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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 12, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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41st time ever a sitting president met with a north korean head of state. they signed documents, made agreements, and president trump addressed major concerns overnight. >> on a completely different note, today is your day as we're getting you ready to celebrate another nba title. we're live along the parade route for dubs nation celebration. good morning on tuesday june 12th. >> that's nice. it really is a day for the fans, the team to honor them. we're hoping for good weather. never more than 7 minutes away from accuweather forecast. mike, it's going to be a warm one? >> it is going to be a warm one, everywhere away from the coast if you specifically want that dub nation forecast i'll have that in seven minutes. here is a look at what's going on outside, the lack of wind. nobody in double digits as far as wind speeds. that's going to help the warming trend.
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a look at san jose where it's 59 degrees right now. temperatures around 53 at the coast but 60 for the rest of us. my day planner, 87 at noon, 77 around the bay, 59 at the coast. mid-60s that's about as warm as it gets. mid-80s to 90s inland. by the time we get to the 4:00 hour, let's go back and take a quick look at the evening hours so you know what's going to tran spire, 70s and 80s. alexis. >> doing okay. so far today start off on traffic maps and head to oakland that's where we've had one of our biggest slowdowns with overpass roadwork, southbound 880. looks like they are wrapping that up right on time. between 23rd and 29th, lanes scheduled to be closed, saw that little bit of back-up disappear. thinned out. 880 or 580 a good option. bay bridge toll plaza good on
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the left side, stack up in the cash lanes on the right but no metering lights yet. we'll take a look at drive times coming up. back to you. >> thanks. president trump heading back to the u.s. following historic summit with kim jong-un. >> the president agreed to provide security guarantees to north korea in exchange for kim's agreement for complete denuclearization of korean peninsula. he said kim agreed to destroy a major missile engine testing site after signing that memorandum. he also says the u.s. will stop very provocative war games with south korea. mr. trump says he and kim are committed to recovering the remains of prisoners of war. the president sat down with abc news anchor george stephanopoulos forhis interview. >> even my enemies are calling it historic. the fact is we've done something very unique. nobody has met with the family, nobody at a high level. >> no president has. >> no president has certainly. we've done something that we're very proud of. it's a very strong document.
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>> president trump says the summit would not have happened without otto warmbier. that's the american student who died last june days after being freed from north korea. he suffered severe brain damage while in captivity. the president said warmbier did not die in vain. >> there is plenty more coverage of the historic summit live from singapore that is coming up on "gma" right after abc 7 mornings. and now turning to the dubs. in 2015 the core four broke a 40-year championship drought. steph, clay, dray and iggy brought a parade back to oakland. >> then cab kevin durant in 2017 and another title for the warriors. so what will 2018 be like? you can find out starting at 10:00 a.m. here on abc 7 or stream it on our app. >> before that, we're here to hype it up. matt keller and jessica live at the start of the parade as dubs nation is about to kick off its
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celebration again. >> good morning. since we last saw you, there's actually been a lot more movement out here. in fact there's families showing up. we just saw a family with three little kids decked out in their warriors gear, lawn chairs, ready to go. >> how cool is that for your parents to bring you out at 4:00 in the morning to see a parade of your favorite nba basketball team. back-to-back, here we go, first time ever the warriors have done that. that's going to be exciting. first time we see changes in the parade as well with the players having a little more interaction with the fans. >> hoping to talk a little to the fans, get the fans in there. you know, we're going to feel that same excitement we did see in 2015, 2017 as well. we know that's going to happen. the magic is starting already less than five hours away. >> i can almost guarantee draymond green is going to high five someone during the parade route. we'll show you exactly what's taking place this morning, starts at 11th street broadway to harrison, right, normally a
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one-way 18th street lake side drive and another right all the way to 14th street. >> matt, you know, i really like your kicks but i think you could maybe use some new ones. the warriors victory celebration is going to include the release of a new sneaker. abc news on broadway and oakland where an under armour pop-up shop will open today right after the parade. sneaker reports the shop will have exclusive pairs of curry 4 and curry 5 sneakers. the store will only be open for just two days, so you have to act quick. >> sneaker heads will wait to get there. i've got my dad shoes on. i appreciate you saying that, dad shoes. you have to have dad shoes here because there's a lot of walking. amy hollyfield on the parade route this morning. >> hi, have you seen any people out where you are? >> i do. i have a lot of people and i also have my comfy shoes on
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because it is going to be a lot of walk damage. first the banner across broadway. doesn't that have a nice ring to it, back-to-back champions. blue and gold blanketing the top of broadway. look what's lining it, a lot of blue and gold filling in on the fans. there is still plenty of room. if you're watching this and planning to come down here, don't panic. these are early, early birds. they are expecting 1 million fans out here today. these are the people who want to make sure they have a front row view. we even met a fan who came up from l.a. he's already out here claiming a spot. >> well, i've been a warriors fan for about five years, and i really enjoyed the energy and championships you bring. i love oakland and san francisco at the same time, so it gives me a chance to come by and visit and hang around san francisco afterwards. >> what a fun trip. well, expect some changes today. planners for the parade say they want the parade to be the main
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event this year. they canceled that rally at the end at lake merritt. they will give the players megaphones. they are hoping they will be interacting with the fans on the route. this starts at 11:00 this morning. still plenty of parade real estate for you fans who come out here. jessica and matt, you're going to see the players first. you are right at the spot where this all starts. do you have any players you're especially looking forward to seeing? jessica, are you just hoping to see riley curry? >> riley is a star in her own right, so, yes, very excited to see her. but yes, of course all the players, curry. >> clay. >> draymond green. >> right after the game clay had the best quote. i was watching cnn and they asked him what about the champagne going on. he said i'm not champagne guy but i kill bud lights. that's klay thompson. he's a fun player and has a sense of humor. >> no doubt he'll have one of
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those on hand. okay. >> maybe. >> we're here on 11th and broadway. if you're coming out to stake your spot, come out and say hi to matt and i. >> back to you in the studio. >> already having fun out there. i'm interested to see how the bull horns work out. give draymond a bullhorn. >> i would be really nervous. i have two things i can say. yeah, thank you, we're excited. good luck coming up with something better. >> if you can't make it to the parade in person, we actually have a great vantage point for you. you can catch dub nation celebration on abc 7. our live coverage starts at 10:00 this morning. >> if you are headed to the parade, detailed information about transportation, street closures and parade dos and don'ts at >> mike, everyone wants to know, are we going to have a super hot forecast, is it going to be breezy? what's the situation today? >> not breezy, warm. temperature right now 60 in oakland. by the time the parade starts at
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0. that's pretty comfortable. you'll be in full on sunshine. any time you're in sunshine, feels 10 to 15 warmer. by the time the parade wraps up or celebration by 1:00, 80 is the temperature but could feel like 90 to 95. in fact, a look at the east bay shores. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s in most neighborhoods, 60 in alameda, albany 62. we've got 60s concord, antioch, brend woot, san jose, everybody else in the 50s. pacifica 51, cool spot. talk about activities. say you can't go to the parade but you need exercise, do it early before it gets too hot. going to the ocean, sunny, mid-60s, going to be breezy also. it's going to be breezy out of the bay bridge. in fact here is our small craft advisory starting at 3:00 through 9:00. that's when the fastest winds out of the west up to 30, 35 miles per hour. south bay look at this. start off 8:00 at 64, jump to 82 at noon, hang out mid-80s for afternoon hours down to 72 at
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8:00. east bay valley some of our hottest temperatures today, go from 68 at 8:00, noon 87, low- to mid-90s through 5:00, back down to 79 by 8:00. our last stop will be the east bay along the shoreline. 63 this morning, 8:00 to noon 79 to 80 around 2:00, back down to a comfortable 73 at 6:00 and 66 at 8:00. all right. getting to the parade. guess who has got the scoop on that. hey, alexis. >> mike, i have a question for you. don't get too far. june 15th, 2017, that was the warriors parade last year. how many people do you think rode b.a.r.t. that day. >> i was listening yesterday and you said it was a record day so i'm going to think somewhere around 500,000. >> okay. it was the fifth highest day in ridership, 518,743. of course all of that is to tell you you're going to have a lot of company today because they are expecting at least that many today here as well. so make sure you plan ahead. if you have your clipper card loaded up, got that in the last couple of days, that is great.
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those ticket lines will be warm. of course you're taking b.a.r.t. to 12th or 19th stations in oakland. you don't have lake merritt this year because of course it is just the parade this year. those peak hours for b.a.r.t. will be between 9:00 and 11:00 and 12:00 and 2:00, everyone coming to the event and of course everyone leaving afterward. just have patience. we're going to have a lot of extra staff on hand but there certainly will be delays. i'll track that with you all morning. we'll take a look at drive times coming up in a few. >> thanks, alexis. crews just reached major milestone after north bay wildfires. >> we love watching sea lions in san francisco but lawmakers in oakland are going to the extreme to try to get rid of them. >> finals
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all this talk about the heat and wondering how long it's going to last, how about a couple of days to thursday, then relief as 60s, 70s, 80s in the forecast. i'll let you know if it will continue through the holiday weekend. hours away from the warriors championship parade and there's a new feature to show off your dubs pride. >> check in with abc 7 news colleague. jessica castro and matt keller at the start of the parade route. what is this new filter you're
5:16 am
talking about. >> reporter: when everybody is out out here they want to share what they are doing on parade day, share their sthots, what's going on, facebook and twitter but on snapchat there's a cool filter. >> there's two cool filters, one that makes a video with confetti and this one that says champions. hey, we look like champions in our abc 7 blue and warrior blue. that's fun. >> pretty cool. not bad for a guy who is on myspa myspace, too. it's cool to be on snapchat. all the kids have this. it's cool to go and do. it's animated as well so you can do video and get it all going. so really cool filter there for snapchat. >> you can make confetti rain down. we have our phone up. >> we'll do one and post it live. go to jessica's snapchat page and you can see it. there's the picture we've got. we'll put on the filters and show it to the world. >> that's right. we can hopefully snag a selfie
5:17 am
with one of the players later this morning. wouldn't that be cool. >> with the filter. >> the filter giving matt a light eyeliner. your eyesers popping. they are gorgeous. >> part warriors, part drag race. >> it looks great. thanks so much. >> they look like they are in the dark and we're in this bright studio, so there are lots of things going on. it's been a whirlwind week for warriors as they celebrate another championship especially for finals mvp kevin durant. >> he's back in the bay this morning but he stopped by jimmy kimmel live to talk about the parade and partying. >> you have a parade tomorrow. >> 8:00 a.m. i've got to hurry up and get back. >> 8:00 a.m. that's early. why do they have to be early? >> we're going to be out there a couple hours and it's hot. last year was really hot. >> draymond has to get drunk at 8:00 a.m.? >> me too. >> who is the most valuable
5:18 am
partier? >> he had his shirt off on the plane, too. >> he's been that way since january. >> is that okay? you see them, if you're going to the parade go to and find out everything you need to know about dub nation. if you can't go in person, no problem, we'll stream it for you and watch it on go to our news app if you want to watch it at work or gym. >> just if you're at work, leave your shirt on. >> there you go. k.d. his millennial shirt out of stock on barnes's website, $175. >> that's so much cheaper than $40,000 man purse. >> lebron was carrying. perspective. suddenly a $200 sweatshirt seems like a good deal. >> man of the people. >> let's talk about what's going to happen, one of our hottest days. hi, everybody, never more than
5:19 am
seven minutes away from accuweather forecast. the roof camera. nothing is moving the flags on the ferry building. they are as still as they can be. no sea breeze to be found right now. there will be one that develops at the coast. that's going to keep you mild while the rest of us are dealing with one of our hottest days this week. it will be clear tonight, cool, mild 50s and 60s and the heat will break for dad's weekend. cloud cover along peninsula, coast and gone. it may be there a couple hours. you're going to get full on sunshine at times also. look at these temperatures from los gatos, morgan, kilroy, low- to mid-90s, the rest of the south bay 80s. 78 in millbrae, everybody else low- to mid-80s on the peninsula. mid up toer 60s on the coast to mid-70s downtown south san francisco, sausalito. 89 to 95 through the north bay as you go from san rafael up towards cloverdale and clear lake and ukiah.
5:20 am
upper 70s, everybody else low- to mid-80s along east bayshore and that includes parade route. we have mid to upper 90s in our east bay valleys. let's look at those temperatures tonight. some of the coolest at the coast where it's 51 half moon bay. 90s in east bay valleys and north bay valleys. my accuweather forecast, another hot one tomorrow away from the coast. you can see the cooling start to take place thursday. we're out of the 90s by friday and maybe even out of the 80s temporarily saturday before a little bit warmer sunday and monday. hey, alexis. >> good morning, mike. do i have good news for central valley drivers, i know we were just all really anticipating a tough commute when i told you about a disabled semi westbound 580 past grant line road. that did clear fairly quickly, 15 minutes ago. all lanes are open, however it's heavy getting out of the tracy area. so we'll check out that drive time. southbound 680, highway 4 to walnut creek, six minutes.
5:21 am
walnut creek to highway 13, 8 minutes. westbound 580 tracy to dublin, 54 minutes of it was in the red and flipped over back into the yellow. we'll take a look at what is going to be a very busy day on b.a.r.t. coming up next. >> thanks. big milestone, state and federal officials announced debris clean up is now finished. >> what a task, largest since the '08 it earthquake. the last parcel cleared last year. 85% of the properties cleared in sonoma county where the devastating tubs fire happened. an estimated 2 million tons of ash and fire related debris had to be hauled away. our neighbors to the north have a plan to save and protect a species by reportedly asking to kill california sea lions because they threaten endangered fish. they report california marine mammals are predators of a species of fish in oregon. they eat so many steelhead
5:22 am
there's a 90% chance the fish will do extinct. if a if proved they could kill as many as 292 sea lions a year. new bus lions moving into san francisco this weekend. >> for more muni routes will use the center. uc transit, greyhound, west cat will start service there as well. august is when grant hall and rooftop park is expected to open. caltrain service on the list of future editions with high-speed rail. >> coming up next seven things you need to know before you start your day. >> hard work pays off. wait until you see the surprise for dubs fans that dedicated time helping others. >> here is the #, dubs on 7. if you're out celebrating with warriors along the parade route we want to see pictures and video. post them online.
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5:24, whether you're about to join us or going out the door, seven things to know before you go. number one, president trump heading back to the u.s. following the historic summit with kim jong-un. the president agreed to provide security to north korea in exchange to kim's agreeing to complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. number two, the route for the warriors parade. a million people expected to attend. we'll have live streaming coverage starting at 10:00 on abc 7 news app. >> all right. so number three, let's take care of you if you're going to the parade. temperature about 57 in oakland right now. but by 11:00 it's 70. by the time we get to 1:00 it's 80. with a million people all next to each other, it's going to feel even warmer than that. plus there's going to be a whole lot of sunshine so be ready for that, too. >> number four, those million people you mentioned, about half will take b.a.r.t. to festivities today.
5:26 am
it is going to be packed. whether you're heading to work or warriors parade use 12th or 19th street stations if you are heading to the parade route. several service changes in contra costa county, make sure you check before you go. we're expecting peak hours from 9:00 to 11:00 and noon until 2:00 this afternoon. number five a driver killed in a crash on interstate 680 in danville has been identified as a doctor with john muir health. she was driving northbound on the freeway when a dead pine tree fell on the road. chp now investigating whether the tree fell onto the victim's car or if she collided with it. >> number six in the san francisco mayor's race london breed leads mark leno by 1,601 votes. there are still 18,000 votes left to count. number seven, the warriors victory celebration today includes the release of a new sneaker. an under armour pop-up shop will open on broadwy of a the parade. reports the
5:27 am
shop will have exclusive pairs of curry 4 and curry 5 sneakers. two young fans got a surprise reward for their hard work in san francisco. >> they will be the dubs nation parade. reacting after finding out they will be on the united airlines float this morning. the two volunteered an incredible amount of time towards boys and girls projects, a commitment that did not go unnoticed. united gave them a goody bad with everything you need for a parade, hats, water bottles, and, of course, warriors rally flags. we'll have our eyes peeled. >> way to go, kids. we're coming back with 90 minutes of news including minutes of news including remarkable moments with the ng n your home more than doubles your chance of escape in case of a fire. smoke alarms can provide an early warning if you follow these 3 steps. repalce your smoke alarms every 10 years.
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from name calling on twitter to a commitment for denuclearization, you're watching history in the making. president trump revealed a lot in overnight press conference. >> countdown is on for dubs nation celebration. we're live on the parade route to get you ready for a third party in four years. we're for the complaining. this is unlike any other. >> waking up to golden sunrise and wondering one thing from meteorologist mike nicco. will there be dub nation precipitation. >> oh, my gosh. >> not rain but i'm sure there will be other liquids flowing. beer, champagne, soda maybe. >> water. >> hopefully water. that would be the best advice. it's going to be warm.
5:31 am
let's take a look at what's going on as far as your forecast. we'll start with the warriors parade. 70 and sunshine, 11:00, near 80 at 1:00. the thing have you to remember when you get a million people together that's going to make it warmer. plus when you stand in full on sunshine that's going to make10t to 15 degrees warmer. could feel 95. drink a lot of water even when you're not thirsty. here is a look at what's going on. live doppler 7 near the coast, sunshine will win up and well above average temperatures as our mini heat wave starts today. start at 53 to 60 at 7:00. still in the coast, 70s to upper 80s, mid-60s at the coast at 4:00. mid-80s to mid-90s by 4:00. going to be a hot one. alexis, how about the roads. >> definitely going to be this morning, too, especially the oakland area. let's zoom in on the maps. we'll talk about closures. broadway and 11th at 11:00 a.m.
5:32 am
and ends at 13th and oak street. basically any small surface street along that parade right they are already closed. they have been closed since noon. we'll expect that to be in place until 7:00 this evening. mass transit, of course, b.a.r.t. is busy. talking about that. ac transit, several impacts with those street closures. i have tweeted lepgs to that, abc 7. there will ab lot of ambassadors out to to assist you, too. >> thanks, alexis. 2015 was magical. something warrior fansadn't felt in decades. 2017 the start of a new era with kevin durant and 2018, the dawn of a dynasty. >> hopefully you have your best warriors gear on we're having a celebration. live at 11th and broadway where the championship parade will roll on through. good morning you two purcha. >> reporter: good morning, natasha and reggie. the sun starting to come up as
5:33 am
we're counting down four hours to go. >> coming in saw 30 motorcycle officers in the downtown area. a big police presence here. last half hour here we saw cable cars arrive, floats with warriors colors, some plagues up. a lot of preparations, a lot of things getting into place for the big parade that starts at 11:00. >> a lot of fans. we do want to show you the parade route this morning putting on best blue and gold to come out here. here is a quick look at parade route seen from truck camera, starts at 11th street and travels up broadway to 20th. it will make a right to harrison and another right down what's normally 18th street to lake sie drive and another right to 14th street. >> headed out to the parade, make sure you have dos and don'ts of the dubs nation celebration. do not bring hard sided containers of any side including coolers, glass containers or
5:34 am
fans. hard sided containers of any size, lawn furniture, folding chairs. hats, water, anything that will keep you hydrated and happy through the parade. >> not just the fans decked out. look at this, some of the buildings. created something amazing, a dubs dynasty mural, commissioned by the hotel. he wanted to include five warriors but due to time constraints he settled on durant. >> right there. we can see it from here. that's cool. a lot of fans 11th and broadway. parade starts at 11:00 and people starting to show up. >> people hoping to take a picture of their favorite warrior, at least see their favorite player. i've been thinking about this since amy asked. i think who i really want to see is andre iguodala. if i could take a picture of him, i would be so happy. let's check in with her. >> hi, jessjessica.
5:35 am
>> he's my neighbor, lives in my neighborhood. he's the pride of the neighborhood as you can imagine. starting to line up, floats and trolley cars on wheels that will carry some vinps. the players themselves on double-decker buses. it will be fun. they will roll out of here in 5 1/2 hours. fans are already lining up and they are very excited. >> we left about 2:30 from san jose, caught the b.a.r.t. i figured got to go out here and didn't make it last two years. you know, it's the warriors, i've got to be here. >> we have met some fans from as far away as l.a. some fans that left at 10:00 last night to make sure we got a front row spot. there is still plenty of room out here along the parade route. don't worry if you haven't left the house yet.
5:36 am
you're fine. these are just the very early birds. if you are coming, make sure you wear blue and gold. if you don't, you are going to stand out. there is a lot of warrior spirit out here this morning. jessica and matt, back to you. >> amy, i can't believe andre is your neighbor. do you ever go over and ask to borrow eggs or milk. >> we try to play it cool, normal. we try to give him his space. i did have a friend that saw him in the front yard and he yelled, go warriors. what else are you going to do? >> i wonder if andre iguodala is wondering, gosh, i'm amy hollyfield's neighbor. i wonder if she'll say me. i've got to play it cool. >> amy, i'm taking you up on that lunchtime you promised me. >> to your house. >> now you want to come over. i see how you are. >> that's it. now we're going to go back to
5:37 am
reggie and natasha back in the studio. we're going over to amy's house, i guess, we're going to have an afterparty. >> i have a lot of famous neighbors, none i can name. because they don't exist. you can catch dubs nation celebration right other on abc 7. >> our live coverage starts at 10:00 this morning. if you are headed to the parade get detailed information about transportation, street closures and parades dos and don'ts on >> we're going to switch gears and talk about the other big news item of the day, the north korean summit. this morning north korea leered kim jong-un has agreed to destroy a major missile testing site. >> we learned the president invited kim back to the white house. abc news white house correspondent tara palmeri live in singapore. good morning, tara. >> good morning, natasha and reggie. it was a truly historic summit but it's kim's commitment to the agreement that will define this
5:38 am
moment. a five-hour meeting between president trump and kim jong-un ending with a promise. >> we have an historic meeting and decided to leave the past behind. the world will see a major change. >> president trump forming a friendship with the north korean leader and signing an agreement. >> we've developed a very special bond. it worked out for both of us far better than anybody could have expected. >> in that letter president trump agreed to provide security guarantees to north korea in exchange for kim's, quote, firm and unwavering commitment to complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. the president sitting down with abc's chief anchor george stephanopoulos. >> i think he wants to denuke. that's very important. without that, there's nothing to discuss. >> not at the top of the agenda, human rights. >> i believe it's a rough situation over there, no question about it. i think ultimately they will agree to something. >> all started with historic
5:39 am
handshake and smiles and pats on the back. trump leading kim jong-un into the historic one-on-one where he looked in his eyes and came out saying. >> a lot of progress. >> their one-on-one lasting 40 minutes, ending the day with a signing and an invite to the white house. >> president trump said at a press conference the details of the deal would be worked out over the upcoming week, even though the agreement doesn't have the word verification in it, he says they will be verifying kim is disarming his nuclear arsenal. now, he also said, quote, scientifically it takes a long time to denuclearize. reporting from singapore i'm tara pammeri, abc 7 news. back to you, reggie and natasha. >> we appreciate your time. >> some remarkable moments between these two leaders. >> an incredible series of images, incredible moments, things that would not seem
5:40 am
imaginable until you actually saw them take place. the president seemed to relish every minute of it, clearly sees this as the defining moment of his presidency. >> of course you can expect much more coverage coming up on "gma" starting at 7:00 a.m. pref you are never more than 7 minutes away. daly city 50. the peninsula side, mid to upper 50s here. then same thing over on the east bayside. look at that, san jose 61, 56 san ramon, 64 antioch, 53 in napa, 55 in san francisco. here is a look at our emeryville camera. talk about a commute planner today, it resolved around trying to stay cool. need that air conditioning no matter where you're driving. ferry choppy south of the bay
5:41 am
bridge. may be cool this morning but warm to hot this afternoon. san francisco 57 at 8:00, low 60s at noon, then we jump into the upper 60s by 2:00 and stay there through 5:00, down to 62 by 8:00. peninsula, 64 at 8:00. look at that, 13 degrees warmer by noon, then some 80s during the afternoon hours. look at that comfortable evening by 8:00, 71 degrees. last stop not very comfortable for long up in the north bay, 63 at 8:00, 7510:00, mid-80s at noon, low 90s from 1:00 through 5:00. a comfortable evening about 76 degrees at 8:00. so a big day for b.a.r.t., big day for traffic, i see the bay bridge toll plaza backing up. a lot of people moving. >> everybody out there today ready to celebrate. fortunately we don't have any major issues on the road so let's look at bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights on later than than average, 5:25. things backing up.
5:42 am
no issues on the way to san francisco. our other typical so spot in the morning westbound 280 out of tracy down to 7 miles an hour on 205. we have reports of disabled semi off the shoulder and up to 16 miles an hour once you make it to 580. we will check in on mass transit coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks. an expansion by bart seems to have run into another de
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the entire state is going to be pretty hot from 111 in palm springs, 100 through the central valley mid-70s san diego, mid-80s l.a., 80 in tahoe, sunshine along the coast near 70 in monterey. a look at my seven-day forecast. 80 in tahoe thursday. a dry cold front will bring us into the 60s for a high saturday. what's left of bud churning south of cabo san lucas could feed us thunderstorms sunday and monday up in the high country. right now category 4. look at those winds. it is going to weaken but what it's going to do physical right at cabo san lucas 12 to 15 foot waves and winds 70 to 80 miles an hour before weakening before it moves past and heads up towards arizona. we'll keep an eye on this.
5:46 am
it could have an effect on our weather. here is natasha. >> thanks. families and activists plan to show up at board of education meeting to speak about a high school graduation's valedictorian speech. petaluma cut off her microphone when she went off script to talk about sexual assault. families want to know how that incident will change sexual harassment and assault allegations. tonight's public meeting starts at 6:00 at petaluma city school sport. >> 1,601, that's the number of votes that separates top two candidates in san francisco's still ongoing mayor's race. the latest numbers show london breed holds onto the lead. she had been trailing mark leno after rank choice voting propelled him into the lead but then took the lead on saturday. i do have to note there's 18,000 votes to count. a woman in hospice in san
5:47 am
jose who can't leave her bed had just one wish. she wanted to see theater performance one last time. >> on friday her wish was granted by one of the stars of jersey boys. melanie woodrow shows us it's all thanks to the persistence of one person. >> nancy has seen the show several times but after entering hospice she couldn't go to the latest performance. so josephine waited after the show and talked to one of the stars and brought him to nancy. >> she brings into this room the outside world to me. >> i just want to give her something to live day to day for. >> miguel shared this message on twitter saying they talked, sang and laughed and it made my day complete. >> wonderful. >> the extension that would bring bart into the south bay maybe later than expected. >> the berryessa extension could be pushed back to september of
5:48 am
next year. they originally planned to open a station last september. they need more time to test the new lines on the station. it's still hoping to open the line next march but warns if any issues arise it may be delayed more. >> okay. warriors fans came through in a big way to help our neighbors in need. the bay area won the nba finals food bank challenge with no problem at all raising more than $20,000. cleveland, they raised $155. >> wow. >> i know. what happened? i guess what happened is the cavs lost and they weren't feeling the donations. the cavaliers think their supporters were simply fatigued. >> really disappointing. >> it is. >> fresh off second nba championship kevin durant paid a visit to jimmy kimmel live >> isn't this exciting the second time in a row or not as exciting? no? it's not? >> it's still fun. free drinks is cool. in a championship, you're supposed to party all summer. you can't get tired first two days. >> do you have party plans for
5:49 am
the whole summer? you do. you should. why not? >> the best way to answer that. k.d. brought the hardware to show off to jimmy. when asked about the idea of signing lebron james, durant said he doesn't think that will happen. >> all right. >> where would you get the money. >> how many superstars do we need? >> he doesn't really fit into their system either. he likes to have the ball too much. great player, don't get me wrong. all right. never more than 7 minutes away from accuweather forecast. let's talk about what's going to happen in oakland and beyond. the heat is here. look at the gorgeous start from exploratorium camera at pier 15. sunny, moderate heat risk especially inland valleys. heat breaks thursday through saturday. it will still be cool to slightly warm for father's day sunday. take a look at san francisco. break it down showing tu 12-hour planner and high temperatures for the day.
5:50 am
quite a spread from enginglesid6 to bayshore 64. we'll do the same thing in east bay, 59 at 7:00 to 80 at 4:00. just about everybody reaching the 80s skpept berkeley and richmond in the 70s. peninsula, noontime temperature, getting a little hot on the peninsula side. 86 redwood city, mid to upper 60s along the coast. south bay 59, great start. 87 at 4:00. but that's not telling the whole story, los gatos, morgan hill. gilroy. let's go to the north bay start 54. look at that, 91 at 4:00. what a spread in temperatures. everybody reaching low- to mid-90s, san rafael 59, east bay 62. nice start, trap cool air in the house if you can because by
5:51 am
4:0093, mid-60s tomorrow morning with heat tapering especially friday. our coolest day saturday and a little bit warmer for sunday and monday. nothing like what we're dealing with today and tomorrow, alexis. >> a new crash in the east bay. i want to take you to the danville area. this is actually the same location where we had a fatal collision yesterday. northbound 680 before el krero boulevard. one of those vehicles flipped off on the shoulder. with that many vehicles involved and a rollover once emergency crews arrive we'll have at least one lane taken away. i'll follow up with that shortly. mass transit looking okay. not everyone heading to the parade. if you're taking ace to work, 1 and 3 on time, normal service for you. extra bart trains in service. we did check in with them. everything going great this morning. we do have a lot of additional service and support around downtown oakland area this morning and same for ac transit. of course modified service with
5:52 am
all of these street closures, reroutes and service help happening all day today. >> alexis, thank you. new at 6:00, put down the snack. new research shows how many extra calories we're consuming every week grabbing tasty treats around the office. >> the way to get through. first details on the chance to work out like a 49ers without getting hit by a pro athlete. proof friendship is bigger than sports. >> we're excited to see the photos you're sending in this morning. thank you. please keep them coming and than doubles your chance of escape in case of a fire.
5:53 am
smoke alarms can provide an early warning if you follow these 3 steps. repalce your smoke alarms every 10 years. if they're old an discolored it's time to replace them. check your batteries regularly. a great time to change them is every spring and fall when you change your clocks. and lastly, check your alarms weekly. replace. change. test. because early warnings help to save lives.
5:54 am
>> all right. the a's taking on the astros.
5:55 am
a lot going on in oakland today. this time we'll focus on baseball. first pitch 7:05, 69 pretty comfortable dropping down to 62. so a little cool by the time the game ends. don't have to worry about a breeze today. >> mike, thank you. if you ever wanted to work out or condition like a this is your chance. >> a fitness center will open in san jose. modelled after fitness program the niners players go through. this video provided by the team. there will be fitness classes and recovery treatments offered as well. the thrill of victory can't weaken the bonds of friendship. this high school baseball game in minnesota ended in a championship win and pretty touching moment. do you see that there? this is from john hakes, the video. you see the pitcher strike out the batter. his team running to the field to celebrate. the pitcher runs to home plate and hugs the
5:56 am
defeated batter. turns out those two guys are childhood friends. >> that got me. >> i'm sweet. i'm sure he would have much rather not struck out and gotten that hug but still turned out okay. taking a look at san mateo bridge westbound 192. heavier traffic, got a report chp a crash from semi and box truck far on the bridge on the foster city side. that's not going to do good things for the commute. we will definitely check that out again momentarily. a crash northbound 680 el cerro. check in with meteorologist mike nicco. >> thanks very much, alexis. sfo, don't have to worry about any delays there. look at the clear conditions on the peninsula. everyone climbing from san jose. 6 degrees warmer than yesterday, san francisco, san francisco, 7 degrees warmer, petaluma, 8
5:57 am
degrees warmer, oakland and livermore also 8. that puts us in 70s and 80s instead of 60s and 70s. drink plenty of water, especially if you're going to the parade. you're not going to have the usual breeze in oakland, temperatures in the 80s and surrounded by millions of other people that will make it hotter plus full on sunshine. if you're going to wear the clothing, opt for golden state warrior yellow. that will be a little cooler on your body. have fun. be careful. >> thanks, mike. next at 6:00 our coverage of dubs nation celebration continues. >> arriving over oakland as the sun comes up. an update on the crowds and what you can expect if you're heading out this morning. >> what a cool shot. they are a favorite along san francisco
5:58 am
5:59 am
now at 6:00, president trump
6:00 am
and kim jong-un face-to-face for the first time. the historic agreement and president trump's wide ranging press conference that happened while you were sleeping. >> are you ready to celebrate? sky7 live over the parade route in oakland as we count down to dubs nation celebration. see the balloons in gold and blue there. >> yeah. i love a balloon arch and so do our friends jessica castro and matt keller. they are live in oakland along the parade route for us so we'll check with them in a second. hey, guys. first let's go to meteorologist mike nicco who has your parade day forecast. hi, mike. >> hi, everybody. don't expect the usual comforting breeze. it will pick up after the celebration is over. that 70 is going to feel every bit of that at 11:00, plus 80 at 1:00. the breeze makes it warmer. drink a lot of water.


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