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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 12, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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overnight as well. >> there are many headlines in the u.s., including the tabloids in new york city calling it historic. summing it up. that's what's making news in america this morning. america this morning. >> stay with us for good morning america. have a great day. headquarters and singapore. right now on right now, breaking news from singapore. >> anyone can make war. only the most courageous can make peace. >> president trump and north korean dictator kim jong-un signing a historic agreement, promising the world will see major change. the u.s. offering protection for north korea, kim jong-un committing to denuclearization. >> we both want to do something, we both are going to do something. we have developed a very special bond. people are going to be very
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impressed. >> he even showed him the inside of the presidential limo, saying he will invite him to the white house. he referenced a science fiction movie describing the summit. >> what's next for the two nations and what it all means for the korean peninsula. worldwide reaction coming in at this hour. trump and kim face to face. the historic summit. continuing coverage right now on "america this morning." good tuesday morning. we're going to start with the scene that unfolded in singapore. president trump and kim jong-un exchange warm greetings, kind words in the quest for a nuclear free north korea. >> the two leaders signed a letter that included a commitment from the u.s. to provide what's called unique security assurances.
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and kim declaring that the world will see a significant change from his regime. the president said they're starting the process of denuclearization. >> moments ago the president said anyone can make war, only the most courageous can make peace. he made it clear the two leaders will meet again, possibly at the white house. here's what he said at the signing ceremony overnight. signing a very important document. >> so we're signing a very important document. pretty comprehensive document. and we've had a really great term together, a great relationship. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> translator: today we have a historic meeting and decided to leave the past behind, and we are about to sign the historic document. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> translator: the world will see a major change. i would like to express my
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gratitude to president trump to make this meeting happen. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> the document says president trump will provide security to north korea, both countries are committed to denuclearization of the korean peninsula. >> and they committed to recover the remains of thousands of american soldiers in north korea. abc's martha raddatz joins us from singapore. to take a closer look at this deal. martha, your thoughts? >> reporter: let's start with retrieving the remains of the missing soldiers. there are almost 8,000 missing soldiers from the korean war, americans. most of those are in north korea. in the past we have had recovery of those remains that was stopped i think five years ago.
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and they do tireless work trying to find the remains and match them to the missing, wanted that to start again. that's a big step as well and comfort to so many people. but i think it would shock most people to know how many of those soldiers from the korean war still remain in north korea. you heard president trump say that he brought that up at the very end of the meeting. he obviously knew that was something on the minds of many americans to try to start that retrieval program once again. you also heard president trump talk about ceasing military exercises. they have big military exercises. i have been on them before myself from the ground, from a fighter jet, watching the military exercises with south korea. he said those will stop. that is something that kim jong-un really wanted to stop. he didn't want the last exercises to go on, but president trump stood firm keeping those military exercises.
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he said they're expensive. talked about bombers flying from guam, six hours. expensive. i would say the military has to exercise and fly those to stay current in those aircraft, but that will be a change as well. the rest we will have to wait for details. you heard president trump saying they will not reduce sanctions, take away sanctions until the nuclear weapons question is over. >> martha, he also announced at the press conference that north korea is already destroying what he called a major missile site. what do we know about that? >> reporter: we saw him blow up a nuclear site and that they're working on this missile site. i think most analysts will tell you the nuclear weapons facility he blew up were possibly just tunnels going into it, that it may not have been functional anyway. i can't tell you whether that's true or not.
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the missile site as well. let's also remember that kim jong-un had nearly perfected those missiles anyway. the icbms thought to be able to reach the united states, the nuclear weapons he was close to if not already capable of putting a nuclear war head on that. i know most military officials looked at it as if it was a done deal and that's how they would react. i also think over the past few months that one of the reasons kim jong-un stopped testing is he just didn't have to do it any more, but he didn't push the united states too far. there was great concern about six months ago that he would do an atmospheric test of one of the nuclear weapons. that never happened. that's the kind of thing the u.s. would likely have had to respond to in some way. he always stopped short of those things that he knew that the u.s. would have to do some military response. >> stopped short even last year.
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thank you for your thoughts. before president trump and kim jong-un parted ways, there was this incident with the limo known as the beast. >> trump even opened the door so kim jong-un could look inside the car. you see the cameras surround them as he takes a peek into the beast, so to speak. >> some analysis in the meantime of what we've seen overnight. abc's retired colonel and contributor has more. >> the two that stuck out with me, security guarantees from the u.s. secretary pompeo hinted at this the past couple of days. this is the u.s. saying look, we promise nothing will happen to you. that is a big deal. going from a state of near war to we're going to take care of you. the other part is commitment and denuclearization of the korean peninsula, not of north korea. this is a bit of a concession as
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well. this is what the north korean style of negotiation always held that it needs to be the u.s. needs to get its nukes off south korea as well. those have been gone for quite awhile, but the fact is that south korea and north korea are going to have to agree on no nukes on the peninsula, and that's going to include any u.s. nukes that might be in the vicinity as well. >> there's also some talk about recovering pow remains. how significant is that? >> that's a big deal. i can't remember the exact number, but there are thousands of missing pows and remains that have not been repatriated. we have a long history with vietnam, even when we weren't getting along with the war, them helping us repatriate remains.
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this is a big deal. we lost 36, 37,000 people in that war, the u.s. did alone. many of those never came home, were never found. this is a big step. one thing you'll notice, you remember when prime minister abe met with president trump, and he said please see what you can do about bringing home the abductees. japanese abductees. i don't see anything mentioned there. it looks to be pretty much what the u.s. wants and let's deal with the other details other countries want later. >> it is the first day. even the letter itself was a surprise, they were going to be signing any sort of agreement. steve, you know the dynamics of the region. anything that kim jong-un did today, did it have permission and guidance of china? >> yeah. that's a very good point as well. i think as i alluded to, secretary pompeo is having discussions with senior levels of the north korean government, and alluded to that we would say okay, look, you do this, you
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denuclearize, we guarantee your survival. no doubt, the chinese have done something similar. remember, kim made two surreptitious visits to beijing and you can only imagine what the chinese were doing, saying let's get this done and perhaps we'll take care of you as well. lots of reassurances behind the scenes to get to where we were today. this is not just kim diving into the pool, saying let's give it a shot. i think he had a lot of assurances from the u.s., south korea, and china. >> and steve, really quick, i know you said denuclearization doesn't happen without a peace treaty as well with south korea. how much of a game changer is this for seoul, and what are they looking for? >> president moon of south korea has been a driving force. has he his own interests. he has been running on a platform that's conducive to or pushing for reunification.
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remember that kim jong-un's grandfather when they started the whole ideology of north korea, that was based on reunification of the peninsula. both south korea and juju talks about this, south korea and north korea for different reasons want to reunify that peninsula. this will allow president moon to work on the peace treaty. it has to be a peace treaty between north and south korea. this was back in 1950, a civil war. that civil war has to be ended by the combatants. not the u.s., not china, but north korea and south korea. we're taking a quick break. up next, our exclusive interview with president trump one on one moments ago. >> and one of his closest advisers suffers a heart attack. th
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here's another look at some of the extraordinary images from the hist here's another look at the extraordinary images from the summit in singapore with kim jong-un saying they decided to put the past behind them. president trump is making it clear, sanctions will remain in place for now. but he announced they'll stop the joint military drills with south korea. you can see him signing the declaration, kim jong-un and the president on plans to denuclearize the korean peninsula. now to george stephanopoulos in singapore. he just sat down as the summit concluded. >> he learned that president trump did speak to kim jong-un before the summit, setting up the negotiations, and the president says he trusts chairman kim, will do whatever it takes to make the world a safer place. george spoke to us moments ago about that interview.
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>> look behind me. there's the table they signed that joint communique. there are the flags. the the president says it has been an intense 24 hours, 24 hours, no sleep at all, was really charged up, talking about the meeting with kim jong-un, believing it is a historic moment. as you said, there are a lot of questions whether kim jong-un can keep this commitment to complete denuclearization. the president has been very critical of the iran nuclear deal, says it's the worst deal ever made. one of the questions is, will this north korean deal be tougher than the iran nuclear deal. the president says it can't be any weaker. he says he believes that kim has committed to complete denuclearization. says it may take time. we're going to have to watch the steps. we are going to have to verify, but he believes that commitment coming from kim jong un. he also said that kim jong un is prepared to take steps toward that goal that go beyond what was in the communique and says those are going to be announced very, very soon.
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he said in fact they could be announced by kim jong un as he returns to his country, and he's already on his way, right now, including the destruction of more nuclear sites. of course we're going to have to wait and see if that's going to happen. and the big question on the table as you said, did i ask the president, can you trust kim jong un, can you trust a dictator like this? here's one of the exchanges. >> just a few months ago, you accused him of starving his people. here's the rub. kim is a brutal dictator. he runs a police state, forced starvation, labor camps, assassinated members of his own family. how do you trust a killer like that? >> george, i'm given what i'm given. this is what we have, and this is where we are. and i can only tell from you my experience. i've met him and spoken with him. and this was, as you know, started very early and it's been very intense. i think that he really wants to do a great job for north korea. i think he wants to de-nuke. that's very important. without that, there's nothing to discuss.
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that was on the table at the beginning. and you see a total denuclearization of north korea. so important. with all of that being said, i can't talk about -- it doesn't matter. we're starting from scratch. we're starting right now. and we have to get rid of those nuclear weapons. >> much more of that interview coming up on gma. and larry kudlow in the hospital after suffering a mild heart attack. the white house says he is expected to make a full and speedy recovery. he is playing a central role in negotiations the u.s. trade partners. when the president clashed with allies at the economic summit in canada over new tariffs, kudlow came to his defense saying the canadian prime minister stabbed the u.s. in the back. coming up, we take you to seoul, south korea for reaction to today's agreement between the u.s. and kim jong-un. >> our coverage continues. jong-un. >> our coverage continues. kids 'cause dad's gonna make it rain "tre tres".
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president trump insists the talks were every bit as good for the u.s. as president trump says the talks were every bit as good for the u.s. as north korea. >> for more insight into the summit and the agreement, we turn to the former homeland security adviser tom bossert in singapore. you mention this lays out the peace process here. >> reporter: good morning. i really believe this to be a remarkable document. peace on that peninsula ending the war and for an agreement to re-open really relations between the united states and north korea. it's truly remarkable and i believe that as people take it apart and watch what's going to happen they're going to realize that this is something that's not been done before. >> and, tom, obviously the big focus was that nuclear
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disarmament. the language used leading up to this was complete verifiable irreversible. some of that is absent from the agreement. the president sd to me it sound not a big deal. what s missing. in other words, to say complete -- to obtain two commitments. one in writing they'd like to pursue complete denuclearization of the peninsula is pretty much all you can say. talking about those other conditions of irreversible and so forth those are the arduous process of verifying and see it play out. the president said the sanction also stay in place until irreversible steps are taken. i have no doubt that will happen. the other thing we saw that was outside the document and remarkable was the leader of north korea deciding to, quote, leave the past behind. >> that indeed -- >> that is a lot of history to leave behind and a promising sign. >> tom bossert joining us. coming up the
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advantage ii. fight the misery of biting fleas. ironically one year ago today the one year ago today, the secretary of state announced otto warmbier was being released. >> president trump said he did not die in vain, his struggle played a major role in today's developments, opening dialogue between the two leaders. we head to seoul, south korea for reaction there next. to seoul, south korea for reaction there next. jump into summer with up to 50% off the entire store, with styles from $5! that's up to 50% off the enitre store
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♪ ♪ tum tum tum tums new tums chewy bites with gas relief >> announcer: good morning east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. the barricades are up and warriors fans are beginning to get up, so they can line the streets of downtown oakland for a dubs nation celebration. there are changes to this year's warriors victory parade. fans this year, we're told, are going to play a big role. >> 4:27 in the morning. glad you're up with us tuesday june 12th. jessie castro not with us because she's on special assignment and will be with us in a minute. >> that's right. warriors players are going to have bull horns so they can speak to the crowd as they go through. >> that was a big surprise. >> fun to watch. looking at the weather, too. how does it look, mike? >> pretty warm again. starting out in the 50s but he
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said -- end up at 80. i'll have the full forecast in a few minutes. let's get you out the door in case you can't go to the parade or dubs nation celebration. can you see pretty clear everywhere, gray but off the coast. temperatures at the coast because of lack of clouds cooler, the rest of us 2 to 6 degrees warmers. if you're heading out now dress for 50s. 61 san jose, brentwood 64, clear lake and cloverdale in the mid-60s. we'll take a look at accuweather forecast. here is alexis. >> let's zoom in on traffic map 880, heavy there. for 30 more minutes. they should wrap this up about 5:00 this morning. that is between 23rd and 29th, 2 1/2, 3 miles of back-up close to 980. that's the toughest spot. you can use 580 for an
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alternate. the other slow spot, cash lanes at the toll bridge plaza, stackup there. metering lights, we should have an hour before those are turned on. >> thank you. we start with north korean summit. this morning the president says kim jong-un has agreed to destroy a major missile engine testing site. >> and we've learned the president has invited kim back to the white house. here is abc news white house correspondent in singapore. >> a five-hour meeting between president trump and kim jong-un ending with a promise. >> translator: we have a historic meeting and decided to leave the past behind. the world will see a major change. >> reporter: president trump forming a friendship with the north korean leader and signing an agreement. >> we have developed a very special bo wked out for both ofr better than anybody could have expected. >> reporter: in that letter president trump agreed to provide security guarantees to north korea in exchange for kim's, quote, firm and
4:30 am
unwavering commitment to complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. the president sitting down with nbc's chief anchor george stephanopoulos. >> i think he wants to denuke. that's very important. without that, there's nothing though discuss. >> not at the top of the agenda, human rights. >> i believe it's a rough situation over there, no question about it. i think ultimately we'll agree with something. >> started with historic handshake and smiles and pats on the back. president trump leading kim jong-un into that private one-on-one where he looked into his eyes and came out saying -- >> i really think it was a good meeting, a lot of progress. >> their one-on-one lasting 40 minutes ending with a signing and an invitation to the white house. >> because of the summit the two countries have overcome decades of hostilities. the follow-up is what will define this historic moment. tara palmieri, nbc news,
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singapore. thousands of


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