america's most loved wireless brand. join the un-carrier today. most loved wireless brand. join the uncarrier today.
7:56 am
good morning. happy monday. it is going to warm up this week. meteorologist mike nicco tracking that for us. hey there, mike. >> it's going to start tomorrow during the parade. dubs on 7. check it out. 73 at 11:00 warming up to about 80 by the time the game -- excuse me. the parade ends. we'll start in the 60s. dress in layers. the mini heat wave is still on the way. it's tuesday, wednesday, and at least thursday inland. we'll feel the effects at the coast wednesday. around the bay, thursday. then everybody's back average for the holiday weekend. i want to start off with some good news. our crash on westbound 580 just before the 80 interchange has cleared. boy, we had the three right lanes blocked. significant backup there.
7:57 am
also have a problem northbound 101 at oyster point. a multi-car crash. >> thank you. coming up, jennifer lopez is opening up about her family, her boyfriend, and her las vegas residency as it hits a hundred shows. shows. that i at ikea, we believe your perfect student deserves the perfect room for the perfect price. and... who's there? hey. a boy? you never told your dad and me about any... wait, what's going on now? move the flag. ♪ ♪
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8:00 am
♪ ♪ good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. brink of history. president trump and kim jong-un just hours away from meeting face-to-face at their high-stakes summit in singapore. the first time an american president has ever met with a north korean leader. can the president strike a deal with one of america's most fierce enemies? the risks, rewards are enormous. we're live in singapore. also this morning, the salmonella outbreak sending dozens of people across at least eight states to the hospital. major grocery stores yanking precut melon off their shelves. the new warning about precut melon and what you need to know. an abc news exclusive. kidnapped at birth. the 19-year-old stolen as an infant speaking out about the only mother she's ever known who raised her as her own.
8:01 am
now, just after that woman was sentenced to 18 years behind bars, the teenager talking about her own hopes for the future and getting to know her birth mother one wild night. the shocking ment at the tony awards that got robert de niro censored as "harry potter" runs off with best play, billy joel and bruce springsteen, center stage, and the surprise winner that had everyone cheering along with the band. ♪ i'm still one-on-one with jennifer lopez. the superstar hitting a major milestone. we're there cameras rolling as it happens and what she told us about her kids, life with a-rod and if there's a ring in her future as she's saying -- >> good morning, america. great to have you with us on this monday morning and it's great to have you with j. lo. >> yes, it was a very quick, fun trip to vegas.
8:02 am
she is an incredible show-stopping performer. i was really blown away and good to go to the concert first and talked about "el anillo," her song that means "the ring." you know who she was singing that song to? a-rod. i asked her about it. a little tease there. >> nice. big tease. that's not a little tease, that's big. >> what happens in vegas ends up on "gma." >> that's right. steph curry, he is going to join us live, exclusively this morning off his third nba championship win and has his two biggest cheerleaders, those two right there. his daughters with ayesha and they have a third baby on the way. >> i know. >> yeah. so can't wait to talk to him about all of that. >> we will, but we'll begin with that historic summit in singapore. we're just hours away from the two leaders coming face-to-face for the first time so let's go back to george. he has the latest for us in singapore. good morning again, george. >> reporter: good morning, guys. as you can see here, robin, it is nighttime here in singapore.
8:03 am
we're exactly 12 hours ahead of new york. both leaders, kim jong-un and president trump, have been on the ground here since yesterday. their teams have been behind closed doors all day long trying to hammer out the details for this summit, which is coming up at 9:00 p.m. eastern time tonight, right at the start of primetime. i'm here with martha raddatz as well. our whole team is here in singapore and, martha, both sides desperately want success out of this meeting but this meeting has been on again off again, they're still working on the details. it shows how difficult it is to come to terms. >> it's really difficult and i think there's nothing that will stop them coming together in this summit and we'll have to see what they decide. we know very few details about what will actually happen. you know, i was thinking that when president trump met with kim yong chol, the vice chairman -- back in washington -- >> his emissary. >> yes, and he was delivering that letter and took so long inside and president trump talked about they got to talking
8:04 am
about a lot of thing, i'm sure that was one of those situations where mike pompeo, the secretary of state was saying, keep him in there as long as possible. it was sort of a dress rehearsal for president trump. he could learn about the north koreans. he could learn about how they deal and how they talk. i think that was probably very, very valuable for president trump and probably pretty valuable for the north koreans. >> we know so little about kim jong-un. he's a mystery to so many. president trump is going to have to take the measure of him. let's try to define what success would look like coming out of tomorrow. >> well, as you know, the bar is so low. president trump basically said we'll meet. we'll see each other and maybe we'll hopefully like each other. that's a pretty low bar. i don't think that is success, i think what they have to get out of this is some sort of agreement that they will talk about denuclearization that kim says, yes, we will discuss that and we are going to begin a process towards that. >> so they try to hammer out some statement that says the north koreans have agreed to commit to de-nuclearization. the united states has agreed to
8:05 am
forgive -- >> provide security and we've already heard from mike pompeo that the u.s. is certainly willing to do that in some way. we just don't know how they'll do it. back to you in new york. >> before you go can you give us a sense of what it's like there for the locals to be hosting such a historic summit. >> well, you can hear them getting ready behind us right now. there is a lot of activity outside the stadium right behind us. i was out walking a little bit today. i mean, i think you can sense some excitement. at the same time this is a pretty locked down state and people are going about their normal business as well but it's also a remarkable place to be, robin. just a modern oasis springing out of the ocean right here. >> it looks like a beautiful, beautiful night. i know it's already been a long day for you. you're going to be up because you'll have more and thank you, george. we'll let you go for now and we'll have full coverage of the summit all day and night. george is going to be live with our team tonight when president trump and kim jong-un meet for the face-to-face for the first time. you can see it right here on abc and as george has been saying,
8:06 am
the president purposely doing this in prime time for people to see. >> looking forward to it. all right. now to that health alert. a warning about a new salmonella outbreak involving a popular breakfast food, prepared fruit. dozens sickened across five states. abc's linzie janis is here with the latest. good morning, linzie. >> reporter: good morning. at least 60 people have become sick due to the salmonella after eating precut melon. this is according to the cdc. the fruit being voluntarily recalled this morning includes precut cantaloupe, honeydew and watermelon and it was sent to some of the biggest retailers in the country. the outbreak currently isolated to the following states, missouri, illinois, indiana, ohio and michigan. the symptoms can include stomach illness and fever, no deaths have been reported but dozens have been hospitalized. the affected fruit has a use by or best by date range of april 27th to june 16th so, if you think you have some of that, throw it out or return it. we've got a list of stores carrying the fruit on
8:07 am robin. >> very vital information. all right, linzie, thank you. coming up, an abc news exclusive. a young woman kidnapped at birth raised by another woman for 18 years, she is now telling her story. and jennifer lopez marking a main milestone in vegas. what she's saying about that and her relationship with a-rod. brooke burke is here live sharing her best summer body secrets, great ways to get fit before hitting the beach. still a chance here. it's willingham, edge of the box, willingham shoots... goooooooaaaaaaaallllllll! that...was...magic. willingham tucks it in and puts the championship to bed. sweet dreams, nighty night. as long as soccer players celebrate with a slide, you can count on geico saving folks money. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. pressure, what pressure?
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find it in a subaru crosstrek. non-drowsy children's claritin allergy relief. the #1 pediatrician recommended non-drowsy brand. because to a kid a grassy hill is irresistible. children's claritin. feel the clarity and live claritin clear. wow, what a wonderful
8:12 am
audience that we have here on this monday morning. wonderful. lively. and look who is going to be joining us live a little bit later. >> where is he? >> there he is. >> whoo! that is steph curry, a live exclusive after that big nba championship win. we cannot talk to him. he's just going to keep waving. we love, steph. >> you know they keep waving. >> so great for him to get up. he is on the west coast and for him to get up and join us live, we'll talk to him but we have sara haines right now. [ applause ] >> riding a high. i'd stay awake for a week after that. but another exciting thing is tonys. what a night it was for broadway at the tony awards. robert de niro taking the stage to introduce bruce springsteen's performance but first launch -- launching into a profanity-laced tirade against the president which we cannot talk about here.
8:13 am
but the star still trending for that moment this morning. and it was a magical night for "harry potter" fans. "harry potter and the cursed child" taking on the tony for best new play and the production sweeping the technical category. but the surprise winner of the night, a less high-profile musical "the band's visit," sweeping the awards show take home ten tonys including best musical. so a big congratulations to them. >> that's on my list now. i wasethat. and one of my favorite, we have a little leslie jones news. comedian/actress leslie jones competed on "the $100,000 pyramid" last night. michael might remember this. during the show, she live-tweeted the event adding her own distinctive commentary. >> that's one way of putting it. >> take a listen. >> what you bring it up for, michael? he always doing stuff. i just came with you. just say it was a mystery in the beginning, mike. ew. ew.
8:14 am
[ laughter and applause ] >> the reason that was a little spotty, she's notorious for taking her own videos so she's taking a video of her own television, why didn't you give her a clue? >> let me explain. it's a mystery seven which means i can't give you a clue but she is order to wrangle in person. she is so funny, i love her. she makes everybody around her laugh and that's the best medicine you can give anybody so thank you, leslie. >> you can just follow her twitter. you don't even have to watch programming because she will live tweet any event. get rid of your own tv. like, i shouldn't say that we're on tv right now. and you can catch "the $100 -- >> $100,000. >> the $1 pyramid. nobody is showing up for a dollar. we give them $100,000. >> it's a better show, it's only $100 and they give you clues, leslie. but, no, sorry.
8:15 am
but that's on sundays at 9:00, 8:00 central right here on abc. >> oops. >> happy monday. >> i couldn't help myself. and for my favorite, favorite story right behind that one, finally parents know the importance of bonding with your newborn but what about a new pet? robin, get on board here. a pet supply company in norway has the answer, paw-ternity leave. >> what? >> yep. employees get three paid days off, don't do that noise, amy, i heard you, to help their pet. the company's ceo says a pet may feel lost in their new home and needs attention and love to build trust. if a pet is left alone too long, they find all sorts of things to do. i had a little picture of trixie, once she broke into the recycling. >> oh, yep. >> that could happen to your dog. >> ice cream container. >> okay, i don't want to talk about my eating habits of days gone by, it was 2007. i was 20 pounds heavier and i don't want to talk about it.
8:16 am
seriously, when you think about like skin to skin with a newborn, i would love skin to fur with a new baby. three days paid. >> for each pet. >> doesn't mean like -- >> i'm about to go out and adopt 30 dogs. three months. >> don't you think it's a good thing. they have like anxiety problems. this story could get dark fast. i hear you. i know it's time to go. but it's about animals today. they're like that. >> thank you, sara. >> bring your pet to work day. that's what it will become. just bring them to work. >> always good to have you here. >> thank you. we have our "gma" cover story. an abc news exclusive with a young woman taken from the hospital just hours after she was born, raised by her kidnapper, and now she's telling her story. abc's eva pilgrim sat down with her and has much more. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, robin. it was a secret that forever changed two families for the now teen caught in the middle, she
8:17 am
says she's trying to find a balance. a way to keep everyone she loves in her life. she was kidnapped from a florida hospital almost 20 years ago. in 1998 gloria williams posed as a nurse and walked out of a maternity ward with kamiyah mobley just eight hours old. and raised that baby as alexis manigo for 18 years. alexis says williams told her the secret when she was a junior in high school trying to get a job. she told no one. >> she told me about the kidnapping. she had told me what she had done. >> why protect her? >> i loved her. >> reporter: alexis showing us the house she drew up in with williams, the place she still calls home. full of memories, but no signs of her childhood left behind. it's been almost two years since williams was arrested. today, alexis says she is still trying to get to know her biological family. she's spending time with them in florida. she has a job, a social security number and an i.d. >> and what about gloria williams?
8:18 am
>> we actually talked today. >> you talked to her today. >> oh, yeah. >> how often do you talk to her? >> i would say about every three days, every two, three days, i probably get calls like once a week, probably twice a week, sometimes more than that depends. >> last time we talked you said you still considered her your mother. >> i still do call her mom. >> reporter: williams pled guilty to kidnapping. on friday, a judge sentenced her to 18 years in prison. the number of years she had another woman's baby. >> there are no winners. this is a very sad case. >> reporter: this morning, alexis says she's relieved the court proceedings are over, a place she often felt stuck between two feuding sides. >> because it's like this side is over here. this side is over here. this side hate this side. this side doesn't want to talk to this side. it was too much. >> for her, you know, she loves each family and trying to navigate that water to make sure that she's not in the middle of
8:19 am
a feud or she doesn't want to upset anybody. >> reporter: today she goes by both names, her family in florida calling her kamiyah. her family in south carolina, alexis. she says she is optimistic. ready to move on and move forward with her now much larger family. >> what do you hope for the future? >> that i could find a better way to balance everybody and everything. you know, and not so much tension. >> reporter: and alexis tells us she wasn't surprised by the judge's sentencing. she says she actually fully expected 18 years for 18 years, robin. >> yeah, all right. eva, thank you very much. she is just a wonderful young woman and having to deal with all that she has and how she's done it with such grace. >> really has. >> handled it really well. and now we'll switch gears and go to the duchess -- to duchess meghan making her mark at the queen's official birthday ceremony and the younger royals also stealing the spotlight. abc's adrienne bankert is back with us and she has all the details.
8:20 am
>> reporter: this weekend another milestone for meghan markle. the duchess of sussex joining the royal family for the queen's official birthday party trooping the color. harry coaching meghan on her first balcony curtsy. meghan's pretty in pink wearing an off the shoulder glamorous carolina herrera dress but there are some mixed opinions on whether meghan made a royal faux pas. >> i think meghan made a bold choice with her pink dress. indeed, kate and diana have never gone more daring than a three-quarter length sleeve for trooping the color. so that was meghan showing us that markle sparkle a little bit. >> reporter: this thursday meghan takes on her most important engagement yet, an overnight solo trip on the royal train with the queen. the trip yet another historic unprecedented example of just how warmly she's being embraced by her royal relatives. >> this is really the queen's way of saying, look, meghan is now the duchess of sussex.
8:21 am
she's a member of the royal family and i'm there with her all the way. >> reporter: on the balcony, prince george and princess charlotte steal the show. their cheeky cousin savannah phillips exerting a little girl power telling the future king, by george, be quiet during the national anthem. dad looking on unamused. >> for the royal family, on the balcony during buckingham palace, it is a huge deal and everybody has to be on best behavior. >> reporter: on sunday kate's adorable heir on hand to watch william play the sport of kings, polo. the trio enjoyed some family time on the lawn, prince george and princess charlotte run through the grass playing, kate laughing as charlotte takes on a somersault on the lawn. some really adorable moments. the duke and duchess of sussex announcing their first royal tour around the commonwealth, including fiji jai, new zealand and australia. they will be visiting and, of course, heading up the invictus game, harry's passion project in
8:22 am
australia. >> great charity work he does there. i love meghan's dress. i thought she looked great. >> she always looks stunning. we gotta go. >> we gotta go. >> michael's fashion stamp of approval. it's getting warmer now and we talk about hydrating. "gma" moment, check it out. yes, a squirrel drinking water. hikers came across this guy two weeks ago, noticed he was acting weird and he kind of sat up. i think i want some water. he chugged the whole bottle of water. now he went off and feeling good. maybe not so good but definitely hydrated. good monday morning. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. check out all of that sunshine. our warming trend begins today. in fact, we have a higher heat risk today and tomorrow. it won't be quite as hot for dad's day this weekend. let's look at the temperatures. it'll be 64 but see clouds on the peninsula coast. 70s around the bay. 80s inland. tonight is not going to be as cool as this morning.
8:23 am
a striririririririririririririri and now our superstar jennifer lopez celebrating a major milestone, the 100th show of her las vegas residency, and we talked about everything with her including her relationship with alex rodriguez. ♪ if you had my love >> reporter: after 2,000 songs performed -- ♪ let's get loud ♪ let's get loud >> reporter: 10,000 feathers. ♪ to hear that sound >> reporter: and quite a few booty shakes. ♪ let's get loud >> reporter: jenny from the block is celebrating her 100th show from the vegas strip. >> we do it all for you. >> reporter: i was in the crowd singing along with less than 20 performances to go in her show "all i have." >> you left everything on that stage. >> yeah. >> i mean you give it your all. how do you muster up the energy to do that and then stand here and talk to me after you're done.
8:24 am
>> you know what, people motivate me. you know, i get on instagram or twitter beforehand, they're like, i'm seeing you. i can't wait. i saved for a year to come. we do it for the fans. >> reporter: perhaps her biggest fan, abc news contributor alex rodriguez. when he comes to see your shows does he have a favorite song? >> i think he loves the whole jenny from the block section. >> you got the number 13 on. >> now i wear the number 13. first time he came to see the show, you got yankee hats up there. that was always in your show. >> yeah. >> this is so -- meant to be. exactly. he's like, wow, this is a sign. >> what about the song that translates to the ring? >> "el anillo." ♪ el anillo >> is that about the two of you? >> it was written about the two of us but it's like not about the two of us. it's not like i'm like, hey, where is my ring? it's not like that. i feel like they wrote it because they want that to happen. >> we all want that to happen.
8:25 am
>> i know. you know, we have to take our time. i made plenty of mistakes in my past and it's about we're mature now, we're grown-ups. and we're going to take our time and we're going to do things at our own pace and our life right now is incredibly wonderful. between our kids and our work, we're trulblessed. we don't need anything more right now. >> reporter: each night dedicating the song "i hope you dance" to her own two kids emmy and max. >> i started this show when they were just about 7 years old and emmy gave me a little paper. it was me in that big dress like a little -- like a kid's drawing and a bubble that said i hope you dance. >> i hope you dance. she got the message. >> they knew that i was singing it for them and that i hope that they live their life to be happy. it was just very affirming. ♪ >> your hot new single with cardi b. cardi b. >> cardi b. is on fire right
8:26 am
now. two girls from the bronx doing their thing. ♪ >> i'm sure you've never been asked this before. how is it that you don't age? >> i mean i am aging. it is happening. >> i don't see it. >> thank you. you're sweet. >> do you have a secret? >> i don't -- you know what, i've been working on a little secret package thing that i'm going to release in the next year, i think, because i do get that question a lot. >> i'm sure you do. >> just for your skin and some other things. we'll see, we'll see. >> maybe some j. lo glow? >> like every mom out there, you know, you have to juggle the kids and the working and the taking care of yourself and it's not an easy thing. >> nope. >> you know, but women are multitaskers and we can do anything if we put our minds to it, i truly believe that. >> and she does everything. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] e ]
8:27 am
it's 8:27. good morning to you. a man is finally in custody following an hour's long standoff. neighbors called deputies yesterday after spotting the man with a rifle threatening to kill people. deputies surrounded his home near san pablo dam road. then used high pitch noises to get him out of the house. he surrendered at 11:00 last night. let's look at the traffic this morning. >> this is now a bigger problem northbound 101 and they updated the locate a bit as well. sierra point. a crash with a fuel spill. we've got a couple lanes blocked. really heavy there around sfo.
8:28 am
bridge drive times looking okay though. no delays across richmond-san rafael. make ross your destination for savings. if you're looking for an incredible selection of the brands you love, this season's newest trends for a fraction of what you'd pay at department stores, ♪ you gotta go to ross
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denny♪$5.99 are you out of your mind?♪99! seriously?! yup! eggs. hash browns. bacon. sausage. and buttermilk pancakes! ♪$5.99 are you out of your mind?♪ we're out of our minds. denny's new! super slam. only $5.99! ♪ for the latest styles where you'll spend less. ♪ spring dress. ♪ ♪ you gotta go to ross. if you want to save big on dresses for every occasion, you gotta go to ross. let's talk about the parade tomorrow. now, technically starts at 11:00 and 73. but i know you're going to get there sooner. dress for 60s in the morning and 80s by the end. temperatures today are warming
8:30 am
but they're hottest tomorrow and wednesday. but comfortable by sunday. another abc 7 news update in about 30 minutes. see you then. just in time, you've made it back just in time. welcome back to "gma," everybody. and we have a great audience here with us on this monday morning. [ applause ] yes. >> and just for you and you and you and you and everybody we have a very special guest joining us this morning. he is now a three-time nba champion, after his golden state warriors won -- swept the cleveland cavaliers, and now joining us from his beautiful home in california, steph curry, everybody. give it up. [ applause ] congratulations, steph.
8:31 am
>> hey, steph. thank you for waking us early and lighting that fireplace even though it's hot in california. >> not anymore. >> three titles. three titles, four years. [ cheers and applause ] >> amazing, congratulations, so is it safe for us to use words like dynasty and the greatest team ever? >> i mean i think we put ourselves in that conversation for sure, so we'll leave that to everybody else. obviously we're excited to bring the trophy back to the bay area. get it done for a third time in four years and enjoying a pretty exclusive group that has won three championships, so i'm pretty proud of our team and our group and i'm looking forward to tomorrow. we got a parade celebration. >> that's going to be a lot of fun. you're right. there are only a handful of teams that have won three championships or more and you guys are definitely -- your team looks great. you have the opportunity to go
8:32 am
out there next seeing and the one after that to join the celtics, lakers, bulls, spurs and warriors. your teams the only ones that have won more than three championships so congratulations on joining that elite group, my friends. >> thank you very much. [ applause ] >> steph, i know you said you're looking forward to the parade tomorrow which is also -- always a good time, but what did do you immediately to celebrate? you know, the third one in four years, so how does steph curry celebrate an nba title? >> we did a lot of stuff in cleveland before we got out of there. we -- i had a big old bowl of popcorn. that was probably the best part of the night right after the game. you got to watch your diet while you go through the playoffs so right when the game is over i had a little junk food sthat's probably the best thing. >> celebrate. so, steph, obviously you swept the cavs this time. third time is a charm. did it make the win that much sweeter that you all did it all in a row like that? >> yeah, something we hadn't
8:33 am
done before. we've won in five and six against cleveland but to sweep and get the job done knowing all that we've been through this year and with the injuries and ups and downs of the season, to get to the finals, you know, win four in a row and, you know, get to the trophy pretty quick, that was a pretty special accomplishment. we hadn't experienced that before. >> after the game you told your mom, this was legacy. >> legacy. >> how important is your legacy and when your career is over what do you want that to be? >> i mean, to kind of just sit back and think about all the things that i've been able to accomplish and been blessed to accomplish since i've been in the league, it's been an amazing journey and i think for us we are just trying to live in the moment as best we can. like michael said, we have a pretty cool opportunity to come back next year even stronger, even better and go after another
8:34 am
one. we'll get to that eventually. we'll just celebrate and enjoy what we've been able to do. >> and you've been enjoying it and your family has been enjoying it. we've watched your kids grow up over the course of your nba career. so what did they have to think about this latest title that you've won? >> oh, they're excited. they're getting old enough to really appreciate kind of, you know, watching me on the tv and celebrating with me so every opportunity i have to share this with them, i'm going to do that and just, you know, one day they'll look back and hopefully appreciate, you know, the opportunity they had to kind of be apart of championships and, you know, see how happy we were as a family, as a team, as an organization, and i think that's a pretty special opportunity. >> yes, it is. >> it is. [ applause ] >> steph, you and ayesha have been so kind in sharing your family and it's been wonderful
8:35 am
to watch them grow and you have three titles now and baby number three is on the way with ayesha so -- [ cheers and applause ] exciting time that you have. i mean, let me just ask you, you have your production company. she has her production company. she's got a new show coming out. you got a third baby coming. just tell us about what life is like for the curries right now. >> i mean it's pretty crazy all around but these type of opportunities, you know, are something that we appreciate and we're both driven. we're both hungry. we want to be successful in everything we do. i think there is a great balance of how we, you know, support our family, how we support each other and share that, you know, every opportunity and every experience together so i'm her biggest fan when it comes to all that at least doing, and for her, you know, to be in cleveland to support me as we won another championship, especially in her third
8:36 am
trimester of her third pregnancy, that means a lot, and that kind of shows how important we are to each other. >> it certainly does. >> that's sweet. i love it. [ applause ] >> we appreciate you, man. i mean, all the respect in the world and we appreciate you. we congratulate you on your third title in four years in the big sweep of the cleveland cavaliers. keep doing it young man. >> strength in numbers. >> congratulations. >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> and steph's teammate and finals mvp, kevin durant, he is going to be on "jimmy kimmel live" tonight at 11:35 eastern right here on abc. make sure you check that out. coming up, kelly preston, she is here live talking about her new mob movie with her husband, john travolta. there she is. (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪
8:37 am
8:38 am
(sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting)
8:39 am
welcome back to "gma." i'm here now talking with the very talented kelly preston who is -- yes. who is starring in the new movie "gotti" with her husband, john travolta. we're going to talk about the movie in just a second. i want to talk about instagram. you and john just joined instagram. what made you join? >> our daughter, ella, she's like it is about time. you have to join the century. so i'm the real kelly preston, john's @johntravolta and we're on now. >> it's crazy. >> it's fun. it's a job, though. oh, my gosh.
8:40 am
if you don't look good that day, you're like, oh, man, i'm going to post some fruit. >> what was up with the dog filter? why did you decide -- >> it was something -- we're like what should we do? we pressed one. we thought it was hilarious so we went with it. >> you've been married 26 years. >> uh-huh. >> wow. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> and in hollywood that's like 200 years. >> yeah, exactly. >> so what is the secret? >> i think it's communication, keeping it fresh, keeping it -- checking in with each other and evolving. you change so you want to change together. and keep it fun. it doesn't just happen on its own. you've got to work at it. >> also join instagram together. >> and join instagram. >> that will do it and you two, you'veeen married for 26 years but worked on a few movies gether. you're working on this movie, "gotti" together, u're playing his wife. >> yes. >> in the movie so being that you are his real-life wife and worked together, does it make it easier or harder?
8:41 am
>> it was both because we have the -- we're comfortable with each other so you feel the history, but we are completely different as a couple. you know, we share certain things, we adore our kids. we are in love with each other but that's kind of where the similarity ends and we both had great characters to play so this was an amazing film to work on together. >> john is going to be here in a few days. >> uh-huh. >> what is the best thing about working with your husband? what do you think he's going to say is the best thing working with you? >> well, he got to spend every moment of every day with his loving wife. he just misses me so desperately when he's not with me so he better say that. [ laughter ] >> okay. the warning is out there to him. you had a chance to spend time with victoria gotti. >> uh-huh. >> and to get to know the character and what was that experience like for you? >> it was amazing because as an actor, first of all it's daunting to play someone who is
8:42 am
alive, who is, you know, her husband was so iconic, but she is amazing. she is smart, funny, kind. she was open and warm. she cooked us lunch, beautiful italian lunch. kids were coming in and out and we became friends by e-mail as well, so i could ask her anything i wanted, about how she was feeling, what she would say. this movie is so real there's not one word that is in it that wasn't said, it's a real behind-the-scenes look at this family and an iconic man but also his relationship with his wife and family. >> bigger ecosystem of his life and we'll take a look at a clip of you playing victoria gotti. here's kelly preston. >> this is a railroad job. five trials in three years. enough now. enough. >> mom. >> no. animals, they are railroading my son. they are doing to you what they did to your father. bastards. why don't you just shoot him in the head?
8:43 am
>> whoa! [ applause ] >> it's actually hard for me to recognize you so for you to see yourself, is it hard for you to recognize yourself when you're playing a real person like that? >> well, i think you just try to disappear into the role. that's the whole point, and we had a screening with the family yesterday. we flew in, was the entire family, was all of their friends, everybody who knew john gotti who knows the family and it was amazing, the reception and the reaction was absolutely -- it was the greatest gift i could ever be given as an actor of how they felt about the film. >> well, we're gifted by you being here to share this with us. we really appreciate you so much, kelly. mwah. thank you so much and "gotti" hits theaters this friday. make sure you check it out. over to you, rob. hey, michael, good looking crowd and more kids in the crowd because school is out so great day to do block parties and barbecues and "gma" and our sponsor king's hawaiian are celebrating them all summer
8:44 am
long. brett rose and his family in new jersey enjoying cool italian ices on their block. send us your block party photos an you can win $25,000 for your ultimate block party. go to, forward slash, block party to learn more. are you ready? >> yeah. good morning. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. 70s around the bay scene 80s inland. that's above average, but nothing like the heat we'll have tomorrow and wednesday. all right. shelby graduated third going to the fourth. ethan, eighth grade with honors. you have a lot to look forward to. >> you're out there hanging with the smart kids. i love it. [ applause ]
8:45 am
and now we have an exclusive sneak peek at tonight's "the bachelorette." becca's narrowed her list of suitors down to 18 lucky men and tonight they're hoping to score a touchdown on their group date. abc's marci gonzalez has a preview. take a look. >> chris, will you accept this rose? >> of course. >> reporter: with just two rose ceremonies under her belt -- >> thank you. >> reporter: bachelorette becca has sent more than a third of the men packing even though some of the 18 who stayed didn't seem to pack enough. >> jordan, will you accept this rose. >> yes. >> i don't really know where i'm going to put this. >> right from the cleavage. >> reporter: "gma" goating -- getting an exclusive sneak peek at ten of those lucky guys suiting up and looking to score big on tonight's group date. >> i'm literally killing myself in these group dates. >> blood, sweat and tears is how it's supposed to be. >> reporter: clay who is an actual nfl player. >> pretty much picked me up and slammed me to the ground and wiped the floor with me but it was a blast. >> reporter: seemingly a bigger
8:46 am
blast for becca. >> i like the men fighting over me a little bit. >> reporter: the decked out bachelorette admiring all those players from the sidelines, even the amateurs. >> they don't have to have the washboard abs or the big muscles. >> reporter: as the guys battle for that next rose and becca's heart. >> i'm starting to feel that hope again in this group of guys. >> reporter: with a shocking twist proving love really does hurt. for "good morning america," marci gonzalez, abc news, los angeles. [ applause ] >> no washboard abs and big muscles. count me out, i guess. you can watch an extended sneak peek of tonight's "bachelorette" on abc and coming up, brooke burke will be with amy and show her great moves to get you in shape for the summer, yes.
8:47 am
8:48 am
to disney california adventure park. it must be epic! thrilling!...daring! come ride the incredicoaster. it's going to be simply exhilarating dahling! >> announcer: friday it's going to be sizzling hot with pitbull.
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>> good morning, america. >> in a live summer block party. >> central park, you ready for me. >> announcer: friday. only on "good morning america." presented by king's hawaiian. >> yeah. ♪ all right. we are back now with fitness and workout guru brooke burke helping us get in shape with the summer with some of her best moves and, brooke, just a few days ago you were in l.a. partying with george clooney and cindy crawford. so much fun. your daughter just graduated from high school. >> quite a week. my mom turned 70. my daughter graduated. my little one got promoted but there is a lot going on. as busy as we are, we have to tap into self-care and take care of our bodies. >> so many other women know what that's like. what is your best advice to stay toned and fit everything else in? >> carve out the time and figure out how to do it at home because time is our biggest excuse. i have a great community of like-minded women and some men
8:50 am
that are really figuring out how to take care of themselves and do it at home. efficient moves that are dynamic so you can spend less amount of time and have this app you can do it on the road, on vacation. you don't need wi-fi. it's effective and short and sweet and specific and i'm loving it. >> let's give everyone a little preview of what you can find on your new app by doing people, important workouts. the first one is called booty burn? >> booty burn. i teach a whole class designed to lift and sculpt and tone the booty. we'll grab a lightweight, everyone, and these moves are going to build some booty and they're going to tone and they are going to sculpt. so no shoulders. we're just going to raise the roof. i have got complete burns that are designed to just resculpt everything so you're just lifting that foot up. >> can you do it without a weight? >> you can without a weight. you can do it with a heavier weight. in your hotel room or at home with your kids and lifting and now, everybody, when you feel the burn, we're just going to pulse it up at the top. >> that's when it really hurts. >> these ones change your body so just pulse it up. sculpting and lifting and toning.
8:51 am
let's move on because i want to be able to show you at least four moves. so the next move is a triangle lunge. our form is super important. hand goes all the way up, find your balance and we're right here so you're crunching. >> oh, okay. >> you're crunching. and you're crunching. >> you can do this in a hotel room. >> absolutely. >> you can do this on the road, it's great because you don't have to be anywhere in a gym or something like that. >> that's the beauty of the app so everybody come on up. i want to show you a move that will change the whole body, okay. so this is -- grab your weights, the nice thing, these are dynamic so you can get multiple body parts. so it looks like this. it's a reverse curtsy lunge and a little tilt, right? >> okay. >> so you're lifting all the weight in the heels and carving out hips and changing your body. >> your arm, abs, hips. >> shoulders, back. everything is on fire. >> how many would you do?
8:52 am
>> i would do about 30 seconds or to the burn. but it's more difficult than you're using weights. >> right. >> so we work out smarter. we work out stronger. the next move is one of my favorites. awesome abs, awesome hips and legs, looks like this. it's a ballet squat, and you take it up. in your heel, not your toe, abs are engaged. >> all right. i'll catch up eventually. >> whoo! >> and do you usually do these to time them like 30 seconds. how long would you typically work out with some of these moves? >> i think you can get it done in 15 minute. >> 15 minutes. >> you can go 45. i've got all kinds of different programs on these. >> do you work out every day? >> i try to because i love it. >> right. >> it's about your life and your schedule and what you can -- >> everybody has 15 minutes they can make this work. >> 15 minutes is better than nothing, and we have a whole 28-day summer slimdown we're doing, with recipes and
8:53 am
nutrition. is hard, right? >> the proof is in the pudding right here. brooke's fitness app. brooke burke body is available right now. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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"good morning america" is sponsored by nondrowsy 24-hour claritin. live claritin clear. >> yes, thank you, amy. thank you. we feel like slobs next to you. good job. hey, a big congratulations to my producer danielle and her
8:56 am
husband, they got married. >> yeah. >> college sweethearts. they met at duke. so matt, welcome to the "gma" family. beautiful, beautiful. >> very beautiful. everybody at home, thank you guys for watching. have a great monday and we will see you tomorrow morning on "good morning america." "good morning america." if you're looking for anon for incredible selection of the brands you love, this season's newest trends for a fraction of what you'd pay at department stores,
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you gotta go to ross. good morning. it's 8:59. i'm reggie aqui. let's go to meteorologist mike nicco. >> it's going to be warmer today. it's going to be warmer tomorrow. watch the warriors parade right here on abc 7. it's going to warm up to about 80. protect yourself from the sun and the warmth. today look at these 70s and 80s. but tomorrow, a lot of 80s and 90s and the heat will last through at least wednesday. we do still have our sig alert. causing slowdowns around sfo.sf. northbound 101 at sierra point a crash with leaking fuel.
9:00 am
also b.a.r.t. delay due to an earlier medical emergency and mechanical problem. we're back at 11:00 a.m. >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, academy award winner holly hunter. and from the new film "tag," leslie bibb. plus, a performance from supergirl star turned broadway star, melissa benoist. also a special triple crown winning guest, justified jockey mike smith. all next on "live!" and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪


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