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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  June 12, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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oakland. >> celebrating a dubs dynasty. >> fans flock to oakland to soak in the celebration and the champagne. >> oh, my god! >> this year the players get up close and personal with adoring fans. >> shout out to the warriors! >> is that fun or what i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze. a lot of fans will never wash their hands. the parade may be over but this is a day dubs fans remember for a long time. >> absolutely. live team coverage from oakland. beginning with abc 7 sports anchor mindi bach who ran into a bunch of characters on the streets. mindi. >> yeah, dan. it was crazy. this parade was different than the first two in that there was no big rally where the fans could listen to players. instead a lot of interaction between the players and coaches and the fans. you knew right away when curry
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came out with a shirt saying rep the bay that this was for the fans. >>. klay thompson and zaza patchouli kicked off the parade and every local celebrity and dignitiary was there to celebrate. >> so many beautiful people, man. great spirits. i love this. >> i love how the whole world can see just how beautiful oakland is. >> they all have one goal in mind. and that's do when they do for the bay area and oakland. i'm very happy about that. >> reporter: the fans came as early as 3:00 in the morning to get up close to the favorite players and coaches. and the team didn't disappoint. >> i haven't seen you since game four. i missed you. >> i missed you too steve. how is this day going. >> i don't know how to answer this that ures speak louder tha anything i could say. >> achieving it is amazing. no one expects this kind of success. we are so proud of everyone contributing to the organization, players, coaches, great fans that helped us do it
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as well. >> reporter: so the warriors now have three titles over the last four years. six overall to tie them for third most in the league, dan and ama, with the bulls.ak, hsp says he has no plans for an end here. he plans for more parades as they plan to catch the celtics and lakers. >> all for that. >> you think we get great views as reporters. but the construction workers didn't get much work in because look at the great seats they had for the preparade. they got a shout out as the rally began. >> they lucked out. those are good seeds. justin from the city of elbowed reported no arrests and issued citations for vaned alprizing the fans for celebrating response emboli. >> getting to and from took a
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lot of patience. check out sky7 as the b.a.r.t. riders lined up at the lake merit station after the parade ended. >> leslie brinkley is live with more. leslie. >> reporter: confetti still blowing down the streets of oakland as traffic continues to flow. many drove. many took b.a.r.t. many combined the two. i talked to people pr sacramento, seleena. drove to beau and jumped on a b.a.r.t. trade to get downtown oakland and they said the trains were packed. easy, breezy on b.a.r.t. coming to the parade. >> coming over was easy but jacked up coming back. >> yeah. >> the third time was the charm for parade gores. combined the parade bound commuter with commuters. >> some rode in at 6:00 a.m. and snagged front row spots. others swooped in at 11:00. riders were spread out.
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>> almost everybody was dressed for the parade. it was really crowded >> but when parades end they end. and everyone wants to leave all at once. the worst place to be, in line to buy a return ticket. 30 minutes long. >> it's a reminder how to get your act together before you get in the line if you want to go faster. >> but the platforms weren't bad. >> the lines were good. not big crowds. last year -- last year was crazy. i remember. >> so better this year. >> way better this year. a lot better. >> well the bay area is getting good at this. we have hosted three championship parades in just four years time. and everyone i talked to todayk same spot watching a parade against next year. reporting live from downtown oakland, leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. >> all right leslie thanks so much. >> we're counting on it again next year. so base rate the back to back nba championships, the warrior have been invited to washington
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but not in the usual way .invitation came from nancy pelosi and east bay congresswoman barbara lee to visit the capital. pelosi and lee say the team dazzled america and made the bay area proud. no word on whether they accepted the offer. president trump saided he would in the invite them to the white house breaking with longstanding tradition. a number of of warriors said they had no interest in attending if he did. >> you can relive the best movements from the parade by visiting our website, there is so many great moments. we have curated them and a program note due the coverage of the parade, today's's episode of the view aires overnight at 1:40 a.m. developing news as we move on a in the east bay where a fire is burning in pan oel. sky7 is live overhead. firefighters could be seen tearing up the roof at one home to get access to flames. this is happening in the area of greenfield circle close to interstate 80 and the appear yan way exit. the fire department did not say
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how many homes have been evacuated. but they pounced on this fairly quickly. well, overseas just in north korea says president trump agreed on a step by step denuclearization process by the north in return for u.s. concessions. but there is a concern over how to verify denuclearization. abc 7 news reporter david louie talkedbout an international releases certificate about that difficult road ahead. >> the historic handshakes and the signing of documents are now history. so what's the next step? it's now up to secretary of state mike pompeo and his north korean counterpart to hammer out details with denuclearization the most challenging. allen winer is could share of the stanford chernt on conflict and negotiation. he says normally the details are worked out first before the national leaders meet and agree to proceed that makes it difficult to know whether the north korean leader wants to move quickly ob stretch out the time table because it's likely he as a dictator will outlast the trump presidency.
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>> the question is whether or not he vows this as move from managing the united states to try to deescalate tensions with the americans while he continues to make progress on enhancing the capability of his nuclear arson al. >> whiner speculates some facilities may be destroyed but not all of in. memories are fresh about on the on it warmbier hold in a narcan prison for 17 months. he was in a coma when released and later died once he returned to the u.s. some will want to see human rights part of any talks with north korea. >> i don't think it will be the secretary of state who will be addressing that. i think those will be handled at -- at a lower level so as to avoid interfering with what president trump feels is the main accomplishment that he hopes to achieve which is the denuclearization. >> it could be a long process. at stanford, lafd do youy, abc 7
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news. the san francisco department of elections continuing to count the remaining ballots from last week's election. the latest update about an hour ago in the mayoral race shows lontden breed maintaining her narrow lead over mark leno. just over 1,800 votes. there s still thousands more ballots to count. it turns out that human remains found under a home in smat oh o are native american according to the coroner who spoke with the daily journal. the home was likely a buryial ground at some point the skelton has been turned over to the native american hurt continual oat society. they found the bones digging a trench on the home of the 900 block of 10th avenue. new developments today in the story of the high school student who had her micron turned off while making a graduation speech because she went off script. now there is a petition to have the principal removed.
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wayne friedman is live with more. >> good evening cab lul a bell psychiatrics has gone viral after claiming the school closed the mic for fear of criticizing the school's handling of a sexual assault against her. she blames the principal david sister it. now there are 7,000 signatures on the kr 12 website asking for removal of him. let's begin with the woman who asked for the petition. >> victims and need to be believed. >> the fact that lilly sloane and lul a bell have never bet they say is not nearlily important as the principle about the principal at the high school. here is the moment someone took took the time to pull the plug on her speech. >> she never planned to name the student who they they she says all theed her when thet cut the mic going off script she left the podium and continued about the school needing to take sexual assault claims more seriously as the crowd urged her on.
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>> by telephone today the student told abc 7 she count have asked for a better outcome and would do it again. as to the 7,000 signatures and growing that demand her former principal's removal. >> i would say if he doesn't change his policies and behaviors like he hasn't been and if he doesn't take what happened as a wakeup call then he either needs to be retrained or removed. >> it is the word of a recent graduate versus that of a school district that has defended its right to cut the mic and said little citing student privacy for supports like lilly sloane the fact that the krer might be jeopardy comes with turf. >> and there is a woman's mental health on the line and bigger picture going on. and he is the one in power who should have helped her. >> tonight some of the students's friends will read a statement at school board meeting. >> we will reach out to the school district no response fl the superintendent office no
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response from board members no response from the high school. in the newsroom, wayne friedman, abc 7 news. >> all right wayne. there is a move in san francisco tonight to honor thousands of world war ii veterans from the chinese american community. many of the vets volunteered to serve even as denied citizenship under the chinese exclusionary act. now a group of supervisor joan attention ye, kim and lee are sending a resolution to congress, asking the vets be honored with the congressional gold medal >> i think it especially is important because these people served during a time that chinese americans were facing huge racism here in this country. >> we must now make the final step hoorn the chinese american world war ii veterans. >> overall in an estimated 13,000 chinese americans served during world war ii. much more to come on abc 7 news at 5:00 for you. a big announcement from tesla. that means thousands of workers
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will lose their jobs. also a quiet bay area community stand here are the military's most wanted fugitives living under their nose for kaekds. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. a steamy day inland. i'll let you noy relief comes straight ahead. tourists rejoice a beautiful stretch of highway damaged by mudslides getting closer to reepg. and which dish detergent does the
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and a major reorganization tesla plans to lay off nearly 9% of the global workforce. now the electric car maker is under more scrutiny as it tries to ramp up production of the model 3. news reporter chris wynn has more from is silicon valley >> difficult but necessary. those were the words used by
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chief executive elon musk to plan to lay off 3,500 works. in a mo sent out this morning. musk roet in part tesla has grown and evolved rapidly over the past several years, resulting in duplication of roles and job functions that while they made sense in the past are difficult to justify today. tesla says the lay offs are aimed at salaries employees and won't affect workers on the pruks line. >> we won't know the effects for some time. >> tammy madison says the reorganization makes sense as they try to deliver a profit during the make or break forward as the company tries to introduce a mass mathematic electric car in the mod 3. despite the lay offs musk says it's likely that tesla will reach the goal of building 5,000 cars per week by the end of the month. >> will they ultimately reduce costs because of lay office? you'll lose salary will the
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organization be aelijah and effective downstream? that's a big question. >> affected employees will be notified this week and offered a severance pack and. the tushlens comes as the ntsb still investigates a deadly crash vofrpg the autopilot feature this spring in mountain view. chris wynn, abc 7 news. we are learning that a man accused for 35 years lived in dy city and always wore a san francisco giants cap. neighbors say the man they knew at barry obeern was a good neighbor lig with his wife. investigators say he was william howard hughes junior a former captain who assumed a different i'd i. >> very shocking. i wouldn't have known that at all. i have no idea. he seemed to be close to my age. i felt like we were -- had walked similar paths. >> hughes was arrested on wednesday. he has now come clean about his true identity saying he deserted
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because he felt depressed. >> ever wonder which dishwasher detergent gets the most dirt off the plate. >> there are a lot of choices. "7 on your side" michael finney here with answers. >> expensive ones and cheap ones. if you sick of spots, bits of food and other grime on the dishes, don't put all the blame on the dishwasher. it could be the detergents. consumer reports tested dish washing detergents and here are results. >> melinda and her family rack up a lot of dirty dishes. and she would love to find a dish washing detergent that could handle the task. >> i have a big family and i want to be able to load the washer and have everything come out crystal clean and clear. and save me a lot of time but that's usually not the case. >> her family might create lots of dishes but they're no match for what consumer reports does to its dishes to test dishwasher
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did he ternlts. >> we soil the glassware with 17 different ingredients. >> ee mullsfy indication is a big word for a bigger mess. it's a mixture of peanut butter egg yoke and other sticky things that is smeared on glass dishes, baked on then loaded into dishwashers. all to find out which detergents tackle the mess the best. >> the best detergents remove the soil completely, no food deposit on the plates and no water spots. >> among the recommended, familiar names like these finish, powerable tabs as well as cascade complete action pack was dawn. both excellent at remove willing eing caked on foods. however consumer reports says i can get even cleaner while also saving money. the top performing detergent was not a brand name. it was kirkland signatures dishwasher pacs from costco for less than half the cost perfected pod as the finish or
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cascade detergents. if you are a sam's club member these dishwasher packs are dpenlt are dishes too if you have a hard water, like in melinda's home, they're also great for resisting water spots. now one last tip. if you are still prerinsing dishes, knock it off. today's dish washers and detergents work better if you leave the food on and let the machine and detergent do the job preponderate as a matter of fact we have run reports where the machine eats into the dishes. >> i put them in almost clean enough to put back on the shelf. >> oh, no thank you so much michael. >> on to weather. >> announcer: now the accuweather forecast with sand where a patel. i think dan i need you at my house to help me with dishes. hi, everyone. look at the highs so far. almost a 40 degree spread from half moon bay, 59, to concord, it was 98 the high so far. pretty steamy inland.
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90s for many around the bay. oakland, san francisco, around the coast. half moon bay, a lot more in the comfort zone. san jose 88 degrees. santa rosa got up to 91 so far. now still looking at live doppler 7. and there is still some fog as you will the san mateo coast towards the monterey bay keeping the temperatures in check. bright view from the golden gate karm. 64 in san francisco. warm in mountain view and san jose. 70s and 80s. gill row 95. emeryville camera showing you a sunny view. and the temperatures really in the 80s and the 90s for everyone. the hot spot there concord at 96 treeings. now if you've been enjoying this heat, you're in luck because tomorrow you're going to see another round of the hot weather inland. with you gradual cooling is expected through the end of the week beginning at the coast and bay tomorrow and spreading. and favorable weather is expected for father's day. a live look from santa cruz. santa cruz in the 80s. notice the breeze coming in
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which should definitely help to take some of the temperatures down beginning tomorrow. numbers inland in the 50s, 60s, same thing around the bay in the 50s tomorrow morning when you get going. it's aailed start going with 86 in san jose in the south by. 79 in santa cruz. 93 in morgan hill. on the peninsula 7 a in millbrae. los altos 83. some fog along the coastline and breezy with temperatures in the low 60s. downtown san francisco 71 treeings, 63 in daly city, north by. 86 sand rave pl 91 in santa rosa. the east bay and it's comfortable, 80 in sand leonardo. inland 91 in fairland, 93 in livermore. still hot inland. but the temperatures slide over the next few days, going down. accuweather seven-day forecast showing you that cool tren. most noticed on friday with temperatures in the the upper 50s to low 80s. similar weather saturday and father's day we don't want it
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a section of highway 1 in big sur more than a year is expected to reopen before the summer ends. >> earlier this month the opening day was pushed back. but today our media partner, the
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bay area news group reports caltrans expects the work to be completed in end of july. a landslide in may of 2017 buried the section of highway 1 at mud creek.
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coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. here are ranked choice voting system is actually cheaper and faster than a ron run off election. plus "7 on your side" michael finney shows which suvs ranked
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in the bottom of crash tests. coming up in half an hour in abc 7 news at 6:00. >> thanks ama see you then. finally back to the day to remember for dubs fans in oakland. >> it was great. let's check in with abc 7 news anchor. dion lim. dion >> what a difference a few hours makes. you know what was so nice about the parade was getting to meet young and people and people from all backgrounds coming together to celebrate dub nation. >> dub nation, baby. make them cry again! >> fans ditched classes called out sick from work and did whatever it took to make it. >> i came in from new york just to be with everybody here. all the warriors fans, the warrior family. woo! >> some arrived as early as 4:00 in the morning. some parade veterans new the secret to the perfect spot. >> i lived here over 23 years. so we have always been in this spot. waiting for the warriors to take a sweet sweep. >> some decked out in blue and gold finest.
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>> number one, oakland. >> the littlest fans looked forward to seeing the favorite players and enjoying the sunshine. >> it's a beautiful day for the parade. >> 89-year-old audi had her eye on number 11. >> i want give klay a hug and thank him for my tee shirt. >> this family's sign says it all. >> reporter: now the cleanup is already in full swing. we have seen barriers come down, not to mention the street sweepers cleaning the street, minus some remnants like the empty champagne bottle. abc 7 news. >> such a great day all the way around. >> naturally the champagne was consumed or sprayed. world news with david muir is up next. >> for all of us here we appreciate your time.
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hope to see you again at 6:00. tonight, history made in singapore. the first time ever a sitting u.s. president meeting face-to-face with the leader of north korea. tonight inside the summit. the president shaking hands with the north korean dictator kim jong-un. the american and north korean flags right behind them. the moment you can hear kim jong-un say it was like a scene from a science fiction movie. once fierce enemies, now signing an agreement. the president now heaping praise on the north korean leader. kim jong-un tonight promising "complete denuclearization," and what president trump offered in return. how it will affect u.s. troops in the region. the concession that caught some, including south korea, by surprise. also tonight, the abc news


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