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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  June 12, 2018 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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>> wore world champion, golden state warriors. >> back to back wins and a celebration like no other and the streets of oakland. >> oh, my god! >> love these fans. >> hugs to high fan wild as the warriors got up close and personal. >> shout out to the world, yeah! >> so fun. >> so muchn. good afternoon and thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. one heck of a pert with confidanty flying and lots of interaction with the team. >> we have coverage of the parade. mindi bach and leslie brinkley and dee dion lim. on the route. >> and larry beil. >> fantastic. the warriors promising a more interactive fan and parade experience. we weren't sure what does that
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mean? a more interactive experience, with we have to take out the phones? what do we have to do. >> we figure to do out when javale mcgee and swaggy champion ditched buses at the outset of parade and not far behind was steph curry, two-time mvp. he went rogue this afternoon at the parade. he was eating this up. steph left the bus repeatedly. he was enjoying the fans. he was running around. he was posing. he was soeking up every moment with thousands of admiresers. >> we are champs again it's great to be back here. great to bring -- to bring larry home and never really imagined that we would be having one parade let alone two, now three. we appreciate your support and we are going to try to get greedy and get some more. >> what steph said.
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>> reporter: jordan bell, klay thompson and steve kerr among the warriors who got out of buses and then spent time out in the streets running up and down the parade route. i'll tell what you, if you were part of this dub nation celebration, one of the hundreds of thousands out here today, man, it was an experience that they will never forget. construction under way nearby. live at oakland at the warrior thank yo so much larry.tis. and check out these great seats at the fans had for the parade rally. the construction workers lined up in a new office building built at 11th and broadway in oakland. they even got a shout out as the rally began. >> good seats. >> yeah. >> so many memorable moments during the star studded parade. >> abc 7 sports reporter minimum y bach covered it from beginning
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to end. joins with us the highlights, mindi. >> reporter: i tell you, in day was absolutely unbelievabe. there have been two championship parades before but the appetite on excitement has not subsided. they are known for the best home crowd with a great advantage at home. they put decibel meters in the arena to see how loud they are. today the team repaid the fans. >> here is klay thompson. >> klay and za d kicked it off and every local celebrity and dignity tear was there to celebrate. >> great spirits. you know what i'm talking about. i love this. >> i love how the whole world can see just how beautiful oakland is. >> they all have one goal in mind. and that's do what they do for the bay area and for sopy abo that. >>s came as early as
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3:00 in the morning to get up to close to the players and coaches. and the team didn't disappoint. >> you i haven't seen you since game four. >> i missed you too how does this affect you today. >> i think the pictures speak louder than anything i could say. >> reporter: the players and coaches say without a doubt of the three championships the last four years this season was the most exhausting, physically appear and mentally. but i spoke to orion joe lake ob and says he still wants to build the dynasty. he grew up with the celtics and now the warriors are now tied with the bulls have to catch the lakers and celtics. the warriors plan on more parades to come >> we hope so. >> thanks mindi. the players had their families with them on the buses. it's a family affair with the warriors steph's oldest daughter riley got to hold the trophy.
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there she is tp dad playing photographer. youngest daughter ryan was onboard and steph's wife isha pregnant with the third child now what a agreement moment for them. and abc 7 news reporter dion lim was live with the plers on the route. javale mcgee grabbed the mic. >> dion is live with a look out there. >> you can say that was memorable. yeah, degh andsurprise. i mean, those are the escribehe parade. and even though there was no rally, the fans, told me this party was better than the one last year. check it out. we saw people securing a spot along the route as early as 3:00, 4:00 in the morning. some people hung out on rooftops for the best view. they ditched class, called on sick from work. did whatever it took to get here. some parade goers were disappointed there was no rally. they say the interaction with the players and coaches was like no other. they signed autographs graphed
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and photos and mingled with fans who knew they could get this close. >> this is crazy. how do you feel. >> it's amazing. it's an amazing feeling. i'm excitedgu ts a amazing all the love they show is just beautiful. >> you have no shirt on we're seeing a different side of. >> you i lost my shirt, man. i don't need shirts for parades. shout out to the world, >> i have never felt so short in my life. sounds like he had just as much fun as the fans. we tried to catch up with steve kerr with moderate success. he was so busy with selfies and stopping to chat who knew he was so light on his feet. back out here live, the party clearly ended. and it dispersed quickly. fans got out by 2:00 p.m. street sweepers are cleaning up. . people picking up the trash. pretty soon business as usual.
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live in oakland, dion lim, abc cleanend as larry and kerry as you see on the street process. sweet o street sweepers were collecting the trash. barkds were e.r.ed hastily after that and broadway is open right now. >> why didn't larry andier take off shirts sky7 caught the parade of passenger trying to get into the station. they had to meter passengers. according to the b.a.r.t. officials they recorded 270,000 rides or exits from the system so far today. with the million people flocking to oakland getting to and from the parade took savvy and transit know how but went relatively spoogt. >> leslie brinkley joins us with more on what it was lake on the streets and on
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leslie. >> reporter: well in my book, some people were very brave and bold to drive to downtown oakland. some told me they got h a6:00, scored street parking not a problem. as you said, hundreds of thousands may be by the end of the day up to 500,000 people came down via b.a.r.t. i rode b.a.r.t. out of this walnut creek at 7:00 a.m. it was a piece of cake. easy, breezy on b.a.r.t. coming to the warriors parred aid. >> much better getting here. the b.a.r.t.s were running fast, had the longer trains and everything. >> wasn't a lot of people either. >> getting away this looks like a journey. >> yeah. >> the third time was the charm for parade goers. b.a.r.t. combined the rush hour commuters with parade bound fans for a generally smooth go. some rode in at 6:00 a.m. and snagged front row spots on the route. others swooped 11:00. riders were spread out. but when parades end they end
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>> yes. very big wait going back. >> the worst place to be, in line to by a return ticket. 30 minutes long. >> it's a reminder of course on how to get your act together before you get in the line if you want to go faster. >> you process but the platforms weren't bad. >> the lines were good. not big crowds. last year last year was crazy. i remember. >> so better this year. >> yeah better this year, a lot better. >> a lot to remember. we've had three years to perfect the transit plans. it seems as though buses and b.a.r.t. had a plan and fans had a strategy of their own. so transportation thus far seemed to work. reporting live in downtown oakland at 20th and broadway, leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. >> thank you. well the players really themselves cherish the parade had a lot of fun and shared experienceens on social media as they went along. >> abc 7 news anchor kristen sze
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with the hiemts kristen. >> you know the players were very active on social media. early in the parade i caught this shot of klay thompson on his phone riding on that bugs. now he shared a bus teammate zaza patchouli. who posted this on instagram what a day with klay thompson. >> javale mcgee loving the crowds he post-ed this picture with hashtag no shirt gang and speaking of no shirt. swaggy p. posted this picture spraying champagne on the crowd. check it out. the warriors tweeted this one. his son is a fastest learn earn got in on the action spraying water on fans. >> nobody minded on this hot day. and warriors ambassador tweeted this from the car. thank you dub nation for the over welcome support. this parade is for you. you deserve it. >> we do. so much love in the baifr what a celebration. >> kristen thanks. now to celebrate they're
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back to back nba championships, the warrior have been invited to wrkt. the invitation came from exactic house leader nancy pelosi and barbara lee to visit the u.s. t dazzled america and made the bay area proud. no word on whether the team has accepted that offer. remember, president trump said last week he would not be inviting them to the white house. breaking with longstanding tradition. speaking of president trump he and kim jong un are putting the past behind them. >> will i come back to you in a year and you'll be interviewing, i'll say gee i made a mistake that's always possible. >> the two strike a deal following the historic face-to-face meeting. but why congress remains skeptical. the biggest anti-trust trial in years is over. the major legal defeat for the trump administration today. i'm spencer christian, hot inland today and
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history has been maid. the first face to mays face meeting of american president ant dictator of north korea. >> president trump shook hands with kim jong un a man he once mocked and mocked him as well. >> serena marshal now with what the president gave to get a denuclearization promise. >> it was a short meeting. but a historic handshake. a u.s. president and a north korean dictator, meeting for the first time, striking a deal. >> i have decided to leave the past behind. the world twoearsovin past insults of little rocketman
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and dotard strike agnew relationship. telling abc's george stephanopoulos exclusively. >> i do trust him, yeah, now will i come back to you in a year and you'll be interviewing and i'll say gee i made a mistake. that's always possible. >> north korea said they are completed to complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. in exchange the president guaranteeing security. the deal not dissimilar to past agreements in 2005, five other countries including the u.s. and south korea agreed to provide aid to pyongyang in exchange for an end the nuclear efforts. but just a year later, the north tested their first nuclear weapon. and while the president maintains. >> we have haven't given up anything. >> there is no verification. outlined in the deal as all. the the u.s. will be ending the joint south korea military preparedness dreels. the president calling the drills. >> we are stopping the war games they are spremly expense disbelieve even though no mention of human rights even
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though a u.n. report found the prison camps rampant with rape and execution the president pitched tour imcomplete with a hollywood style trailer. >> i said look at that wouldn't that make a great condo. >> both republicans and democrats on capitol hill remain skeptical and demand congressional approval of the deal. something secretary of state mike pompeo said last week they would do. serena marshal, abc news, washington. well many korean war veterans thought this day would never come. >> vic lee spoke to some of them today and live at the korean war memorial in the presidio. vic. >> reporter: ama, four korean war veterans met here at the memorial in the presidio. and they were i would say cautiously optimistic about the outcome of the talks. each of them with concerns of their own. >> in the cold korean winter. >> too many lives lost in fierce battles, among the dead nearly
4:17 pm
37,000 americans. ma man mor koreans process. for the veterans, the war memorial is a remembrance of the so-called fourth of july forgotten war. they're happy the summit was held. >> a half year ago it was unthinkable that we would be engaged in this kind of thing. >> i thought it was a good step forward. >> marine colonel john stephens was a captain in the battle at enchan. the man in the picture under his command. the he was disappointed they did not end the where. when it ended they only signed a arm assistants and not a peace treaty. >> i was surprised at that. i thought that was one of the things they were going to do. >> richard freedman was an army sergeant, he is for peace but not sure it's going to happen. >> i just don't trust both of them. and that's my sentiments and that's my feelings.
4:18 pm
>> marv fefer to skoind the marines to get out of the bronx. he is disappointed there is no time table or denuclearization. >> it's easy to kick the can down the road and keep doing that. >> former mayor frankordan was 19 when drafted. he is glad the joint statement calls for the return of the pow, mia remains. >> apparently the chairman is interested in allowing that to happen. there is progress being made. >> reporter: well, all of those veterans agree there is still a lot more work to do. but they also agree that the two leaders opened door by agreeing to meet face-to-face. vic lee, abc 7 news. all right, thank you so much, vic. the dancing fbi agent involved in an accidental shooting, turned himself in today. the denver sheriffs department just released this booking photo of agent chase bishop. he has been charged with second degree assault. bishop was dancing at a denver club earlier this month when he
4:19 pm
did a back flip as you are about to see and his gun fell out. he picked it up but accidentally shot a man in the leg. the victim as you see here is expected to recover. bishop is due in court tomorrow. all right, sparkling but hot day for everyone attending the oakland warriors parade. >> nice though, spencer. >> i don't think people were complaining especially if sprayed with victory champagne. a look at live doppler 7 as you know warm to hot conditions across the bay area except just mild on the coast. check out this view from the roof top camera showing blue sky over the bay. current temperatures readings 66 here in san francisco. 72 the oakland. san jose 87. 95 at gillry. 59 at half moon bay. this is a view from the east ba mount diablo. let's check out hot spots. 91 in santa rosa. 84 napa. warm in novato 8.
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96, 97 in all of these locations. on to a view looking westward from the emeryville camera. sort of west northwest this view. these the forecast features, hot inland tomorrow. cooler paternity gor the bay area by the end of the we can. and favorable features for father's day. i'll show you the features in a few minutes. right now, though overnight cear skies everywhere from coast to inland. and mild overnight with low temperatures mainly in the mid-50s and upper 50s to low 60s inland. highs tomorrow 63 at half moon. 78 across the bay at oakland. 84 at fremont. the inland areas, 92 santa rosa. 88 at napa. inland east bay 93 at concord and livermore. downtown south we expect a high of 86 at san jose. now, as we look at the beach forecast tomorrow we see mild. warm in santa cruz with expected high of 79 degrees. but along with the warmth there will be lots of sunshine, very high uv index. so may want to carry the -- the sun screen along.
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and apply it. on thursday look for the highs in the inland areas moderating mid-to upper 80s and 70s around the bay. and a few low mid-60s on the coast. continuing to cool down friday. mostly 60s to low 70s around the bay shoreline. . upper 50s to low 60s on the coast. and the warmest inland locations on friday only to the low 80s. and pretty much the same picture on saturday. in fact cooler with just a few 70s inland on saturday. and here is a look at the active tropics. another hurricane. i showed you this yesterday. category three hurricane bud in southern pacific. 137 miles south of cabos. sustain winds 115-mile-per-hour moving northward and weaken but could make lafld at a as a tropical storm thursday morning the potential for flooding and damage as it moves across baja and continuing northward trek up toward arizona which the weekend.
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but of course by that point it will have weakened considerably. the accuweather seven-day forecast back in the bay area we see two more very warm days tomorrow and thursday. cooling in all areas friday. coolest day in the froerkt period will be saturday. warming up a few degrees on sunday, father's day under mieltd to warm conditions. sunny skies. then we'll have warmer weather early next we can. but father's day spectacular. >> as well it should. >> we deserve it. >> you do. >> a set back for the trump administration. and many democrats what they cull for after a federal judge approved the at&t merger with time warner. >> the california academy of sciences getting ready to open a cool new
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a major legal defendant for the trump administration today. this afternoon a federal judge approved at&t's $85 billion merger with time warner, bringing the biggest anti-trust trial in years to an end. the judge rejected the trump justice department argument that it would hurt medication if pay tv and cost consumer more to stream tv and m minnesotsenator is the >> newt eibe california academy ofo open. abc 7 news received a neek peek
4:26 pm
today at giants of land and sea. the exhibit allows visitors to discover the giant natural forces that make northern california like no where else in the world. from whales to earthquake faults to san francisco's famous fog, all up close and interactive. >> we're talking about fog formation. we're not just saying let's talk about the physics of it. let's experience it. one of the things you do is you walk through a room where it's fog on demand. and you get enhe develop op-ed in the fog. visitors will learn about the fault lines that helped create california's diverse topography. or how about this. a tree-top view of the spectacular redwood forrest giants and land and sea opens tuesday. >> checking to see if the lottery ticket is a winner is as easy as picking up your phone. the lottery app has a check a ticket feature. make sure you have the latest version of the california lottery mobile app.
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hover the phone camera over the bar code on the front of the lottery scratcher or newer draw game ticket. the app shows the results on the screen. it's that easy. good luck to you. the odds aren't that great. >> right. well just ahead we get back to the warriors and the amazing championship parade in oakland, including steph curry's latest veteran yur. >> a a make ross your destination for savings. if you're looking for an incredible selection of the brands you love, this season's newest trends for a fraction of what you'd pay at department stores, ♪ you gotta go to ross
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just talked to all your bosses. take the day off. >> i have them right here on 20th and harris. >> go dub and iov your hair. >> thank you. warriors! >> this is steph curry gone rogue. >> getting splashed. one big party. >> you have no shirt on. we are seeing a different side of. >> i lots my shirt. i don't need shirts for a parade. shout out to the warriors. >> today's parade in oklahoma was a lot of fun and different from the last two championship parades. >> it really was. sports director larry beil was at the celebration. he is live with a look at what happened and a look ahead to next season. larry. >> dan abama, i wish we had a camera on swaggy p. i'd like to see him after today's
4:31 pm
activities. for a change one of the best moments in the rally portion or the interview portion did not come from draymond green kind of a quieter, gentler draymond. but general manager bob myers and joking with contract. the we know there is a huge extension for draymond. basically he can have any contract he wanted. now the champagne is more out of his system. bob myers clarified the talk about the blank check. >> that was just for the media. he can't have anything. mid-level. mid-level. behind closed doors. >> last year he told steph that he could have any contract he wants. >> that was different. he has been here for the way before days. he earned it. >> ooh. >> they're happy. we're at a parade. usually the negotiations are easier after championships.
4:32 pm
but today we ride in the parade. tomorrow, draft, workouts. free agencies. we'll figure it out. okay. we'll figure it out. >> absolutely everybody went initially woo when he made the comments. but they will figure it out. and kevin durant will get what he wants. that will be a teal whether a one and one or two years guaranteed, three or four process. but in the neighborhood of $40 million a year. live in oakland, larry beil, abc 7 news. >> that's incredible larry. good day. great job. steph curry paid homage to the past with the run tmc hat. references mitch hardway and chris mullen .known for fast ri thearade rts. signified the journey the team has been on since he was drafted. and he says we have come a long way since then. boy, have they not. they came, saw and the team
4:33 pm
did not disappoint. >> abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez was with the fans all day. and this may be the best parade, lyanne. there is certainly enormous enthusiasm. >> reporter: definitely. you know and after three parades i think fans are getting spoiled, don't you think? i think personally that this was the best parade ever. and i think it was because of the interaction that the players had with their fans. talk about these fans. >> watching steph curry walking down the parade route was like watching the crossing of the red sea. he made believers out of all of them. splash brother numbe twolay thompson came thdevoted fans with champagne. >> warriors! >> the third championship in the past four years has made the
4:34 pm
fans you a customed to greatness who can championships and more parades. >> we are asking for one more. >> one more? can't we just celebrate this one right now? >> there was no rally at the end of the parade but only a few were disappointed. >> the rally was a blast. i'm disappointed they didn't do it this year. but they can make up for it by talking to us. we have been here six o since 5:006:00 in the morning. >> they did not disappoint making sure they knew the fans the were esht appreciated. >> swag the people's champ, look look at my people. >> i'm here with my family it's wonderful. >> three. >> three babies. three! >> i think we're definitely getting better at this. you know, no rally also meant that a lot of people either went home or are at different
4:35 pm
establishments here in oklahoma. one more thing i want to say is that crews here in oklahoma, cleanup crews came through here very quickly. do you believe we had a parade just a few hours ago? i'm live i meleez, abc 7 news. >> boy they have done quick work there cleaning up lyanne. thanks so much. swb's warrior sign in the background. the warriors have many fans including rap legend e 40. mindi bach caught up with him before the parade. >> three of these in four years what are you looking forward to about this one. >> seeing all the fans all the golden state warrior fans, you know. just you know just so many beautiful people. great spirits. you know what i'm talking about. i love this, man. this is a time to be alive, man, to see three in a row. >> abc 7 sports reporter mindi bach e 40 who can be found cortside at oracle. >> steph curry shoe and apparel
4:36 pm
company is celebrating with a pop up shop in oakland. under armour is loeking the store at 1500 broadway. open until 8:00 ton and 11:00 tomorrow. selling a limited number of never before sold steph curry shoes and world championship tee shirts. >> you don't have to be a fan to appreciate the team. thanks to taco bell steal a game steal a taco promotion. tomorrow the fast food shane will give away a free dort o lock o taco to every american stopping by. the annual promotion guaranteed free food when the away team wins in the nba finals. if you still haven't seen enough of the parade we have got you covered. go to abc 7 or the news app to get more video, photo gallery and more from the championship parade. well the warriors aren't the only professional sports team holding a championship parade
4:37 pm
today. [ cheering ]. >> check check out the national hockey lacking capitals celebrating the first ever sfanly cup victory. hundreds of thousands lined constitution avenue to show love for the dc major pro sport championship. they defeated the las vegas golden knights 4-1 last night. followed by a rally on the national mall. >> are we closing in on a winner? >> the latest in the race for a san francisco mayor and the reasons why ranked choice voting exists. >> plus a wish come true for a aliv fnk one woman's closer effort. >> here is the view from emeryville, clear size o skies and the heat is on.
4:38 pm
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4:40 pm
lling breakings new out of pan oel. a grass fire prompting
4:41 pm
evacuations. here henry heavy and greenfield circle. the fire burned up to the backyarding st of several homes. it's windy. hercules police are assisting with evacuations and traffic control. they are telling people to avoid the area. we are following if developing story and bringing you updates on air and online as they become available. the latest numbers out about 40 minutes ago show lond pd breed waden o widening her lead. >> her lead increased today by 1861 votes over mark leno. breed led on election night recall. but then ranked choice voting pushed leno ahead for a time. a lot of people asking questions about that voting system. what exactly is ranked choice voting. >> abc 7 news reporter carolyn tireman has the pros and cons. >> it's interesting to note that the state of maine is using ranked choice votts primary election today pb the first state to do so. it's controversial there. just like it is here.
4:42 pm
>> we've worked 18 hour days, 16 hour days now down to 12 hours counting ballots in san francisco. according to elections director john president arndts it's not making the choice slower than t >> this is really how elections happen. this is the process. san francisco is no different than other counties in the state. >> san francisco voters approved the method back in 2002 where they can rank their top three picks. it allows like minded candidates to team up. that's what mark leno and jane kim did in the mayoral race against london breed. and that's what happened to oakland mayoral candidate don perta in 2010. the perceived front runner was beaten by jean quan after she and a rifle joined forces. >> the political consultant believes ranked choice vote something tovi confusing and allows insiders to manipulate
4:43 pm
the system. >> if you interviewed a hundred people on the stret there is not five of them that could tell you how ranked choice voting really works. and that's a problem. >> but ranked choice supporter pedro hernandez with an organization called fair vote, california. says voters made more mistakes voting for governor than the mayor. and he believes the ranked choice has diversified politics. >> we see more women and people of color elected into office with ranked choice voting across the four bay area cities use going. >> and those other bay area cities are berkeley, sand leonardo and oakland in the newsroom carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. >> announcer: now the accuweather forecasts with spencer christian. >> doppler 7 showing the sunny skies. no fog and none overnight. we'll have clear skies across the region in the 50s to low 60s in the inland east pay where
4:44 pm
it's mild overnight. and tomorrow will be almost as hot inland as today. we'll see highs of 92 in santa rosa. over in the inland beast a93. and a little bit milder or less warm right around the bay tomorrow with highs in the upper 70s to low 80s. 60s on the coast. now quick look at pollen forecast tomorrow and thursday the levels of pollen from juniper trees and grasses moderate. but growing to high on friday and saturday. so allergy sufficienters bear that in mind. here is a look at the sevgts. it's about as hot inland tomorrow as today. and even on thursday there will be coastal cooling. but it remains warm inland. it will cooler in all areas friday and saturday. father's day looking nice mainly sunny highs inland 80s. upper 50s on the coast. warming up again early next week. happy early happy father's day. >> to you too. >> to all of you here.
4:45 pm
closing in on a possible trade war. right now it's just a war of words. the latest between president trump and canada's prime minister. and "7 on your side" miebl finney. how two of america's most popular suv faired
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the fallout from this weekend's g-7 summit continues with threats of a trade war on everyone'sened mind. president trump repeated his decision to impose tariffs on allies, even as many countries fight back. here is abc news reporter maggie reule. >> reporter: the showdown with the neighbors to the north continues. >> we have a big trade deficit with canada.
4:49 pm
it's unfair to the farmers and the people of our country, the workers, farmers companies. >> president trump is standing behind those stiff tariffs on aluminum and steel calling them a matter of national security. >> the canadian prime minister says absurd. >> this is not in the interest of two countries that have the closest and best trading replace in the history of the world. >> again today he is threaten to retaliate with equal tariffs. >> if they moved forward with punitive tariffs on trade-in aluminum and steel, not only are they putting a threat on canadian workers and canadian industry but they're going to hurt american workers as well. >> the argument quickly turning into a war of words with the white house trade policy director peter nofr o telling fox news zbloonds there is a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages in bad faith diplomacy with president donald j. trump. >> but today he rolls that back and apologizes.
4:50 pm
>> i used language inappropriate and. >> special place in hell for the prime minister. >> basically lost the power of that message. . i own that. that was my mistake. >> and it's not only canada. many european leaders expressed concern about the tariffs and president trump. maggie reule, abc news new york. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is making history. now the longest serving republican leader in the senate surpassing bob dole. the 76-year-old served in gop leadership the better part of due decades. the kentucky lawmaker seated as the senate top republican after the 2006 elections. former president george w. bush is celebrating the4 birthday today. the oldest living u.s. president ever. the central intelligence agency marked the birthday releasing declassified material related to his tenure as director. >> americans are more generous than ever. donationed to charity topped $4
4:51 pm
0 oh billion to the first time laughing year according to gichg usa. it says people, estates, foundations and corporations gave $410 billion in 2017. religious causes received the largest portion. about a third of the money followed by education. two life insurance firms are accused of failing to do their job. >> "7 on your side" michael finney got involved and here is with the story. these are companies you heard of. the company is accordia and atheen. the california's insurance commission says more than 100 people have complained. they say they're being double billed and can't get electronic access to their accounts. accordia and atheen have more than 50,000 life insurance policies in california. the department of insurance is seeking to suspend both companies' certificates of authority which would in effect stop them from selling new policies. the companies haven't responded. two of the country's most
4:52 pm
popular suvs are ranked at the bottom in crash tests. the insurance institute for highway safety rated the jeep grand cherokee and ford explorer as poor in tests that mimics a violent crash at 40-mile-per-hour. the institute says and the explorer test the door frame was crushed in by some 15 inches in spots. ford says it's redesigning the suv to have better protection. the jeep crushed 10 inches in testing. more of this during the 6:00 news. if you want to bargain ahead towards the local toys are us store. it's in the final days. and the company posted on facebook that products are now discounted 50 to 70% off. storewide with limited eclusions. that's the good news. the bad, analyst say the good stuff was old weeks ago. toys "r" us now is bankrupts and closing all stores after more than six decades in business. it's worth driving by if you
4:53 pm
have kids or birthday parties coming up. >> sure. >> there you go. commuters were not the only ones you go hurry through the metro station in a washington, d.c. subway. that's a deer scurrying down the platform at the crystal city station. in arlington virginia. definitely snapped commuters out of doll drum pps it was looking for a way out at times jumping on the track dangerously close to the third rail. it was in a panic. but we can report the deer made it safely out of the station. >> good. a drem come true for a long time theater fan. >> she brings into this room the outside world to me. >> the therapist who went above and beyond to bring a star by the bedside. >> krnts with a look at 5:00 news. new at 5:00 difficult by necessary that's how tesla describes the lay office announced today. the push tonight to honor some
4:54 pm
true warriors. and tourists rejoice. a beautiful stretch of highway damaged by mumdss close to reopening. these stories and more when i hey, want thedone.est internet? and now, xfinity mobile's included. you could get up to five lines. you could save 400 bucks or more a year, which you could spend on a funk-tastic music video. ♪ dance party boom. ♪ simple. easy. awesome. get started with xfinity internet, with three times the speed of at&t and directv, and tv for $35 each a month for a year when you buy both. and ask how you can save with xfinity mobile. click, call or visit us today.
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and here is tonight's primetime lineup and abc 7 at 8:00. catch back to back episode of the middle. followed by back to back episode of blackish. catch the series premiere of the last defense. then stay with us for abc 7 news
4:57 pm
at 11:00. another programming note. because of the coverage of the warriors parade today's episode of the view aires overnight at 1:40 a.m. followed by the chew at 2:40 a.m. a woman in hospice in san to see aheater ve h bed performance one last time. on friday her wish was granted by the star of jersey boys. as abc 7 news reporter melanie wood row shows you it's because of the persistens of the music therapist. >> the way you wear your hair. the way you sip your tea. ♪ >> theirs is a friendship communicated through music. >> no, no they can't take that away from me. >> we got along really really quickly. >> the only thing i don't like is hip hop. >> she is opened me up to lots of different shows and songs i didn't know. >> including jersey boys. >> i kept saying oh, joseph even
4:58 pm
get a ticket and go. >> nancy has seen it several times but since entering hospice in late april couldn't attend a pormtz so her friend and music therapist joseph even wynn waited outside the show and brought the star to her. >> this is miguel. >> how are you. >> i just met him last night at the jersey boys >> yea! >> i think she is very persuasive. >> she brings into this room, the outside world to me. >> i just want to give her something to live day to day for, you know. >> the way you changed my life. ♪ >> in nay. ♪ they can't that away from me ♪ >> melanie wood row abc 7 news.
4:59 pm
thank you for joining us for abc 7nous at 4:00 i'm say ma daetz. news at 5:00 starts now. a day to remember. oakland revels in another dub nation celebration. new developments tonight after a petaluma high school dick attorney had the microphone took off. >> the long road to denuclearization, the u.s./north korea summit is over but what happens next could take a long time. >> new numbers coming in on in the last hour. one campaign considering a recount. difficult but necessary. that's what tesla calls the move to slash thousands of jobs. >> announcer: live, where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> it's one big party here in oakland. >> celebrating a dubs dynasty.
5:00 pm
>> fans flock to oakland to soak in the celebration and the champagne. >> oh, my god! >> this year the players get up close and personal with adoring fans. >> shout out to the warriors! >> is that fun or what i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze. a lot of fans will never wash their hands. the parade may be over but this is a day dubs fans remember for a long time. >> absolutely. live team coverage from oakland. beginning with abc 7 sports anchor mindi bach who ran into a bunch of characters on the streets. mindi. >> yeah, dan. it was crazy. this parade was different than the first two in that there was no big rally where the fans could listen to players. instead a lot of interaction between the players and coaches and the fans. you knew right away when curry came out with a


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